Lit Imperial Knights Special Lightsaber forms.

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    It's difficult to identify their use in a visual medium like comics, especially with the limited information available. The info in those Wook articles is literally all that the Legacy Era Campaign Guide has to say about them, and with vague descriptions like "moving quickly and striking hard with one's lightsaber" and "protect the allies of the lightsaber wielder so that they might find openings in an opponent's defenses," we could look at a lightsaber duel from Legacy and guess that the IKs are maybe probably kind of using one of those lightsaber forms, but that's about all we could do.

    I'm pretty interested in the defensive one, as it kind of jives with the battle on Agamar that saw several IKs using their cortosis gauntlets to block and disable their opponents' lightsabers, in turn rendering the Sith vulnerable to a counterstrike:


    Awesome stuff.
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    I'm guessing they would be a lot less flashy and more utilitarian than the fancy stuff the Jedi learn. It would go with being more regimented, they woudn't care so much about the meditative or artistic side of saber dueling.

    I'd give these guys big cortosis shields or something personally. Just outfit them to be total juggernauts.
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    Sounds like something that Vong would use...
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    Do they not use Fast Style, Medium, and Slow, or is that only NJO?
    Because comic lightsaber battles are so incomplete to what actually happens in real life, I don't think we can really draw much from a few panels. I don't consider using a gauntlet for defense automatically placing something into a whole new fighting category. Darth Talon does that too.
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    Huh, I must've missed these from the CG. Interesting.

    More pseudo-Latin in High Galactic. Excellent.
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    It would probably need Beskar rather than Cortosis gauntlets to use safely with Lightsabers, but the Medieval Knights apparently used to grab the middle of their sword blades and use the tip (bayonet-like) as a close-quarters stabbing weapon. Parries and blocks should be possible with a gripped blade, too.