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Ignite those Sabers and Fire those Blasters-W-S Fanforce Introductions

Discussion in 'Winston-Salem, NC' started by CrazyMike, Mar 16, 2004.

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  1. CrazyMike

    CrazyMike JC Collecting Manager and RSA Canada star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 4, 2000
    Originally posted by Darth-Spookious:

    Date Posted: 7:16am Subject: RE: Ignite those Sabers and Fire those Blasters-W-S Fanforce Introductions - Date Edited: 7:18am (1 edits total) Edited By: Darth-Spookious
    Hey all(and newcomers welcome). This is Darth-Spookious here. Well if you made it this far you noticed that our first meeting has been posted on the main page. I must admit I'm so excited to get this thing started. I can't wait to meet and hang with all you Star Wars fans. We are gonna have so much fun experiencing that Galaxy far,far away together. Everyone take the time to introduce yourselves and tell a liitle bit about your addiction to Star Wars.

    Members so far....
    spooky-kid ... Jason
    Stardog-d-jedi ... Brent
    TiePilot74 ... Kevin
    Jedi MasterStrange ... Adam
    Learner7 ... Chris
    TK-2236 ... Pete
    BrianMan ... Brian

    Jedi assasin for hire 1-800-DIE-JEDI

  2. Padme_Karen

    Padme_Karen Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 20, 2002

    Just Kidding .. but I knew that would get your attention.

    The official authorized Bio of Padme_Karen
    Name: Karen
    Occupation: Lead Computer Programmer
    Description: Curly Blonde Hair, Hazel eyes
    Marital Status: Single
    Likes: Beer, Puppys, Kittys, Star Wars, Movies, Walks on the beach, Sports, OCC and The OC
    Dislikes: People who wear white after labor day, Mean people and Broccoli
    If I had one wish what would it be: To have peace on earth, Feed the hungry, and home the homeless ... uh no .. I'd take a billion dollars. Won't win Miss Congeniality for that answer.

    Thank you Thank you very much all you Jedi's and Sith's out there in the galaxy. Sorry for the sillyness I believe I have been sniffing too much starfighter fuel.

    Fo shizzle my Star Wars peepizzles

    P.S. Maybe we should post pictures of ourselves.
  3. spooky-kid

    spooky-kid Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 17, 2003
    We'll have to get a pic of you on the web site soon. You shoulda been at that last meeting 'cos we'ld have a pic of you up on the site now. I'll introduce myself again later. Gotta get to work.

    Oh no, I said the W word.

    STARDOG-D-JEDI Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 11, 2002
    The official authorized Bio of STARDOG-D-JEDI
    Name: Brent
    Title: Sith Apprentice Winston Salem FF
    Occupation: Unifi 2nd shift manager
    Description: Dark brown hair, blue eyes
    Marital Status: Married
    Likes: Beer, Poker, Painting, Poetry, Writing, Collecting all things SW, Science Fiction, Video Games (NINJA GAIDEN ROCKS!!) Writing music, and jamming!! MASTER REPLICAS!!
    If I had one wish what would it be: I would take the money!! Billion dollars good idea!!! Pay off bills, buy more SW stuff!!! MASTER REPLICAS!!!

  5. spooky-kid

    spooky-kid Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 17, 2003
    The official authorized Bio of Spooky-Kid
    Name Jason Cain
    Title Winston-Salem FanForce Chapter Rep
    Occupation Pressman, Indigo operator
    Description Shaved head, hazel-ish eyes
    Marital Status .... leave blank
    Likes : Art, Music, Movies, the Outdoors (camping & canoeing), Beer( as long as it's dark enough), collecting all things Star Wars & vintage metal lunchboxes, other action figures & vinyl records, Animals.
    If I had one wish what would it be ?- That's a hard one, Do I think of myself or all of humanity? Personally I'ld like to be caught up on all the action figures, ships and beasts that I'm missing plus add some more stuff to the collection. Like some trooper armor and a few lightsabers.
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