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Discussion in 'Prequel Trilogy' started by Frankakin skywalker, Dec 28, 2012.

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    I have no problem with the idea of Anakin having prophetic dreams. I have a problem with those prophetic dreams overriding logic had making him stupid.
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    He didn't dream he'd bring balance to the force, he dreams he came back and freed all the slaves (which isn't litertially or metaphorically true). And if growing up you dreams of being a fire figther, then became a fighter does that mean you're having pro-cog dreams? I would guess MOST children in the Star Wars universe dream about becoming Jedi.

    But he wasn't able to use the force, to connect with it, to use it to see into the future etc... All he was able to do is look a second into the future. And we aren't given any indication that he has prophetic dreams.
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    Darth Vader would have killed the emperor for love.
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    But you said he dreamed of being the SWU's super hero. That's what the SWU's super hero does.

    "Literally" and "metaphorically" do not mean the same thing; if they did, we wouldn't need the word "metaphorically" at all. Something which is not literally true can still be true metaphorically, as in this case, since he freed the galaxy from Imperial tyranny. But its metaphorical truth can be looked at as coincidental if you like; always in motion is the future.

    He was doing both of these things, perhaps not in the conscious way of trained Jedi, but he was still doing them.

    A second into the future is still the future.

    There's a dream involving the Tusken Raiders in the novel which appears to be of that nature.
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