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Discussion in 'Attack of the Clones' started by anakinrage3, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. anakinrage3 Jedi Youngling

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    Feb 23, 2005
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    does anybody remember back when attack of the clones came out, how much of the spoilers were true? Are there any RotS spoilers that you think may not be true?

    This is a non-Spoiler forum. You cannot discuss ROTS spoilers here.
  2. Katana_Geldar Force Ghost

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    Dude, you might want to go to the 3SA community thread or something

    welcome to the boards, your poor little thread wil probably be ignored. Sorry.

    I wasn't here but there were a few, Ambu Fett and the complete sith that SS spouted
  3. General_Grievous1138 Jedi Knight

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  4. KennyT Jedi Knight

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    Yes I think there is a thread for ROTS Spoilers.

    But that's OK.. I too am a Noob ;)
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