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San Joaquin, CA I'm BACK

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by MotherPalpatine, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. MotherPalpatine

    MotherPalpatine Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2004
    Hello, my people. After fighting with AT&T and suffering through a little knee injury I have returned.

    I guess I should explain what has been happening, so bear with me a few minutes.
    First, in July I became angry. It was nothing to do with FF but it did concern some members of our group. If I do something wrong, well then I deserve to be called on it or whatever but to have someone upset with me for something that I knew nothing about because someone else is playing games...especailly something as dunb as a movie...I don't know. And it was not even Star Wars related but I really do not want to go into details since this did happen so long ago but it did start me to thinking about some things. Except for one other person posting on our boards I was the only one that seemed to care. Barry doesn't post and I know that things that has happened in the past have made some of our members shy about posting, but I really felt that I was fighting a losing battle and that no one else cared. Top that off with a dear friend being mad at me for being invited to see a movie she was not asked to see(I did not know she had not been invited until the next day) and I was tired of the whole thing. I made the decision to resign after ComicCon and let all of this go.

    ComicCon and just being in San Diego made me feel better however and I changed my mind. There were still few postings but our group was meeting outside the forums and things were looking good. The Wizard and I then began to become busy with events and I found myself checking the boards less often. On top of that I have been working a lot and the Wizard has discovered web surfing so I almost never got to the computer. Then somewhere in this I decided to see how long it would take someone to post besides me. That made me feel a bit hopless and the time between checks began to get longer.

    Then the phone company dug a hole. This was a rather large hole and I wondered what they were going to be doing. Well, I found out. They were going to be cutting my phone lines. It seems that with the switch to digital they needed to put in new fiber-optic cable or something of that sort therefore they dug a BIG hole. The odd thing was that they dug the hole then left. Days passed then a week until one morning almost two weeks after the BIG hole appeared after checking my email I left for work and saw a couple of trucks parked near the hole and a guy with the phone box open and wires exposed. That evening I came home and had no internet or working phone. I called AT&T and told them that I had a problem and that I knew it had something to do with whatever work they were doing in this area. The man was very polite as he told me it would not be possible to have anyone come out unitl the next week. I politly told him that they must have cut my wires or something and they needed to come out the next day. He said that next week was as soon as they could come and he could find no record of any work being done on my phone line. I went out and checked to see if the hole was still there and(it was) and called again. A woman spoke to me this time and seemed so cheerful and eager to help that I felt much better untikl she transferred me to another man that told me they had nothing to do with my phone line having trouble and the best they could do was next week.

    So, I waited a few days then mopped my bathroom floor and fractured my knee cap. Well, the mopping didn't fracture it but the fall did or I should say the way I twisted my leg and knee as I fell. However since I manged to bend my knee I thought it was just a bad twist and went about my life in a more painful, slower manner. Meanwhile someone had filled in the BIG hole. Three days after the fall the phone guy appeared and told me that it seemed that when they were putting in the fiber-optics they were also supposed to cut and cap off some dead lines. It appears that they cut my line by mistake. I told him about the BIG hole and he told me that they had been digging in the wrong place as
  2. ScootyPuffJr

    ScootyPuffJr Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 11, 2007
    Their staff was too long. Y'know, digging in the...never mind. Glad you're back on board, and hope Saphira gets well soon! Great seeing you at Wondercon too!

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