Amph IMPORTANT: The JC is moving. Please read!

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    What?s going on?

    We?re moving from IGN to a new system, Xenforo.

    Will we lose posts/PMs/usernames/whatnot?

    Nope, everything should transfer. However, passwords will be reset. You MUST have a private email address in your profile so you can retrieve your password and log in.

    When will this happen?

    Sometime in the next month. We don?t have a specific date yet, but we?ll let you know when we do. We probably have at least a couple weeks.

    How long will the boards be down?

    1-3 weeks. However, we will have a temp board while we move. You will have to re-register, and anything posted there will not transfer.

    What will the web address be?

    The same for both the temporary and moved boards.

    Can I re-register with my friend?s username?

    No, and we will be on the look-out for that. The same usual JC rules about no parody usernames still applies. If someone else registers as you, please contact us so we can get it sorted.

    Will SFFBC still be around during the lag time?

    In an altered form, likely combined with several other forums. You are free to post threads during that time, but they will not transfer to the new thread.

    What about the ?What are you reading now?? thread?

    I?ll make sure we have a temp. one, though again, it won?t transfer.

    Will the index finally be updated after we move?

    Yes. If you?d like to volunteer to help, I?ll give you colors.

    How can I keep up with all this moving business?

    • [link=]Jedi Council Forums[/link] - The official Facebook page for technical updates on the status of the boards

    • [link=!/JediCouncilTFN]@JediCouncilTFN[/link] - The official Twitter feed for the boards

    • [link=]The End is Near[/link] - The thread in Comms for the move.

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    Ok so I ll still be JEDI-SOLO then just with a new password right if Im reading this right?

    Does this also mean that we will finally be getting new people to be able to join? Its been a few months since anyone new has been able to register.
  3. LAJ_FETT Tech Admin and Collecting/Lucasfilm Ltd Mod

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    Yes, your ID will remain the same. It's just the password that will change. Once you do the 'forgotten password' procedure and get the email you can log in and change your password.

    And the move should fix the email problems currently plaguing us.
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    It has been a nice long while since we've had any spam posts.
  5. NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus

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    [face_laugh] And we also have a game going to guess when exactly we'll be moving:

    [link=]Guess the Move Date -- win colors!![/link]
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    Mods should lists their emails in this thread so we can copy the list in case anyone runs into trouble of any kind.