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I'm Starting a JA Run-On Story- Please Add On!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Ty-gon Jinn, Jul 23, 1999.

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  1. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Qui-Gon stayed behind after the meeting with the council to speak to his friend Plo Koon and catch up on what had been happening while they had been away. After several minutes of conversation, however, he began to feel uneasy. There was that prickling at the back of his neck again that all was not well.

    "Excuse me, my friend, I'll just check on Obi-Wan,"he said.

    "You are worried,"Plo Koon replied in his deep voice, and Qui-Gon nodded. It was senseless to try to hide anything from the Council Member, who was reknown for his extreme Jedi mind powers. To his surprise, Plo Koon offered,"I shall come with you."

    They went to the garden, but Qui-Gon could not locate Obi-Wan anywhere. Going out again, he almost tripped over Jani, who had swung out into his path without looking behind her.

    "Hello,"he said."Have you seen Obi-Wan here?"

    "Yes,"she scowled."He was going off with that Bruck Chun."

    "Going where?"

    "I don't know, but they were together. I asked Obi-Wan why he hung around with scum like that and he just said 'because we're friends, I guess.' Huh! With friends like those, who needs enemies?"

    Feeling suddenly apprehensive, Qui-Gon turned to Plo Koon."Bruck Chun was never a friend of Obi-Wan's."

    "Obi-Wan would not remember that,"Plo replied.

    "But why would Bruck tell him such a thing? Unless he's got something planned..."Qui-Gon caught his breath in sudden fear, then reached out for Obi-Wan along their bond. He could only sense that the boy was shielding from him, and then, without warning, even that connection was cut.

    "Something's happened! He's unconscious! Plo, can you reach out and find Bruck? Being on the Council, you've had more contact with him than I have, you'd know his signature better."

    Plo Koon nodded and closed his eyes in concentration.
  2. HealerLeona

    HealerLeona Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 18, 2000
    Jedi Knight Anakin--For a first post, especially a run-on story(I still haven't the confidence to jump in) it was great.
    I'm sure Jane Jinn will love all the Obi-torture possibilities you've opened.
  3. Jedi Knight Anakin

    Jedi Knight Anakin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2000
    Pain. Blinding, complete pain. This was the most excruciating torture Obi-Wan had ever experienced. Every jolt from the scan grid seared his skin, causing Obi Wan to writhe in agony. Obi-Wan could not even try to free himself under the hail of electricity running through him. He screamed in agony, hoping wistfully that someone would hear. Yet-- to no avail. He writhed under the restraints, yet the held him back with unyielding power. But his screaming and writhing was the only thing he could do to try and lower the pain.

    Bruck watched the torture, a contorted smile stretched across his face. 'Ylrslami, perfect for breaking the bond between him and his master...' He thought to himself. He had already planned what to do with Qui-Gon when he captured him. He would put him on the scan grid for hours, then, he would... His mind trailed off into all the painful tortures he could come up with. 'He will pay.' He thought. 'He will pay.'

    Bruck watched the camera on the wall with an evil smile. 'Quigon will notice his Padawan in pain, and he will try and free him.' He thought gleefully to himself. 'He will come in, then, I will capture him and torture the fool until his body bursts!' He went back to watching Obi-Wan's ordeal with great intrest, turning the power up at will.

    'This will be sweet.' He thought to himself. 'Too sweet.' He grinned, thinking of the other tortures he could inflict on Obi-Wan.
    "Your master will come running." He hissed at Obi-Wan. "He will come looking for you, then, yes, then, I will get him too, and you will both be in the agony of your lives!"

    Obi-Wan could do nothing but listen, and feel used and helpless in between currents.

    'Forgive me Quigon.' He whispered. 'Forgive me' Then Obi-Wan fell unconcious.

  4. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    HealerLeona, I can't understand why you don't have the confidence to jump in! Your one-and-a-half stories are great!

    Jedi Knight Anakin, I'm a bit confused by your term "yrlslami". Could you explain that in your next post? Or do you mean ysalamiri, those Force-neutralising animals?
  5. Jedi Knight Anakin

    Jedi Knight Anakin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2000
    Hey anyone gonna keep writing? I love this fanfic! Anyway, where can I find that Obi Wan's Shotgun Wedding thing you guys are all talking about? How many days back? What page number? Thanx!

    PS- I mean ysalamiri, or whatever you said, the Force neutralizing animals. I never did know how to spell that...

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  6. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Thanks for being interested, Jedi Knight Anakin. "Shotgun Wedding" is currently at the top of page 6, dated 2-28-2000. You have to click on the option "Show topics from last 20 days" to find it.

    I am planning on adding more, but sometimes it takes me a few hours to think of something, especially when the story goes off on an angle that I didn't expect. If you want to add more in the meantime, go right ahead. Or anybody else (take the hint, HealerLeona!) for that matter.
  7. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    "No, you fool!"Bruck shouted to one of his henchmen."Wait until I turn the power off!"

    The tall, muscular man paused in the act of dumping a bucket of water over Obi-Wan's head, looking confused. As Bruck shut the grid off, he explained,"You'd electrocute him, and then all our fun would be over!"

    The man grunted a reply, watching to make sure that the blue zigzags had stopped dancing across the table and the boy who lay on it. Then he lifted the bucket again and poured it slowly and deliberately into Obi-Wan's face. There was no response at first, and then Obi-Wan began to jerk his head from side to side, trying in vain to escape the deluge as he coughed and spluttered.

    "Back with us again?"Bruck jeered."Ready for another round?"

    "No,"Obi-Wan pleaded."Don't...please..."

    Bruck grinned even wider as he heard the soft, desperate words and saw Obi-Wan straining in panic at the bonds that held him tight.

    "Qui-Gon, help me, please,"Obi-Wan cried out, trying to find the connection to his master.

    "Qui-Gon's coming. He should be here soon,"Bruck said, and waited until Obi-Wan's eyes had filled with hope before adding,"But he won't help you! He won't be able to!"

    Watching the boy's face crumple in disappointment was almost more delicious than hearing him scream, and Bruck relished it for a moment, then said,"Ten minute break, and we'll start again."

    "Why are you doing this to me?"Obi-Wan asked, watching in horror as Bruck marched his fingers up to the switch, let them hover there tantalizingly for a moment, then marched them away again, only to start all over again a minute later.

    "Because of Xanatos,"Bruck replied.

    "Xanatos is dead,"Obi-Wan said.


    "I don't understand."

    "You don't have to. But Qui-Gon will know why you're going to be tortured to death in front of his eyes."

    Bruck grinned, wondering if Obi-Wan were going to throw up or faint from fear.

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  8. Jedi Knight Anakin

    Jedi Knight Anakin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2000
    Hello? Anyone here? LOL Where are all you people, start writing! I am not in the mood to write so I won't, but Jane, get to the Obi-torture! This is the coolest fan fiction ever! Keep adding on Jane!
  9. snowbee-wan kenobi

    snowbee-wan kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 28, 2000
    moreeee to the TOPPPPPP :)
  10. snowbee-wan kenobi

    snowbee-wan kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 28, 2000
    moreeee to the TOPPPPPP :)
  11. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    I suppose I can always edit this if that missing post ever shows up...hope this pleases my new rabid fan...why do I have to do all the dirty work around here...grin...

    Because Bruck had been before the Council many times in the past two years, Plo Koon was indeed very familiar with his Force signature, and soon located him in a run-down area not far from the Temple. The two Jedi had prevailed on Even Piell to join them with his fiercely aggressive combat abilities, and together they approached the squalid street.

    It was not difficult to find the entrance, and Qui-Gon suspected a trap as they slid quietly into the building at ground level. He had expected to face guards, alarms, or even a ragged servant girl, but not a giant viewscreen set up in the hall. There were two figures, a human and a Togorian, staring up at it so intently that they were unaware of anything else going on, and Qui-Gon heard them both cheer at a movement on the screen.

    "Look, he's breaking his arm now!"the Togorian cried in delight, and the human snorted disdainfully,"I wish it were my turn in there! I could do it without a hammer and a chisel!"

    Qui-Gon looked at the writhing figure on the screen and wondered what in Sith they were watching. Then he heard a familiar cry, and recognised that the young boy in tight black pants, strapped to a scan grid and having his arm broken between electrical currents, was actually Obi-Wan!

    "No! Don't!"Obi-Wan cried, and then screamed in pain. The blue zigzags danced across his body and he screamed again.

    "Obi-Wan!"Qui-Gon shouted, and the two men in front of the viewscreen whirled around, reaching for blasters that they no longer had any chance of aiming. Even Piell had leaped forward and killed them both in one smooth movement, his light saber flashing across the belly of one and the neck of another. Turning to face Plo and Qui-Gon again, he silently indicated a door further along the hall, and they moved grimly towards it.


    Bruck glanced up in surprise as the door flew open. He had hoped that Qui-Gon would come rescue the boy, but he hadn't expected the Jedi Master to bring reinforcements. If they had got this far unnoticed, that meant...oh Sith!

    He had a bad feeling about this.
  12. HealerLeona

    HealerLeona Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 18, 2000
    Aw, Jane Jinn--you're so good at it.
  13. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    Iam about ready to shoot this computer! Everytime I try to write something, it kicks me off "due to inactivity." How can you guys stay on without getting kicked off?
  14. Jedi Knight Anakin

    Jedi Knight Anakin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2000
    Copy, paste my friend. Copy, paste. And some internets don't do dat. :)
  15. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    The second Togorian reached for his blaster and fired into the three Jedi knights, but their light sabers were already blazing, and the bolts were deflected into the walls. Bruck knew that he was cornered, and the feeling made him aggressive, but he knew the odds on surviving an attack against three Jedi masters at once. Pulling his own blaster, he turned and fired at Obi-Wan instead, hitting him in the leg, and felt grim satisfaction at the explosion of flesh and blood and bone splinters. He fired again, this time at his ribs, and then again at his upper arm. The scan grid was rapidly turning red.

    Something green sliced down in front of him, hitting him in the arm, and Bruck heard the blaster clatter to the floor. The pain hit him a moment later and he stared stupidly at where his arm had been severed clean through the humerus. He could hear someone screaming and only realised that it was himself when he had to stop and draw breath. Qui-Gon's light saber came up again, this time at neck level.

    "Obi-Wan!"Qui-Gon let Bruck's dead body slump to the floor without a second glance, and turned to the scan grid where his apprentice's life was slowly draining away. He found the switch and turned it off, watching as the last blue zigzags disappeared. Tentatively, he reached out his hand, almost frightened at what he would find, and exhaled audibly in relief as his fingers felt a pulse, weak but still there.

    "Hold his life force, Qui-Gon,"said Plo behind him, and Qui-Gon reached out through their bond, pouring his own strength into Obi-Wan, keeping him alive. He was aware that Even Piell was slicing the shirt off the dead human, wadding part of it up into a bulky bandage, then pressing it into Obi-Wan's chest wound. Automatically, Qui-Gon placed his hand on it, holding it tight, and Plo Koon added another wad of cloth to Obi-Wan's arm as Even Piell took care of his leg. Then Master Piell undid the straps, separating them from the grid with his light saber, and used them to hold the bandages in place.

    Qui-Gon took Obi-Wan in his arms and they moved silently to the door.

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  16. Jedi Knight Anakin

    Jedi Knight Anakin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2000
    "No... I cannot.... die...."
    Bruck shot up from the floor. His head was still remaining on his shoulders, as Qui-Gon did not follow through with his strike. He started scanning the empty room. "NO! THEY ESCAPED!" He screamed at himself. But, then, he remembered his backup plan.

    Slowly, with his good arm, he pulled a commlink from his belt. He activated it and spoke into it.

    "Darth Ravage, it's Bruck Chin."

    "They are no match for you. I want them alive!"

    He clicked the commlink off and leaned against the wall in satisfaction.
    "Soon, no Jedi will leave this place." He pressed a button on his belt, and heard the reassuring *clang* of the inpenatrable doors slamming. "Not even a lightsaber can cut through it...." He picked up his commlink again. "I have them in the building.... send in the Ysalamiri guards... I want them alive."

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  17. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Feeling the disturbance in the Force, Plo Koon fell back from the others and re-entered the torture room. The boy Bruck was still alive, leaning against the wall with a comlink in his remaining hand, and Plo lifted his light saber.

    "Go ahead and kill me,"Bruck gasped."You'll never get out alive anyway!"

    "You are only a boy,"Plo said."Your grudge against Obi-Wan is not sufficient for all of this. You must have allies...somewhere."

    "My ally is the Dark Side, and a powerful ally it is,"Bruck said in imitation of Master Yoda, and smiled. He was too weak to keep his mental shields in place, and Plo quickly sensed that he was telling the truth. He also sifted another important fact from the boy's thoughts, and growled low in his throat."So...Darth Ravage, is it? But who will ravage whom?"

    "Both he and the guards have ysalamiri,"Bruck gloated. He let go of the comlink and put his hand against his leg as though to scratch an itch."You will not be able to use the Force against them."

    "Neither will he be able to use it against us,"Plo pointed out. His light saber easily deflected the knife that Bruck threw, and it clattered to the floor close to the wall. Realising with a twinge of regret that he could not afford to leave the boy alive and bring him back before the Council for discipline, as they had hoped, Plo plunged his light saber into Bruck's heart and only removed it when he was absolutely certain that the boy was dead. Then he turned to join the others again, knowing even without the Force that they would need his help.
  18. Jedi Knight Anakin

    Jedi Knight Anakin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2000
    "There they are." The Sith reported into his commlink. "They are weak, only 3, and the Ysalamiri will keep them at bay."
    The Sith leaped silently from rafter to rafter, monitoring each Jedi.
    "3... one boy, 3 Jedi Knights... no match for me."
    He silently dove down behind them, knowing that the could not sense him. The Sith pulled and electrogun from his cloak, and aimed it at the boy...


    In an instant, the boy was writhing on the ground. The Sith pulled his lightsaber and quickly shoved it through Even Piell's shoulder, knocking him down for the count. He ignited both blades of his saber and attacked.
  19. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Qui-Gon nearly stumbled and fell as Obi-Wan was zapped out of his arms. For one horrifying moment, he watched as his Padawan's body writhed almost convulsively on the floor, then he tore his eyes away and spun around to see their attacker. The Aurustio was tall, taller even than Qui-Gon himself, basically humanoid, with massive arms and legs--and a double light saber.

    Plo Koon had already engaged the Sith in combat, but Qui-Gon did not hesitate. He swung his light saber with both hands, trying to catch the Aurustio's arm, but was deflected by the humanoid in a quick, expert movement. As though communicating through the Force, which unfortunately they were not, he and Plo moved into a two-pronged formation, a classic temple exercise, trying to defeat this new enemy.

    The Sith vaulted over their heads, and Qui-Gon was certain that he landed on Obi-Wan not by accident, but design. He could swear that he heard the boy's ribs break as the booted feet thudded into his chest, but his attention was caught then by something he had spotted on the Aurustio's back. A pack of some sort. He tried to reach out with the Force to determine what it could be, but it was as though he had suddenly gone blind. He could not sense anything.

    Dancing behind the Sith warrior, he lashed out at the bundle, and an animal fell out in two parts as the pack was sliced open. Ysalamiri, Qui-Gon thought. It had to be. Why else would the humanoid be carrying such a creature on his back, if not to mask his presence and thoughts from the Jedi? Although Qui-Gon had heard of them, and knew that they created bubbles in the Force up to ten meters in radius, he had never seen one before. It was smaller than he had imagined. But, he remembered as he blocked yet another attacak from the Aurustio, ysalamiri usually spent all their lives in the trees on their native planet. If removed from their wooden perches, they died very quickly.

    Blocking the light saber blade that came too close to his shoulder for comfort, Qui-Gon danced away and swung again at the Sith. There had to be other ysalamiri here in the building, he thought, not just this one. It was too much to hope for that they would all keel over and die at exactly this moment, freeing the Jedi from the lack of Force, and enabling them to defeat this new threat to Obi-Wan.

    It was much more likely that Even Piell would recover from the blow to his shoulder and stand up again. As though hearing Qui-Gon's silent encouragement, the Lannik warrior rolled to his feet, shifting his light saber to his good hand and charging at the guards that were suddenly streaming in through the open doorway. They were either human or Togorian, cheap hired labour in either case, and Even Piell had not stood single-handedly against seven terrorists at once without knowing how to take care of himself. The eight guards were soon nothing but a pile of very dead bodies on the floor, and Piell was free to join in against the Sith.

    The diminutive Jedi Master aimed a blow at the Aurustio's legs and managed to graze the humanoid's knee with the tip of his light saber even as the Sith tried to jump away. The wound put him off balance, however, and enabled Plo Koon to bring his own light saber closer to the humanoid's neck. As Qui-Gon came in from the rear in yet another classic Jedi formation, he was able to run his light saber directly through the Aurustio's back.

    The Sith fell to his hands and knees, and Plo Koon beheaded him expertly.

    "Ysalamiri,"he said, gesturing to the pile of bodies on the floor."They're all wearing one."

    "They must be dying by now, so far away from their source of nourishment,"Qui-Gon nodded.

    "Let us take mercy on them,"Even Piell said, already slashing at the small packs that each guard wore. When he had finished the last one, there was a silence, and then the Force returned to the three Jedi, as strong as it had ever been.

    "Obi-Wan!"Qui-Gon remembered. His apprentice was lying still now--much too still. Fearing the worst, Qui-Gon knelt down next to him and placed his hand on his hea
  20. Jedi Knight Anakin

    Jedi Knight Anakin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2000
    He was watching the whole battle. Strong they were indeed...
    The black cloaked figure spoke into his commlink. "Ravage here. Yes... I know. They will be yours... in time."
    The figure turned off his commlink and faded into the darkness.
  21. sh4rk

    sh4rk Jedi Youngling

    Mar 13, 2000
    Hi all,
    I'm curious if anyone has experience with the DAZZLE DVC? Any luck with it or is it something that belongs on the store shelf and not connected to my computer? Thanks in advance for the help.

    Force Flicks -

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  22. Dorante

    Dorante Jedi Youngling

    Apr 27, 1999
    Hey I bought the Dazzle DVC for $250 bucks and came to find that for capturing video it's quite good but for putting back on tape is absolutely awful. The quality sucks. So I took it back and got a Studio DC10 Plus which was only $150 and exports much better quality video. Definately the better card and it's 100 bucks cheaper. Go figure.
  23. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    They did not speak on the way back to the Temple. Plo Koon reached out with the Force and influenced the driver of an air taxi that was flying overhead to land at the end of the squalid street. As the others piled into the back, he poured a generous amount of credits into the driver's lap, easing his mind considerably about being in such a neighbourhood, then told him their destination. The driver grinned happily and took off.

    Qui-Gon had wrapped Obi-Wan in his own robe and held him in his lap as they flew, trying to control his fears and panic. He couldn't help but remember how light-hearted Obi-Wan had been on board the Eternal Escapade; eating every two hours and hoping that they never got to Coruscant. Qui-Gon found himself wishing fervently as well that they had never arrived. He wished he'd never let the boy out of his sight. Now his apprentice was dying, and it was all his fault.

    There was a medical team waiting for them at the hangar, and Qui-Gon transferred Obi-Wan to the stretcher, remaining at his side as they rushed through the corridors and lifts to the infirmary. In the examining room, An-Paj lifted the robe away and Qui-Gon was sure he saw him wince.

    "What happened?"the medic asked.

    "Scan grid...projectile blaster...electrogun...that Sith jumped on him...they broke his arm..."Qui-Gon frowned, wondering if he'd left anything out.

    "What is it about Obi-Wan that seems to attract such negative attention?"An-Paj wondered as he picked up the bone scanner and ran it over the boy's body.

    "It was my fault,"Qui-Gon said, leaning over his shoulder and looking through the scanner as well."I let him go off by himself. If I'd kept him close to me, none of this would have happened. There, An-Paj, do you see? Three broken ribs."

    "Thank you, Master Jinn, there are four, and at least one has punctured his lung. I will need to operate before he goes into the bacta tank. And it is not your fault."

    "It is my fault. I should never have let him out of my sight. Here, they broke his arm."

    An-Paj moved the bone scanner over the bruised limb and nodded."Nurse, get me one of those high-strength sedatives, then do a brain scan before you prep him for surgery."

    "Brain scan?"asked Qui-Gon, alarmed.

    "You said scan grid and electrogun? Sometimes the electrical waves get caught in the brain and cause feedback loops. We can only break the loops if we know they are there."An-Paj received the sedative cylinder from the nurse.

    "Will he have brain damage?"Qui-Gon reached out to stroke Obi-Wan's hair in a gesture meant to comfort both the boy and himself.

    "The seizures caused by the loops are usually temporary, without lasting damage, but it's best to get rid of them as soon as possible."An-Paj calmly discharged the cylinder against Qui-Gon's arm as though by accident.

    "What--"Qui-Gon protested, and An-Paj caught him as he collapsed.

    "Nurse, find a bed for Master Jinn, and make sure he doesn't leave it until Obi-Wan is in the bacta tank."

    "Yes, Medic."

    "Now maybe I can work in peace."

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  24. Eryce

    Eryce Jedi Master star 2

    Feb 29, 2000
    "What is it about Obi-Wan that seems to attract such negative attention?"

    Hmm.. good question, no?
  25. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Yes, Eryce, I thought so too and couldn't resist. Grin!

    Qui-Gon came back to consciousness slowly, feeling rather woolly-minded for several minutes. He'd been searching for Obi-Wan in his dreams--Obi-Wan! Why was he asleep when he should be watching over his apprentice? Suddenly awake, he tried to sit up, but only succeeded in lifting his head. His arms remained firmly at his sides, and with a mixture of shock and disbelief, he realised that they, and his ankles too, were contained in soft but unyielding cuffs. Restraints!

    He tried again to tug himself free, then tried using the Force to open them, but the cuffs were impervious to his attempts. He was left with no option but to lay back and try to imagine what he was doing here in the infirmary in Force-inhibited restraints. They'd rescued Obi-Wan, he remembered, they'd brought him back to the Temple, he'd pointed out some of the boy's many injuries to An-Paj, and then An-Paj had jabbed him by mistake with the sedative.

    It had been a mistake, hadn't it?

    The door opened at just that moment, and An-Paj himself came in. Qui-Gon pulled himself upright as much as he could."An-Paj, what is this?"

    "Restraints, Qui-Gon."

    "This is a mistake. Somebody did this for a joke--was it Mace? Get me out of here!"

    "I don't remember hearing you protest this much when I tied Obi-Wan's hands to the bed."

    "That was different. That was necessary. But this isn't. Let me up. I've got to get to Obi-Wan."

    "Relax, Qui-Gon, he's in the bacta tank. So, you think it's necessary for me to keep Obi-Wan from pulling his IV out a third time, but it's not necessary to keep you from staggering up and down the corridor, opening every door and bellowing "Obi-Wan!" at the top of your lungs, then shoving a nurse onto the floor right in the middle of the room where I'm operating?"

    "I did?"Qui-Gon searched his memory, found nothing, but felt embarrassed nonetheless.

    "Why didn't you tell me that you have adverse reactions to Somnolencia?"

    "You didn't give me a chance, An-Paj, you just jabbed me in the arm with it."

    "True, I did. But I can't stand anybody looking over my shoulder when I'm working."

    "I'm sorry,"Qui-Gon murmured, feeling extremely sheepish."I was just so worried about Obi-Wan. Is he all right?"

    "He'll be fine as soon as he gets out of the tank. Physically, that is. Until he wakes up, I won't be able to tell about his mind or his memories."

    "What about those feedback loops?"

    "There was only one, and we got it. He'll be fine, really."

    "Please, An-Paj, I need to be with him."

    "I suppose you've got it out of your system by now, otherwise you wouldn't be talking so rationally."An-Paj unfastened the cuffs one by one, and Qui-Gon sat up.

    "The rest did you good, you know,"An-Paj remarked."Even as a man with six wives, I probably got more sleep on my honeymoon than you did in the past two weeks with Obi-Wan having three and four nightmares every night."

    Qui-Gon nodded in silent agreement. He did feel better, he had to admit. The fatigue had all but disappeared."How long have I been out?"

    "Two days."

    "So long?"No wonder his joints were so stiff. It certanly wasn't because he was getting old. Or was it?

    "We didn't want to take any chances, so we let you sleep it off here, where we could keep an eye on you."

    "I didn't know about the Somnolencia, but I apologise again for the inconvenience."

    "It was only inconvenient until we managed to round up four masters who were strong enough to get you into bed, but apology accepted. I'll take you to Obi-Wan now. We've already set up a chair by the bacta tank for you."

    "Thank you."

    "We knew you'd want to be there with him, so...forewarned is forearmed."An-Paj grinned, and led the way out into the corridor.

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