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In her Majesty's Service. (Pre, TPM and Post)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by light_sabe_r, May 29, 2000.

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  1. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    I know what you're thinking, not another fic about TPM, but this is what I've been planning for a few months now.

    This is TPM from the point of view from men and women in the Naboo Security Force and Bravo Sqaudron.

    And now, (DUM DUM DUM DA-DA)

    In her Majesty?s Service.

    Chapter One: An unexpected delay.

    Handmaiden Yane` Gretten stood before the doors of the Long Shot Cantina dressed in civilian attire. She glanced nervously at her companions, Sabe` and Sache` beside her, Amidala (undercover as Padme`) beside Sabe` and Rabe` and next to Rabe` was Eirtae`. Each dressed like a normal cantina crawler. Yane` glanced down at the package in her hands. It had to be delivered.

    ?Look girls, I?m sure I can do this on my own.? Yane` pleaded to the others. ?I?ll be in there and straight out. Trine` knows I don?t like the rest of my family.? Amidala shook her head.

    ?If there?s a party, I want to be part of it!? she smiled. ?I haven?t been to an authentic Naboo birthday celebration since before I left home.?

    ?I?ve always wanted to know this, but how did you celebrate your fourteenth birthday?? Rabe` asked curiously.

    Amidala grinned. ?That was a private celebration thanks to my mother and a rather large bottle of Hill Sparking. It was also the month I announced I was running for the throne?

    The young girls giggled. Yane` didn't giggle, but her mood did darken. ?It?s not a party, besides I know Trine` will freak out at the gift I got for her!? She mused turning her back on the door and began walking away. ?I can?t face them!?

    ?Come back here Yane`!? The Regal voice of Amidala floated and echoed over the stillness of the night. ?That is an order!?

    ?Yes your highness.? Yane` grumbled, returning to her position.

    ?Now open the door for us,? Amidala continued. Her voice changed and she continued to order her with her undercover tone. ?And do it nicely. Smile a little, it?s not your funeral.?

    ?It?s worse!? Yane` replied pleadingly. ?It?s my family!?

    She felt a hand rest on her shoulder. Sabe` glanced her warm brown eyes on the other handmaiden. ?At least you have a family.?

    Yane` sighed and her eyes met the ground. ?You win.?

    The other girls cheered. Amidala raised a triumphant fist in the air like a schoolgirl. ?I knew you?d pull through.?

    ?Yeah, but now you owe me twelve bottles of Correlian Fire Scotch next time we go to Coruscant.? Yane` threatened the Queen.

    ?Is that a threat young handmaiden?? Amidala replied coyly. ?Besides, you?re to young for the stuff and legally, I?m to young to buy it.?

    ?I?m the only one old enough who can get it for you!? Sabe` laughed.

    ?Fine just make sure you get it.? Yane` mumbled, slamming her palm against the door and leading the girls into the room. ?I was going to go in anyway, I want to meet her Palace guard boyfriend!?

    ?Cheater.? Sache` mumbled.

    Yane` smiled in spite of herself. Even though she hated her family she had always been close to Trine`. Trine` had taught her how to climb trees and then up rock walls. Last year the two had abseiled down the palace cliffs. But that was before Yane` became a handmaiden and before Trine` was promoted to pilot.

    Right now she was on a routine patrol of the edges of the Naboo system. Ric Ole` had organised it as a chance for all the guests to arrive and surprise her. Unfortunetly for Amidala and the handmaidens, it could bring them recognition.

  2. Alli-Wan

    Alli-Wan Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 21, 1999
    Nice fresh perspective. Looks like an interesting ride. Awaiting more. --AWK
  3. epic

    epic Ex Mod star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 4, 1999
    Yeah, interesting way of doing it. Write more.
  4. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    You want it?

    How can I refuse?
    ============================================Upon entering the room, Yane` immediately she saw her parents. Her father was a short man, but with a big heart and stomach. Then she saw her mother, standing nearby guzzling some Hill Sparkling. Three of her four older sisters stood along the bar chatting up guys who looked like they had just crawled out of the swamps.

    She was surprised when she saw Ric Ole` talking to her father and mother not to long after spotting her sisters, then she was further shocked when she recognised more than five of the palace guards of duty.

    ?Does everyone in the palace come here?? She thought aloud. Sache looked at her then followed the younger girls gaze. ?Goons!? Yane` pointed to two palace guards.

    ?Seems like it.? Sache` laughed, her eyes following cute waiter at least five years older than her. ?Does everyone know your sister??

    ?Unfortunately, yes,? Yane` grumbled she just wanted to find Trine` give her the present and get the heck out of there. I hope she doesn?t take too long on her flight.?

    ?Yane`!? and sickly sweet voice called. ?Yane` is that you??

    ?Oh no it?s my second oldest sister, Leiel!? She turned an extra pleading look to Amidala. ?Save me!?

    Amidala turned her around, ?Over here!?

    Leiel looked a lot like Yane`, brown hair, brown eyes and her face was the same shape. Yet Leiel?s hair was curly like her mother?s and she was just a tad overweight.

    ?Yane`, sister, how are you?? Leiel began wrapping Yane` in a tight hug.

    ?I?ll be okay as soon as you let go of me.? Yane` smiled weakly.

    Leiel let her go. ?We hardly ever hear from you now, not you since you left to became a handmaiden. Mother and Father are so proud!?

    ?Yeah, sure.? Yane` scoffed, only to be elbowed in the ribs by Amidala.

    ?So,? Leiel started, glancing at the other handmaidens. ?Who are your friends??

    Yane` gesture to the five girls behind her. ?These are my colleagues-?

    ?The queen?s maids?? Leiel asked in surprise

    ?Handmaidens.? Sabe` corrected. ?And body guards.?

    ?What, like hired goons?? Leiel continued. Sabe` turned away disgusted.

    ?Yes whatever Leiel,? Yane` continued. ?That?s Sabe`, the only one here who can drink real stuff, Rabe`, Eirtae`, Sache` and Padme`.? Amidala nodded her approval for saying her name correctly.

    ?Nice to meet you.? Leiel greeted them she turned to Yane`. ?So how is life in the palace away from the rest of the planet??

    ?Leiel!? Yane` pleaded. Her sister had had the same argument about how the palace is detached from the rest of the world, the night before she had moved out. ?Not now!? Yane` brooded. It was just Leiel to do this. She always tried to make Yane` out to be the bad daughter or sister.

    She looked at the other handmaidens who had a shocked look on their face. ?It was nice meeting you all, I hope you enjoy yourselves.?

    Amidala raised a hand and smiled stupidly. ?Oh don?t worry, we will.?

    Leiel looked almost disgusted as she walked away. Amidala turned to Yane`, her smile still plastered on her face with giggles. Sabe` was fired up, ?No offence, but your but your sister?s a real bit-.? Yane` grinned and cut her off.

    ?If you said that to her I?d forget about the twelve bottles of fire scotch!?

    ?I say we play a right royal prank on her tonight!? Amidala suggested much to the amusement of the others. ?What?? she grinned innocently. ?I have to have some fun too you know!?

    ?Let?s find a table.? Eritae suggested. The small group of girls split into two as Amidala, Yane`, Sache` and Rabe` found a table; Eritae and Sabe got them drinks.

    Yane` placed Trine?s gift on the table. ?If it wasn?t? for Trine` I wouldn?t be here.?

    ?Wrong my friend!? Sache` rebutted. ?If I hadn?t of found that invitation, you wouldn?t be here!?

    ?Oh yeah,? Yane` replied to the slightly older girl. ?I?ll remember that.?

    ?You two are childish!? Amidala scoffed. ?I?d like to enjoy myself here.?

    Rabe` gulped. ?What would happen if Panaka found out we came here your-?

    ?He won?t.? Amidala cut her off before Rabe` could
  5. Maeve Nadia

    Maeve Nadia Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 8, 2000
    This is good...
    Keep it coming! Please?
  6. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Now here I'm going to introduce two of the main charecters, (other than the TPMers)
    Across the room, two off duty palace guards sat talking about the day?s events. The shorter, clean-shaven, blonde man wore a black pants, vest and a white shirt. The other had dark brown hair, moustache and chestnut eyes and was dressed in slightly more casual attire.

    Upon seeing the handmaidens enter, the shorter one recognised them immediately. ?Sha!? he cried. ?Aren?t they the Queen?s handmaidens??

    ?Don?t know Calset,? he replied, scratching his moustache. ?One things for sure, those girls are too young to be in here anyway!?

    ?Didn?t Trine` say something about her sister bring a handmaiden?? Calset continued.

    ?Yeah, Yane` I think was her name.? Sha laughed, taking a gulp of his ale. He paused and watched as two handmaidens walked past carrying drinks. ?Do you think you?re wife will let you have some fun tonight??

    ?Come on Sha. Xyla want?s me to be nearby, and sober, in case the something happens. It?s natural.?

    ?Just because she?s pregnant.? Sha muttered, watching Calset take a sip of his muja juice. ?But anyway, I say we go talk to the handmaidens.?

    Calset spat his drink. ?Are you nuts! We have to go to work tomorrow, what if they recognise us.?

    ?They won?t.? Sha muttered. ?I?m sure Panaka would love to find out the handmaidens broke the law, because they went in a cantina underage.?

    ?Blackmail!? Calset laughed. ?What if they told the Queen??

    Sha didn?t listen, but took up his drink and walked over to the ladies.

    The handmaidens were having a ball, laughing and talking like they did before they joined the service. Amidala was acting her age for once instead of being wise beyond her years. Maybe that what had alerted them?

    Yane` looked up from her tonic and saw the two guards she?d recognised earlier walking over to their table. ?Uh oh, goon alert at three o?clock.? she muttered. Sache` and Sabe` laughed, Amidala, Rabe` and Eirtae` all wondered what the joke was. ?Palace guards.? Yane` told them. Amidala raised her head to look at them.

    ?Goons alright.? she laughed. ?Why couldn?t you have let us in on the joke earlier??

    ?Sorry, Padme`,? Sabe` chortled. ?Private joke.?

    Amidala was about to plead with her to tell her when the palace guards stood at the table.

    ?Hello ladies,? the taller one with the moustache greeted. ?Enjoying your evening.? All the girls answered yes, Yane` simply replied no. He looked down at her. ?Well it?s a good thing we came along then!? he laughed, the handmaidens smiled. ?I?m Ainyak Sha, and this is Frenz Calset.?

    Amidala held her hand forward and it was shaken by Ainyak, ?Padme`, and this is Sabe`, Sache`, Rabe`, Eirtae` and Yane`.?

    Both men exchanged glances with one another. The blonde headed Frenz asked Yane` ?You aren?t by any way related to a Pilot named Trine`, are you??

    ?Yeah, how?d you know?? Yane` replied.

    Ainyak grinned. ?I?m courting her.?

    Yane` laughed as hard and as loud as she had ever had in her entire life. ?Well it?s wonderful to finally have a name and a face to go with Trine?s ramblings! You?re a palace guard right??

    ?Yep,? Ainyak laughed pulling up a chair, Calset not to far behind him. ?So is Calset. You sister harps on about you too.? He glanced around the table. ?Now hang on a minute, if she?s a handmaiden, then what does that make you girls.?

    ?We?re handmaidens.? Rabe` replied.

    Calset was watching them closely. Eyeing each one in turn. Yane` eyed him suspiciously. He was a palace guard after all, maybe he recognised each of them. ?So how many handmaidens are there??

    Sache` opened her mouth to say ?five? when Yane` realised there were six of them there. ?Six!? she unskilfully interrupted. ?We take shifts so there is only a maximum of five handmaidens with the queen at any one time.?

    Amidala realised what was going on, the others not to long after. ?Five is an easy number and the fact is that it is better to protect the Queen with rested people rather than tired ones. Y
  7. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    I like this, it's an original idea and it's well written. Keep it coming!
  8. juwannajedi

    juwannajedi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 23, 2000
    This is good. Keep it up.
  9. Jedi Erica Amidala

    Jedi Erica Amidala Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 16, 1999
    This is great!
  10. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Wow! I din't think this one would be as great as my other, but I have a good feeling....

    On with the show. (PS, Thanks for the replies.)
    First Impressions Last.

    The sound of pacing footsteps echoed off the walls outside the throne room in Theed Palace. Pilot Trine` Gretten was the cause of them. She kept shifting her flight Jacket and made sure her helmet was straight.

    Her partner, simply known as ?Fly? sat with his back against the cold wall watching her pace while Ric Ole` paced in the opposite direction to Trine`.

    ?I can?t stand this.? Trine` started. ?I wonder what?s taking them so long??

    ?It?s the Queen.? Fly replied. ?Don?t you want to see meet her??

    ?I don?t want to tell her what we saw!? she replied. ?She?ll be as mad as a rancor!?

    ?She can hardly blame you,? Ric replied.

    ?Then why do I feel guilty?? Trine` muttered as she resumed her pacing. ?What?s taking them so long??

    ?You?ve already asked that.? Fly pointed out, pushing a strand of red hair back into his helmet. ?I know you?re worried, I?m sure within a few hours we all will be so stay calm.?

    ?I am calm!? she yelled back, but after hearing the echo she knew she wasn?t. ?I?m calm in a very twisted sort of way.?

    A handmaiden presented herself at the door, Trine` looked extra hard to see if it was Yane`, but she couldn?t identify that bodyguard. ?Her Majesty will see you now.?

    Trine` once again straightened her cloak and followed Ric and Fly into the huge room. There was luminescence and one of the small moons was full and its light streaming in the window. That?s when she saw the Queen.

    She was sitting on her throne in a deep navy robe with gold embroidery plants, which in the true vine form climbed up past her ears and twisted into her deep brown hair that was pulled up in the shape of a fan. Her face was cold and stern, but Trine` figured it more from the girl?s make up than her personality.

    Five handmaidens in similar coloured gowns flanked Amidala, each with a single gold stripe down the middle of their hood.

    She couldn?t recognise her sister.

    Captain Panaka looked colder than the Queen. He stood to her right and another officer stood on the left.

    The three pilots stood in the centre of the room and bowed. Ric spoke up first. ?We are sorry for the intrusion your Highness, but two of my squadron have found something of planetary concern.?

    Amidala regarded him then focused each on Fly and Trine`. ?What have you discovered??

    Trine` gulped and stepped forward. ?Just as we were returning home, a fleet of warships came out of hyperspace in our system.?

    Panaka looked grave. Amidala looked shocked. ?Warships??

    ?Yes your highness.? Fly continued while Trine` scolded herself for not addressing the Queen as her highness. ?They were spherical and had an incomplete ring around that.? his voice cracked while he spoke.

    ?Your highness, I suggest you contact Senator Palestine.? Panaka advised, more of an order.

    ?No,? she shook her head. ?I want to make contact with these intruders. I?m sure there is reason to all this.? Amidala?s voice was as crisp as Panaka?s was before, and possibly more so.

    The other officer fiddled about a bit with a panel on the wall and with his comm. link. Then he politely asked the pilots to move out of the way. Two handmaidens moved to stand more behind the queen while the rest backed away.

    A tall green alien with a vocabulator and what looked to be photoreceptors sat before them. ?This is the Conquer.?

    ?Who is in charge of your fleet?? Amidala tore at him. The alien tilted his head.

    ?Who is the one who is asking??

    Amidala looked annoyed. ?May I remind you, that you have entered the peaceful system of Naboo??

    ?You still have not answered my question??

    ?You still have not answered mine, but very well. I am Queen Amidala and I would like to speak with your fleet commander immediately.?

    ?Ah, just wait one moment. I will put you through to the Viceroy?

    A few seconds later, another alien appeared. He on the other hand wore robes and
  11. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Care for a little more anyone?

    Yane` wasn?t concentrating. Her mind focused on the events that had occurred within the last fifteen minutes. Warships? A legal blockade? She didn?t answer when Trine` called her name.

    Trine` resorted to punching her sister. ?Answer me sis!?

    ?Ow!? Yane` replied rubbing her arm. ?You know it?s a taboo to lay a hand on the Queen and her handmaidens.?

    ?Well I?ll lay a foot on you soon if you don?t wake up out of that dream world!? Trine` joked.

    ?Trine` please, my mind is on other things.?

    ?What could be more important than your sister?? Trine` stopped. ?Oh yeah, the planet!?

    Yane` shook her head. ?I don?t see how this is funny.?

    ?You?ve become a stiff ever since you became a handmaiden.?

    Yane` stopped walking and turned to face her taller sister. ?And you?ve become a pilot so there!?

    ?I don?t see what is wrong with being a pilot?? Ric butted in. ?Good money and you get to fly star ships all day.?

    ?Sorry flyboys,? Yane` muttered. ?And girl, but within a few days, if the blockade is successful, you will be grounded.?

    ?Like we were when I helped you climb up that tree in the swamp when you were three?? Trine` laughed. ?Or the time when you smashed Leiel with my model N-1??

    ?Shut up!? Yane` replied. ?Look, I have to get back,? She reached into her robe pocket, Please tell me I didn?t forget it! She pulled out the neatly wrapped parcel. ?Happy 21st Trine`.?

    ?What? My birthday isn?t for another five days!? Trine exclaimed accepting the parcel.

    ?Then don?t open it yet, I was going to find that guard to give it too you, uh, what was his name??

    ?Ainyak Sha.? Trine` replied. Then her eyes grew wide and she realised. ?Oh no! I was meant to meet him for drinks tonight! I can?t believe I forgot!?

    ?I?ll bet he is still sitting in the Long shot.? Fly suggested. Then leant over and whispered to Yane` ?Probably drunk off his rocker.?

    Yane` giggled and watched as her sister ran out into the moonlight and down the main stairs of the Palace. ?Sis!?

    ?What?? Trine` echoed back.

    ?Don?t tell anyone!? Yane` squawked back. But Trine` was long gone. Yane` turned back to the pilots. ?Have fun boys! Too bad I can?t join you for this party.?

    ?I thought I saw some younger girls there!? Ole` realised. He smiled. ?Aren?t you a little underage??

    ?A lot actually,? Yane` replied. She smiled. ?Sorry, I have to get back in there,? The men nodded as she turned on her heels and began a quick jog back to the Throne room.

    Even though there was only nine people in the room, (Amidala, the handmaidens, Panaka, an officer and a Palace guard), the Throne room had been thrown into chaos. Amidala sat on her throne speaking to Senator Palpetine.

    ?What is their reasoning?? Amidala asked him coldly.

    ?I?m afraid I?m not quite sure your highness.? Palpetine?s kindly face responded. ?In fact I hadn?t heard about it before you mentioned it. Which system have they blockaded??

    Amidala?s expression grew grave. ?Ours Senator.?

    Palpetine?s expression changed to that of grave concern. ?What?? he shook his head in disbelief? ?I have not heard of this and yet they say it is a legal blockade.?

    ?Yes Senator? Amidala agreed. ?What can we do??

    ?I will contact the chancellor immediately and then inform the Senate. I?m sure these Nemoidians will have an unworthy explanation and this will be all over in no time.?

    ?I should certainly hope so Senator. Naboo would be in serious danger if the blockade took place.? Amidala eyed him, her eyes as cold as ice.

    ?I understand your Majesty, I will see to it right away.? The hologram ended.

    Amidala slumped back in her chair and yawned, then turned to Panaka. ?What are the arrangements for situations like this Captain??

    Panaka pulled his eyes out of a data pad. ?I?m putting more men on as we speak your highness, the pilots are readying your ship and their own to monitor the fleet.?

    Amidala stopped him. ?What do mean, readying my ship? I am not leaving Captain. What good is a Queen in hiding?
  12. juwannajedi

    juwannajedi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 23, 2000
    /waves hand frantically/ I'm here! I'm here. Please don't stop!

    [This message has been edited by juwannajedi (edited 06-02-2000).]
  13. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    I know this is slow moving, now, but as of tomorrow it'll pick up okay?
    =============================================Amidala left, Sabe`, Eirtae` and Rabe` in tow, Yane` joined the line in the hall while Sache` almost ran into them a few minutes later.

    ?Governor Bibble is not answering our holo message yet your highness.? Sache` told her quietly. Amidala regarded the information with a nod and kept walking. Sache` stood next to Yane`. ?What happened??

    ?I?ll tell you later.? Yane` whispered back.

    As soon as Amidala reached her chambers she slumped down in her chair. Sache` shut the door. ?Have you girls ever felt so, completely useless?? Amidala asked the five handmaidens that stood still and open mouthed. Amidala put a hand on her forehead. ?Well? Have you??

    ?You mustn?t speak that way your highness,? Sabe` bravely started. ?You are not useless and in fact the people need you more now than ever. You will show them that.?

    Amidala regarded Sabe` kindly. ?This is difficult for me to ask Sabe`, but you may have to front if I need to hide.?

    ?I am willing to accept that your highness.? Sabe` shivered a little. ?We are all willing to defend you and Naboo to the grave!?

    ?That?s true your highness.? Yane` interrupted, the others followed suit.

    ?Whatever you do we will be there to back you.? Sabe` replied. ?Everyone will be.?

    Amidala smiled. ?My goodness, what a speech!? Both girls laughed. ?It?s good to know your public speaking skills are up to scratch, you may need them.?

    Sabe` paled a little. ?Your highness, if that if what you wish then-?

    ?Not right now, and I?m one hundred percent against this tradition, but it is possible I may require the use of a decoy.? Amidala pleaded with Sabe`. ?I know Panaka and I have trained you for this, but here is the crunch time.? Amidala breathed a sigh of despair. ?Let?s hope it doesn?t come to that.?

    The girls nodded and relaxed on the sofas. Yane` moved towards their little kitchen hovel. ?Anyone else care for some juice??

    No one answered. Yane?s stomach churned like when her mother and Father fought when she was little. Only Trine` knew she had heard them, and her big sister took her to her room and told her stories of a little lost girl and the Gungan who saved her from a charging fumbaa.

    Yane` finally sat down and put her feet up on the table. Rabe` turned to Amidala. ?Do you wish to rest your highness??

    ?No Rabe`, Bibble will be here soon.? Amidala said almost like a vegetable. ?But you all may rest if you wish.?

    ?You don?t want us to untie your hair or remove your make up?? Eirtae` suggested.

    ?No, I need to think.? Amidala stood up, shuffling her robes ungracefully. ?I?m going for a walk alone. Sabe`, Rabe`, you will stand guard in the garden, but I will walk alone.?

    Rabe` and Sabe` stood up quickly and followed her out. Yane` slumped over after they left. ?And I thought I was having a bad day!?

    ?You still are, the day isn't over yet.? Eirtae` suggested. ?We all are.?

    ?So what did I miss when I was trying to contact Bibble?? Sache` eagerly changed the topic.

    Yane` and Eirtae` quickly explained about Panaka and Amidala?s little disagreement. ?That bad huh.? Sache` finally commented. ?I can?t believe she snapped at him like that.?

    ?He had it coming,? Yane` whispered to herself.

  14. jeditictac

    jeditictac Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 14, 1999
    oh, i love stories that feature the handmaidens! and yours is fresh and excellent! can't wait for more :-D
  15. Jean

    Jean Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 7, 2003
    Upping for the move
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