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Beyond - Legends Inferno with fanart completed

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    And more to follow before the next action
    I have seen you busy;) creating beautiful things

    Chapter 23

    15 velona
    07.50Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Restaurant surgery wing
    Dressed in his pilot’s uniform Jerome Verenne suspected almost nothing when he headed to the counter of Chef Mouraha to get a fruit-pie and caf before heading to the hangar to begin his duty at eight. A man in a pilot’s uniform was devouring a large breakfast. He didn’t know the man but looking better he saw that it was a police-uniform. And the man was interested in only his breakfast not seeing another pilot at all. That was a bit strange for Jerome.

    The chef – dressed in the usual whites and with his high cooks hat – had turned his back to the counter, obviously busy with a new load of fruit-pies that were loved by everyone.

    But the chef turned.

    Jerome got big surprised eyes.

    “For your first big rescue,” Chef Timo placed a large cake decorated with yellow and lime green icing on the counter. The lime green was forming a ‘one’ and a schematic form of a medevac.

    “Hurrah for Jerome,” Alwin and Ersan popped up from their hiding place behind the counter. “Three times hurrah for our rookie.”

    “And hurrah for beating me,” Alan Guyet poked his head between the three conspirators. He had – like the two – been alerted by Timo and had told Tim that he would guide him to the hangar.

    Tim Dereika knew. He had been ordering his breakfast when he saw the conspirators coming in and asking Chef Mouraha to hide.

    “Thanks all,” Jerome reached for the cake and a knife “all wanting a piece?”

    “Get settled at that table and I will come with the caf,” Jeruan Mouraha appeared from where he had been hiding and took his cooks hat.

    Four conspirators headed to the table where Tim was sitting. Now they could begin to share tall ‘pilot’ stories. There was always a certain kind of rivalry between rescue-pilots and police-pilots about who had the most exciting craft to fly and what was happening during a shift. And they had ideas to make the visit of Tim a memorable experience. Alan had plans.

    Jerome and Jeruan were guiding a cart with the cake and caf to that table when Sef Hanief – he had headed directly to the hangar – came in.

    “We are short one pilot,” Sef muttered. “Julian Thayer called that he is running a fever and has to stay in bed.”

    “I can help,” Tim offered. “I am Tim Dereika and have a vast experience flying all kinds of crafts from single seaters to big transports.”

    “Also Eta-actis interceptors,” Alan decided to begin his fun with the pilot.

    “I have seen those and seen a two-person version of that during a trip to Rhonda,” Tim replied with glee. “You can ask Master healer Jadin Finn. He was treating one of his medics in Rhonda hospital. I even could take it on a test run after that Jedi-healer saw my face and heard my stories. And when I asked him if I could join a squadron he told me to stay on Moniron.”

    “It’s a small galaxy Alan,” a green clad man came in. “I met Tim yesterday.”

    Tim turned to the newcomer. “Hey Jadin.”

    Alan eyed the two searching for counter measures against his mischief. He didn’t know how much Master Finn had heard before coming in. “You two are…”

    Alan reached for his pager.

    Beepi Beepi
    Jerome, Ersan and Rudi grabbed their pagers.

    Beep ti beep ti.
    “Follow me Tim,” Sef looked at his pager.

    Jerome, Ersan, Alan and Sef hurried away followed by Tim.

    Jadin and Alwin headed to the ER-rooms.

    And Timo?

    He followed Jadin. Help in the ER was always appreciated.

    Chef Jeruan Mouraha was alone with five pieces of cake and steaming cups of caf and a half finished breakfast.

    Junior wing room 15
    Dian Genin was early but that had a reason. She had to sign the release document for Kyle and Felix had to go to his new job at the airport. She entered the room when Felix was putting a knife down after buttering his bread. “Good morning Kyle and Felix.”

    That had Felix grabbing his chrono from the nightstand and looking at it.

    “Felix you don’t have to hurry to catch the public transport,” Dian grinned when she saw the man jumping out of the bed and reaching for socks on the floor. She put a large bag she had been carrying down.

    “Yes but…”

    “A colleague will give you a ride to the airport. And that bag has clean clothes for both of you and a uniform,” Dian continued and took out her stethoscope. “Let’s see Kyle if your lungs are alright. Your stomach sure is.”

    “The porridge and juice was nice.” Kyle shivered and grinned when the stethoscope touched his bare skin. But he heard only assuring hmms and commands to breathe in and out.

    “Your lungs are OK,” Dian stated “You are a bit too thin for your age but I am sure that will be remedied soon with your father’s great care. You are released but you can stay here and wait for your friends.” She turned to the father “get dressed and ask for Shemi Er-Jimal at the main reception desk. He will take you to the airport-offices.”

    Beachroad 10
    “Kaagi Adin. The bed is not a stable. Look what you have done. Now I have to change the sheets again.”

    Kaagi opened his eyes to see Aranella sitting up in bed with the covers thrown to the foot-end of the bed. “Uh you know Arandi was out there in the rain with Esha and Dewali and Andar.”

    “Andar,” Aranella got a soft look in her eyes. “I see. And you wanted them back in the shelter and let Arandi help you.”

    “I did and it is the ‘hair-season’ getting me covered in hairs after wiping all four dry.”

    “And hay and muddy feet and you just entered the bed and went back to what you had been doing?”

    “Yup,” Kaagi laughed with mischief. “Your snoring was a nice putting me to sleep song.” He wriggled the toes of his right foot and mud began to flake.

    Aranella eyed that mud that added to the dirt on the sheet and grumbled “get showering.”

    “Yes dad and we have to feed the husans,” Marhin Adin – doubled over with laughter because he had observed the entire scene standing next to the open window – resumed his walk through the garden.

    Kaagi sat up, took his crutches and hopped on one foot towards the shower leaving more muddy marks. He would join Marhin and go with him to work. For Marhin it was a nice exercise for his legs pushing the wheelchair up the sloping road towards the hospital.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    IC ward room four
    Aradan was late. Or not.

    Waking up half an hour ago he had found a tray with breakfast on the nightstand and visiting the fresher he had found a package with clean greens and underwear waiting for him. And yes the supplier of all of that was waiting for him in the IC-ward. He sensed the amusement coming from the man.

    “Good morning Aradan,” Tarmenel greeted with a soft voice and waited for the surgeon to read the stats before asking “rested?”

    “Uh yes and Jehna is doing great I see,” Aradan had seen the stats. They were normal for a sedated patient receiving hypothermia treatment. Urine-samples – taken every hour from the waste-bag – gave a steady decreasing account of dead midi-chlorians being neutralised. But he saw no hibernating ones either in the last blood-sample. Traces of Draxinon were still present. “The Midillamin treatment will be finished in ten hours. Any midis left?”

    “No Aradan but don’t worry,” Tarmenel shifted his position a bit. He was after all getting a bit tired. “I am supporting Jehna with nice dreams. We will explain all to him after he is guided out of the sedation by Kaagi.” He turned to see that healer entering with Aaqu.

    Kaagi – walking with a brace that he had taken from his locker and that was supporting his left leg – sat down on a comfortable chair next to the bed. He surmised immediately what Tarmenel wanted and placed his hands next to the ones of Tarmenel on Jehna’s forehead.

    “Good morning Kaagi and Aaqu,” Tarmenel directed his gaze at Aaqu. He had found the healers asleep more times than he could count on his fingers in a scrub-room or elsewhere in the house of healing. “And you had a nice rest after being found on the greens in the scrub-room by your wife and friends.”

    “Uh yes,” Aaqu grinned. “Lynne was there and we had breakfast in bed. And I have to thank whoever provided that breakfast for two.”

    “He did,” Aradan nodded with his head towards Tarmenel.

    “And he doesn’t need his rest,” Aaqu turned from Aradan to Tarmenel with a face showing concern. “The senior healer can go on without rest for nights and days?”

    “Kaagi will relieve me now,” Tarmenel replied. “And Rihan can relieve Kaagi after two hours. I will be there the coming night and we have more anaestetists to assist us. Cedrick relieved me every two hours during the night.”

    “I see, you have set up a scheme of two hours for each healer,” Kaagi had studied the display showing the scheme. He was scheduled for two sessions. Mind-contact of this intensity sharing the same dream and keeping bad things away was quite taxing for the healer. “We have twenty four hours to go. I will guide Jehna out of the sedation. And I need you Aradan. You are not trained like a sleep doctor but you are a healer and Jehna’s closest friend and able to make contact with him.”

    “Yes,” Aradan mused. “I was with him after that dream yesterday morning. I felt his anguish when he was trapped. I shielded my thoughts from him when I felt that he was living in that nightmare of a dream again. I uh I had to use all my powers to shield and uh they…”

    “Aradan,” Tarmenel interfered “you helped Jehna in the best way you could. Jehna was desperate using his full Force powers to fight. Even I could sense him. Jehna will regain the Force. I know he can take it when we tell him that he has lost all his midis. Jehna will not lose his sanity. Aragin Neral – one of the first friends he had after coming to the valley with his parents – is here and very confident. His parents are. They are now in the guestrooms taking their rest and relaxation. Aragin has plans to take them to his grand-daughter. Leslie confirmed half an hour ago that Jehna’s father is the one to give the stem-cells with midis.”

    “I see,” Aradan gave a relieved sigh. “But Kaagi you have to help me.”

    “Of course,” Kaagi stated. “Just follow my lead and place your hands next to mine.”

    Aradan sat down on the place vacated by Tarmenel and had his hands where the ones of the master healer had been. For what he could see on the monitors Jehna was sedated but following Kaagi’s lead he felt more. The sedation wasn’t too deep to keep dreams away. The deep sedation used before and during the surgery was replaced by a lighter sedation that kept the patient sleeping and unaware of any pain. And Aradan began to smile when he felt the dream. “Andar.”

    “I will go now,” Tarmenel grinned. “There is someone coming who is eager to see and help Jehna and I will guide him to the changing cubicles before taking my rest.”

    “And I will go to the other patients,” Aaqu left the room. With Kaagi occupied he had the supervision of the IC-ward.

    Dashin street
    The Husans and Molonin were outside on the meadows.

    Aidan Keranan had released them after seeing his son sitting there with a content smile on a hay bale. He had brought his son breakfast. He had heard about the idea to give Injanin to Jehna and Aradan. He had agreed. This way Injanin would stay in Noranan.

    Lionel was still sitting on the hay bale munching contently on a piece of bread when his father came again to the stables followed by a colleague.

    “Morning Lionel,” Anwar Baldavin greeted “you up to a visit?”

    “Sure,” Lionel stood up. “I want to see with my own eyes that Jehna is doing alright. I know that he is but we have to support him and his friends.”

    “And I have to see Kyle,” Anwar sat down on a hay bale. “Get dressed and I will wait for you.”

    Lionel hurried to his bedroom and fresher.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Main entrance
    Reception area
    Lionel and Anwar arrived at the same time as Glen and Grady Baldwin. That had Glen recognizing Anwar immediately and hurrying with his father and the firefighter to the junior wing. Lionel had asked where Jehna was staying and the receptionist had told him to wait. He saw a large stately man coming from the surgery wing and headed towards him.

    “I am Tarmenel Eled-Hir and you must be the firefighter that saved Jehna Er-San.”

    “Uh yes I am Lionel Keranan.” Lionel was a bit awed to see one of the leaders of the Dunai elder in person.

    “Nice to meet you and I like to hear more about the rescue and you. There is something that tells me that you are important for Jehna.”

    “Uh yes,” Lionel began to smile. “My father and I own a husan named Injanin and we want to give him to Jehna” and he began to tell more following Tarmenel to the surgery wing and a changing cubicle.

    10.00Hospital hangar
    “Excellent work Tim,” Koranar Finn was the last to come to the ready-room after giving the care of his patient to neurology. ‘We sure have saved the lives of the two victims of that crash. We can always use outstanding pilots.”

    “Stay here Tim,” Jerome came towards the two. “Rescue-work is far more exciting than police-work.”

    “It sure is,” Tim laughed. “But yesterday was kind of interesting getting that man and inspector Lynch to the hospital when I followed the Big Fish. I sensed some arguing about missed Nerfburgers and more. I would love to fly that bird uh fish.”

    “Ask the department for a transfer,” Koranar stated. “You have told me about that Police commissioner Molnor turning green.”

    “Molnor was green after I guided the craft down. He was green and turning red and fuming and degrading me to simple ferry the brass work.” Tim grinned when he saw the face of Jerome. That pilot had followed in the second medevac with Sef and Alan. The return from the highway after picking up the two victims had been a race won by Jerome with Sef grumbling that he was turning green and Alan yelling that the craft wasn’t an Eta-actis interceptor after coming to the ready-room but admiring Jerome’s work.

    “Green was alright with me,” Sef stated. “We saved our patient and that’s what counts. Uh and I know that ferry-work is usually only in the town where you serve.”

    “It is and mostly ground-speeders too,” Tim said. “Lynch took me only because all the other pilots were occupied elsewhere.”

    “And chasing us in the Big Fish was interesting I suppose,” Ersan laughed. He had been the medic in Tim’s medevac with Koranar as the doctor.

    “It was with your discussing lunch or not,” Tim saw the smiling faces. “It will be nice to join you.”

    “We will help you and welcome,” Koranar was the first to shake hands.

    Room 12
    Ashley Donovan was with her husband. The ‘Kerebuy taxi-service’ had brought her back to the hospital. Yesterday Dick had brought her home. This time it was Jim Kerebuy with Akina Meader. They arrived in a speeder that belonged obviously to Jim because it had the colours of his former squadron and had the emblem of that squadron on both doors. Two stylised Kerebuy hawks formed an ‘H’ and were surrounded by a red circle.

    Akina and Jim had followed her to room twelve where the big surprise was revealed. Mel was to be the best man at the wedding. Ashley was asked as witness.

    The next visitor was Marhin Adin. He came to check the stats and was now removing the bandage that covered Mel’s thigh. He had to inspect the wound.

    “Black stitches,” Ashley began.

    “They are sutures,” Mel said with mischief. “And not the stitches you are making on a pillowcase during your needle and pins party.”

    “And they are not knotted like the sutures you make on your pillowcase,” Marhin clearly enjoyed this.

    “They are cross stitches,” Ashley grinned. “And when will you remove these stitches?”

    “I will remove the sutures after seven days,” Marhin replied, accenting sutures and getting another idea. “And if you can walk from nine to five on that day you are ready to go home.”

    “Walking from nine to five? What’s that?” Mel grinned.

    “Yes doctor Adin?” Ashley laughed.

    “Patient Donovan has to walk from this room to room nine and five and back,” Marhin broke down in laughter and began to tell the amused Donovans more about his father who had done the same.

    Surgery wing
    IC ward room four
    Lionel Keranan had dressed in isolation suits and saw the relaxed look on the faces of the two men holding hands on the forehead of the sedated man. He recognised most of the equipment; he had been in the same situation, being in an IC-ward with tubes and wires attached to his body after that accident and grieving for the loss of his mother. And the equipment was showing very assuring results except for dirty drains and waste bags and the bag with Midillamin that was dripping its contents in the IV-line. Jehna had no living midis left and was a man who had to rely on his Dunai elder stamina to recover. If he could; he would need friends.

    “Now he is training the husan to follow him,” Kaagi grinned. “Do you sense that?”

    “Yes,” Aradan replied “and there are more husans following him.”

    “One of them might be Injanin,” Lionel came very softly towards the bed.

    “Hey Lionel, it is nice to see you,” Aradan released his hands. “First I have to thank you for helping. Jehna is doing great as you can see on the stats. But who is Injanin?”

    “Injanin is a five year old stallion we own,” Lionel replied. “He is five years old and very gentle to ride. I have begun his education two months ago. My dad and I want to give him to Jehna and you to help. Jehna needs friends and all the help we can give him. I was once helped by a husan to regain my strength. I can tell you more about my ordeal and recovery. But…”

    “But you don’t want to do that here because a sedated man can hear all that’s being said,” Kaagi gave an understanding nod. “I am sure that you and Injanin will be of great help for Jehna. He loves animals and has a young husan named Andar but for riding – a great way to regain your strength – he needs an older one. I like to meet Injanin.”

    “Same for me,” Aradan grinned. “I have never been on a husan but with Jehna and Kaagi riding I like to be able to follow them.”

    “Visit me and I will teach you,” Lionel beamed and began to tell more about his husans and the generous offer from Eled-Hir. Two young females would join his stable. And when he started to tell about his rides to and from the beach he offered to come this afternoon to give Aradan his first lesson on Injanin.

    Room 12
    “Dad was using the Force frivolous when,” Marhin turned his head to see two men and two boys enter. One was a bit shy and the other kept glued to that boy’s side.

    “I won’t bite,” Mel laughed “except when it is in one of those cookies” and he indicated the box on his nightstand. He had of course recognised the two men and continued “Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Baldavin sure love cookies. I have seen them numerous times rushing to the chowbox of Mr. Buwalda to get their share.”

    “And who was there too?” Ashley patted her husband on his arm.

    “I,” Mel laughed. “But your cookies are the best.”

    That and the big smile on the man’s face had Kyle and Glen rushing inside and shaking hands.

    “Kyle Metfor.”

    “Glen Baldwin.”

    “You and you were not partaking in the destruction of the flowerbed,” Mel held the two hands of the boys coming immediately to the most important part he wanted to tell them. “Your shouts had Nuran arriving and I am thankful and like to know you better.”

    “Don’t eat all the cookies,” Marhin took one cookie and left when he saw the smiling faces of the boys settling down next to the bed. Cookies would be shared and stories.

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  2. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    love is in the air

    Chapter 24

    15 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Reception area
    Karoun Aatifa had seen the large transport being expertly guided on the meadow and he had seen the senator coming in. He had been busy after Malik Idrees had asked for Kyle Metfor, contacting the junior wing first and the surgery wing after that. A nurse had come to guide senator Idrees to the room of Kyle Metfor.

    Karoun smiled when he saw the senator and the nurse leaving. He knew all about the plans after Dian Genin had explained them.

    IC ward room four
    “Kaagi let me take over,” Rihan placed his hands next to the ones of Kaagi.

    “Uh yes,” Kaagi blinked with his eyes. He had been immersed deeply in the nice dream he was sharing with Jehna and Aradan. Lionel’s small talk about his husans had been adding to that dream. He saw the gleaming eyes of Aradan and Lionel. “I can use a caf-break.” He stood up awkwardly.

    Lionel was there before Kaagi could begin to limp to the changing cubicles and took him firefighter fashion over his shoulder.

    “Hey last time this happened was in the Jeditemple,” Kaagi grinned. “But that was a bit hairy and ticklish.”

    Lionel asked “you were involved in an accident?”

    “Yup, sort of,” Kaagi laughed “I was assisting with an exercise and I was the guy playing the victim and was carried towards my colleagues by a Wookiee, Jedi Master Tyvokka.”

    “I was that colleague,” Aaqu headed to room three. “And Kaagi was yelling like a real victim.”

    Aradan followed with a big smile on his face. He had heard that story when Kaagi was visiting Monir.

    Reception area
    A nurse telling Kyle, Grady and Glen that there was a new visitor for them to take them to Monir had them headed back to the junior wing and Anwar going to the reception area. Anwar knew that they would come to the fire station after the trip to Monir.

    Anwar wondered where Lionel was.

    “Your friend is in the IC ward,” Karoun Aatifa remarked before Anwar could ask.

    “And you can come with me for some refreshments,” Dian Genin had sauntered towards the desk because she recognised the firefighter from earlier visits. “I have to thank you for helping Kyle. He told me all about you when I was examining him yesterday. He really appreciated that you had a blanket ready for him. You are a hero for him.”

    “I had to help that boy after I heard the cries and the shouts,” Anwar followed her. “And Glen is the hero saving Kyle from drowning. He had him out of the water, had given first aid and was supporting him when I came down the embankment.”

    “He is and Kyle is. Both boys were responsible for getting help to Mel Donovan.” Dian opened a door leading to a meeting room after entering a code. “That will have the reception knowing where we are.”

    Police station 1
    Seated in the air-speeder of the Rondor police was Morjan Lynch. She saw the two transports leaving towards the airport and their destiny a Special Forces air-transport bound for Monir. One had the teenagers Julia, Sophia and Tidi with their parents aboard and the other two Special Forces officers and their charges Arvo and Wiay. She was satisfied and didn’t expect a call to testify. The evidence found at the Wiay and Arvo residences had been conclusive.

    The assault on Mel Donovan had been an easy case with the full testimonies from inspector Rimac and the two boys.

    She was ready to go back and contacted her pilot and was only a bit surprised when he told her that he would bring her to Rondor after his duty at the hospital ended. More surprise was the announcement that he would want to meet Police commissioner Molnor to tell him about his resignation. But that pleased her. The excellent pilot would meet more challenges working for the hospital. She had been impressed by his safe flying during the storm to Noranan.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing, reception area and meeting room
    Kaagi had gleaming moist eyes when he wheeled to the restaurant with Aradan and Lionel accompanying him. They were headed to the reception. The firefighter had told him all about his long recovery and the help a husan had given him. Lionel had been confined to a wheelchair when his father came to take him home. Meeting Sarhan and being put on the back Lionel had regained the use of his legs and recovered fully. For Kaagi it had been almost the same. Arandi – given to him by Senator Naney Shelby – had been his therapist and was now his ride. He stopped before the entrance of the restaurant and said “see you on the beach this afternoon with Injanin and Sarhan.”

    “I will,” Lionel replied. “We have to learn Aradan how to ride a husan.”

    “On Injanin I will feel secure,” Aradan approached the desk of Karoun Aatifa. “Do you know where Anwar Baldavin is staying?”

    “He is in meeting room two,” Karoun answered.

    “Follow me,” Aradan headed back to the direction of the surgery wing and opened the second door on his right and stopped.

    Lionel could stop before bumping into Aradan and began to grin when he saw why Aradan stopped “do you need a firefighter to carry you?”

    “Uh not really,” Aradan sensed the amusement coming from Lionel “but uh … is this … uh…”

    “Uh … hey,” Dian Genin whispered.

    “She is a bit shy too,” Anwar began. “I can carry you towards him.”

    “Uh … is this,” Dian began to blush and took one step.

    “Dunai elder love and we don’t have to carry them,” Lionel and Anwar laughed when Dian rushed towards Aradan and encircled his middle.

    Kisses followed and two firefighters left very silently the meeting room.

    One had to tell his father the great news about the two husans and had to get ready for a lesson and the other had a twin brother waiting with a late lunch and had to arrange some things. Kyle and Felix deserved a great start in their new home. For that he needed the entire crew of Firestation 6. The day of the Monir memorial run would be one of fun and work.

    Junior wing room 15
    Felix Metfor was still smiling when he was about to enter the room of his son. Laughter could be heard there too. He had been to the airport, meeting his new colleagues and feeling accepted and at home immediately. He had begun on his first shift and was responding to a commercial airliner coming in when his chief took over and handed him another call with the words ‘that’s now your emergency.’ The smile on the face of his chief and a look at the chrono had him guessing what that emergency was and yes it was a muttering inspector Rimac informing where he was. A ‘see you after some fun’ and a key and ‘there is your new speeder’ trussed in his hands by another colleague had him hurrying to Ghin road 24 where he had met Nuran Rimac who had arranged all of course. Nuran had given the key, had shown him the nice cottage that needed some work and had asked to accompany him to the hospital. That was after Nuran had picked up a small bag. Felix went inside.

    “The Idrees-express,” Kyle grinned “who named your transport that way?”

    “I did it myself when I was still a guard in the services of a senator and that was a long time ago,” Malik Idrees replied and turned to the newcomer. “And you are?”

    “Felix Metfor and you must be Malik Idrees the fastest guard, former president and senator on Moniron.”

    “I am,” Malik grinned and shook hands. “And now we can step in my express and head to Monir. The speedy inspector is already there?”

    “Yes,” Felix said. “I parked my speeder and Nuran headed to a luxurious transport with his bag. He sure is eager to win from you.”

    “He is but with my aides stuffing him with all kinds of delicacies the moment he has entered my transport that will change in my favor,” Malik laughed.

    “Uh I like to win too,” Glen began.

    “And I want to see you win,” Kyle added. “And the inspector will win. He sure was fast when he came to help Mel Donovan. And we have been to Mel and his wife Ashley. And they were nice and invited us to come to their home. And we had cookies. And Anwar Baldavin was here and we can visit him. And…”

    “We have to leave now or we will arrive after dinner served by our famous cook,” Malik stood up. “You can tell more during the journey. Follow me to the Idrees-express.”

    “Yes but,” Kyle began when he heard a cart coming. He really liked the food given to him by the nurses.

    “Refreshments and lunch are served aboard,” Malik had the two families following him.

    Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks and DB-wood

    “Aw sheessh I volunteered for a second shift and now I am doing thiss, hauling the big hosesss to get back in that pumper now that thiss job iss done,” Ashi-Mi Tayback purred. “Chief Mosselllly ssjure gives uss lotss of work.” She was with more volunteers at the site where DB-wood had the entrance.

    “I volunteered too,” Marcia Cavat had one of the hoses hooked up to the device that would pull them in. “And it will have us enjoying more Nerf-burgers from Buwalda.”

    “Sure,” Ashi-Mi grinned. That had been the main reason to opt for coming back.

    “Going as planned ladies?” Neil Mosely was near the two when he saw Erdin Felaron and Ivano Arvedai arriving at the same time, the first in a red ground-speeder and the second in one of the airspeeders. Neil had taken over from Tobe Amauta and had been the one to order the crews to get one of the big pumpers ready for the next emergency.

    “Yesss sirrr,” Ashi-Mi grumbled. She was hauling the hose inside the container. “And can you keep those guys away.” She pointed at spectators standing on one of those hoses not minding that at all.

    “A pity the submersible pump is out of the water,” Neil grinned. “Putting it to pumping sure would have them jumping. But I cannot do that much about it. They are probably employees from DB coming to see what’s left of their workplace. They will move eventually if you just keep doing your work. I will ask Buwalda to put some extra burgers in the pan.”

    “Yess,” Ashi-Mi headed to the next coupling.

    - - -

    Ivano had parked his airspeeder. He was rested and ready for action. He had donned full fatigues and was – lugging a BA-set and mask – walking to Neil Mosely when his sharp ears picked up a conversation between two men standing on one of the big hoses. They were a bit apart from a larger group surrounding a well dressed man and his companions.

    “The rubble has buried the big troublemaker.”

    “Endel shh.”

    “I was referring to the sawing machine. It sure won’t need anymore the services of me, doctor Maffei. I hope our boss will get a real nice one for the new factory.”

    Ivano had come nearer and so had Ashi-Mi.

    She was bowing to uncouple a hose and jerked at it with little success. Two men were too heavy for her.

    “Guys move your feet,” Ivano settled on his haunches, put down his BA-gear, gave the hose a big pull with Ashi-Mi helping him and saw the two men hurrying away with one slipping in the mud. He helped Ashi-Mi to uncouple the hose.

    “That’s trouble too,” Endel sputtered rather loudly. “Hoses and sawing machines don’t like me.”

    “Mr. Maffei, come with me.” That came from the well dressed man.

    “That’s trouble,” Ashi-Mi whispered almost inaudibly. “He is the boss and that man was complaining about a machine.”

    Ivano nodded, took his gear and resumed his walk towards Neil Mosely after filing Doctor Endel Maffei and a troublesome sawing machine in his memory. He had to see when he could begin his investigation.

    Erdin Felaron was already there discussing the deployment of new crews. A big fire like this could have pockets where the fire could rekindle.

    A police patrol arrived and Ivano began to grin when he saw the two police officers – dressed in full fatigues and lugging BA-sets – exiting that patrol.

    “We have come to help you,” Bret Chedokin shook hands with Ivano, Erdin and Neil.

    Dick Kerebuy sr. shook hands too. “You had a big case Ivano. We are here because there was a casualty and there were children involved.”

    “Yes but you heard yesterday that the children didn’t cause the accident,” Ivano stated. “They were just there at the wrong time when something exploded. Twice.”

    “We have to see how they and their rescuer got access to the closed terrain,” Bret Chedokin said. “And that big explosion is our business too. I have seen the copy of the Sukenik files. They are very detailed. I want to see where the remains of the twenty four shaped charges are if that is possible. Intact ones can do harm and primers too.”

    “You can come with us as soon as we are starting,” Ivano said. “But first we can pay a visit to Chef Buwalda. The Central Incident Management Bureau will come too after I called it a red seven incident.”

    “The Monir desk-huggers you mean,” Bret grinned. He had had various encounters with the bureau and the employees all educated at one of the universities and getting their ranks for their theoretical knowledge.

    “Yup they are nosey and without the field experience,” Ivano laughed. And he began to tell more after entering the chowbox. He had been in contact with the hospital. He had heard that the man would recover. But the fact that the man had used all his Force powers to fight against his rescuers, yelling about explosions was extremely intriguing. He was sure that the man held the key to solve the case.

    Bret told about his scheduled meeting at Noranan primary school.

    Dick had news too. He expected one of his men returning soon with a government permit to close the terrain for visitors. ‘You know the ‘paper-work’ in triplicate and having to pass all the departments had us busy since yesterday.’

    Ivano had given him a weary smile. Governments worked that way. He had seen that on all the planets he had visited and Coruscant had been the worst with supreme chancellor Palpatine only interested in gaining more powers and neglecting the needs of a project development bureau interested in the Works as the desolate area was called. Ivano had suffered the consequences when he had to fight a fire. He had rescued a Jedi padawan, had transported her to the Jeditemple and had stayed there, being severely injured himself without knowing that and giving the healers quite a challenge.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Restaurant surgery wing

    Marhin Adin deserved a break. That was what he was telling himself after a visit to Mel Donovan, discussing sutures and stitches, an emergency in ER one and a planned procedure that took more time because the patient had been a stubborn one eating and drinking before arriving in the hospital despite the warning from her anaestetist. She even kept that a secret. But Alan Guyet found out when he was inserting the tube. He had helped Alan to stabilize her first before beginning with the delicate surgery for her hand. A day only in the hospital had turned into more days for her starting in the IC-ward. He stopped in the entrance near the small library situated in the restaurant. The reason was Aradan Mirdees.

    The surgeon was near the counter with his head turned to the doctor accompanying him. He was rather awkward juggling with a Mujaa fruit pie and two cups of caf.

    Marhin grinned when he recognised the woman from a pic on the status boards. Even with his limited Force powers he felt the pure love resonating between the two. ‘Mirdees is in love with Genin. A bond has formed.’ He sauntered towards the counter and saw the gleaming eyes of both before Jeruan Mouraha offered him a fruit-pie. The chef knew the habits of his customers.

    “You saw that too,” Kaagi whispered when Marhin joined him at his table.

    “I did and,” Marhin buried his face behind a spoonful of pie to hide his glee when Aradan and Dian passed their table.

    Kaagi could barely contain his laughter when Aradan with more interest for Genin than for the tray he was carrying bumped against Kaagi’s wheelchair and had the tray flying.

    “Dad got it lovebirds,” Marhin laughed when his father caught the tray and settled it before him with caf and pie saved.

    Aradan and Dian sat down at the table.

    And two Adins were introduced to Dian Genin and saw caf and a pie shared by the two before duty called them away.

    For Kaagi it was back to the IC-ward with Aradan following him.

    Marhin had a planned procedure and Dian had patients coming to her treatment room.

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    :D Yum! Busy days mixed with delightful bondings. :)
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    “Dad got it lovebirds,” Marhin laughed when his father caught the tray and settled it before him with caf and pie saved.

    Aradan and Dian sat down at the table.

    And two Adins were introduced to Dian Genin and saw caf and a pie shared by the two before duty called them away.

    For Kaagi it was back to the IC-ward with Aradan following him.

    Marhin had a planned procedure and Dian had patients coming to her treatment room.

    Wonderful update from the bird with birds!

    *hosts an old university pal this weekend and another friend*

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    Yup and more busy things and fun in the next update
    It has to have birds;)

    Chapter 25

    15 velona

    Bella apartment 211
    Endel Maffei was in a bad mood. His wife Monie had given him a lecture about keeping your big mouth shut and had left to see her friends at her club. Sure he shouldn’t have made comments about the sawing machine in front of that nosey firefighter but he couldn’t keep quiet. The machine had given him trouble since the day it was installed and he was glad that it was gone. But uttering his grief had him meeting Bargony and getting fired. He was now without work and finding work at his age – he was 59 – would be very difficult. If nothing came on his way he had to give up his nice apartment and get one of the cheap apartments in the city. Town hall social security worked that way giving you just the means to live. And he hoped that Monie wouldn’t desert him. She had been in an unstable mind the last years and had once taken an interest in one of the rich and famous men at her club.

    Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks and DB-wood

    Piles of charcoal were still smoking on the place that had housed DB-wood.

    New crews were putting water on the last pockets of resistance.

    Jadaki Plastworks was a collapsed heap of twisted metal, melted and solidified plast mixed with duracrete chunks.

    Wearing his fatigues, boots and BA-equipment Ivano Arvedai was using his shovel to move rubble at the site indicated by the thermal imaging cam. He had – with Erdin doing the same – donned his BA-gear fifteen minutes ago when he deemed it safe to enter and start his investigation. The two police investigators Chedokin and Kerebuy had followed and were now inspecting the slide. And he had of course seen Bargony and his compatriots following his moves and sauntering towards Jadaki. ‘They want to blame Jadaki and Sukenik for negligence in moving the plastbins’ was what he had whispered to Erdin when he entered Jadaki Plastworks.

    He saw Erdin making his way towards him when he discovered the melted remains of durasteel containers. “Erdin do you have a big bag?”

    “You have found something?” Erdin clambered careful over the rubble to the site where Ivano was and unfolded one of the ‘big bags’ aptly named because they could contain anything from a small piece of evidence to a piece the size of a five litre container. “You need all of them?”

    “Only this one,” Ivano used his shovel to pick up the remains. “It has exploded but …”

    “Shh,” Erdin held his gloved finger before the air-regulator under his faceplate.

    Ivano dropped the piece in the big bag and sealed the bag and gave it to Erdin. And pretending not to have seen the snoopy lawyer and his assistant he picked up more pieces of plastbins and assorted rifraf and put them in the other bag held open by Erdin. “Now,” he voiced only to be heard by Erdin when he saw an item to his liking in a puddle of water.

    “Look Ivano,” Erdin stated rather loudly. He was fully attuned to Ivano’s devious thoughts. He knew what Ivano was planning. “There is one of those exploded plastbins. Do you need it as evidence?”

    “Sure but it is too big to fit in a big bag,” Ivano sloshed to the indicated place, put his shovel under the lump of melted plast and metal and began to free it. “I need some help Erdin. Get these bags to the speeder and return with a load-lifter. It seems we have found the culprit starting the fire.” Near the fence he saw Dick Kerebuy looking up briefly.

    Erdin left with the bags and the real evidence, probably not being evidence at all because it was too small to have caused a big explosion.

    Ivano grinned inwardly when the lawyer pointed towards him and gave obviously an order to his assistant. The assistant began to clamber to his place. The man was wearing sturdy boots – positive – but was lacking the rest of the protection. But for the small amount of time he would be there it wouldn’t do much harm.

    The assistant stepped in the deep puddle and scraped his throat.

    “Mr. Assistant of Mr. Mogvitch,” Ivano began without waiting for the lawyer’s assistant to introduce himself. “Are you immunized against toxic gases and sludge?”


    “If you are not, you will suffer the consequences in a few moments.” Ivano saw the lawyer’s assistant sniffing a few times, getting a red face and hurrying back as fast as he could to the edge of the rubble where his boss and Craig Direux were. And he felt the amusement coming from the two near the fence. He continued his investigation moving to the north fence where the cable that had been used to save the children was still visible.

    “Your immunize trick worked,” Bret Chedokin winked with his left eye.

    “It’s always fun to see their faces,” Ivano laughed. “Now we can search for the real culprit that started this fire. Jehna Er-San heard explosions and the kind we have yet to determine.”

    “That slide made by Er-San was a piece of ingenuity,” Dick Kerebuy had the cable in his gloved hands “and I wonder how he could have gotten that all the way up to the first floor.”

    “Jehna Er-San is a Dunai-elder and quite strong in the Force,” Ivano explained. “A bit of Force use and children helping him and the slide was there.”

    “And here is enough rubble to have made the loops,” Bret Chedokin indicated the knotted pieces of rope. “You found something to satisfy the sneaky lawyer and his boss and the desk-huggers that will sure show up soon?”

    “A big plastbin and some odds and ends,” Ivano grinned. “Mogvitch wants to blame Sukenik for negligence in moving the plastbins but I have seen Sukenik’s schedule. We have to prove that the start of the fire was something else. Now we are able to commence our investigation without the snoopy species. Erdin will deal with the desk-huggers and come as soon as they are gone.”

    “You don’t worry about the chief of the desk-huggers outranking him and you and taking over?” Dick asked.

    “No,” Ivano replied. “They will have their plastbin as evidence. They will have a hearing with Sukenik and Jadaki.”

    “I see,” Bret grinned. “And Sukenik will come with his precise documents. But can he prove that he couldn’t have moved the plastbins?”

    “He can,” Ivano stated.

    “But Bargony and his lawyer Mogvitch will find arguments that he could and will have the desk-hugger at their side,” Dick grumbled. “Mogvitch has a reputation to uphold. He has won every case. And desk-huggers are known to follow the easy path.”

    “We will get to the real starter of this fire,” Ivano stated. “I have seen the fire developing and the Force exhaustion of one of my men. That man has given everything to keep Jehna Er-San from hurting himself more. Jehna was yelling about explosions experiencing a dream or a vision. Jehna is now without the Force after receiving a large dose of Draxinon.”

    “That’s bad,” Bret got a sad look on his face. As a Dunai elder he knew what Draxinon could do to midi-chlorians. And to receive that dose; Jehna had to know something or he wouldn’t have been fighting against his rescuers.

    Ivano continued “I think he is holding the key for what started this fire. He was the first to arrive.”

    “We will wait for Jehna to give his comments,” Dick put the knotted pieces of rope in a bag. They and the cable were a piece of evidence for a successful rescue.

    Ivano saw that and asked “you are ready with your fence work?”

    “Yes,” Dick pointed to a piece of rusted durasteel and bent fence and a konjy hole. “Easy access for all and with the door not locked the kids could get inside and do what they liked.”

    “Lucky for them the windows were gone,” Dick Kerebuy started towards the rubble. “Sukenik sure saved the kids with his window-removal. This must have been the secure room.”

    “It is on Sukenik’s schematics,” Bret had a flimsy in his hand.

    “And it is away from the place where the fire started,” Ivano indicated the place where he had picked up the remains of a container. “That room had been filled with plastbins, metal containers and more stuff and needs more investigation but I like to keep that undisturbed until I have spoken to Jehna Er-San. I will help here.”

    “Let’s see if we can find the remains of twenty four shaped charges to prove Sukenik’s reliability,” Dick hunched down when he spotted a tiny piece. “Here is a primer-connect-plate. That’s usually the only thing found after the explosion. It enables the demolishers to see if all the shaped charges have fired as planned.”

    Bret looked up when he saw another man coming his way, uniformed and wearing the required protective gear. It was Deputy Inspector Jago Calran. He waited for him.

    “A nice mess Bret, Dick, Ivano,” Jago Calran unfolded a plast-sealed flimsy.

    “Ah there you are,” Dick looked up. “You have the government permit to close the terrain for visitors.”

    “I have and we can now guard the terrain until all the investigations are done. A Mr. Mogvitch started to protest but I could show him the permit and why the government is closing the terrain.” Jago had his comlink out and gave a soft order. “Begin.”

    “I really like this,” Ivano commented when he saw more police officers in protective gear beginning to close the terrain with yellow and black striped tape. “And that tape is even better than the red and white striped we use for dangerous terrain. Explosives hazard I see.”

    “We want no visitors at all,” Dick grinned. “Jago took my instructions in an even better direction.”

    Ivano saw the broad smile of the inspector and began to read the plast-sealed flimsy. Now he had time enough to conduct his extensive investigations including all the interviews. The police would do their time consuming work determining which chemicals could lead to explosions.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    IC-ward room four
    Kaagi was deeply immersed in the dream about husans making a mess in the pond at Eled-Hir’s place that he was sharing with Jehna and Aradan when a most welcome intrusion had him shifting his hands a bit to make room for another hand. “Aragin, lead us to those funny events in your work-place.”

    “Stories about the owl,” Aragin grinned. “Your son was famous for asking where I had hidden the hydrospanner that the beaver was missing but Jehna had even more funny remarks and actually began to search everywhere coming up with pieces I had been missing for years. I have taken Jehna’s parents to your son’s house and have told owl-stories to Erindi before coming here. Erenya getting some pickled sprouts with chocolate and offering me some had me leaving but Jasan and Kalinde are still there entertaining the little girl and will come to the IC ward in the late afternoon.”

    “Pickled sprouts and chocolate,” Kaagi laughed. “Why do all pregnant women like horrible stuff like that?”

    Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks and DB-wood

    Erdin saw Chuck Jadaki talking softly to Wayne Sukenik and walking to the gathered spectators. They had arrived minutes after he had put the bags in his speeder. Now he was guiding a loadlifter with the ‘exploded plastbin’ to that place when another air-speeder swooped in for a landing. It was large and had the markings of the Moniron government on both sides. Sure Erdin recalled the messages to and from the government yesterday when he visited MC or Mobile Command. A red seven incident activated more officials, bureau types or desk-huggers as Ivano and Bret called them. Chedokin had even voiced it today. But he didn’t like it at all when Bargony and Mogvitch rushed to that speeder with big smiles on their faces. Who was that government official?

    Erdin soon discovered that when the man followed by one of his three officers and Mogvitch rushed to his prey; Erdin. Another officer headed to Sukenik.

    “Ask your Chief to come immediately to me to give a status-report,” the man ordered. “Guide that loadlifter with the evidence to my transport fireman.”

    “Mr. Oksi, this is found by us and will be used by us in our investigation,” Erdin replied with a slightly distorted voice because of the BA-gear and accented the ‘us’. He had seen the name-tag on the uniform. The rude behaviour – not even introducing and now just observing and centring on the yellow and black tape – had him continuing quite neutral “and my ‘chief’ and incident commander and equal is busy and needs me. I am Battalion Chief Erdin Felaron and...”

    “I can see you have taken appropriate measures already to contain the hazard Battalion Chief Felaron,” the man smirked. “I am Chief commissioner Judd Oksi and outrank you. I am from the CIMB. If you are unfamiliar with the abbreviation which I doubt; it is the Central Incident Management Bureau in Monir. We will take the evidence and set up a meeting in the town-hall. You are welcome to come of course after your investigations. We will start at sixteen hundred. Give all that you will find to us. We have excellent equipment in our transport to determine the cause of the fire. We have seen the pictures taken by the hovercam from the reporters. They showed us what happened. There were hazardous chemicals stored at Jadaki. Plastbins were exploding and DB was a victim of the flying flames. I need that plastbin Battalion Chief.”

    “Take it and leave,” Erdin muttered. “And there is this and it’s all coming from the place where the fire started.” He took the bag with the assorted rifraf from his speeder and trussed that in the officer’s hands. He was glad to be wearing his mask because now the officers couldn’t see his mischievous smile. He headed without saying more to Ivano, Bret and Dick.

    - - -

    Ivano eyed him with barely held glee.

    Bret and Dick had to turn away. Masks and air-regulators were making rumbling noises because of the laughter.

    “That is bars and stripes lover Chief commissioner Judd Oksi from the desk-huggers bureau,” Erdin grinned. “He was pleased with the yellow and black tape and ordered the delivery of our found evidence. I have given him the large things.”

    “Except for the container of course,” Ivano saw a nod. “But Oksi, the name is familiar.”

    “For me too,” Erdin’s eyes lighted up. “He was the officer involved in a recent case in Harada He did the Avana investigation trying to prove that DB had deliberately egged that worker to neglect the machine he was supervising. Oksi lost and now he is seeing an opportunity to win from Sukenik and please DB. Sukenik and Jadaki will be the ones accused of negligence.”

    “And DB will use Oksi’s support to get a permit to rebuild as soon as possible,” Bret added and continued with glee “but the government will wait until they have our reports. Jago added the right touch with the yellow and black tape making it an explosives hazard.”

    “Oksi is starting a hearing at sixteen hundred,” Erdin stated.

    “Copies will be sent to our offices,” Ivano began to smile. “Let Oksi do his thing and we will come with the real evidence. I am sure there is more to this accident and I want to speak to all involved before making my report. One of them is Jehna Er-San.”

    “And we will wait for those copies,” Bret picked up another piece. He had with Ivano and Dick helping him unearthed twenty remains of the shaped charges. All were primer connect plates. And Dick had found the strongbox with the primers and had counted them.

    “The detonation of the shaped charges collapsed this part of the building,” Ivano had a piece of a shaped charge in his gloved hands. “And that and that sure helped with the collapse.” He pointed towards the remains of wire-mesh plastbins. “The plast weakens and the volatile liquids ignite with explosive force. The progress of the fire was rapid because of the storm. Fifteen metres between Jadaki and DB was easy for the flames and the high temperature and high load of combustibles created a fire-storm.”

    “We were lucky to save Shea-Quin metal and the apartments and the forest,” Erdin headed with his shovel to another part and unearthed another piece of a shaped charge. “Three to go and we have another proof of Sukenik’s great accuracy.”

    “And I will head to my lecture,” Bret chuckled softly.

    “Chedokin torture,” Dick grinned behind the back of his colleague. “Don’t kill the teacher and kids.”

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    [face_laugh] Nice trick with the "evidence" ;) Glad the investigation can continue without nosy lawyers :p


    Jehna is getting entertained with fun reminiscences :)
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    “Chedokin torture,” Dick grinned behind the back of his colleague. “Don’t kill the teacher and kids.”

    You have a wicked sense of humour at times, woman!
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    And they are planning more


    A touching update with more fun moments

    Chapter 26

    15 velona


    20.00 (is 15.00 Monira time)
    Senatorial residence of Malik Idrees
    Kyle was silent when he walked with his father from the senatorial residence to the beach. He had seen the tears on his father’s face when Malik Idrees had the transport – after leaving Noranan – making a swooping arch over the ocean where his mother had lost her life. After all Tina had been a part of their lives for more than 15 years.

    Nuran, Glen and Grady had been supporting during that tense moment and it was Nuran Rimac going to the cockpit and coming back with an idea to be carried out after dinner.

    Kyle was like his father and his friends carrying a paper candle and following the senator and the inspector. He stopped at the surf and saw senator Idrees turning with his candle held aloft.

    And Kyle listened to the moving tale of the senator telling about lives led astray by unforeseen events, persons meeting and hiding their true intentions and the good that was in every person.

    Kyle felt the comforting arms of his father and comforted his father and felt comforted by his friends.

    “Now we celebrate the eternal soul by putting this paper candle to the waves.”

    Kyle heard the last words of Malik Idrees and bowed down to put – like the others – his candle in the water. “Goodbye mom.”



    Nello road 42
    Noranan primary school
    For the children – Judy and Monica especially – the talk of the day had been the big fire at Jadaki. With their teacher Jani Monteba one of the firefighters and Magin beginning during the first lesson to tell about his father’s involvement in that fire Judy and Monica had to tell about their rescue.

    And the teacher had to comfort Darnella Sukenik. Her father was now in trouble because of that fire.

    - - -

    Bud Sukenik had grinned sheepish when he was called by his teacher Dan Saunders to stand in front of the classroom to tell about his adventure. He was joined by his fellow conspirators and had just begun with the part to get the hair-paint when Bret Chedokin entered.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing changing cubicles
    “You don’t have to shower Aradan.”

    Aradan was about to enter a shower in the changing room when he heard Kaagi. “Why?”

    “Your next lesson will start as soon as we are on the beach,” Kaagi was putting the brace he had worn in the IC-ward in a cleaning unit and opened his locker to get the one he had used to come to the hospital. “The dream-sequence helping to guide Jehna out of the sedation involves swimming and for that I have to show you my friend Kaaginha.”

    “Kaaginha, sure I like to meet him again,” Aradan grinned and hurried to don a new set of greens and his clogs. “And we have Lionel coming to the beach with Injanin and Sarhan and that’s messy too.”


    “Sure, look at your gear Kaagi,” Aradan was ready with his clogs.

    “It’s the hair- and hay-season. I had husan care this morning with Marhin because Aaqu and Lynne slept here in the guestrooms,” Kaagi donned a clog and the clog with the brace attached. “It’s getting everywhere making this thingy very icky, compared to normal icky.” He opened the brace to remove some hay and closed it again. “You will see when you are on Injanin.”

    South-fields avenue
    One apartment on South-fields avenue – situated near the city square that housed the Town hall and more official buildings – was a scene of unrest.

    “Kriffing not good for anything piece of slime,” Azaua Dupree banged on her cafmachine. She was in a foul mood. The party had been nice with her boss revealing that he had a big job coming for the government. But she was unsure of the outcome of the investigations of the Jadaki disaster as she called it. It was a disaster in more ways. Bargony, Direux and their sleazy lawyer Mogvitch accused her boss of neglect. He should have removed the plastbins earlier. Her brother had taken ‘her’ speederbike and had not returned it yet. Ben and Gerrie Folsen had offered her a ride home but she had to walk the last two blocks to her apartment because of an uprooted tree. She had been fuming when she arrived in her apartment soaking wet after a walk of fifteen minutes in the pouring rain.

    Now her cafmachine was deserting her and the doorbell was announcing her visitor. Wayne had called her that he would come to her apartment to discuss the strategy for the meeting in the Town hall that would follow as soon as the investigators had sorted through the rubble that was now the Jadaki disaster. ‘You are the expert on the shaped charges.’

    Azaua headed to the door.

    “Your place in the basement was,” Wayne came in.

    “Deserted yes and don’t ask for caf,” Azaua grumbled before her boss could finish. “I can only make tea.”

    “Tea it is and we don’t have to wait long before getting a call. I was at Jadaki and Chuck was there to see his beloved factory being reduced to a smoking heap of rubble. He will meet us at sixteen hundred in the Town hall. The investigators have been busy.” He told her more.

    Aradan and Marhin were supporting Kaagi when they waded through the surf. All three were clad in wetsuits and had donned scuba-gear with full-face masks and coms.

    Kaagi spotted Kaaginha – or as he was known by his full name Fa Alanor Erda a Kaaginha – immediately.

    The Falgan was waiting and sped to the shallow waters when he saw the three beginning to swim.

    “Kaaginha, can you guide us to the whispering cave?” Kaagi took the dorsal fin of the Falgan in one hand and placed his other hand near the head of Kaaginha. “I have to guide Jehna tomorrow out of the sedation,” he began and told more.

    Kaaginha listened and gave signals. Two Falgans appeared shortly thereafter. And Kaaginha replied in his mindtalk ‘I can and my family will guide Marhin and Aradan. My dad and mom are there.’

    “Aradan, take the fin of Fa Ah o Erfa o fa Alanor and put your hand like I am doing,” Kaagi saw a larger Falgan coming nearer. He could pronounce the long name without any hesitation.

    Aradan just followed Kaagi’s instruction and felt the great comfort coming from the father of Kaaginha.

    ‘Jehna will be without the Force but don’t you worry young one.’

    “Worried? You know that I am worried?”

    ‘I sensed some when you touched me. You were the one to order the Draxinon to keep Jehna from going mad. The Force doesn’t define who you are. Marhin knows. He too had lost most of his midis but he is regaining them. Come with Jehna to us when he is able to leave his bed.’

    “Jehna will get midis from his dad but…”

    ‘Long it will take but time young Jehna has. Hold on to my fin young Aradan.’

    Aradan held on and followed Kaagi and Marhin and their guides.

    Colwood road 4
    North district middle school
    Director Yoram Karolan had had an eventful day. He had to tell the students what
    Tidi Monetti, Sophia Zenon and Julia Shang had done, leading to a lecture. And he had to tell why – besides Glen Baldwin – Kyle Metfor was absent. That had all the students busy thereafter; making cards with well wishes for Mel Donovan and sending messages to Monir with their comlinks.

    And the director was busy. He arranged for the school to see the run on the holotube. The students wanted to come on their free day to the school.

    Town hall
    The Noranan Town hall was a relatively new building built after the old Town hall couldn’t accommodate all the civil servants when Noranan thrived and got more inhabitants.

    Wayne Sukenik was in one of the meeting rooms in a heated debate with Judd Oksi and his team of investigators. “You have heard Jadaki. I just followed his directions. I would have moved the plastbins today,” Wayne shoved the stash of flimsies to the investigator. “This is my schedule and the documents to prove that I had to deliver the windows to CL-company.”

    “Mr. Sukenik is very precise and reliable,” Chuck Jadaki stated. “It was the main reason for me to choose him. And that lawyer from DB… huh he has to prove that Sukenik could have transported the combustible materials earlier.”

    “We will wait for the report of the lawyer,” Judd Oksi said. “I have to wait for the report from the incident commander after he has interviewed the firefighters but I doubt that the report will add more to this simple case. That’s all gentlemen.” He stood up and walked to the back door.

    Wayne and Chuck left the meeting room. They were worried. Oksi said that he would wait for the report but would he do it? He had presented evidence in the form of a large exploded plastbin. And DB-wood’s lawyer Mogvitch was known for winning his cases.

    And it was Azaua waiting – she had been told to wait outside – for her boss to re-appear after the interview – in her opinion an interrogation because even the government officials were friends from Bargony – who voiced the worry. “Mogvitch is a creep and will ruin us with Oksi and his officers helping him.”

    “Azaua,” Wayne soothed “official Oksi and his officers are from the Central Incident Management Bureau and appointed by the central government in Monir to lead the investigation.”

    “Yeah,” Azaua muttered. “The government comes because it was a big incident. Oksi is from Monir and must be friends with Bargony and Direux. You told me that he headed directly to that creep Mogvitch.”

    “He is? I am not so sure,” Chuck stated. “I have seen the other cases. Oksi led the investigations in Avana and he came from Monir. He wanted to prove that DB was guilty.”

    “Yes but he got Direux and Bargony free of all charges after the Avana fire,” Azaua grumbled. “Why wasn’t I allowed to support you? I could have swiped the floor with Oksi and his plastbins-are-responsible-for-the-Jadaki-disaster arguments.”

    “He had the evidence and it was found by the incident commander,” Wayne remained neutral.

    “Yeah but Oksi didn’t have the full report yet,” Azaua smirked. “The incident commander has to interview his crews. One of them is Sig’s. Hah, Sig Dupree my wrecking baby brother. Get me to fire-station seven. I want my speederbike back. I want to disturb the evening of my brother. It’s starting at nineteen hundred.”

    “Ah your brother is causing your foul mood,” Wayne began to chuckle when he saw the red on Azaua’s face beginning to match the red of her hair. He had to relieve the tension.

    “Yeah by not coming back to the party and getting a ride home from Elenion and leaving my speederbike no doubt parked like a piece of trash in a mud-puddle,” Azaua fumed. “Yeah Sig has a lot to explain. He called Trucky yesterday and told him that the bike was safe but outside. And that ‘outside’ has me worried. I had to walk the last two blocks to my home. I was soaking wet after that walk.”

    “Walking,” Chuck Jadaki enquired.

    “Yeah to top the deluge of water it was raining branches and leaves and I had to walk fifteen minutes,” Azaua muttered.

    “Follow me Azaua,” Wayne started for the door. “I will bring you to the firehouse but first dinner at my place.”

    “Yeah to hear if your kids have done more mischief at or after school and to see my poor wreck of a speederbike,” Azaua hurried after her boss. Just before she came to the exit she saw another door opening to reveal Mogvitch giving her a sly grin. She brushed none too gently past him.

    - - -

    Frank Mogvitch smiled. Sukenik and Jadaki would meet their end and his boss DB-wood would build a new factory. Meeting Oksi as soon as he landed near the incident and pointing him to the incompetent firefighter that was guiding evidence to his speeder had sure swayed the official in their favour. His next move was to plan a press conference giving praise to CIMB and their chief investigator Judd Oksi.

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    Touching scene with Kyle and his dad with the candles =D= @};- Aradan and the Falgan -- always, always cool. :) [:D]
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    And there is more when a husan comes to play and a brother meets a sister

    Chapter 27

    15 velona

    Rondor Police central station
    Inspector Morjan Lynch grinned when she heard the loud whoot coming from
    Police Commissioner Molnor’s office followed moments later by the man uttering that whoot storming out of the office and hugging her. She had arrived with Tim one hour ago, listening during the entire flight to Rondor to conversations between Tim and his family.

    “Thank you for making the difference in my life,” Tim Dereika beamed. “I sure hope to meet you again but now I have to hurry. My family will help me to get my belongings to Noranan.”

    “Congrats Tim and good luck with your new job,” Morjan grinned.

    “Thank you and see you again,” Tim sped away. He had a new home and tomorrow his first official day at his new job, a job he intended to keep until his retirement. He had enough of getting a different job each time after some mishap.

    And Morjan laughed when she heard the soft muttering coming from Molnor.

    “He is gone and we are loosing an excellent pilot.”


    Aradan had told Kaaginha and his family about his next lesson and he wasn’t surprised at all to have the Falgans guiding Marhin, Kaagi and him back to the beach when Lionel – seated on Sarhan and with a saddled Injanin following – came cantering down from the dunes.

    Lionel stopped near the surf and dismounted. Sarhan remained at his side but Injanin touched with his hooves the water.

    “Thank you Fa o Elanor uh father of Kaaginha,” Aradan let go of the dorsal fin but had his hand still on the Falgan’s head. He had heard the full names of all the Falgans.

    ‘Fa Ah o Erfa o fa Alanor, I know our full names are difficult to remember but you can call me Falanor. I will see you soon with Jehna.’ With that Fa Ah o Erfa o fa Alanor dipped his head beneath the surf and headed with his wife and son back to the deeper part of the ocean.

    Aradan swam to Kaagi and helped him to wade through the surf when they could touch the sand with their feet.

    Marhin was still in the deeper part when Injanin had his four legs in the surf and began to wade towards his father and Aradan.

    “Injanin, just wait for them to come ashore,” Lionel grinned quite amused when the husan headed resolutely to Aradan not at all impressed by the strange appearance. But he followed. Injanin was known for very enthusiastic greetings.

    “He likes me uh I think,” Aradan let go of Kaagi when Injanin began to push against his chest and arms. He grabbed the long manes.

    Kaagi – unable to stand on one leg – started to slip in the surf.

    “Got you,” Lionel rushed in the water and took Kaagi firefighter fashion over his shoulder and waded ashore.

    “Again,” Kaagi grinned. “Injanin and Aradan are forming a pair immediately.”

    Aradan and Injanin followed. And the first was putting his scuba-gear down and removing his mask when he felt the soft breath of the second on his hair.

    The husan just stood there inhaling the tangy salty smell of the hair.

    “He really likes you Aradan,” Lionel helped Kaagi to doff his gear and helped him to his wheelchair. He had seen more bonds forming between a husan and his rider and this was about the same as he had experienced when his father was guiding Sarhan to him. Injanin – the son of Sarhan and Feana – had a new master. A soft rumbling sound from Sarhan had Lionel laughing softly “yes Sarhan, your son will be leaving soon.”

    Aradan smiled. Injanin was to be for him. He knew that riding him would give no problem at all. Sure he would be stiff and sore after the first ride and covered with hair – it ‘was’ the hair-season according to Kaagi – but that would go after more rides. And he was sure that Injanin would be a great help for Jehna and other patients. And he was fun too. He was reaching for his towel to get hair and face dry when he saw Injanin taking one part of that towel. He let go and the husan began to move his head swishing the towel every which way and that included the sand, Aradan’s wetsuit and his face. “I am getting sandy and…”

    “Hairy,” Lionel laughed. “Get in the saddle and let me begin with your lesson.”

    Aradan walked to the right side of Injanin, put his right foot in the stirrup, swung his left leg over the back and sat down very softly and took the manes of Injanin.

    “That’s a strange way of mounting,” Lionel mounted Sarhan from the left side.

    “It’s the Adin way,” Kaagi explained. “Aradan must have seen me mounting Arandi. I use a saddle sometimes but prefer bareback riding. See you tomorrow and don’t you worry. We will all help Jehna.”

    Lionel nodded and trotted slowly away with Aradan following him and remaining rooted to the saddle. Injanin was known for a very smooth ride.

    Noranan central dispatch
    Ivano Arvedai had been reading the report about the meeting between Sukenik, Jadaki and the investigators when Erdin Felaron entered his office. Something felt wrong for him. Sure; he had found the remains of an exploded metal container in the indicated place. And that was still in Erdin’s speeder, not being given as evidence to Oksi. But why did the container explode after being there for days under the same conditions.

    “Something is definitely wrong Ivano,” Erdin voiced it, sat down and took the report.

    “Yes,” Ivano confirmed. “Sukenik is according to both Jadaki and the government a very reliable company with excellent documented schedules. He has been given a large contract for the government that will have him busy for months.”

    “He was getting a call from Dack Jorton fireworks for the shaped charges and a request from CL-company to deliver the transparisteel windows on the same day,” Erdin said. “Window-removal even reduced the temperature in the building, making an overheating container even more impossible. But it kept him from removing the containers and plastbins. And he had to store the shaped charges at Jadaki because he couldn’t keep them at home. And that’s for me too much of a coincidence with the storm making it very easy for the fire to jump from Jadaki to DB-wood.”

    “That’s why I am waiting with my final report,” Ivano stated. “You have seen DB’s lawyer.”

    “Who can be a lot of trouble for Sukenik and Jadaki because he has won every case,” Erdin grumbled. “Just take your time with interviewing all our people involved in the accident. Give the crews time to recover from the taxing work.”

    “I will,” Ivano began to smile. “The crew from fire-station six are on my list for tomorrow evening and quite a few of the volunteers from fire-station seven have their demanding jobs in the hospital.”

    “You can see them now. They are having their exercise evening.”

    “No I let them have their cleaning of the engine and telling tall tales and will visit them next week.”

    “That’s delaying of the proceedings,” Erdin chuckled. “And you know…”

    “Mogvitch and Oksi will holler for a removal of the rubble permit stamped with approval from us. Dick Kerebuy has made it an explosives hazard and is conducting his investigation in a thorough way. He has started near the fence of Die Bie and will sift through all the remains of the plastbins.”

    “And I will tell Oksi that I have to keep the rubble undisturbed until you have interviewed all the firefighters involved. And that will tax his patience even more.”

    “He will be fuming because there is one I like to interview too. Jehna Er-San, the man who rescued the children was the first on scene. He was shouting about explosions. We cannot interview him yet because he is sedated.”

    Dune-road 6
    Sitting on Injanin and with husan-hair and sand clinging to his wetsuit and more Aradan was sore, quite dirty and tired when he followed Lionel on Sarhan towards his cottage. But sore and tired were out of his mind when he discovered who was sitting there on the front porch. He slid from Injanin’s back and rushed to Dian.

    “Aradan,” Dian giggled when her mate took her face between his hands and came nearer with his mouth. “Look who is following you?”

    Aradan about to kiss Dian on her lips felt a large tongue on his hair and saw - in the corner of his eye – that tongue swishing to Dian’s hair as well. “Kisses from Injanin and kisses from…”

    What more he wanted to say was drowned by Dian’s kiss.

    Lionel – on Sarhan – was doubled over with laughter and very happy. “Injanin has a new family.”

    “He sure has and I hope I can find a ride for Dian too,” Aradan disentangled from Dian. “We want to ride on our official day of marriage.”

    “I have never been on,” Dian started but felt Aradan lifting her and placing her on Injanin.

    “You are now.”

    Dian just sat there feeling comfortable and was amused by the gentle behaviour of the husan who turned his swivelling ears this and that way and was standing rooted to the surface. “It will be great to give recovering children staying in our hospital a visit to your farm.”

    “To get riding and therapy lessons,” Aradan added. “You work in the junior-wing Dian and can discuss this with your superior Ina Timlada. I am sure she will find this a great idea.”

    “My father and I can give those lessons,” Lionel said.

    “I will make plans,” Dian laughed.

    Injanin just stood still, swivelling his ears to the woman on his back.

    But Aradan taking steps towards a patch of grass to get some to present to the husans had Injanin moving as well. There was his new master. The husan followed. Ears picked up a soft giggling coming from the woman and the one who had raised him.

    “There is hay and more food in the stable Injanin.”

    Aradan picked some grass and presented it to Injanin.

    Injanin had the grass in his mouth and dropped it suddenly when he heard a loud snort followed by a sound of moving hooves.

    “Arandi, Andar!” That came from the shelter.

    Injanin snorted and trotted towards the fence.

    Two husans were cantering towards the other side of the fence and sliding to a stop.

    “Aradan!” Dian was tossed up and down, holding on, grabbing the manes and with eyes gleaming with laughter. “I am bumping.”

    “Bumping,” Aradan grinned but rushed to Injanin and lifted Dian from the back of the husan, who stood again rooted but had now his head pointed to the two husans at the other side of the fence. “That’s more of your new family.”

    Injanin reached with his head towards the fence.

    Andar did from his side.

    Soft snorting was heard.

    It was repeated between Injanin and Arandi.

    A whistle.

    Arandi and Andar gave a loud snort and cantered away.

    And Injanin turned to Aradan, nuzzled him softly, remained that way inhaling the tangy scent of his master and trotted to Sarhan.

    “Yes Injanin,” Lionel grinned “you will be with your new family soon but now it’s time to get some food. See you tomorrow Aradan for your next lesson. And Dian; I have at my home a ride for you waiting as well.”

    “See you,” Aradan and Dian waved Lionel goodbye when he trotted away on Sarhan with Injanin following.

    Beach road 8
    “Met your new friend Andar?” Kaagi was able to wheel away when Andar, followed by Arandi came cantering towards the shelter. He had seen the gentle meeting of the three husans and had given a short whistle when Marhin had filled the manger with grains.

    “He did and he isn’t sad anymore,” Marhin mused when he saw Andar starting to nibble on the grains with more appetite than he had shown yesterday and in the morning. “It is as if he knows that Injanin will help his master to get well again.”

    Dashin street 6
    “Yes Injanin a few weeks and you can go to your new stable,” Lionel had removed the saddle after guiding the husan in his stable and was grooming him.

    “Riding went as planned?” Aidan Keranan stood in the door opening leading to the house.

    “Yes and Injanin and Aradan were immediately attracted to each other. And you should have seen Aradan when we rode to his cottage. His bond-mate – soon to be wife – Dian Genin was there and was loved by Injanin immediately. And she has new ideas for our farm.”

    “You can tell me all about that but I have dinner waiting.”

    Lionel finished his grooming, put the saddle on the rack and followed his father. Riding and instructing had made him quite hungry.

    Fire-station 7
    “Sig Dupree, you are a good for nothing, wrecking baby brother, getting my speederbike in this state and leaving it out in the open to be wrecked by the storm,” Azaua poked her brother in his chest with her outstretched index-finger with each word she said. She wasn’t looking at his gleaming eyes but at her speederbike, now in a deeper puddle of mud and covered with leaves and branches tossed there by the storm.

    “Ah that has my senior sister in a foul mood but I will,” Sig began.

    “It’s not the only thing,” Azaua continued to poke him with her finger. “My boss is being accused of negligence. He should have moved the kriffing plastbins. They exploded and started the fire and destruction that’s now wrecking my boss. Investigator Oksi is on the case and you know; he couldn’t win from the lawyer of DB-wood in Avana and lost and now he wants to win, this time for DB and against us. That dirty Direux has the famous sleaze Mogvitch as his lawyer and will sure have us without work forever and my boss on Dharon Island.”

    “Uh Dharon Island is for…” Sig tried.

    “Investigator Oksi is on the case,” Azaua interrupted. “We are finished. I am finished and might as well get a job as a dirt-cleaner.” She sat down on her haunches and began to move the leaves.

    “Let’s help her,” Sig knelt down too and saw Alwin, Kevin and Jani abandoning their cleaning work on the engine. The speederbike became their priority.

    “Leaves,” Azaua picked up a green leaf. “The dinner at Sukenik was nice with green veggies and burgers. Bud had tall tales about his school day meeting his conspirators Gene, Mikel and Frank. Teacher Saunders had a lecture about the dangers of fire and had to face police inspector Chedokin. Bud too.” She put down the green leaf. “Bud and Darnella and Dan are nice kids. They deserve a great future. Their father should …”

    “Azaua,” Alwin put his hand on her shoulder. “The incident commander will find the real cause of the fire. He will clear your friend and employer. There is more to this accident than just an exploding plastbin. Just have faith. Our crew has to meet the investigators yet to give our report. The investigators will sure want to interview the man who was the first on scene and rescued the kids. That is my colleague Jehna Er-San and I will see him tomorrow when I have IC-ward duty.”

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    A new chapter with some tense moments

    Chapter 28

    16 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    IC ward
    Kaagi was sitting on a stool in a changing cubicle after taking a shower and heard the water in the cubicle next to his. He had a green towel over his head to dry his hair. In the dark some thoughts and memories came forward. ‘Midi-chlorians or as they are called
    engwa eiaala in the Dunai elder language; there are many ways to mess up with them. Marhin is regaining the Force thanks to the eia-ore. For Jehna it will be his father helping him. I have seen mis-behaving midis during my time with the Jedi. Obi-Wan had them after his ordeal on Ratatak with a mask trying to twist his mind. We – the healers – were baffled when he regained the full use of the Force. I know now how. He told me after becoming one with the Force that it has been Siri. Yup pure love and that’s why he could let go when Siri died at Azure. The bond of the soul remained and became a comfort when he was alone on Tatooine. And with Qui-Gon and Siri visiting him he could complete his training, could unite with Siri and guide Anakin and Luke.’
    “Dad you’re ready?”

    Musings interrupted Kaagi had the towel sliding from his head. He resumed his towelling and saw only now that he had forgotten to take a package from his locker. “Just a moment son and can you help me. I have forgotten my brace.”

    “Sure dad and there will be someone who will carry you back.”

    Town hall
    Housing and urban development department
    Having returned a minute ago from the archives Edwin Itsko looked up from what he was doing and that was getting another file with flimsies of his colleagues filed in the vast archives of the department. With Noranan thriving new building projects were giving that archive work. What had him looking up?

    It was his colleague Robert Korda in a discussion with two men.

    “The man you need for approving of your new plans – architect Baldwin – is away. He is the man responsible for planning in the north district.”

    “And there is no one to take over?”

    “Mr. Bargony, patience.”

    “I am but the sooner we get that removal permit…”

    “Today or tomorrow will not matter that much. Sir, can you inform us when architect Baldwin returns?”

    “He will be back in three days time on the 19th of velona Mr. Mogvitch. You have heard that at the front-desk I suppose.”

    “Hmm yes but the lady said … Ah whatever… I can wait. But maybe you can get these plans at his attention sooner.”

    “I will put them on his desk and transfer a copy to his note-pad.”

    “We will be back. Thank you Mr. Korda.”

    Robert nodded friendly, closed the window of the booth and returned to his desk with the schematics of the new plans.

    “Those two were Bargony and his lawyer Mogvitch from the big fire,” Edwin was awed. “And you sent them away just like that. And Grady returns on the 18th and that’s…”

    “I had to Edwin,” Robert was amused by the reaction of his young colleague. “Grady is in Monir and has to tell us all about his run when he returns. I could have given the case to Dion Ammer but you know. Grady has been there at Jadaki fighting the fire and he sure will like it to get his hands on the new plans.”

    “I see. And also important is the fact that Grady has been the one to give Jadaki permission for his plans. DB’s might interfere with Jadaki’s,” Edwin grinned. “I was about to file the Jadaki plans yesterday when a call came to get them to Noranan central dispatch. You could have given Dion the case.”

    “I want to keep it for Baldwin. I like to see Jadaki’s new plans being completed. And I suppose you have seen the news yesterday?”

    “Yup bragging Bargony that he will sue Jadaki and Sukenik for negligence,” Edwin grinned when Dion Ammer came into the office after seeing his customer with plans.

    “Talking about the fire?” Dion mused.

    “Yes,” Robert began and told Dion more. He would send the schematics to the fire-investigators.

    And Dion was glad that he didn’t have to deal with DB. He had the big plans in the central district to review and that was enough work for him. More than enough; he had requested more personnel and that was granted by the chief of the department.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    IC ward room four
    Aradan was nervous when he entered the IC ward. He could make contact with a patient’s mind but wasn’t as skilled as a fully trained anaestetist.

    He had spent a nice night and had breakfast with Dian before heading to the hospital. Dian had given him a very encouraging pep talk, telling him that she could sense all his thoughts when he focussed on her and kissed her. That was before she went to see her director of the junior wing to discuss the husan therapy plans.

    He had seen Jehna’s parents. Jasan and Kalinde were not worried at all. They had been with their son the entire evening talking to Tarmenel about nice childhood memories and more recent visits to Monir when Jehna was still working at the university before settling in Noranan.

    Today Jehna would be guided out of the sedation. Would Jehna accept the ventilator? Would Jehna feel that the Force was gone?

    Aradan stepped into Jehna’s room and whispered “good morning.”

    Timo and Leslie were already there with the first watching the monitors and the second busy with the anaesthesia equipment. The bed was in a slightly reclining position. It would be comfortable for the patient seeing more than the ceiling and the light fixtures.

    “Don’t you worry Aradan,” Leslie felt immediately Aradan’s nervousness. “Just place your hands on Jehna’s forehead and let Kaagi guide you.” He indicated where Aradan could sit. “He is dreaming again about his husan Andar. Tarmenel began one hour ago with a dream about the valley and I could continue with a play with Andar.”

    “Andar,” Aradan sat down with a smile on his face. Many of the dreams had been about Andar. He had seen Andar yesterday coming to the fence with Arandi to meet Injanin until Kaagi whistled to get the two back to the stable. He was with his hands on the required position when Kaagi with his son Marhin supporting him came to the bed. And yes; he felt the joy coming from Jehna playing with Andar.

    “Atano Aradan Kaaginha atano,” Marhin helped his father to sit down next to the bed.

    Kaagi gave a small smile and placed his hands on the forehead of Jehna next to those of Aradan.

    Aradan smiled when he heard the old language used by Marhin. Success was what he needed. He saw Marhin leaving. There were more patients to check in the ward.

    “Begin Kaagi and Aradan,” Leslie injected the fast acting counter anaesthetic in the line.

    Kaagi began to murmur in the Dunai elder language and guided Jehna in a dream gently going from what Jehna was dreaming about playing with his husan Andar to a swim with a Falgan and visiting a beautiful cave. He felt Jehna responding.

    Aradan ‘saw’ the scenery enfolding in his mind. It was what Kaagi had shown him yesterday, going to the beach, donning scuba-gear and waiting for the Falgans to take them to an underwater cave. It was easy to envision this now in the dream.

    ‘Wow look at those colours. Hey Kaagi, Aradan; swimming with me?’

    Aradan felt that this was different for Jehna. This was a dream leading to more.

    “Yes Jehna,” Kaagi reverted to basic because his patient was responding in that language. “I am in your dream and now we have to go somewhere else. We will tell you more. Just follow our lead.”

    “Jehna is ready,” Timo indicated a change in heartbeat on the monitor. “Tell him about the ventilator.”

    ‘Ventilator? Scuba-gear! Sure I have to use that. Is Timo also swimming? I don’t see him.’

    Aradan began to smile.

    “We are now leaving the water. Listen to Aradan. He is here for you and Timo is.”

    ‘Hey; I am doing mindtalk and you … no mindtalk … What?’

    “I will tell you,” Kaagi continued. “We are in the hospital. You are and there is nothing to worry. We have told you – using dreams – all about the accident after saving six children trapped in a building.”

    ‘Normal talk? I can?’

    “Jehna don’t try to breathe on your own,” Aradan looked with smiling eyes when he saw the blue eyes – moist with salve – opening. “You are on a ventilator, that’s helping your lungs and ribs to heal. And you are on muscle relaxants.”

    ‘What? Ah that. It is a ventilator.’ Jehna saw the familiar surroundings of a hospital room with the large window giving him a view on the beautiful garden. With his eyes moving up he followed the ribbed hoses that were leading to equipment with a breathing bag that was inflating and deflating. He had been often here to settle a patient in the ward. Now he was a patient. He accepted being on muscle relaxants giving no feeling at all from the neck down. He accepted the air being moved in and out of his lungs with the aid of a machine. He had convinced his patients that being on a ventilator was beneficial for certain injuries. He remembered and knew that he had those after getting bricks and rubble on his chest. And he saw the timepiece indicating that it was 0942 velona 16. ‘Ah yes. I remember what you and more healers have been telling me in my dreams. I saved six children. I am a hero. I was trapped. You got me out and treated my severe injuries. I sure have those after the building collapsed.’

    “That was after you saved six children. I got you out,” Aradan replied, eyes filling with tears of joy because this was Jehna as he was responding to the joyful outcome of the rescue. Fond memories would surpass the bad ones and the coming trying ones. Jehna had saved the children and that was what counted for him. And with Jehna being a healer he could continue to be quite direct and continued “you are on a ventilator because you have bruised lungs and five broken ribs. We could save your spleen and kidneys. Your innards received quite a beating. All will heal but it will take a long time.”

    ‘I am numb. I am feeling no pain. Severe burns and more broken bones too I suppose?’

    “Yes and you are on heavy painkillers,” Aradan said. “You have burns in several places, broken ankles and a right wrist. I will show you your stats when you want that. A few days Jehna and we will try to…”

    Try to. That had Jehna remembering something from long and not so long ago when Kaagi was telling Jedi-tales. He blinked with his eyes - that was something he could do with muscle relaxants keeping all but his head in a numb state – and scrunched up his nose to discover some tube there inserted in one nostril. ‘Not try Aradan. You know what Kaagi told you about a certain Jedi master.’

    “I have told him but I don’t have a gimer stick,” Kaagi grinned when he saw the gleaming eyes. “Yoda; yes he always did or didn’t do.”

    Jehna moved his eyes this and that way and saw only healers gifted with the Force. But he heard normal spoken language. ‘I don’t sense your thoughts but you sense me. There is something missing but that’s not important I think. It certainly is not what defines me.’

    “About missing…” Kaagi halted for a moment gazing at Aradan and seeing a nod from the surgeon. “I know you can take it Jehna.”

    ‘Yes?’ Jehna saw in the kind silver-grey eyes that there was more to his condition than those severe but not life-threatening injuries.

    “All your midis are gone,” Kaagi informed as neutral as possible. “You were fighting against your rescuers and using your Force powers.”

    ‘Was it the dream I had? I remember now. WHEW.’ All became clear for Jehna. He couldn’t move but was becoming quite excited. ‘The dream I had days ago had been a vision. Becoming trapped I had been ensnared in the dream.’

    “Yes Jehna and you were desperate,” Aradan said with awe sounding in his voice.

    ‘That dream seemed like reality for me. There were hideous men holding me. I was fighting them. I didn’t recognise my rescuers I suppose. Or did I and did I want to tell something and keep conscious? But those black figures… The fire and the lava and the burning planet and Anakin… I was feeling that man’s pain… I could have gone insane.’

    “Yes Jehna,” Kaagi nodded with his head. “Your dream was your reality. Your rescuers had no time left. They had to inject you with a dose of Draxinon that was not calculated. All your midis died. We have used Midillamin and thermal sheets to remove the dead midis as soon as possible. And we have you now on anti-nausea medicines to negate the Midillamin after-effects. We are feeding you nutrients through a stomach tube. You have no midis left.”

    ‘They are gone but don’t define who I am. I am a healer and Dunai elder. I will live and continue my work. The essence of me is still there! I am young and who knows.’ Jehna didn’t see sad faces. That was something. Eyes were bright. He blinked a few times.

    “Leslie Tualan knows. You will get the midis back when you are getting stronger,” Kaagi continued with a smile. Jehna was taking this even better than he had expected. “Leslie has a great idea and that will work. Your father will give midi-chlorians to you, donating stemcells. He is a perfect match. You will be like my son and Aaqu learning to use the Force anew when your midis are multiplying. I will be one of your teachers. Aradan too is your teacher.”

    ‘I see. I will be a young one and I have confidence that they return but without them,’ Jehna continued his mindtalk more haltingly when the impact of having no midis became clear to him. ‘I have no means to keep from feeling pain and… dreams … no shields … I will need help like my young patients.’

    “We will help to shield if that is necessary,” Kaagi replied. “Dreams and pain are for us to keep you unaware of them.”

    Timo took two steps to be in the field of vision of Jehna. “We will ‘try’ to keep you from feeling any pain when we have to change bandages and more.”

    ‘Try? Timo why are you here? Not going to Monir? Tomorrow is the run. And Aradan you should be there in Monir too involved in some mischief with pillows or more.’

    “No Jehna,” Aradan laughed. Jehna was very lucid and even remembering what day it was. “We are here for you and the run isn’t important.”

    ‘For me it is. Timo you should go. You have to get your parents to come here in Noranan. And Aradan you are the captain of the team trying to…’

    “I will stay here with you,” Aradan interrupted, his face now very joyful. “Your parents are here with Tarmenel and Aragin.”

    ‘I will see them soon I think?’

    “Sure,” Aradan replied. “They have been here every day. They are eager to see you and will care for you. And I will care for you with the future Dian Genin Mirdees.”

    Jehna saw the gleaming joyful eyes, moist with tears. ‘Dian Mirdees?’

    “Yes Jehna,” Aradan beamed “I met Dian Genin – a doctor working in the Junior-wing – when I was guiding Lionel Keranan – one of the firefighters to help you – to the meeting room where his colleague Anwar Baldavin was. Anwar had been visiting a boy rescued by him and Dian had that boy under her care. I will tell you more about Lionel but first Dian. I saw her and you know. Dunai elder bonds and we are getting married.”

    ‘Congratulations. Dian has her work here and you don’t want to leave her and me. Alright; you can stay and care for me, your little kid brother. But with the two of us here Timo has to defend the university team. He has to win.’

    “Timo you have to go and win for the team,” Aradan voiced. “Do it for Jehna. He will be happy if you go.”

    ‘Do it for me.’ Jehna winked with his eyes.

    “Do Timo and don’t,” Aradan began.

    “I will go and try to win,” Timo quipped. “And for getting there I am rather late.”

    “You can take my X-wing,” Kaagi began to grin mischievously. “It is flown by Beesie and you don’t have to worry about tired legs with the hands only controls.”

    “Tired legs,” Timo took the bait. “I might have tired legs after trying to win the race for Jehna and might be unable to even walk to a transport. But an X-wing; what about my parents? An X-wing is a single person transport and I have never flown one.”

    “Ask Malik Idrees to transport your parents,” Aradan said. “He is now in Monir and has to fly Nuran Rimac, the Baldwins and Metfors back. That’s an entire story I will tell later.”

    “My X-wing is easy to fly,” Kaagi added. “You have piloted the Big Fish and medevacs. I will contact Aranella to send Beesie to the hangar.”

    “I see,” Timo said. “With all of you egging me to go, I have to get my gear.”


    “Success from Jehna and from all of us Timo,” Aradan grinned. “And you are the captain now with all the responsibilities to keep the team in shape.”

    “I? Oops,” Timo grinned when he saw the gleaming eyes of Jehna and rushed away before Aradan could tell him more about what a captain was supposed to do. He would meet that head on when he arrived in Monir.

    ‘Timo will be surprised. Uh you mentioned Lionel Keranan. I remember him. I heard his name. He was there holding me.’

    “Yes,” Aradan beamed “Lionel was there to help you and he has a great idea for your recovery. Yesterday he came to you and told us about Injanin.”

    ‘Was that the third husan on the beach in my dream? I saw you in my dream and you were riding him.’

    “Yes Jehna and you are going to ride him and he will be my ride when you can ride Andar. Lionel gave him to me.”

    ‘I suppose he formed a bond with you just like I have with Andar.’

    “He did the moment after I saw him after my swim with Kaagi and Marhin to Kaaginha and his family. He was eager to see me and waded into the water.”

    “And you let go of me but Lionel was there to carry me firefighter fashion out of the water,” Kaagi laughed. “And you were the sandy and hairy knight on a white husan when you rode with Lionel to your cottage.”

    “Lionel Keranan? Talking about the Jadaki fire?” A green clad man came in.

    “No Alwin,” Aradan replied. “We were talking about Lionel and Injanin but now that you are here, you can sure tell us about your part in the fight against the fire.”

    “It began with my pager when I was entertaining the kids. I was helping to make cake,” Alwin began with some funny events to see how Jehna would take that. “I sped to the fire-station and I was arriving with cake batter on my cheek and saw Sig dropping a speederbike in a puddle of mud and that had his sister Azaua in a very foul mood yesterday. She came to get it back and had us cleaning the bike until it was shining. WOW she was fuming.”

    Jehna had seen Azaua and her brother Sig when he visited the fire-station. Azaua was known for level-headedness. She had been the one to give cool comments when her brother was busy with an exercise. ‘Azaua was fuming because the speederbike was dirty? Only that?’

    “Put your hands on Jehna’s forehead,” Kaagi moved his hands a bit. “He wants to know if she was fuming because her speederbike was dirty.”

    Alwin did and replied “she was only a bit angry because of that dirty speederbike. The main reason for being very upset and angry is that her boss Wayne Sukenik is being accused of negligence because he didn’t move the plastbins. An overheating pressurized container must have been the cause for the fire and…”

    ‘No Alwin there was one explosion and a second when I was running near Jadaki and both sounded like the fireworks on New Years Eve.’

    “There were two explosions?”

    ‘Two yes and I got there at Jadaki and the building wasn’t safe anymore to enter through the front door. You have taught me all about dirty smoke and backdrafts. I had to make a slide for the children. All detonated but that was after I got the last child out. I got trapped. I told Lionel Keranan that all exploded. I was fighting using the Force against him. But uh he was holding me, helping me.’

    “You heard two explosions when you warned me?”

    ‘Yes Aradan. Fireworks not plastbins… Alwin you know … not a BLEVE either … and the big fireworks had the building collapsing. I got trapped. Lionel was there rescuing me. I have to tell him about the two explosions. Can I see him?’

    “I will ask him,” Alwin said.

    ‘Now? The children had nothing to do with the start of the fire either. Explosions from fireworks like I heard are no child’s play.’ Eyes turned quite fierce.

    “I will see if he can come today,” Aradan said.

    ‘Nice and I want to thank him for helping me and giving you Injanin.’

    “Let me contact him,” Alwin moved his hands away and stood up. “You can stay here with Jehna.”

    ‘Kaagi you have to contact Aranella to get Beesie. Timo needs the astromech to help him to Monir. And don’t tell him what a captain is supposed to do. Leslie and Aradan sure will have me with nice dreams about what a captain is really doing and one of those is starting and ending the pillow-fights and the famous Adin mud-fights or water-fights.’

    “Jehna, full of mischief already,” Kaagi stood up as well and grabbed Alwin’s arm for support. “And look at that. He is sleepy and will dream about creating mischief for his colleagues.”

    Leslie took the vacated chair immediately and guided his hands on Jehna’s forehead.

    “Jehna falling asleep,” Aradan began to smile. “He does that after knowing that Timo is away and will run in Monir. And with Lionel coming he can give his account of what has really happened. He has all of us busy.”

    “A dream about a nice run,” Leslie suggested.

    “Uh yes and followed by a water-fight,” Aradan grinned. “That was my reward as captain when I won the previous run. The team dunked me in the pond. And maybe we can arrange to have a holoviewer here in the IC-ward tomorrow to watch the run with Jehna.”

    “Ersan or Rudi can program one of the spare monitors,” Leslie had more ideas for dreams.

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    This is the piece of fanart for the chapter
    Jehna and Andar
  13. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    And this is the second piece a dreamlike sketch for the large one
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    Ah, your fanart! I see! Sorry, I got confused with so many updates for so many different stories on the same day. I really believed that I reacted to it nicely. Now I do.

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    Chapter 29

    16 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Hospital hangar
    Aaqu Maerhin was putting his brown cloak in his locker and getting his lime and green jacket to wear when he saw Sef Hanief accompanied by an unknown man entering the room.

    “I can help you if needed Tim.”

    “Much appreciated Sef. Yesterday I stuffed the few things I would need immediately in my airspeeder. Outdoor gear is always packed and I could sleep in my new cottage. My sister Kira is coming this afternoon to North Beachroad 12 with the rest packed in the big transport from her son Avon. And his son Alan and Alan’s wife Lillian are helping too of course. I had breakfast at the Guyet cottage this morning.”

    Aaqu saw a brown jacket disappearing in a locker and being changed for a lime and green one and he sauntered towards the two.

    Sef turned towards the surgeon. “Meet our new pilot.”

    “Tim Dereika.” The pilot shook hands.

    “Aaqu Maerhin,” Aaqu said with a smile appearing on his face. “Your name is familiar.” He had a thoughtful look on his face when memories from long ago surfaced and continued “you were the pilot on the Varaan Magister with Obi-Wan helping you after a pirate attack.”

    “I was and thanks to Obi-Wan and his master using the Force to slow our over-stuffed escape pod down we had it landing safe in the ocean where we were rescued by the Ceitans and…”

    BEEWEEEEP BEEWEEEP Med 1 respond.

    “That’s us,” Aaqu shouted and hurried with Tim and Sef to the medevac.

    Noranan central dispatch
    Ivano Arvedai had the remains of the metal container on his desk when Erdin Felaron came in with two cups of caf. At Ivano’s request the remains had been delivered by an assistant of the lab after the officers working there had taken their samples. Ivano often came to solutions gazing just at the things he had collected from the site of the fire or whatever incident.

    For Erdin it was the same but he needed caf – lots of caf – to ponder about the cause. He had seen the assistant passing his office and had headed to a caf-machine. ‘It takes two to come with a solution and for that I and maybe Ivano needs caf.’

    “This is not our fire starter,” Erdin suggested and took a sip from his caf.

    “You are right. It isn’t and it didn’t have volatile chemicals inside but something must have caused it to burst. That was for me the reason to take it.” Ivano accepted the caf.

    “Did the lab come with something?”

    “No idea yet but these jagged edges suggest something piercing the container causing it to burst this way…”

    Incident Yellow four.” That came from the PA-system. “Highway access four three seven. Collision of trucks. Hazmat team. Incident commander report to highway patrol seven six.

    “Blast,” Ivano had caf dropping on his desk, jumped up and sped to the door of his office.

    “It’s us again,” Erdin followed after downing his caf.

    “And now you are the incident commander,” Ivano grinned.

    Dashin street 6
    The gate of farm reminded Alwin of his youth when he parked his groundspeeder near that gate. That was when he still an initiate in the Jedi-temple; an initiate on a training-trip to Lingala with a master of sports and a certain master and his padawan. A visit to a farm had been followed by a trip in the wilderness and ended with riding husans. His love for animals had led him on a journey to the agristation on Alderaan, hiding after the purge at the home of a firefighter and friend and going on a trip that ended on Moniron after meeting that certain master – now known as Ben Kenobi – again on Tatooine.

    Alwin smiled when he walked to that gate. The wood, the grass and the soft sounds were the same. Even the creaking sound when he opened the gate. And he wasn’t surprised to see a farmer coming to that gate reminding him even more of Lingala.

    “Something important concerning the patient that has been saved by my son brings you to my farm,” the man greeted. “I am Aidan Keranan.”

    “It does. I am Alwin Elenion. Is your son here?”

    “He is and must be busy with Aranor and Feana or he would have come here,” Aidan grinned. “Come with me.”

    Alwin followed the farmer to a large meadow and wasn’t surprised at all to see a little foal running to and from a man grooming a female with a tuft of hay and nibbling on fingers each time he came in contact with the hands of the man.

    “That’s Aranor,” Aidan remained at the fence.

    “Aranor!” Lionel saw his hay-tuft ending up between the teeth of the colt.

    “Need a new one,” Alwin jumped over the fence after grabbing some hay from a hay-bale.

    “Hey instructor Elenion,” Lionel accepted the hay and saw Alwin beginning to help him with the grooming. “You know about husan-care too?”

    “Yes,” Alwin replied. “But that’s not why I am here. “Jehna Er-San wants to see you.” He told more about that but ended anyway with how he had become an expert on husans and firefighting during a lunch with the Keranan family.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    IC ward room four
    Jehna had been awake for some time. A rustle of Aradan standing up and changing the waste-bag had been responsible for that. And a blinking message on the status-board and Leslie answering the com had him anticipating the visitors. Leslie had come back and had removed the upper thermal blanket that had been covering his legs and torso. He had told that Kaagi and Lionel were in the changing cubicles. Jehna’s eyes were smiling when Kaagi entered supported by Lionel in a fireman’s grip.

    Lionel put Kaagi down in one of the chairs. “You wanted to see me immediately. I am Lionel Keranan and the man who helped you.”

    Jehna blinked with his eyes.

    “Just place your hands next to mine,” Kaagi placed his hands on Jehna’s forehead. “I will help you when it is necessary to sense his thoughts.”

    Lionel sat down and guided his hands next to Kaagi’s.

    Jehna felt immediately the hands and they were familiar. And yes they were gentle hands; not the hands he had thought he had felt when in the grip of that hideous dream. ‘Yes Lionel. You helped me and I have to thank you.’

    “Thanks appreciated Jehna,” Lionel said.

    ‘Did Alwin tell you why I wanted to see you?’

    “He did tell me that you heard explosions,” Lionel answered. “I recall asking you if there were explosions and you told me that all exploded. I have seen the holo news yesterday evening where a report from one of those hovercams showed the exploding plastbins. It was arranged by DB-wood and their lawyer to be on the news. Sukenik and Jadaki are nice people and are accused by the lawyer of negligence. They should have moved the combustible materials earlier. For the Monir investigators and DB it is clear that a pressurized metal container or a plastbin caused a BLEVE. Uh you know what that is?”

    ‘I know what a BLEVE is,’ Jehna projected. ‘Sukenik shouldn’t be accused of negligence. I heard one explosion and a second when I was running near Jadaki and both sounded like the fireworks on New Years Eve.’

    “Fireworks,” Lionel became intrigued. “You know some about fireworks?”

    ‘Yes like the big explosions heard during the festivities that were there a few years ago in Monir for Linde Melliana and Dack Jorton. That kind of fireworks and not the plastbin explosions I have seen when I visited Alwin in fire-station seven to see a firefighting exercise. He also showed us a holo about a BLEVE and more types of exploding things.’

    Lionel asked with a smile appearing on his face “like shaped charges?”

    ‘Yes, they are the ones. I have seen what they can do. After the second explosion I heard the children crying for help. Go Lionel and help to clear the record of Sukenik. Find the remains of shaped charges and they must be separated from the ones that were below the restaurant. That place was reached by the fire later. I had all the kids out and was hanging on the cable when the shaped charges detonated. That was a different sound too.’

    “I will and I will come back to tell you about the results,” Lionel beamed. “And you will see me a lot of times. I have made a plan with Aradan to help you.”

    ‘Injanin and you and Aradan giving me therapy,’ Jehna had smiling eyes. ‘Aradan has told me all about Injanin and I have dreamt about husans on the beach. I like to ride Injanin and have him meet my colt Andar.’

    “Andar has already met Injanin,” Kaagi grinned. “He cantered away with Arandi when I was with Marhin filling the manger and came back after my whistle and began to devour his grains. He had been quite sad from the time you were admitted to the hospital.”

    ‘But Aradan happy must have convinced Andar that I will recover. I will with the help from you Lionel and all my colleagues.’ Jehna blinked a few times with his eyes.

    “I will see you soon and I guess you are getting sleepy,” Lionel said. From Jehna he felt the exhaustion but also the satisfaction to have told what he had experienced.

    ‘Yes Lionel. I need a lot of sleep. Come again and thank you. Kaagi sure will have me dreaming about you, Injanin and your friends.’

    “You are right about that,” Kaagi had now a very soothing voice and guided Jehna into sleep and a dream.

    Lionel left very silently and very eager to see his colleagues and the incident commander.

    Hospital hangar
    Aaqu Maerhin was putting his lime and green coloured jacket in his locker. His eventful shift had ended.

    Tim Dereika had told him more details about the journey to Varanko and had asked questions about Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi. He had seen the friendship between the two and had heard the comments of a Ceitan teenager when he saw the four Jedi going back on a Jedi transport to Coruscant after seeing the Wanarian senator and her aides leaving in a military transport. ‘Bonds of the soul’ was what the Ceitan had called it.

    Aaqu had told Tim that Obi-Wan and Siri were now united in the Force.

    Firestation six
    Green shift had relieved yellow shift fifteen minutes ago.

    But yellow shift was asked to remain for the time it would take for Incident commander Arvedai to interview the members of green shift. They stayed in the hall where engines and ladder were stationed.

    They didn’t have to wait long.

    - - -

    Ivano and Erdin entered the big common room used for rest and relaxation and making dinner. Both were quite hungry. The Yellow four incident had taken all day for the two. A leaking container on a truck had to be emptied under control by the hazmat team.

    Chief Dargis and four men of her crew were sitting in comfortable chairs. One crewmember was busy in the kitchen preparing evening meal and two were putting plates on the table.

    One of them was Lionel. He dropped the plates and headed immediately to the two commanders and guided his hand in the salute reserved for a superior. “Commander Felaron, uh …” He grinned – the common room was not for formal behaviour – put his hand down and continued “Erdin, Ivano, I have been to Jehna Er-San, the man who rescued the children. He is out of the sedation and wanted to meet me immediately. Instructor Elenion came to my home and took me to the hospital. Jehna could tell me using mindtalk that there were two explosions from shaped charges before he made the slide to rescue the children.”

    “Two explosions,” Ivano had already an amused smile on his face when he had seen the eagerness of the man to tell what had happened. “You got more details?”

    “Only that the explosions were before he arrived to rescue the children,” Lionel replied. “And Jehna told me that there was a detonation when he was the last to leave the building. He knows all about fires with instructor Elenion as one of his friends.”

    “We need a signed statement,” Erdin mused. “With Mogvitch and Oksi this will be just one more of I have heard this but it can be that rumour. Can we visit him?”

    “I will contact Kaagi Adin,” Lionel answered and headed to a comstation.

    He returned shortly thereafter and said “tomorrow will be alright to visit Jehna but I want to come too. I promised him to come back. I have offered Jehna to help him with his recovery and my dad and I have given him Injanin.”

    “Injanin,” Ivano began to smile. He knew all about Lionel and his husans. He often took up Lionel’s offer to go for a ride. “Sure you can. I need a witness and …”

    “An official document signed by three persons for the desk-huggers,” Erdin laughed. “The important part of your report will come tomorrow but green shift’s report?”

    “Just the details,” Ivano grinned. “Chief Dargis, you can tell yellow shift that they can leave. And I like to share meal and listen to the details.”

    “Details about the meal,” Trudy headed laughing to the commanding officer of Yellow shift before Ivano had a reply. Dinner would indeed be a main topic with the tales about the fire mixed in. And Anwar Baldavin had something to discuss too. Firestation six would be a busy place tomorrow.

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    Your sketches fit so nicely into your story. It is like weaving really. Sorry that I did not catch up before. My college´s bad health after his operation results in me also working Fridays and there were so many exams to be corrected suddenly.

    But I caught with Ivano and the others finally. Phew!
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    And I am back from my trip and have to finish Ivano's story too but here is some of it what he remembers

    Chapter 30

    17 velona

    Firestation six
    “Good morning,” Lionel paused a moment to greet Anwar before resuming his shaving business. He liked a clean shaven face and didn’t sport a large moustache like some of the other firefighters.

    “You know we have to hurry before some of the blue and yellow shift crewmembers arrive. And most of the volunteers come to watch the Monir run too before we start with some decorating,” Anwar reached for the soap. He had the same aversion for face-fur as he called the large moustache Bob Magnee was carefully maintaining.

    “Yup they all want to see Grady Baldwin and his son Glen. I have to hurry even more before Ivano arrives,” Lionel removed the last stubbles. It had been Anwar’s idea to post messages on all the boards that there was a big viewscreen put up in the common room of fire-station six to watch the Monir memorial run. And he knew where Anwar and most of the crew would be after the run. Ghin road 24 was their destination. A home would be ready when Felix and Kyle returned from Monir.



    Monir University Hospital
    A large changing room
    “Timo, do you have the tags?”

    “Where are the energy drinks Timo?”

    “I need my cap Timo.”

    “Timo do you have a shirt with my number?”

    Timo was running this and that way, grumbling something incoherently when yet another question was fired at him. Was this the result of being the captain of the University running team?

    It had begun yesterday when he had guided – astromech Beesie helping him in every way he could – the X-wing to a landing on the meadow and barely missing the cultivated flowerbeds of one of the professors taking pride in nursing flowers. Shouting to Beesie that he was directing the X-wing to that flowerbed did aggravate it. ‘You have a veggies loving astromech inside. That’s why you did land almost in the flowers. Look he is getting his food.’ That came from Ludo Nivrim, one of his former colleagues. Timo had to shout again ‘Beesie’ to have the astromech landing outside of the flowerbed. Ludo had of course welcomed him, had heard about Jehna and Aradan and had arranged to distract Timo to the utmost with Jan Opatosi, Galin Mayama and Grethil Majina being his compatriots. The four decided to make Timo’s run even more challenging by entering their names on the list as well. Timo had to accept the four on his team. The first distraction for the captain had been a visit to the bar of the university where a fruit-juice-drinking competition started until their sponsor Naney Shelby came to send the bunch of doctors and nurses to their rooms.

    Timo had entered his room first despite the agitated beeping from Beesie and had received a barrage of fluffy Gizmo’s dropping on him. They had been stored by Ludo and Galin in a sheet knotted together and balancing on the doorpost. Timo had slept in a bed with more Gizmo’s. The entire room had been crowded with the fluffy things. He had already decided to send the Gizmo’s to Noranan and Malik Idrees had offered to take them in his Idrees-express. Parents too; Timo was anticipating another nice flight with the X-wing. He loved the starfighter. It was easy to fly and would take him home to Adanel.

    “Timo where is my….”

    “There,” Timo turned to see Galin Mayama getting his tag and not needing to ask that at all. “And we all have enough time. The start is in one hour guys. Central plaza is only a short ten minute ride away. And I demand excellent performances from all of you. One of our team has to win for Jehna and I don’t mind if it is you Galin or him or him” and he pointed to Jan and Ludo respectively. “Or one of you!”

    That had the entire team smiling and beginning to buzz.

    “That’s captain’s talk and you know Timo,” Ludo grinned mischievous “one of us winning will have you in the Central plaza fountain too.”

    “Uh guys,” Galin added “if Timo wins he can escape the water fight.”

    “He has to be first,” Ludo quipped.

    “And we have to hurry,” Naney Shelby came in. “I want to see all of you in the first rows. Timo, team; go for the winning. Go and win for Jehna Er San. The transport is waiting for you.”



    Duneroad 6
    “Phew,” Aradan looked up when he saw Dian entering. He had been totally immersed in the things he saw on his comlink and had not felt her coming.

    “What’s phew?” Dian hurried to him, encircled his middle with her arms and kissed him on his cheek and began to make soft massaging moves on his back.

    “Timo is having fun,” Aradan was able to extricate one arm and reached for his comlink. “He sent me messages and was complaining about being a captain. Just read this.”

    Dian began to read the messages. It was really funny and she felt the laughter coming through the bond with Aradan. “Show them to Jehna.”

    “I will. We are watching the run in Jehna’s room. I am sure he is awake already and watching the first run with Aaqu. I told him yesterday about the two boys.”

    “Glen,” Dian became in a hurry. “His start is at noon and that’s now.” She had arranged a large viewscreen for patients and parents in the junior wing. “I want to see him too.” And she ran to the door with Aradan following her with a big smile on his face. She had been too concentrated on going to his place to mind her chrono and see that it was now too late to see the start of the 10 K run.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    IC ward room four
    Jehna was awake. His bed was in a slightly reclining position and that enabled him to see the large spare monitor with lots of activity showing. It was the Monir memorial run and the 10 K had started forty minutes ago.

    He could see his bandaged and splinted legs, the bandaged torso and abdomen, the various tubes and was happy that he was on heavy painkillers.

    The ventilator was making regular sounds. It didn’t bother him at all. He had fully accepted the aid it was giving his bruised lungs and that he was numb and on muscle relaxants. That way he didn’t feel the ickyness of the thermal sheet that covered the mattress.

    He could mindtalk with Aaqu sitting next to his bed. He could blink with his eyes and did that a lot when he saw a boy running towards the finish-line. He had heard from Aradan who that boy was. Sure Glen had to win too for his friend Kyle and for Mel Donovan. He had heard all about that man too and was disgusted when he heard what had been done by the teenagers.



    Central plaza
    Kyle and Felix Metfor were near the finish line and it was Kyle who spotted his friend Glen first.

    “Go Glen,” Kyle shouted. “You can do it! Run!”

    “Do it son!”

    The announcer was hollering. “Look at that. Number sixty four, Glen Baldwin from Noranan is gaining. He is…

    Glen picked up speed and passed after another man the finish line.

    First in his category is Glen Baldwin and

    What more was said by the announcer was drowned in the shouting coming from Grady, Kyle, Felix and a group of employees from senator Malik Idrees.

    Kyle jumped over the fence and ran towards Glen. “You did it WHOOT.”

    He was followed by Grady who hugged his son.

    “I heard you,” Glen grinned almost out of breath but regaining his strength. “Now we will have a medal to give to Mel Donovan.”

    That medal was given to Glen by an official ten minutes later when the numbers two and three in the category 15 – 17 years had finished. A reporter from the Monir star interviewed Glen and was almost finished when Felix pointed to the starting gate at the other side of the Central plaza.

    “Now we are going to watch your father.”

    Glen and Kyle followed Felix.



    Fire station six
    Fire station six was noisy.

    Excited chatter was coming from the common room. Chairs from the room of the volunteers had been transported to that room and were now occupied to the last one. There were volunteers who had brought their family. All were dressed in work-gear.

    - - -

    Lionel was preparing breakfast and buttering slices of bread in the kitchen when he saw one of his colleagues from blue shift coming in followed by Ivano Arvedai. He dropped the knife on the counter.

    “Lionel,” Ivano grinned “you don’t have to hurry. I like to have breakfast too before we head to the hospital.”

    “I know and I like to stay there a bit longer after interviewing Jehna,” Lionel pointed to a satchel on the counter. “I have a holo showing our husans at play. Jehna will like that.”

    “Not too long,” blue shift colleague Ken Dimaha grinned. “You will miss the fun and the big incidents.”

    “No,” Lionel started to butter his bread again. “Jehna needs a lot of sleep. I will be here before lunch. And big incidents,” he grinned “we had none this night and could get our rest. Or you could give the volunteers a go first when you are busy at the Metfor cottage.”

    “The run will be important for them too,” Ken Dimaha hurried back to the common room.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Ivano and Lionel were waiting for the nurse or doctor to guide them to the IC-ward when they saw a man coming their way.

    Ivano couldn’t believe what he saw. That man had somehow familiar features, older and more grown up, but easy to recognise. That man – teenager at that time – had been on Alderaan accompanying an older man. He had met them in the transport terminal of Alladea where he was about to board a transport to Aldera. He remembered that very clearly.

    “You are here for Jehna Er-San,” the green clad man came to the desk and began. “I am Alwin Elenion.”

    “Battalion chief Ivano Arvedai,” Ivano got gleaming eyes when he shook hands. “I have seen the name Alwin Elenion on many reports passing my desk. Never knew it was you.” And he continued with a voice full of mischief “you are not Algren Kite, the nephew of Mack Brin?”

    “You,” Alwin began to laugh when he recognised immediately the firefighter, a bit older but not changed that much because of his ancestry. “I was known as Alwin Karao and had been sent by the Jedi to one of their agristations because I didn’t have it in me to become a Jedi knight. No master took me as apprentice but I got a mentor in Magin Bhik, a former Jedi-spy. He had an alias Algren Kite for me because he found that safe for us when we switched transports. And that was something we did a lot too. You know; once a spy always a spy. You were that fire-chief discussing with Fikri Rinuon about the new stable for the agristation. And years later when the agristation was disbanded and we had to hide from the imperials I heard about your arguments with the chief of the Alladea fire-department when I joined them. He called you mister watch-out.”

    “I got that name ‘mister watch-out’ because I was very cautious before I entered a building and it saved me on Alderaan once and on Coruscant twice. I like to hear how you ended up here in Noranan,” Ivano grinned. “But first I have to see Jehna and get a signed statement.”

    “That’s important for Sukenik but you cannot get a signature,” Alwin said. “Jehna is on muscle relaxants.”

    “Lead the way Algren,” Ivano grinned.

    “This way mister watch out,” Alwin began to head towards the surgery wing and remembered the discussion with Fikri Rinuon. ‘You can send me a message. I will be at one of the fire stations in the Coruscant senate district.’ Fikri had needed advice to complete the new stable and had shown a holotape of a big Coruscant fire where Arvedai was involved. “After that visit I want to know how your Coruscant experience was, fighting the big fires. I have never been involved in fighting high rise fires.”

    “It’s a deal,” Ivano followed Alwin. And he saw the amused smile on Lionel’s face.

    “Sharing experiences,” Lionel chuckled softly. “Alwin is an expert on husan care too. I heard yesterday all about that and his adventures on Alderaan, Tatooine and Moniron.”

    IC ward room four
    Jehna had seen Glen Baldwin getting his medal and had listened to the interview with the reporter stating with a smile that family was more important for Glen when he spurted away with his friend Kyle to see the start of his father. A holocam zooming in on athletes standing at that start had Jehna recognising some of his old colleagues from the university and some he hadn’t expected to see at the run at all. Timo would be in a tough competition.

    “What’s giving Timo wings?” Aaqu was pointing to the fast running man. He had a left hand on Jehna’s forehead next to the right one of Aradan.

    “There are at least two reasons,” Aradan laughed. “He wants to win for you.” And he felt the amusement from Jehna and saw the smiling eyes.

    ‘Look at that.’

    “Yes Jehna,” Aradan continued. “Those guys following him are his colleagues and senator Idrees. Being a captain for the team he has to win or he will be dunked in the Central plaza fountain.”

    ‘Malik will beat him,’ Jehna projected.

    ‘Timo is running smoothly and Malik too. The senator will win.’

    “That will have Timo wet,” Aradan grinned. “He has to win or…”

    “Malik Idrees and Nuran Rimac are gaining on Timo,” Alwin came in with two men in isolation suits. “Jehna, Aradan, Aaqu I have a short interruption.”

    Aaqu listened and thought ‘an uneven footfall.’

    “Very short for me,” Ivano moved to be in the vision of Jehna and saw now the extent of the injuries. ‘He has two broken ankles.’ For a moment he felt his own foot and thigh. “I am Battalion chief Ivano Arvedai and have some questions. Lionel is a witness because the regulations demand that I have a firefighter accompanying me. And he can stay here as long as he likes. He has a holorecording to show. I have heard about Injanin.” He saw four eyes gleaming and continued “I like to hear more details about the explosions you heard at Jadaki. But first – as incident commander – I have to thank you for saving the children. You averted a big tragedy and I hope you will recover soon. Can I mindtalk with you?”

    Jehna blinked with his eyes. ‘He can.’ He saw the firefighter blinking back.

    “Come this way and take my place,” Aradan stood up. “Aaqu Maerhin can assist you if needed.”

    Ivano sat down and was placing his right hand next to the other hand when he saw who was sitting at the other side of Jehna. “Hey Master Maerhin! You are here too? This is a day of reunions for me.”

    Aaqu had gleaming eyes. That was the uneven footfall he recognised. The injury to the ankle and thigh must have healed as he had expected.

    ‘You have met each other?’ Jehna moved his eyes from left to right.

    “Yes,” Ivano replied. “The first time I met Master Maerhin in the Coruscant University at the party of Professor Vanrood. The university was celebrating 10 years of Coruscant donor.”

    Aradan asked “you were a donor?”

    “No but I could save with my team the files and equipment of the professor two days before that party and got an invitation,” Ivano replied.

    “And I met him again when he had come in a medevac with padawan Setiquiyak and her master Kowal to the Jedi Temple. He was there on the Hutt-sized stretcher doing CPR, not aware that he was injured and I treated him,” Aaqu had a thoughtful look on his face. Meeting Ivano brought memories back from those years known as the clone wars. The padawan recovered very rapidly and went with her master to the outer rim to fight. He had felt her death – one scream of many – when Order 66 was given. All over the galaxy Jedi died. The Jedi Temple was invaded by Darth Vader and his troops. The anguish had him collapsing. And he had felt the fight between two brothers on Mustafar.

    “I took your advice to recover on Lingala and a meeting with fire-chief Henny had me staying there and getting knowledge about fighting wildfires until a swim with Lingalans had me longing for my home here in Noranan,” Ivano mused eyes becoming sad. “I was alone in my home. I had to shield when I felt thousands of Force sensitive beings being killed. I had met many Jedi during my stay in the temple. I was there at the funeral ceremony for Jeki Eki. I had seen the initiates, the young ones and the babies. After that the fight … Mustafar … two Jedi … Brothers … But even with shields…” He felt a lump in his throat.

    Jehna saw the anguish on the face of the firefighter, mirrored in Aaqu’s face. They all remembered those horrible days. ‘I was with Master Eled-Hir and he helped me. I was too young. I had to learn to shield. I had sad dreams … visions… Eled-Hir told me about the light … even the dark one … Anakin …. he turned to the light … flames … united him … only three days ago I had that dream again … lava … flames … dark men … it was mixed with more… a vision… I could save the children… I got trapped reliving that dream… I was saved… uh… now I can help uh Azaua and uh …Sukenik.’

    “You can Jehna,” Ivano replied with awe in his voice. “Lionel told me that you have heard the explosion of shaped charges.”

    ‘Yes Ivano. There were two explosions when I was running and near Jadaki before I heard the children cry for help. I rushed to Jadaki, made the slide, got all the children out and was escaping when there was a large detonation of more shaped charges. Go and find the remains. Sukenik shouldn’t be accused of negligence. I was glad that there were no windows, that Sukenik made the rescue possible by removing them. I could save the children.’

    “Thank you Jehna for your precise observations,” Ivano praised. “I can see that you cannot sign an official document but that can wait. First I have to return to the rubble again and begin to look for the real evidence. I will come back to tell you about the results and meeting Alwin and Aaqu will …”

    “And Kaagi Adin,” Aaqu remarked dryly. “He sure wants to see that stubborn firefighter that refused to get treatment. I had to use the Force to get you on that stretcher.”

    “Kaagi here,” Ivano got a mischievous smile on his face. “I have to tell him that his first putting-me-under that was such a trying experience for him was followed by one here in Noranan when the surgeons had to remove the metal thingies.” And he saw the gleaming eyes of Jehna and continued “I will do that with you present. Kaagi thought that I was afraid of needles but…”

    “Hey Timo watch out,” Aaqu had all eyes turning to the large monitor. He turned up the volume and the agitated voice of the announcer became the centre of interest in the room.

    Timo Herefa, captain of the Monir University team is in the lead … no former president Malik Idrees … wow folks what a competition. Timo, Malik and look at that… no criminals to catch inspector Rimac... Malik and our well known former citizen inspector Nuran Rimac are ahead... Timo is gaining there is the finish-line…”

    “Run Timo,” Aradan shouted.

    “Run Herefa,” Ivano shouted even louder. He had recognized the name immediately.

    Herefa is first in category Dunai elder 60 to 89.

    “Yes he is first. I knew it that he could run. Initiate…”


    “I met him in the Jedi Temple,” Ivano grinned. “It is a day of reunions and now I have to go. Erdin Felaron will be delighted to get his hands dirty. And the same is for Bret Chedokin and Dick Kerebuy.”

    ‘Kerebuy? Is Mick Kerebuy busy with something else?’

    “No it’s Dick Kerebuy and an uncle of Mick,” Ivano said.

    ‘Days of reunions indeed,’ Jehna had smiling eyes. ‘Go Ivano. Discover the real culprit.’

    “I will and see you again,” Ivano stood up and left with Alwin the room.

    Jehna was amused when he heard the beginning of a conversation.

    “Joining the Alladea fire-department led to new friendships among them a firefighter from the Jedi….”

    Alwin was eager to tell how he had become a firefighter.

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    Nice reunions :)
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    “Joining the Alladea fire-department led to new friendships among them a firefighter from the Jedi….”

    Alwin was eager to tell how he had become a firefighter.

    We are re-united with you, now that you are back from your holidays, and your characters seem to be re-united as well. Coincidence?
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    And they are leading to big revellations in the next chapter

    Yes and tied in to my Nano fic that will begin soon with Obi/Siri mush and adventure and a stubborn guy.
    But first a big read in the next chapter with Azaua helping a lot.

    Chapter 31

    17 velona


    Central plaza
    Timo was trying to escape his colleagues. He had won from them but had not finished first. “I won in my category guys. But you saw Rimac and Idrees finishing before me.”

    “Timo; first is first of all,” Ludo was able to catch the rim of Timo’s shirt.

    That halted Timo enough in his trying to escape the compatriots. He felt Galin Mayama and Jan Opatosi grabbing him by his shoulders and heard the entire university team beginning their dunk-the-captain-after-his-successful-run song.

    More hands grabbed him. He accepted his fate when he was carried to and tossed in the fountain but there was a mischievous smile on his face when he directed the water towards his colleagues with the Force.

    “Timo,” Galin Mayama shouted and jumped – now he was wet too – in the fountain to start the water fight and he was followed by the rest of the team.

    - - -

    Not far away from that water-fight were the Metfors and Baldwins. Grady Baldwin had finished somewhere in the middle of his age-group and was gulping down an energy drink when the announcer came with a message.

    “Glen Baldwin to the jury-desk.”

    “What’s wrong,” Glen held his medal to his chest. “I was first and this is for inspector Donovan.”

    “I will come with you,” Kyle supported “probably nothing to worry about.”

    “And we,” Felix tossed a towel in Grady’s hands.

    Glen walked – very nervous but feeling the support from his friends – to the jury-desk and halted there gazing up. And he saw only smiles from the man that had given him the medal and there was another man coming down the stairs towards them, joined by a group of uniformed ceremonial guards.

    “It’s the president,” Kyle whispered in Glen’s ear.

    “It’s the president,” Jed Dinkara grinned. “Yes and I have heard all from senator Idrees about you and you. Glen Baldwin you are a hero. You have won a medal for inspector Mel Donovan. I will give you a second medal. This is for you to keep.”

    Glen bowed his head when the second medal – identical to the one he was wearing but with an added inscription – was guided around his neck.

    “And I have two medals to present,” president Dinkara continued. “Kyle Metfor, Glen Baldwin for making inspector Donovan’s rescue possible I decorate you with the Moniron rescue medal.” He gave the boys their medals. “And for you Glen I have another reward from the committee to save drowning persons. You have saved Kyle Metfor.”

    “Oh my,” Glen beamed when that medal was put around his neck to join the three other medals.

    “We are heroes Glen,” Kyle hugged Glen.

    “And there is another I have to reward,” president Dinkara headed with his company to the fountain.

    Metfors and Baldwins followed. Big smiles were on all faces when they spotted who the to-be-decorated person was. He was wet but so were all his team mates.

    - - -

    And among the persons watching the festivities near the jury-desk and the fountain were Targon and Shelyne Herefa.

    “I am glad that Timo is flying in an X-wing with an astromech knowing where to go,” Malik Idrees remarked. “You want to leave today?”

    “I don’t think that will be possible,” Targon grinned when he heard the beginning of a conversation between the president and his son.

    “Timo has another celebration today,” Shelyne beamed.



    Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks and DB-wood

    Ivano Arvedai and Erdin Felaron were with Bret Chedokin and Dick Kerebuy sr. sifting through the remains where the thermal imaging cam had indicated where the fire had started. BA-gear wasn’t necessary anymore but the four were wearing full fatigues.

    Time was of the essence for Ivano. Prolonged contact to the elements could degrade remains. A signed statement from Jehna Er-San could wait and even wasn’t necessary if he could find conclusive evidence.

    “What’s this?” Dick held up a piece of twisted metal with some different colours in his gloved hands.

    Bret passed his scanner over the piece and got a frown on his face. “Two days ago we discovered at that place where the secure room had been twenty four primers in a still intact strongbox and this, if this is what it is,” he got a sad look on his face because he really liked the excellent craftsmanship of Sukenik “This is an activated timer and it must have been attached to a primer and shaped charge. An overheating plastbin wasn’t the cause of the fire but one of the employees has been very careless in transporting the shaped charges. Why did they hide the fact that there were more shaped charges? There was a timer here. Why?”

    “And why did that employee hide them on the first floor,” Dick shook his head. “It makes no sense at all unless someone was bribing that employee to start a disaster.”

    “Not likely,” Ivano mused. “Sukenik and his employees are one big family.”

    “And here is another unaccounted piece,” Erdin bowed down to pick up a similar piece and had it stored in a clearplast bag. “It is in the place where the fire started. But Sukenik was very precise in his account. His record mentions only twenty four shaped charges and primers in a separate strongbox. We have to ask him to come to our office.”

    “He sure will come and prove that this isn’t his doing,” Ivano stated. “He isn’t satisfied at all with Direux accusing him of negligence in moving the plastbins.”

    “Frank Mogvitch is sleazy,” Dick Kerebuy muttered. “We have to wait but I am sure Sukenik will prove that this isn’t one of his charges.” He gave it to Erdin who put it in a second clearplast bag.

    “Be glad that Jehna Er-San heard explosions sounding like fireworks or shaped charges,” Ivano mused. “Without his testimony Sukenik would have a difficult time to prove that moving the plastbins couldn’t be done. Now – going back after that testimony and finding remains of unaccounted shaped charges and timers – we have ruled out the cause of the fire being an overheating plastbin or metal container. I will call Sukenik to come at 1130 to my office.”

    “And ask firefighter Keranan to come too,” Erdin stated. “He sure likes to hear that we have found new evidence.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    IC ward room four
    The spare monitor that had been used to show the run and the festivities in Monir was now showing another run. A young Injanin was running with his mother on the large meadow and Lionel – seated on Sarhan – was following the colt. A previous fragment had shown an older Injanin messing up with Lionel’s clothes, opening the bolt on his stable door, escaping and dumping Lionel in a muddy pond.

    “That’s me hanging on or not,” Lionel grinned.

    “That’s your ride,” Jasan Er-San saw the gleaming eyes of his son and Aradan following all the moves. And he enjoyed like the others of course the hilarious comments from Lionel.

    A free Injanin was now shown against a backdrop of shrubs and the gleaming black eyes caught everyone's attention.

    ‘Just as mischievous as Andar when I had him here the first week after his arrival,’ Jehna mindtalked.

    “And who helped him,” Kalinde patted her son very gently on his bandaged wrist.

    ‘I did mom and I hope Aradan, Marhin and Kaagi don’t spoil him too much. From Lynne and Aaqu I know that they just give him what’s necessary but Adins …’

    “What’s with him,” Aradan grinned when one of the Adins – Kaagi – limped inside the room.

    “He is coming with a message,” Lionel grabbed the beeping pager encased in a clearplast satchel from Kaagi’s hand when he recognised the sound.

    “Yup I found it beeping and vibrating all over the floor in your changing cubicle and decided to bring it to its master,” Kaagi laughed.

    “My master is calling me and he is successful,” Lionel beamed. “The investigators have found something and are calling Sukenik to come to central dispatch. Jehna I have to go but I will return today.” With that he left the room.

    Noranan central dispatch
    Wayne Sukenik wasn’t worried at all when he received the call to come to Noranan central dispatch and the office of the incident commander. ‘They must have found something that will clear us’ was what he told Azaua.

    ‘But I will take all our records with me. I will give a precise account of what was where and when and what we were planning’ was what Azaua said.

    Azaua was now lugging a large bulging bag and a folded flimsy with her and had a smile on her face when she saw the datapad of her boss.

    Introductions followed. For Azaua it was the first meeting.

    But Wayne recognised the firefighters and policemen he had seen in the chowbox on the day of the incident and headed with them to a meeting room.

    Meeting room
    Ivano had an amused smile on his face when he saw Lionel, Bret and Dick with Wayne Sukenik and Azaua Dupree entering. Sukenik and Dupree had relieved smiles on their faces. ‘Not the faces of people who are trying to hide something.’ He shook hands and waited for his guests to sit down.

    “Caf?” Erdin placed a tray with cups on the table. Affirmative nods had him distributing the caf.

    “We are here because we have found this,” Ivano took the bag he had been holding in his lap, extricated and placed the charred remains on the table. “And that was because firefighter Keranan has been asked to visit the man he had rescued.”

    “I visited him yesterday and this morning with Ivano,” Lionel said. “The man told me that he heard two explosions when he was near Jadaki.”

    Ivano saw Sukenik’s face lighting up. Not the face of a man who is hiding something.

    “So there were explosions,” Wayne said. “The first explosion started the fire near where my son and friends were having their experiment. They saw the ceiling getting cracks and could escape through the stairwell to the restaurant.”

    “That fire could be caused by your employee moving to the first floor and dropping a shaped charge with a timer and activating that timer by accident,” Erdin said. “But I have seen your data.”

    “I can prove that all our ‘works’ were in the secure room,” Wayne got a smile on his face, took out his datapad and gave a nod to Azaua who began to unfold a large flimsy after taking more flimsies from her bag. “I had twenty four primers and twenty four shaped charges and all were in the secure room,” he pointed at his datapad and a hardcopy flimsy. “I placed them there myself.”

    “And I helped,” Azaua added. “There is no way we could have dropped a shaped charge somewhere with a primer attached. The primers were in the strongbox you have found. And you mentioned a timer activated by accident.” She saw Ivano and Bret nodding and continued “see in a week I would have begun to put them here and there and attach the primers with a wire leading to this.” She took the timer out of her bag, placed that on the table and outlined the entire plan on the schematics now spread out on the table. “And this,” she picked up the remains and studied them carefully before continuing “is a timer with the remains of a primer attached and has another batch number and colour. Someone has been trying to let it look like we have been careless. Or that one of us was bribed to start a fire resulting in the destruction of Jadaki and DB. Exploding plastbins or metal containers huh; no way,” she tapped with her feet on the floor. “Someone must have been planning this for a long time.”

    Bret had an amused smile on his face. The explosives expert was getting to the cause of the fire. He saw her getting more out of that bag.

    “The shaped charges arrived early yes,” Wayne began “and they came from…”

    “Dack Jorton fireworks,” Azaua interrupted. She had now a magnifying device before her eyes and was inspecting the remains. “This one came from that company too and it has a slightly different marking. I have seen similar ones a long time ago in a classroom in Monir. And that has me adding Griff Lerox. He studied with Dack and Linde and me at the same time. He helped Dack to develop new primers. I have seen him once during a reunion and he was very vague about his job.” She put the remains on the flimsy. “And that was weird because Griff Lerox was real nice. No he wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. And if he sees or hears the news that someone was injured he will be devastated.”

    “Why would someone want to destroy a building that was about to be destroyed in a few days by shaped charges anyway?” Erdin mused. For him it was now clear that Sukenik had nothing to do with the two primers and timers he had found.

    “The fire was beginning at Jadaki at the worst possible moment because of the storm. The storm made it possible for the flames to jump fifteen metres or more and reduced DB-wood to rubble,” Ivano leaned back in his chair and remained silent for some time. There was a thoughtful frown on his face when he brushed against his right thigh. He remembered a big fire on Coruscant. It was the one where he had been injured without knowing that he was until he had his patient and her master delivered to the Jedi temple healers’ ward. That fire had almost destroyed evidence of Sith-activity and the production of biohazard materials. He had heard all about it during his stay in the IC-ward of the Jedi temple. He closed his eyes and saw again the Jedi jumping fifteen metres into the air with their blue beams towards the raging fire on the roof to save the canisters … no he saw flames leaping fifteen metres to volatile material and stated “stacks of wood were near the fence and easy to reach for the fire. Someone wanted to destroy DB-wood.”

    “But who,” Erdin said. “Direux was calling his lawyer to sue Jadaki for negligence. Jadaki and Sukenik are both clear now because it was an unaccounted shaped charge disaster.”

    “We retrieved the evidence,” Ivano shouted – getting a big smile on his face – and almost jumped out of his chair.

    “What’s up Ivano,” Bret Chedokin began to smile broadly.

    “DB’s factory in Avana was destroyed along with the evidence. DB Avana was not thriving and is now one of DB’s great factories,” Ivano grinned. “And here I recall a doctor Endel Maffei muttering about a sawing machine and getting orders to come to Bargony. We have a list of the employees.” He stood up and went to a cabinet and pulled out a big file. It was the safety plan required for each big company and gave directions for evacuation and how to handle emergencies. Leafing through it he came to the page where the list was. “It’s from the Quantral factory and from two years ago but most employees stayed when DB took over. Here is Maffei. He lives in Bella apartment 211.”

    “I will send my men to his apartment,” Dick stood up. “And I will ask Jadaki to come as well. He will be glad that we have found the cause.”

    “But how will we confront Bargony and Mogvitch?” Erdin swiped his hands over the remains.

    Ivano sat down, saw the Sukenik flimsies and began to smile.

    “You want to show them those,” Erdin pointed at the flimsies.

    “No I was thinking about other plans,” Ivano grinned. “In my office are the copies of the new Jadaki plans. And Robert Korda – one of the guys at ‘Housing and urban development department’ – is keeping me informed about DB. Bargony and his lawyer came yesterday to ask for a removal permit and they had new plans for a rebuild that included the Jadaki terrain. He sent them away because architect Grady Baldwin was in Monir to compete in the 21 K run and has told them that Grady returns on the 19th of velona.”

    “Grady is with his son Glen,” Lionel remarked. “I have followed the race in Jehna’s room. Glen got rewarded by the president for rescuing Mel Donovan and Kyle Metfor. He will be back tomorrow to give Donovan the medal.”

    “And with Grady back at the Town hall we can make plans to confront DB,” Ivano began to tell more.

    Azaua added an idea and there was more.

    “The fish will come to the prey,” Erdin grinned when Ivano was finished.

    “We have to tell Jehna about the results,” Lionel beamed.

    “We have and I will come with you,” Ivano took out his comlink, contacted the hospital and heard that Jehna could have visitors in the afternoon.

    “And after that visit I will take you on a ride,” Lionel grinned. “I will let Ken Dimaha have all the excitement of fighting fires and more.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    IC ward room four
    Soon after Lionel had left Jehna had fallen asleep, guided into a dream about husans playing with him on the beach by Aaqu.

    The healer had stayed with Jehna after parents and Aradan left with Kaagi.

    But Aaqu shifting his hand had Jehna stirring awake, savouring for a moment the picture of the husans listening to him, opening his eyes and gazing at the ceiling. He was flat on his back. His bed must have been guided in the horizontal position by the healer. ‘Lionel?’

    “Yes and Ivano as well,” Aaqu grinned. He had recognised the rather uneven heavy footfall of Ivano immediately.

    “You did it,” Lionel took two steps and bowed down to be in the vision of Jehna.

    “Dick Kerebuy and Erdin Felaron found the remains,” Ivano laughed. “We called Sukenik to come to Central dispatch. He and Azaua could prove that the remains were not theirs.” And he had his hands on Jehna’s forehead and began to tell more about the investigation and Jadaki’s generous offer to take any employee without work because of arguments with DB. He finished “Doctor Endel Maffei will be working for Jadaki.”

    ‘Doctor Endel Maffei?’

    “A doctor yes and quite good at repairing machines,” Ivano stated. “He could keep a troublesome sawing machine working for fifty percent of the time. That wasn’t enough for DB and had him searching for a solution I suppose. We will see when we confront Bargony with the evidence.”

    “And you didn’t want me to become your sleep-doctor,” Kaagi – leg in the brace and using his crutch – slipped silently in the room and accented the word sleep-doctor. He had to change a waste bag and collect some samples to test them.

    “Kaagi Adin,” Ivano turned his head. “You were an I-had-to-fight-you sleep-doctor but the doctor here topped that fighting experience for me.”

    ‘You were that difficult to put under. I am a Wizard putting a young patient asleep without that patient knowing that he is going to sleep.’

    “I was difficult yes,” Ivano grinned. “That first time in the Jedi temple I was unaware that I was injured and I was afraid that the Jedi would draft me into their services.”

    “He hit me but I was able to put him asleep with Aaqu helping me,” Kaagi pointed to his cheek. “And the four operations following that first operation to save his leg went without any trouble for me, his sleep doctor.” He resumed his work.

    ‘You had five procedures?’ Jehna blinked with sleepy eyes.

    “Yes,” Ivano replied. “The metal dug out of my thigh was infested with bacteria developed by the Sith. Jedi masters L’lacielo Sageon and Jeki Eki designed beads with antibiotics and they were put in my thigh and took care of the infection. Helping the padawan cost me many dead midi-chlorians and I was put on Midillamin treatment. And guess what?”

    ‘More infections?’

    “Yes bacteria and Midillamin remains infected my bladder and made me running a fever. I was living in a hazmat suit.”

    Kaagi winked with his eye. “Thermal sheets Ivano and you were complaining until they were removed.”

    “They were icky. I could leave the IC-ward after the fever was gone and spent more days in the healers’ ward. I had to finish the chase the bacteria away treatment. But I could leave earlier than expected. Kaagi sent me with a Jedi-transport with a master and initiates going on a fieldtrip to Lingala and there I recovered and could join the Ingal fire-department as a pilot for the fire-ships that were patrolling Ikraan national park. For only a few months” he got a smile on his face and continued “a swim with the Lingalans had me longing for my home here in Noranan and I returned to Moniron. The thingies in my foot became rather annoying and I went to the hospital. And here was torture doctor Setima. She strapped me on the table without any warning and was about to jab the syringe to make me a bit sleepy in my arm when I used the powers of the Dunai elder to push her away. She ordered a droid to put the mask on my face. And struggling I lost consciousness.”

    “You and your dislike for sleep-doctors,” Kaagi saw Aaqu getting a knowing look on his face.

    “I ‘had’ to meet her,” Ivano muttered. “She worked here in Noranan for only four days before she was fired. She had given false credentials when she applied for a job. And it was my statement among others that had my surgeon Jaril Er-Denal starting an investigation,” he had now a snug look on his face. “She was gone off planet when I left the hospital and resumed my work here in Noranan.”

    “And he is sleeping,” Kaagi grinned when he saw the closed eyes of Jehna. “Our talk about sleep doctors has him again sleeping.” He began to limp to the exit.

    “No help needed?” Lionel followed Kaagi.

    “No firefighter carry,” Kaagi grinned and began to limp faster.

    Ivano and Lionel followed Kaagi.

    - - -

    Lionel’s shift was almost ended and he longed for a ride on Sarhan.

    And Ivano would take Lionel’s offer and join him for a ride on one of Lionel’s husans before going back to his office to see if Erdin had news.

    Kaagi heard all about Lionel’s and Ivano’s plans when they were in the changing cubicles. Jehna would have Ivano helping him to learn to walk again. ‘And he will complain like Ivano about the icky brace. WOW that firefighter was hollering when Bony came with the thingy in his room.’

    Noranan central dispatch
    “You missed him,” Erdin Felaron put down his empty cup on the desk where it joined the other empty cups.

    “Oksi I suppose,” Ivano laughed. “You know that I was with Lionel to visit Jehna and after that…”

    “You smell and are hairy from the ride,” Erdin quipped. “Yup it was Oksi and I told him to wait for your report. And I didn’t tell him anything. Bret and Dick came hours ago and will be busy tomorrow. I have given them copies of the DB factory flimsies.”

    “They will be adding to the evidence,” Ivano brushed against his thigh. “Come let’s get home. We both have no duty this evening and the coming night.”

    “And we will see what tomorrow brings,” Erdin stood up and followed Ivano.

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    Chapter 32

    18 velona

    Town hall
    Housing and urban development department
    Grady Baldwin was back in his office. The Idrees express had left after her passengers had a generous breakfast at the senatorial residence. And with a time difference of five hours, arrival in Noranan had been at six in the morning. He had taken his speeder home.

    Grady grinned remembering the fun after the transport had touched down on the field near the hospital. Glen had hopped in the speeder of Felix Metfor and the oh’s and ah’s after arriving at Ghinroad 24 and 22 had been filling both speeders and after that the new home of Felix and Kyle.

    Grady had seen it. A home was completely decorated. New furniture was in place. A cottage was clean and ready to be a home for the two. The whole cottage smelled of soap and something more. He had seen the tire-tracks in the meadow and knew what that something more was; Nerfburgers. Fire-station six had been busy. Florian Buwalda had been there with the chowbox, caring for all the hungry workers.

    Grady was just activating his datapad to see if there were messages when Robert Korda entered.

    “Before you get on with you work you have an appointment with Battalion chief Ivano Arvedai,” Robert said. “And that being in the afternoon you have an entire morning to help to review the plans for the sports-facilities in Noranan south. And you can tell us about the run in Monir. Some caf?”

    “Yes but the removal of the,” Grady began when he saw a message from one of the assistants at the front-desk that Mogvitch and Bargony had been there on the 16th to see him.

    “No Grady,” Robert interrupted. “Arvedai will fill you in. I have given him the plans for Jadaki and the new schematics for DB wood. If you have a look at them you will see why.”

    Grady activated his viewer and began to mutter.

    “See,” Robert had a snug look on his face.

    “I will wait for Arvedai,” Grady grumbled. “DB is sneaky.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    IC ward room four
    After landing Kaagi’s X-wing Timo had made a beeline to the changing cubicles and to Jehna’s room when he heard that Aradan was there. And yes there was the surgeon with a mischievous smile on his face, sitting next to Jehna and with an equally mischievous smiling Kaagi at the other side.

    Before Timo could utter a welcome he saw Jehna’s eyes gleaming with laughter.

    Jehna was flat on his back.

    “Yes Timo,” Kaagi grinned “Jehna wants to know if you will be the university running team captain next year. He agrees with me that your team was following you everywhere up to the big water-fight in the fountain.”

    “And you were very inspiring getting such a big team,” Aradan added. “I never could get Galin or Jan to run and getting an invitation from the president for the entire team; that’s really fantastic.”

    “Uh guys that was for saving you Jehna and not for winning the race,” Timo began to grin and showed the clearplast satchel with the medals in it. “During the festivities I had to explain where you were Aradan. That and Jehna and two firefighters to be decorated too will have president coming to Noranan as soon as Jehna is able to sit, talk and have many visitors. You see I told about the children. The president wants them and their parents and all the rescue workers to be there too.”

    ‘I see … sitting … a normal room or the audience room I suppose,’ Jehna moved his eyes up and down and remembered when he saw the ventilator tube. ‘Aradan, on the day of my first wake up you told me that you wanted to try something after a few days. Is this a few days?’

    “Uh yes but see we have you scheduled for new bandages today and we will do that when you are sedated,” Aradan explained. “But tomorrow you have to try to breathe on your own for a short time.”

    ‘Try Aradan,’ Jehna had mischievous smiling eyes. ‘I will do and don’t want one of the Jedi quoting Master Yoda. Uh who are the bandage boys?’

    “Aradan and Timo,” Kaagi grinned “and with me doing the sleepy thingies you will be awake when your visitors arrive.”

    ‘Kaagi and his air-show and I sure will see the wizards too I suppose?’

    “Yes,” Aradan said. “Wizards Gulnare and Gherian are our nurses.”

    ‘And who are the visitors this afternoon besides mom and dad?’

    “Ivano and Lionel,” Kaagi said and began to tell more.

    Nello road
    Jadaki Plastworks and DB-wood
    Bret Chedokin and Dick Kerebuy were again sifting through the remains of the buildings.

    Dick was – with a plan from DB-wood on a flimsy – taking steps this and that way until a piece of metal had him grumbling “Oww” when his foot hit that.

    “Your foot caught up with the sawing machine that caused Endel Maffei a lot of trouble,” Bret hurried to his colleague.

    “Yes,” Dick bent down and inspected the offending piece. “Yes, this is a part of the culprit. And look, you can still see that it was a cheap, inferior machine.”

    “Why is that?” Bret became intrigued.

    “I recognise this ribbed plating,” Dick picked up the piece. “It’s the patented plating from Serconi factories.”

    “I see and maybe Judd Oksi is interested in this too,” Bret took his shovel and began to uncover more of the sawing machine. “The machine should have a plate with the date of manufacture. We will see Oksi this afternoon when we are going to Arvedai. Oksi is egging Arvedai to come with his report.”

    “I will send Arvedai a picture of this plating,” Dick took out his comlink and pointed it to the plate.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Prep room
    Jehna had gleaming eyes when he saw the contours of the prep-room appearing in his vision that was partly obscured by the hands of Kaagi, squeezing the breathing bag. It was the room used in the Wizard program for the children.

    “Wizards Gulnare and Gherian are here to assist our great wizard Kaaginha Adin.” That was spoken as one voice by the two nurses, dressed in grey cloaks and with large pointed hats.

    “I am here with the book,” Kaagi let go of the breathing bag when he saw Kerlan Gulnare taking over and took the book from Kerlan’s hand. He opened it and showed Jehna the syringe with the analgesic and touched Jehna’s forehead.

    ‘Do your air-show wizard Kaaginha.’

    “I will Jehna,” Kaagi had the book and syringe flying through the air, making a few rounds and caught both again before emptying the syringe in the tap. “Now comes the sleepy one!” That syringe made just one big round and was in Kaagi’s hand and in the tap when Jilan Gherian came with the Prop-A unit.

    Jehna’s eyes closed.

    North district middle school
    Grady and Kyle had had a nice day at school. Both boys had been doing their homework during the free hours in Monir and had told about that and the help they got from senatorial personnel and Malik Idrees himself.

    Teachers had praised the boys.

    And the day had begun with a celebration. Director Karolan had all the students assembled in the main auditorium of the school and had called Grady and Kyle to step forward. He had praised them for saving Officer Donovan and had asked them to open the big box that was standing on the stage. They were the first to receive the new bag with the logo of the school and were the ones whose picture was taken by the reporters. The bags were a present from senator Idrees and the Noranan police department.

    Noranan central dispatch
    A desk was filled with empty cups. Caf had been in most of them and tea.

    Ivano Arvedai had been reviewing the incidents of the day with Erdin Felaron and the latter was about to leave when the door swept open to reveal Judd Oksi and his investigators.

    “Battalion chief Arvedai, battalion chief Felaron, one of my men has seen you busy yesterday with the police investigators at the site of Jadaki plastworks,” Chief Commissioner Judd Oksi stated. “And that was only in the morning. The rest of the day you had no emergencies coming your way at all. I want your report now.”

    “No Chief commissioner Judd Oksi,” Ivano replied in his most formal voice. “I have been busy yesterday at the site but I still have to finish my report.”

    “Tomorrow I will go with Direux, Bargony and their lawyer to the Town hall to get the removal permit and if your report isn’t there, I will proceed without it. For me the case is closed.” Judd Oksi and his investigators left as hurried as they had entered banging the door closed.

    Ivano began to laugh when he saw Oksi and his colleagues outside and hurrying to their rented speeder. “Oksi will be surprised when he sees us with the report and the evidence.”

    “You have seen the messages from Dick Kerebuy,” Erdin grinned. “Serconi factories was the manufacturer of the machines in Avana too before that factory was destroyed by fire. And the local news about the Jadaki fire and the saving of the children is now known all over the planet after that broadcast from the Monir memorial run and the festivities surrounding it. Maybe the person who has put the shaped charges in Jadaki will have seen it and will get a troubled conscience. There were children involved and Jehna is injured.”

    “Maybe it was Griff Lerox,” Ivano mused. “We have the picture of him after Azaua searched in her comlink for pictures of the reunion from her study. And with Grady Baldwin cooperating with us we will see what tomorrow brings.” He began to grin when he saw the large bag, gotten after his visit to Jehna and with Lionel commenting about that. ‘Have the new Jedi knights somehow dragged you in their ranks?’ That question had been answered with ‘no’ and a detailed story about his stay in the Jedi temple.

    “I am looking forward to that visit. The deskhuggers – led by Oksi – will get the surprise of their life.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing room 12
    Mel Donovan was tired but satisfied. He had stood beside his bed for the first time this afternoon with surgeons Marhin Adin and Jadin Finn supporting him. Ashley had come in shortly after that and had praised him and she had brought cookies. But Mel was tired and had only sampled one cookie before guiding his bed down.

    “Mel psst we have visitors coming,” Ashley got a big smile on her face when she heard the excited chatter of boys.

    “Visitors? Ah oh my,” Mel guided his bed as fast as he could again in a reclining position. “Kyle, Glen! Welcome!”

    “Mr. Donovan,” Kyle and Glen greeted “we are back and we have this for you.”

    Glen reached for the medals – he had put all of them round his neck – and produced the one he had received first. “This medal I present to you. I have won the race for you.”

    “Thank you so much,” Mel smiled with tears in his eyes and became overwhelmed by emotion “thanks Glen, Kyle. My friends” and he grasped both hands of the boys and began to listen to the exciting tale of the run and party after that.
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