JCC I'm thinking of buying a new iPhone

Discussion in 'Community' started by zOMG, Sep 6, 2013.

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    Completely avoiding the odd detour the thread has taken, my recommendation is always to find the phone that works best for you.

    I am completely computer literate and can probably create my own apps if I really had the time and drive, so I have the ability to leverage all that I want out of most smartphones. And I have an iPhone (2 to be precise, but one is work's).

    If you are a base user and only need the broad features, either option will work but an iPhone is probably the more intuitive device for you. If you have average to better skills most find that an Android serves slightly better.

    But then it depends on what exactly you use the phone for. For me I can use all the simple features I need from a smartphone and have access to all the files I need without issue (seriously, Dropbox and other cloud based solutions make this happen) and most of the editing of files I do is in complex documents that require the full suite of a desktop/laptop platform. With iCloud all devices I have automatically synch certain content. There is some music on this phone, but given the size of my collection (it doesn't fit on my iPod Classic) it's barely any so storage space isn't at a premium.

    Basically work out what you want and what you can/will pay and then find the phone that best suits, no matter which manufacturer.
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    I'm an Android Phone. ----------------- I'm an iPhone.

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    Just get whatever works for your needs. Never understood people being so fanatical about defending one huge moneymaking corporation against another huge moneymaking corporation.
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    I like my phone just the way it is.

    On silent.
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