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Indi, IN Indy Knights Monthly Meetings

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by djtom, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    Hey are you a Star wars fan from the Indy area? Did you know there is a group dedicated to Star wars fans right here? Well there is, it is the Indy Knights. We meet the first Wednesday of the month at the Athenauem downtown, 405 E. Michigan. Visit for more information and directions.

    In the meantime I'll be posting monthly meeting recaps, as written by our secretary from time to time.
  2. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    Greetings and Welcome to the news and notes from the January Indy Knights meeting, please bear with me as I am a secretarial newbie........

    and now on with the show.......

    Pre meeting start found Bill pulling out his guns (yeah you figure it out), Eric having his herd of fine customizing work on display, and Jennifer showing off her Christmas card from the original man in black, Dave Prowse. Also Jason reported that his wife will be induced on the 21st, so come next meeting there will be yet another IK tot.

    Madame President-ette open the meeting for the 18 members present listing the birthdays for January which include: Aaron( I have Tripletes) Boleron the 12th, Sarge Gentry on the 18th, Brad Williams on the 23rd, and Greg(DarthChewie) Wilkinson on the 27th. Happy birthday to all.

    The SIGs started off quickly with Gail spouting off the Book Club info before heading out to see her beloved Irish get smoked like a cheap cigar and this is what I gathered: Book Club will be the 18th at Borders on the southside, NO official book as yet, looking at possibly some of the old school books in honor of the 30th Anniversary year. Anthony then piped up about a possible road trip to Lexington KY for a signing.....more on that later.

    Jennifer then went off road and mentioned the 501st in the Rose Parade. There were 6 members of Bloodfin in attendance at the parade. It was also mentioned that Bob Eubanks of Newlywed Game fame, made some gross misrepresentations of the 501st members in general (something about them needing to get jobs, and move out the parents basements) Apparently the TV station web site, his web site and the Rose Parade web site were inundated with e-mails and comments and according to Bill, Eubanks has apologized to the 501st, though no official word has been given.

    Jennifer also stated that there were NO Jay sightings in Vegas although she did talk to him twice....But that doesn';t prove that he was even in Vegas at the time or that Jennifer didn't see him since we don't REALLY know what he looks like at this point.

    During this time I notice Jill, who is sitting across that table, creating some oragami birds.

    Back to the SIGS....

    INCA-in the absence of Dan I said, Check the Boards. And if you do that today there is actually a post in the INCA forum!!!!

    Sith- No meeting on the horizon, Lots of new stuff hitting. Look for the 30th anniversary logo!! On a personal note I think it's time for a road trip, thoguh it would not be the same without Alex. Ron spoke to Alex last week. Alex was trying to convince Ron to pop by Phoenix on his way home from the Rose Parade.

    Jedi Panel- Greg says on the boards to check the boards. Next meeting will discuss the plans for 2007.

    IKM- In what may be the longest SIG report in the history of SIG reports, here are the bits that I picked up.

    Sarah started things off with a current project she is working on ( complete with samples) for a new designer. It is a Majai for a church. It is the same patten as Kevin's mattrix coat with a few modifications. The designer chose velvet which does not hold up to wear at all. When creating a garment look at fabric first then color. More often that not you can dye or stain a fabric to the color you need.
    There was then a contest to pick out the silk from a group of fabric swatches. Sarah made it difficult for one table, not giving them a silk was a trick question The comment was made that the silk smelled like fish, it all smelled like fabric to me, but I'm also not a big fan of fish.

    Oragami continues......

    Anthony then introduced us to his Imperial Officer uniform. The jacket is a modified civil war jacket, from the north he believes. He needs new boots and for Bill to fix his rank insignia. Anthony was also able to find his hat! We were all very relieved.

    Still more Oragami.......

    Bill was up next with his Jango armour.Bill brought his guns and someone at this point said whip it out....... yeah...well... Bill showed his Master Replicas blasters, at this point Jennifer
  3. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    February 2007 Meeting Notes

    Welcome, says your President Jennifer (Vaderette). She wants you to know that work has banished her to home for several months which, while inducing some stir craziness, helps her to avoid traffic. Everything is relative.

    Say, are there any announcements besides resurrections? What does that mean, you ask? Well, the biggest discovery was the long absent Jay (Who Jedi, former IK President) who showed up. He had a very fine Jesus look about him...the way Jesus would look, I assume, if he covered poker for a living anyway. Also making a surprise return was Zuck who got his braces off and...that's really about it. Many happy returns to both of them!

    Resurrection....Jesus...ha, ha! I made an additional joke without even meaning to do it, and I just now realized it. I crack me up!

    There was a discussion of hair transplants regarding WhoJedi. It would be an IK first.

    Dawn (Jedimama), according to Jennifer, saw someone sporting an IK T-shirt recently out in the world. Rock on.

    Where is our Webmaster? He's not here, though perhaps so in spirit.

    Our famous (?!?) bags and T-shirts are now available at comic book stores, so we'll see what comes of that.

    Babblefish, or whatever it is, is not that helpful in translating Spanish, but if you can translate a recent message that Madame President got.......there's a free IK bag in it for you!


    They didn't officially get announced, but here they are nonetheless.

    Gary (Sargsidius) 2/23
    Troy (Nerfherder) 2/7
    Eric (Kirklondon) 2/25
    Michael (Cre8td...) 2/13
    Tim T. 2/23
    Robert E. 2/4
    JoDee E. 2/14

    Happy birthdays to one and all!

    Now, onto some SIG action!

    JEDI PANEL: No action here. The meeting is postponed due to next Wednesday being Valentine's Day.
    --March, however, will feature Tank, one of Luke's buddies from back in the proverbial day.

    SIDE NOTE: Are we moving the July meeting? It's on the 4th. If we go ahead and have, I'm bringing the Declaration to read to everyone. Okay, maybe just the Preamble. You've been warned.
    --We need to talk to Jim at the Rathskellar about it. He is neither big nor small, just for the record.

    SITH COUNCIL: Is anyone representing? I guess Greg (DarthChewie) is.
    --The 30th anniversary brings new figures with coins, and there will be a collector kit of some kind. Why do collectors need a kit, by the way? Shouldn't they already know how to collect without the help of some kit telling them?


    Game night is tomorrow night (you've already missed it) and two weeks from now, says Anthony (Club333), but that's not important right now.

    [For future reference, Star Wars Minis is played the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at the Barnes & Noble in Carmel off of U.S. 31, 7:00 p.m.]

    --Karen Traviss (REPUBLIC COMMANDO) is doing a book signing tour, and we're near the top of her list due to our reputation.
    --Anthony would like to get the authors of HOW TO DRAW STAR WARS at the same time, but we need to raise about 1200 dollars for that. Ideas for this fundraising are much appreciated.
    --Opportunities arise through Anthony's paintball operation, a Pizza Hut connection, among others. I sort of missed the details here, so Anthony can fill them in as needed.
    --Perhaps the publishers will pitch in if he uses some "Barnes & Noble muscle."
    --What about an eBay auction?
    --The date depends on Traviss's schedule after Celebration IV. It may be June 9th.
    --There was a reference to Bloodfin Garrison here, and something about Ron (consider this an indirect RON SPOTTING).

    Also, the Children's Museum may be looking for some costumed characters for a Book Fair, but I missed the details on this too. What was I doing anyway?

    Due to Anthony's "weird desires and tastes" (his words, not mine) he wants to build the Endor bunker on a paintball field and would love a little (or alot of) help.
    --It needs to be flood resistant.
    --Will there be the cool double door like in the movie where the second layer closes
  4. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    "Where is Greg anyway?" asks our President Jennifer (Vaderette) who also welcomes everyone. Was Greg (Darth Chewie) hit by a semi too? Seriously, Don the Fencing Boy (as Jennifer called him) really was in an accident before a meeting, so perhaps we shouldn't jest. Don's okay, as is Greg, and we'll come back to that later.

    "Okay!" Jennifer (Vaderette) yells, getting back on topic. She says there is "lotsa sorta stuff" to discuss. There are old, new, and brand new people here tonight.

    --Andrew (Jordankarr) has returned after several years in the recesses of Terre Haute and is more than happy to be back.
    (We are reminded here that there is a Bloodfin meeting on the 31st, to be elaborated on at a later point.)
    --Rick and Josh are also new and are assured that "we're not a cult."
    --Josh says he loves the original trilogy, rightfully so, and collects the vintage toys.
    --Also, Zoe, Jason (TK 5175) and Jenny's new daughter, made her first apperance at 6 weeks old. Only two more meetings, and she'll be an official member! I never did get to hold her that night, much to my ongoing regret.

    Jennifer announces that Karen met Larry, and they will soon become Laren legally, so she'll go from a "Dolphin" to a Peacock. That big day will be on the 28th of April (and about which I am pretty excited seeing as I was there when the evolutin of Laren began). The wedding itself will not have an open bar, but there will be a "kick it up" shower on the 24th.

    Just then, Greg (Darth Chewie) finally arrives, and we see that little Miss Meredith, now almost 14 months old, can walk and be adorable at the same time!

    Back on a topic, nothing has been decided regarding the July meeting yet which would fall on the 4th. I'll be reading the Declaration of Independence that day........presumably just like everyone else. It's dry and whiny in the middle, but the beginning and end ROCK!

    Tom (DJ Tom) said something about whether we would be having a movie night for the 30th anniversary of "Star Wars." Maybe we will, Tom....maybe we will. It clearly won't be at Hollywood Bar and Filmworks, though, what with its nonexistence and all.


    Bill (BH7718) is now the Events Coordinator for Bloodfin just as his wife Dawn (TK1544) is the EC for the Indy Knights. How cute! Anyway, Bill was thinking we could combine the IK and BF for one big events with armor and everything! Jennifer (Vaderette) should be in charge, Tom says.


    Anthony has an idea (among many,undoubtedly that roll around his brain) to raise money for the IK through the Guest Griller program at Mongos. I think this refers to the Mongolian Barbeque, but I'm not hip to the way kids talk nowadays.
    --It could be done at both locations simultaneously, and we could split the money with Bloodfin. However, grilling in armor is discouraged due to the likelihood of melting plastic.
    -Randomly, we also have some Drew Struzan stuff to auction, as I understood it.


    ...though not on Greg (Darth Chewie). That's the previous T-shirt. Mike has one on though, but it doesn't come with the tattoo.


    Scott (Jedi Wicket) 3/28
    John (YodaonmyLeg) 3/11
    Amy (Mrs. TB 6923) 3/28
    Bobby (TR 1032, Jr.) 3/25

    Happy Birthday to all!


    Jennifer (Vaderette) encourages the moderators to explain their SIG's.


    Hey, it's my SIG! This month's meeting is next week already, as always the third Thursday of the month...except when it's not. It'll be at the Borders off of U.S. 31 South near the Walmart on the south side. The books are those old school Lando books. I don't even know the names. Let's be honest here: the book is just a pretence to get together and have a good time. The time is 7:30 p.m., and afterwards we will eat somewhere that is not Hooters.
    --Greg (who is apparently the new Ron is terms of number of appearances) wins the trivia prize for knowing (very quickly) that a Jedi robe is still worth alot of money though the Jedi themselves seem t
  5. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    Can you believe yet another month has passed and with it another General Meeting of the Indy Knights? I can believe it because I was there. If you were there as well and would like to relive the magic or if you missed it, here were the evening's events as interpreted by the Gepper. Enjoy, etc.!

    Jennifer (Vaderette, IK President) welcomes the families, visitors, and other new people. First out of the gate with the introductions is Mary.

    --She's a friend of Tom (DJ Tom), a "first time caller" to the meeting, but she's been a fan since Day 1.

    --"Little Billy" is her cousin, also known as BH 7718.

    --Tom reminded her on air to show up. It's the power of positive nagging!

    Next up, we have Matt who was "dragged here" by George (Jorg Sacul).

    --He admits to being "Rebel scum," and is in fact very active with the Rebel Legion should anyone be interested.

    --He cheerfully acknowledges the enemy: "Hi, Bloodfin!"

    Tonight's "Comeback Guy" is Richard (Quag).

    --He says he moved to the "moisture farms" of Indiana but came back to visit.


    Jennifer also makes note of her co-worker John (Wango Jango) being there.


    Moving on, Joey Fatone (formerly of N'Sync) did us proud on "Dancing with the Stars" doing a tango to the "Star Wars" disco music. You can see it on YouTube or in its own thread here in the forums.

    --No member of N'Sync was in "Episode II." matter what Chad (Redphive5) tells you.

    The Superheroes Museum is now open downtown on Louisiana near Union Station. Admission is $5. Several of us discussed what we thought of it so far (Charissa, Gregg (Droidboy), myself, etc.) and said that it may be best to check it out again in a few weeks when a 1989 "Keaton car" from "Batman" is there...which will be awesome. I just think they need more glass covering things because I'd be terrified of some punk kid breaking and/or stealing something off one of those shelves. Or punk adults.

    Hey, why don't we open a "Star Wars" museum? Oh, that's right: it's not feasible. Jason (TK 5175) wishes so: "My wife wants her room back."

    Karen (Queen Karendala) is getting married! She's becoming a Peacock!
    No, seriously.
    --Everyone is invited to attend on April 28th at the Garfield Baptist Church.
    --Armor would be cool, but it'll probably be better for the reception so as to scare fewer old ladies.


    Teresa (Mrs. Xizor) 4/14
    Robert (Webmaster) 4/8
    Chad (Sidra) 4/22
    Dustin (bluejedi89) 4/17*

    *Jay (Zuck) is puzzled to learn that Dustin's last name is not "Zuck Jr."

    Where's Ron?, Jennifer (Vaderette) ponders. He would have an "antidote."

    (She meant "anecdote," of which Ron (TK-2769) has no shortage. Does this count as a Ron Spotting?)

    Anyway, it's time for another round of "How did we get into this mess? I really don't know how." Seriously, Threepio, it's "How did you join the Indy Knights?"

    Tim T.
    --He came because of Tom (DJ Tom): He was always a fan, "Came, loved it." So here he is. Score 1 for Tom.

    [It's a competition, by the way, between Tom and I as to who has recruited more people. He has that whole access to radio thing, but I can be very loud, so it evens out.]

    Bill (BH 7718): It's "Gail's fault." (Score 1 for the Gepper!)

    Christina (DarkJediJaden): She used to work with me, ya know. She saw my Stormtrooper necklace, and it's all been happily downhill since that time. (Score 1 more for the Gepper!)

    George (Jorg Sacul)
    --It was the November before Celebration II. He came to a meeting with "300 people" at my apartment which was apparently impossible to find...the apartment, not the 300 people.
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    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    Greetings once again, everyone. This month we mark the thirtieth anniversary of "Star Wars," and what way to better celebrate than the usual gathering of the geektastic bretheren? Here is a recounting of the events of a few nights ago as interpreted by the Gepper. I would have written them sooner, but last night required a nap before heading out to the midnight "Spiderman 3" movie. 12:03, actually. Did I already mention the part about being geeks? Anyway, here we go!

    Zoe (Miss TK 5175) is chairing the meeting. "Awwwww." By the way, even though only a baby, this is Zoe's third meeting, thus making her an official member. Next month, she better bring two dollars for dues!

    "Okay, we're here," says Jennifer (IK President, Vaderette), having just made it back to town after a prior funereal engagement.


    Karen (Queen Karendala) and Larry got married! The wedding was "woven," as Jennifer said, with Star Wars. And it was officiated by a "Pastorette."
    --References to "The Force of God" weirded out Jennifer's mother.
    --Anyway, now Karen will be Dr. Peacock, together they are officially Laren, and Karen gets to be a zookeeper in Lafayette as well. The Force, indeed. Congratulations to the happy couple for proving that more good things come out of DragonCon than just wild costumes and inebriation.

    Due to the out-of-town-viewing bit, Jennifer forgot her "official" paper tonight, so we're more or less winging it.

    "Hey, Zuck is here!" declares Laura (Naboo Queen). Yes, yes he is.

    Any Newbies here? Oh, it's Stephanie, Ian's girlfriend. She's just getting into all of this stuff, but she does have a cool Fossil watch and has made R2 and Boba Fett cakes for Ian, so she should be a keeper. Welcome!

    Jennifer (Vaderette) has brought the T-shirts tonight, as being modeled by Mike and Jason...who were at "Spiderman 3" last night as well, coincidentally. Jason and I agreed that the "Harry Potter" trailer was the best part of the experience. Moving on...

    The Star Wars stamps are coming on the 25th of May. Mary says she "accquired" the tabletop display. Yes...acquired.

    Anthony declares that "acquiring" the full-size display is what he considers a "challenge," not theft.


    It's on June 2nd, and Bloodfin will be there!
    There are many upcoming events for the stamp release, actually, many in the Fort Wayne area.

    --See the Bloodfin boards ( for more information. You should be able to read on the boards but not post if you happen to not be registered. However, I could be wrong on that. Bill (BH 7718) is your contact person for these things.

    Speaking of the Children's Museum, that same event may feature the toy collection, in part, of Elaine (Zippy's) cousin. He was collecting his whole life, all 33 years, and had three full rooms of stuff.
    --Did he sell it because of an intervention? Actually, he feared someone would steal it.
    --The exhibit probably doesn't have full Lucasfilm approval yet, so they may need to "sneak it in" for the event. Crazy Rebels.

    --Anyway, they will be selling stamps at the museum event in June, but they go on sale to the public at the post offices on May 25th.

    --Jennifer (Vaderette) assures us that this will all get "more unclearer" soon.


    Steven (TK 1087) has posted a link about this in the Events Forum which may be helpful.

    Ian tells us about this organization Great Strides that aims to help people with Cystic Fibrosis since there are 10 million carriers of the genes for this condition.
    --The event is in Columbus, IN on the 20th of May. "No pressure."
    --Ian also sent me a few links, and I have an attachment to the larger file of information if anyone would like it. The links are for the park where it is located and the Event Coordinator of the project.

    Link to Mill
  7. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    "Welcome to the July meeting!" says Jennifer (Vaderette, IK President). Or is that June?
    Yes, June. It's hard to keep track of the month because "work sucks"...her words, not


    According to Madame President, this involved "two hot guys and one cool girl," or something
    to that effect.
    --Barnes & Noble sold alot of stuff, so the store was pleased even if it was below
    original expectations.
    --Karen Traviss, Matt Busch and Tom Hodges said they got more attention than they did
    the entire time at Celebration IV.
    --Apparently, Long Island Iced Teas bring out the best stories...ones that I only hear one
    line and know it's time to turn back and walk away again.
    --One of the artists has never been to strip club because he would want to "help the women."
    Take that as you will.
    --Karen Traviss lost her luggage...twice actually. She loves all this Star Wars stuff,


    "That's his stuff!" the Gepper declares about nearby Randy Barker, cousin of Elaine (Zippy).



    June is always a big month for us. There was alot of geekdom in the water nine months
    prior to it, apparently. Anyhow, once and future happy birthday to all of these folks!

    Kevin (Spencerian) 6/19
    Tom (DJ Tom) 6/3
    Deron (Xizor) 6/27
    Emma (Miss Xizor) 6/23
    Bill (BH7718) 6/9
    Jay (WhoJedi) 6/24
    Gail (The Gepper) 6/7
    Aaron P. (6/22)
    Cari (The Shara) 6/17


    Some guy named Kevin (not Matt) on the south side had a yard sale with Star Wars stuff.
    Some of it was cheap, but some of it was still, alas, not so inexpensive. He may yet be
    of some use to us. No, wait, he may yet come to a meeting in the future.


    You know that nifty room we have most months, the big ballroom where we hold our meetings
    and create all those nifty, geek-inspired memories? Yeah, it's not free...much like our
    freedoms, so I hear. Anyway, we volunteer a few times a year to keep that room. One of
    those days is the Fourth of July.
    --"The Skinny guy" took awhile getting back to us on it, but we now know that there are
    two shifts, one for set-up (6 people?) and one for tear down (4 people?), on that Wednesday
    the 4th. What of our own meeting, you ask? Patience! For the Jedi it is time to eat as
    --However, there is "ample drink" available at the Rathskellar should you choose to
    volunteer, so keep that in mind.


    Wizard World --August
    DRAGON*CON--August/September (also known as Labor Day weekend)
    Inconjunction--"still kicking"--July 6th through 8th.


    A woman named Zona let us know about the Greenwood Freedom Festival coming up on June 30th.
    --There will be a parade, and therefore there should be costumers.
    --Bloodfin has no information yet, so uh, just make a note of it.



    AFter a "minor hiatus," says Sarah (Electrakitty), the sewing group meets again!
    --It's on "the Tuesday that wasn't yesterday." That means this upcoming Tuesday
    at Lilly Hall, Butler Campus, 7 p.m. Contact Sarah (Electrakitty) for more information.
    She promises to get back to her even if the computer itself will not.
    --What's that on your or marker? It turns out it is both for Sarah.
    --George (Jorg Sacul) learned to sew, but he can't make Nikes yet.
    --Sarah did a great job on the Imperial officer uniform, Anthony (Club333) tells us.
    And I concur.


    Dan (TB 6923) declares that everyone is broke from Celebration IV....even if they didn't
    go apparently.


    Nope, Laura (Naboo Queen) isn't here...yet anyway.


    I'm just throwing this in here because I missed this announcement entirely if it was made.


    Anthony (Club333) talkes about the book signing some more.
    --There will be "freebies" from CIV. at Minis tomorrow night. That's at the Barn
  8. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    The meeting was held one week later than usual because of the 4th of July holiday.

    >>> "Are we ready to go?," asks Madame President Jennifer (Vaderette).

    There were no new people there that night. That being off a week really messed things up, though I was grateful for the day to celebrate my favorite country and read its Declaration of Independence. Anyway...


    Jennifer (Vaderette) 7/26
    Ryan (Yodafett77) 7/5
    Anthony (Club333) 7/12

    Happy Once and Future Birthday to All! (Why can't I ever find those party emoticons when I want them? Lazy, I guess.)


    Jim (the "skinny guy" to which Madame President likes to refer) showed up late to the Rath, but he was happy with our work. I guess we get to keep our room for a few more months. Hurrah!
    --The next event is Oktoberfest, followed by St. Nikolas fest. Mark those German calendars now!


    The mixed IK/Bloodfin group (plus Jack Sparrow) took second prize in a contest they didn't even enter! Impressive, eh? (I was in Canada.)

    Quotes as the event was discussed.:

    "Charity is my stripper name."
    "They don't do stairs, Mayor Charlie."

    Other useful information: TIE Pilots can unintentionally maul children, and they often get mistaken for Darth Vader. Also, women do not need "more in the back."


    George (Jorg Sacul) says there were weird props. There was alot of late night smiling without, you know, cross burning.


    This past Saturday! Way to miss it, people!

    Jennifer (Vaderette) says we're still planning something for the teenage Andrew, hopefully around Halloween.


    Bill (BH 7718) recalls that one time Vader passed out during a parade. He's more into the leading, after all, not the marching.


    You missed this one already too, I think.


    Four stormtroopers showed up for this event, which is four more than I've ever been able to muster on my own.


    Hey, folks! It's this week, Thursday the 19th, 7:30 p.m., at the Borders off of U.S. 31, south side, near the Walmart. The book is the ROTJ adaptation. Let me tell you one thing: be thankful that only Threepio spoke on behalf of the group in front of the Ewoks. The Luke, Han, and Leia speeches in the book are beyond awful. Any self-respecting Ewok would have joined the Empire after hearing that sappy nonsense.
    --Anyway, BE THERE!

    "I need more Star Wars at a parade," said Vaderette's son. Don't we all?

    Apparently, the costumers are expected back every year. Next time, I'm wearing my Sith cheerleader because, sadistically, I think it would be hilarious to be a 30-something cheerleader promoting a fictional order of evil beings while surrounded by overly done up little girls who take the concept of cheerleading so seriously.

    At this point, a debate raged about Underdog vs. Super Chicken. Discuss.


    "Hi everybody!," says Anthony (Club333).
    --Minis this week was to followed by drinking at BW3's.
    --The SW Minis night was this past Thursday, I think. Next Thursday will be Harry Potter game night.
    --Minis and other game playing is every Thursday night, 7 p.m., Barnes & Noble in Carmel.
    --On Friday night/Saturday morning, it's the Harry Potter book release event at the same store. It's 8-12 p.m., then the book is released. I'll be there in costume! That's right: I'm not ashamed to be better dressed than small children with dreams of being wizards.
    --Next Monday (maybe tomorrow) is the Tony Dungy book signing event.
    --So, for Anthony: This week...he HECK. (at work, anyway).
    -----On the bright side, he has Star Wars friends on MySpace through his connection to Jake Lloyd who, on an unrelated note, is a liar...from a certain point of view.

    Rant of the Moment: Vaderette versus "Shorts Man"


    Laura (Naboo Queen) says the vacation theme still applies. I wrote two stories so far about Ozzel and P
  9. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    Greetings, All! In honor of possibly the shortest Indy Knights meeting ever (at least the structured portion), let us see if the Gepper can keep these notes equally limited. However, the Gepper does have a tendency towards rambling, so be warned.

    Jennifer (Vaderette, IK President) is currently in New Hampshire. The part of President will be played tonight by Anthony (Club 333, IK Vice President).

    Anthony (Club333) asks: Are there any new members tonight? No.

    Is Zuck even here for the election? Again, no.

    Do we want to vote for City Rep by Acclamation? Yes.

    Tom (DJ Tom) wins!

    And I made alot of ballots for nothing. Congratulations, Tom!

    Here is where we would have shared birthdays but didn't. So, here they are.:

    Sarah (Electrakitty) 8/27
    Jay (WhoJedi) 8/22
    Chad (Redphive5) 8/30
    Karen (QueenKarendala) 8/11

    Happy Future Birthday to All!


    It's on the 16th at 7:30 p.m...possibly. It's at the Borders on the south side near the Walmart off of U.S. 31...definitely. The books will be the first two in the Jedi Apprentice series that follow the early adventures of Obi Wan Kenobi and his hippie Jedi Master Qui "Gone Groovy" Jin. BE THERE...whenever it is.


    Hi, Jedi Panel! "Actually, I'm Greg," says, uh, Greg (DarthChewie)
    --The meeting is on Wednesday the 8th, 7 p.m., at the Borders at Keystone at the Crossing.
    --The subjects will be the two Panel to Panel books and I think he said the Comic Companion. My hearing isn't so great thanks to that whirring handpiece next to my ear everyday. However, I don't work on Fridays, so I guess that's the payoff.
    --Anyway, Greg says only two people were at that last meeting, and one of them was him. Jill (Jilcosta Nu) offers support now that her classes are over for the summer.


    Sarah (Electrakitty) isn't here. Gregg (Droidboy) assures us that construction continues on a full scale Death Star model. Here's to hoping.


    "Ummm...I don't know," says Jason (TK 8175). He suggests that someone could hold a meeting.

    Anthony (Club333) says all of the Star Wars goodies from Comic Con are not back yet. They're being Fed Ex' Britney Spears is now. No, wait, not like that.
    --Oh, and he says Jessica Alba is "dainty" which is a word I've never know Anthony to use about a woman. Impressive.


    "Hi, me!" says Anthony (Club333).

    The new Starter Set is out for Star Wars Minis.

    The meetings that focus on Star Wars Minis on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 7 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble in Carmel off of U.S. 31. They do, however, have some form of gaming every Thursday night.
    --Comic Con was great fun, by the way. He brought back a Spartan shield. If it doesn't come with the six-packed guy, though, I'm not interested.
    --Meredith (Miss Darth Chewie) seems intrigued, though. She's a little Spartan!


    It's a "crazy month" declares Bill (BH7718)
    --The new boards are up through, I presume, (or is it .com? I can't remember.)
    ----Anyway, you need to get over there are re-register yourself if you have not yet done so. I need to get on that since I want to bask in the D*C preparations.

    --Bill and Dawn are hosting an armor day this Saturday the 4th at noon at their home. Visit the aforementioned Bloodfin forum for more information.

    --Several conventions are coming up soon: Wizard World, Gen Con, and the wondrous Dragon*Con. Am I there yet? Soon, Gepper, soon.


    Aaron2010 wants to try to organize a Star Wars event at the Greenwood Park Mall, but apparently the Simon folks have issues with masked folks at the mall. I know there's an insult I'm trying to articulate for this policy, but it's not coming to me. Feel free to contribute. Anyway, he's going to see what he can find out.

    Anthony (Club333) says that he's buying a house soon and will hopefully be hosting a Halloween party in late October. Finally, I have an e
  10. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    Ah, reality. It's such a sad, sad thing to which to return, but here is the Gepper to bring you the general meeting notes from the other side of DragonCon. The Gepper currently suffers from the Con Flu that she valiantly held off for a day or two. Thus, if these notes lack vivacity, there is my ready-made excuse. And away we go!

    Jennifer (Vaderette, IK President) thanks Anthony (Club333) for leading last month's meeting. I thank him for not staging a coup.

    Congratulations to Tom (DJ Tom) on his landslide victory as City Rep. Zuck didn't even make it to the election. Ron (TK 2769) says Zuck is back in become Batman. Goals are important.


    Mark (Fyberdyne) 9/16
    Damien (PrincessD) 917
    Katie (Future Mrs. Redphive5) 9/3
    Stacy (PVC Princess) 9/11
    Brian (Mastervader) 9/2
    Brian (Sebulba-X) 9/5
    Jon (Skyla) 9/30

    Seb got a drunk dial from Ron (TK 2769) recently. Ron's thoughtful like that.

    "Step into 2007!"


    It's on the 20th, 7:30 p.m., Borders on the south side off of U.S. 31 near the Walmart. I guess the books are the 3rd and 4th in the Jedi Apprentice Series. For the trivia portion of today's show, I asked the group how many times I had seen "Order of the Phoenix" in IMAX 3D. Jill (Jilcosta Nu) won with a response of 8. She got a nifty 2008 Star Wars calendar. I apologize for being such a slacker about my movie attendance. I really should be up to 10 or twelve by now.

    In other news, many new Star Wars books are out, including INFERNO, the next LAST OF THE JEDI book, and some sort of Vader/Anakin thing.


    "Look, everyone!," says Anthony (Club333), "A dead Gungan!"

    For his birthday, Anthony got the old school record for "Mission to Ord Mantell." He got it converted to CD. No, nobody is going to burn a copy for me.

    --Minis are selling well, Anthony says.

    [Though it wasn't mentioned at the meeting, I will here say that the Minis game nights are the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at the Barnes & Noble in Carmel off of U.S. 31, 7:00 p.m.]

    There is now waxing nostalgic about Gen Con which is the local warm-up for DragonCon. The place to be is the Ram downtown.

    Anthony (Club333) caught "spasmic geek dancing" on video during GenCon.

    The events at the IRT were "ultimately lame" according to Chad (Redphive5).

    Blue balls? Gamer funk? An IK Secretary knows not these things!

    Anthony came is 25th in the poker tournament, including beating some professionals.


    I saw him at the Family Values Tour. Someone else saw him at the State Fair.


    Why bother mentioning this one, I ask?


    No idea. I didn't hear an announcement.


    Oh my gosh! A meeting will be announced soon! Alex (Padawandoc) is coming in from Arizona!


    George (Jorg Sacul) says that if Sarah were here, she would say they sewed alot. Sarah (Electrakitty) is working on Katie's (future Mrs. Redphive5) wedding dress.
    --Sarah, by the way, loves here drag queens! Ron professes to not love them. To each his own.

    Jennifer is going to make...what are those called?...wait for it...long delay...ah, yes...Rennaissance dresses.


    Um, maybe a fall-themed story, says Laura (Naboo Queen). Please don't include those anatomically-inspired cow beasts from "Episode II." They give Ron too much fodder for his comments.

    Random thought: Karen (Queen Karendala) is a Transformer: Delfin to Peacock.


    Ron (TK 2769) invokes Christ to describe life in the garrison lately.
    --There is a meeting this Saturday up in Kokomo at Jeannie's house at noon. Upcoming events include:

    15th-Ft. Wayne Heart Walk
    21st-Trail of Hope
    24th-Weird Al plays in Michigan
    29th-BCT (I don't know what this means, I'm afraid.)
    29th-St. Francis & Claire Parish Fest
    29th-Vasculitis Walk (Ft. Wayne)

    The Bloodfin Garrison was represented at Wizard World, Gen Con (where they owned half the b
  11. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    "Are we ready to go?" says Anthony (Club333, IK Vice-President). He's in charge tonight because "Jennifer's kid had a thing." It was a rollerskating event, by the way.


    Jill (Jilcosta Nu) 10/2
    Dan (TR 6923) 10/6
    Tiera (TieraJade) 10/27
    Charissa B. 10/27
    Jeff (Bilyoumaul) 10/7
    Rusty H. (10/11)
    Dawn (Jedimama) 10/8
    Mary M. (10/9) --Mary noted that she is still younger than Tom (DJ Tom).

    Hey, is anyone interested in a future bowling event? Yes? Well, watch the boards for that in the future.

    Does anyone have an update on Keytin and his accident? No, not really. Maybe one of us could make a phone call. That would simplify things.

    JILL! (This indicates Jill's arrival.)


    What does George have to say about it? "GO!"
    --Gregg (Droidboy) adds, "Please!"
    --They promise that Ray Park (Darth Maul for you laymen playing at home) will touch the "unwashed masses."
    --It's Thanksgiving weekend at the Marriott East, 21st and Shadeland.
    --After all, you really don't need more than two days with your family. Escape reality like we all yearn to do on a daily basis.


    Start thinking about the toy drive. Jason (TK 5175) says to consider getting more baby toys.
    --Please don't get any of those recalled toys. We don't need a bunch of lead-sickened Van Goghs running around in Pull-ups, pulling the ears off of their Mr. Potatoheads.
    --The toys should, however, be new and unwrapped.
    --The drive usually starts in November, and there will probably be TV spots again.
    --Now is a good time to pick up toys since many of the summer movie toys are on clearance.


    Watch the Boards for more details.
    --George (Jorg Sacul) points out that the Rathskellar has a pretty good party that weekend before Halloween. I tend to agree. That's where I'll probably if that would sway anyone's opinion on the matter.

    Hey, who heard about this Steven Sansweet book STAR WARS: THE VAULT (or something like that)? Because I hadn't. Anyway, we'd love to get Mr. Sansweet to come to town and talk about it. The book itself looks awesome. I suspect the Gepper will own that one shortly after its release. I really need to read the last giant Star Wars coffee table-type book first. Is it possible, I ask, to have too much of a good thing? The answer is no. It's only possible to not have enough shelf space.

    --Anyway, it includes a Star Wars Questionnaire that you could fill out after coming out of a screening. I'd pick the Death Star trench run as my favorite scene...not Artoo getting blasted by Jawas.
    --It's 85 dollars and it comes out on October 30th.
    --Tom (DJ Tom) has a copy, but it's no good for the toy drive. It's already opened.


    Yeesh, I don't know. I think it's the 5th and 6th books in the Jedi Apprentice series. I'm mired in THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY right now and can't concentrate on anything else.
    --It's on the 18th, the third Thursday of the month, at Borders on the south side off of U.S. 31 near the Walmart, south of 465. BE THERE!

    What will I do if Notre Dame goes 0-12 this year? Come back next year and root for them again, of course! Thanks for the question.


    It's been declared dead, apparently, though it was revived briefly when Alex (Padawandoc) came back to town from Arizona. Apparently, he misses us, but only the "core group" went out to dinner with him. Thanks for the heads-up.
    --Jason (TK 5175) says he may hold a meeting someday when his house is not a wreck.


    Why do we bother to mention this?


    It was last night, but it was rudely overrun, according to George, by Butler if they had some sort of claim to the place.


    Next Wednesday, 7 p.m., at the Borders at Keystone at the Crossing.

    They will cover, according to Greg (Darth Chewie), the Ghosts of the Past from the Star Wars Tales.

    --Hey, has anyone heard about this Star Wars Vector
  12. Jorg_Sacul_from_C3

    Jorg_Sacul_from_C3 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 26, 2004
    It will be at the Athenaeum, as usual, April 2nd. Hope to see lots of new faces and all the old ones, too.

    Has anyone heard of a guy named Tom Berg? I hear he shows up sometimes!

  13. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    "We'll get started, I suppose....Woohoo!" declares the President Jennifer (Vaderette)

    Let's introduce the new people. First up, we have Jeff, a 5th grade teacher whose room is fashioned after the Jedi Academy.
    --He learned about the group via Anthony (Club 333, Vice President), not from Tom (DJ Tom) or myself. How unusual!
    --There was a quote here about a "big sucking sound," but I'll leave people to ponder that. It had something to do with armor, I think.

    Next up, we have Brandon who works at Best Buy. He originally enjoyed the Rogue Squadron books, then later stumbled across an IK shirt at a comic book store. Thus, here he is. See? Advertising works.


    Somewhere in the near or far off future, I'll update this list. For now, here they are.:

    Teresa (Mrs. Xizor) 4/14
    Robert (former Webmaster) 4/8
    Dustin B. 4/17

    I'm sure there are others, but any that were present didn't acknowledge it on the attendance sheet. Happy birthday to all, noted and otherwise.


    That's right, the author himself is coming to Carmel on May 15th, presumably around 7 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble to promote the release of the last LEGACY OF THE FORCE book.
    --Around 20 Bloodfin people will be there in costume. I'm not in Bloodfin, being that I'm still just a hanger-on, but I plan to wear my Sith Cheerleader costume!
    --Dark Horse Comics is sending 500 free comics to give away while Wizards of the Coast is sending 1500 free Minis.
    --There will be a costume contest for (sorry everyone) kids 13 and under.
    --In preparation for the photo stage at the store, Sarah (Electrakitty) will be opening up the Butler Costume Shop at Lilly Hall on Saturday April 12th at 11 a.m. to work on some costumes for the kids. PM Anthony (Club333) for more information.
    --Game Stop will have video games there.
    --As for promotion, Carmel High School is sending out an announcement about the event included on 50,000 e-mails. There will be a broadcast coming from WHJE, and the drama school will be staging lightsaber fights out in front of the store.
    --It all begs the question: Will there be room for us?
    --"Am I missing anything?" Ah, yes, there will also be promotional display cases inside the high school as well.

    In case all of that isn't enough, Game Night still happens every Thursday at the same Barnes & Noble up there off of U.S. 31, 7 p.m., and there are always Star Wars Minis.


    I didn't get every detail, but the gist of it is that we made 168 dollars for the quarter and have 543.99 dollars in the account. Come on, people, somebody give a brother a penny!


    According to Borzou, it was this upcoming Tuesday night...which is now this past Tuesday night.

    DRAGONCON IS COMING!!!!!!!!!! 139 days as I type this. Jennifer (Vaderette) is going!


    Again as I type this, it's this upcoming Thursday the 17th at the Borders on the south side, south of 465, on U.S. 31 near the Walmart, 7:30 p.m. The book is LOTF: BLOODLINES featuring our favorite Mandalorian Boba Fett on the cover. That new guy Jeff won the haphazard trivia challenge by knowing the name of Boba's granddaughter: Mirta. He won a free pass to see "Prom Night," a new move featuring 20-somethings playing teenagers, a la "Grease." Wasn't Stockard Channing nearing retirement age in that film? Moving on...


    After conquering radio and TV, it was the next logical step. Tom is about (and now is as...yes, I type this...) to be featured on in skits featuring the new traffic guy, Tom Davis, who is suffering from Berg Envy. They're hoping to feature some genuine lightsaber effects. It was shot last Friday, and the first part is now online.
    --Who will win? I'm going to put money on Da Berg.


    This was last night...meaning a week after the meeting. I was there. Sorry you missed it. However, it was posted in the calender, and Chris (Wedgie Antilles) told us all about it at the meeting by reading th
  14. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    "President Jennifer (Vaderette) now presiding!" declares Anthony (Club 333, Vice-President)

    The room looks to be segregated tonight since part of us are in what I'll call the Table Room and the rest in the Chair Room, both parts of the smaller but infinitely cozier Max Kade Room. How did we end up here? No idea.

    We have some guests day who are more than welcome to become members, but we'll come back to that.

    Apparently there's something happening in May. Let's hear it from Anthony, shall we?

    Next Thursday, the 15th, is the Troy Denning book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Carmel off of U.S. 31.
    --There will be lots of free stuff. If you want more details, see the notes from April. (Think of it like a flashback.)
    --6:30 p.m. will be the costume contest for kids 13 and under. That's biological age, not mental or emotional age, so most of us can't participate.
    --Anthony needs IK volunteers for the table and the photo stage. You either signed up with him that night or maybe he'll post something here about it. That, or he'll corral you at the signing itself.
    --Anthony thanks those of us who helped in making the little Jedi and Sith costumes for the photo stage. It was beaucoup fun, at least for me.
    --The actual book signing part starts at 7 p.m.

    Anthony also went to New York Comic Con and hung out with people from Random House. We're hoping to get Matt Stover to come to town in the fall. We'd love to get Sean Williams, but he apparently lives in Australia. So if anyone wants to help him get from Down Under to Up Over, let us know.

    --According to Sarah (Electrakitty), we've recently been working on kids' costumes for the book signing. (See, another flashback!)
    --When at Butler, avoid naked teenagers. We're just saying...
    --The next Sewing Group is this upcoming Tuesday, 7 p.m., 5/13, at Lilly Hall's Costume Shop on the Butler campus. PM Sarah for more information.
    --I'd be there, but I'll be watching "American Idol." (Insert laugh or scowl here.)

    Jennifer (Vaderette) has to leave the room with her son momentarily, so Anthony takes over to discuss how he loves paintball, owns part of a field, and wants to make commercials...though I suspect what he really wants is to direct. Anyway, they're thinking of different lengths for the commercials, 5 to 30 seconds, and working on clever slogans like:
    "They're your friends. Make them pay!"
    --Basically, Anthony is looking for anyone who wants to help with this project.


    No one is prepared to speak for the group, reminiscent of how Stormtroopers were not prepared to take on a furry assault featuring sticks and stones weaponry.

    --Seriously, on 5/18 in Columbus at 12:30 p.m., there is an event for Cystic Fibrosis. This is posted in the Events forum, I think.
    --One day earlier, 5/17, there is a Bowl-a-Thon for Spinal Bifida for which they need some Jedi present, also known as "Scum" or "Targets." This event also has its own thread somewhere in these forums.

    Okay, try to follow along with this one. Book Club would normally be next Thursday the 15th, but we're getting trumped by the Book Signing which, oddly enough, probably is more book-related than book club. Thus, I am moving Book Club to the next Wednesday night the 21st.

    --It's at the Borders on the south side, south of 465, off of U.S. 31 near the Walmart. The book is the third one in the LEGACY OF THE FORCE series, TEMPEST. After which, we'll eat somewhere.

    --Now, you might ask: Why Wednesday and not Thursday? Well, Wednesday is the night that Indiana Jones comes out at midnight, and thus I decided, being the High Empress of this SIG, that I would make one long night of it. People not going to the movie go home. Those of us who will, it's just one long party! Everybody wins!
    --(Actually, I lose somewhat since the American Idol finale is that night, but I'm sure I can record that. I guess, for once, I'll pick friends and a crusty old archaeologist adventurer over semi-amateur singers.)

    --In other news, Anthony won the t
  15. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001
    Here we are again. It was the first Wednesday of the month, so you all know what that means. If you don't know, well, you just don't pay alot of attention, do you? Don't look to me for the answers! I'm just the messenger! Here are the notes from the meeting as interpreted by the Gepper.

    For a change-up, I plan to intersperse quotes from my favorite summer movie thus far. Of course, there's another movie coming out this upcoming week that could distract me.

    ++"We're tonight's entertainment."++

    This meeting "kinda comes to order," declares Jennifer (Vaderette, IK President), "Thanks for coming."

    Word has it that something Star Wars-related comes out soon, in case you haven't heard. More on that later.

    Last Friday, many of us had a good time up at the Barnes & Noble in Carmel celebrating a book release. Anthony (Club 333, IK VP) wasn't there, but not to worry: we left him a pleasant note letting him know how we felt about his absence that night.

    He's here tonight though, and he swears he doesn't have 15 cats.

    ++"You either die the hero, or you live long enough to become the villain."++


    There won't be a traditional line-up, mainly because nobody got it right about organizing it, but much of Bloodfin will be at Circle Centre at midnight for its release (that's the 15th at 12:01 a.m., folks). They've got some other event that night featuring the cream of the country club Colts fans. No mingling! Maybe some Irsay will deign to wave at them.

    --This discussion turned into a series of jokes about Lucas Oil Stadium and George Lucas, which is superior, etc. One brings you solid blue and lots of horseshoes. The other brings you a mystical energy field and Ewoks. Discuss your loyalties.

    ++"Do I look like a man with a plan?"++

    --The point is, like a Jedi surrounded by Clone Troopers after Order 66 goes down, you're pretty much on your own as far as going to the movie. Good luck!

    I wrote the word "Bitterness" here in the notes, but I forgot why. I might have been still thinking about this year's Super Bowl. Stupid adhesive on the helmet! Anyway...

    ++"And here...we...go!"++

    That night after the midnight release, Bloodin is doing a trooping event at another theatre, I think on the north side. After that, there's Gen Con, and then there's Saturday night at the Ram.

    Then, it's DragonCon. Period.

    No, wait, there's also a Midwest Comic Con in November. There's a thread about it in the Con Forum, so check it out. It's only maybe 40 dollars for the whole weekend, so it might be a good deal.

    Here, Jennifer (Vaderette) rants about a certain agent who always wears the same clothes. Yeah, you know the guy.

    Is there any way for our fearless President to avoid David Prowse? A fake wedding ring can act as a Geek Deflector. On the other hand, is there some way to make money off of this connection, like some sort of Sith Sugar Daddy? Maybe if he wore the helmet......

    ....and now Laura (Naboo Queen) needs to shower...


    Sarah (Electrakitty) is not here. For the record, we did not have a secret meeting recently. However, I did finally start on my long-simmering Imperial Officer uniform, so I can swear that Sarah does still exist.

    ++"Well, hello beautiful!"++

    Sith Cheerleaders are now everywhere, by the way. Watch for one (or several) at a Con near you!


    Laura (Naboo Queen) compliments Teresa's (Mrs. Xizor's) Harry Potter fan fic as "very good." She encourages others to write.

    ++"It's not about money."++

    --She is personally "in absentia" but did not explain that seeing as she was right there telling us this. Oh, and she was selling some stuff. I bought two comic collections! I did not buy DARKSABER, though I would have paid her to burn it.


    It was in the Greenwood Toys R Us parking lot before the midnight toy release for "The Clone Wars" back on the 25th.

    --The Castleton release was sup
  16. djtom

    djtom Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 18, 2001

    "Hear ye, Hear ye!" booms Anthony (Club 333, IK Vice President).

    "First we have newbies.....My snapper's not working." declares Jennifer (Vaderette, IK President).

    ---Ellen is here via Borzou (who is neither Tom, Anthony or myself)
    --Jennifer (Darth Chocolate) is here via Jeff (Bilyoumaul) who long ago fell off the face of the Earth but apparently found his way back from the other side. Welcome back!
    --Borzou, actually, had a mix-up at Gitmo (which I think was code for dental school), but he's back now too. What a wild and crazy night!


    "DragonCon is Gen Con on crack," declares Jennifer.
    --She reiterates that those of us who went are now suffering post-con depression.
    --By the way, the Hyatt is lame, the Marriott is awesome.
    --It seemed like there were fewer risque costumes but, by my count, far more zombies.


    Mark (Fyberdyne) 9/16
    Damien (Princess D) 9/17
    Skyla (9/30)

    Happy once and future birthday to all!

    "I'm not here yet."

    Jennifer (Vaderette) may attend so long as she doesn't end up receiving unwanted lingerie pictures.
    --It's Horror Hound, not "Wh***hound."
    --This is a week and a half before Thanksgiving at the Marriott on 21st and Shadeland. I'm onboard with anything that helps me relive D*C.

    VulKon is the week after Midwest Comic Con.

    Frak Party: "What do they do there?"

    --Please don't bring the kids.

    DragonCon is a year away? Still? ARGH!


    It's the third Thursday of the month, as usual, at the Borders on the south side off of U.S. 31 near the Walmart. The time is 7:30 p.m. The book is, um, FURY. Yeah, that's it.
    --Rumor has it that we'll be going to Joe's Crab Shack or something like that. Damien gets to choose since it's the day after her birthday, so declares the Moderator.


    Yes, that's really the title of the group.
    "I have to think all day," declares Laura (Naboo Queen).
    --Consider penning (or typing) a Star Wars/Halloween/scary story, something like Jar Jar trying to pick up someone or something at a bar.


    Sarah (Electrakitty) is currently in the process of moving into her new house. Congratulations to her! In the meanwhile, work continues on a full scale Millenium Falcon. I think all of those "special modifications" might be slowing down the progress.


    Anthony: "Hi, everybody!"

    Our esteemed VP talked up Dajuan (whoever she is) and said that the Star Wars breakfast from San Diego Comic Con needs to be improved.
    --Jennifer, by the way, can help get people here for our own breakfast.

    --Anthony wants to do our own breakfast at next year's Gen Con, maybe at the Ram.
    --30 dollars to get in, 20 going to a Ram gift certificate, and 10 dollars going to operational costs and the Make a Wish foundation.
    --For this fee, we could raffle off seats at the table with authors.
    --Cummins and other companies could match donations.

    --Knowing Anthony, this plan may even come together.

    --FYI, Anthony (Club333) still hasn't heard back from the Evil League of Evil, though I hear the application is strong this year. I'm sure he's got enough credentials to at least be a henchman.

    Game Night (every Thursday, 7 p.m., at the Barnes and Noble in Carmel) is still going on, by the way.


    There's a thread on this in the General Discussion. Anthony's wife is on a team! They're raising money for an animal charity.
    --The event is September 27th, 7 p.m. Anthony will be the announcer. He probably won't need a microphone.


    Chris (Wedgie Antilles) announces it in Greg's absence. It's next Wednesday night the 10th at the same Borders as Book Club, 7 p.m.

    In conclusion, Borzou says he is "brown enough" for the Ghostbusters.

    That's all for now. Questions, comments, anecdotes...let me know. Now, back to my depression. Thanks for reading! Until later...Gail (MTFBWYA!)
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