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    Darkness has enveloped the galaxy, swirling past all existance. Jedi are few and far between, but not lost, corruption is everywhere as the evil Sith lord strives to dominate the last of all noble humanity. World after world are swallowed by the gaping jaws of darkness; where love is forsaken and torture was its favorite game. Rise up all those who strive for good and those who strive to preserve that which is lost in the sands of time. Each life has its story to tell and as such each life has its secrets to hide, the only question will be-Which side do you choose? The fate of the galaxy stands helpless in your hands and that of your brethren...


    2: No Godmoding, violators will be removed from the game.
    3: Literacy and correct grammar is a must!
    4: Follow TOS rules.
    5: Have fun.

    Character Sheet Formation::

    Character Name:

    Muscular Build:
    Personality Traits:


    Name: Sith_King
    Character Name: Marcus Alexander De Caliencio
    Species: Aruzan
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Sith Lord
    Alignment: Darkness
    Height: 6? 4?
    Weight: 305lbs.
    Appearance: Blue skin, pitch black hair, white teeth, sharp canines
    Feats: They have the ability to share their memories and emotions with one another by means of cybernetic implants, huge Force powers.
    Flaws: Anti-social creatures, but harsh temper. Power hungry.

    Muscular Build: Strong
    Clothing: Dark breastplate, but cloth robe underneath
    Weaponry: Red Lightsaber, with black and red hilt
    Habits: Talks to oneself or searches for another Aruzan
    Personality Traits: Aggressive till rendered helpless or near someone he knows.
    Bio: Marcus, born on Aruza during the time of Imperial subjugation, the enslaved Aruzans hired the bounty hunter Dengar to assassinate General Kritkeen, who was the planetary commander. Finally released the planet tried to reconnect to the ways of the galaxy but for Marcus, life would never be the same...

    St. Edit: Thread locked at author's request.
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    The dust riffled from underneath the bridge's thundering catacombs, Marcus' hid from the on-coming light of the transportation carrier trains. The sun, or what seemed to be the sun, broke through the swirling dust, Marcus rose up using a force thrust to step onto the flight deck. Coruscant was bustling, no one seemed to notice the broad Aruzan with blue skin as he weaved in and out of the deck. Stopping a flight attendant he asked, his voice low and deep.

    "Where is the capital? Where is the Famed Jedi Council?" The attendant seemed to look at him stupidly, so he started rattling off his message in different languages. Finally the attendant stopped him with a smile,

    "Mushca dkinnid, fjiickae iichvik pormudda..." Marcus narrowed his eyes, so the man repeated slower Marcus translated that he said the building was large and to the right. He motioned with his hand at a flight vehicle and Marcus asked him how much.

    "Bumga, noku senaw." Four hundred fifty quid. Marcus paid and hopped in hastily, grabbing a helmet and tossing his stuff in the back he started it up, it revved up nicely and he sped off, gritting his teeth in anger and hate as his destination and his purpose drew near.
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    Cool ideas, but it's a better idea to actually wait until you actually have players to begin playing the game. Also, you'd wanna specify the era, setting and other specifics that you left out of your Opening Post. I haven't been in a game in a while, so I'm up for one, but I suggest taking my advice first.
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    Alright, how am I able to change it if the time limit is up?
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    Either PM Saintheart asking him to make changes for you, or just make a new post saying to ignore the ones above it.
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    Can SaintHeart delete it all together?
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    No but he can lock it which is basically the same thing. It'll still be there but there will be a dash through the center of it. Hammer can do the same thing if you can't reach Saint, anyway this is turning into a discussion thread in stead of and RPG so he might lock it anyhow.
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