PT if the next Trilogy is going to be great, then they have to learn form the errors in the prequels??

Discussion in 'Prequel Trilogy' started by StarWars2015, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. StarWars2015 Jedi Master

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    In essence the powers that be making the next trilogy of SW films would do well not to repeat the many mistakes of the Prequels.

    1.) No silly aliens placed for humor relief....NO CLUMSY GUNGANS

    2.) NO USELESS cannon fodder battle droids.

    3.) No whiney kids blowing up battle stations yelling yippeeeeeee !

    4.) No wooden acting.........or screenplay that insults 12 year olds.

    5.) Noone should say " I hate sand, it gets everywhere" ever again

    6.) Any lovestory should follow Han/Leia example, not Anakin/Padme.

    7.) Use CGI wisely, give the actors space to create the scene, don't constrict talent

    8.) Give us a real definition of the Force that wipes out Q-gons example in TPM

    9.) Make us care about the characters, a big problem with the prequels is we don't give a damn about the Republic, or the Separtist or the monk Jedi & their insane devoid of feelings lifestyle. In order to enjoythe story we must have a attachment to the cast

    10.) No clones longneck Mars aliens growing humans. Make us feel the pain of the main players (humans)
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  2. StarWars2015 Jedi Master

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    Oh yeah.....least I forget.......THE STORY MUST BE ENGAGEING UNLIKE THE FIRST 2 HOURS OF AOTC & it must make sense !!
  3. Seagoat Force Ghost

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    Oh, another PT hating thread.

    Lock please?
  4. KilroyMcFadden Jedi Grand Master

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    So many new people hating on the PT. I wonder what gives them the impression that most people hate the PT?
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  5. anakinfansince1983 Chosen One

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    I wonder what gives anyone the impression that an opinion's validity is formed by what "most people" think?

    I've asked this question multiple times as well as questions about why so-called "critical acclaim," i.e. again some stranger's opinion, is supposed to matter in how we form our own opinions. The chirping crickets in response are always amusing.
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  6. GODLIKE Jedi Padawan

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    They are not good movies (other than ROTS) im sorry but this is a fact deal with it. Bad movies that get a lots of hype and high expectations are gonna hated on
  7. Game3525 Force Ghost

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    No, that is an opinion.
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  8. Count Yubnub Force Ghost

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    Somebody call the WAAAmbulance! It's an emergency!
  9. Sistros Force Ghost

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    as someone who is pretty "PT neutral"

    although I like AOTC

    even I am getting sick of these "lets bash the PT" with the same old tired reasons.

    If you are going to harp on and on about wht the PT is crap, at least say something original

    or go and complain in another thread.
  10. Jedi_Ford_Prefect Force Ghost

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    Isn't this forum supposed to be for "fans" of the PT? The preponderance of short-lived, immature threads that do nothing but complain about these movies is really getting to be enough. I thought "The Hobbit" and most of the LOTR movies were overrated crap, but I don't go onto LOTR forums and complain about them.
  11. BoromirsFan Jedi Grand Master

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    Can we cut these trolls loose from this forum? The way a lot of these newcomers post is very unintelligent in the vein of IMDB. Not all of them of course, but users who keep making anti-PT threads when we have plenty already. Its fine to dislike the PT, but we don't need a new thread about it every 24 hours.

    Or is there any way to make the RULES more noticeable so they think before they make these troll spam threads?

    The TC has made many of these useless threads before. Have you not learned your lesson yet?

    and this:

    "The bits of Jedi and the Prequel Trilogy aimed at children sucked. Feel free to be in denial about that."

    is nothing more than another opinion.
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  12. FARK2005 Jedi Grand Master

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    Yeah, because the internet is such a reliable tool for determining the size or extend of a specific attitude. Have you ever heard of the multiple accounts? For all we know the PT-haters could consist of relatively little, but very loud group of people who have this peculiar (and very rude) need to exalt their opinion by degrading that of others.
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  13. Cryogenic Force Ghost

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  14. Samnz Force Ghost

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    It's really hard to believe how much 10+ year old fantasy movies have hurt some people.
    I feel sad for them. They just can't let go and enjoy life.
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  15. SithStarSlayer Manager Emeritus

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    This thread does not belong in here, it belongs in Episode VII/Beyond...
    and since there are plenty of others just like it, I'm locking.

    ~Forum Regulars: I am in the process of fixing the PT-Index Thread which has been out of date for years. Once updated with your most popular AND our most redundant topics, we should see less clutter.
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