ImagiCon in Birmingham

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    ImagiCon 2010
    A Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
    McWane Science Center
    Birmingham, Alabama
    May 21-23, 2010

    McWane Science Center will be the host to ImagiCon's day time events.

    Marriot UAB Downtown will be the host to ImagiCon's night time events with room parties and costume parties in the hotels event center.

    ImagiCon, after a very promising 2009 experience, will be held May 21 - 23, 2010, at the McWane Science Center, in Birmingham, Alabama.

    The Website address is [link=]Imagicon 2010[/link]

    Currently, the weekend membership is at an exceptionally low rate of $40 for adults and $8 for children 8 years-old and younger (if purchased with an accompanying adult). Get your memberships in advance at, before prices go up!

    Stars are being added every week, from every walk of Science Fiction and Fantasy life! Currently, Guest Star Michael Hogan of the new Battlestar Galactica, character "Colonel Tigh"; from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Gil Gerard and Erin Gray; from Beetlejuice and Nightmare Before Christmas, actor Glenn Shadix who played "Otho" and voiced "The Mayor." Many more guests are listed on and more are being added, so check the Web site often!

    Our Artist Guest of Honor is Larry Elmore, of TSR Inc.'s AD&D. Other artists attending include: Billy Tackett, Sam Flegal and many more listed on the Web site.

    Our Literary Guest of Honor is Tim Zahn. We are extremely excited about Mr. Zahn joining us this year.

    Gaming guru Sean Patrick Fannon will be attending as well as author/game designer Allen Hammack, who will be running his AD&D creation "The Ghost Tower of Inverness." A plethora of games will be held and the list can be seen on the Gaming section of the Forum: [link=][/link] Signing up for the Forum is FREE so please join us!

    Costuming will be the talk of the town, with special guest costumers: Freddy Clements, Chris Mueller, Travis Scott Merrill, and Sharon Morgan. Check out their biographies in the Costume Guest section of

    The Anime Programming Track, hosted by GaijinUSA, will be jam-packed with events ranging from a tea party to costuming events! Tons of information regarding the programming can be found in the Anime section of the Web site and in the Programming Forum.

    ImagiCon looks forward to seeing YOU there!

    Cathy Bowden, Star Wars Programming
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    Are you interested in volunteering for Imagicon? We hope so! Because we need you!

    Jump over to the [link=]Imagicon[/link] website and join us! We have slots for the following tracks:

    Star Wars
    Harry Potter

    Or email me at

    Cathy Bowden, Asst. Programming Director
    Imagicon 2010
    Track Director: Star Wars
  3. MotF Jedi Master

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    The MotF programming schedule is done.. just jump over to

    If you are going to IC10 and would like to be a panelist or a volunteer, please let me know.


    Cathy Bowden, MotF
    Star Wars Programming
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    Heading out west about that time, but will definitely look at attending next year!
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