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Beyond - Legends Inferno with fanart completed

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    They are and more action is following.

    No but I did see and smell burns.

    Next exciting update ending again in a cliffie

    Chapter 12

    14 velona

    Patrol five
    “Following Rimac and medevac to Noranan General Hospital,” Dick was calling dispatch when Sam had the police speeder turning on the road. “And first going to…”

    Patrol five cancel. Assistance needed at Jadaki, Nello road 45. Switch to incident command channel one.

    “Five copy.” Dick put down the com and shrugged with his shoulders. “Rimac and Jim will be there in the hospital after our shift ends.”

    “Sure and I hope that Rimac or Kerebuy will contact Mel’s wife,” Sam turned the police speeder with blaring siren to the left on Central road. On channel one it wasn’t allowed to place domestic calls. “Incident command channel one is serious business.”

    “Very serious and look at that,” Dick muttered when he saw the black smoke rising.

    Colwood road 212
    Fire-station six
    “Nice exercise for the 21 K in Monir,” Jeff Dorsett grinned when he was slipping into his jacket and saw Grady Baldwin spurting towards his fatigues.

    Grady was the second to arrive at Fire-station six. He was an architect at the town-hall and had a meeting with building officials giving them advise when his pager started to buzz and beep. “If it isn’t keeping me busy until tomorrow,” Grady began to don his boots “and the blisters keep away from my feet. And Glen wants to run with me this evening.”

    “You can drive,” Lenar Mahani was the third to arrive followed by the needle-and-pins-party women Jana Garion, Marcia Cavat and Ashi-Mi Tayback.

    Grady slid behind the controls and saw Jeff reaching for the com.

    “Unit engine six-two ready.”

    “Nello road 45 Jadaki Plastworks, switch to incident command channel one and proceed to the entrance and the incident commander.”

    “It’s a big one Grady,” Jeff waited for his crew to take their seats in the cabin and called the schematics for Jadaki on his screen. “We will need a big pumper to supply us with water.”

    “Aw sheessh and maybe we have those big hosesss to get back in that pumper after thiss job iss done,” Ashi-Mi purred.

    “We have done that before,” Marcia remarked “and maybe it’s a really big one and will it be a job for our relief crew.”

    “The big pumper is coming ladies,” Jeff grinned. He saw the units appearing on the screen listing all the responders.

    Grady guided engine six-two outside and turning left on Colwood road he saw the big black column of smoke rising and drifting south. “No running this evening. It is a big one. And my colleagues at the town-hall will be busy too.”

    Nello road 45
    Jadaki Plastworks
    The fire had engulfed Jadaki and was about to become even bigger. The temperature was rising. Gases were escaping from materials and igniting.

    And the roof was burning through and collapsing on the stashed plastbins. Overheating mesh-wire plastbins bulged, split open, spilled their contents and added more fuel. Exploding plastbins weakened structures.

    Durasteel support-beams were loosing their integrity when they began to reach their melting temperature.

    And the rising wind was bringing enough oxygen.

    DB-wood was very near for the craving flames. They began to create their own storm.

    Stacks of wood were beginning to give fumes when they were reaching higher temperatures. The first one – near the fence – was igniting.

    Wrappings were melting.

    Engine six
    With the high pressure hose deployed and her crew busy and the factory a goner Chief Trudy Dargis just was waiting for an incident commander to take over. And she was sure that police-units were coming. One siren was very near. Six children were sitting on the places in the crew-cabin and touching nothing after Trudy had begun to explain more about the equipment. And she was waiting for the return of Ramon with the drinks and Anwar with the food.

    Food was stored behind equipment and she didn’t expect Anwar to return soon.

    She had heard that Ramon was activating the pump to supply a gentle spray of water. And she was relieved. The trapped man was free and getting care. She heard his very faint cries muted by the noise of the engine.

    Medevac two
    “Don’t touch me.” Jehna was forming his words with hacking coughs. He was fighting, flailing with his arms, trying to move his legs, arching his back. His head was moving restless. “Explosion aww.”

    “Jehna, it’s me Aradan.” Aradan was keeping Jehna’s shoulders down. He was using a considerable part of his powers to keep his worried thoughts away from his patient. “You keep him on the stretcher.”

    Lionel felt the Force coming from Jehna and Aradan, knelt down and put his hands on the hips avoiding the wounds he could see on the abdomen and thighs. Clothes were shredded and a belt with water-bottles was partly melted. He added his own powers. “I am Lionel Keranan and I am trying to help you.”

    “Let go of me.” Jehna tried to breathe. ‘Black!’ That was the man he was fighting. “You were responsible for the explosions.”

    Out of professional interest Lionel asked “was there an explosion?”

    “All exploded. Don’t touch me!” A chest was heaving.

    “This is not your dream Jehna,” Aradan mumbled. “You are not on Mustafar. We will help you to breathe.”

    “I won’t join you,” Jehna moved his right arm when another man was grabbing that arm.

    Jack joined Lionel and held the right upper arm in a firm grip when he saw the broken wrist.

    “Hold him steady.” Aradan was afraid to use more Force against Jehna.

    “Help me I am trapped!”

    “Large bore IV,” Alan was wiping the left hand while Timo – using his considerable powers – was holding the arm steady with one hand. “He is loosing a lot of blood. We have to sedate him. And get the P-suit.”

    “Holding on,” Timo ripped open a package with his other hand. He was still deeply immersed in the Force. He had to because Jehna was desperate. “Here is the set.”

    “No … cyborg … I …won’t” Jehna tried to break his arms free, tried to move his legs with the feet at an impossible angle. Both ankles had broken bones after the jarring impact.

    “IV in. Hold him. He is hurting himself more.” Alan held on to the hand and gave Jerome the line to connect it to the bag.

    Timo kept his hand on the left arm.

    Jack was holding on the right arm with both hands. Barely.

    “Let go of me.”

    Lionel used a bit more of his powers to keep Jehna on the stretcher.

    “Alan,” Aradan uttered the words. “Give him Draxinon. Get his midis to hibernate.” His shields were crumbling. Keeping Jehna’s head and shoulders down on the stretcher required more power.

    Timo reached with his free hand for the first aid bag with the various medicines.

    “Lava … fire … flames … explosion … trapped.”

    “Maximum dose,” Aradan cried. Shields were going.

    “Getting blood for the calculator,” Timo had a large syringe – fitted with a calculator and filled with the sickly orange liquid – in one hand and was about to swab that calculator over Jehna’s arm to get that blood.

    “There is no time Timo,” Alan saw and felt Aradan’s anguish when shields failed entirely. All of Aradan’s Force power was needed to keep Jehna down. And he saw the intense concentration and powers coming from Lionel. The firefighter was holding on, keeping Jehna’s hips and legs on the stretcher. And he was breathing rapidly, consuming air from his BA-tank. He commanded “Inject!”

    “You were my brother!” Jehna was far away, a witness to the events on Mustafar, reliving that horrible fight. But that was fading. A man – he – was falling “noooh.”

    Timo was fast, pushed the mechanism on the large syringe that auto-injected the full contents of the container in the tap of the IV. And he threw the syringe away with anguish showing on his face and moved his other hand to the arm to keep it down. He felt in the Force the dieing midi-chlorians and put his shields up, now tapping on his reserve powers. His desperate run towards the hospital had cost him.

    “I hate you,” Jehna cried with gasping breaths, eyes filled with horror. “You are deserting me.”

    “Prop A coming,” Alan reached for the needle and line connected to a pumping-unit. He gave a soft gasp when he inserted the needle in the tap. They had just robbed a man of his Force powers. Force powers that were working against Jehna, preventing the medics from giving him aid. And he saw the bedraggled and dirty Aradan getting more tears in his eyes. In the Force he felt immediately the dieing midi-chlorians and hoped against knowing better that there would be enough midis in hibernation left after the treatment to get the dead midis out of his patient. But five times the maximum dose was enough to kill hibernating midis. Alan shuddered. He had received the nasty treatment with Midillamin after saving Marhin and Aaqu. Sleeping meds or sedation – when thermal sheets were used to speed up the treatment – was required and a patient could suffer a long time after the treatment from nausea.

    “Pain burning … explosions … hate you… I nooh…”

    “I had to order it Jehna,” Aradan wheezed and stroked gently with his smudged and bleeding hands over Jehna’s forehead. “I am sorry. I will be there for you. I will never des…” His voice broke.

    “Explo…” Jehna gasped and eyes full of fright rolled away.

    “He is under,” Alan whispered, relief showing in his voice and face. He took the airway scope and AB-tube from the sedation unit. He had the tube in and the breathing bag with oxygen-unit connected and started to secure the tube being very glad that no burns marked the face. But Jehna would have scars and a long recovery. No Irol-immersion for him. He sensed no serious head-injuries or spinal injuries too and began to attach various monitoring devices. A right upper arm was free of blisters and was wrapped with the BP-cuff. A dirty finger was fitted with the pulse-OX-monitor.

    “Fifteen liters O2” Timo had taken the breathing bag and was squeezing that with a steady rhythm.

    Jerome handed the IV-bag to a very young and relieved looking firefighter moving his hands this and that way and disappeared in the medevac to get the P-suit.

    Jack Leland held the bag. This was something he could hold steady. Keeping the arm from moving had required more power, much more. And he was awed. ‘Was this the Force? Had Jehna been using the Force to push him away?’

    Aradan gave a soft gasp when he saw the chest moving. Jehna was now getting clean air in his lungs. Now he could help him. And for that any help from bystanders was welcome. He had to align broken bones in legs and one arm. Setting his feelings aside he became the doctor tending to a patient and ordered “three vac-splints Jerome.”

    Lionel looked up when a police patrol skidded to a halt next to the ladder. ‘They should have cleaner hands helping with that’ he thought when he saw Jerome throwing the first splint towards the man with the torn running clothes. He held up his hands and two splints were caught by him and put down. He saw the medic reappearing with the P-suit container and slapped the button on his chest that was connected to his comlink and the set in his mask and helmet. “Send those police officers here chief.”

    Jerome was removing the P-suit from the container.

    Lionel heard the reply on the comlink.

    Officers Kerebuy and Koskin coming to the medevac. And hurry!”

    ‘Kerebuy’ had Alan and Timo – who was squeezing the breathing bag – looking up briefly.

    “Mick or Jim should hear this,” Alan said with something of a smile in his voice.

    “I have met Jim Kerebuy and I think he is family,” a man with a great resemblance to the Kerebuy brothers knelt down. “Dick Kerebuy and tell me what to do.”

    “Aradan leads for the splints,” Alan said “and after we have him on the stretcher the firechief will need your assistance.” He pointed to the engine.

    “Guide this around the left leg when I say apply now,” Aradan gave Dick a splint for the left leg and began to align the bones near the ankle. “App…” And he had a weary smile on his face when Dick was acting before his command was finished. He had the splint vacuum and was crawling to the right leg when Dick had the second splint ready. That and the splint for the right arm were in place when Jerome signaled that the P-suit was ready.

    “Stop spray,” Lionel commanded “and lift!”

    Working as one Lionel, Aradan, Jerome, Sam and Dick lifted Jehna on the opened P-suit on the stretcher.

    Alan was busy with the anesthesia equipment and monitors and Jack was holding the IV bag.

    Timo maintained the same rhythm in the breathing bag. He could do this for a long time but knew that he would have more or less painful muscles depending on that time. Assisting with the surgery would be a no for him. Leg muscles were already feeling sore from the hurried run towards the medevac. Only giving advice if needed but he had sensed no nerve-damages.

    Aradan began to close the suit.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wow! =D= =D= What a dream to experience! :eek: Will be anticipating the results of the surgery.
  3. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    “Lava … fire … flames … explosion … trapped.”

    “Maximum dose,” Aradan cried. Shields were going.

    “Getting blood for the calculator,” Timo had a large syringe – fitted with a calculator and filled with the sickly orange liquid – in one hand and was about to swab that calculator over Jehna’s arm to get that blood.

    “There is no time Timo,” Alan saw and felt Aradan’s anguish when shields failed entirely. All of Aradan’s Force power was needed to keep Jehna down. And he saw the intense concentration and powers coming from Lionel. The firefighter was holding on, keeping Jehna’s hips and legs on the stretcher. And he was breathing rapidly, consuming air from his BA-tank. He commanded “Inject!”

    “You were my brother!” Jehna was far away, a witness to the events on Mustafar, reliving that horrible fight. But that was fading. A man – he – was falling “noooh.”

    Timo was fast, pushed the mechanism on the large syringe that auto-injected the full contents of the container in the tap of the IV. And he threw the syringe away with anguish showing on his face and moved his other hand to the arm to keep it down. He felt in the Force the dieing midi-chlorians and put his shields up, now tapping on his reserve powers. His desperate run towards the hospital had cost him.

    “I hate you,” Jehna cried with gasping breaths, eyes filled with horror. “You are deserting me.”

    That gave me the creeps, but it was written bloody well. *will travel to the Harz Mountains NOT so superrelaxed now*

    So if you do not see me around on the boards until next Friday, you know I was busy with birthday business, being out in the forest, meeting old friends & returning to my two jobs. See you next Thursday or Friday and hopefully the breathing bag helps Timo.
  4. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    That will have to wait. More exciting things are happening in the next chapter.

    More creeps to follow with the coming chapter[face_worried]

    Chapter 13

    14 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    ER two
    “Shellan to prep-room four,” was blaring through the com.

    Kaagi was waiting for his patient when Jim, Leod, Kevin and an unknown man were guiding the stretcher inside. He wheeled to the stretcher and said “I am Kaagi Adin and you just have to listen to me and everything will be alright. First we will take some scans and after that it is going to there where I will tell you something more.”

    “Kaagi Adin and his air-show,” Kevin began to snicker but stopped when he saw Nuran’s looks.

    “Kaagi Adin,” Nuran whispered and observed the green clad man with a clearplast mask before his face and saw a great resemblance to the father. He continued when Mel’s eyebrows beetled up more loudly “I gave permission to the Jedi to take little Kaagi to Coruscant. He has become a Jedi-healer.”

    “A Jedi,” Mel remarked. “And with Jim being a nephew from one of my colleagues I sure am in good hands. Nuran, you can tell that to my wife when she comes here with Dick and Sam.”

    Kaagi looked from the scanning board to the vaguely familiar man from long ago and his patient and gave a smile directed at Nuran and Mel. “Yes and I like to hear more after caring for you. The scans are now on their way to the OT. The air-show is about to begin. Jim, scrub-room and tell my son to hurry. Miu-Miu, guide the stretcher to prep-room four.”

    Jim left in a hurry but with a smile on his face. The scans were indicating less severe injuries than he had expected.
    “Yes massssterrr of the airr,” Miu-Miu purred with her friendly voice. She was wearing a clearplast facemask that showed her whiskered features. She was a Cathar feline descended from a group of colonists that had discovered Moniron six-thousand years ago. And the group had stayed and blended in with the other races that found Moniron a nice place to live.
    “And he doesn’t want us as spectators,” Leod began to head to the sliding doors to the landing place of the medevac. “Inspector Rimac, you can follow us.”

    “Commence with your air-show,” Mel smiled. “And I will tell Nuran all about it after I wake up.”

    “I will be there when you spoil the secret of my show to Nuran,” Kaagi laughed. “That will be after a nice Irol-immersion to speed up your recovery.”

    “Aw the green goo,” Mel muttered good-naturedly and gave a wink with his left eye.

    “It will be gone before I guide you out of the sedation,” Kaagi saw that wink and winked back. Almost all patients were sedated when staying in the Irol-tank after some disastrous and even hilarious events. Kaagi had heard all about Irol when he came to Moniron after the great purge.

    Nuran gave an encouraging nod and followed Kevin and Leod. ‘Dick and Sam will arrive soon but after a diversion.’


    Valley of Eled-Hir
    “Jehna!” A cry had Tarmenel Eled-Hir – the leader of the halls of healing in the valley that was named since thousands of years the Valley of Eled-Hir – rushing to the place where that cry came from. He had felt some unease early in the afternoon and that unease had become outright anguish moments ago. One of his former students was in trouble. And the parents. Parents had uttered that mournful, heartbreaking cry. Parents had to be with their son.

    Tarmenel ran unerringly to the cottage of Jasan and Kalinde Er-San and entered. There in the kitchen – the two had been doing the dishes – were the parents supporting each other on the floor and whimpering softly. A dishcloth was used by Jasan to wipe away the tears.

    “He was there lost in a horrible dream and now,” Kalinde looked up with liquid blue eyes.

    “He is alive,” Tarmenel knelt down. “That’s what I sensed. And I will take you to Noranan.” He took out his comlink and ordered “get the fast transport ready.”

    It is master Eled-Hir and ready to take you and the Er-San parents to Noranan. And I am coming with you. And don’t you worry Kalinde and Jasan. Jehna will be alright.

    “That’s Aragin and he knows,” Jasan helped his wife to stand up. “We have to get ready to be there where we are needed and that’s with our son.”

    Kalinde had a small smile on her face. With Aragin and Tarmenel sensing Jehna too she had faith again that her son would be alright. “Aragin,” she whispered “he was the one who helped us to settle in our new home. And soon Jehna had a new friend in the engineer tagging along with him and finding interesting things in his toolkit.”

    “His room became a copy of Aragin’s workplace,” Jasan dropped the wet dishcloth on the counter. “And he used those interesting things to make devices. I still see him coming home to get one of those and running to you.”

    “Yes,” Tarmenel grinned. “Jehna had made a new clip-on IV-stand for the stretcher of the first responder team. And that interest in techniques and his fascination for healing guided him on his path.”

    “Our bags were packed for the trip to Monir to see our son in the memorial run,” Kalinde left the kitchen. And she was back when Jasan and Tarmenel had the dishes away and the dishcloth spread out to dry. She was ready.

    And Jasan was ready when he donned his brown cloak.



    Monira Ocean
    Big Fish
    “There,” Rudi Selco pointed forward where a battered blue powerboat was bobbing on the big waves and listing to the left. He put the large transport in hover-mode and could keep her quite steady despite the now howling wind and torrential rain.

    That the boat was still there was because the air-chambers kept her afloat. But more and more water was gushing in. The ocean-waves and the downpour from the clouds were having a competition to soak and sink the boat.

    “I see the man in the pilot-house and two Falgans keeping watch,” Koranar Finn had his harness – integrated in the survival suit – hooked up to the hoist. He had followed the contact between MDC and the man even more intensely when he heard that the man was still grieving after the death of his wife. “I will get him.”

    “Ready,” Sef Hanief manned the hoist and had the sliding door open.

    “Ready,” Koranar replied and was out and getting soaked on the strut when Sef gave a ‘thumbs up’ and reached for the controls.

    “I have the stretcher ready,” Jamy Norwick said.

    Koranar was – guided by Sef – lowered down to the swaying boat and used what his father had taught him about the Force to get on the right side of the boat and to the pilot-house where a man – strapped in – was sitting with an exhausted look on his face. He touched the shoulder “I will help.”

    “Tina,” the man looked up with a wet face “she is gone. Overboard and she didn’t wear this.”

    “You are safe Leroy,” Koranar guided a second harness around the man and hooked that up to the hoist. And he saw that he had arrived in time. The man was thanks to the wetsuit alive but exhausted.

    “Tina,” Leroy whimpered softly. He was only now realising that no search was started for the woman when he felt his rescuer busy with the harness and releasing the straps that had secured him to the chair. “She wasn’t there when I regained consciousness. She must be dead.”

    “Tina didn’t suffer,” Koranar had guided Leroy outside and gave a signal to Sef to begin to hoist immediately.

    Leroy buried his face against the broad chest of his rescuer when he felt his feet leaving the boat. And he nodded only when he was guided into the Big Fish.

    “The coldness of the water had her numb and unconscious in seconds,” Koranar continued when he saw Jamy and Sef reaching towards his patient. “No one can survive for more than two minutes without protection.”

    “Hmmm,” Leroy knew. His experience with seafaring boats was vast. Power-boat racing was mostly on one of the oceans. “And she could have died of this.” He opened his hand to reveal the Corusca-stone hanger. “The chain is broken. It could have strangled her before it broke. Two Falgans kept me company and didn’t start a search.”

    “They knew she was dead.” Koranar took the necklace.

    “We will help you.” Jamy removed the life-preserver.

    Sef and Jamy helped Leroy out of the top of the wetsuit.

    Jamy wrapped Leroy in warm blankets and helped him to sit on a stretcher.

    “Tina refused to wear this,” Leroy sighed and pointed at his legs when Sef was removing that part of his wetsuit. “I couldn’t convince her to obey the safety rules. I never should have invited her but she was so seducing during that dinner yesterday. I uh I needed company after loosing my wife Tinga and ... she. She told me she had a son Kyle and she was divorced from Felix.”

    “We have to contact him,” Koranar said. “Do you know her surname or where she had her home?”

    “Uh no,” Leroy had a bewildered look on his face, began to sob softly and poured more words out. “Her name Tina was sounding the same as Tinga. She resembled my wife and she soothed me. But today, today she was different. There were no rules for her. She gave me only one ‘tingling’ drink. I didn’t like the drink and the pastries she gave me that much. They made me sleepy. I should never have taken them. I uh I am…”

    “Not responsible for her actions,” Koranar interrupted when he felt that the man was going to blame himself. “You said Tina was seducing you.”

    “But she … I hired the boat from Blue Company. I asked her to accompany me.”

    “Your grieving for your beloved wife clouded your thoughts,” Koranar soothed. “You took her along because she resembled your wife. But her actions – refusing to obey all safety measures from wearing life-preservers and wetsuits to consuming intoxicating food and beverages – lead to her demise. You are not responsible. She sedated you. Jamy has the results ready.”

    Jamy had taken a blood-sample from a finger and pointed to the screen.

    “I see,” Leroy followed the results visible on the screen and pointing to a slight intoxication “and she had consumed more drinks and pastries than me. But…”

    “You need some counselling,” Koranar stated “you still need to let go of your wife. A colleague in the university in Rondor will help you.” He turned towards the cockpit. “Ersan divert to Rondor University. Rudi contact professor Er-Sunal.”

    “Thanks,” Leroy began to cry realising that he needed help, more help than the kind rescuers now supporting him could give.

    Sef Hanief sighed. No surname meant no way to contact the relatives of the dead woman. And no life-preserver or wetsuit meant no body to find. But he saw Koranar stuffing the necklace in a pocket of his survival suit. ‘Maybe there is some DNA on that thing.’

    Nello road 45
    Jadaki Plastworks
    “Stop spray.”
    Ramon heard Lionel’s voice – distorted by the hissing of BA-gear – coming over the com, saw the gauge and set the pump to idle. Now he could get the drinks for the children.‘No energy-drinks for children. Those will have them jumping around and have us busy,’ he grinned, remembering the last experience and reached for the box.

    Nello Lake
    Five teenagers had followed Central road and the trail leading to Nello Lake and the north fence of the factory area. They had passed the bridge over the junction between Nello Lake and Central canal.

    “It’s Jadaki,” Glen turned his head when he reached the fence of the factory. “And there is only one engine, a ladder and a medevac.”

    “Jadaki aw no,” Kyle muttered. He had been a frequent visitor to the restaurant during the opening times for educational activities, finding there friendly people giving him free caf and tea and having a nice pastime.

    “Why don’t we see that gate open and firefighters here at the lake,” Julia squeezed Glen’s arm. She was getting rather annoyed because it had started to rain.

    “Aauw, I don’t know,” Glen replied with tears in his eyes. Stumbling on the trail and trying to walk even more slowly than Sophia used to do, had one negative effect for him; Julia and Sophia gripping his arms even more painful. And Kyle couldn’t help him. Sophia had given the boy a warning when he started to protest. And Tidi was holding Kyle now in a stranglehold.

    “You don’t know,” Julia sneered.

    “They might be arriving at the canal,” Glen cried.

    “He is a whiny nothing,” Sophia muttered “in the water with him. He will be a hindrance to us. And it’s nice swimming weather.”

    “No Sophia,” Kyle began when Julia and Sophia pushed Glen down the rather steep embankment.

    Glen dropped with a splash in the deep water of the lake.

    “Follow him talky,” Tidi whispered in Kyle’s ear and gripped him by his backpack.

    Julia and Sophia took his arms and the three threw him towards the sputtering and splashing Glen.

    “I cannot swim,” Kyle cried loudly when he was falling backwards. Swimming was something he had never mastered after a traumatising experience as a young child. He had been with his mother to a swimming-pool and she just let him stand where he was at the moment when she saw a friend. That had been the deep pool and Kyle toddling after her and the man had him ending in the deep pool. A woman swimming there had saved him. And Kyle avoided water after that event at all costs.

    But that cry was ignored by Sophia, Julia and Tidi who started to head back to Central road, a bit faster now that they were not burdened by two resisting boys.

    Head first Kyle hit the water and the heavy backpack had him submerging in the water.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wow! Another [face_worried]s cliffie ;) =D= Glad Leroy will get some counseling to deal with the trauma of recent events. @};-
  6. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    and more coming. Thanks for reading

    Chapter 14

    14 velona

    Nello road 45
    Jadaki Plastworks
    Ladder six
    Anwar Baldavin had moved equipment and had reached and opened the hatch where refreshments were stored. Now he was rummaging in the box with food-bars to sort them. Like Ramon he didn’t want jumpy kids. He was getting fruit-bars when a ‘no Sophia’ and asplash followed by ‘I cannot swim’ and another splash had him looking towards the fence. He saw three human forms running away.

    Fruit-bars forgotten Anwar got the cutters and a blanket from the equipment and ran to the fence. He had no time to loose with getting to the engine and searching for the key of Jadaki’s back gate. And using his com? A bad idea with the kids in the engine listening to everything chief Dargis said.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Prep-room four
    “I am Rihan Shellan and will help Kaagi with his air-show and keep you unaware of what Jim and friends are doing.”

    A very friendly face covered with a green mask that covered nose and mouth appeared in Mel’s vision.

    “Kaagi is verrry famouss,” Miu-Miu smiled.

    Alida Arovan was coming in and ready to help Rihan.

    “I used to sedate stubborn Jedi Knights,” Kaagi took a syringe from Miu-Miu and saw Rihan getting an AB tube and the airway-scope. “And some of them were very persuasive to me about not sedating and wanting to leave us healers as soon as possible. Master Kenobi was notorious. Or,” and he had the syringe emptied in the tap of the IV and took a mask and put that on Mel’s face “you should have seen initiate Jinn after sliding down a banister and wanting to leave room number nine and beginning a song about stuck in medroom number nine…”

    “He is under,” Rihan used the airway-cope and inserted the tube.

    “And he didn’t notice it,” Kaagi wheeled to the door marked scrub-room “I will join you in the OT.” And he turned his head and grinned “Miu-Miu; get your team ready to receive the patient for Irol-immersion after you have done your part of the air-show.”

    “Yes Kaagi,” Miu-Miu beamed. Kaagi had been the one to recommend her for promotion to senior nurse and leader of the Irol-team. She would remain in the prep-room to wait for her colleagues Marina and Nana Halder. She helped Rihan and Alida Arovan to prepare Mel Donovan for his surgery. Removing of the P-suit was the start.

    Nello Lake

    Kyle was sinking but he felt hands grabbing him and taking his backpack away. He started to sway with his arms. Was it Tidi or Julia trying to have fun with him? He tried to inhale. Water was flooding in. Sputtering trying to exhale Kyle struggled and got more water inside his mouth and nose. But he was rising. His head was coming to the surface. He moved his arms again forcefully. He inhaled and got more water as a reward and he heard a shout near his ear.

    “Don’t struggle. I have you out in a minute.”

    And Kyle obeyed. He recognised the friendly voice of Glen. Strong but gentle hands led him to a part of the shore that was more level and helped him on soggy muddy land.

    Glen remembered the stories from his father about rescuing drowning persons, turned Kyle on his side and patted him on his chest and back.

    A trickle of water came out, followed by a wracking breath and a shudder.

    Kyle couched up more water and heaved spasmodically. He sucked in more air and coughed and retched until the last of the water left his lungs. Vomit followed.

    Chest heaving and shivering Kyle started to cry and curled up. More wracking coughs followed when he had more vomit coming up.

    “I will help you.” Glen – shivering himself but not as affected by the water because of his training – held supporting hands on the teenager. “We will head home when you are ready.”

    “No,” Kyle cried vomit dribbling down his chin. “Mom will throw me out when she comes back from her party. And I have lost my backpack. Director Karolan will be angry.”

    “Come with me.” That came from a different but friendly voice.

    Glen looked up to see a firefighter sliding down the embankment.

    The man knelt down and touched very softly the crying boy. “Shh I will help you.”

    Fearful eyes looked up. Kyle saw another uniformed man. “P police…”

    “No I am Anwar and a firefighter,” Anwar wrapped the blanket around the shivering teenager. “Don’t be afraid.” He guided his strong arms around the thin frame of the boy.

    “I uh I uh Glen saved me,” Kyle was lifted by the arms and cried more and continued with a hiccupping voice. “I uh can not swim. Don’t take me to my mom. She will throw me on the street when she comes back from her trip.”

    “You are going to the hospital because you have inhaled some water,” Anwar soothed “and if you don’t want to see your mother is there someone you really like to see?”

    “Uh dad and Glen,” Kyle turned his head “don’t leave me.”

    “I will come with you,” Glen said and put his hand on the shoulder of Kyle and walked with Anwar up the embankment and to the fence.

    Nello road 43
    DB wood
    “Sukenik sure is busy with those plastbins chief,” Endel had fastened a nut and bolt. “And this one can add his noise.”

    “He can,” Fikri gave a relieved sigh. Planks could again be transported to the machine and to the next one in the line. He was looking in that direction when he saw a vague orange light. “What’s that?”

    Endel activated the machine. And the resulting noise from planks entering and getting processed had him turning towards where Fikri was looking. “Fire?”

    “Let’s have a look,” Fikri headed to the sliding door in the north wall of the cavernous building.

    Endel followed his superior and saw his colleagues getting busy again with the repaired machine.

    14.57Nello road 45
    Jadaki Plastworks
    Engine six-two
    “Engine six-two arriving,” Jeff Dorsett had the com in his hand.

    Incident command here. Proceed to entrance Nello road 41 and protect that factory. A big pumper will provide you with the water.”

    “Engine six-two copy,” Jeff saw Grady Baldwin already beginning to guide the engine in a sharp turn getting back on the sloping path towards the road.

    Grady saw the fire jumping from Jadaki to DB-wood.

    “See big hosesss,” Ashi-Mi Tayback grinned “and a job for the relief crew to get them back. It’s a big one. We will see lotss of actionzzsss.”

    “No running today,” Grady guided engine six-two towards Shea Quin metal.

    Incident command

    “An incident red four,” Ivano Arvedai – activated comlink in one hand after ordering engine six-two to proceed to Shea Quin metal – looked down and saw it happening when Erdin began to guide the airspeeder down. He toggled the com to dispatch and ordered “make it a red seven and take whatever units you can spare. Get unit seven and the crash-units one and two from the airport. And I need a second big pumper to get water from Central canal to feed the units. And give me Fireboat one, an MC and Chowbox.”

    “I can get us down where that medevac is,” Erdin said “it is about to leave in a hurry. Repulsors are already activated. They are guiding a stretcher inside with a sedated patient.”

    Ivano saw it too and saw the rubble. And he felt the disturbance in the Force. The patient had dieing midi-chlorians. It was the man who had saved the children. It brought memories from long ago when he was carrying a young woman out of a collapsed building on Coruscant. She was a Jedi apprentice, had received aid from her master and had been protected by other Jedi. ‘I was flying in that medevac to the Jedi Temple and had her delivered to the healers. I was injured and I had a meeting with the Jedi temple fire-department and Jedi afterwards.’

    He saw the images from the thermal imaging cam. The fire had one point of origin. Natural or artificial; that was for him to investigate.

    Jadaki Plastworks
    Stacks of wood reached ignition temperature and burst into flame.

    And the fire had found a new prey. The storm – even with the rain that was now beginning – was its ally.

    Roaring flames from Jadaki jumped to DB-wood.

    Stacks of wood became burning stacks of wood.

    - - -
    A firefighter, two police-officers and medics working together had Jehna in the P-suit and ready to be transported in the medevac when the whining repulsorlift engines of a descending craft were heard. They were guiding the stretcher inside.

    Timo was squeezing the breathing bag and shielding Jehna from the rain. He jumped in without missing a squeeze.

    Alan joined him and was ready to connect the various devices now attached to Jehna to the large monitoring unit in the medevac.
    Aradan had put pressure in parts of the P-suit and was relieved when a sluggish heartbeat and low BP began to stabilize. “Down,” he was directing. “And secure. Jerome take her up,” He hopped inside despite the fatigue he was feeling and worry coming from his entire being. His shields were gone.

    Jerome did take her up as fast as he could. He had hurried to the pilot-seat and had the systems activated when Aradan began to guide the stretcher to the medevac.

    “MDC transferring data,” Alan had slapped the activate switch.

    Breathing heavy Lionel reached for his mask. The signal indicated that his BA-tank was almost depleted. Only now he had time to remove his mask. He took one more breath from the tank and unclipped his mask. Sweat was running in rivulets across his forehead, nose and chin. He had used his Force powers against the Force powers of a desperate man being with his mind somewhere else. The medics had to use the Draxinon to prevent insanity. Touching the head of the patient briefly when he was removing the rubble he had felt some of the anguish of being on Mustafar and fighting against a brother and friend.

    Lionel knew. He remembered that day as if it had happened moments ago. He had felt the death of Jedi during the great purge and had to use all his powers when he felt the murder of young children.

    And touching the hands of the medic with the running gear when helping with the P-suit he had felt more. The patient had been a young child unable to shield at that time and had received help from parents and a teacher.

    Lionel had a sad look on his face. He too had felt the dieing midi-chlorians and had felt the anguish coming from the medics. He feared that the patient had no living midis left because the dose had not been calibrated. A large syringe could hold doses to put the midis of five beings in hibernation or worse. Lionel knew. His mother had received an overdose and had died because she couldn’t cope with being without the Force.

    Lake drive 11
    “My sister and her hobbies,” Sita-Shi Tayback purred when she was on all fours searching the floor for a lost needle. The needle was lost when a pillow-case went flying due to pagers alerting the sister and Jana Garion and Marcia Cavat.

    “WOW look at that,” Asta shouted. She was briefly looking up when a gust of wind had rain lashing against the window.

    “Yeah storm and rain,” Gema Lou began.

    “No that black cloud,” Asta stood up and hurried to the window. “There! Our friends are there fighting whatever is pouring out that.”

    “It’s coming from DB-wood,” Ashley Donovan said “and maybe that’s why Mel is late. Come girls let’s search for the needle. We don’t want to get out there in the storm at all. You know spectators are a nuisance.”

    “I know,” Asta knelt down and resumed her search.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    “Jim is busy,” Mick Kerebuy entered the ready-room after getting a drink from the caf-machine in the restaurant of the surgery-wing.

    “With Kaagi, Marhin and Jadin to help,” Aaqu began when the PA system activated.
    Medevac two coming from Jadaki. Relaying stats to boards ER-one and OT-one… Nurses Dalair, Daranon, Djarada, prep-team Gherian, Gulnare, anaesthetist Guyet, surgeons Kerebuy, Maerhin, trauma five…”

    The board in the ready room began to display the stats.

    Trauma five was the highest alert MDC could give.

    “Jehna,” Aaqu paled when he saw who the patient was and who were relaying the stats.
    ER rooms: Adameh, Arovan, Elenion, Er-Denal, Er-Quin, Genin ...”
    And he heard the dispatcher in MDC continuing with a clipped voice for the ER-call when he walked the short distance with Mick to ER one. MDC would be putting stand-by alerts on other pagers to take over the ER-duty of the nurses and doctors now responding to the ‘trauma five’ call.
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    Chapter 15

    14 velona

    Nello road 45
    Jadaki Plastworks
    Engine six
    “Yummy mujaa-juice,” Judy was reaching for the opened bottle.

    “That’s for Chief Dargis,” Ramon – standing on the steps to the crew-cabin and shielding with his broad frame the children from any sight of the medevac – began when he saw the red airspeeder swooping in for a landing on the place that was now being vacated by the medevac.

    “Give it to the girl. I have to stop my entertaining,” Trudy squirmed past Ramon and stepped outside and saw the police officers running towards the fence.

    There, that was Anwar carrying a teenager wrapped in a blanket showing mud-marks and wetness. A second – obviously soaked – teenager was holding a hand on the blanket. Now she knew why he didn’t show up with the refreshments. She was about to go in their direction to see what that was all about when the right door of the speeder opened and a large man hopped out and ran towards the engine.
    “Arvedai,” Ivano shook hands with the chief. “You were right naming it a red four. I have upgraded to red seven and alerted more. The fire jumped to Die Bie. We cannot save that factory with the large load of combustibles. Our sole concern is protecting the buildings in the path of the fire. Get your ladder to set up a water-curtain and soak the factory at the collapsed north side. We don’t want a forest-fire to complicate things even more.”

    “I have six kids inside,” Trudy pointed to the engine. “They were rescued by the man now being transported to the hospital. He had made a slide and was sliding down when the north side of the building collapsed and got trapped.”

    “I see,” Ivano nodded. “Just order your men to set up the ladder. With MC and a chowbox and more units coming I can get replacements for your crew.”

    “There is no need,” Leon said and got confirming nods from Jack and Bob.

    “I am ready after changing BA-gear and a power-drink,” Lionel had joined them and was wiping the sweat from his face with his dirty gloves giving him a bedraggled appearance.

    Ivano saw the eager looks. “Get the water-curtain. Erdin and I will keep them entertained until the chowbox arrives.” Making sure that chief Dargis waited just a moment more Ivano turned to Lionel “and you are relieved. You have used your powers.” He headed with Erdin joining him to the engine.

    “Follow the incident commander,” chief Dargis gave Lionel a pat on his shoulder and hurried after her men.

    Giving a small nod Lionel followed Ivano Arvedai and Erdin Felaron. The incident commander had seen his exhaustion in the Force. Freeing Jehna and keeping him stable had required almost all of his powers. And moments later he saw Erdin speeding away when a bright blue speeder started to enter the terrain of Jadaki.

    “Stanton,” Ivano and Lionel grumbled as one. Lena Stanton was the owner of that bright blue speeder and a feared reporter. And they saw the woman making a beeline to chief Dargis and her crew after launching one of her hovercams.

    “But she will have a tough job with chief Dargis and inspector Felaron,” Lionel got a weary smile on his face. “I will help you with the ‘tough’ job of entertaining the kids.”

    “We will lead them as soon as the chowbox arrives to Chef Buwalda and we have to contact the parents,” Ivano said. “MC can handle those calls when they arrive. And the chowbox is your destination too.”

    “For refreshments and after that,” Lionel began.

    “Staying there Lionel,” Ivano interrupted. “Some refreshments and after that it’s time for the relief crew of your station. We will have enough crews here to keep the fire contained to Jadaki and DB-wood.”

    Lionel nodded and saw again in his mind the fighting man with his injuries. ‘He will need a long time to recover just like me. Maybe I can help him. It has led me to a new pastime with my father enjoying his life again after the death of mom. Our husans are now our pride and joy. Injanin will help him.’

    Nello road 43
    DB wood
    Endel Maffei was ten metres away from the door when the fire-alert became active. But he didn’t need that alert. Cracks were appearing in the transparisteel windows. And he could see the blazing flames. “Evacuate,” Endel spurted back the way he had come and heard Fikri Webb following him.

    Nello road 45
    Jadaki Plastworks
    and patrol five

    “Come Sam,” Dick saw a cut fence being pried apart by a soaked boy who was helping a big firefighter.

    “More kids?” Sam followed and reached the fence when a man holding a teenager wrapped in a blanket stepped through.

    “Need help?” Sam asked.

    “Yes, a fast transport to the hospital for Kyle and Glen,” Anwar Baldavin answered. “Kyle drowned almost and was saved by Glen.”

    “Follow us to our patrol and let me help you carrying him,” Dick was now before Anwar and his charge. There was something about the bedraggled looking boy; fear and intense sadness were radiating from him.

    “Mm p po police,” Kyle looked towards the newcomer. He was shivering despite the blanket and the comforting presences of the large man and Glen.

    “Don’t be afraid, Kyle,” Glen soothed “you have done nothing wrong.”

    “But I,” Kyle began to cry “I was with … aw … and I ran and I tried.”

    “You tried to interfere and help me Kyle,” Glen patted Kyle on the shoulder. “But Tidi Monetti, Sophia Zenon and Julia Shang were too strong for us.” He was becoming a bit angry and shouted those names. “They showed no respect for human lives. They could have killed you and they tried with that officer.”

    “Inspector Rimac saw two boys acting different,” Dick remarked very friendly. ‘These two must have been at Kando.’

    “Was he the man running towards us?” Glen asked. “Did he get help? I couldn’t because Sophia and Julia had me in a stranglehold. And Kyle was held by Tidi.”

    “Inspector Rimac was there with the medics when we arrived,” Dick was now sure. “Our colleague regained consciousness and mentioned two boys being not involved and trying to follow his orders. He is now in the hospital and getting care. And we will get Tidi Monetti, Sophia Zenon and Julia Shang to Noranan central.”

    “Are you going to take Glen and me after the visit to the hospital to Noranan central too,” Kyle sniffed. “My mom will throw me out if she comes to get me. Or maybe she won’t come at all. And I don’t want to meet Sophia, Julia and Tidi anymore. They had Glen and me. Uh. They harassed us and uh I tried to be tough. But no way…”

    “Don’t be afraid,” Dick said with a voice full of compassion. “We will keep Tidi Monetti, Sophia Zenon and Julia Shang away from you. I know you wanted to help our officer.”

    “I did nothing to help him,” Kyle cried. “I, uh I jumped in the flowerbed when that officer came. Tidi began to pummel me with his fists. And Glen was pushed in the flowerbed and listened and asked me to follow him and I did and Sophia and Tidi threw the officer in the flowerbed and Julia gave me a hard kick to my head and jumped on the officer and I was doing nothing. Uh and a man giving a loud yell and the fire distracted us. Tidi dragged me along.” Words were pouring out. Kyle wanted to tell all what had happened when he was carried to the patrol. “And Sophia, she threw me in the water with Julia and Tidi. He is now following those girls. I never should have joined them but they loved searching trash cans and getting valuable materials. I had food and drinks” he began to cry “mom just finds me a nuisance. She had made those dratted pastries that I don’t like at all and she was going on a boating party. She threw me out this morning. I had to sleep somewhere else and Glen and uh Tidi … Tidi had invited me. Aw no. Now I won’t have a place at all.”

    “You will get food and drinks in the hospital,” Anwar helped Kyle in the back of the patrol where Glen had taken the other place and had found a blanket to wrap himself in. “And they will get your father.”

    “We will if you tell us where he lives,” Dick had liquid eyes when he took the com.

    “Mom won’t tell you,” Kyle cried “I never saw my dad after the divorce. Mom severed all the contact between my father and me. She has a lawyer. He won’t let you.”

    “We have other ways,” Dick soothed. “Just tell me his name and I will make sure that he will come.”

    “Uh Felix Metfor and I think he still lives in Rondor,” Kyle sniffed with some hope shining through that sniffing. “He works at the airport as a controller.”

    “Dispatch start a search for Felix Metfor,” Dick ordered and gave Sam the signal to go with all possible speed to the hospital. He would do anything to unite Kyle with his father.

    Sekinstreet 2
    Trucky Bill was busy, doing what he liked most and that was getting the stove ready to make his famous burgers.

    Beeweep, beeweep. Sig Dupree dropped his glass with fruit-juice on the table and sped away.

    “Now what,” Azaua saw her brother spurting away without looking at his pager, leaving the door to the kitchen open and hopping on ‘her’ speederbike. “First Trucky’s brother and now mine. I hope he won’t wreck my bike getting to the fire-station. What’s going on?”

    “Probably the storm keeping all busy,” Bill grinned. “I had to disband my idea to fire up the barbecue and yes I have seen the party-tent in the garage painted with those nice decorations.”

    “That was part of our surprise,” Wayne Sukenik closed the door when a gust of wind had the curtains almost striking against the salads standing on the kitchen-table.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Beeweep, beeweep.
    “Go Kevin,” Leod had activated the repulsorlift engines and was guiding the medevac inside with Nuran and Kevin sitting in the cabin when he heard the latter reaching for his belt and activating the pager.
    “Action at Jadaki Plastworks,” Kevin read aloud the message on his pager. “I have to go inspector Rimac. Leod will show you where you can wait for Dick and Sam.” He jumped out of the medevac and spurted away to the backdoor of the hangar where he always parked his speeder. A short ride would have him at fire-station seven.

    “Leod will show you,” Leod grinned when he powered down the medevac. “We have a nice restaurant here in the surgery wing. And maybe Dick and Sam are already waiting there for you.”

    “I didn’t see their patrol,” Nuran remarked. “With the big incident I am sure they were diverted.”

    Central road
    Fire-station seven
    Teacher Jani Monteba – living two blocks away – was the first to arrive at Fire-station seven and she slapped the controls that would open the door to the garage where engine seven was parked.

    Kevin Kaol was a close second and stomped hard on the brakes of his speeder. He was jumping out of his speeder when Sig Dupree, followed by Alwin Elenion, Jarin Laurie and Mario Nunn arrived.

    Sig just dropped the speederbike where he stopped and that was a puddle of mud. He spurted inside and was wearing a nice jacket and threw that on the bench. He had gotten it as a birthday present from his sister Azaua but didn’t mind that it slipped on the floor where he was doffing his elegant – now muddy – boots. He began to don his fatigues.

    “A party,” Mario Nunn grinned “and I know where; Trucky Bill turning fifty.”

    “Yup and I am the second to rush away,” Sig reached for his helmet. “I saw the message on my pager when I took Azaua’s speederbike. She will be disappointed. Her work at Jadaki is finished. Jeff Dorsett must be at Jadaki too.”

    “We have to set up a curtain to protect the buildings on Central road facing DB,” Alwin said to no one in particular when he spurted to the crew cabin.

    Kevin jumped behind the controls. Like Alwin he had been very fast donning his fatigues and he was activating the coms when Sig joined him.

    “Seven one responding,” Kevin said.

    “Seven one; proceed to the east side of DB wood. Shield the apartments. Pumper two is there.”

    “Seven one copy,” Sig had taken the com from Kevin.

    Four minutes after the alert Kevin guided seven one on Central road for the short ride to their destination. And he heard the laughter coming from Jarin Laurie when that man discovered cake-batter on Alwin’s cheek.

    “Making cake?”

    “No,” Alwin replied “but with my wife and mother entertaining kids and giving them the pots and pans to scrape clean some of the stuff ended up on me.”

    “Great excuse,” Mario Nunn laughed. “You love cake-batter instructor Elenion. Stealing from the kids?”

    “No. It was a frivolous use of the Force by my son. He tried to feed me batter. And all happened because mom did make batter for three cakes.”

    “Mhmmm,” Jarin hummed. “Cake tomorrow?”

    “After the exercise,” Alwin replied when the engine screeched to a stop “and if that will allow us to have one tomorrow. What did your sister store at Jadaki?”

    “I don’t know but Wayne Sukenik will come too if he hears what’s burning when someone turns on the holotube,” Sig replied. “Hoses and I want the cannon at that spot. Follow me.” He exited the cabin.

    The crew-cabin emptied too and Alwin began to guide hoses towards the big pumper.

    “Exercise or not I love cake,” Jarin helped him.

    “And cake will be there for us to enjoy,” Jani grinned “I am sure the chowbox will come with us busy with this.” She was getting the water-cannon out of the hold with Mario helping her.

    “Aw no,” Mario had the supports of the cannon in his hands. “Messy burgers you mean.”

    Fire-station 1
    “All the food secure,” Fred Macoly slid behind the controls of the big truck that had the chowbox as its load. The chowbox as it was called by all the firefighters was a place to rest and get some food and drinks prepared by her cook.

    “Yup,” Florian Buwalda joined him in the cabin with a smile on his face. “Since that wildfire disaster in Monira-forest I have changed the fastenings of the boxes with burgers. And you don’t have to steer on bumpy roads this time.” Florian was that cook and he prepared all the meals for the entire fire-department and he had seen Nerf-burgers everywhere in the chowbox when the fastening wriggled loose. “Follow the MC.”

    Fred Macoly pushed the controls and followed after the smaller truck that housed the Mobile Command unit.
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    Yum--cake and burgers LOL

    Glad Kyle and Glen got away relatively safe from those delinquents :p Now Kyle knows who his true friends are. [face_thinking] Excellently vivid detailing, as always. =D=
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    “Exercise or not I love cake,” Jarin helped him.

    “And cake will be there for us to enjoy,” Jani grinned “I am sure the chowbox will come with us busy with this.” She was getting the water-cannon out of the hold with Mario helping her.

    “Aw no,” Mario had the supports of the cannon in his hands. “Messy burgers you mean.”

    You could not possibly know with what I stuffed myself in Nijmegen today, can you? No, you wrote that all yesterday.
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    Kyl will get more new friends and the details; coming from the big fires I had to fight, one of them - this story is based on - lasting four days. And yes there was a chowbox with all kinds of greasy stuff (burgers, sausages, cake, chocolatebars) I visited that when I had to change my BA tank.

    I wrote that months ago and this post too. The part with Tim reflects what he has seen during his adventure in Varanko

    Chapter 16

    14 velona

    Rondor Police central station
    Officer Tim Dereika was bored. Hours ago he had seen his colleagues rushing away to their air-speeders to respond to the calls when the storm hit Rondor city. A mishap with Police Commissioner Molnor two weeks ago had him becoming a pilot for the more sedate work only. That was called ferrying the brass by most pilots and one of the least desirable jobs. He vividly remembered the night he had spent in a cell after Molnor had dumped him there. The guard had been friendly. ‘Yes Tim, months ago we celebrated your 75 years of police work but you know Molnor. He just hates your flying and will convince the rest of the brass that your style of flying is reckless.’ That and the discussion that had followed with the guard had Tim remembering his other mishaps during his long career as a pilot. After helping his father piloting transports for the Dereika owned Rondor Transport Company, he had nine nice years with the Wiimiiff family on Varanko. But he wanted to see more of the galaxy. That had led to different jobs among them the testing of the Delta-6 starfighters for Kuat Systems Engineering. Tim loved fast and challenging craft. It had him often getting fired and looking for a new job. His sister Kira contacting him and telling that her son Aran was graduating from Rondor university had him searching for a temporary job that would had him going home. Wahhltther Luuhcce – captain of the Varaan Magister – had two pilots not returning to their jobs when he had docked at one of the Coruscant spaceports and had offered him the job. Piloting the Varaan Magister to Wanaria had led to an attempted kidnapping and flying a damaged craft to Varanko with a Wanarian male – not being that but a Jedi padawan – helping him. ‘And the meeting between Obi-Wan and Siri was really funny and…’ Tim thought when his comlink began to beep.


    “Come to the hangar. Airport and after that it’s going to Noranan.”

    “Yes,” Tim stood up with springy steps. That was Morjan Lynch, an inspector who didn’t mind his ‘reckless’ flying. He would be flying again in one of the airspeeders.


    Nello road 41
    Shea Quin metal
    Engine six-two
    “There are your big hoses,” Lenar Mahani grinned when he coupled with Ashi-Mi Tayback the first of his hoses to the unit from the big pumper.

    “They will give uss lotszss of waterrrr,” Ashi-Mi purred with a big smile on her features. She already anticipated standing at the nozzle and keeping the fire from jumping to Shea Quin.

    The big pumper had dropped the submersible pump in Harbor canal and her crew was guiding the big hoses outside the hold after placing a couple-unit on Nello road.

    Jana Garion and Marcia Cavat were busy with the other hose and about to couple the nozzle.

    Even their commander Jeff Dorsett helped. He was aiding Grady Baldwin at the pump.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    OT four
    Sitting on a stool Kaagi was wheeling in using the Force when the door opened again to reveal Jadin Finn sitting on a similar stool and using that same power.

    “I can use the new bone-graft pins for that femur,” Jadin pointed to the covered tray. “They are now deemed safe to use on humans by the authorities.”

    “On humans only,” Marhin mused. “Mel will be pleased to hear that he will have no plate-and-pins-removal with those thingies being integrated by the body when the bone is knitting together.” He was sitting on a stool to be on the same level as his colleagues and had plates and pins in his legs and was scheduled for a second surgery on the first of welona.

    “One component is Irol,” Jadin was now at the table next to Marhin and Jim.

    “Irol,” Marhin began to smile “after I have fixed the plumbing Mel will meet the green goo and even after cleaning some of that stuff is found in ears, hair and more.”

    “Get working Marhin,” Kaagi ordered “we don’t want to keep Miu-Miu waiting too long.”

    “And Mel is waiting for your continuing air-show,” Rihan grinned when Kaagi joined him.

    “And I really like to see my nephew soon,” Jim added and began to tell more.

    Medevac two, ER-room one and prep-room OT one
    “My story was inspiring,” Timo gave a smile to Jerome who was engaging the repulsorlifts to settle medevac two down as soft as he could on the meadow just outside the emergency entrance.

    “Shaved a minute of my time,” Alan grinned. “You are a pilot-wizard Jerome.”

    Jerome beamed when he helped Aradan, Alan and Timo to get the stretcher out of the medevac and towards the opening doors of the ER-entrance. “ER one?”

    “Yes Jerome,” Alan led the way to the opening doors and guided the stretcher inside when Aaqu Maerhin, Mick Kerebuy, Kerlan Gulnare and Jilan Gherian entered from the other side.
    Aaqu saw despite his limited Force abilities that Jehna had dead midis.

    “We have to help the wizard,” Kerlan said with his voice showing his professional behaviour. He had been the one to enrol Jehna in the ‘wizard’ program.

    “You are alright?” Jilan saw the anguish coming from Aradan.

    “I will be after helping in the OT and seeing Jehna in the IC,” Aradan guided the stretcher resolutely towards the scanning equipment. He had to confirm what he had felt already when he had been treating Jehna at Jadaki. He was now running on raw Dunai elder stamina and power and no one could take him away from the side of Jehna.

    “I will assist with advice if you need me,” Timo saw the names of the team on the status-board. He continued to squeeze the breathing bag in the rhythm he had been maintaining since attaching that bag. “I will go to the ready-room.”

    Aaqu activated the scanner and began to pass it over the patient.

    Aradan nodded when he saw the board with the body-schematics listing the injuries. Burns, broken legs and a right wrist and broken ribs were the minor injuries. Bruised lungs and abdominal injuries were of more concern.

    “Aaqu, take Mick and Aradan to the scrub-room and get ready. I will do pre-op with Kerlan and Jilan.” Alan had seen the status-board and Aradan’s resolute actions. ‘Arguing with Aradan will lead to nothing. He is tired, has used all his Force powers but will help Jehna and he is the best.’

    Aaqu nodded and took Aradan by his shoulder and gave a soft squeeze. “Jehna will regain the Force. Jehna, Marhin and I will be the three students learning to use the Force anew.”

    “With Kaagi and me as teachers,” Aradan whispered and walked with Aaqu to the scrub-room when the stretcher with Jehna was guided by Kerlan and Jilan towards the prep-room. But he was very unsure. Aaqu couldn’t sense that all midis were dieing.

    Central road
    Sophia, Julia and Tidi were coming from Nello trail and turning on Central road when an engine with blaring sirens passed them.

    “See,” Julia smirked “never listen to Glen and look at that. It’s Jadaki and DB wood. We better head home before my parents are coming home. They work at DB.”

    “My idea too,” Sophia muttered “the rain is getting heavy and soaking my boots.”

    “And cleaning them of all that’s nasty,” Tidi splashed with his boots in a puddle of water.

    “Will Glen or Kyle squeak about that officer?” Julia asked with some worry sounding in her voice when she saw the Kando building. “Or about what we did to them?”

    “If there are questions because Glen starts to talk to his dad we can tell that we were just teasing him and Kyle,” Tidi said. “We have been harassing kids all the time and that led only once to doing some work after school with the director supervising us. And that officer tried to grab me.”

    “He attacked and we had to defend you,” Sophia added. “And we are three against one. I don’t count Kyle and Glen. They are whinies and will shut up when they see us.”

    “Kyle has a mother who never believes what he tells her,” Julia grinned. “She will throw him out when he returns home.”

    “And that man?” Tidi asked.

    “He was too far away to have seen us,” Sophia laughed and pointed to the fire. “And that will have all the cops busy, very busy until tomorrow with lots and lots of spectators coming to see a big fire.”

    Patrol five
    Dick Kerebuy had had no trouble at all to get the addresses of the three offenders after contacting dispatch first and telling that a father was needed to be with his son. Asking Glen he had heard that boy decline the offer to get his father too. ‘He will be busy with the firedept and I am OK being with Kyle’ was what Glen had told him. Glen and Kyle had revealed more about the RTT-gang. That had Dick again contacting dispatch and getting confirmation that units would be sent to the homes at 1800. And Kyle had told more about his father and mother.

    Glen had found his bag and had thanked Sam.

    Sam was turning patrol five on the road leading to the ER-entrance when dispatch came with a message.

    We have contacted Inspector Lynch at Rondor central and she is now headed to the airport. She will contact MDC when she has informed Felix Metfor.”

    “Dad is coming,” Kyle cried “oh my!”

    “He is Kyle,” Dick turned with a smile on his face to the two boys. But his eyes were moist. He had been saddened when he heard Kyle telling all about his parents. A nice father was denied a son. And a mother craved for men and luxury and used all possible means to get that.

    “And there is medevac two from Jadaki,” Sam remarked when he stopped just behind that medevac.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    In the restaurant of the surgery wing was chef Mouraha with a satisfied look on his face. The newcomer had taken his famous briku fruit pie with warm sauce.

    Nuran Rimac had been right. Dick and Sam were not there. He was following Leod to a table with a tray loaded with a cup of caf and a pie when he heard a siren. That had him placing the tray on the nearest table and running towards the exit and the ER-entrance to see if it was patrol five.

    Chef Mouraha grinned when he saw Leod reaching for the fruit pie.

    “Inspector Rimac will return and I don’t want this one to get cold.” Leod began to dig in the pie.

    - - -

    Patrol five with patient.”

    Dian Genin – an attractive young Dunai elder woman – was putting her short black hair in the green cap when the PA system activated. She had been one of the doctors to respond to the ‘trauma five’ alert and had gone from her usual workplace in the pediatrics wing to the ER- ready room with Jana Girith. For Dian it was her first day since coming back to her work in Noranan after a study of five months in Rondor University. She had stayed on the campus and had her neighbour caring for her cottage on Beach road 12.

    “A drowning victim,” Dian hurried with a stretcher towards the exit.

    “In this weather,” Jana Girith followed and could avoid the man coming from the restaurant with ease.

    - - -

    Dick Kerebuy had scooped up Kyle in his blanket and out of the patrol when the ER-entrance opened to reveal Inspector Rimac running along with two women guiding a stretcher.

    “That’s the man I saw,” Glen exited the patrol.

    “I am Inspector Rimac,” Nuran helped Dick to settle Kyle on the stretcher and wiped with a new handkerchief – gotten from Leod – very gently the tears away from the face of Kyle.

    “A colleague,” Dick began.

    “The man is a p police inspector,” Kyle cried and tried to shy away from the hands.

    “Don’t you worry Kyle,” Nuran gave a wink with his left eye, turned for a moment to Glen and grinned “I have your comlink and both of you; thanks. Your cries and shouts had me coming to assist with Mel Donovan’s rescue.” He stroked Kyle through his wet hair. “You helped. Mel will be alright.”

    “And you too after we have examined you,” Dian Genin said with a soothing voice and placed another blanket on Kyle before moving towards the entrance.

    “Now we have time to get Mel’s wife,” Sam remarked.

    “You go with Dick,” Nuran said. “I will stay here. And drop my bag with groceries at my home.”

    “Will do,” Dick started for the exit.

    “Here is your bag Glen,” Sam said “and we will contact dispatch to inform your father.”

    “He will have to come here,” Glen took his bag. “I won’t leave Kyle.”

    The two police officers left and Nuran and Glen followed the medics.

    “Go with nurse Girith,” Dian waited before the double doors leading to ER-room four. “She will lead you to the room of Kyle.”

    “Don’t leave me,” Kyle whimpered.

    “Only for a few moments,” Glen gave Kyle a soft squeeze in his hand. “I have to get something clean to wear too and you are like me a wet Konjy that has been swimming in the mud.”

    “A Konjy in the mud,” Kyle got a teary smile on his face. One of the happy moments in his life had been three weeks ago when he had saved with Glen a Konjy from a muddy hole. “Yes, we were muddy and I could get clean at your home and had a nice dinner. Mom didn’t know. And dad – if he knew – sure would have approved. Go Glen and I will see you.”

    Stretcher and doctor disappeared through the double doors.

    Patrol five
    “Will we tell dispatch where we are headed?” Sam slid behind the controls.

    “Sure,” Dick took the com “our shift ended five minutes ago and they won’t miss a speeder.”

    “No?” Sam guided the speeder towards Nello road.

    “Dispatch; patrol five headed to Lake Drive 11,” Dick said.

    Copy that and wish Mel a speedy recovery.”

    “Will do,” Dick beamed.

    “Who is there?” Sam had a frown on his face.

    “A Dunai or Dunai elder,” Dick grinned.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    OT one
    Aradan and Mick had gotten blue gloves from Beran Daranon and Jay Dalair and were in the OT when Aaqu entered.

    Aaqu had Jess Djarada to help him with his blue gloves when he saw the door leading to the IC ward opening. “Leslie?”

    “I surmised you could need some help with Jehna when I felt the unease half an hour ago,” Leslie Tualan held up his hands for Beran. “Jasaran told me to go and keep an eye on a certain stubborn surgeon.”

    “Not stubborn but determined to succeed,” Aradan nodded. “But you are welcome to help me.”

    “Leslie,” Mick got an understanding look in his eyes. The Jedi-healer had often been showing up in Ingal general hospital on Lingala when he had to treat a patient with burn-injuries.

    Aaqu nodded. Forty three years of treating Jediknights returning from missions and three years of treating Jedi and soldiers during the clone wars had made Leslie an expert on trauma burn-injuries. And he had seen the small nod from Aradan, the only surgeon without that experience despite being the senior surgeon in Monir. Wars showed doctors all the horrors beings could inflict on each other. The last war on Moniron had been fought sixty-thousand years ago.

    Aradan saw the status-boards, began to tell more and gave a soft sigh when his patient was wheeled in by the prep-team and transferred by Jilan and Kerlan on the table that was sporting thermal sheets.

    Alan connected Jehna to the MUA anaesthesia equipment, designed by Jehna and used months ago by him to help Aaqu. And he saw Aradan’s looks. “Don’t despair Aradan. We are here to help Jehna. He will be alright!” He pointed to the stable pattern of heartbeat and the 100% OX saturation. And he indicated the bag with a green liquid hanging beside a bag with A-blood. “We have him on Midillamin to remove the dead midis and we will lower his temperature for the twenty four hours it will take to complete the removal.”

    “Of all midis,” Aradan mumbled. “He will have no midis left after getting a dose to sedate and even kill midis in five persons.”

    “He will need more blood,” Leslie’s eyes lighted up. “If Jehna gets blood from a Dunai elder with the same type he will have midis. And yes that might even work better.”

    “Leslie?” Aradan saw those gleaming eyes.

    “Stemcells from a close relative will have Jehna with midis and once he has them they will start to multiply,” Leslie started to explain and reached for a laserscalpel when Jason Guyet came in to assist his father.

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    “Of all midis,” Aradan mumbled. “He will have no midis left after getting a dose to sedate and even kill midis in five persons.”

    “He will need more blood,” Leslie’s eyes lighted up. “If Jehna gets blood from a Dunai elder with the same type he will have midis. And yes that might even work better.”

    “Leslie?” Aradan saw those gleaming eyes.

    “Stemcells from a close relative will have Jehna with midis and once he has them they will start to multiply,” Leslie started to explain and reached for a laserscalpel when Jason Guyet came in to assist his father.

    Great that I read this before I disappear until Wednesday. I took the Friday morning and lunch time to read my favourite fanfic writers on the new boards. But now I am off. Work piles up and I am also not 100% healthy at present, but what MUST be done MUST be done. ´Til Wednesday!

    PS: I like the way you explain medical terms!
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    Just stay on the boards AzureAngel2 They distract from work

    Chapter 17

    14 velona

    15.20Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Ready room

    Immediately after giving the breathing bag to Alan and seeing the anaestetist, Kerlan and Jilan enter OT one Timo had stumbled to the ready room, too tired to get rid of his soiled running gear and had plopped in the first chair that stood in his way. It was because Henrani Elenion guided it under his buttocks before he could fall. His rubbery legs failed to support him any longer. The Force enhanced sprint to the hangar had cost him. Hands were now feeling the effort of squeezing the breathing bag. He was sprawled in the chair.

    Timo couldn’t keep them from trembling but had accepted the glass with water greedily, gulping it down and spilling half of it. A second and a third glass followed and fruit-bars were devoured. They were opened by Cedrick Arovan because Timo’s hands made a mess of the first one.

    “You alright,” Ger Adameh had waited for Timo to gulp down the water and the fruit-bars.

    “Uh yes I think,” Timo put the glass down with shaking hands. He had used both hands to guide the glass to his mouth. “I will wait here and see if they need me in OT one.” Sweat was running in rivulets down his forehead, cheeks and nose. And down on his dirty running gear now wet with sweat and water, fruit-bar smudges and soot.

    “You are too tired to stand and hold something in your hands Timo,” Cedrick stated.

    “Too tired yes but not to use this,” Timo put a shaking finger to his head. “They may need my advice.”

    “You are running solely on Force power and you know what Master Yoda said about that,” Ger muttered.

    “Do and don’t try,” Timo grinned sheepish to see Ger shaking his head “uh exhausting you the way of the Jedi it is not or something like that.”

    “Stop before too tired you are,” Ger said. “Go to Adanel and let her pamper you.”

    “Yeah by feeding me pickled sprouts with chocolate,” Timo righted himself in the chair. “I don’t want to leave here before seeing that Jehna is alright. Aradan is there in the OT helping Jehna.”

    “Leslie Tualan is guarding him,” Henrani said “and if the need arises we can relieve that stubborn guy. And you are st…”

    “Not stubborn,” Timo interrupted.

    “Alright not stubborn initiate,” Ger sat down. “But I will stay here and if you’re falling asleep, you will find yourself waking up in a hospital room after four days of uninterrupted sleep because Cedrick or Henrani will sedate you.”

    The three started to surround Timo.

    “Uh guys,” Timo uttered “With Jehna unable and Aradan and me staying here with Jehna I want to see the holo-broadcast of the Monir 21 K run.”

    Ger asked “you are not going to Monir?”

    “No,” Timo replied. “My legs will be recovered and I might be able set a good time but we will be here when Jehna is guided out of the sedation. And uh was that serious uh putting me under?”

    “Yes,” Henrani started very serious but smiling inwardly. He saw the blinking eyes.

    “Please can someone take me home to the pickled sprouts and chocolate,” Timo mumbled and sagged in the chair.

    “Take initiate Timo home initiate Ger,” Henrani grinned when Timo began to snore softly. “Jehna doesn’t need a neuro-surgeon. I can assist but seeing that on the boards” and he pointed to the scans “Jehna will be alright.”

    “And we will do the post-op,” Marille added.

    “Initiate Ger will head to Timo’s home and return as soon as possible with Jedi speed to avoid the pickles and chocolate,” Ger laughed. Using the Force he took the snoring Timo in his arms and left the ready-room. And he remembered a certain Jedi master carrying Timo to the crèche after the initiate had exhausted himself with a play.

    Restaurant surgery wing
    Nuran Rimac put his comlink back in his pocket with a satisfied look on his face when he saw nurse Girith entering with Glen. He had set things in motion that would unite a son with a father. Kyle would have his father in Noranan. And the shy boy just entering would have a new neighbour and friends.

    Lake drive 11
    “Got it,” Asta Garion had the needle in her hand and was securing it in the thread of Ashi-Mi’s pillowcase when she saw a police patrol stopping. “And it’s just in time with Mel arriving with his colleagues.”

    “No pins and needles to bother him,” Sita-Shi Tayback purred.

    “Mel getting a ride home,” Gema Lou saw Dick and Sam exiting the patrol.

    “No Mel,” Ashley Donovan became worried when Dick and Sam entered with faces showing concern.

    “Mel is in the hospital,” Dick kept his voice assuring “and he will be alright after some surgery and an Irol-immersion.”

    “Surgery? Irol-immersion? What happened?” Ashley began to whimper.

    “Mel was attacked,” Dick began and told Ashley more. He answered all her questions sipping from tea, provided by Asta and Gema and ended “we will take you to your husband.”

    “Mel will be alright,” Ashley whispered “with your nephew helping him I am sure of that.”

    “He will be,” Asta was the first to leave. Sita-Shi and Gema followed.

    And Ashley went with Dick and Sam to their patrol.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Big Fish
    “We left Rondor University fifteen minutes ago and what’s that,” Ersan Koroni pointed at the scope when he was guiding the Big Fish down.

    “We must have violated some getting a free lunch at the university rules,” Rudi Selco grinned. “That’s a very fast airspeeder with some Rondor police-officers coming to give us a ticket or more precisely you Ersan. They must have diverted from where they were really needed and that’s there keeping spectators away from the big fire.”

    “They are coming for you Ersan,” Jamy Norwick teased. “You were the one to order ‘greasy’ Nerf-burgers. And you Rudi followed his lead. You will get a ticket too!”

    “I had to leave my ‘tasty’ Nerf-burger alone when he decided to leave before I had the first bite,” Ersan grumped and pointed his thumb backwards where Koranar was sitting.

    “I missed the Nerf-burger too and the fries,” Rudi said.

    “Guys – as the one to interrupt your early dinner – I will get those Nerf-burgers from the main restaurant,” Koranar laughed. “I will try to avoid the Guyet’s.” He started to unbuckle his crashwebbing. The two technicians and the two nurses had kept him quite occupied after he had brought his patient to Professor Er-Sunal. He had studied in Rondor and had to show the classrooms, the dormitories and had to help them to get the stretcher back in the Big Fish and get the cabin clean. Getting the cleaning utensils back he had passed the restaurant of the university and that had the two techies headed to the counter. He interrupted their meal because of the storm. ‘There may be another call for us’ was what he had said.

    “They ‘are’ following us,” Rudi grumbled.

    “Not when I guide the Big Fish to the hangar,” Ersan activated the forward thrusters that had the Big Fish getting towards the opening hangar-door. With Koranar going to get Nerf-burgers he was in a hurry.

    “I will get your new Nerf-burgers,” Koranar had the sliding door open and sped towards the main entrance.

    Main entrance
    “Kyle Metfor, just a moment sir.”

    Koranar startled when he heard the name and halted.

    “Name mother?”

    “Tina uh Benelli, we are divorced. I am Felix Metfor and here is my ID.”

    “I will have his room number in a moment Mr. Metfor,” Karoun Aatifa began to search his boards.

    “Mr. Metfor,” Koranar came to the desk. “I am Koranar Finn and have heard the names Kyle and Felix during a rescue. And I have a feeling that tells me that the rescue and you asking about Kyle are related. Do you know where your former wife lives?”

    “Uh yes,” Felix saw the sincere looks. “But don’t go there. Tina went away with Kyle and thanks to her lawyer Jonis Arvo I was unable to get in contact with my son until inspector Lynch came to my desk and told me that he was in the hospital in Noranan and asking for me to come.”

    “Morjan Lynch,” the inspector shook hands with Koranar. She was becoming intrigued by the behavior of the man clad in a survival suit. ‘Is he a Dunai elder?’ “Can you tell me more about the rescue?”

    “Before I continue,” Koranar began “let’s go to one of the meeting rooms.”

    “Kyle is in the junior-wing in room fifteen,” Karoun Aatifa said. “Doctor Finn, meeting room one is free and I will send you your greens and I will deliver Nerf-burgers to Ersan and Rudi.”

    “Thanks Karoun and have those burgers ready to eat,” Koranar began to laugh but stopped when he saw the looks of the receptionist.

    “I will,” Karoun was very serious. “But I don’t have to worry about a Guyet seeing me. They are busy.”

    “I know,” Koranar had now a sad look on his face too when he felt who were busy with whom and turned to inspector Lynch. “They are busy with a colleague of mine and my father is busy with a colleague of you. I will lead you to Kyle’s room but first follow me this way.”

    Inspector Lynch and Mr. Metfor followed the rescue-worker after the first contacted her pilot.

    - - -

    Tim Dereika – police-pilot – was at the desk when Karoun was about to leave. “Sir, can you tell me where I can wait?”

    “Officer Dereika, you can follow me if you want something to eat and drink,” Karoun replied. “I have my break too.”

    Sekinstreet 2
    “It’s no simple call for Jeff,” Leny Dorsett was walking to room where the holotube was standing.

    “No,” Carli Dorsett was fumbling nervously with her hands. “Turn the holotube on Leny. Maybe ‘newsflash’ will show something about the storm!”

    “Hey and what about me,” Trucky Bill saw his guests all following his wife and turned down the stove.

    “I want to see what keeps my brother busy,” Azaua Dupree sat down next to her boss.

    Aki is coming to the news-room. Now switching to Stanton on scene…”

    “It’s Jadaki,” Azaua started.

    “Yes,” Leny saw her husband coming too.

    Stanton here and I just heard from Chief Dargis about exploding plastbins…”

    “Plastbins,” Wayne Sukenik grumbled.

    “… being the main…”

    “Look at that,” Azaua shouted.

    “Our shaped charges were there in the secure room and it’s gone,” Wayne stood up and felt his comlink vibrating. “Sukenik.”

    Leny turned down the volume of the holotube.

    Come as soon as possible to Nello road forty…”

    “I know where that is,” Wayne grumbled without listening anymore to what was coming from his comlink and sped towards his speeder followed by Azaua, Trucky, Ben Folsen and Estala Masila.

    “Trouble for my husband,” Donna Sukenik began. And she was glad that her children had found something interesting in the attic after Bill had assured them that they could go there to explore. She didn’t need her children asking her what was wrong.

    An overheating plastbin or pressurized metal container near the roof could have been the main cause for…”

    “Listen Donna,” Leny said “your husband is not to blame.”

    “No Donna,” Gerrie Folsen stated. “Ben tells me that Wayne is always very careful. You heard him. The shaped charges were safe but exploding plastbins had them igniting too.”

    “…rescued by medics, firefighters and police.

    “Who was rescued?” Carli asked.

    “…is in Noranan General Hospital. Switching to Rondor and…”

    Ewals here. The Rondor giants have welcomed the Ronda admirals for their slamball…”

    “And that’s something else,” Carli muttered. “Stupid sports.”

    “Turn the holo to the slamball-tournament,” Gerrie had gleaming eyes. “With the men going to see their destroyed work we can spend the time looking at that game. It’s beginning at sixteen hundred and those interviews from Steve Sanfori are fantastic.”

    “Ah yes,” Donna said “I want to see Nashin winning for Rondor.”

    “Same for me,” Leny grinned. “I have set the timer for recording but this is the best. And Ewals is dull. Sport is coming girls. Next match I will be there to see it with Bill. He got two tickets from Wayne for his birthday. And your kids, don’t they love to see slamball too?”

    “They will come,” Donna replied. “Dan likes to tease his sister. He has Nashin as his favorite player and she Paraki.”

    “And Bud?”

    “He doesn’t mind but Rondor has to win.”

    15.40Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks was gone, reduced to burning rubble.

    DB-wood was a blazing inferno of collapsing buildings. The evacuation had been completed. No one was injured and most employees were home or going home assured by the short speech from Craig Direux that a meeting would be held tomorrow.

    Dion Bargony had supported his co-director and was now with him waiting for their lawyer after a very short interview with the assorted news-agencies.

    Speeders with employees were led by police officers through the roadblocks now set up to prevent spectators from coming to the incident. Craig had driven his speeder to the command unit and had been followed by Dion. The two were now in Craig’s speeder and preparing for a second longer meeting with the reporters. ‘We like an interview for the five-o-clock holoreport’ was what one of them had said.

    Inspector Bret Chedokin had arrived and with him Chief of police Dick Kerebuy sr. Three facts made the accident one for the police to investigate. There were children involved and a man was now fighting for his life in the hospital. And there were shaped charges leading to a massive detonation.

    15.40Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    “We were called for a rescue at sea and found a sinking powerboat with a man,” Koranar sat down at the table after seeing his guests doing the same. “The man said that he had been with a woman called Tina and that she had a son Kyle and was divorced from Felix and...”

    “Wait,” Felix got a fierce look on his face and asked “did he mention pastries and drinks?”

    “He did and he was suffering from,” Koranar began to reply.

    “Some after-effects,” Felix interrupted with a low anguished grumble. “He ‘was’ with my former wife. Her friend – sneaky Tupa Wiay – was the supplier of the ingredients for the pastries. He was her lover or her master depending on your view. Tina was good looking and uh yes always interested in other men. Tina became a different woman after meeting Wiay …” He paused and continued “again I think. Wiay was there when I met Tina for the first time and she started to date me. I married her. She became distant when she heard that Wiay was leaving on an assignment. I think she just stayed with me because of the generous income I provided. And there was Kyle a year after our marriage. But I had to care for Kyle. She didn’t like him. She… uh she was happy when Wiay came back eight months ago. She changed even more. Her angry quarrels were for me the main reason to ask for a divorce. But she must have anticipated that and had Wiay and accomplishes ready to defend her and take away everything from me. They took care that I didn’t have a Dunai elder judge, who would have seen through the deception. They had compromising holopics; forged of course but I couldn’t prove anything even after getting a detective to work for me. I had to pay. She took everything. She wanted to destroy me. Even my son Kyle…” he took his head in his hands and started to whimper softly. “Kyle wanted to stay with me but she took him. She is dead. Is she?”

    “We found only the man stating that Tina was not aboard,” Koranar answered “and yes the boat was damaged. The man stated that Tina refused to follow the rules.”

    “Hah that was Tina alright,” Felix mumbled “she never followed rules. She took my son to the swimming pool and met Wiay – the good looking sneak – and forgot Kyle near the deep pool. My son almost drowned and was horrified after that visit when he saw water. I was happy when I heard that Wiay left but the sneak came back. One more meeting and Tina was his. She got a necklace from him with a Corusca-stone hanger.”

    Koranar’s eyes lighted up and he started to search in a pocket of his survival suit and produced the damaged necklace.

    “Uh yes,” Felix eyed the necklace. “It resembles the one she got from Wiay. She wanted to ruin me. And I suspect that she was ruining my son, letting him tend for himself.”

    “She did,” Morjan said. She had been listening with eyes becoming moist. A father and son were the victims of a scrupulous business man and his lawyer. And maybe even the dead woman. Morjan had seen enough victims of seducing ingredients. The necklace was somehow familiar. She had once seen one with a recording device hidden inside. “Noranan police told me to be careful in contacting you because of a lawyer. And they told me that there was a very frightened boy in the hospital only wanting to see his father.”

    “Frightened,” Felix sniffed. “I want to go to my son.”

    “We will but first this,” Morjan said. “A necklace is not enough proof. We have to confirm that your former wife is the same as the dead woman missing on the boat. Doctor Finn do you know more about the man and the boat?”

    “I do and if someone has a picture of Tina we can contact the Blue Company, the owner of the powerboat,” Koranar replied.

    “I have one of our marriage,” Felix started to fumble with one hand reaching for his comlink. “I didn’t erase the pic. Here.” He activated the comlink.

    Koranar saw and knew. Tina had been very seducing making Leroy Folsom a willing victim. “We don’t have to contact the Blue Company. Tina was a look-a-like of the wife of the rescued man. We can go immediately.” For a moment he closed his eyes and stood up. “Follow me. Your son needs you.” And he gave the necklace to inspector Lynch “examine this and you will find out how Tina Benelli and her friend were working. Get that business man and his lawyer arrested!” Eyes turned fierce for a moment.

    Morjan Lynch saw the doctor and father hurrying away and took out her comlink. But the contact with the airspeeder remained silent. She grinned and activated another channel on her comlink.

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    Work will get you hungry, especially fighting fires;) Once I was having dinner - beansoup, sausages and bread - at six in the morning to keep warm (it was freezing and -15 celcius) And another time I had Chinese food at seven in the morning

    More fries and fun and some serious discussion in the chowbox taken from real experiences. And there is more about Felix and Kyle in the next chapter

    Chapter 18

    14 velona

    Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks, DB-wood and Shea Quin Metal
    Engine six-two
    Grady Baldwin was satisfied. His pump was running smoothly and getting the water from the big pumper towards the hoses feeding the two cannons and two hoses with nozzles that had been deployed by the crew.

    Ashi-Mi was purring contently. She was at one of the nozzles.

    A crash-tender from the airport was aiding and pouring massive amounts of water on the burning rubble from DB-wood. Shea Quin Metal was safe.

    15.45Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery-wing restaurant
    Tim Dereika was sipping from his caf when his sharp Dunai elder ears picked up a sound. An officer of the Noranan police department was standing before the counter.

    “I am Officer Koskin and I would like to have some fries for my mate Officer Kerebuy and a double of that for me.”

    “Three helpings of fries coming and what kind of sauce do you want?”

    “For me the red sauce and for…”

    “Kerebuy will love the hot sauce,” Tim grinned when he saw the officer and chef turning his way.

    “Uh you…” Sam started.

    “Tim Dereika and a friend of the Kerebuy family,” Tim shook hands.

    “Sam Koskin,” Sam began to smile as well. This was the famous friend of the father of his colleague Dick. And sure he had heard the stories told by Dick and his father. Tim had been traipsing the galaxy before settling on Moniron and had met Jedi.

    A buzzing comlink had Tim reaching for it. “Dereika … Uh chief uh inspector Lynch I have found a friend here. Can I stay?”

    More soft conversation followed and Tim began to grin when Morjan Lynch replied rather loudly.

    Ah you don’t want to sleep in a cell again. It’s alright. Have a nice meeting. Lynch out.”

    “Inspector Lynch is planning to stay in Noranan for the night and I have to find a place to sleep too. I sure don’t want to spend one more night in a cell after experiencing that after flying Police commissioner Molnor.”

    “Come with me,” Sam had his fries and drinks loaded on a tray. He sure wanted to know why Tim had spent a night in a cell.

    Junior wing room 15
    “Junior-wing; that’s funny,” Glen looked up when he followed nurse Girith and inspector Rimac. He had passed a sign ‘pediatrics wing’ moments ago and that made sense with Kyle being a teenager.

    “We named it ‘junior-wing’ after protests from a teenager just a week after the opening,” Jana Girith smiled. “He didn’t want to go to the kids-ward. Kids were in his opinion babies and toddlers. We suggested ‘junior-wing’ and that had the boy smiling and remarks from other ‘kids’ gave us a ‘baby-wing’ and a ‘senior-wing.’ And we have of course the specialized wings.”

    Glen trotted along, carrying a box and his bag slung around one shoulder. He was clean after a nice shower and had been given hospital greens and clogs. After the cleaning he had gone with Rimac and Girith to the restaurant. He had gotten a Briku fruit pie and a second one for Kyle. He had his comlink and had contacted the town-hall to hear that his father was busy at Jadaki. But Nuran had seen a slight disappointed frown passing his face and had asked him about that. He had begun to tell about the Monir memorial run and the great pleasure running gave to his father and him. He wasn’t worried at all for the safety of his father and got a big smile on his face when he entered after Girith and Rimac room fifteen.

    Kyle was sitting in a bed, dressed in hospital greens with a healthy blush on his cheeks and smiling.


    “Glen,” Kyle pointed to the tray on the bed-table “look what I have had?”

    “Soup, a Nerf-burger and fries and veggies,” Glen summed up the items when he saw what must have been on the plate. “But you are missing this and Chef Mouraha must have known. Here is your dessert; tasty Briku fruit pie.”

    “Oh my,” Kyle got tears in his eyes. “Dad took me often to the airport-restaurant to get one. That was before he and mom got angry. Uh not dad … but mom … she doesn’t want me … I had to search trash cans … teachers giving me their lunch … and Glen…”

    “Kyle,” Nuran said. “Your dad does want you and he is coming.”

    “Uh yes but mom’s lawyer,” Kyle began to whimper “he will send him away and…”

    “No Kyle,” a well known voice said.

    “Dad,” Kyle cried and started to leave his bed and a bed-table started to topple.

    “Kyle shh everything will be alright,” Felix rushed inside, scooped up his son and sat down on the bed.

    “No mess,” Nuran whispered when he had the bed-table safe before Koranar had the tray safe and again landing on that table.

    “Everything?” Kyle sniffed against his father’s chest.

    “Everything,” Felix soothed. “Uh there is no lawyer to bother us and your mother…”

    “She is gone?”

    “She is gone son,” Felix replied with a sad voice and eyes becoming liquid. “She perished at sea during a trip with a…”

    “One of her victims,” Kyle interrupted with a sniff reaching with a hand to his father’s cheek. “I won’t miss her but I feel sorry for her. She couldn’t love me and you anymore after mister Wiay came in her life, making her a woman listening to him and him alone.”

    “Mister Wiay must have been planning to take her away from us years ago.”

    “Yes,” Kyle sniffed. “Taking me to the swimming pool started it. She didn’t comfort me when I almost drowned. Wiay was the man of her dreams. She was making pastries yesterday and she uh threw me out this morning. I had to sleep somewhere else.” He felt the support coming from his father and saw the anguish in the liquid eyes. “Tidi and Glen had a sleep-place for me. I followed Tidi, Sophia and Julia. They raid trash cans for fun and sometimes there was something in them for me to eat. Not this time and it became nasty when a police officer came. Tidi had me jumping in the flowerbed and started a fight with me. Glen was pushed in the flowerbed too. I followed Glen back on the street when the officer asked us very politely to stop the destruction. But Sophia and Julia and Tidi were too strong for the officer. They harmed him and only…”

    Felix stroked his son through his hair.

    “Your cries and Glen’s had me rushing to his aid,” Nuran stated eyes filling with light when he looked towards Koranar. “Kyle and Glen are heroes.”

    “The officer will be alright,” Koranar began to smile when he felt the joy coming from his father. “My dad has just finished the procedure to repair a broken bone. I am sure the officer will want to meet his rescuers after his Irol-dunk.”

    “I sure want to meet him,” Glen stated.

    “I too,” Kyle murmured haltingly. He wanted to stay with Glen and saw the big smile on that boy’s face and began to smile as well. “And you are twice a hero. You saved me from drowning. And uh I … can I learn to swim and run like you? Can you teach me?”

    “Sure but,” Glen began.

    “Father and son have to stay here in Noranan,” Nuran interrupted. “And for that I have been busy.” He winked with his left eye. “Mr. Metfor, tomorrow at nine hundred is your first meeting at Noranan airport where you will meet your new employer. Your transfer from Rondor to Noranan to become a senior airport controller is completed. And your second meeting is at eleven hundred at Ghin road 24 where I will be giving you the key to your new home.”

    “A new job, a promotion and a new home but,” Felix began with a smile on his face.

    “Ghin road 24 was mine and I am offering it to you,” Nuran grinned “you have to work to make it a nice place – a bachelor’s home you know and I have been there the last time one week ago – but you will succeed.”

    “Dad will help and his colleagues and friends from the fire-station,” Glen beamed. “You will be my new neighbor.”

    “And friend,” Kyle began to cry. But this time there were tears of joy. And yes he wanted to make his statement when Nuran began about the officer.

    Nuran contacted police station 1 and he heard of course more about the pastime from Glen and his father when Glen asked him how he could run that fast to the aid of Mel Donovan and began to plan more. For that he left the room to contact a friend and the doctor responsible for Kyle.

    Nuran had been the one to win the Monir 21 K in the Dunai elder classes. And yes for his friend Malik Idrees – former president of Moniron and now a senator – it would become a surprise and a challenge to win.

    Ready room
    “No chocolate cake for me,” Ger hurried inside with a scrunched up nose. “I was putting Timo on the covers of his bed after helping to remove his shirt and telling all about Jehna when Adanel went to the kitchen.”

    “And,” Henrani began to laugh.

    “She had made cake for Timo to eat after his training run,” Ger grumbled. “And with Timo sleeping she surmised that I could take the entire piece. I don’t like chocolate cake and hurried away telling her that I had an emergency.” He paused to look at the status board of OT one. “No emergency I see. Stubborn Aradan is still there and doing great work.”

    “We have been assigned post-op duty,” Marille said. “You can wait with us here or go home. MDC is paging the evening shift to come in early.”

    “I see but I will just wait here,” Ger sat down and began to remove the wrapper from a fruit-bar. He would head home after knowing for certain that he wasn’t needed. And the evening shift had his friend Keren and he sure wanted to tell Keren about what Timo had done. The three had been initiates in the same group in the Jedi-temple.

    A meeting room
    Ashley Donovan was sipping from a cup of caf provided by Dick Kerebuy in a meeting room of the hospital when the door opened to reveal Sam coming in with a tray with more refreshments. A man in a pilot’s uniform followed. But there was the sound of wheels.

    A green clad man in a wheelchair was the third to enter. He had eyes shining with joy and a mask was dangling from straps.

    “I found this in the restaurant of the surgery-wing,” Sam grinned when he saw the smiling face of Dick. “And yes it will satiate my appetite after the alert spoiled my fries-break. And there’s something and someone for you too.”

    “That or will he be telling us,” Dick began. He too had felt the joy coming from the newcomer. And the pilot – black-haired with smiling brown eyes – was very familiar.

    Sam placed the tray on the table and turned his head. “Ah it’s not Tim Dereika or the food you’re interested in.”

    “I will be telling only good news. I am Jadin Finn.” Jadin shook hands with Ashley, Dick, Sam and Tim and wheeled to the table. “Your husband will recover completely. He is now being prepared for his Irol-dunk and you can see him after that.”

    “Do I have to wait long?” Ashley began to smile when she saw Sam attacking the food on his plate with a voracity that showed that he was anticipating a short wait.

    “Just two hours in the Irol and my colleague will wake him with his air-show,” Jadin told more and answered questions about the procedure.

    And when Tim and Dick began to exchange pilot-stories Jadin just listened, thinking that Tim would be a nice addition to the pilots of the hospital. He had met the pilot a long time ago when he was caring for one of the medics under his command during the clone wars and was certain that Tim deserved a better job than ferrying the brass. And he recalled an event from even longer ago. ‘Jinn, Kenobi, Gallia and Tachi sure appreciated his help to pilot the damaged transport to Varanko. And the daring escape from the Trade Federation had Master Jinn for a concussion under the care of a Ceitan doctor and after the return us healers muttering about Jinn trying to escape the healers’ ward with the help from his padawan.’

    He left when Ashley, Dick, Sam and Tim wanted to visit the boys responsible for Mel’s rescue, telling that they could wait for Jim Kerebuy in the restaurant where Sam had found his fries.

    16.10Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks, DB-wood and Shea Quin Metal
    Anwar Baldavin had given his BA-gear with the depleted BA-tank to a member of the support unit. Two tanks and he had to take the required rest of at least 24 hours. He had been manning the big cannon in the bucket on top of the ladder.”

    “Get some chow,” the tech said. “Buwalda is there.”

    “I will,” Anwar answered and heard the trudging footsteps of Bob Magnee coming towards the support unit. He began to walk to the chowbox standing further down on Nello road near Shea Quin metal.

    “Will you get a Nerf-burger for me too?” Bob asked before he headed to the support unit to get his tank changed.

    “Of course,” Anwar answered and continued to the mobile cantina. He saw his colleague Lionel sitting quietly in a corner of the cantina and felt the exhaustion in the Force coming from him. A soft sigh escaped his lips. He had carried the teenager Kyle to the patrol but Lionel had used his powers to keep a fully grown man from hurting himself more. Lionel had done enough rescuing the man and was relieved immediately.

    But he began to snicker when he saw children busy with the greasy Nerf-burgers or not and his twin Jera waiting at the counter of Florian Buwalda. And it didn’t surprise him at all to see only fathers. ‘Their mommies aren’t interested in fire at all.’

    And the faces of Bret Chedokin and Dick Kerebuy were showing an amused look, interested in what the children were saying but also having ears for what Buwalda was muttering softly when Fred Macoly put more sauce on the burgers than intended.

    Fred too had more eyes and ears for the unusual company in the chowbox.

    Jera was engaged in a lively discussion with the children, parents and chief Dargis, who was taking a break too with a drink and plate with a steaming Nerf-burger standing before her and leaning with her hands on the table. The children and parents were on the bench just opposite that table.

    ‘Judge Dargis and prosecutor Baldavin are busy.’ Anwar just waited outside the open door of the chowbox.

    “As I said earlier to you, we were having an experimental excursion.”

    “With an experiment I am sure because there was a fire.”

    “Uh yes. We had a very tiny experiment with a very tiny bit of hair-paint in a metal container and some flimsyplast in a larger metal bin.”

    “This burger is fiery hot Buwalda.” Chief Dargis had taken a bite from her Nerf-burger.

    “Not getting inside,” a voice whispered softly in Anwar’s ear.

    “No commander Arvedai,” Anwar whispered back. “Just listen to those kids. They think it’s me questioning them again.”

    “Hmmhmm and maybe that will lead to who caused this,” Ivano took position next to Anwar. “The thermal imaging cam showed one point of origin for the fire.”

    “I was missing the matchbox when I wanted to make tea.”

    “So you were playing with fire.”

    “Uh yes but it wasn’t dangerous. We took care of all the safety measures.”

    “It was a small container.”

    “It was about the size of that sauce-pan.”

    “I saw the container getting down and cracks in the ceiling.”

    “I didn’t know if it had reached the ceiling. We were protected by plastbins.”

    “It was a soft whoosh.”

    “A very little explosion.”

    “That was all. It was a disappointing experiment.”

    “Not at all resembling what teacher Saunders told us. He told us about an exploding cabinet after he had begun his experiment and had left it alone for a short time because he had to get his lunch.”

    “Teachers today,” Ivano snickered softly. “I like to meet that teacher, giving bad ideas to boys. And look at Chedokin’s face.”

    “He sure wants to see teacher Saunders,” Anwar whispered.

    “Our whoosh was followed by another explosion from a plastbin and the ceiling was getting more cracks and it was getting noisy.”

    “We saw flames and headed to the stairs because Bud told us that the way up was the way to get to the front.”

    “There was a hole and lots of dirty smoke and we could only go to the restaurant where we found two shrieking girls.”

    “You were shrieking too. And boys; you started the fire.”

    “No. It’s wasn’t our experiment. That was contained. It must have been a plastbin. My dad can tell you all about them.”

    “Sure, there were enough plastbins left in the building.”

    “Get inside Anwar,” Ivano whispered.

    Anwar stepped inside to get his drink and one of the famous burgers from Florian Buwalda for Bob.

    “Hey now there are two,” Bud observed the new man coming in. “I found it weird to tell again our story.”

    “That’s my brother Jera and you have seen me yes when you were telling about your experimental excursion,” Anwar accented the experimental and held Bud caught in his piercing gaze.

    “It was one with a tiny result and couldn’t have caused the big fire,” Bud nodded and reached with a hand to his father. “Dad stated that there were lots of plastbins.”

    “Both floors had enough of them left,” Wayne Sukenik supported his son. Hair-paint from the shop of his wife couldn’t have caused a big explosion at all with the small amount the boys had been using. And he was very sure that the shaped charges couldn’t have started the fire either. “The plastbins were on our move-list for tomorrow.” He pulled his datapad from a pocket. “Look this was a schematic where the plastbins were stashed. As you can see one room was full. The bins were under a flat roof.”

    “And that’s where we were,” Bud pointed at the map on the datapad of his father. “And there is the secure materials room.”

    “Where I had stored this morning the twenty four shaped charges and the primers in their separate box,” Wayne stated. “The timer and the wires are at home.”

    “There was a massive explosion,” Trudy started.

    “A plastbin overheating there and bursting can have started the fire,” Wayne interrupted. “Some plastbins had quite volatile liquids inside. And there were smaller pressurized metal containers in that room.” He indicated with his hands the size.

    “I see,” Ivano nodded to the children and their parents. “That’s the right size for a BLEVE and that can sound like an explosion.”

    “What’s a blievie?” Monica piped.

    boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion,” Ivano explained and saw boys and girls turning to him and waiting for more. “If the pressurized vessel, containing liquid at high temperature ruptures, the pressure which prevents the liquid from boiling is lost. If the rupture is catastrophic, where the vessel is immediately incapable of holding any pressure at all, then there suddenly exists a large mass of liquid which is at very high temperature and very low pressure.” He saw four boys getting eager looks waiting for what was to come next and continued “this causes the entire volume of liquid to instantaneously boil, which in turn causes an extremely rapid expansion. That expansion is so rapid that it can be classified as an explosion; fully capable of inflicting severe damage on its surroundings. It can kill!”

    Four boys and two girls nodded with awe and some fright on their faces.
    “And setting those plastbins on fire,” Wayne added. “Shaped charges can detonate when they reach the point of spontaneous combustion. They don’t need primers and wires attached to the timer when they are in the vicinity of a large fire. A fire-load from plastbins sure will lead to explosions.”

    “You didn’t move the plastbins first?” Jera asked.

    “Windows were our priority today after I got the confirmation that CL-company could take them,” Wayne replied. “You know; Jadaki insists on recycling all useable materials. It was one of the reasons he chose my company.”

    “And no big window in the restaurant was very nice for the man who saved us all,” Monica said. She was sitting next to her father. “He made a slide from a big cable. Bud, Frank and Mikel were there to catch me after I slid down.”

    “Uh is that man alright?” Judy was clutching one of her dolls. She had given the bag to her father.

    “He is still in surgery,” Lionel lifted his head with a far away gaze in his eyes. “And his family is coming.”

    “And we have to go to our families,” Will Boggs stood up with his sons Mikel and Gene doing the same. “Your mom will be worried.”

    “Good idea and I will get my company to head back to the party,” Wayne started to stand up. “But only if I am not needed here.”

    “Not today Mr. Sukenik,” Ivano answered. “Just send us a copy of your schematics and an account of the shaped charges. Our investigators will determine the cause of the fire tomorrow after the hazardous conditions are gone. Officers Chedokin and Kerebuy will help us because there were shaped charges. I will contact you. All of you can go home.”

    “I will send you my entire schedule. And I have pics of the shaped charges. There should be something of them left even after detonation.” Wayne Sukenik stood up.

    Five fathers and six children left the chowbox.

    Ivano waited until they were gone and turned to Lionel and Anwar. “You can go home too. Relief crews will be coming.”

    “But,” Anwar began.

    “You have helped a child and used two tanks of air and you rescued that man with your for me still amazing powers,” Trudy interrupted. “And our crew will be following soon. With the fireboat and the airport units now aiding us this fire won’t have a chance of surviving much longer. Head back to the fire-station with one of the support units.”

    “I will stay and wait here for you,” Lionel stated.

    “Same for me,” Anwar sat down “and Chief; get Bob his burger or he will think that I ate it.”

    “I will,” Trudy headed to the counter and ordered “six Nerf-burgers with red sauce. And give those two stubborn guys something to eat too.”

    “Your crew is sticking together,” Bret Chedokin commented.

    “Leaving together and coming back together is important,” Trudy stated and headed with her bag with Nerf-burgers back to her crew. She knew she had to stay but she would get her crew a ride home as soon as possible.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    “My son is still in surgery,” Jasan whispered with a dreamy look on his face when he followed his wife and Tarmenel and Aragin.

    Tarmenel Eled-Hir had guided the transport down to the meadow with Aragin Neral helping him. For both it was the second time to come to this place.

    “Guest-room six in the surgery wing will be the place to wait for news about your son,” Karoun Aatifa said when the group halted in front of his desk. He had been in contact with Tarmenel.

    “Thank you Karoun,” Tarmenel said. “Come this way.”

    Aragin, Jasan and Kalinde followed.

    Noranan police station 1
    One of the calls made by Morjan Lynch to the Noranan police department had her headed to station 1. It wasn’t the oldest station in Noranan but with the growing city the government had decided to build a new station 1 with facilities for detention and laboratories. It was near the airport and the new industrial area.

    Morjan was in one of the laboratories and awed when she saw the results of the tests done on the necklace. The doctor had been right to give her this to examine. It was a sophisticated spying device and had traces of blood and skin caught between the chain-links. A visit to the Benelli apartment rendered matching DNA. Calls to Rondor revealed more. A world of corruption, addiction and exploitation unfolded before her eyes. Tupa Wiay and Jonis Arvo were amoral. Tina Benelli had been an accomplice from the first day she met Wiay. Now she knew why Tina had wanted to hurt her former husband by taking away all that he loved. Even the detective, hired by Metfor, was bribed by Arvo and was missing only a day after the trial. She would keep it a secret from Felix and Kyle. It was too painful and horrible to reveal.

    One thing could get her mind at ease. Tina was dead and the crime committed by Wiay and Arvo would be judged by the Moniron high court. The highest penalty the Moniron high judge could give was exile to Dharon Island. On that island was a re-educational facility where convicted were put to a harsh regime. Only a few times the penalty had been given. It had been for similar cases. Few convicted had rejoined society. All had been old and had needed the care of a facility.

    Morjan hurried to call a special number.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Junior wing room 15
    No, Kyle wasn’t afraid of police officers anymore when two officers from station 1 came in to visit him, Glen and Nuran. Kyle gave a detailed account of all that had happened at Kando and Nello Lake.

    Glen gave his view on the events and told about the rescue of Kyle and showed his arms, still sporting bruises and the nail-marks from Julia.

    Nuran was the third to make his statement.

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    Aug 21, 2006

    Chapter 19

    14 velona

    Sekinstreet 2
    “Nashin is leaping…”

    A door opened and Bill was followed by Azaua, Estala, Ben, Wayne and Bud.

    “Mom,” Bud sped to his mother and dropped down on the sofa next to her and his brother and sister. “I was at…”

    “Shh,” Dan nudged his brother. “We are watching the slamball.”

    “Only fifty minutes more and,” Donna began.

    “Yes but I …” Bud began.

    “I know and the rest of our family will hear about your adventure after the game,” Wayne sat down next to Bud and gave him a wink with his left eye. “I too like to see Rondor winning.”

    Bud was silent and winked back. A father and son understood each other after sharing the same experience. His father wasn’t angry at him and during the ride to Sekinstreet he even had told him about an adventure in his youth. And that had Trucky, Estala, Ben and Azaua adding adventures of their own youth. ‘All kids are the same and I hope you have learnt something from your experiment,’ was what Azaua had asked him.

    “Same for me,” Bill sat down in his favorite chair. “The burgers have to wait again.”

    Estala, Azaua and Ben took the remaining places.

    Azaua was a bit worried. After Wayne had hurried to the chowbox to meet his son she had been halted with Ben and Estala by a reporter. The reporter had been asking her detailed questions about the plastbins and their contents and why they were still there.

    Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks was a smoking heap of rubble with only little patches of flames still battling against the water.

    The flames were losing. The storm was now their enemy adding a downpour of rain to the deluge of the nozzles.

    DB-wood was giving more resistance. The building had collapsed after durasteel beams and girders lost their integrity. Heaps of wood – mixed with metal from machines – were turning into charcoal furnaces. Water pouring on those furnaces met overheated metal and turned to combustible gases. Explosions were heard above the downpour of water.

    Fire resistant Lionellan wood began to smoulder. It would be the last to reach ignition temperature.

    But Shea Quin Metal and the forest and the buildings on Central road were saved.

    - - -

    Craig Direux and Dion Bargony were being interviewed by the press in the restaurant of Shea Quin Metal.

    “We heard from one of Sukenik’s employees that it could have been an over-heating plastbin. What are your comments Mr. Direux?”

    “Sukenik should have removed the plastbins and metal containers,” Craig stated. “He knew they could overheat and cause an explosion. He destroyed my factory.”

    “What will you do?”

    “Our lawyer will prepare the case,” Dion Bargony replied. “He has given the advice to wait for the investigations. We will tell you more tomorrow after consulting him.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Restaurant surgery wing
    Jim grinned when he saw Dick and Sam busy with a briku fruit pie and trying to get Ashley interested in taking one too. He had met Jadin in the ready-room and had heard that the officers and Ashley Donovan would be waiting for him in the restaurant after paying a visit to the two boys in room 15 of the Junior-wing. ‘My account didn’t have Sam loosing his appetite at all. The last thing he asked if he could wait with Ashley, Dick and Tim in the restaurant where he found the delicious fries’ was what Jadin had told before wheeling away. Jim was headed to the restaurant when his pager had him going to a meeting-room first for a short meeting with two police officers. ‘You can deliver your report to station 5 and meet your relatives’ was what officer Ketou had told him after he had introduced himself.

    “Look who’s there,” Dick said.

    “Jim Kerebuy,” he shook hands with Ashley.

    “Ashley Donovan. You are the man who helped my husband at Kando.”

    “Yes,” Jim sat down and began with his detailed report.

    And with Dick asking about his past, Jim was soon telling tall tales about being a member of ‘hospital squadron’ during the clone wars, the escape to Lingala and the arrival on Moniron.

    Tim Dereika added interesting details about his meetings with Jedi and about the Kerebuy family.

    And Jim was grinning broadly when Tim told him who was the husband of his sister. Another colleague sure would meet family-members. He arranged a guest-room for Tim.

    Riva apartment 15
    “Did you hear that,” Julia Shang was sitting next to her parents on the sofa and watching the holonews.

    “I did sweetie,” June Shang said.

    “Neglected plastbins and those pressurized metal containers causing a BLEVE,” Ruben Shang grinned. “Craig will be very happy with Jadaki. And it is even possible that DB will claim the property of Jadaki to rebuild DB. We will have a nice new factory.”

    “Our lawyer Arvo will make a nice case for DB-wood,” June Shang said but saw her husband shaking his head. “Arvo is the best for getting all out of the case.”

    “Not this time,” Ruben stated. “Arvo has done only the financial cases. Direux will have Frank Mogvitch on the case. He was contacting him when I left the factory.”

    “Mogvitch is even better,” June mused. “He was defending DB at the case to purchase property on Aarga and won.”

    Julia watched the rest of the news and was glad that the incident at Kando wasn’t mentioned at all.

    Sekinstreet 2
    “Was that all,” Donna Sukenik ruffled the hair of her son who smiled back. He had been telling the audience about his experiment.

    “Yes mom and it was the bottle standing on the lower shelf,” Bud grinned.

    “That was old hair-paint but please continue with the rest of your story,’ Donna said.

    “We tried to escape upstairs using the knowledge from what I had seen in dad’s office but that went wrong,” Bud said. “Our cries and of course the louder cries of Monica and Judy alerted a man who was running. He made a slide for us and we all could rappel down. After Gene joined us the man started to go down and there was a big explosion but we didn’t see the man because a fire-engine rushed towards us. The man was rescued by the firefighters and crew from a medevac.”

    “That was what we heard on the news,” Carli Dorsett said. “And after that we switched to the sports channel.”

    “When we are allowed to go to the hospital we are going to thank that man for saving us,” Bud said. “Firechief Arvedai told us about that visit but that was after Chief Dargis showed us the equipment of the engine and more and that was great. The medevac left and we got to hear stories from fire-chief Arvedai who took us to a chowbox and we were again telling about the experiment when dad and more parents came. And that had us telling more and dad explaining that it could have been the pressurised metal containers getting too much heat from the sun.”

    “And that has me a bit worried,” Azaua started. “I had reporters asking me questions about the plastbins and why they were still there. We couldn’t have moved them today boss?”

    “No Azaua,” Wayne replied. “I have the documents to prove that today was window-removal day. I am glad the windows were gone because the hazard of breaking transparisteel would have made rescue more dangerous.”

    “Detonating shaped charges were dangerous too causing the building to collapse and getting that rescuer in the hospital,” Bill muttered. “Jadaki is now rubble and DB-wood too. We are without work with Jadaki gone a few days early or do you have new assignments?”

    “I have submitted a bid to the Noranan government to demolish the old sports-hall and received an order to do that work and more,” Wayne said. “But now no more talk about work. We have your birthday to celebrate Bill.”

    “With Nerf-burgers,” Bill stood up and went to the kitchen with a big smile on his face. Getting the government job would place Sukenik even more in the picture.

    “I want to see if he makes the burgers just as greasy as Buwalda,” Bud followed Trucky.

    “No way Bud,” Wayne laughed and had to explain who Buwalda was and why he had waited with the good news about the new job.

    Colwood road 2
    Noranan police station 5
    The station was almost deserted with all the units responding to the Nello-road incident.

    Chief Garmin Laurie had ears and eyes fixated on the boards displaying where his units were after adding incident channel one and nodded only when he saw officers Akina Meader and Yves Onitsa coming in and stopping before his desk. He had been in contact with the hospital and had heard all about Mel Donovan from Nuran Rimac. He had briefed the two before a call had them abandoning their study. The list with questions was on his desk.

    “We are relieved and ready in a few moments to,” Akina began when the door opened again to admit Dick, Sam and an unknown man.

    That was Jim Kerebuy and he was a bit tired but very satisfied after the long shift when he followed Dick and Sam to get his report about the aid giving to Mel Donovan filed. He had heard more from Dick about his family. They were nephews with Bret Kerebuy as their grandfather. And he found it very amusing that Bret’s son Dick was the Chief of Police here in Noranan, with son Dick following in his footsteps. What would have been his future if his parents had not died fighting that fire on New Holstice? Mick and he got foster-parents that were doctors.

    Garmin began to chuckle when he saw Akina having eyes only for the newcomer.

    “I am ready for your questions,” Yves had his eyes fixated on the list on Garmin’s desk.

    “Akina not,” Garmin chuckled when he saw her making a beeline to the man showing some familiarity to Dick.

    “Dunai love,” Yves whispered. He had seen that years ago when Dick met Diona.

    “Yes and this time no speeding ticket for me to throw in the trash can,” Garmin replied. “But we have again first love in this station.”

    “Jim,” Dick grabbed the doctor by his shoulder with a mischievous smile on his face “this way to the file-unit.” He sure had heard the interchange between his chief and Yves. Diona had come in that time fuming and about to slap with the speeding ticket the first head she encountered when that happened to be his. A ticket drifted to the floor and Diona and he felt a bond forming and kissed.

    “Dunai love yes. I am Jim Kerebuy.” Jim beamed.

    “Akina Meader and uh…”

    “I love you,” both said at the same moment. Hugs and kisses followed and fingers let go of a file-disk.

    “That’s my nephew following the Kerebuy tradition,” Dick was able to catch the falling file-disk and brought it to the file-unit where Sam was.

    “A party yes,” Sam grinned.

    “Sure and we will wait for Mel,” Jim and Akina voiced what the others were thinking.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing
    Room 12
    Mel Donovan was awake and still smiling when the door opened. Kaagi Adin and his air-show had been very funny. The man had told him all about his injuries and the short recovery period thanks to the green goo. “Ashley!”

    “Mel uh what’s the smile?” Ashley beamed when she saw her husband reclining comfortably in the bed. Only a tent covering his legs, an IV-bag and an air-tube in his nostrils indicated that he was recovering from surgery. And there was a tiny patch on his head. “I have heard from Doctors Finn and Kerebuy that you are alright but this. Having fun after a serious beating…”

    “Blame that Jedi-healer Kaagi and his air-show,” Mel lifted his hand to take that of his wife. “I had of course green globs sticking to my body from the Irol dunk and you know that Dunai elder are quite allergic to fast healing substances like Bacta and Irol.”

    “Hmmhmm,” Ashley nodded and sat down. Jadin Finn had been explaining all about the new treatment for the broken thighbone and the Irol dunk to take care of the bruises and abdominal injuries.

    “The Jedi used the Force to guide those green globs from me and made them in a large green glob resembling a Gizmo.”

    “A Gizmo,” Ashley laughed. “You had one when I met you for the first time.”

    “In kindergarten and you and me stayed friends,” Mel grinned. “Kaagi must have picked that up from a dream I was having when I became aware of my getting out of that tank. And he told me about the two boys staying here too when he was guiding the Gizmo back in the tank.”

    “Glen and Kyle,” Ashley said “and they will come tomorrow to visit you. I have been to their room to thank them. Kyle was a bit afraid when I came in but I told him not to worry. You won’t bite was what I told him and when I commented on the tasty Briku-fruit pie and your love for cookies and my promise to bring cookies tomorrow he even became eager to visit you. But his father forbade him to leave his bed.”

    “Figures with almost drowning,” Mel stated “I have heard all from Kaagi. And I am glad he is now with his father.”

    “Getting love and care,” Ashley grinned and began to tell more about her meeting with the boys.

    And when she saw her husband blinking with his eyes and falling asleep, she kissed him on his cheek and left very silently the room. A call to police station five had Garmin Laurie coming on the com and telling her to wait for the ‘taxi-service’ of the Kerebuys.

    Noranan police station 1
    Noranan police station 1 was the only station in Noranan equipped with facilities to detain offenders and had six secure rooms in two blocks. In block one were two of them now occupied by Tidi Monetti and Julia Shang. Block two had Tupa Wiay in a cell. And that block was now under guard from the Special Forces. Morjan Lynch didn’t want to take a chance with Wiay and had ordered the Special Forces to arrest him.

    Sophia Zenon was the last to be guided by two female officers – a Cathar and a Shistavanen – towards the secure rooms in block one. She had been alone at home when the police came to get her and she had said nothing. That was something she had learned from her parents. The officers had told her about her rights. She had been allowed one call. That had her calling her parents and those parents were now arriving.

    Sophia halted before the wire-mesh door when she heard the door to the cells opening “…injured him severely.”

    “No my daughter is a nice girl.”

    That was her father. “Daddy,” Sophia shouted when the Shistavanen was opening the wire-mesh door to get her inside the cell.

    “And your daughter was one of the three to push a boy into the deep water of Nello Lake.”

    “What?” Josh Zenon rushed as fast as he could to his daughter with his wife Sofie – now stunned – following. She had heard all what the officer had told and didn’t believe that her daughter could do this kind of things. Josh had hurried to the club where his wife had been having a dinner with her friends and had told her that Sophia was in detention. “Don’t tell them anything Sophia. I will get our lawyer.”

    “We have a full confession from a witness Mr. and Miss. Zenon.”

    “A witness,” Sophia smirked. “You mean Glen Baldwin or Kyle Metfor. They were there too and …”

    “Stop Sophia,” Josh Zenon began.

    “The man attacked me and I fought back,” Sophia continued.

    “We helped her when she was attacked,” Julia came to the wire-mesh door of her cell. “And Kyle and Glen did nothing at all to help us.”

    “No, they didn’t partake in the beating of the downed officer,” the officer said. “But they got the attention of our witness. He had heard all and can identify you.”

    “Ah that man,” Tidi huffed. “He couldn’t. He was too far away.”

    “Lawyer Jonis Arvo will come to get me free,” Julia stated. “He will prove the statements of the man and Glen and Kyle worthless.”

    “He will be your lawyer too,” Josh Zenon said. “I will contact him and have you out in one hour paying the bail.”

    “No bail allowed,” the officer stated. “The officer and the boys have made a full statement. We have been to the hospital and have seen what they did to our colleague and the boys.”

    “Officers Ketou and Behanzin,” Josh Zenon – puffy face becoming red – towered above the officer closest to him being Ketou. “I will get my daughter and her friends out and prove your statements wrong.” He turned and headed with his wife to the exit. “Your superior will be ‘pleased’ when he can tell you that you are fired mister Ketou. And the same is for you Behanzin.”

    “One hour daddy,” Sophia shouted and pulled her arm free and stepped in the cell.

    The Cathar officer closed the door purring contently.

    - - -

    “Good luck,” Officer Kerin Behanzin grinned when he saw the retreating backs of the Zenons outside in the rain. He was with his mate in the office to do the ‘paper-work’ for the case.

    “An easy case for the judge,” Officer Toby Ketou said. “We will keep the kids here for the five days it takes for the prosecutor to set up his case. After that it is the junior court and one of the re-education facilities for them.”

    “The Er-Esnina facilities or the Monir boarding school are the right place. I hope it will be the second. You saw what they did to Mel Donovan.”

    “And Jonis Arvo won’t stand a chance.”

    “If he can squeeze his way out of that other affair,” Kerin stated. “You have heard dispatch directing a unit to the Arvo residence.”

    “I did and it was a spec-unit,” Toby said.

    “The sleaze is with his friend,” Jacco Mannock came to the desk. He had heard all of the conversation from his friends. “We have Tupa Wiay and Jonis Arvo here. They were easy to book for us after the evidence coming from Inspector Lynch. Just read this.”

    “Wiay and Arvo are ruthless,” Toby smirked after reading the report. He knew now why the Special Forces were guarding Wiay and Arvo. “But all lawyers are. You heard Dion Bargony accusing Sukenik of negligent behavior after consulting his lawyer Mogvitch. ‘Sukenik moved the plastbins too late and now my factory is gone’ was what he said to the reporters. And that has me wondering if the destruction of DB-wood was a natural result of Jadaki getting suddenly an igniting plastbin or whatever container that was near the roof, followed by a conflagration of flames jumping to DB-wood.”

    “That’s for the inspectors to reveal but you have a point,” Jacco said. “Arvo and Wiay will be gone tomorrow.”

    “And we have to arrange the transport for Zenon, Shang and Monetti,” Toby said. “They will have their trial at the junior court in Monir.”

    “Put them on the same Special Forces transport,” Jacco remarked. “It is large enough to transport them. Their parents can come too if they want.”

    “Great idea,” Kerin began to arrange things.

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    Yay for Felix and Kyle and glad for Mel recovering -- Looks like the culprits will get what's coming :p Like how Tim and Ivano are tying into other tales =D= Jim and Akina @};-
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    More squee moments are to follow but first this chapter where firefighter traditions are revealed

    Chapter 20

    14 velona

    Riva apartment 15
    Ruben Shang was fuming. He had gone to lawyer Arvo in the Kando apartments after his daughter had been taken away in shackles by the Noranan police. The police officers had stated that she was taken for attempted manslaughter. That had Julia screaming that she was defending herself. Ruben had told her that he would get a lawyer for her and that had Julia silent and listening to the officer telling her about her rights.

    “What’s up? “June Shang asked.

    “Before going to my lawyer I met Josh and Sofie Zenon coming back from the police. Their daughter Sophia has been taken for the same offence. They told me that Tidi Monetti was the third to be in jail. The three were defending themselves. Sophia was very sure that the man attacked first. I assured the Zenon parents that I would go to my friend Arvo and entered the elevator. Coming to that floor I saw that the Arvo residence was being invaded by police officers and I headed back in the elevator before they spotted me.”

    “Getting Arvo to defend our daughter might be a bad idea,” June suggested.

    “Sure and that invasion has me fearing the worst. I will ask Direux for a transfer back to Noranan. Maybe he has a name of a lawyer of impeccable reputation.” Ruben took out his comlink.

    19.30Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing
    OT one
    Jehna was doing great. His right lower leg was now encased in a soft splint covering the bandages and to keep the foot from moving. Broken bones were aligned with metal holding them together. His left leg had received the same treatment and was now being bandaged. His bandaged right arm was also sporting a splint to keep wrist and hand immobile. Burns – most on lower body and legs – were covered with synthskin and special bandages. His body-temperature was low. Thermal sheets were on the table and responsible for that temperature.

    ‘Yes, urine is being produced by the kidneys.’ Aradan was taping the last bandage to the abdominal area after making sure that drains and catheter were working properly. He was almost ready and blinked with his eyes. Fatigue was now catching up after being held at bay by the intense concentration to help his friend.

    “Dad, get that sleeping-on-his-feet Aradan Mirdees to the scrub-room,” Jason Guyet looked up briefly from the monitors showing him a stable patient.

    “I will and I will take Aaqu along,” Alan Guyet stood up. “And I will see you soon. Cedrick is in the scrub-room with his team for post-op and for transporting Jehna to the IC-ward.”

    “I am not sleeping on my feet young Jason Guyet,” Aradan had even a small smile on his face because his surgical work to repair damaged innards had been successful. Kidneys and a spleen were saved. There would be no permanent disabilities. “And I won’t go. I want to see Jehna in the IC first before getting somewhere near a scrub-room.”

    “No food Aradan? Your stomach is rumbling for some nice veggies,” Jason tried with a mischievous sounding voice. The nurses had of course supplied the entire team during the surgery with various liquid and solid refreshments.

    “Uh no,” Aradan replied. “If I want something it’s a Nerf-burger with sauce after all the fruit-bars Beran has been feeding me.”

    “I will order one for you to be delivered in the changing cubicles of the IC-ward,” Mick was assisting with a bandage holding the splint to the left leg. “We are almost ready. The first thing I will do after some scrub-room-fun with Beran, Jess and Jay is going to the restaurant with them and order a Nerf-burger.”

    “I will come along and keep him from said Nerf-burgers,” Alan grinned. “Even in the mess hall of hospital squadron I had no problem keeping the pilots in top shape and fitting in their suits and fighters.”

    “Tough job Gold five with four against one,” Mick snickered when he saw the gleaming eyes of Alan lighting up when he called him by his squadron call sign. “And if Aaqu likes one too…”

    “Just the scrub-room,” Aaqu said with a tired voice. He had the ‘bones’ job with Mick helping him and was taping that last bandage. “I am ready.” And he appreciated the support Mick and Alan gave him when he walked on unsteady legs to the scrub-room door. His right leg was now stiff and he felt the pins. ‘I hope those things can go soon.’

    “Good luck commander Kerebuy,” Leslie was securing a bandage around the torso to support the broken ribs and saw Mick giving a military salute. Jess, Jay and Beran followed the three doctors. Beran was last. “Tell chef Mouraha to make one for me with fries and sauce. I will be ready in half an hour after helping with the transport of Jehna to the IC-ward.”

    “Done Leslie,” Beran closed the door to the scrub-room.

    “I will stay with Jehna and you,” Leslie Tualan said with a soft voice locking eyes with Aradan. “His parents are here and will come to the IC-ward with Tarmenel. Together we will have a solution for Jehna to have pleasant dreams and regain the Force.”

    “You know,” Aradan got smiling eyes.

    “And for you it’s a long rest as soon as we have Jehna in the IC-ward,” Leslie held Aradan in a now commanding gaze. “You ‘are’ sleeping on your feet Aradan.”

    Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks, DB-wood and Shea Quin Metal
    Five hours had passed since the first shaped charge had exploded, beginning the inferno that consumed Jadaki Plastworks and DB-wood.

    Chief Dargis was standing just outside the chowbox. She had given a short report to incident commander Arvedai. She had remained behind after seeing her crew getting a ride to the fire-station in one of the support units. And she had heard the two Dunai elder planning a visit to the hospital for tomorrow. ‘I want to visit Kyle’ ‘I want to see how Jehna is doing’ was what the two had said with weary voices when they entered the transport. They could. Her crew had no duty tomorrow. The replacement shift had taken over. And volunteers arriving at the fire-stations to see the backs of the engines spurting away were now having a great time. They were ferried to the incident and could replace the tired first responding volunteers. They didn’t mind that the place was a burning heap of rubble. Being part of the crew to fight a big fire was important and would lead to tall tales at home of at work.

    Chief Dargis saw volunteers of ‘her’ fire-station mingling with the professional crews and volunteers from other units and grinned when she heard some of the conversation.

    “Hey Issan, did you see the news?”

    “I did see that and the hollering of Bargony about exploding plastbins being the cause of the fire could be heard above my pump being busy to transport water to his kriffing factory. He is accusing poor Sukenik.”

    “Sukenik is good at his work. Neglect huh.”

    “You had Sukenik doing a job Brent?”

    “I had and nothing but good and excellent work from him and his company. I recommended his work to my superior. But we have to wait with our next assignment. He has the government job first.”

    “Poor Sukenik will be without that job. He won’t stand a chance against Mogvitch. I hope that the inspectors will find something that did cause the fire. Rookie Leland told me that he was helping to treat the man that saved the children. That man Jehna was screaming about explosions.”

    Chief Dargis hoped that Ivano had heard that conversation too.

    - - -

    Ivano had. He was inside the chowbox getting more Nerf-burgers and drinks for the crews. With the fire a controlled burn of the two factories he could take it easy. The high temperature would take care of the dangerous chemicals. And he had heard the discussion between Lionel and Anwar. The cries of the desperate man living his dream were intriguing. The man was a Dunai elder. ‘Did he know what really happened? What kind of explosion has started the fire?’ Lionel had used all his Force powers to keep the man from hurting himself more. He would start his investigation as soon as the temperature was down to a bearable level at the site where the fire had started.

    - - -

    Kevin Kaol had. He was walking with a bag with greasy stuff towards Alwin and snickered “Jason should hear this. There is an Issan and a Buwalda.”

    “What’s up Kevin,” Alwin took the bag and extricated one of the two burgers.

    “Issa’s are lengthy and quite eloquent in their answering of questions,” Kevin laughed. “And cooks with a name beginning with a ‘B’ have the same recipe everywhere. I will try to get one for Jason when we are relieved.”

    “That’s about now with all the volunteers coming and wanting to take over. You want give him a famous Bullwinkle made Nerf-burger that’s greasy and will have him commenting about that grease?”

    “You know, he was denying Ersan his burger this morning.”

    “Ersan,” Alwin laughed “maybe he caught one with the Big Fish after landing in a place without Guyets.”

    “If the Big Fish was at a place with a Bullwinkle.”

    “What’s this about Bullwinkle burgers and big fish?” A firefighter sauntered towards them diverted from going to the chowbox. “I was about to get one before heading back to my base. Are they that disgusting?”

    “We were discussing greasy stuff not liked by our colleague. I am Kevin Kaol.” Kevin shook hands.

    “Grady Baldwin from fire-station six,” Grady shook hands with Kevin and Alwin.

    “Alwin Elenion,” Alwin took another bite from his burger and offered the bag. “. They are tasty. You can go and try them.”

    “Hmmm,” Grady took a bite, continued to devour the thing and asked “Does he have fruit-pies too? I want to take those to my son and Kyle in the hospital.”

    Alwin asked “your son is in the hospital?”

    “He is after helping his friend Kyle but he isn’t injured.”

    “I can accompany you to the chowbox,” Kevin offered. “I have to get a new burger and to take a burger or two to the Guyets. They work in the hospital too.” He headed with Grady to the chowbox telling more about his job and about the cooks and nurses stuffing patients and visitors with all kinds of delicacies.

    Lake-avenue 34
    Craig Direux was serving his guests a glass of wine. He was very sure that the man now sipping from that wine would win the case for him. The inspectors had only to look at the place of origin of the fire to find the remains of plastbins or pressurized metal containers. Accusing Sukenik of neglect was a masterful move from Mogvitch.

    The only worry was Ruben Shang and his daughter now arrested for attempted manslaughter. Ruben had contacted him asking for a transfer back to Haradan. “Ruben Shang told me that Jonis Arvo has been arrested. The police are going through his apartment with all the special equipment and will find evidence of our cases.”

    “Arvo arrested? Did he do major cases for DB?” Frank Mogvitch sipped from his glass.

    “No,” Craig replied. “He did a few for us involving taxes and the government.”

    “There is nothing to worry Mr. Direux,” the lawyer stated. “Taxes are usually low profile cases. But to keep you from worrying it will be the best for you to get the Shangs working somewhere else. From what I have seen you have excellent employees in the two.”

    “I can use Ruben and June Shang in our factory in Avana,” Dion Bargony stated. “Avana is thriving and I want to keep it that way.”

    “I can help,” Frank Mogvitch began and told more.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Scrub-room and ready-room
    Aaqu had immediately entered his changing cubicle after coming in the scrub-room. He had discarded his green shirt and pants and had taken a shower. Clad in a green towel he had been beginning to don the garment he had been wearing before the emergency when he discovered the diary he was keeping with Marhin Adin as the co-author in a pocket of that garment. The events of the day were calling for an entry. That had him sitting down on the discarded clothes and beginning to write. A page was almost filled with writing.

    Eyes began to blink.

    Our great team of nurses nicknamed the three D’s. Jay Dalair, Beran Daranon and Jess Djarada were fantastic and… A pencil dropped on the green discarded gown and a diary joined. The owner began to snore softly.

    That snore was unnoticed by the five men having fun with squeeze-bottles, gloves, towels, soap and sponges.

    All could have fun again after the assuring tale from Leslie about midi-chlorians. And fun was needed to unwind after the long procedure. And the fun would be continued in the restaurant.

    - - -

    Lynne Maerhin had ended her shift and had seen on the boards where her husband was busy. She had gone to the ready-room next to the scrub-rooms to wait for him and saw Beran, Jay, Jess, Alan and Mick exiting the room with big smiles on slightly red faces. The smell of soap was very strong on all men. And she heard a very soft snoring sound. ‘Aaqu!’ She knew that Kaagi was the best man to deal with a snoring, sleeping husband in a scrub-room. And sensing where Kaagi was, she followed the five men.

    Restaurant surgery wing
    Kaagi Adin was listening with moist eyes to Nuran Rimac. The inspector had told him everything about what happened all those years ago in that small cabin in the woods.

    Marhin was listening with awe. He had of course heard the story from his father and from Aaqu but this man – police inspector Rimac – had been the one to give Glinis permission to take his father to the Jedi.

    “I saw the gentle way Glinis Ra-Ond was using to soothe you when I signed the documents in the Jedi transport. I left the transport and the last thing I saw was your smile,” Nuran ended his story.

    “Inspector Rimac, dad; can I get you some fruit pie? Chef Mouraha has made new ones.” Marhin stretched his stiff legs.

    “You can,” Nuran saw that stretching of legs with a big smile on his face and added mischievously “and I appreciate some caf too to soothe my parched throat.”

    “Three caf and three pies coming,” Marhin stood up.

    “Glinis became my master and father,” Kaagi murmured. “And padawan Aaqu became my brother and best friend. He is here too and I am sure he will like to meet you again.”

    “I will and look your son is quick with his order.”

    “Chef Mouraha must have anticipated his visit.”

    Marhin was walking back with the full tray from the counter when five men followed by Lynne entered.

    “Just the two to help me,” Lynne made a beeline to the Adins.

    “What?” Marhin placed the tray on the table.

    “Yes?” Kaagi turned his wheelchair.

    “Aaqu is still in the scrub-room and…”

    “Snoring and asleep on green thingies,” Kaagi laughed. “We will get a stretcher and give him a nice room.”

    “I will guard your fruit-pie,” Nuran grinned when he saw five pair of eager eyes gazing at the three fruit-pies.

    Kaagi sped away with Lynne running and Marhin lagging behind. But for the short distance to the scrub-rooms that wasn’t important. They would be back before the caf was cold.

    “Please one Nerf-burger chef…”

    “Dripping with grease eech…”

    “One for me with sauce…”

    “What kind of sauce?”

    “Chef Mouraha since when…”

    “Ah uh whatever…”

    “For me all the sauces…”

    “For me too…”

    “And get one sizzling for Leslie. And fries and his favorite sauce.”

    “Eech that’s grease to lubricate an Eta actis …”

    “Interceptor yes but you know Mouraha has gotten the recipe from me.”

    Nuran laughed when he heard four men ordering a Nerf-burger and one arguing.

    At another table was Tim Dereika and he was doubled over with laughter when he heard a Guyet arguing with a Kerebuy. His sister Kira had picked up that grease-is-bad-for-your-health from her husband. Chief of police Avon Guyet made sure that there were no Nerfburgers in the house when he visited them. ‘I had brought them as a present for my sister and Avon arrested them, placing them in the prison uh garbage-bin.’

    19.55Colwood road 212Fire-station six
    The freshers were crowded with excited chattering firefighters, volunteers and professionals. All had been relieved by new crews.

    “WOW that man was strong. Is that the Force?”

    “Yes Jack. I am sure you will see more use of the Force. Just watch the play between Lionel and Anwar.”

    “Flying soap? He could have thrown it. No. Geez did you see that.”

    “Anwar, get my soap back. You know I am too tired to get it back the normal way.”

    “Soap is coming. Get clean Lionel. Your dad is coming.”

    “His dad is coming?”

    “Sure, my dad is coming and he knows I am tired.”

    “The soap flies. You have to teach me that trick.”

    “Impossible Jack but you can do this.”

    “Geez he was planning to fill my boots with water.”

    “You saved the rookie and spoiled our fun Bob.”

    “Yes Ramon, Hugh, aww no, now it’s my towel that’s wet.”

    “I will help you.”

    “Men and their pranks…”

    “You know what they did when I was the rookie.”

    “They were showering you with the big hoses.”

    “My sister will get my stuff home and if not I will see it back next week when we are visiting Ashley again.”

    “Same for me.”

    “I will see my works next week and you know new cookies.”


    “Cookies girls?”

    “Save some cookies for us.”

    ‘Cookies? No it’s fruit-pies for Kyle, my son and me.’ Grady Baldwin heard the chatter from the men and women in their separate freshers when he was opening his locker. He was in a hurry rushing in the shower, getting soap and water on his sweat-drenched body and toweling himself more or less dry but failing because the sweat kept coming. But he had escaped the shower-fun before it could begin. For him no dunking of Jack the rookie in the sink and filling the rookies boots with water. He had a bag with three fruit-pies waiting for him. The smell of soap, sweat and smoke was overwhelming when he donned an old shirt and baggy pants, kept in his locker for just this kind of incident. Clothes – clean when he donned them this morning to go to his work – were now dirty and stuffed in a large bag. Only socks and underwear had no replacement, hence the smell of smoke and sweat. He hurried to his speeder passing a young looking man in clogs and dirty coveralls smelling of husan manure and hay.

    That was Lionel’s father coming to get his son home.

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    Great stuff with the unwinding and teasing, you can feel the camaraderie :) :)
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    Thank you and here is the chapter that closes the eventful day. What will happen with the investigations? With Jehna? With the healers? With the boys? With Mel Donovan?

    Chapter 21

    14 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital

    Using the Force to float a sleeping Aaqu on the stretcher held steady by Lynne and Marhin was easy for Kaagi.

    “I will take him to his ‘nice’ room,” Lynne laughed when she covered her husband with one of the green towels and guided the stretcher outside.

    “And you will stay with him until he is awake?” Marhin was walking beside the stretcher with the diary in his hands. He had retrieved that from the green things.

    “Sure Marhin and will you feed the husans?”

    “I will and now it’s back to our caf and fruit-pies,” Marhin stuffed the diary in a pocket of his greens and entered the restaurant and heard to his surprise Alan Guyet ordering a greasy Nerf-burger.

    “Yes a take-away with sauce.”

    And he grinned when he saw an unknown man in a police uniform headed to the counter.

    “Make it hot red sauce.”

    “And you are?”

    “Tim Dereika and you are a Guyet.”

    “Alan Guyet yes.”

    “My sister is married to Avon Guyet and…”

    “Your burger is ready.”

    “I will see you.”

    Marhin saw Alan coming his way.

    20.00Central roadFire-station seven
    Alwin was the last to leave the fire-station and saw Kevin following Grady, who had come to the station. He had been helping Sig Dupree with the report that would be sent to incident command.

    Sig had donned his dirty sweaty underwear and some old clothes gotten from Alwin with the jacket and luxury but muddy boots making a sharp contrast. His clothes were now rags and no he couldn’t go back to the party of Trucky. Even more when he discovered the speederbike of his sister now in a deep puddle of mud with fallen leaves and branches heaped atop of it.

    “I will give you a ride home,” Alwin offered. “And that speederbike will be cleaned tomorrow just like the engine. We have had our exercise today.”

    “Thanks,” Sig said. “I will face my sister tomorrow. I will call Bill Dorsett. He will understand that I am too dirty and tired to come back.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Junior wing room 15
    Opening the door a little bit Dian Genin had a big smile on her face when she heard the laughter coming from the room. In the Force she felt that everything was going to be alright for her patient now united with his father and having great new friends. She closed the door and wanted to continue her way to the exit when the door to the junior wing opened and a whiff of some food entered her nose. It was coming from a bag held by a man. And there was more. Was it from the food or coming from the man? She smelled smoke and sweat. ‘Ah that’s what Glen said. My father is busy.’ She had seen the news about the big fire consuming Jadaki and DB-wood and she knew about the plans of the two Baldwins and more.

    “Good evening. I am headed there. I am Grady Baldwin and Kevin Kaol told me that this is the room of Kyle Metfor and my son.”

    “You can. I am Dian Genin.” She shook hands with the man and gave a look at the bag. “And try to keep my patient and your son clean. They have had their dunks in Nello Lake and a nice shower here. And don’t make the visit too long. Kyle needs his rest and his father too after the eventful day.”

    “I will,” Grady said. “I am tired too and there is no running this evening with my son.”

    Dian asked with feigned innocence “you are training for a run?”

    “Yes for the Monir 21 K,” Grady replied. “I am going to Monir to run with my son. We have plans to leave tomorrow. Glen will do the 10 K.”

    “Go to your friends. And come here tomorrow with Glen. He and Kyle are going to visit Mel Donovan.”

    “Uh tom…”

    “Tomorrow,” Dian laughed. “Be here in the morning and don’t worry about how to go to Monir. You will have a nice transport arranged by the new friends of your son.”

    “See you tomorrow doctor Genin,” Grady opened the door.

    “Dad,” Glen rushed to his father. “You are here. No running exercise I see. Can you tell me about the fire? You must be tired. Uh what’s in that bag? I have to…”

    “Calm down Glen,” Grady interrupted and hugged his son trying to keep the bag from being crushed and succeeding. He disentangled and entered with his son the room “in this bag are tasty fruit-pies for Kyle, you and uh…” He paused when he saw a man sitting near the bed. “We have to split the food.” He headed to the man and introduced himself “Grady Baldwin.”

    “Felix Metfor.”

    “I have had dinner and a fruit-pie,” Kyle whispered with a sleepy voice. “Give it to my father. He had dinner too but I am sure he likes that. It smells good.”

    “If you like to share I can give you a piece,” Felix said.

    Grady distributed the fruit-pies and sat down on one of the chairs. He began to eat and wanted to tell about the firefighting but seeing three very sleepy faces and feeling the fatigue in his muscles he decided to just eat his fruit-pie and head home with his son.

    Glen was silent too, savouring the different taste of this pie and sure wanting to know where that came from. But he saw the sleepy, tired face of his father and just ate the thing.

    Kyle munched on a small piece of the delicacy and crawled under the covers and fell asleep with a satisfied look on his face.

    “I like to know more about you but,” Felix yawned when he had finished his fruit-pie and started to head to the fresher. “It’s time for me to turn in I think.”

    “And for us,” Grady whispered and left the room with his son. “See you tomorrow for more and good night.”

    “Glen, Grady, thanks for all you have done for my son,” Felix disappeared in the fresher. He was tired after the eventful day but very happy. He had his son back and new friends.

    Surgery wing
    IC ward
    Henrani Elenion wasn’t surprised at all to see four persons dressed in isolation suits when he directed Cedrick Arovan and Marille Er-Denal to guide the bed with Jehna into room number four, one of the single patient rooms with a nice view on the garden. And Aradan not sleeping on his feet was no surprise either. But he kept a close watch on the surgeon and would guide him home or to one of the guest-rooms if he had to. And he saw Leslie giving a nod.

    Leslie was watching Aradan too.

    Cedrick and Marille connected the equipment.

    Aradan just followed. He was too tired to help but had to see his colleague and friend getting all the care in the IC-ward. But he recognised three persons immediately. “Uh Jasan, Kalinde,” he began to stutter. “Physically uh he is uh looking not uh … yes but he uh…”

    “Our son is going to be alright,” Jasan Er-San came to Aradan and put a supporting hand on his shoulder. “You have done all you could. Don’t you worry about my son!”

    “Yes but I uh I ordered …” Aradan began to sniff. He saw the assuring stats and heard the regular heartbeat and rhythm of the ventilator but the low humming sound of the pump getting cold liquid in the thermal sheets and the bag with the green liquid dripping its contents in the line had him realising what he had done.

    “You had to,” Kalinde Er-San put her hand on Aradan’s other shoulder. “Not ordering the Draxinon would have cost our son his sanity … his life. Our son will regain the Force. Leslie here has great ideas.”

    “You know?” Aradan reached with a gloved hand to his face to wipe the tears away but found a clearplast mask in the way. Even that registered not anymore in his tired mind.

    “We know,” Jasan took that hand and squeezed it gently. “Aragin piloted the transport and Tarmenel has been keeping us up to date during the flight here and during our wait in the guest-room. We know all about the injuries. Our son will have more surgical procedures, a long time to recover, has to learn things anew and will become quite annoyed when he cannot do the things he likes. And I am sure Leslie will confirm that I will be the one to give my son the midis he needs.”

    “Your son has to regain some of his strength first,” Leslie remarked.

    “And I have to ask you some questions,” Tarmenel Eled-Hir was just in time to grab Aradan by his other arm when the surgeon began to sway even before Leslie or Henrani was there. “Young man; come with me.”

    “Yes but,” Aradan started.

    “No yes buts. Jehna is in the IC-ward in his room and Henrani, Cedrick and Marille will stay with him,” Tarmenel began to guide Aradan towards the changing cubicles with Jasan.

    Kalinde, Aragin and Leslie followed.

    Tarmenel continued “I will go back as soon as you have given me an account of pleasant events. I need those to give Jehna pleasant dreams to have him unaware of the bad ones. I know that Jehna had a bad dream this morning.”

    “Yes he had and I was there but you,” Aradan accepted the help from Tarmenel when he began to doff his greens.

    “I could sense his dream,” Tarmenel said. “It was the same as he had when he was a young boy but with some new elements in it.”

    “And they came true for Jehna,” Aradan murmured. “He was lost in that dream when we tried to stabilise him. I was worried, had to shield to keep the worry from showing and had to use all my powers to keep him from hurting himself more. I was glad that there was a Dunai elder firefighter adding his awesome powers. Without Lionel Keranan we would have lost because Jehna was using the Force against us. Another firefighter keeping an arm from moving was almost pushed away. Jehna was dreaming about the dreaded day when the republic became an empire. He said that he hated me. I promised to stay with him. And he was yelling about explosions in his dream.”

    “They will lead to more bad dreams like he had when he was staying with us in Eled-Hir’s valley,” Jasan said. He was in one of the changing cubicles and listened to the conversation. “We came to live there because of our son and his dreams, most being visions of the future. Tarmenel helped him to shield.”

    “And we don’t want those dreams to resurface because they are detrimental for his health and can lead to insanity,” Tarmenel said. “He has now zero midis and no way to cope with depressing thoughts and dreams. Fond memories from his youth and recent events will help him to accept that he will regain the Force but the going will be tough and slowly.”

    “That’s why I am here too,” Aragin Neral added. “Jehna will love to hear more about his visits to my workplace when he was young.”

    “I will tell you about the wizard-program and more.” Aradan entered the shower and sniffed when the running water had him getting wet and quite smelly. Wet hair was again giving that smoky odour. And he knew that that would stay with him for days. The shower refreshed him if only a bit and he was able to don new greens unassisted but only that. He exited his changing cubicle and swayed on his legs unable to get his feet in his clogs.

    “Come Aradan,” Tarmenel took one arm over his shoulder and appreciated the help from Leslie who took the other arm and began to guide him to the guest-rooms.

    Restaurant surgery wing
    “Grease Alan,” Marhin snickered when he walked to his table where Nuran was guarding the briku fruit pies and caf.

    “A greasy Nerf-burger yes and it’s for Aradan,” Alan replied and left with the burger that Jeruan Mouraha had packed in a take-away bag.

    “Does he know where Aradan will be staying?” Jay Dalair had his tray filled with an equally greasy Nerf-burger.

    “Sure,” Beran grinned “and someone will guide the obviously-almost-sleeping-on-his-feet Aradan to that room. And he will ask him to tell some funny events concerning Jehna. I will do that too and I am asking all of you to go to Tarmenel to tell him stories. We all have to help Jehna.”

    “And we have to help Jehna’s husan,” Kaagi had a dreamy look in his eyes when he reached for his caf. “Finish your pie and caf and it’s home for us Marhin. Andar is out there in the rain.”

    Alan returned shortly thereafter. “Tarmenel Eled-Hir is here with Jehna’s parents and Aragin Neral.” He headed to the table where Mick was with Beran, Jay, Jess and Tim Dereika.

    “Grand dad,” Marhin looked up.

    “Figures,” Kaagi stated. “Aragin was the first to get young Jehna interested in technical things and with Tarmenel teaching the child about the Force Jehna became a doctor. Aragin sure will have Jehna remembering nice things. And we can tell more. Marhin finish that caf. We want a happy Andar too.”

    Guestroom 2
    Aradan was tired but there was a satisfied smile on his face when he crawled under the soft comforters of the bed in the guestroom where Tarmenel had taken him. It was a little surprise when he found a delicious Nerf-burger with sauce in a take-away bag and a glass of fruit-juice on the tray standing next to one of the beds. A bigger surprise was the note from Alan Guyet. ‘You need a greasy burger Aradan. Get some rest and tomorrow I will be there for you to help with Jehna.’

    Aradan had enjoyed the food and drink and had told Tarmenel, Aragin, Jasan and Kalinde about the wizard-program for children and their last patient to be in that program Nathan Freni. That had him asking Leslie to enter a note in a datapad. ‘Need one replacement wizard.’ He had told about Jehna’s husan Andar and the training for the Monir run. And he had told about the rescue and the firefighters and police officers helping them. There even among the sorrow and hurt was a positive note and that was the rescue of the six children.

    That note had him asleep in no time.

    Beachroad 10
    Marhin Adin was home snuggled comfortably in his bed with Erenya beside him. He had cared for the husans, finding them inside the shelter except Andar. Jehna’s husan was near the back fence snorting and standing just there where he could see the cottage of Jehna and Aradan. He had taken Andar to the shelter soothing him with his voice, had wiped him dry and given him his food. Now he was writing in the diary when Erenya turned to him.

    “Get some rest Marhin and finish that tomorrow.”

    “Uh but,” Marhin started and the rest was unintelligible when Erenya started to kiss him.

    The diary dropped on the sheets.

    Nello road 45 and 43
    Jadaki Plastworks and DB wood
    Erdin Felaron was tired. Helping Ivano with directing the crews had cost him running this and that way. But he was satisfied. The fire had been contained to just the two factories. He saw Ivano looking his way. That man was tired too.

    Erdin saw him rubbing his right thigh and noticed the slight limp that came out when the man was tired. Sturdy supportive firefighter boots became after a long time a burden for Ivano.

    Erdin knew. It was an old injury to the right ankle, sustained on Coruscant and initiating a new carreer for Ivano. His friend had taken the Jedi’s advice and travelled first to Lingala. There he recovered from his injuries and had some experience at fighting forest fires. Four months later after a swim with Lingalans Ivano took an old shuttle back to Moniron where he became a Battalion Chief.

    Erdin had guided him well from being a rookie under his command to equality.

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    Chapter 22

    15 velona

    The storm was gone. Dirt was littering the streets, gardens, roofs of the houses and more. Some trees were uprooted and still blocking streets. The beach was cluttered with stuff and seabirds were having a go at the morsels that were edible.

    The fierce rain had finally abated and had lessened to a gentle rain. The sky was clouded but the rising sun was trying to break through those grey clouds.

    The water formed small puddles on most places except one.

    That was Nello road 45 and 43 where the former factories of Jadaki and DB had been. That place was a chaotic mess of twisted durasteel beams, duracrete, plating, charcoal and big puddles of water. And smoke. Fire was still smouldering in the heaps of charcoal. Some pieces of wood and remains of former plastbins were still burning. Remote water-cannons were – fed by the big pumpers – pouring water on the rubble. Relief crews were reporting for their four hours of duty. Incident command was rotating the crews on a four-hour schedule. Even Ivano Arvedai and Erdin Felaron had been relieved at twenty two hundred by Tobe Amauta and his shift. But they would return as soon as the place was accessible for investigation or even well before that.

    Duneroad 6 and Beachroad 9
    The cottage of Aradan and Jehna was being watched.

    Andar had – with Arandi, Esha and Dewali following him out of the open shelter – cantered at daybreak towards the fence and was making snorting sounds. He was the only one just standing there.

    Arandi, Esha and Dewali had started to nibble from the grass.

    - - -

    A bedroom window was open in the cottage on Beachroad 9.

    Kaagi had just visited the fresher and was – hopping on one leg and using his crutches – about to slip between the sheets next to a softly snoring and dreaming Aranella when he heard the snorting and the pitter patter of rain on the roof. He sat down in his wheelchair and guided that softly out of the bedroom, through the corridor and to the backdoor and began to whistle. He didn’t have to wait long. Hoofbeats, a rustling sound and more hoofbeats and there was Arandi snorting softly and lowering his head to come to a stop with his nose touching Kaagi’s hair.

    “No grooming Arandi,” Kaagi grinned when he felt the nose and tongue beginning to move through his short hair. “I want to get your friends back inside and feed them. Down Arandi.”

    Arandi reacted immediately to that command and lied down.

    Kaagi moved out of his wheelchair and crawled to Arandi, slipped his left leg over the broad back and grabbed the long manes. “Up.”

    That had Arandi – very carefully – getting up with his master and friend holding on and cantering towards the fence and jumping it and continuing towards the back fence and the other husans.

    “Andar your master is going to be fine,” Kaagi guided Arandi next and before the husan that was rooted to the ground. He reached with a hand and grinned when a nose began to inspect that hand. “He will continue your education and will be able to ride you next year when you are fully grown. Follow us Andar. I am getting wet, you are and your friends too.” Ears swivelled and Kaagi continued “come, there is food in the shelter.” He patted softly on the dark grey nose and guided his hand to the forehead and began to move his fingers, grooming the hair and the already long and white manes.

    Arandi took two steps away from the fence.

    Andar followed. The grooming of his head was nice.

    Kaagi smiled and continued his grooming until he was in the shelter. There he used the Force to float hay down from the attic into the manger.

    Andar began to munch on the hay.

    Kaagi moved Arandi next to Andar and used tufts of hay to wipe the colt dry. He followed this procedure with the other husans. His ride got the same treatment. Satisfied he commanded softly “home Arandi.”

    Arandi cantered towards the fence, jumped it and stopped where the wheelchair was.

    Kaagi slid down from Arandi’s back and in the wheelchair. “Arandi take care of your friends.”

    That had Arandi hurrying back to the shelter.

    And Kaagi?

    Slightly wet he wheeled back inside his cottage sporting hay and husan-hair everywhere, entered the bedroom and slipped back in bed not minding that at all.

    Duneroad 3
    “Eech,” Timo Herefa was waking up and scrunching his nose when the smell of pickled sprouts drifted into the bedroom. He opened his eyes to see Adanel coming in with a plate and stuffing one of the horrible things in her mouth. And he discovered more. He was wearing only his running shorts. That was nice because they were of a quick-dry material but the smell coming from his body and those shorts not. ‘Is a pregnancy even affecting her nose?’

    Timo discovered that when Adanel sat down on the side of the bed after putting the plate on the nightstand and bowed over to kiss him on his cheeks. Adanel had never liked the smell coming from Timo after a run or a barbecue at the fire-station when he was invited by Kevin and his friends.

    “Hmmm,” Adanel murmured and moved her lips to those of Timo.

    “Eech,” Timo began.

    “What’s eech?” Adanel smiled.

    “Pickled sprouts and uh I am sweaty and smelling like I have been at a barbecue.”

    “A big one,” Adanel turned serious. “You are a hero and a stubborn one just like Aradan Mirdees. Ger told me that you have been among those who rescued Jehna Er-San. He carried you home after you fell asleep. And my father was here later in the evening and he told me more after he saw you sleeping.”

    “Is Jehna alright?”

    “Jehna is in the IC-ward and doing fine after the successful surgery. Tarmenel Eled-Hir is with him and keeping him recalling happy events in his dreams.”

    “I see. Jehna will need that being without the Force because I gave him an over-dose of five times the amount to get all the midi-chlorians to hibernate. I did that Adanel. I just wasn’t fast enough to get the calculator uh…”

    “You had to act just like Aradan had to order the Draxinon. Jehna was too strong for all of you. Even that firefighter was having a kriffing difficult time not to mention that rookie holding on to Jehna. And speaking about a rookie, dad visited Jehna after meeting rookie Jerome Verenne.”

    “Jerome,” Timo began to smile. “That rookie is going to be a great medic and pilot. He was even faster than Alan Guyet. And speaking of him…” He left his bed and rushed to the fresher “I want to see how Jehna is doing and I have to prepare something for the rookie. It was his first big rescue.”

    “I have the chocolate cake your friend Ger found so disgusting that he left in a hurry after letting me believe that he had an emergency.”

    “Eech,” Timo disappeared in the fresher.

    “You love chocolate.”

    “Not when it’s mixed with pickled sprouts,” Timo stuck his head out of the fresher and went back.

    Soon a smell of soap and smoke was drifting into the bedroom.

    Adanel just lied down and settled her head on her husband’s pillow. She inhaled deeply. ‘Nice smell.’

    Dashin street
    Lionel didn’t know how he had ended up in his bed. Vaguely he recalled his father coming to Fire-station six and supporting him to the speeder but that had been all. But what was waking him up at this early hour?

    It was coming from the stable.

    Lionel began to smile. “Even at this early hour and with this icky rain pouring down you want to go outside with your mother?” He jumped out of his bed – firefighter fashion – donned a pair of clogs and hurried downstairs. There in the back of the big farmhouse were the stables where his father’s and his pride and joy – husans of impeccable breeding – were sheltered from the rain. The Molonin – animals mainly used for the wool – were in a large barn next to the farmhouse.

    Most husans were dozing or munching contently on the hay but there was one moving in rounds in the stable he shared with his mother. It was the young colt Aranor, born thirty two days ago.

    “Aranor can’t you keep your mother sleeping,” Lionel hurried to the stable and put his hands on the rim of the door. “You will wake the Molonin too.”

    Feana came immediately to her caretaker and put her head over the door reaching for the hands. She was rewarded by the hands stroking her softly on her nose. It had as result that Aranor was stopped from making rounds. The young foal began to push against his mother and reached to the hands, trying to get them away.

    “Hey,” Lionel had his hands flying up when the foal started to nibble on his fingers.

    A loud snort was followed by more snorting sounds and hay dropping on the floor.

    Lionel grinned and turned to the loud snorting snow white husan. “Yes Injanin, that’s your little half-brother. You couldn’t be kept silent by your mom as well.”

    A push at his back had Lionel turning another way. “Sarhan, I know.” He began to open the stable doors.

    Aranor hurried outside as fast as his long gangly legs could carry him. He was followed by his mother and half-brother and Sarhan.

    And Lionel waited with a big smile on his face to see the foursome return minutes later, shaking their manes and returning to what they had been doing. That was for Sarhan, Injanin and Feana dozing. For Aranor it was running one round and seeking the milk after that.

    Lionel sat down on a hay bale watching contently his husans. And he remembered coming home with his father after a long stay in the hospital. He had been with his mother to a show for their Nerfs and was driving the truck out of the stadium when disaster struck in the form of another truck loaded with wood. He had broken bones and was the last to be freed. His mother had been severely injured too and was desperate to reach her son. A medic had given her Draxinon to keep her from hurting herself more. It had been an over-dose of Draxinon to kill all the midi-chlorians. His mother had died, not being able to cope with the loss of the Force after waking up. His father came to visit him each day in Rondor University Hospital. And after the doctors declared that they could do no more for his recovery his father had been guiding him in his wheelchair towards the truck that was also used to transport Molonin and Nerfs. Was it the truck that had been involved in the accident? No, the truck was new and there were no signs of Nerf droppings. Only some tufts of Molonin wool indicated the use of the truck and some long white hairs not belonging to Molonin or Nerfs at all. And Lionel had seen a change in his father’s signature. The grieving was gone, replaced by a strong determination to carry on and help a son that didn’t want to leave his wheelchair at all.

    Lionel had been surprised, being wheeled by his father towards the farmhouse to see the Nerfs gone and replaced by five husans. It explained the long white hairs in the truck. The five came to inspect him immediately and one was very intrepid. ‘That is Sarhan and he likes to swim and run with you’ was what his father had said.

    Lionel regained the use of his legs, recovered completely and returned to his job at Fire-station six. All because his father – who was riding one of the other husans – had placed him on Sarhan and took him to Nello Lake, the trails and the beach. It took two months. Lionel was cheered on by his colleagues when he came on Sarhan to the fire-station. ‘Give me a physical and I will prove that I can resume my duty.’

    Lionel’s gaze drifted to Injanin. And he remembered a dream he had not so long ago. In that dream had been three riders on the beach. One had been the young man, the other his friend and the third had been him. He began to smile ‘Jehna is doing fine. Injanin will be the therapist to help Jehna. He likes to swim and run too. We will give him away and this way he can stay close to us in Noranan.
    We cannot use Injanin in our breeding program and have to sell him and the only interested buyers are living in Aarga and Haradan.’

    07.30Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Junior wing room 15
    Bedcovers began to move and an arm appeared followed by another arm and a head. Kyle Metfor opened slowly his eyes, a smile appearing on his face when he heard the soft snoring from the other bed. It was real. He was united with his father. He was in a hospital room but it was nice. And there was another softer noise in the corridor.

    The door opened to reveal that noise. A cart with breakfast trays had stopped.

    “Good morning and enjoy your breakfast,” the nurse smiled and put two trays on the nightstands.

    “Thank you and good morning too,” Kyle sat up and saw the nurse leave.

    She had more breakfast-trays to deliver.

    Kyle heard more muffled sounds of doors being opened and the receding wheels. “Dad, wake up! We have breakfast in bed.”

    “Hngh snrrr whaa,” Felix turned on his side, opened his eyes and saw the tray. And he sat up too. Breakfast in bed had been something he had experienced a long time ago, a time when Tina was away on one of her visits to what was now clear to him. He had been alone at that time with Kyle and the little boy had hopped in the large bed.

    Surgery wing
    Guestroom seven
    Tim Dereika was awake with a big smile on his face when he remembered the discussions with Alan Guyet and Mick Kerebuy and a returning Jim Kerebuy accompanied by his wife to be.

    Mick had offered him to stay with him, the Guyets had but Tim had opted to stay in a guestroom in the hospital. ‘I want to see if Chef Mouraha can make a delicious breakfast just like his dinners. I will see you in the hangar to admire the rescue craft’ was what he had told Alan.

    ‘Just enough time to get breakfast from Chef Mouraha,’ Tim thought when he sat up. ‘And medevacs and those specialized rescue craft are very interesting for me, a pilot assigned to fly the brass this and that way after scaring that inspector with my safe but in his opinion reckless flying. Maybe they can use more pilots here.’

    Nello road 45 and 43
    Jadaki Plastworks and DB wood
    Florian Buwalda was back. He had been relieved late in the evening and had protested of course. ‘They love my Nerf-burgers and fruit-pies and,’ was what he had told the commander. ‘You can go back tomorrow to make breakfast’ had been the answer.

    He was soon busy making his Nerf-burgers for the ever hungry visitors coming for a fast snack before heading back to their posts.

    And he began to smile when the rain abated, turned to a drizzle and went away to be replaced by a watery sun shining through the clouds.

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