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Independent Sci-Fi Film - Animators needed!

Discussion in 'FanForce Community' started by Andrewlehti, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Andrewlehti

    Andrewlehti Jedi Youngling

    Jul 2, 2009
    My name is Andrew Lehti, I am currently working on creating an original Sci-fi Fantasy genre based film, it needs animators if I am to do this, the project is still in consideration due to that we have only 4 Animators.

    We currently have 4 volunteer concept artists, and we are as of right now, expecting more. We will finish the script promptly.

    We plan to begin shooting the film in about 4-5 months, so there is no rush.

    We are also planning to submit this to many film festivals, this will cost me a bit to submit to many festivals but it will be worth the recognition of the film and also the animators will be greatly be credited (there are two ways we can credit you, we can list the individual work you did, or we can just list your name as an animator - we prefer to do individual, but it is your vote that stands to it)

    We don't have an amazing budget but it will buy costumes and sets, if you want further information on the project, I have listed it below.

    We are shooting the film in a BluRay Format, 1920x1080 frame size and HD audio

    You do not have to render anything if you do not want to, all you would have to do is create the model or animation sequence and send it to us. We will render the scene if it is complete.

    Our computers have the following software for Animation and Editing.
    - Autodesk Maya 2008
    - Autodesk 3ds MAX 9
    - LightWave 3D
    - Adobe CS4 Master Suite
    - Premiere Pro CS4
    - After Effects CS4
    - Photoshop CS4
    - And about 20 others (in Adobe)
    - Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9

    We plan on having an original score produced for the film, in fact we already have one song complete and the main theme is in production as of july 2nd

    Thank you for reading my Proposal, it means a great amount of honor for me.

    Contact me for more information - Lehtistudios (at)

    Thank you much
    Andrew Lehti

    This is not star wars based.

    EDIT: I see you have found the FanFilms board :)
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