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If you didn't before, do you *still* disagree with Kyp's approach in light of today's tragedy?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by barnsthefatjedi, Sep 11, 2001.

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  1. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    Jarik I don't see how you think Luke is saying "do nothing"...

    The entire time he's ordering the Jedi around and you can see all the guys on HIS side ARE doing stuff.

    (Dorsk 82 was saving droids, Luke and the rest are rescuing people)

    However they arn't waging war they're defending and saving lives by the thousands while Kyp is merely taking them.

    And *NOT* Enough to accomplish any real difference.

    Your idea Luke's stratedgy doesn't involve destroying the Vong when necessary (not attack) is built on faulty assumptions that simply arn't present.

    A sucessful evacuation *IS* a victory when the goal is to preserve life.

    Ithor was doomed no matter what but Luke's delaying of battle and Corran's duel (Kyp would have confronted them head on with the Remanents forces) probably saved 90% of the Ithorian race.

    Duros fell because it DEFECTED to the Yzzumng Vong

    The Yzzumng Vong base on Yavin IV was completely eradicated and I see no sign that they are going to rebuild on it, Yavin IV is a useless world so nobody holds it but they were smashed at Yavin IV nonethless.

    There's only so much the Jedi can do.

    Anakin YES should have fired and I think it was fairly clear that Jacen agreed with him at the end....

    It was a mistake, fair enough but hindsight is 20-20.

    and a victory by the Hapans and New Republic would have probably galvanized the Republic into retaking worlds.

    While the use of a superweapon might have caused a diplomatic collapse.

    Hindsight is also short sighted.

    I think Jarik you have to acknowledge again that Kyp really is showing no strategy whatsoever.

    As for not evacuating Yavin IV before I think theres a very good reason he didn't and that's that the Jedi are very good targets everywhere else in the galaxy.

    Luke was hiding in plane sight since his illusion probably gave the impression he DID evacuate early
  2. Grand_Admiral_Jaxx

    Grand_Admiral_Jaxx Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 23, 2000
    Charlemange, that's Yuuzhan Vong, not Yzzumng Vong

    But I do see your point. It's too bad there is no "middle of the road" strategy
  3. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    Anakin post Rebirth I think eptimizes the Middle Ground.

    Truth be told the main problem is never has the Republic or galaxy seemed so unwilling to stand with the Jedi and provide them the strength of arms to repel such a threat,

    This is how I suspect the Jedi Purge began.

    People were so afraid of the Empire that they turned over Jedi and believed what lies the Emperor told them rather than deal with the threat.

    Let's not forget that Luke's strategy is no worse or different then what Ben Kenobi and Yoda were doing.

    If you accuse Luke of sitting on his arse you must accuse Yoda and Ben Kenobi-both who would have been EXTREME assets to the Rebellion of doing the same thing.

    however if Yoda and Ben had assualted the Empire head on I'm sure both would have been destroyed as would Luke and Leia.

    and by proxy the galaxy.

    (No Luke=Death Star blasts planet, No Luke=Ewolks munch on Han and Chewie on Endor, etc etc etc)
  4. Valiento

    Valiento Jedi Knight star 7

    Mar 19, 2000
    cnn:"In the Afghan capital of Kabul on Friday, the supreme leader of the Taliban government, Mullah Mohammed Omar, maintained that bin Laden could not have been behind the attacks. In a radio address to his people, Omar said they should not be afraid but should be prepared for a holy war."

    This looks like war may be inevitable.
  5. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    My problem isn't that we won't crush the Taliban.

    We could if we wanted and fairly easily since the Civil War there even gives us a "legitamate" government to back if we were to put it in power.

    my problem is that Afghanistan would then have a bunch of stone cold schizoids in the Stone Age willing to use bombs to wipe out schools, churchs....

    trade centers

  6. Jarik

    Jarik Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2000
    Ok, Luke has been successful in the saving lives. So has Kyp. Who says Dorsk is on "Luke's side." And yes that delaying tactic was great, but none of this will win the war.

    And, yes, as far as I know Obi-Wan and Yoda did sit on their ass for 20 years and wait for LUke to come around to do most of the work, but I haven't seen Episodes 2 or 3 yet, so I can't know for sure.
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