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SNG I'm breathless! (I promise to keep out spoilers)

Discussion in 'Asia & Africa General Discussion' started by JediBoo, May 18, 2005.

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  1. JediBoo

    JediBoo Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 11, 2004
    OMG! The whole movie just completely blown me away!
    Its the MOST overwhelming experience I've ever had. There was NEVER a dull moment in this episode.

    George Lucas has paced this super well. Its fast through and through.

    The Lightsaber fights are the FASTEST and the most FURIOUS moves ever in all six movies. Anakin VS Dooku alone was more than enough to top all other saber fights in other movies.

    All the Clone War battles - Breathtaking. Everybody was going "Whoa!", no kidding.

    I have three letters to describe General Grievous - WTF?! (Ok, that's all I'll say :p)

    And one thing is, I've NEVER cried this much in a movie before, much less a Star Wars episode. LOTR ROTK had me crying at the last part, but hot damn! When this was just only an hour in, and I'm already crying...its so horribly sad. And by the time it got to the ending, it was just too much. (What a wuss.)

    The acting and dialogue - Ok, I dont really want to comment about this though. There was not much acting, or at least, it was SO fast paced, I just overlooked all the acting.

    Some of the dialogue are just powerful (and some not). Some the dialogue was enough to put me to tears.

    And mind you, I've been very heavily spoilt when I stepped in, but you've never seen anything until you watched it. In fact, I'm quite glad to know some parts, otherwise, I would have been asking a lot of questions without soaking in all the emotions.

    I can't believe this is all over. Now I feel so sad. So empty. So...reluctunt. Or maybe its because I have to go back to school in two weeks time :(

    May 18 2005, is a day long remembered. After more than 5 years of waiting. Its finally over! Life will never be the same again.

    Thanks for reading! You guys will love this episode. Dont worry about being too spoilt. The trailers and spoilers you've been watching and reading are NOTHING until you watch it. Take it this way, at least you get to soak in all the emotions instead of asking "why this and why that"

    ciao! May The Force Be With You.
  2. DarthCrovus

    DarthCrovus Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 3, 2005
    5 years of waiting?
    Imagine how much more some of us would have felt. We've waited since we were 5! That's 22 years man! For me at least. =p

    Yeah the first time i watched it at the premier on monday i was just too tired and too caught up in the moment. And too blinded by all the people's flashes to really get it all in.

    Watching it again today.....well it was just too much.

    the line that got me the most: "You were the Chosen One" that breaks me up everytime.
  3. JediTraven

    JediTraven Jedi Youngling

    May 16, 2005
    I will refrain from spoilers. At least I'll try really, really hard. ****! I'm...(in the words of JediBoo, breathless).

    What a way to end this "sixlogy". I can assure all of you who havn't caught it that you will not be disappointed. No, it's not a repeat of Episode One. In ROTS, all our questions (or at least all of mine), are answered.

    As we know, (so this not a spoiler), most of the Jedi gets killed in ROTS. And all I will say now about that part of the show is that it was heartbreaking. In my mind I was going, 'Don't turn bad. Don't turn bad.' But then another little but stronger voice screamed, 'Episode 4,5,6.'

    The number of times I cried. God, if my friends know, I'd never hear the end of it. But I have only one thing to complain about. And it has nothing to do with the movie. But with the other viewers in the cinema. I was at GV PS for the 10.20pm show and about 3 rows above me was a couple of idiots who totally laughed at the very wrong moments. Granted, C3P0 can be funny at times but why the hell are you laughing when... (Spoilers). Well, let's just name it, 'The sad, horrid, heartbreaking parts.' I was so close to getting off my seat, taking my Ice Lemon Tea and throwing it at them. Or just reaching out with the force and choking them. I'd prefer the latter.

    So if you encounter disrespectful arses like this when you are watching the show, please do what I couldn't.

    And I just heard the trailer on the radio again. So I'm just going to go and weep somemore. I'm watching it again today. Better remember to bring the tissues.
  4. wmgan

    wmgan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 27, 2004
    My only gripe was the pacing. Everything just happens so quickly! I wish we could have had a longer movie with a more well-developed story - Anakin's turn (not a spoiler!) seemed too abrupt and sudden. Still, the movie looked stunning (despite being rather too dark throughout most of the film).

    I'm going to watch it in Cathay Digital tonight. I hope I remember enough of what I saw yesterday to make a comparison! It's true that you really need to watch it more than once to get the most out of the film - the action sequences flash by so fast that you can't take it all in in one viewing.
  5. JediBoo

    JediBoo Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 11, 2004
    Anakin's abrupt turn could be intentional. As seen in The Empire Strikes Back, he is supposed to forgo his identity as Anakin Skywalker for good and remain only as Darth Vader.

    In Return of the Jedi, he referred Luke to the Emperor as "my son", when in all intentions, he shouldn't, and that even sparked the question "Are your feelings about this matter clear?"

    The abrupt turn was too sudden for him, just like it did to us, and when he finds out about Luke, it suddenly made him all confused again.

    [hl=white]His sole intention to turn to the Dark Side was to learn that power Palpatine mentioned, to save people (padme in his case) from dying. And following the rules and traditions of the Sith, once he learns it, he will challenge Palpatine and hope to kill and overtake him, just like Sidious did to his own Master, and bring Padme along with him to rule the galaxy as husband and wife.

    By the end, Padme is dead, the very purpose of commiting himself to the Dark Side became meaningless to him already.

    This is the very meaning when Luke said "I feel the conflict within you, let go of your hate". He is hating, but for what reasons? What is he hating?

    In ROTJ, when he sees his very own son being slaughtered by his own master, he realises he is able to save the very few people who loved him so much, without ever using that Dark Power Palpatine promised him. He can save his loved ones by using the Light Side of the Force.

    I strongly believe the sudden turn is intentional and that is what made him so confused till the very end and used that very last bit of good in him (in ROTJ) that redeemed himself.[/hl]
  6. JediJean

    JediJean Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 1, 2002
    Some rather interesting theories you have there about Vader... would love to type a reply now, but it's rather inconvenient for me to do so... so I'll get back to this topic again another time.
  7. DarthCrovus

    DarthCrovus Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 3, 2005
    Hmmm interesting, here are my thoughts.

    I don't think it's sudden at all. I mean, if you take it in as ONLY ONE movie, yeah it's sudden. But if you take the whole trilogy (as in PT) the SLIDE towards the Dark Side already began in Epi 2. Very often when a good person turns to evil, it's not like ONE CRUCIAL moment that change the person. Little things along the way already started that transformation (hence "the transformation is complete").

    In Epi 2, the sequence with the Sand People, right before he went all Dark Side on their ass, there was a shot of his facial expression, an angry expression. He allowed hate to take over, the driving force was anger,and his only thought was to make himself feel better for his lost, to seek vengence. All the paths down to the Dark Side. Towards the end of Epi 2 and the begining of Epi 3 we see him "in conflict", fighting with his Dark and Light side all the time. (I'm leaving out the details and keeping it vague to prevent spoilers. Those of you who've seen it would know what i'm talking about) Also throughout Epi 3, we see him losing faith in the Light Side, subtly but it was there.

    It's the same thing with humans, we begin by being good, but along the way, we see how seemingly evil people always get the advantage. We become disenchanted with life, and sometimes even paranoia sets in to make us see things that we wanna see, that are not there. Then in the one final moment, we do something evil and unforgivable. And we realise there is no turning back now. Thus we choose to remain on that path and continue being ********. And so the story goes. =)

    Saying that, as a filmmaker, I would have done the Fall of Anakin in another way. Perhaps show more of the inner struggle, worked more on the struggle side of it. Then again, I'm no George Lucas.

    Hope I've not reveal any spoilers! And also hope I've made some sense too. I was up till 430 playing the Epi 3 game.
  8. Yazid_Skywalker

    Yazid_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 10, 2002
    i agree with jediboo and crovus. Anakin wanted to save padme, end of story.
    and crovus's bit on the ******* part is definitely true.after participating in windu's death, he had no intention to say sorry to all the Jedi. ( wad was he gonna say? sorry ppl, i cut off windu's hands so i cud safe the chancellor??!! a bit outrageous right)so he decided to stay safe, its a bit like when u dun pass up ur homework and the teacher doesnt notice, so u continue not to hand it in altho u know one day she's gonna dind out.

    anyways, he needed to save padme, or at least try. And to do that he needed palpy.

    abrupt change?? i dun think so.anakins been confused since leaving his mother, or rather since he started podracing (i'm the only human who cud do it) a tinch of arrogance dun u think?. u'll need a reason to complete something , and to anakin the reason was padme. "it is too late for me my son" y do u think he said it? becos he already pledged his allegiance to palpy. he did too many wrong things and he needed to hide from all of that, hide behind palpy. someone to back his wrongs up. (palpy!!! if ure reading this, u re an *******!!)

    abrupt change i dun think so ... again.know that scene where anakin was in the council chamber and padme was in her domain? he was already contemplating wad was gonna happen. thats y he cried. He knew he had to do THINGS to save padme. Kill Jedi probably. He knew it was wrong but he REALLY wanted to save padme.(i cant live without her!!!) U think he liked killing younglings??! U think he liked killing defenceless separatists leaders?!! y do u think he looks like he was in pain in mustafar!!?? y do u thing he cried!???!becos he knew!! becos he knew, that this was the price to pay to save padme!! Cos he really mofoking LOVE her.

    And anakin haters out there who calls anakin stupid for choking padme think again. Imagine, u killed A LOT of INNOCENT ppl for someone. And then that someone gives u a little of misunderstanding (not padme's fault anyways). Maybe that someone gives the impression that she's screwing around with ur best friend. i know how i wud react . i'd say WTF!! I KILLED for u damnit! I TURNED TO THE DARKSIDE for YOU!!! (now does this line makes sense -it is too late for me my son)And remember, the first thing he did when he woke up in armour was ask where padme was!! And imagine the pain when palpy told her that he killed her!!! (it is too late for me my son)

    sorry ppl, i'm very emo right now. very very emo.
    thank u for listening and MTFBWYA
  9. padawan_princess

    padawan_princess Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 28, 2005
    Yazid, I think you have quite a great point of view about Anakin. It does seem to make sense why he force-choked Padme, not because he was so evil but because she didn't realise what and how much he had done for her. Wow. It shows how much Anakin actually loved her and how far he would go to ensure her safety.

  10. martianlightsaber

    martianlightsaber Jedi Youngling

    Nov 24, 2004
    In a sense his one-tracked dedication to save padme was foreshadowed when she said "So love has blinded you?"
  11. Yazid_Skywalker

    Yazid_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 10, 2002
    martianlightsabre, true.. very true..
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