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Discussion in 'Communications' started by beezel26, Jun 1, 2014.

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  1. beezel26 Force Ghost

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    As we well know the boards died off sharply after the last movie. As we know the extra movies and series didn't do a lot but they did help. With the new movies coming out we have the potential for new users. But back in 05 Facebook was just beginning and not big enough to be a threat. Now it is like the Walmart and we are the small business. Barely able to survive. So how do we attract traffic?
    I would like this to be an honest and open conversation about improving traffic to all areas of the and JC forums. Let's face it we need more people to keep the lights on. But how do we do it?
    Even though I am not a fan of facebook we still have an active presence. But after every announcement is made about the movie on Facebook and the where do we direct traffic to. Should we just have a few comments listed under every announcement or could we direct them to particular forums with Moderator stickied threads detailing the announcement. That way everyone who wants to comment can post to the forum and see more threads. Thus they stay longer and more add revenue. Every announcement and every picture should elicit a response from us and redirect to the forums.

    Like I said I want this to be an honest and open conversation about improving traffic and what can be done. Not mocking the users or putting your head in the sand. If you don't own the website then you are a guest. If you do then by all means stick in your head in the sand if you want. So please contribute, any ideas would be appreciated. The lights are not free. Maybe we won't have so many blackouts if we get improved traffic.
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    "Don't fish eat other fish?" There's always a bigger fish. Let's find them, team up, and eat FB. Just like we did's message board. They never saw it coming. Even their offshoot boards didn't survive. We scoured the lot of 'em. Wookieepedia even says we're currently the 28th largest internet forum, according to some website I can't get to load.

    Let's convince Philip Wise to team with MySpace. It's currently owned by Justin Timberlake and he was in AOTC or something, right? So he's already on our side. We can hand him the largest Star Wars community on the internetz. And the 28th largest forum. No way he can say no to that. Throw 22 million 144 thousand something posts in his lap and crown him King of the Nerds.

    Then we'll be ready to take on FB.
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  3. Saintheart Chosen One

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    Simple. Start gender threads. They seem to come far and wide for them.
  4. Ender Sai Chosen One

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    Beezel, I don't really think new users are going to warm to your threads sorry.
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    When I saw the title of this thread under the Latest Post for Comms I thought, "That must be a beezel thread."
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    It... actually works the other way round, you know.
  7. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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    Freaking r/movies killed our server. There are limits to what we can handle.
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    Then why do you have an account there? It's one thing to be there & ponder the proliferation of related board activity (as it relates to slow traffic here on the JC), it's another thing entirely to be a part of a site that you actively have contempt for, ie being part of that FB problem... unless of course you're a social media masochist, then by all means use FB!
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  9. jp-30 Manager Emeritus

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    The only thing that could save this place would be regular new Star Wars movies. Can't see that happening though.
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  10. EHT Manager: New Films

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    We've continued to get lots of new users here ever since the new movies were announced.
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