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If I reach my Indiegogo goal, I will make a Star Wars fan film...

Discussion in 'Fan Films, Fan Audio & SciFi 3D' started by Emphram, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Emphram

    Emphram Jedi Padawan

    Jan 15, 2014
    Greetings TF.N board members, I'm not an active user, but I am a major SW fan, and I have some limited experience working with video professionally. Star Wars has been my inspiration ever since I was child, it is what inspired me to get into video production and programming, however living in Mexico and working with its economy complicates matters quite a lot as you can imagine.

    I have decided to attempt a crowdfunding my video production video, my current equipment is severely out of date an inadequate, therefore I can neither work nor pursue my personal goals (a Star Wars fan film). It is hard to convince people to invest in you when you don't have many or accurate representations of your work. I have selected a few (made with a Canon Rebel T3i and sometimes a Sony HDR-FX1 and an old 4gb ddr2. core 2 duo, and geforce 9600gt computer) and posted them on my Indiegogo page. I know times are tough, and fan films aren't what they used to be. For instance this board used to be booming with activity, and not so much today, yet I'm that whoever is still active can lend a hand. I don't expect any donations from any board members here, and I can't ask you to do so, but I do ask that you share my campaign as much as possible with anyone and everyone and likewise inspire them to do so. I am open to suggestions, but please keep in mind that I canĀ“t put more than a couple hours a day into my campaign, as I am currently working on a web dev project that will have me occupied for another month. Perhaps my timing could have been better, but I felt it necessary to no longer put this off. I am open to suggestions and advice.

    What if I meet my goal?
    If this were to happen, then those on this board who helped by sharing or contributing will be entitled to control the creative direction of the fan film I will produce. Keep in mind that I will be limited to local talent, that most likely won't be able to deliver a performance in English. However I can translate anything written in English to Spanish and not loose anything in the process.

    What if someone or a group of individuals from this board were to buy the 15 or 30 min video production perk?
    Because of my fondness of Star Wars and fan films, I would be willing to give anyone or group from these boards who buy one of those perks, the ability to have their own fan film made, even if members from these boards contribute in other ways and also make the goal happen independently. Of course, delivery times will be unpredictable at the beginning, it is no small feat to produce a star wars fan film, but rest assured the projects will be completed and with the highest quality that can be achieved with the resources at my disposal.

    So there it is folks, remember share this campaign as much as possible, lets make the next Star Wars fan film happen.