Senate Income Inequality in the U.S.: Causes, Effects, Solutions

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    Just watched the first bit so far. I think he is right about Marx. He was brilliant at pointing out its capitalism's shortcomings. But he really didn't have an answer. Not one that was practical at the macro level anyway.

    But what I really want to know is: when is Simon coming out with that HBO-mini Manhunt about the Lincoln assassination? That is one I want to see.
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    As discussed in a recent article from NPR, the results of a recent study have a few things to say about US income inequality. The good news is that upward mobility has remained the stable over the past generation. The bad news is that yes, income inequality in the U.S. is real and it is growing. Also indicated is that while mobility levels are stable, the US does lag behind other developed nations in terms of odds of climbing up the "social ladder."
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    I heard about that study in some fact checking of Obama's State of the Union speech, although it didn't click until you just said it there that the inequality is still growing, it's just the mobility that's the same. Also good to see where that came from, since it seemed a bit of a strong claim to say that upward mobility was the same as it was, without explaining why that study was credible, so thanks for that link.