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Star Wars In Order to Survive

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by afellowjedi, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Chewbacca89

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    Oct 25, 2012
    IC: Ken Glassdoor
    Night Voyager Crash Site

    Ken Glassdoor looked around him. He saw the vessel that had brought them to this world, or what what left of it. He silently watched the other passengers around him. There were all sorts on this trip and they all reacted differently to the crash. Ken, himself, had remained calm and collected throughout the crash. There was, after all, no point in adding to the chaos around him. He wasn't that worried about the crash anyway. He was worried for what came after.

    As the Chief Anthropologist on the voyage, Ken was more aware of the potential pitfalls of a marooned crew on an unknown planet. However, so far he was the crew were holding themselves together. He saw the Jedi aiding the crew and thought to himself, "No surprises there. These Jedi don't seem as arrogant and bloated as most, so I suppose that's something to be grateful for."

    Ken stood up and conducted a quick inventory. His messenger bag of instruments and books seemed to be completely unharmed, which was good. Next was his assistant, R9R. R9R was his Field Survey Droid that was a vital asset to him in the field, away from civilizations. He had a somewhat overzealous amount of sensors and arrays that were perfect for field work. He also cam with language packages, library systems, and other useful tools for an archaeologist in the wild. The droid seemed to be in good condition, cosmetically anyway.

    "R9R how are you? Is everything running satisfactorily?" The droid whirred and buzzed as it conducted self-diagnostics. After a few seconds, the droid turned to him. "All systems appear to be running at satisfactory levels, Master. No sustainable damage was received in the crash. You were wish to install those extra armor packages while we were en route." Ken smiled at the droid, happy he didn't lose his little friend. "No worries, R9R. I had a hunch it might be handy while on the planet....just didn't realize it would come in hand above the planet as well."

    Ken gathered his bag and then headed off towards the two Jedi. When he approached he made sure to wipe all emotion from his face. He gave them a polite, but reserved look as he faced them. "Hello. I am Ken Glassdoor, the Chief Anthropologist/Archaeologist on this vessel. Jedi Tova and Jedi Stark, correct? Is there anything I can do to assist. Are we planning on sending a survey team out?" Behind him, R9R opened his sensor array and began to scan the immediate area.

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  2. MandoBones

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    Dec 2, 2012
    IC: Solus Tova
    Night Voyager Crash Site

    Solus watched as Bryce made his way among the crowd. He stopped at the little Twi'lek girl and her family, and leaned down to speak to her. Solus couldn't help but smile. As a Mandalorian, children of all types, ad'ikae, were very important to him. He was glad to note that Bryce knew enough to put himself on the child's level as he spoke to her. Many Jedi that Solus had met were...socially awkward. They knew how to be Jedi, and how to deal with other Jedi, but when put among civilians, they were out of their depth.

    He was happy that Bryce was not one of them.

    "Hello. I am Ken Glassdoor, the Chief Anthropologist/Archaeologist on this vessel. Jedi Tova and Jedi Stark, correct? Is there anything I can do to assist? Are we planning on sending a survey team out?"

    Solus blinked and turned to the anthropologist. He was a little bit older, but looked to be very sharply intelligent.

    "So we are, Master Glassdoor, but I don't think we'll be traveling far afield tonight, to be honest with you." Solus said, extending a hand in greeting. "We've got lots of folks need tending to, and we're not in our intended landing zone, with our supplies spread over the wrong approach vector. I'll be honest, we're not in the best of shape. I think that tonight, our best bet is to stay put and wait for daylight. We'll be keeping watch, my partner and I, so you can rest easy for now. We'll be heading out in the morning to get a better grasp of our situation. Certainly wouldn't mind the company, though, if you and your droid are in a watchful mood."
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    Sep 18, 2012
    Trip Farr, Night Voyager Crash Site
    Trip open his eyes to the world again after a long night's short slumber. He stood up and looked around, seeing it was no longer raining. He thought "Thank the force for the little things." He saw about half the crew up and moving. Some moved around inspecting damage and some preparing food rations for breakfast. Jonie and the other from his social group last night were still sleeping. Trip trotted down to the outside of the ship to see the damage. Not good he thought not good at all. The comm relay was smashed and two engines were heavily damaged.

    After a hour of working around the ship he saw Jonie walk up to him. She asked, "You want to get some breakfast."

    "Sure I guess," Trip said as he got up from fixing a power relay. "What is on the menu?" Trip then inquired.

    "Bland bars with blue milk," she answered as they walked off.

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    May 22, 2011
    Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated in a bit. Life decided to become hectic. Rest assured I am working on updates and will post them soon! Thank you for your patience.
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    Aug 14, 2007
    Bryce Stark, Night Voyager crash site

    A’sha eagerly squirmed to sit upright, in spite of her parents protest. She faced the Jedi who was squatting before her.

    “Oh yes master Jedi I’m very warm now thank you so much!” she said excitedly. Bryce knew that to most young children Jedi must have looked like eight foot tall heroes. Now if only he could make himself believe that.

    “That is good to hear little one, now you get some sleep we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow” Said Bryce in his most calming voice. He then stood and turned to walk away but A’sha once more sprang upright as if she had some piece of urgent information she had forgotten to tell the Jedi standing before her.

    “Master Stark?”

    “Yes A’sha?”

    “You and Master Tova won’t let anything happen to us will you?” she asked eagerly.

    “I swear to you on my life A’sha that neither of us will let any harm befall any of you” he said with a slight grin.

    “Alright I just wanted to make sure. I want to be a Jedi someday!” she proclaimed.

    “I’m sure you will make a fine Jedi someday, maybe I can even teach you some things while we’re he, with your parents’ permission of course.” He said once more with a grin and a wink towards A’sha’s parents.

    “I can’t wait! Oh Master Stark come closer I need to tell you something.” A’sha whispered. Bryce then leaned in closer so she could whisper in his ear.

    “What is it little one?” he said mimicking her whispering voice

    “I think that Nasdai likes you!” she said with giddiness in her voice.

    “Oh really, well I certainly would have never guessed!” Said Bryce putting a hint of shock in his voice to make it seem like this was a something he had never heard before, mainly to amuse the child. “Goodnight A’sha” he said before he turned and walked back over to the heater where his gear was hanging to fry.

    He sat by the heater for a moment, entranced by the luminous glow of the heater, hypnotized by the warmth he felt on his face and throughout his body. It was good to be warm; he cherished it, even though most people wouldn’t pay it any mind to it and took it for granted. But Bryce was happy for the warmth for many different reasons, the least being due to his clothes being damp. As Bryce sat there trying to doze off to sleep his mind thought back to years before when he found himself on the cold and jagged landscape of Rhen Var and the battles he fought there along with his fellow Jedi as they tried to push back a radical terrorist sect that had made its home base on the planet. They had been there for months and the cold was finally getting to all of them, not only the republic troops but the Jedi as well. His dream whirled round and round to all the battles and the faces of the men and women he had slain in those battles, then the faces of the friends he had lost. But Rhen Var wasn’t the only mission that entered his dreams; soon every battle was there, every planet he had fought on and all the faces, the distinct faces and the ones he didn’t even recognize. It all began to blur until Bryce was just standing by himself on an empty and desolate battlefield, the aftermath of battle all around him. Destroyed vehicles and rotting bodies covered the landscape; the only person alive was him, a lone Jedi, the blue glow of his lightsaber illuminating the darkness around him.

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  6. afellowjedi

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    May 22, 2011
    Hello everyone, please forgive me for disappearing like that, I had just started my second semester of college and work had me going the rest of the time and thus had no free time at all. But finally summer is here so if anyone is still interested in continuing this RPG please "like" this post. Again sorry and thank you!
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    Sep 18, 2012
    Trip Farr, Night Voyage Crash Site, Day 2

    Trip and Jonie walked down one of the ships large hallways when suddenly the floor below them gave away. They fell down through three deck into a growing pile of wreckage. Jonie was dead on impact. Trip was penned underneath a large piece of durasteel which he could not up from. He yelled for help till his world faded to black and he passed out.
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    Oct 25, 2012
    I'm still interested.
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