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Images of Angels

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Ganki, Feb 16, 2002.

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  1. Ganki

    Ganki Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 27, 2002
    Images of Angels
    Rating: PG *violence*
    Author: Ganki
    Summary: Obi-Wan has set off on his first *solo mission* on Melida/Daan. Will Obi-Wan make the same mistake he made last time or one even worse? All I can say is that the mission isn?t as easy as thought of!
    Shout Out: Thank You Aimee for getting me to write anouther fic!
    Readers: Hope you enjoy!

    Images of Angels

    Joy rushed throw the young blue/green eyed padawan as he set of on his first solo mission. His master was going to accompany but fell sick with the flu, even though he wanted to stay by his masters side but the concle needed him. It was an easy treaty signing but the catch was it was on Melida/Daan the planet Obi-Wan had left five years ago, the planet that he made a decision of his life, to leave the Jedi. His transport left in3 hours, leaving some time to visit Qui-Gon.

    The Healers ward was buzzing around with many Healers because the sudden brake out of the Flu witch luckily he was immune to. The room was dimly lit, and the walls were a very light blue. There lay Qui-Gon silently sleeping. Obi-Wan walked up to his masters bed and gently laid his hand on his masters head. The warmth engulfed his hand he could feel that the fever had risen.

    "Obi-Wan" called a weak, raspy voice from the bed.
    "Shhhh.... Master I?m here but I must be leaving soon."
    "I?m sorry this happened Padawan."
    ?You have nothing to be apologizing for. It isn?t your fault you got sick and don?t worry I?ll be fine."
    "I know you will but make sure you don?t repeat history. I don?t want to lose you."
    "I promise I won?t. I was young back the." Qui-Gon gave him a questioning look as if to say you are still YOUNG! "Okay I get you know what I mean Master. I have to go my transport is leaving and I promise I'll contact you when ever I get the chance. Oh and while I?m gone I want you to behave your self and don?t bug the Healers to much."
    "But Master." Qui-Gon said trying to do his best Obi-Wan puppy-dog-eyes impression but failed greatly. Obi-Wan laughed at this site and gave his master a good-bye kiss and left the room. Now his adventure would begin.
    "Jedi Kenobi, welcome aboard, my name is Ian and if you need anything on this trip just call me. Also we will be at uh.... Melida/Daan in seven hours."
    Obi-Wan gave a respectful bow and seated himself in the passenger seat in the back.

    /I wonder what Qui-Gon would be doing at this moment. Oh Yeah getting ready for the mission and clearing his mind. Okay lets get started/ Obi-Wan knelt on his knees and began his meditation.

    A shock was sent through the ship that woke Obi-Wan out of his deep meditation. He quickly made his way into the cockpit of the ship. "What happened"
    "Well we?re here but I don?t think they are to excited about it."
    "Great my first mission and this happens. Open a channel."
    "Yes Sir" replied Ian with a flat voice.
    A face of a boy appeared on the screen "I am obi-Wan Kenobi The Jedi that was summoned."
    "Obi-Wan how nice to see you again. We didn?t know it was you I?ll make sure we stop firing. Sorry hold on!" He could hear a voice of the young boy in the back round ?STOP IT YOU IDIOTS! IT?S OBI THE JEDI GOD! "Okay I?m back I am so very sorry about that"
    "It?s okay"
    "You landing platform is 17. I?ll be seeing you Jedi" he said with a smile and the screen went to black.
    "Well Ian looks like it?s time to land!"
    "Yes Sir!"
    /these type of things always happen to me. The people that I?m here for tried to kill me/
    ?Well the didn?t did they?
    /No.....but the tried. What am I doing? Arguing with myself, Obi-Wan you?ve lost it/

    //The world is filled with pain and everyone will feel it's rath sooner or later//
  2. Ganki

    Ganki Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 27, 2002
    Chapter 2
    Images of Angels
    Rating: PG *violence*
    Author: Ganki
    Summary: Obi-Wan has set off on his first *solo mission* on Melida/Daan. Will Obi-Wan make the same mistake he made last time or one even worse? All I can say is that the mission isn?t as easy as thought of!
    Shout Out: To all the wonderful people who reviewed! I am a slow writer and have had a terrible writers block so deal with me!
    Readers: Hope you enjoy!
    IMPORTANT! there are a lot of glimpse of different time in Obi-Wans? life like future, dreams, flashbacks, and all that good stuff!
    Images of Angels

    ///Obi-Wan stood with his former master, Qui-Gon Jinn, outside the closed door of the Jedi council room. At any moment they would be summoned inside. Relations between him and his former Master had been stained since Obi-Wan decided he couldn?t be Qui-Gons padawan learner any more. Ever since what happened on Melida/Daan. He wished he would never see that planet again. The planet that ruined everything he loved and everything he knew.///

    Would history relapse its self. He knew it would not because he was prepared more this time, but in his heart he found some doubt. The door opened taking him out of his thought, revealing a figure around the same age as him self.
    "Jedi Kenobi what a pleasure to see you again. I have missed you very much."
    "Neild? Have you changed.? He ran up and embraced his friend. Let go of the hold he smiled "No need to be so formal just call me Obi-Wan."
    For some reason Obi-Wan could sense fear coming from Neild. It must be the treaty signing. Most of the planet represenitives had been nervous but never afraid. Well none of have ever been under the age of 20 either.
    "Well then Obi-Wan long time no see. How have you been?"
    "I have been doing well. The real question is how you?ve been doing. The city is looking a lot better then what I remember."
    They walked as they continued there conversation.
    "It may look good on the outside but war still lays in the hearts of my people. Peace is so close but yet so far away. That is why we called for help from the Jedi. I trust in them now thanks to you, all I ask is that you help me take the hatred out of my peoples heats and replace it with peace."
    "I will try my best Neild to accomplish your goal."
    "I know you will, but first I would like to hear how you are and about that Master of yours."
    Obi-Wan felt a slight tingle in the force but decided to forget about and continued walking with his friend towards the tall building before him. Not knowing what was
    awaited him.
    /// Pain my new friend. The only thing I have felt for the last few days, weeks, months. I have lost count of how long it has been and for good reasons too. No one has come for me, no one?s has even cared about me. So I have found all the pleasure I need in my own fears. Fears of pain, of darkness, of everyone and no one. Again and again they hurt me, but it will stop now because nobody has hurt me more then the people I trusted Neild, Qui-Gon. never will I trust again. Never.

    Two dark figures stood together each of them dressed in black "The Jedi has arrived."
    Darkness radiated off them. "Good now the fun will begin. I want him alive but I?m not saying you can?t have fun with him." he finished his statement with a grin. The younger one left.
    "Obi-Wan Kenobi will suffer for his Master mistakes. No one will survive my wraith. Nothing will be able to save you from me not even your Master. I will make sure Jinn you will know that your padawan is suffering and that you can do nothing. Now you will know how I felt Jinn, now you will suffer!" The black figure walked into the night with only his dark thoughts to comfort him.

    ///Once a soul has been crumpled it can?t be perfect again.///

    Okie Dokie another chapter done. I hope the next one will be out soon. Please don?t yell at me for typos that was another reason I sort took a while to put this chapter up. you can still say I suck but don?t say to many typos because I know! ^_^ S
  3. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Nice work! Intresting way on sending Obi back without Qui and such. Hope to see more soon!
  4. Ganki

    Ganki Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 27, 2002
    Chapter 3
    Images of Angels
    Rating: PG *violence*
    Author: Ganki
    Summary: Obi-Wan has set off on his first *solo mission* on Melida/Daan. Will Obi-Wan make the same mistake he made last time or one even worse? All I can say is that the mission isn?t as easy as thought of!
    Shout Out: Luna-P I love you girl!
    Readers: THANKS FOR REVIEWING! I love you for it! All your reviews got this chapter out so soon! Well for me soon.
    IMPORTANT: This fic is sort of like a plot helper the really really good action is soon.

    "Neild the only way for you to succeed your goal is by sowing them that Melida/Daan is not at war and they are all one."
    "It wont work."
    "That?s it! I have tried and tried and you have said no to every idea I have had. Neild you can trust me what?s wrong. You better not say nothing because I am a Jedi and I can sense your afraid but" slowly he began to become dizzy. The glass of water he hade been drinking slipped from his grasp. He tried to stand but moving caused him to become nauseas. What was wrong?!
    "I am so very sorry my friend. I wish this didn?t have to happen I really don?t want to see you get hurt. The problem is they said they will kill my people. I decided one life is better then millions. I?m sorry."
    What could Neild be talking about. Was he the reason he felt like this. he tried to speak but words did not come. Threw his blurry vision he could just make out a dark figure above him before he fell into a total land of darkness.

    ///Peace over Anger

    Honor over hate

    Strength over Fear///


    ///I hate you Qui-Gon. I swear on the grave of my son I will make you suffer. Oh how I will make you suffer. You killed my son and now I will kill yours. I?ll kill you dear little padawan Xantos the one who you love as a son. The one that was part of my sons death. You shall pay, yes you shall.///

    Every bone in his body hurt. He could swear Yoda was banging on is head over and over. What happened? Who was that black figure? Why was Neild sorry? And why am i in here? For some reason he knew he didn?t want the answers to any of them, in fear they would do no good except hurt him more. In mind and physically. Why do these things always happen to him.
    Then he thought of what his Master told him once.

    ?The world is filled with darkness and when I am consumed by it I will always search for the light and the light is you.?

    He repeated the words over and over wishing they would bring him peace.

    "How is the Jedi?"
    "Awake my Master."
    ?Good very good."
    "What are we to do to him."
    "My dear apprentice we are going to have fun of coarse. Have your turn first but don?t hurt him to bad. Make sure to tape it because I think his master would love to see it!"
    "Yes my Master."

    The door to his cell opened and in walked that black figure he had seen earlier that day. What did he want with him.
    "So your padawan Kenobi. This is going to be fun."
    "What do you want from me-" before he could finish his rant a powerful blow landed in his stomach. He picked up the poor boy and threw him into the wall. Blood spit out of the young Jedi's? mouth. Before he could regain his breath a foot landed square in the middle of his abdomen braking a rib or two during this process.
    Again and again the figure kicked and punched him until he could hardly stay awake. He kept telling himself he would not fail his master and cry. ?I will be strong, I will be strong, I will be strong!?
    " you....want"
    A smile crossed the black figures face. One that could strike fear into even the most bravest man in the galaxy.
    "To hear you scream."

    ///No one can hear you cry in outer space///


    Sorry about the cliff hanger. I know I hate them but it sort of fit. i know it was not my best but it was a needed chapter to set everything up and to finally get into everything! I promise Neild will soon be back in the picture I am guessing like chapter 5! I needed some one to be the bad guy and he sort of screamed *Pick Me Please!* Ho
  5. Ganki

    Ganki Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 27, 2002
    Chapter 4
    Images of Angels
    Rating: PG *violence*
    Author: Ganki
    Summary: Obi-Wan has set off on his first *solo mission* on Melida/Daan. Nothing ever goes as planed. Is Trust really there just to be broken?
    Shout Out: BlueElli, Felicia Zezili, ad Freakizimi! Thanks for reviewing.
    Readers: I love you all so very musch1 Everyone of your reviews have been great!
    IMPORTANT: this chapter is like ANGST *or should be* so if you hate seeing people sad or hurt read it still and learn to love it *what you want me to say Do Not read Fic don?t answer that*

    ///Means flashbacks or flash forwards or dreams. you find out someday witch one they are///
    Images of Angels

    "Why" the question that filled his mind. Why is this happening? Why did Neild do this? Was he really the reason this is happening? Why do they want me? The door to his cell opened again this time revealing a teen. Neild.

    Both boys eyes looked one filled with confusion and pain. the other filled with shame and fear.
    "Neild." the word was not a greeting but a question one that he was scared to find out the answer to.
    "When the dark ones came they asked for you. They asked for the padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn. We had told them that you were not here any more and that you had left. Then all of sudden they started threatening us really me telling me that they would destroy the planet. I knew for some reason they weren?t lying so I called for your help." he looked away before he continued. Slowly spitting the rest out "I knew Qui-Gon wasn?t going to come because of what they said. they said that he was sick and wouldn?t be better till after you were here. I couldn?t do anything Obi. I am so sorry but I thought one life was worth the lives of millions."

    Sympathy crept into the eyes of confusion. "Neild listen I want you to try to contact the temple. Tell them it was a trap. Tell them what I told you. You must do this."
    "I?m sorry Obi-Wan but I can not."
    "But....." the figure of what once was his friend left his cell with slow stride leaving a hurt Jedi behind him. "Neild....Neild....NEILD!"

    A single tear dropped to the floor. With that tear was strength, Obi-Wan had. ?I will not cry. I will not cry.?

    "Obi-Wan." the drak figure called.
    It was him the one that had brought him here. Finally I will/might get some answers.
    "Do you know why you are here young one."
    "No" Trying to keep his words calm and peaceful.
    "Well I will tell you. You see your Master Qui-Gon Jinn and I know each other. To make it simple he killed my son, how I was devastated after my loss. Then I realized why not have revenge my boy. How the thought comfort me. So I thought of ways I could hurt your master. Then it came to me why not hurt his closest treasure. Why not hurt the one that helped him kill me son. His padawan Xantos." Empathizing the last word as if to scare me. "But I had soon realized he had taken on another padawan and that is you. So looks like you will suffer for you Masters and his ex-padawan mistakes. oh well to bad for you. What do you think."

    "I don?t care for it one bit really. I never was one on revenge." smiling slightly as if proud of his comment. A harsh hit in his ribs made the smile grow even bigger. Knowing that he had at least made the dark one mad.

    A hand reached out, grabing Obi-Wans' chin bringing it up so close that both of there noses almost touched. "I will teach you respect boy. I will teach you the meaning of pain!" Spitting in the figures face was a mistake, learning this after he was thrown against the wall once again. Smiling to himself ?It was worth it?

    ///Qui-Gon had been searching all around the temple for his lost padawan but still nothing. Finally reaching there quarters he heard soft sobs coming from the darkened room. Rushing to the room and flinging the lights on, he then saw the from of his padawan. Sitting in a fatal position against the wall ass if crying. Coming closer to the form, he finally realized that he was crying. Sinking to the level of the boy, he slowly put his hand on the boy
  6. Ganki

    Ganki Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 27, 2002
    Every bone in his body hurt. Trying to gather the force to take in his surroundings he realized the effect of the force dimmer hadn?t totally worn off yet. It felt as if you tried to gather water in a holly cup. It kept slipping threw the holes. Moving slowly upwards a hand pressed back down on his already hurting chest.

    "Rest my friend." said a distant voice.

    Not listing to the persons advice he kept on trying to move.

    "You were always stubborn." a soft chuckle followed the comment. The word "always? stood in his mind. ?Did this person already know him. His vision was finally clearing soon he would find out the identity of his ?friend?. "NEILD" moving his hand to grab for his lightsaber and only grasping the dead space of where it once hung.

    "Slow down. Please Obi-Wan I didn?t really want this to happen it just..."

    "IT JUST WHAT NEILD! Tell me what ?just??

    "I had to do it. They made me do it Obi. Please forgive me."

    "Cerasi wouldn?t of had to do it Neild."

    "Don?t tell that to me. Any ways how would you know because she is dead thanks to a stupid Jedi."

    "Are you still finding people to blame her death on. Is that how you will honor her by making false assumptions. I didn?t kill her."

    "I know that but you could of protected her."

    "I could of protected her. If I could of she would be a live you fool. You think I optionally let her die. You think I left the only world I knew, the only family I have, the only home I knew just to let her day!"


    "That is it! Your yelling at me because you are angry not at me but at some one else so why don?t you cool it so I won?t have to take your head off."

    "You take my head off. I would like to see you even try. Any ways your injured."

    "Neild I?m sorry I brought her up. I can see your still hurt about her death. I know I still am."

    Realizing just how stupid the argument was. He let his brown eyes fall to the floor. "I?m sorry Obi-Wan"

    "It?s okay."

    "No I mean about what I?ll have to do."

    "What now Neild."

    "I won?t let you stay. They will kill my people if they don?t get you back. I can?t let you stay here."

    "Then why didn?t you leave me were I was!"

    "I took you in because I thought if I at least got you out of there you could heal some and leave this place. Go out into the city. I would let you stay but he?ll find you and then kill my people and me."

    "I?ll leave because I do not want to put you or any one else in danger."

    "Thank you but you must be careful, you do have a pretty nice bounty on your head. What did you do to get him that mad."

    "It was my Master. He wants revenge for his son. Please what is his name."

    "He goes by Kurai. Always your Master getting you in trouble." once again letting his eyes fall to the ground "You must leave by tomorrow, go out and hide in the city. No ships are a loud in or out. Obi-Wan communications have been cut off, except by the outer rim areas of the planet. There you can contact your temple."

    "Thank You. I?ll leave tomorrow."

    "Now rest because you?ll need it. I truly am sorry for everything that has happened and what will happen."

    Darkness crept into all areas of the alleyway. Blaster fire had followed in him the whole day. When Neild said a pretty nice bounty he meant it. The ache in his shoulder had been there ever since the hunt had begun. He had been caught on surprise and was hit. Now he had to pay the price of carrying the wound to the outer rim of Melida/Daan.

    His lightsaber sprung into action as the red beam pasted his head. He didn?t know how much longer he could go without sleep.

    The blue swirl of light followed each red one. Blaster fire after blaster fire blocked with perfection by the skilled young Jedi. For one of the first times he had no one to protect and only had to concentrate on his self.
    ///Block, step right, block, parry.

    Over and over he repeated theses steps with a different rhythm. Sparring with his master was hard work. He enjoyed the sensation of real battles not little matches that he would end up
  7. SilverWander

    SilverWander Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 18, 2001
    Oh more intersting

    up up!
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