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Ark Important Reminders: All Members please read. Thanks!!

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by hyperspace_police, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. hyperspace_police

    hyperspace_police Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2005
    Due to recent events, the need has arisen to remind members of following rules that are contained within our by-laws.

    Section 5: Article II. Code of Ethics

    e. No member shall engage in acts of trolling or flaming on any AGR-themed message boards to include those located at locations in item ?a? above. By definition, flaming is the use of derogatory or abusive language aimed at an individual or a group, and trolling is the purposeful posting of phrases, language, or ideas to create strife or fighting on a message board.

    There has been recent board activity that could be considered in violation of this rule and further offenses will result in the enactment of the following article, also found in the by-laws. Please remember that we are all here for the same reason, a love for all things Star Wars and the fellowship that this group provides. Lets try and keep statements that might make new people get the wrong idea about us off of these boards.

    Section 6: Disciplinary Actions

    Issuance of Warnings

    At the discretion of the AGR President or Vice President, (or, in cases where infractions occur on AGR related websites, Moderators and Administrators), a warning may be issued for any violation of the AGR Code of Ethics that does not decree an automatic revocation of membership or carry a predetermined suspension timeframe. If the violation affected or was executed towards another member, then the issuer of the warning shall report the warning to the offended party. If the offended party does not agree that the warning was sufficient, and feels that more severe action is necessary, then he or she may request that more severe action is necessary, then he or she may request that decision be appealed through the appellate (process laid out in Section 7). Warnings will be issued for the first infraction of any item of the AGR code of ethics. Subsequent violations will be subject to suspension or revocation of membership.

    Also, please note the following regarding events: When the event is at an establishment that charges admission and we are there to be present in costume. You will be required to wear a costume and be participating in the event to get in free. (If free admission is offered.) The business is offering us an oppurtunity at their expense and we will not take advantage of this as a group.

    This is also covered in the by-laws
    Section 7, Article III. The AGR reserves the right to refuse admission based upon lack of seating capacity, standing capacity, or due to rules. This would come under the heading of due to rules.

    And a reminder to officers:

    President is required to attend 75% of meetings and events.
    Vice-President, Sec/Treas, and PR person are required to attend 60% of meetings and events.

    If you hold one of these positions make sure that you are meeting your requirements. This is your responsibility.

    These include posted meetings and costume or other official events. So far this year, there have been 9 events and 4 official meetings.
    If you need to know where you stand for attendance, please pm me.

    It is not required, but would be nice and look better for the group if officers attended events. Running for office is not mandatory and if you cannot preform the requirements for the position then you may need to consider whether or not you have time to commit to it. We understand that things come up that prevent attendance and that we all have lives outside of this group.


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