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infamous galaxy droid glitch

Discussion in 'Games' started by QuiWanKenJin, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. QuiWanKenJin

    QuiWanKenJin Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 14, 2005

    In my recent playthrough of Knights of the Republic, I trigered the galaxy droid glitch which I have not seen in a long time. It has occured to me this glitch is actually far more random than what some people realize. Most of the information about it online is either incorrect or incomplete. If you want to know one of the most simplest ways to get it, just go planet hopping after the Leviathan and then go back to the planet you were originally going to before you got captured. For those of you who think this glitch is a cool thing, it's only a cool thing if your not planning on completing the game. Luckily I had an earlier save game. There is something very strange I've never noticed before, before I trigered the GD I went to Maanan and finished Juhani's sidequest where Xor and two Selkath thugs attack you when you leave the Hawk. I then reloaded and went back to Maanan after my last star map and you know what? That cutscene was disabled. I wonder if that last cutscene for Juhani's sidequest could potentialy trigger the Galaxy Droid. I have never gotten that cutscene or the galaxy droid after my last Star Map. In general as the years go on, I still notice glitchs in more recent games, but it does seem as though they are getting fewer. Has anyone else had this experience with the galaxy droid? [face_peace]