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    Title: ~ In the Hands of the Devil ~
    Author: SITH_MAYO
    Genre: Action! Angst / Romance/ Drama and Darkness . . .
    Keywords: Sith . . .

    [This story is a sequel to a short Benella fic called ~[link=]The Lost Chosen[/link]~] ? [ideas taken and twisted from LOTF series in the making]

    It?s been 7 years since Ben?s return to civilisation and the Jedi Order on Ossus. Since his return he?s been trained by his father-in-law, Corran Horn, and has become a full Jedi Knight at last.

    Ben and Jysella are happily married and are soon-to-be parents. But the happiness the last surviving Skywalker has found is about to be torn apart by his nemesis Jacen (Krayt), and his minions . . . .

    The GFFA is dead . . .
    And two empires now fight for the right to govern the entire galaxy!

    On one side there is the tough but fair New Empire, which Emperor Jagged Fel and his wife Jaina Solo Fel have created.

    And on the opposing side is the Sith influenced planets and systems, now know as the Regions of Shadow, controlled by the Dark Lord Krayt . . .

    In between the two sides lies the decaying Jedi Order . . which has a weak alliance with the New Empire.

    But will a temporary alliance save the Jedi? Will Ben give in to his dark destiny? Or will the Skywalker blood die along with the Jedi Order? . . .

    Dramatis Personae


    Ben Skywalker ? age 39 ? Jedi Knight
    Jysella Horn Skywalker ? age 42 ? Jedi Knight

    Corran Horn ? age 83 ? Jedi Master
    Mirax Terrik Horn ? age 83

    Valin Horn ? age 52 ? Jedi Master
    Jiliza Hytt Horn ? age 52 ? Jedi Healer
    Jorn Horn ? age 15 ? Jedi Apprentice

    Kriz Barlonta ? age 45 ? Jedi Master ? Grand Master
    Taylor Yunton ? age 25 ? Jedi Knight
    Jane El Latonne ? age 35 ? Jedi Master
    Nile Jivos ? age 22 ? Jedi Apprentice
    Claire Ricia ? age 24 ? Jedi Knight

    New Empire - Imperial Royal Family

    Emperor Jagged Fel ? age 57
    Empress Jaina Solo Fel ? age 58 ? Grand Imperial Knight
    Prince Markus Fel ? age 20
    Prince Nikolas Fel ? age 18

    Jezebel Gabison ? age 27 - Imperial Knight
    Jukk Gabison ? age 29 - Imperial Knight


    Darth Krayt ? age 58 ? Grand Lord of the Sith

    Lord Vycer ? age 29 ? Sith Knight
    Lady Xenissa ? age 35 ? Sith Knight
    Lord Jitzene ? age 23 ? Sith Apprentice
    Lord Corsenz ? age 19 ? Sith Apprentice

    I hope you all enjoy! ;) Comments always wanted!

    ~*~ In the Hands of the Devil ~*~

    ?The solution is not conflict. But conflict is necessary to bring forward that which will end this unbalance once and for all. Unity will have to be pulled from the ashes of betrayal, in order to make the foundation for a lasting peaceful era of a just and wise government.

    Everyone must obey the will of the Force, my will, or they will perish like those before them. Balance and peace will be brought to this universe. But as I now understand it will not be done by my hand alone . . .

    A legacy is in the making . . .

    Forged of two powerful bloodlines, stronger than any of its predecessors, burning with supreme command over the Force itself . . . a prodigy is about to rise. All will bow and obey, because this prodigy will rule all!

    At last . . . the time for games is over . .

    The future has begun . . . .?

    ~ Darth Krayt


    [~~Chapter 1~~]

    [Old Coruscant > 21:03]

    Through the busy city skylanes of what was once the great city planet Coruscant, the last living Skywalker raced and weaved his speeder within the buzzing traffic.

    All around lights flashed, the cold air whistled loudly, and blurs of fast speeding aircars raced past the side of Ben?s dark red speeder. The city around him, one he knew very well, was dead and decaying. Coruscant had once been the centre of the universe for many. But after the collapse of the GFFA roughly two decades ago, C/>
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    Thanks for the PM!

    Now being a full Jedi at last, Ben had combined his mother and father?s weapons, welding them and designing them together creating a double bladed lightsaber, which had one blue blade and another as green. The double bladed lightsaber, a combination of his parents, was a tribute and reminder of Luke and Mara Skywalker, heroes through and beyond the very end.

    I love it!!! :)

    Vycer? Yikes, he's striking a bad nerve in Ben! That boy better stay under control.....
    At least he notices it. But I think that's not the last of the dark we've seen in Ben...
  3. Alishu06 Jedi Padawan

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    thank you for the pm!!!! I really enjoyed this chapter!
  4. Flowerlady Jedi Master

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    Holy Sith!!!:eek:

    I love it!!!!

    This is just wonderful S_M... Wonderfully written, wonderful action. Wonderful characters.=D=

    And the idea of him combining Luke's and Mara's lightsabers into one was awesome. Oddly, though the dual bladed saber was a Sith weapon...Let's hope it's not an omen...

    Thanks for the PM...[:D]

    FL @};-

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    Ben is so good when his gone bad ;)
  6. SITH_MAYO Jedi Padawan

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    cool deuling
    so this is the sequal
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  9. SITH_MAYO Jedi Padawan

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    Here's this next part . . hope you like it!;)

    [~~Chapter 2~~]

    [7 months earlier . . .]

    ?What the hell is this place?? Jysella whispered in the gloominess.

    ?I wish I knew . . but it feels . . .?

    ?Familiar?? Frowned Jysella.

    ?Yeah, like something from a dream . .? Replied Ben.

    Dressed in his dark earthy Jedi robes, Ben strolled slowly around the darkness, gazing in awe at his surroundings. It felt so alien and yet all so recognizable.

    For a long tiring week Jysella and Ben had been tracking a group of Krayt?s spies into the far reaches of Wild Space. But they?d had little success trying to discover what they were up to. After many sleepless nights, some miscalculations, they?d somehow managed to lose track of their Sith adversaries.

    They?d pulled out of hyperspace at an unknown and uncharted planet which drifted along the edge of the galaxy. It was a deserted ball of rock and dust, on which no life or society existed. But Ben had been ultimately drawn to it for some mysterious reason.

    The Force swelled around the planet like a thick fog, it was bubbling with it; but why and how? Curious and lured by the pull of the mysterious planet, Ben had coaxed Jysella into setting down their shuttle and investigating the dead world.

    What they?d discovered on land was impossibly incredible . . .

    After walking a few miles over the gritty mud and sand choking air, Ben and Jysella had discovered signs of a very primitive civilisation. They had discovered what appeared to be an ancient, abandoned, crumbling city.

    The buildings were all made of a type of marble, some buildings stood tall like they would last forever, others looked broken and rotten, like they might collapse at any second and turn to dust.

    Large collections of skeletons lied in streets many were completely covered with sand. Signs of past struggles and conflicts could be noticed in the destruction of many archaic statues, walls and small houses.

    The old city had been forsaken long ago: before the GA, before the Vong, before the New Republic, the Empire and the Old Republic; it had been neglected way beyond those eras. It was creepy seeing a city, which should appear thriving with energy and hundreds of beings, so dead and desolate.

    Through the ruins Ben and Jysella had slowly strolled as they?d tried to comprehend exactly what they?d accidentally uncovered. At the centre of the city stood a grand temple, tall, vast and impressive, despite the parts of it which seemed wrecked by age and weathering.

    Now Ben stood inside the decaying Temple with his wife, looking around in bewilderment at the scenery around them.

    ?How can this be familiar?? Jysella questioned in puzzlement, ?No one knows this place exists. It?s not charted anywhere. Nor is it mentioned in any historic era.?

    Gazing at a scratched and broken marble statue of what appeared to be a human being, Ben answered distractedly,
    ?I?m not sure. But . . I feel drawn here.?

    Together they walked further into the grand Temple. Dust and sand smothered the dark green marble floor beneath their boots. Statues of strong, tall men lied half smashed on the gritty ground. At the very back of the Temple where the light was very dim and the mood seemed more melancholy Ben and Jysella stopped before a tall enormous wall.

    Ben ignited one blue blade of his lightsaber, spilling brightness over the wall which they stood by.

    ?Oh holy gods . .? Murmured Jysella in a small stunned voice.

    Upon the entire wall was an unknown type of writing. It was ancient, symbolic and beautiful to see. The whole wall looked like a stunning book; the characters of archaic words long dead were engraved on to a golden wall which still shimmered under the light.

    Ben could tell someone had put their heart and soul in to the master piece he stood staring at. Love, hate, happiness and sadness, could be read in the Force from the wall. This grand story or prayer looked intricate and undeniably unique. Ben had seen/>
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    okay so free weird, i would have hated to be jys during that time. thanks for the pm
  11. master_jade Jedi Master

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    Interesting, much interesting... Memories of Luke and Mara and their death were very sad. Description of Jacen-Krayts carrier very accurate (he started with hunting criminals and terrorists, now he uses them)- power corrupts, dark side corrupts.
    As for the second installment- the mysterious insciption and Ben's reaction to it suggest he probably is the mentioned One. The Quote from Krayt(beginning), and what Vycer said also seem to confirm this thesis. I sense impending drama here.[face_skull] Shadow with ahadow ...brrr

    Great story so far!
  12. SWpants Jedi Grand Master

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    That inscription thing...that was really weird. Very weird. I'm just glad Ben is okay. I feel so bad for Jys though

  13. Flowerlady Jedi Master

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    That was chilling...[face_worried]

    The prophecy is scary.

    I hope Ben will be okay.

    More soon. [:D]

    FL @};-
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    that was exsellent you are such a good writter=D=
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    Update at last . . :)
    Hope you enjoy!
    Comments always wanted . . . :cool:

    [~~Chapter 3~~]

    [Present . . .]

    [. . . on board the Imperial Star Destroyer Dark Illusion (Core system)> 00:52]

    Under the surface of calm there was an aching sense of impatience.

    But Ben forced himself to take a breath. He?d been stuck on the Imperial Cruiser since ten thirty. After his encounter with Vycer, several incidents had occurred. Already, he?d had to write and hand in his report to the Imperials about Coruscant?s state in the present situation.

    Two terrorist attacks had taken place barely minutes apart at 21:55; the casualties were high, and the perpetrators had of course not been captured. Krayt?s followers were annoyingly skilled at their dirty work, not only in succeeding in their operations, but getting away unnoticed. Ben hated how the guilty were free and the innocent were left wounded and punished.

    Now though, Ben sat, rather uncomfortably, in a small lounge waiting room, just outside the Royals? main office. He?d wanted to leave and head straight home to his wife as soon as possible, but he?d been delayed as the Emperor and Empress had called for his presence.

    A loud curse echoed behind the closed door Ben sat facing. Angers were flaring in the next room. Rage and hurt were what most people felt nowadays. Unfortunately the long war was turning everyone cold and bitter. This stale conflict had been brewing for almost two decades now, though people often couldn?t put an exact date on it to calculate the length of the civil war; for none remember anymore who struck first or why.

    ?This is ridiculous! . . You can?t do this! . . You?re . . -? Yelled a deep voice behind the wall.

    The Emperor, Jagged Fel?s distinctive voice roared back,
    ?That?s where you?re wrong . . . . Would you rather be executed General Choldor?! . . I can arrange it! . . no - . . . Coward! Get out of my sight! . . . Walk out or be dragged out . . I expect your resignation on my desk at 0800 . . Dismissed!?

    Abruptly the door swished open as a red faced, stuck-up general strolled angrily out. The livid command didn?t even notice Ben, as he walked straight out the room with swift steps, whilst all the while shaking his head and muttering harsh words under his breath.

    Such rudeness and disobedience in an Imperial surprised Ben somewhat. It wasn?t like commanders to argue with Jag, their trusted and respected Emperor. And then again it wasn?t like Jag to lose his temper either. The general stalking out the room was lucky to still be wearing his head, Ben thought silently.

    From the office Jag commanded simply,

    Taking his cue, Ben rose to his feet and strolled slowly into the Royals? main office and meetings quarters. He?d been here many times. Unfortunately every past conversation in this room had been serious and grave. It was not a place where many beings felt comfortable.

    The quarters were plainly decorated, with a gloominess attached to its atmosphere. Many black leather sofas occupied the space in the large meeting quarters, but all who came in here never really sat down. At the very back of the bleak room there was a large circular table where information was usually shared and discussed in great detail. Nothing much else existed in the room, for it was clear this was a place of business not social activities.

    Ben stood a few metres away from the table, waiting patiently for the Emperor to stop his reading of datapads.

    The Emperor, Jagged Fel, a man of power, responsibility and unlike Krayt, a leader of conscience, stood scanning an entire table covered with data. He stood tall, but tense, like he had the weight of the galaxy on his broad shoulders; which in a way he did. Half the galaxy was in his hands, the rest was in Krayt?s and Jag wanted to change that.

    After a long tired sigh Jag turned around to face the Jedi Knight. Ben saw the exhaustion and worry in the Emperor?s sharp eyes, but behind the wear/>
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    Aw, I really liked it! :) I feel so bad for Jaina though. :( But the Benella stuff...*squee* Very awesome. I'm happy for them. I have a bad feeling that Krayt will find out though [face_worried]
  19. Alishu06 Jedi Padawan

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    that was a great chapter!
  20. Flowerlady Jedi Master

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    I feel so sorry for Jaina and Jag...:_|

    But the Benella was awesome....[face_love]

    Wonderful writing as usual...I can't wait for more. [:D]

    FL @};-
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    Please PM me when you update this
  22. SITH_MAYO Jedi Padawan

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    Ben put his hands on top of hers, on her stomach where they both felt another kick. Cheerfully Ben grinned, and teased,
    ?I still say it?s a girl.?

    Jysella shook her head,
    ?It?s a boy and you know it.?

    Shrugging casually, Be replied with a smirk,
    ?It never harms to hope . .?

    Wonderful story! I read the prequel and the sequeal in probably 30 minutes. I was slightly engrossed.:)

    I loved the soon to be parents, and Jag/Jaina is always delicious. I do feel bad for them though.:(

    Never thought that I would be rooting for the Empire . . .

    P.S. - I'm rooting for a girl.;)

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    I've kinda left this fic a bit too long and I apologize![face_blush] Don't worry an update will be up very shortly!

    Hopefully tonight!:cool:

    Thanks to all who click . . [face_peace]
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