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Discussion If you could ask one question about the Sequel Trilogy to the powers that be, what would it be?

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Episode VII and Beyond (Archive)' started by Kyris Cavisek, Dec 18, 2012.


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    Nov 25, 2003
    True, he should respect the EU which helped-HELPED-keep SW alive, but that doesn't mean he's obligated then to use that as the story for this new trilogy. Although He's great, it's not Steve Zahn's universe; It's still his universe-he can tell it how he would like.

    The Stories from all of the books of the EU have become so vast and intertwined that GL would literally be shackled into a specific, narrow storyline; there would be no breathing room for him creatively for episodes VII, VIII, and IX... With so much material, the EU would HAVE to be followed precisely in order to make any new canon work logically. And I am not sure I would like that anyway...part of the attraction of this new trilogy for me is that since it's a completely new story, the sky is the limit! that's exciting!!

    The EU, although great, is not SOLELY responsible for keeping SW alive all these years. I belive the saga did that on its own merits. GL doesn't owe anyone anything when it comes to the story for episode VII. If he wants to use a storyline that fits within the canon of the film/TCW saga, that's fine with me.

    Actually, I find it odd that AGAIN, GL is getting all the blame in this, When he's hardly involved this time around! ;)
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    It seems like you're talking more about the prequels, than the sequel trilogy. All we know....ALL we know...about the sequel trilogy with regards to the EU is that it won't be BASED on any of the books. THAT'S IT!

    Since I'm not very learned in the EU, I have no idea what the examples you gave are referring to, but it could easily have been an oversight on his part or the part of someone else. Honesty, I don't even think GL knows who Adi Gallia is. He said a million times the fans know the nooks and crannies of the galaxy a heck of a lot better than he does. His interest is in telling the stories he's wanted to tell for 20 years. I highly doubt this has anything to do with him "hating" the EU.
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    Gonna leave the rest alone, but just wanted to mention this. Yeah, I've heard him mention how the fans know the nooks and crannies better than he does. But I wanted to address the Adi Gallia thing, which is from the Clone Wars tv series. That is something he had to have known as he directly works on and decides things on the series. He would know who she is being that he directly plans out a lot of The CLone Wars show. She was killed off in a comic series in 2005, and earlier this year she was killed off a second time in the tv series, when he could have stuck in any Jedi he wanted. And there is always a chance it was an oversight, but he is known for not making oversights, but doing it on purpose, one prime example is the planet Mandalore in The Clone Wars. In all prior sources to the tv series, it was a warriors based society, but George changed it to being a Pacifist society in the tv series. Did he know about all of the prior history? Yep, Dave Filoni, Director of the series, talked about in one interview how he suggested make the Pacifist society a different, original planet rather than ruin prior canon, but George basically said that what he wants, he should get, and went on with it anyways, which has luckily been almost perfectly retconned with help from some of the more canon-caring people in Lucasfilms.

    Anyways, though, I will be curious to see how it's done. If they completely ignore prior history and thirty years of Expanded Universe stories, then I hope they will be able to do something similar to the Star Trek method, even just in published material so the prior EU is kept in some form of canon.