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Beyond - Legends Inferno with fanart completed

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    This chapter will bring the great revellation

    Chapter 33

    19 velona

    Town hall
    Housing and urban development department
    Grady Baldwin knew all about the plans after visiting the office of Ivano Arvedai yesterday and guided Dick Kerebuy and Bret Chedokin to a desk near the archives. Stacks of flimsies with DB plans for the sawing machine were ready and he had more to do.

    “At what time do you expect Bargony and Direux to come?” Bret sat down and was now hidden behind a row of high file cabinets. A door to the archives was open.

    Dick joined him and took the offered caf from Edwin Itsko.

    The young archive worker was beaming. He was now part of a conspiracy to unmask the offenders of the Jadaki disaster. He had already done some work in the archives to facilitate Grady and Robert.

    “As soon as our department opens and that’s in fifteen minutes,” Grady answered. “Arvedai knows and will enter as soon as I have the two with Oksi before my desk.”

    “I will remain here and lead other customers to Ammer or help them,” Robert Korda grinned. “You will have to deal with Diebie and sleazy.”

    “I have and I have studied their new plans,” Grady pointed at the schematics and sat down too. “I am sure they will begin to ask about the removal permit and that’s where officer Oksi of the Central Incident Management Bureau is needed.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing IC ward

    Feeling a second hand on his forehead Jehna opened his eyes to see only Aradan and Cedrick. He knew that Cedrick had been with him during the second half of the night after relieving Tarmenel Eled-Hir. He had felt the change in dreams. Cedrick had given him dreams about the Sheir-Irel and those were a nice change after the dreams of his youth. In one of the dream Cedrick had told that the relaxing medicines were reduced. ‘Breathe Jehna when I tell you to do,’ had been Cedrick guiding him from a swim with Falgans and Sheir-Irel to his room in the hospital. And yes he felt more now that he was awake. Not only the tube in his nose made its presence known but also the tube in his airway and the bandages around his chest. And more; his legs were held immobile as was his right arm. In his left hand he felt – when moving his fingers – a sticky bandage attached to a tube from the IV. And his fingers felt the thermal sheet still covering the mattress. No sheet or blanket was covering him. They were not necessary in the room with a comfortable temperature. ‘No Leslie, Jadin, Kaagi or Aaqu?’

    “No Jehna,” Aradan replied with laughter in his voice. “With no Jedi to comment on try you can try to breathe. We are ready.”

    ‘Ah try or do not try, there is no do only try.’

    “Jehna do,” Cedrick grinned. “I will stop the turbo-pump of the ventilator now and open the valve.”

    Jehna saw a gloved hand reach to the tubes attached to the tube secured in his airway.

    “Now Jehna,” Cedrick ordered. “You will hear a signal when you do get enough air in your lungs. Don’t worry for getting not enough oxygen. The tubes are giving an oxygen rich mixture.”

    Jehna inhaled and tried to get the ventilator squawking. ‘This is difficult. I have to try. Give me some aid guys.’ Eyes were moving from one healer to the other.

    Cedrick closed the valve and had the turbo-pump started with one push at the controls. “We will try again tomorrow.”

    Jehna accepted the ventilator. ‘I think I have to get used to feeling my body again.’

    “You are right,” Aradan said. “We will keep the numbing medicines away Jehna. It will take a day for them to leave your body.”

    Town hall
    Housing and urban development department
    “They must have been waiting outside,” Grady whispered to Robert when he saw Direux, Bargony and Mogvitch coming to the booth.

    “I will go first,” Robert voiced and headed to that booth.

    “Mr Korda! Is architect Baldwin back?”

    Grady and the two police officers listened, amused by the direct question from Mr. Bargony.

    “He is Mr Direux, Mr. Bargony, Mr. Mogvitch.”

    “I want to see him immediately.”

    “Mr Bargony patience.” Mogvitch stayed the business lawyer.

    “Yes Mr Mogvitch.” That was spoken with a humble voice by Mr. Bargony.

    “He is back and not at his desk.” Robert was quite neutral and pleasant. “Just wait a minute, take a seat and I will get him. I saw him going to the archives.”

    “We will wait.”

    “Thank you.” Robert – face betraying nothing when he saw Oksi and his investigators coming into the great hall of the department – headed to the file cabinets and disappeared with Grady following him in the archives.

    “Now we will wait a few minutes and have the bunch getting nervous,” Grady grinned. He began to sort files and took a box marked ‘Nello road 43’ from the shelf and placed that on a table. It had been taken by Edwin Itsko and placed there on the shelf. “Maybe I need this.” He opened the box and began to take out the old flimsies. “There; that will interest Kerebuy and Chedokin. I have here the specifications for the old sawing machine that was installed when Quantral owned the factory. It never malfunctioned and was strong enough when Lionelan wood was processed.”

    “Can I see those,” Bret Chedokin had entered the archives.

    “Sure and come with these and the ones on the desk when I give the signal,” Grady showed the officers where the differences between the machines had led to the less than perfect performance. From the moment the machine was ordered by Bargony and installed by Serconi factories the goal had been to wreck the factory. Serconi machines had specifications not suited for Lionelan wood. That took some time and Grady finished before he exited the archives “let the fun begin.” He took another box and placed that on his desk and headed with a closed file folder to the booth where now Judd Oksi was standing behind the seated Bargony, Direux and Mogvitch. And unnoticed by the foursome was Ivano Arvedai – with a brown cloak hiding his features and uniform – standing near the door leading to the reception of the Town hall. And Erdin Felaron was there with Nuran Rimac and Aaqu Maerhin.

    “Architect Baldwin,” lawyer Frank Mogvitch began immediately before Bargony could spoil anything. “I hope you had a nice trip to Monir and the memorial run. But you did return yesterday. Did you need that to study my client’s plans?”

    “I sure had a nice trip to Monir with my son. Glen won in his category and got rewarded by the president three times. One was a copy of the medal he had won but with an inscription just for my son. He could give the medal he had won to Officer Donovan. The second medal was for rescuing Officer Donovan and the third for rescuing Kyle Metfor. All events are more or less related to your factory burning down on the fourteenth of velona. I will come to that but first,” Grady paused for a moment. He had deliberately forgotten to get introductions going first. “Uh who is who?”

    “Get on man,” Dion Bargony urged. “I am Dion Bargony, the man sitting to my left is my associate Craig Direux and sitting to my right is Lawyer Frank Mogvitch and Judd Oksi of the Central Incident Management Bureau is here to assist us.”

    “Yes first,” Grady continued – after giving a polite nod each time he was introduced – with a neutral pleasant voice. “I did return yesterday and saw the schematics of your new plans. And I studied them taking the Quantral plans from the archives and the development plans for the area from my colleagues at economics and development. And I saw that you will need a removal permit first but…”

    “You are coming to the investigations and for that I can fill you in,” Judd Oksi interrupted. “I haven’t seen the report from Battalion Chief Arvedai and have come to the conclusion that the fire was caused by exploding plastbins. Sukenik has been negligent.”

    “Exploding plastbins? And what is this?” Grady reached under the counter and placed the remains of the two pieces found by Erdin Felaron on the desk. If they wanted to speed things up he could do that too.

    “They are uh the remains of shaped charges,” Dion Bargony said with a snug smile on his face. “We all know that Sukenik had those stored at Jadaki. The detonating shaped charges and the exploding plastbins had the fire at Jadaki escaping to my factory and destroying it altogether.”

    Grady placed another charred piece on the desk, opened the file folder and put the picture gotten from Azaua Dupree next to it. “Was Griff Lerox the provider of these ‘extra’ shaped charges?” He picked up one of the charred remains and indicated “this is a timer with the remains of a primer attached and it has another batch number and colour than these and was found at this place.” He placed the Sukenik plan on the desk and pointed to the room where the remains were found.

    “Griff Lerox did you because there were victi,” Dion Bargony scowled. His face was colouring red and eyes were turning fierce.

    “Stop Mr. Bargony,” lawyer Frank Mogvitch ordered.

    “Who found those? Why did no one inform me?” Judd Oksi reached forward with his hand to pick up the second piece.

    “We did find them,” Dick Kerebuy and Bret Chedokin joined Grady at his side of the booth.

    “We did find them,” Erdin Felaron had come very softly to the booth with Aaqu Maerhin.

    “And all because of the man who rescued the children,” Ivano stepped forward and let the brown Jedi cloak he had borrowed from Kaagi Adin slip to the floor, revealing his formal dress uniform. “The man wanted to tell us about the explosions as soon as he was rescued. Waking up he immediately wanted to see us and he told us what he experienced. He had heard two explosions of shaped charges before he rushed to the factory. He heard a massive detonation before he became trapped. The extra shaped charges were provided by you or one helping you. Your factory had to be destroyed. You waited for the right moment. Shaped charges were there for Sukenik to collect. Sukenik received a request to remove the windows before moving the plastbins. Without windows and with plastbins the building became soon an inferno. You knew about the weather change and the storm helped a lot.”

    Judd Oksi looked from Ivano to Bargony and to Direux and saw the faces changing from red to ash white. Ivano had a snug look on his face. Bargony and Direux had big frightened eyes.

    “You had a sawing machine from Serconi factories installed, knowing that it would malfunction for most of the time when you wanted to process Lionelan wood,” Bret Chedokin placed the file on the desk and headed to the hall. If Oksi would be acting he had to be there to follow Oksi’s command.

    “You wanted a new factory and wanted to add the terrain of Jadaki to your new factory,” Dick added some of the remains found of the sawing machine and pictures taken by him. “I have heard that Avana had Serconi machines too to process Lionelan wood.” And he followed his colleague. The now very pale faces were revealing everything and the officer from the CIMB looked from one face to the other and to the Dunai elder.

    “Mr Bargony, Mr Direux,” Judd Oksi swayed with the piece he was holding. “I have to reopen the Avana case and inform the insurance company and I will write my report about the Jadaki fire anew.” And he saw the two police officers coming in the hall and ordered “book them Officer Chedokin, Officer Kerebuy.”

    “With pleasure,” Dick placed a hand on Dion Bargony’s shoulder. “Resistance is futile.”

    - - -

    “He can order that ‘book them’ to the Noranan police,” Aaqu remarked very softly after Oksi, the police officers and their charges had left the hall with a wildly urging to keep silent Mogvitch following on their heels.

    “He is from the desk-huggers in Monir and outranks us and yes he can,” Ivano replied. He was with his back to the door leading to the main hall. “Now with him re-opening the Avana case it has become a planet wide affair. All of the factories owned by Direux and Bargony will be reviewed.”

    “Pssst,” Erdin urged.

    “What,” Ivano turned and saw Judd Oksi standing there in the door with his investigators.

    “Yes I am from the Monir desk-huggers and I have to congratulate you Battalion chief Arvedai with your excellent executed play to lead the suspects to betray themselves.” Judd Oksi closed the door and was gone.

    “It must have been his coming towards the suspects as a Jedi knight and dropping that cloak like Obi-Wan Kenobi did,” Erdin grinned.

    “I did copy him,” Ivano started to explain when he saw Robert Korda and Edwin Itsko coming to the booth. “Long ago I have seen him doing that before starting a lightsaber battle with Siri Tachi in the Jedi temple on Coruscant. And in a way the incident that had me ending up in the healers’ ward of the temple led me to a solution for the Jadaki disaster.”

    “You met Jedi? Luke Skywalker? His son and his nephews and niece? Corran Horn? Kyp Durron?” Edwin Itsko had gleaming eyes.

    “I met Jedi but not those,” Ivano replied. “I met the Jedi during the clone wars as they became known and was back on Moniron when the Sith murdered almost all the Jedi. You are a supporter of the new Jedi and a follower of the news?”

    “Yes,” Edwin beamed. “I would like to meet those Jedi but seeing the news now I am glad to be here on Moniron. Now with Darth Caedus gone I hope the galaxy will return to a peaceful one. I saw that menacing man on a holo and didn’t like him at all. But that Daala character is a threat to the Jedi too.”

    “We will see,” Aaqu mused. “Not all the Dark is really dark and light can hide the dark or reveal it. Darth Caedus had like his grandfather a sparkle of light in him and was redeemed when he became one with the Force. There must be some greater threat to the Jedi. Anakin Skywalker did erase Monir from the galaxy on purpose. And if you want to meet Jedi; they are here. I am a Jedi healer.” And he heard some rustling sound and turned to see Ivano picking up the cloak and waddling that haphazardly in a big lump. “And Jedi keep their cloaks tidy.”

    “I know,” Ivano unfolded the cloak and began to make a neat package. “But I have seen Anakin not minding at all that destroyed practice droids rained parts down on his cloak. And Kaagi had always greasy smudges on his clothes.”

    “Grease,” Aaqu grinned. “I have to go back to the hospital. My shift in the IC ward will begin soon.” The grease was giving him new ideas for dreams to help Jehna.

    “I will bring you and I have to return Kaagi’s cloak,” Ivano walked with Aaqu to the exit.

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    Jun 14, 2005
    “Grease,” Aaqu grinned. “I have to go back to the hospital. My shift in the IC ward will begin soon.” The grease was giving him new ideas for dreams to help Jehna.

    “I will bring you and I have to return Kaagi’s cloak,” Ivano walked with Aaqu to the exit.

    The word "grease" triggers the memories of a certain musical in me. [face_tee_hee]
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  4. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    There are high placed civil servants that are desk huggers. They never have the field experience.
    But this time it's another grease

    Chapter 34

    20 velona

    Nello road
    Jadaki plastworks and DB wood
    With a screeching sound Azaua sped on her speederbike – gleaming and shining – through the gate of DB wood. The hazard tape was gone. She had opened the gate and was beaming because her boss had gotten the contract from the town hall officials to demolish and remove the remains of DB wood. She came to a stop whirling up sand and dust.

    “Azaua,” Wayne Sukenik – big grin on his face – poked his head out of the cabin of the large truck. “We don’t have to hurry. Jadaki is now busy with his architect to change the plans and it will take some time before the Housing and urban development department approves them.”

    “They will approve the plans,” Azaua parked her speederbike. “And our other work for the government…”

    “Can follow after this,” Wayne interrupted. “We have first the removal of the remains of the Jadaki and DB factories and after that more requests for our work.”

    “Yup Bargony and Direux leaving the town hall in a police speeder sure stirred up the crowd,” Azaua walked to the truck and saw the second truck piloted by Trucky Bill Dorsett coming to a stop.

    Wayne left his truck with Ben Folsen and headed to a heap of rubble.

    Estala Masila, Bill Dorsett and Azaua followed.

    Wayne climbed atop of the heap and gazing from left to right he grinned “let’s turn this into a nice building place to live.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing IC ward

    ‘The grease dream was nice Aaqu.’ Jehna had his eyes open and saw the smiling face of Aaqu above him.

    “Kaagi did approve and he was doubled over with laughter when Ivano brought Kaagi’s cloak back and began to tease him with greasy clothes. Kaagi had Ivano under his care.”

    “Ivano?” Timo Herefa came in. “I have heard the name Ivano long ago when I was with my crèche group playing and running in the garden of a thousand fountains. He commented on my running.”

    “He is the same,” Aaqu replied. “You will see Ivano Arvedai more when he comes to visit Jehna to help him. He had a long recovery too. You are ready?”

    “Yes and Jehna is?” Timo came closer to the bed.

    ‘I will try.’

    “Jehna will try,” Aaqu grinned. “I will stop the turbo-pump of the ventilator now and open the valve.”

    Jehna saw a gloved hand reach to the tubes attached to the tube secured in his airway.

    “Now Jehna,” Timo ordered “get the ventilator beeping.” He had seen the exhale of air.

    Jehna inhaled, felt the air going into his lungs and heard the beginning squawk of the ventilator and inhaled some more.

    Beeweep beeweep.

    A soft hissing followed when the valves opened.

    Jehna was exhaling and inhaled a second time.

    Beeweep beeweep.

    ‘I am doing it,’ Jehna mindtalked. It felt good for him but he knew that to get rid of the ventilator he had to breathe more without knowing that he was doing that. Now each breath he took was a conscious one and he felt that it was tiring him rapidly. He inhaled a few times more, heard the beeping signal to indicate that he was getting the requested amount of air and projected ‘I am getting tired.’

    “I know,” Aaqu closed the valve and had the turbo-pump started with one push at the controls. “We will try more today. You are doing great Jehna.”

    “And for that I present you with my medal,” Timo held a clearplast satchel before Jehna’s eyes.

    ‘For me?’

    “Timo won the race for you,” Aaqu grinned. “And he has to keep in shape for the races that will be held here when the president comes to give you a reward for rescuing the children.”

    ‘Will Aradan be in that race too?’

    “Yes Timo is going to run with Aradan,” Aaqu said.

    “And I had a talk with the president and I think he is coming with a team too and will name the run officially,” Timo winked with his left eye.

    ‘After me?’ Jehna had mischievous smiling eyes.

    “Jehna you are a hero but,” Aaqu began.

    “There are more heroes,” Timo finished. “You will see. Part of the run will take place in the hospital. I will now go to get my mom and dad. They will come to my place. It is their first day of work here. Gulnare and Gherian will introduce them to the wizard program.”

    ‘The wizard program,’ Jehna got sad eyes. ‘Nathan Freni; aww I cannot help him. He will come tomorrow with his parents. I would have been the wizard to remove his sutures.’

    “One of the other wizards will help him,” Aaqu said.

    “My dad will take your place,” Timo got a smile on his face and placed a hand on Jehna’s forehead. “Dad is very nice for children. You know.”

    ‘I do Timo but Nathan will see the difference and sure will want to know where the other wizard is.’

    “Dad will explain that in his unique way,” Timo stood up and left.

    ‘I am sure he will.’ Jehna had now smiling eyes and began to explain more to Aaqu.

    Dune road 3
    Cottage of Timo and Adanel
    “I have given my medal to Jehna,” Timo put the satchel with his other medal on the table where Adanel was sitting and enjoying a late breakfast. It was her second breakfast. Timo had seen her sneaking to the kitchen to visit the jar with pickled sprouts and he had to endure – after her return to the bedroom – the smell of those sprouts mixed with chocolate. Pregnant woman and their weird tastes still baffled Timo. Now he saw her ‘inhaling’ a large cheese pie decorated with again the disgusting chocolate.

    “I see,” Adanel paused long enough to just say that and put her fork again in the pie to get another piece dripping with chocolate syrup.

    “You’re obsessed with chocolate,” Timo grinned. “But that’s with most women I think. Next time there is a run and I win I will ask to dump the wife of the winner in a chocolate fountain.”

    “Do that Timo and you end up next to me,” Adanel had her hand holding the fork with the last piece of the pie sailing past his nose before the pie was headed to her mouth.

    Timo retreated with his head – arms flailing wild – resulting in pie dropping to the floor.

    “Messy again.”

    “Dad,” Timo turned to see his father – who had tiptoed into the room – standing behind him. “You know I don’t like chocolate mixed with pickled things.”

    “I know and your mom is waiting outside in the speeder,” Targon grinned. “We are ready for the wizards.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing
    Wizards den (office S-05)

    Office S-05 was the official name of the room situated near the OT’s of the surgery wing but it was named the ‘Wizards den’ since Kerlan Gulnare and Jilan Gherian had installed lockers with stars, wands and more things wizardy painted on the doors to store the surplus cloaks and hats used in their program.

    The two nurses were in the room when Timo and his parents entered. After introductions Kerlan took the schedule pad from one of the lockers.

    “This patient should be easy to begin with,” Kerlan had the file of Nathan Freni on the display. “Aradan Mirdees will do the suture removal and you only have to distract him with doing the same things on the Gizmo he will be taking with him.”

    “Jehna was to be the original wizard but he is unavailable as you know,” Jilan added.

    “We will form again a great team,” Aradan stood in the doorway and entered the room. He had often worked together with Targon Herefa during his stay in Monir. He had been the one to grade Targon when the man completed his studies to become a qualified surgeon.

    Surgery wing room 12
    It was visiting hour and Mel had Nuran Rimac at his bedside.

    “Kyle and Glen gave a full account of what has happened on 14 velona,” Nuran said. “Your testimony made it easy for Moniron justice.”

    “And,” Mel Donovan asked. He knew that the prosecutor had two options for the teenagers.
    “Sophia and Tidi have been sentenced for a maximum of five years of re-education at the Er-Esnina facility in Rondor,” Nuran answered. “The same is for Julia but she has moved to Harada with her parents. Ruben Shang has returned to the headquarters of DB-wood after selling his apartment here in Noranan. Julia will go to the Er-Esnina facility in Haradan.”

    “The Er-Esnina facility,” Mel got a smile on his face. “It is not the second option sending them to the boarding school in Monir with the harsh program. But Er-Esnina gives them no opportunity to do other things than attending classes and doing homework. For the parents it is a sentence too. They have to pay for the facilities and have to help with the homework twice a week coming to the facility in the evening. The kids can stay at home with their parents but are taken each day – holidays included – very early in the morning to the Er-Esnina educational facility and return home for sleep. And the parents have to visit the facility each week to talk about progress.”

    “Good results and behaving can lead to a release from the program,” Nuran said “and with the educational visits to hospitals and government buildings the kids will come to appreciate what real life means.”

    Beachroad 8
    Aradan Mirdees was satisfied when he entered the gate leading to the stable where Andar was with the other husans. He had met Targon Herefa, had instructed him what to do when he was treating Nathan Freni and had been to the IC ward to visit Jehna.

    He had seen the stats. Aaqu and Timo had changed bandages on the burn wounds and the wounds were looking good with growing skin. Kidneys showed the first sign of healing.

    Jehna had been able to breathe on his own for a longer period and the squawking signal of the ventilator had been music in his ears. ‘Tomorrow afternoon – if you are improving like this – we will remove the tube,’ was what a beaming Aaqu had told Jehna after the third ‘try’ as their patient was insisting that he tried. ‘Try I will, do or do not is for Master Yoda.’ That was Jehna making fun with the two Jedi healers. Four when Jadin Finn and Leslie Tualan came to guide a patient to a room in the IC-ward and stopped briefly on their way back to the changing cubicles to listen to the sound of the ventilator and hear Jehna’s tries.

    “Do you want to try to ride on Dewali?” Marhin was saddling his husan and accented the try.

    “I will ‘try’ to ride Injanin,” Aradan laughed.

    “Try Aradan? You are friends with him and have been on his back before.”

    “He will do!”

    That had Aradan turning with a big smile on his face when he saw the speaker seated on Sarhan and guiding Injanin. “Mount him Aradan and let’s go to the beach. I am sure the other husans will follow us.”

    “They will,” Marhin was ready with Dewali and mounted him.

    - - -

    “Look Aaqu,” Lynne stopped what she was doing and that was drying the last dish placed on the counter by Aaqu who was with his hands in the soapy suds fishing for the spoons, forks and knives. “Aronia is following her brother Andar and Imdal is going too. There goes our evening ride.”

    “They are guided by Marhin, Lionel and Aradan,” Aaqu grinned when he saw Aradan sitting comfortably on Injanin. For Aradan it was his second ride. “Or is it Injanin guiding all?”

    “Andar sure is guided by Injanin,” Lynne stopped her dish-drying. “We can follow them to the beach for a swim.”

    “Great idea,” Aaqu stopped his suds fishing.

    Beachroad 12
    Snuggled comfortably in Aradan’s arms was Dian Genin. She was happy. Aradan was happy. They had set the date for their official marriage now that Jehna was improving. Parents had been contacted to tell that the day was Velona 25. They knew of course about the bond that had been formed but could now take action to be free on that day and the days before and after. Both families had a thriving business; Dhan Genin and his wife Diane had a large import and export bureau in Rondor and Aran and Arana Mirdees had a private practice in Monir.

    “I will tell Jehna tomorrow and ask him to be the best man,” Aradan whispered. “Dad has agreed and promised to be there with mom. It is early enough to reschedule their patients.”

    “Dad will give me away,” Dian grinned. “And I am eager to see what he will bring for me as a wedding dress. He sees enough beautiful fabrics coming in his office.”

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    =D= on the judicial sentence, sending the kids to the facility where the entire family is involved. [face_thinking] :D on the riding of husans - always a treat to read and yums on Dian and Aradan on the beach. Quite a delightful place to plan and snuggle :)

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    Snuggled comfortably in Aradan’s arms was Dian Genin. She was happy. Aradan was happy.

    And I am happy, too. [:D]
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    More husans will come and first fun and yummy things
    Recovery yes and now a post reflecting on one of the first chapters with the wizards and a little boy

    Chapter 35

    21 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing treatment room

    Clutching his Gizmo toy with his good arm Nathan Freni stepped resolutely towards the opening door of the treatment room followed by two smiling parents. There were two wizards in the room and sure Nathan recognised the wizard known as Aradan Mirdees. But who was the other wizard? He appeared to be shorter than wizard Er-San. Cloak and hat were different too.

    “Come in Nathan. I see you have brought master Gizmo and your parents.”

    “Nice to see you again wizard Mirdees,” Nathan stopped and eyed the other wizard. “And you are?”

    A bit baffled by the abrupt question the wizard answered “I am wizard Targon Herefa and I am the assistant of wizard Mirdees today.”

    “Where is wizard Er-San? This is his room,” Nathan entered the room. “Look there is his book and wand.”

    “Wizard Er-San was injured saving people,” Targon decided to be direct. “He is here in the hospital recovering.”

    “Can I visit him after we treated my assistant and me?” Nathan placed his gizmo on the treatment table.

    Targon asked “you really want to see him?” He saw the child giving an interested look at every item that was visible in the treatment room and the large picture with a skeleton got the utmost attention. He felt that the child was at ease and not afraid at all.

    “I have seen that picture in a book in the library. I have bones too,” Nathan stated with a big smile on his face and pointed at his bandaged arm. “I am not scared anymore of doctors. Doctors are the same as wizards. You treat people and my Gizmo. Wizard Er-San treated me. I want to thank him.”

    “Alright but after we treat you and your assistant,” Aradan said. “Mr. Freni; help your son on the table.”

    Nathan held up his arms and was placed by his father on the treatment table. He took the Gizmo again with his good arm.

    Aradan donned a pair of blue gloves, took a pair of scissors and cut away the bandage covering the Gizmo’s arm and began to remove the sutures. That went without trouble. He saw Targon giving a subtle signal that he would be holding back. Cutting away the bandage covering the boy’s arms gave no trouble either.

    “I have sutures too,” Nathan looked down.

    “And I will remove them now,” Aradan had a scalpel touching the knot of the first suture. “Keep your arm motionless even if it tickles a bit.”

    Nathan made grimaces with his mouth and started to giggle but the arm remained motionless. “It doesn’t hurt at all. WOW where those pieces of wire in my arm?”

    “Sutures Nathan and now the last of the nine is gone.” Aradan was very pleased with the reactions of the boy. Fear for anything medical had been replaced by an eagerness to know more. And he saw Targon winking with his left eye and signalling that he would go and inform Aaqu who had IC-ward duty. “Wizard Targon will go and see if wizard Er-San can have visitors.”

    “I can go!” Nathan gripped the Gizmo with both his hands. “He has to come too and you, will you go too?”

    “I will come with you.”

    “And my parents? Can they go too?”

    “Wizard Er-San is in a special room where only one visitor – not being his doctor – is allowed,” Aradan replied. “If you want to see him, you have to come alone with me and we have to change in sterile clothes. Assistant Gizmo will wait for you with your parents.”

    “Wizard clothes,” Nathan got a big smile on his face. And he saw his parents nodding with smiles on their faces. It was alright for him to go.

    “Come with me,” Aradan picked Nathan up from the table. “Your parents can wait in the restaurant where I will guide you after the visit.” He turned to Jon and Shana Freni. “You know where the restaurant is?”

    “We do,” Jon Freni answered and took the Gizmo. He was very pleased to see that his son had lost his aversion to anything medical. A visit to the library had helped but this was even better. And he knew that the doctors would have refused the visit to the – what he thought to be – IC ward if the visit would scare his son. “Thank you again for the good care.”

    “It is a pleasure for me to help your son,” Aradan smiled “and I am sure that wizard Er-San will be pleased with this unexpected visit.”

    Surgery wing IC ward

    Jehna was awake and following with his eyes the results of his stats that appeared on the monitor after Aaqu had activated it. He sure was improving. All traces of the Midillamin treatment were gone. Blood-counts were stabilizing. Some counts were low but all showed increase. His body was hard at work to make new cells. Only one hour ago he had kept the ventilator beeping for a longer time than yesterday. Thirty five minutes sure was great and he expected to do even better in the afternoon.

    Beeweep beeweep.

    That was Aaqu’s pager and the healer started towards the nearest comstation that being near Jehna’s bed.

    Nathan Freni wants to visit Wizard Er-San. It is possible?”

    Jehna recognised immediately Targon Herefa’s voice. And it was cheerful. ‘Nathan must have seen the difference.’

    Aaqu looked down and saw the smiling eyes of Jehna and placed one hand on the forehead of his patient.

    ‘He sure can visit me. Just cover my bed with sheets to keep the burn injuries on my torso and thighs invisible. My splinted legs and arm will be interesting for the boy. He had a broken arm too.’

    “Give me some time Targon to get Jehna ready for his visitors. I need sheets. Can you come too?”

    Sure. You have that time. Aradan will bring Nathan to the changing cubicles first. I am now entering the changing room.”

    Aaqu didn’t have to wait long.

    Wearing a wizard hat and cloak and a clearplast mask Targon came in carrying sealed packages. The first was with green sheets. He unpacked them and helped Aaqu to cover Jehna. A second package had Jehna’s wizard hat and his cloak that he had used during Nathan’s surgery. The last package had a wand and a Gizmo.

    ‘This is even better Targon.’ Jehna had smiling eyes when the hat was placed on his head. ‘Place my arms on the sheets and get the cloak covering my body and upper arms again. My lower legs can remain visible. And wrap the Gizmo’s legs with bandages.’

    Targon was finishing the bandaging when the pitter patter of feet indicated arriving visitors. He turned and said “nice to see you Nathan. I was just ready with this after bandaging wizard Er-San’s legs.”

    Nathan looked this and that way absorbing all what he saw. There was a doctor dressed like him in a green isolation suit and wearing the same kind of blue gloves. But the wizard was dressed as one and even had his wand in one hand that sported a tube covered with a bandage. Blinking monitors displaying wriggly lines, the bandaged legs and tubes snaking towards the bed and disappearing under the cloak had his attention. And he heard and saw the inflating balloon and followed those tubes to see them in the wizard’s mouth. His eyes moved from that to Jehna’s smiling eyes and back again. His arm and throat had hurt a lot after the first visit to the hospital in Rondor giving him an aversion to anything medical. “Does it hurt?”

    “No,” Targon said with a smile in his voice. “But wizard Er-San is unable to tell you that himself because he has broken ribs too. We help him to breathe. His Gizmo assistant had only two bruised legs and will be able to assist him soon during his recovery.”

    “Ah I see,” Nathan pointed to a tube in Jehna’s nose. “No mouth to use. You have given him a tube for the food.”

    “We did,” Aaqu said. “And we are monitoring all his vitals. See. This is the heart monitor and that what you now hear is a cuff inflating for taking his blood-pressure.”

    Nathan followed all with gleaming eyes.

    Jehna was getting drowsy and looking up he noticed why. His ‘big brother’ Aradan – face bright and gleaming – wanted to stay with him and discuss something. He complied by beginning to blink with his eyes.

    “Now we are going to give wizard Er-San his food,” Aaqu had seen the signals too in Aradan’s eyes. What Aradan wanted was being alone with Jehna. He hooked a bag with an opaque liquid to the tube in Jehna’s nose. He opened the tap and the liquid started to go into the tube.

    Nathan followed the ministrations of Aaqu and saw the liquid going down. And interested eyes looking down on Jehna’s face with blinking and closing eyes he observed “the wizard is sleepy.” He heard a wand dropping on the cloak. “He will need sleep I think to recover.”

    “He does Nathan,” Aradan grinned. “He will need months to recover fully. And he sure was very happy to see you fully recovered.”

    “You can come with us back to the changing cubicles,” Aaqu said. “If you are interested in reading more about what you have seen here I have a book for you.”

    “I do,” Nathan reached with his hand to Aaqu’s.

    “Wizard Targon will guide you back to your parents,” Aaqu took the little hand.

    “They are in the big restaurant waiting for us,” Targon grinned.

    “You know?” Nathan looked from Aradan to Targon.

    “We are wizards,” Targon laughed and followed Aaqu and Nathan to the exit.

    Drowsy feeling gone immediately after he heard a door closing Jehna opened his eyes when he saw Aradan sitting down and removing the hat to be able to place a hand on his forehead. ‘You have something nice.’

    “I do Jehna. Your stats are improving. I saw that you have kept the ventilator beeping for thirty five minutes. Do this in the afternoon and you will be able to leave this room very soon. Tomorrow your dad will donate the stemcells. And after they are given to you we have no more reason to keep you here. And that brings me to my reason to see you.” Aradan paused for a moment eyes gleaming.

    ‘Yes?’ Jehna saw a tear in those eyes.

    “I am asking you to be my best man on the day of my official wedding on velona 25.”

    ‘I accept. Five days? A bed with me and all the thingies will be a different sight in the town hall.’

    “Not the town hall Jehna,” Aradan laughed. “The wedding ceremony will take place here in the hospital” and he began to tell more.

    And Jehna had another idea and could persuade Aradan to do that. ‘We can surprise Aaqu with this too.’


    Surgery wing room 12
    Walking back to the surgery wing Aaqu saw the Freni family leaving. Nathan was clutching his Gizmo and the book. The boy had been exhilarated when he got the book about doctors, written for children. And he saw Marhin Adin carrying a tray and followed him to give Aradan all the time he needed to discuss plans with Jehna.

    Marhin stopped before Mel Donovan’s room and turned. “You want to help me?”

    “Yes,” Aaqu replied. “Aradan wants some time alone with Jehna.”

    “I see,” Marhin had mischievous smiling eyes. He knew why. He had seen Aradan in the restaurant before beginning his shift. The surgeon had been discussing something with the Kerebuy brothers. It had to do with marriage parties and a planned procedure. And he had seen Ashley Donovan briefly conversing with Jim Kerebuy before going to her husband. Jim would take Mel home after his release because Ashley had her ‘needles and pins party’ in the afternoon.

    Aaqu saw those eyes and inquired “something to do with me?”

    “Uh no,” Marhin opened the door and swept into the room where Ashley was sitting next to the bed of her husband and placed the tray on the nightstand. “We are here to remove the sutures.” He removed the covers. “Mel lift you leg a bit.”

    Mel did and a green sheet was guided under his leg by Marhin and Aaqu.

    Aaqu just followed Marhin’s orders. What was planned for him would be revealed. He would be patient. He donned a pair of blue gloves after seeing Marhin doing the same.

    “Scalpel,” Marhin took the offered scalpel and cut away the knot of the first suture.

    “Stitch one,” Ashley commented. “Stitch two and…”

    “They are sutures,” Aaqu stated and saw three faces getting gleaming eyes and heard the laughter coming from the three. And he saw Marhin dropping the scalpel on the sheet and doubled over with laughter.

    “Yup sutures,” Marhin laughed. “Stitches are made on a pillowcase or whatever needs some decorating. Some are called cross-stitches.” He took the scalpel again in his hands, roamed his eyes for a moment on Aaqu’s right leg and thought. ‘I will be helping Aradan to put the stitches in your leg after your plate and pins removal.’ He removed the remaining sutures laughing when Ashley counted them. He had the last suture in his hands and said “that was stitch ten.”

    “Suture Marhin,” Aaqu grinned and helped Marhin to place all things back on the tray.

    “I will come back in the afternoon and if you are walking from nine to five I will release you from our care,” Marhin left the room with Aaqu.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    “Suture Marhin,” Aaqu grinned and helped Marhin to place all things back on the tray.

    “I will come back in the afternoon and if you are walking from nine to five I will release you from our care,” Marhin left the room with Aaqu.

    Yeah, release and... relief! :)
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    Chapter 36

    21 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing restaurant
    Aaqu was sipping from his caf after finishing his lunch. He was sitting at a table where Marhin was. He was very satisfied. He had arrived in the IC-ward to see the snug smiles on Jehna’s and Aradan’s faces. Jehna was breathing on his own and had done that for almost an hour before he indicated that he wanted to take a short nap.

    A fruit-pie was before Marhin’s nose but it was untouched. He had taken the diary out of his greens and had leafed through it until he came to the last blank page. His fountain pen was in his right hand and he was writing.

    Hmm only one page left. I have to get a new diary. But I can write about this. I had Mel Donovan as my second patient today. Suture removal was.

    Beeweep beeweep

    Marhin grabbed his pager, looked at it and ran away. He had two hours of ER-duty, stepping in for colleague Mick Kerebuy, who was busy with something else. Marhin knew and had a smile on his face.

    Aaqu took the diary, put it with the fountain pen in his pocket and headed to the IC-ward. He had seen the mischievous smile on Marhin’s face. ‘Had this something to do with Mick Kerebuy? Was this the reason why Jason Guyet had changed duties with Jim Kerebuy?’

    IC ward
    Will he join us? Aaqu put down his pencil after writing his entry in the diary and saw the gleaming eyes of Jehna following what he had written. A soft noise had him looking up. “Jasan, you are early.”

    “I want to see my son breathing without that tube,” Jasan put his hand on his son’s forehead.

    ‘I can do it dad and I want Aradan to be here too. He was very encouraging this morning.’ Jehna felt that he was ready. His lungs were getting stronger. A positive pressure mask coupled to the ventilator would be enough to help him.

    “Aradan will be here. I have visited him and he has examined me. I am ready for the donation tomorrow. I was leaving his treatment room and I heard him ordering a nice dinner for me.”

    “And no more food after that dinner Jasan or you will have a very grumpy Kaagi,” Aaqu grinned.

    “I know. Jehna had me during his studies at Eled-Hir’s place reading all about the hazards of eating and drinking shortly before a procedure. And Aradan told me about that woman that had to stay here in the IC-ward.”

    “I did,” Aradan headed to Jehna’s bed and sat down. “You are ready Jehna?”


    “He is,” Jasan beamed.

    Aradan pushed the controls to stop the turbo-pump of the ventilator and opened the valve.

    Jehna began to inhale and heard the welcome sound of the squawking ventilator. Exhaling was now easy and he inhaled some more. He had to get the ventilator to signal that he was ready. He exhaled forcefully.

    Beeweep beeweep Beeep.

    That was the signal. Jehna saw Aradan reaching for the tube and deflating the cuff. He inhaled, getting a large amount of air in his lungs.

    “Now Jehna,” Aradan ordered and put his left hand next to that of Jasan.

    Jehna exhaled with some force and felt the tube leaving his mouth.

    Aradan had it in his right hand with a big smile on his face. “You did it.”

    Aaqu was ready with a mask coupled to the ventilator and had that before Jehna’s mouth and nose. “You have to breathe but this will aid you.”

    “Yes,” Jehna uttered barely heard but heard and he did again “yes.” ‘I know that I need that extra aid to get my lungs filled. Never knew that my throat could be that dry and sore.’

    “We have medicines for getting you to speak more than yes,” Aradan grinned and saw Aaqu taking a lozenge just held ready for this event.

    ‘Of the kind that has all our patients making faces,’ Jehna felt the mask lifting a bit and a lozenge guided in his mouth by Aaqu. And he had a scrunched up nose when he tasted the medicine. ‘Mixed with burned synthrubber?’

    “Burned synthrubber,” Aradan laughed. “This is a new term to describe the medicine called hyperdrive fuel by pilots and sweaty socks forgotten in a sports-bag by moms.”

    “It is bad,” Jehna wheezed. “Awful!” And getting a big smile on his face because he could utter words he grumbled again “it is horrible burned synthrubber. You knew that when you said that about the medicines. I have to speak soon at your wedding.”

    “A wedding,” Aaqu looked up and saw the gleaming eyes of Aradan. ‘Was this why Mick Kerebuy and Jason Guyet were busy? Had his brother Jim planned his wedding day?’ “Is your wedding ceremony planned?”

    “Yes my wedding ceremony and that of Jim and Akina is planned for Velona 25 and Jehna is my best man,” Aradan stated and had eyes only now for Jehna. “You will receive the stemcells tomorrow and will be able to leave the IC-ward the next day.”

    “Midis,” Jehna said with a fading voice. Speaking was tiring him and he uttered “the bachelor party?”

    “I will come up with ideas to have you there,” Aaqu got a mischievous smile on his face. His party had been a great success too although he had been a patient himself. “Rest now Jehna. I will be here for you. And Jasan has to take his rest too.”

    “Yes son,” Jasan grinned. “I will get to your mom, tell her about your improvement and I am sure that she will head this way.”

    “After she orders you to get sleeping,” Jehna whispered.

    “She will,” Jasan stood up. “She is the boss.”

    Noranan central dispatch
    Erdin Felaron was sipping from his second cup of caf after his lunch break when he heard a loud whoot in the corridor. The man uttering that whoot came in and placed a comlink on Erdin’s desk where a short message was visible.

    “Oksi sure can move his desk-huggers and even the Moniron high judge,” Ivano beamed and turned the holoreceiver on. “Monir news is broadcasting this directly.” He took a chair and got seated when the announcement from the reporter came.

    The Jadaki fire and the consequences for Diebie wood are of an un-paralleled scope for our planet. Listen to the final verdict brought to you by Monir news.’

    Ivano and Erdin were speechless, following the glorious Judd Oksi when he began to tell about the Jadaki disaster and giving praise to the man who had heard the explosions before coming to the rescue of the children. Sukenik was getting praise for being so precise and Oksi even gave an apology for accusing him of negligence. Evidence was heaped on evidence and a holocam zooming in on the faces of Direux – senior and junior – and Bargony told what wasn’t voiced in words.

    Direux senior will take his losses. He is accepting that he has now only factories on Harada because he has to sell the ones on Monira and Aarga to satisfy his insurance company. He will be paying back that what he had gotten out of the Avana fire. Direux junior, joined by senior and Bargony will do the assigned work the coming five years for the Avana city community.’

    That came as no surprise from Mogvitch when the lawyer had advised his clients to comply after the overwhelming evidence shown by Oksi.

    “There goes your luxury free life Mr. Direux,” Erdin grinned.

    “And his dad and Bargony are getting the same sentence,” Ivano remarked. “Work, work, work and I hope you have a team that will help you the coming five years doing the work you are unable to do because you will be cleaning streets and common areas in Avana.”

    Interviews followed with Oksi of course and after that Mogvitch and Direux and Bargony and one question from a reporter had Direux replying quite angry that his account manager Ruben Shang would be quite busy too with his good for nothing daughter Julia. That reporter had seen the Shang family entering the Moniron high court yesterday morning and had seen them leaving with a loud crying daughter.

    That had other reporters swarming towards Direux and asking him what Julia had done.

    The prosecutor intervened and could persuade the reporters to keep the names anonymous.

    Ivano and Erdin knew. They had heard the news from Bret Chedokin.

    “The Er-
    Esnina facility in Haradan will have a tough job with Julia Shang and I think the same will be true for Sophia Zenon and Tidi Monetti visiting the facility here in Rondor.”

    “But the Er-Esnina is better for those kids than the boarding school in Monir,” Ivano remarked. “They have a good chance becoming normal citizens. Forty percent of the kids visiting the boarding school end up coming back there or in one of the closed facilities.”

    “And where began the wrong,” Erdin mused. “Those kids often had parents straying from the right path. But I am glad Moniron offers these facilities.”

    “Yes. They will get cared for. I have seen kids on Coruscant ending up in criminal gangs because that planet offered none of the facilities to have some kids again on the right path. That Sidious creep was only interested in continuing the war and getting all the power. He did exterminate almost all Jedi and what has that brought the galaxy?”

    “More mayhem coming from Sithly creeps and the new Jedi struggling for making the galaxy a safe one to live in,” Erdin stood up. “Caf Ivano?”

    “Yes,” Ivano grinned and stood up to follow Erdin to the caf machine. “That was alright on Coruscant and my mates at the fire-department too.” And with a more neutral voice he continued after selecting his caf “those old Jedi – not interested in drafting me into their services – were fighting against impossible odds. Sidious was manipulating both sides, was getting a clone army and hard-ware, had the arms-industry working and had a promising Jedi Knight in his clutches.”

    “But that man became the doom of Sidious and returned to the light just like this is lighting up,” Erdin added milk to the black caf.

    “Hey that’s my caf but it is a nice new metaphor. Dark cannot remain dark forever and light is sometimes shadowed by the dark.” Ivano accepted the caf with milk when he saw Erdin programming the machine for caf with chocolate something not liked by him at all and thought about the caf he had in the Jedi temple mixed with a lot of Nerfmilk. ‘Milk is good for you and your ankle,’ was what Alco Bonai – Doc Bony – had told him. Only once he had that and the next cup of caf was black but with a large glass of milk standing next to it on the tray. Serinka had seen his aversion to caf with milk.

    The caf machine sputtered the last of Erdin’s caf in a cup and Erdin was taking that when his pager began to buzz.

    Caf forgotten both firefighters hurried to the hangar.

    Ifnin Island
    Griff Lerox had bought supplies in the small shop on Ifnin Island situated in the middle of the ocean between Monira and Harada. He had travelled to Umni Island, had stayed there for a day and had guided his excellent performing powerboat towards Harada. Dwindling supplies had him headed to Ifnin Island. He entered the main cabin of his boat and sat down to un-wrap the fresh fruits he had bought. They were wrapped in a newspaper. And Griff’s eyes were drawn to the picture and the headline.

    ‘Jadaki disaster. One man injured after saving six children.’

    He read more and grumbled “Bargony, Direux if I ever see you again, I will make your lives very miserable. You are the first to have me with victims and possible deaths after a successful mission.”

    A fruit was peeled and Griff turned on his holoviewer and that had him grinning broadly and deciding to retire. “I have my boat, I can sell it for a good price and live somewhere on one of the islands. On second thought Ifnin Island is not bad at all. That shopkeeper asked me if I could help him with his orchard. His fruits are great. I will be again Greg Serroxo, the nice retired man seeking for a humble pastime.’

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing room 12
    “Yes Mel, you can do it,” Marhin stood with Jim Kerebuy in the entrance and saw him leaving his bed.

    “I can,” Mel took the first two steps, felt that his leg was supporting him and headed to the door. Room nine was just a few doors away on the other side of the corridor and he walked with firm steps to that door.

    “Now to room five and I will sign your release papers,” Marhin followed Mel.

    Mel did. Room five was around the corner and he passed that door, swung on his good leg and headed back to room twelve.

    “Get dressed Mel,” Marhin grinned. “You walked from nine to five.” And he heard some soft guffawing and saw Beran Daranon and Mick Kerebuy headed back to the ready-room. They had just delivered a patient to room three. The woman had been brought in shortly after Marhin had ended his duty in the ER. ‘Beran sure remembers that nine to five.’

    Ready room
    “Nine to five,” Beran laughed. “That was your way to introduce me to my bachelor party and now we have to plan one for your brother.”

    “Yes,” Mick answered. “I have been planning in the past two hours and I need your assistance too” and he began to tell more.

    Surgery wing restaurant

    Aaqu was very pleased when he headed with a tray loaded with two fruit-pies and two caf to the table where Marhin was sitting and discussing something with Beran and Mick. He had seen Kalinde Er-San coming to the IC-ward shortly after Jasan had left with Aradan. She had been with her son almost the entire afternoon, had talked with him and had him smiling when she told that Jasan was sent to bed by her. Yes Jehna was doing fine, needing the support of the ventilator but now able to talk.

    “I will inform Lynne.” That was said very softly by Marhin who looked up to see Aaqu nearing their table. He made a move with his hands.

    “We have planned his sur uh party for the uh afternoon,” Mick – alerted by that move – changed the last moment what he was about to say.

    “Interrupting something,” Aaqu eyed the three with some intensity and sat down.

    “Uh not really,” Mick grinned barely hiding his glee. “We were discussing the bachelor parties for Aradan and Jim.”

    “I released Mel Donovan today and that made it possible to plan Jim’s party as well,” Marhin reached for the caf and fruit-pie.

    “I have your fountain-pen and sorry but the diary is full,” Aaqu had the book on the table. “I will get a new one.”
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    “I have your fountain-pen and sorry but the diary is full,” Aaqu had the book on the table. “I will get a new one.”

    Nicely done!!! With the prospect of more fun & action heading our way. [face_party]
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    Yes, new diaries and first this a nice update for Christmas (based partly on real life events from 16 years ago)

    Chapter 37

    22 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing
    Jasan Er-San wondered what was happening. After getting a kiss from Kalinde he was guided in his bed out of his guestroom to the OT area. But this room didn’t look like an OT or preproom at all. It was more like the hallway of a castle of his childhood books. A horror castle at that with the gloomy lightning colouring everything red and he fully expected a knight on a winged Darrin to land next to him. ‘Did Aradan slip some strange sedative in my dinner yesterday? Why? Leslie and Tarmenel are my doctors.’ Yes there was the wizard from his book highlighted by a white flashing light and dressed in a brown cloak, a pointed black hat and with a mask with white and yellow markings resembling an eagle Kaaginha. The wizard glided towards him.

    “I am the Kaaginha to prepare you for your ordeal.”

    ‘No Kaagi either? Kaagi had promised to do his famous air-show.’ Jasan saw the Kaaginha opening his book and waving his wand.

    “I am the Gherian and Kaaginha’s assistant. Give me your hand.”

    Jasan did when he saw a black and red being appearing beside his bed. ‘Gherian must be that nurse Jilan Gherian. And Kaaginha; that’s Kaagi of course’ He felt a band around his left arm, the nurse patting his hand and wiping it with a fluid and a needle entering a vein. The IV-bag hooked up to a pole was familiar too. But the flying wand and syringe not. The wand touched his nose and he felt something cold entering his hand. A black mask was again familiar. And taking a few breaths he saw the wizards fading.

    Guestroom six
    Jasan Er-San opened his eyes. He knew he had opened them in a room filled with beeping things and hazy lights shivering and quite cold until a warm blanket had been put on his body. That warmth had him again closing his eyes and sleeping.

    “Hey sleepy,” Kalinde bowed over and kissed him on his lips.

    “Uh,” Jasan tried to reply.

    “Take this. You can have a sore throat.” Kalinde gave her husband an ice-cube with a fruit flavour. She had gone to the restaurant to get it when she saw signs that her husband was waking up.

    “Our sleepy Konjy is awake,” Leslie Tualan came in. He had waited for that moment and had signalled the kitchen to include guestroom six into their delivery schedule.

    “Yes but I was awake and quite miserably in that other room,” Jasan started.

    “That was the large amount of IV-fluid added to get the prop-A circulating and keeping you under and the rather cold temperature in the OT,” Leslie explained. “And you have like your son a low natural core temperature. The procedure took two hours and fifty six minutes to get the required amount of stemcells to have your son again with midi-chlorians. He has received them ten minutes ago and the results should be visible in four hours at the most.”

    “Our son will be alright,” Kalinde smiled. “I don’t need proof. I can feel that Jasan and Jehna are now even more connected.”

    “Yes father and son,” Jasan grinned. “And we are connected to you forever. By the way our work in Eled-Hir’s valley is waiting for us.”

    “What? You want to leave?”

    “In a few days after the wedding-party and that party with the president coming here,” Jasan answered. “Jehna has his friends and colleagues who will care for him. He doesn’t need his…”

    “Fussy parents,” Kalinde began to laugh. “I can see. He sure doesn’t need us. Visiting him once a month is alright but to have his parents every day with him when his is taking steps to his recovery will be quite annoying for him. He went away to Monir to work there when he felt that he had to be independent from us. A child has to leave the home where he was raised.”

    “You up to something to drink and eat?” Leslie had heard the approaching cart.

    “I am and I like to get rid of this thing trapping me to the bed,” Jasan replied. “I want to be able to visit my son as soon as possible.”

    “Tell me what you want,” a nurse came in with the cart.

    “Milk and porridge and a fruit-pie,” Jasan replied and was soon munching on the delicacies. The fruit-pie was made by chef Mouraha.

    Lake drive 11
    “You are home,” Nuran Rimac came in.

    “Yes,” Mel grinned. “I was released yesterday in the afternoon, got a ride from Jim Kerebuy and dropped in the middle of Ashley’s ‘needle and pins party’ and was soon the centre of the interest for all those women. I had to tell all about my stay in the hospital. And by all I mean up to the bloody details. And when I mentioned the suture removal I had to explain that sutures aren’t the same as stitches. And it wasn’t Ashley beginning about the stitches. It was Sita-shi Tayback, supported by her sister Ashi-mi. Some tea?”

    “Sure,” Nuran sat down at the table. “Is Ashley not at home?”

    “She is shopping with the girls to get a new dress for the wedding party of Jim and Akina,” Mel was putting the kettle on the stove. “I have to get a new outfit too but you know.”

    “You are a man who doesn’t like shopping.”

    “Shopping is alright but not going in and out of clothes stores, dressing in this and that, getting admiring comments from the shopkeepers and ending up again at the first shop to buy that what was put first on me,” Mel grumbled. “I am not looking forward to tomorrow.”

    “Your police uniform will be alright for the wedding party,” Nuran remarked. “And you can start working tomorrow. You have to plan with Chief Laurie.”

    “That solves the problem,” Mel began to smile. “My leg will have to get stronger but desk-hugging work will be alright for me. Chief Laurie won’t send me away. There will be a lot of uniformed guests with all the firefighters – who had been at Jadaki – coming because Jim and Aradan have invited them.” The water was boiling and Mel poured it in a teapot, put that on a tray with cups and added the cookie-jar. “There are still cookies left from the ‘needle and pins party’ and that’s a bit surprising or not.”

    “Why? Women love sweets. Something must have been there to have them forgetting to eat the cookies.”

    “Ashley turned the holo on for the news after serving tea and putting the cookie-jar on the table,” Mel poured tea in the cups and presented the cookies. “Yesterday the cookies remained untouched. We saw the entire repeat of the process at the Moniron high court with Judd Oksi. The parents will be quite busy especially Mr. Shang. He will have his double work for Diebie too. You have seen the news?”

    “Sure,” Nuran grinned. “Judd Oksi was gleaming when he had the center stage in the Monir high court. I am glad that the case is solved this way.” He began to nibble from his cookie.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing IC ward
    Jehna heard the door to his room opening and he felt it. His parents were coming. That he felt that was pleasing him immensely and he laughed “dad, mom, I can feel that I have midis. Aradan just came back with the first test.”

    “I know son,” Jasan sat down next to the bed.

    Kalinde kissed Jehna on his forehead and took another chair.

    “And that confirms that the midis are starting to multiply,” Aradan had the monitor with the stats activated. “We had a perfect match for the stemcells. Tomorrow you can go to a medium care room and the day after that it’s…”

    “Starting with the exercises,” Jehna interrupted. “Aaqu has prepared me for a greasy Kaagi giving me those.”

    “Ah yes but I think they will combine that with things for my bachelor party,” Aradan had a mischievous grin on his face. “I don’t know what they are planning but each time I saw one of my colleagues they turned away with smiling faces. And Aaqu had those questioning looks each time he saw me or Marhin.”

    “You have scheduled him for thingy removal after the birthday party,” Jehna grinned.

    “I have,” Aradan said. “Early in the morning because I have a training run with Timo in the afternoon for the first run taking place here in and on the grounds of the hospital. I have informed Ivano Arvedai and he will be contacting the president. Our director has given welona 27 as a date for the run.”

    “And we will be going home with Tarmenel after the birthday party and that run,” Kalinde said. “You know.”

    “Yes fussy parents are too much for me when I have to deal with colleagues like Aaqu, Timo and Aradan,” Jehna winked with his left eye.

    Office Jasaran Arovan
    “Yes we can do it Mr President, we will be ready for your visit,” Jasaran Arovan said.

    We will come.”

    The holo faded and Jasaran turned his chair when he heard the door opening.

    Koranar Er-Quin – one of the directors – entered.

    “We have a go,” Jasaran grinned. “Now we can start our preparations.”

    “And we don’t have to do that much because the wedding ceremony for Aradan and Dian and Jim and Akina takes place in the great restaurant,” Koranar stated. ‘We can keep the place decorated for the ceremony of the president.”

    Colwood road 212
    Fire-station six
    “Yes WOW,” Lionel jumped high in the air and turned to his colleagues. “Jehna has midis.” He showed the message on his comlink.

    Anwar Baldavin began “now he has to regain his…”

    Noranan city dispatch. Emergency Gala shopping centre. Engine Six-one, Ladder Six respond. Automatic alert.

    Comlink put on the table Lionel hurried with his mates to the engine and ladder.

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    Hi! Great stuff with Mel and Jasan & family. :) Oops, a cliffie again at the shopping center with perhaps some casualties [face_nail_biting] [:D]
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    Colwood road 212
    Fire-station six
    “Yes WOW,” Lionel jumped high in the air and turned to his colleagues. “Jehna has midis.” He showed the message on his comlink.

    Anwar Baldavin began “now he has to regain his…”

    Noranan city dispatch. Emergency Gala shopping centre. Engine Six-one, Ladder Six respond. Automatic alert.

    Comlink put on the table Lionel hurried with his mates to the engine and ladder.

    And I hurry back to the Christmas cookies, but I could not resist checking in here! O:)
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    A cliffie of the kind we have had numerous times and a funny explanation will follow in the next chapter;)

    And you should check in for the next chapter, fun and mischievous colleagues

    What are they planning?[face_whistling]

    Chapter 38

    23 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing IC ward

    Jehna was waking up and there was something different. He felt the mask giving him enough air to breathe comfortably. But the air; he could inhale with both nostrils. The stomach tube was gone. He opened his eyes and yes there was some movement. His bed was guided in a reclining position by Leslie Tualan and there was Aradan with a squeeze bottle.

    “We have to try this before moving you to a medium care room,” Leslie accented the ‘try’ with laughter in his voice.

    “Your first drink,” Aradan guided the tube from the squeeze bottle to Jehna’s mouth.

    Jehna sipped from the water and sloshed it around before swallowing. It felt great and he waited. No churning in his stomach followed. “You have added medicines Aradan?”

    “Only some mild anti nausea-medicines,” Aradan replied. “More?”

    Jehna nodded and felt more water in his mouth and swallowed that too. “This is great.”

    “And your stats are looking great too,” Leslie was busy with the monitors.

    Jehna saw a bundle of wires and tubes being placed on his bed. “Moving?”

    “Yes moving,” Leslie had now the mask with tube connected to a portable breathing-unit. “We are ready to move you from four to nine.”

    Beachroad 8
    Aaqu Maerhin was late waking up and that had almost never happened.

    Was it the nice evening with Lynne celebrating that Jehna had now midi-chlorians and that the first test had revealed that some were multiplying? An exhilarated Aradan had contacted him during dinner time to tell about the results.

    That had Lynne entering the kitchen and making a cake. Somehow she had batter ready.

    Or was it the making of more cakes for his birthday? Lynne had with him helping made more cakes. His birthday marked another event. Three months ago he had received the medicine to wake up his midi-chlorians. They were steadily but slowly increasing. For Marhin it was the same.

    Lynne had left the bed. ‘She will be making breakfast.’ Of that he was sure because he saw a discarded towel on his bed and reaching to feel the slight moisture he remembered another late wake up from long ago. ‘I was on a large heap of towels in the scrub-room of OT one in the Jedi temple after a little fight with Kaagi. We were tired but very pleased that we could help Ivano. And Enga let us sleep there, marking the scrub-room as occupied.’

    “Funny thoughts,” Lynne came in with a tray with plates, cups, a covered basket and a pot of tea. She placed it on the bed, discarded her gown and slipped between the covers.

    Pouring tea Aaqu answered “pleasant thoughts. Kaagi and I had been involved in a…”

    “Wet towel, sponges and blue glove fight,” Lynne interrupted. “You do that every time after a trying procedure.”

    “The one I remembered was after a short procedure to help Ivano and it was funny because Jedi Enga Mariss forbade us to do our scrub-room fight. Mom Mariss wanted to have us in our beds as soon as the procedure was finished. We ended up asleep on green thingies and got a visit from Yoda getting breakfast to us. And that was funny too. Master Yoda was old but never lost his humour even during those trying times. ‘Be a child see things you can adults don’t see’ was one of his sayings. We always followed his advice.”

    “You did and happy birthday,” Lynne kissed Aaqu on his mouth.

    After a long kiss Aaqu and Lynne disentangled and with tea now drinkable they began to sip from the tea.

    “The tea in the scrub-room was nice too,” Aaqu put his teacup down. “Master Yoda had made it. We were there after a procedure to save Ivano Arvedai’s leg.”

    “Ivano, now here in Noranan and able to help Jehna,” Lynne grinned. “You told me all about Ivano but not that.”

    “Jehna,” Aaqu reached for bread and began to spread fruits on it. “What time is it?”

    “Past nine and don’t you worry. Jehna has enough colleagues eager to guide him to medium care room number nine.”

    “Room number nine?”

    “Kaagi, Leslie, Marhin and uh Aradan have something with nine,” Lynne reached for Aaqu’s bread with a big grin on her face. She knew what Aradan had planned.

    “Kaagi yes but,” Aaqu began but felt Lynne’s lips again on his and let go of his bread that landed on the plate.

    Lynne didn’t want messy bed-sheets and covers.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Medium care room number nine
    “Welcome Jehna,” Kaagi wheeled quickly to the place where the monitors were ready when Aradan and Leslie guided the bed in.

    “You are here with your grease to give me therapy,” Jehna grinned when he saw a bottle with massage oil on the nightstand.

    “That and more,” Kaagi helped Leslie and Aradan to connect the wires and tubes to the monitors. “You have midis. They will start to multiply. You are now my student and Aradan’s.”

    “With Aaqu and me,” Marhin was there standing in the door-opening and he wasn’t the only one.

    Mick and Jim Kerebuy, Alan and Jason Guyet, Kerlan Gulnare and Jilan Gherian were there and congratulated Jehna.

    Colwood road 2
    Noranan police station 5
    Garmin Laurie was instructing his police officers Sam Koskin, Yves Onitsa and Dick Kerebuy. With Akina getting married all colleagues wanted to be there on the day of marriage or on the bachelor party or both. Other stations had offered their help to do the shifts.

    Mel Donovan was back after only a little discussion with Garmin and Jarin Laurie, the chiefs of police station 5. ‘I can do the ‘desk huggers’ work’ was what he had told the two and had sat down at his desk. And Mel back at the station had been a very nice excuse for Jarin to take Akina to do some shopping.

    “We are expected at nine-hundred at the Keranan place to,” Garmin turned to see his brother coming in with a stack of plates followed by Akina who was carrying a large box and continued “you know what. And now it’s party time.”

    Jarin and Akina put the plates and cake on Mel’s desk.

    “For Mel,” Sam Koskin got gleaming eyes when he saw Jarin opening the box to reveal a large decorated cake.

    “There is enough to have you with two helpings,” Mel grinned and began to put slices of the cake on plates.

    Garmin was guiding the first spoon with cake to his mouth.

    “And tommo,” Sam began but had his mouth full with the first spoon full of cake provided by Garmin.

    “It’s business as usual,” Garmin continued with eating his cake.

    Sam nodded. Tomorrow the fun would be revealed for Akina.

    Akina suspected something but would wait and be surprised. Her parents had arrived yesterday with the flight from Monir and she had seen her wedding dress, made by her mother. Her father would give her away. And both parents and Chief Garmin Laurie were her witnesses.

    Colwood road 212
    Firestation six
    Green shift had ended the duty half an hour ago but every member was still present.

    The automatic alert at the Gala Shopping centre had been a small topic. Sleep had been disturbed only two times after that first alert. The chief of blue shift had grumbled about those alerts when Trudy Dargis told him that it were again tiny spiders making webs in the indicators. ‘When will the owner get a reliable company to clean and grade his alert system?’ Trudy had replied that she would file the incident with that added. ‘Maybe Felaron can put some pressure on the owner.’

    The bachelor and wedding party was a large topic.

    Chief Dargis had been explaining with Lionel what would be going on tomorrow and the days after that.

    “And you know,” Lionel ended “tomorrow at my place.”

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Medium care room number nine
    With a satisfied smile on his face Jehna fell asleep. Kaagi had given him the first therapy for his arms and legs. Colleagues had come to pay him a brief visit. And Jadin asking Aradan to help him had Kaagi with Jehna alone and discussing some plans.

    Aradan had suspected something when he came back. There were two large bags in a corner of the room.

    Aaqu had come with Lynne and had received congratulations for his birthday from Kaagi and Jehna. He had suspected nothing when there was a second nightstand and bed. It was a two patient room and had been a three patient room when Aaqu and Marhin stayed there with Kaagi joining them for a short time. But the second bed wasn’t needed for a healer keeping watch over Jehna. Since his accident he had had no unpleasant dreams at all. Fond memories of his youth and the fact that he had rescued the six children and had helped to solve the Jadaki case were enough reasons to have pleasant dreams.
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    Aaqu had come with Lynne and had received congratulations for his birthday from Kaagi and Jehna. He had suspected nothing when there was a second nightstand and bed. It was a two patient room and had been a three patient room when Aaqu and Marhin stayed there with Kaagi joining them for a short time. But the second bed wasn’t needed for a healer keeping watch over Jehna. Since his accident he had had no unpleasant dreams at all. Fond memories of his youth and the fact that he had rescued the six children and had helped to solve the Jadaki case were enough reasons to have pleasant dreams.

    That is what I like so much about your stories. Despite the oppressive dark there is light out there in the SW universe.
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    And a very sweet and funny chapter is coming with new fanart and a few chapters to go after this one.

    Chapter 39

    24 velona

    Dashinstreet 6
    Lionel and his father Aidan had been busy since seven in the morning. Breakfast had been the first thing but after that it was leading the husans into the stable for their grooming and putting the molonin out to pasture. And there were two new husans and a guest to care for. Tarmenel Eled-Hir had given the mares Narina and Gharina yesterday after Aragin had gone back with the transport to get them and Tarmenel’s ride Madheen.

    Lionel was grooming Sarhan when he heard the well known sound of a large speeder and yes there they were.

    “What do you want from us?” Trudy Dargis – clad in a firefighter coverall like the rest of her crew – stepped resolutely towards one of the husans in the stable.

    “Help us with grooming and polishing the saddles and finishing the corral,” Aidan looked up from his work. “I have begun on that riding-corral days ago but it needs more work.” He was busy with the hooves of Injanin. “We have to be ready before the kids arrive.”

    “I will take Farhan under my care,” Ivano was the next to come in the stable with Erdin and was greeted immediately by a soft snorting sound from the back of the stable. Becoming friends with Lionel and visiting him at his home had led to a friendship with Farhan, the fierce son of Ashar and Zunia who turned to a gentle ride when he was on him. He walked to one of the last stables where Ashar was standing next to Farhan. Like father the son had the golden manes and a red-brown coat. “Farhan, come,” Ivano murmured and saw the husan in the dark of his stable and with his manes highlighted by the sun coming through the window. And the husan came towards him and rested his nose on his cheek snorting softly.


    “I will lead the ‘corral’ guys,” Erdin stated. “I can handle a bunch of firemen and policemen.”

    “And wizards when they arrive after I have gone to their castle to guide them here,” Lionel began to saddle Sarhan. The saddle was like all saddles used by riders living on Moniron made out of synthetic material that was easy to clean and dry.

    Colwood road 2
    Noranan police station 5
    Sam Koskin and Dick Kerebuy were away with Patrol 5 on their first call of the shift.

    For Akina Meader that was normal and she expected more activity that would have her and her partner in this shift – Yves Onitsa – away on a call. But the PA-system remained silent.

    Chief Garmin Laurie was busy at his desk after giving Mel Donovan a stack of files to be sorted.

    Yves was reading. ‘I am studying and Garmin can question me.’

    Akina had picked up her study book too and gave a look to the desk of Mel. She or Yves would be the one to get that desk. But what was on that desk? The stack of files was new and very uniform in format and looks.

    “Patrol five two respond to call on Dashinstreet six.”

    “That’s us,” Akina put down her book, jumped up and spurted to the door.

    “Yes,” Yves stood up, gave a wink to Mel and Garmin and followed Akina to the door.

    Dashinstreet 6
    “Shh Injanin, Sarhan, the fun is beginning,” Lionel soothed his ride and Injanin who he was holding on a leash. He steered Sarhan with a gentle pat at the neck towards the trail when he heard the siren. Man and husans were gone in the green wilderness when Patrol five two halted at the gate of his home.

    “Did you see that white flash?” Akina exited the patrol to open the gate.

    “Uh no,” Yves shook his head. He had seen Lionel with the husans but he had to keep Akina busy. “We have to proceed with caution. You heard dispatch warning us about a wild molonin and a trapped farmer.”

    “I know but that,” Akina was opening the gate. “That sound is not coming from this gate. It’s moving smoothly. Listen.”

    “Ah that shovelling and hammering sound,” Yves could keep his face neutral. “Farmer Keranan is probably trying to free himself and chase that molonin away.”

    “He is making a lot of noise,” Akina began to run.

    “Careful Akina,” Yves followed. And a bit louder “We are coming Mr. Keranan!”

    - - -

    “Yves, there is no trapped farmer,” Akina halted at the entrance of the corral to see six men dressed in firefighter coveralls busy with that hammering and shovelling.

    “No and you have to help us to get this ready before the children from the hospital arrive for their ride,” Aidan came from the stable guiding Feana and Aranor.

    Aranor ran this and that way sliding to a stop before Erdin who was shovelling the last piece of rock away.

    “He is cute,” Akina grinned.

    “That’s Aranor and he is,” Aidan had Feana guided in the corral.

    “Aranor, a beautiful name,” Akina started and saw the foal spurting towards her, stopping and beginning to nibble on a button of her uniform. “And he is naughty.” She patted the foal on his back and felt something giving.

    Aranor bucked and ran to his mother.


    A button was in the dirt and Akina moved her hands to her uniform trying to keep it shut. “He is full of mischief.”

    “I was trying to tell you that,” Aidan was roaring with laughter.

    “We have a coverall for you,” Trudy Dargis came out of the stable and joined the laughter when she saw what the foal – now drinking – had done. “Get changed. This is the beginning of your bachelor party.”

    Akina changed in the coverall and wasn’t surprised at all when Garmin and Mel showed up shortly after that with the stack of files. They were children’s books about the police. And Sam and Dick coming with Nuran Rimac and Ashley Donovan explained where their emergency call had led them.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing
    Medium care room nine

    Aradan was changing a waste bag when he saw the gleaming eyes of Jehna. He turned and there they were. Aaqu, Kaagi and Targon were dressed in green wizard clothes.

    Kaagi wheeled in the room, picked up the two bags in the corner and dropped those on Jehna’s bed. One bag was opened and Aaqu began to help him. A green cloak was spread on Jehna’s bed, a pointed hat placed on his head and a wand was placed near Jehna’s left hand.

    Jehna picked that wand up and pointed it at the second bag. “Wizard Aradan, open it.”

    Aradan – ready with his work because Targon had taken over – began to open the bag and laughed “this, what’s this? Are you expecting me to wear this?”

    “We are,” Jehna, Kaagi and Aaqu stated with one voice.

    Aradan shrugged with his shoulders and took out the grey long sleeved shirt, the large rather hairy black cloak and the grey hat with a lopsided point and donned them over his greens. The grey shirt reached to his feet. The why of putting on swimming trunks instead of the normal underwear still eluded him.

    “And we have this to complete your outfit,” Targon – taking over Aradan’s work – was now back sporting a large staff topped with a gleaming blue crystal.

    Aradan took the staff and saw Aaqu placing a portable breathing unit on Jehna’s bed. And he observed more and saw that leads and wires were now covered with the cloak.

    Jadin Finn was the next to wheel in with a beeping comlink in his lap. “That’s for you Aradan.”

    Aradan took the comlink and saw the message. “My wizard transport has arrived.”

    “Follow me,” Jadin turned his wheelchair and began to lead the procession of Aradan, Kaagi and Aaqu and Targon pushing Jehna’s bed to the reception area.

    Dashinstreet 6
    Aranor had lost all interest in Akina who was busy – after she had changed in the coverall – to help the firefighters and police officers with their ‘corral’ work. Children arriving with parents, nurses and doctors guiding them in wheelchairs had him exploring that. And he was very careful sensing that these children were not as mobile as him. He brushed with his nose softly against the cheek of a little girl. A giggle and a hand reaching to his nose had Aranor snorting softly but just standing there.

    “Aranor will become a great help in our program,” Dian Genin grinned. This was also her bachelor party. She had suspected something when Shelyne Herefa, Lynne Maerhin and Lanika Calran came to her office and ordered her to dress in a riding outfit. And she knew for sure when she was guided to the first of five taxis filled with a nurse and a child with his or her parents. All children were patients scheduled for therapy and the husan farm of Aidan Keradan was the place.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Reception area
    For the first time since his accident Jehna was outside. Targon and Aaqu had guided his bed through the main doors and halted at the edge of the meadow where Kaagi, Jadin and Aradan were waiting.

    A soft sound became noticeable. Hooves beating louder and there they were.

    Lionel encouraged Sarhan to do the last stretch at a canter and came with Injanin following to a sliding stop before the party.

    Injanin began to reach to Aradan but wheelchairs and the bed got soon his attention. Very softly he touched Jadin’s and Kaagi’s hair, heard the grumble from the two and headed to the bed.

    Tears were in Jehna’s eyes when Injanin pushed softly against the wizard hat, had that gliding to one side and came to rest with his nose on his hair. Jehna felt the soft breath of the husan and reached with his left hand to the nose. He let it stay there for minutes savouring the moment. “You will be my ride Injanin.”

    “He will be your guide,” Lionel grinned. “Aradan and I will help you.”

    “Yes,” Jehna gave Injanin a soft stroke on his nose “go now to your master Aradan and guide him to the next part of his birthday party.”

    “Are we going to the beach?” Aradan mounted Injanin and began to ride away with Lionel.

    “In the afternoon,” Lionel answered. “And you can guide Injanin to his new friends after that ride.”

    And Jehna was guided back to his room by Aaqu and Targon. He had done his part.

    Dashinstreet 6
    A corral was ready and firefighters and police-officers were finishing the lunch.

    Only men were left.

    Akina, Trudy and Ashley had gone with the taxis back to the hospital.

    A movie for all the children in the hospital was the next part of the party.

    Aradan had seen the last taxi leaving with Dian and a child in a wheelchair. He had helped that child to ride Injanin with Dian as his assistant.

    “Lead him to his stable to eat and rest,” Lionel was guiding Sarhan. “We can take some rest too before the next part starts.”

    “And my wizard clothes,” Aradan began to open his cloak.

    “They have to stay,” Ivano grinned. “We need a wizard on the next part of our journey. On the beach you can drop them in the sand.”

    “And they,” Aradan saw Anwar Keranan walking with his mates to a transport.

    “You will see them again on the beach,” Ivano led Farhan inside the stable.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    ER area
    “Dad, what’s up?” Jason Guyet spurted with Jim Kerebuy following him to emergency room two when he saw his father standing just outside that room. He had been with Jim in the ready room and had seen four patients in the ER-rooms during his shift. And each time when the pager alerted him and Jim he had seen that man looking at it and wondering why it was always a real emergency.

    “Yes?” Jim gave another look at his pager.

    “Your emergency is this,” Alan Guyet opened the door and steered Jim inside.

    “Brother, dress in this and we are ready to go,” Mick Kerebuy pointed at a bag on the ER-table.

    “A wet-suit?” Jim opened the bag.

    “Yes, Tim and Jerome are waiting in the Big Fish for us,” Mick replied and saw Jason and Alan hurrying away. They had another assignment.

    And Jim gave his brother a look “another emergency?”

    “We have a rescue at sea,” Mick grinned and doffed his greens to reveal his wet-suit.

    “Ah, that explains the swimming trunks,” Jim began to smile.

    Dashinstreet 6
    “We are going to do what,” Jason halted the speeder just outside the gate of the farm.

    “We are going for a ride and a swim son,” Alan grinned. “Don’t you worry. Husans are very gentle and intelligent animals. There is the master of the husans.”

    Jason saw a friendly looking man wearing only a drawstring pants coming to the gate.

    “You will like our husans. I am Aidan Keranan.” The man opened the gate and waited for the speeder to get on the parking place.

    “Jason Guyet,” Jason shook hands.

    “Alan Guyet,” Alan did the same and followed Aidan to the stable where Lionel, Ivano and Aradan were ready with saddling their husans. All but Aradan were dressed the same in drawstring pants and clogs.

    “Jason, Alan, welcome. Now we are complete for the wizard journey,” Lionel took the manes from Sarhan. “Aradan get Injanin and follow me.” He began to guide Sarhan outside.

    “Here is Zunia for you Alan,” Aidan Keranan said. “She is a nice ride. I have already saddled her.”

    “The last time I have been on the back of a husan was on Lingala and I will manage,” Alan let Zunia move her nose over his hands and face before he took her mane.

    “Dad, she likes you I think,” Jason turned from his father to Aidan with a look of who is to be my ride on his face.

    “Jason, go to the last stable on the left. Ashar is your ride. I will help you with the saddle.”

    Jason went and passed more husans with one giving him a friendly push with her nose. He saw the name Zafia above the door and halted. “Zafia likes me. Can I take her?”

    “Zafia has already a master,” Aidan replied. “One of the nurses working in the hospital comes here every day after her shift to take her for a ride. Take a look at him.”

    Jason saw a tuft of white manes appearing and looked better. “He is a husan for a firefighter. He is red haired.”

    “Meet Ashar,” Aidan came with the saddle and halted outside the stable. “He is the father of Farhan and both have the same colour. Farhan chose a firefighter to be his master.”

    “Ashar,” Jason stood there very still and felt something. It was a bond forming between him and the husan. “I fly the medical craft and an X-wing but have never been on a husan. But I think I will manage on you.”

    “You will and he will be your ride when you are visiting us,” Aidan saddled the husan.

    “Iffy will be surprised when he sees me on you,” Jason stroked Ashar through his golden manes.

    Aidan asked “who is Iffy?”

    “My astromech and he is always in for a comment,” Jason replied. “You will see him tomorrow when he is guiding Jeffrey Harmon to the party.”

    “Guide him outside Jason,” Aidan took his mount Arano and waited for Jason before he headed to where the party was already mounted. And he saw that Jason and Alan had no trouble to mount their husans.

    “It’s just as easy as boarding my X-wing,” Jason settled in the saddle and reached for the manes. “Uh dad how do you steer a husan?”

    “Use your voice and let him follow Aidan,” Alan replied.

    “Wizard to the beach,” Lionel led Sarhan to the trail.

    Big Fish
    Tim Dereika laughed when he heard the excited conversation in the main cabin of the Big Fish.

    Jim had been very surprised to see Dick Kerebuy and Garmin Laurie sitting there in the Big Fish when he arrived with his brother.

    “They are having fun,” Jerome Verenne saw their destination coming nearer.

    “And we are just the transport guys,” Tim guided the forward controls of the Big Fish back and let the transport begin its descent.

    “But we can be called for an emergency if the Big Fish is needed,” Jerome said.

    “Yup, we drop our guests and head back,” Tim had the transport now resting on its floats near a large fire-ship. “Kerebuy, your bachelor party is beginning.”

    Jim Kerebuy was sitting at a table and munching on fish and fries provided by Sam Koskin’s brother. He was satisfied after an exciting visit to the fire-ship, a fast ride with a patrol boat and a big water fight in the ocean near the beach with the colleagues from Akina and the firefighters.

    All those colleagues were present too and were joined by colleagues from the hospital who had ended their shift. All were men. The women had their big party with Akina and Dian in the restaurant of the hospital.

    Florian Buwalda and Fred Macoly had come with the chowbox to transport those fish and fries boxes and make some Nerfburgers and more. They had placed tables and benches on the meadow after parking the chowbox near a copse of trees.

    A saddle from Injanin and a wizard outfit, clothes, boots, greens and clogs were on that meadow too near a heap of hay provided by the two from the chowbox. After coming down to the beach the riders led by Aradan had met Kaagi, Aaqu and Marhin on their husans and enjoyed a ride in the surf.

    Aradan understood now why swimming trunks were the dress of the day. He had been swimming with Injanin and was riding with him towards the meadow.

    The two to comment on greasy stuff were still riding on their husans in the surf.

    “Hey the Guyets are coming this way,” Ersan Koroni grumped. He had just loaded his plate with a greasy Nerfburger and fries.

    “Nah they are stopping,” Rudi Selco – sitting next to Ersan – observed. “Ivano must have sprained his ankle.”

    “And with Guyets busy they don’t comment on this,” Mick grinned.

    “But I can,” Aradan saw Injanin beginning to nibble from the hay, dismounted and plopped down next to Mick.

    “Not this time Aradan.”

    “Let us enjoy the grease.”

    “Buwalda is an excellent cook.”

    Aradan looked over his shoulder to see the three colleagues from Monir sitting at a table next to the chowbox. They were there for the marriage and for what was coming after that.

    Ludo Nivrim and Galin Mayama had their plates loaded with fish and fries and Jan Opatosi was cutting a large Nerfburger in pieces.

    “Not too much grease or Timo will win this time,” Galin saw Aradan looking his way.

    “I heard that guys,” Timo came to that table with a plate loaded with a large fruit-pie. “This will give me enough energy to win.”

    “Make a bet?” Ludo grinned.

    “With what?” Timo sat down.

    “You win and you can get us getting dunked in the swimming pool or I win and you are the one to get wet,” Ludo replied.

    “It’s a deal,” Timo began to devour his fruit-pie.

    - - -

    Alan Guyet saw Ivano sitting down on the wet sand after wading out of the surf with a noticeable limp. Ivano’s ride Farhan had started to swim and that had Ivano gliding from his back and swimming back towards the beach. Alan slid from Zunia’s back and saw the husan cantering with Farhan towards Aidan Keranan who was still on Arano. He walked to Ivano, sat down and remarked “I can see why you want to help Jehna.”

    “That injury happened long ago when I was a stubborn guy on Coruscant,” Ivano grinned when he saw Aaqu and Kaagi seated on their husans looking his way and coming nearer. He gave a nod “those two and Alco Bel Kais…”

    “Alco Bel Kais,” Alan interrupted rather loudly and saw his son Jason looking down and gliding from Ashar. That husan remained glued at Jason’s side.

    “You have known Jedi healer Alco Bel Kais?” Ivano saw Jason plopping down in the sand next to his father. Two Guyets were smiling.

    “Alco was a Jedi healer? I have known him as professor Bel Kais,” Alan stated. “I met him and his wife Larana during a visit to Ligano.”

    “Larana Hovar was for Alco the reason to go back to Corellia,” Ivano laughed. “He came with her to my room in the Jedi temple healers’ ward to wish me a nice stay on Lingala and a speedy recovery. Larana told me about her grandfather living on Lingala and the nice Lingalans.”

    “Alco told me that a visit to Larana’s grandfather had Larana and him stranded and staying on Lingala,” Alan said. “He arrived shortly before Sidious rose to power.”

    “He must have heard his comlink with the two messages,” Aaqu said. “And the second message had him going into hiding.”

    “Lingala was very safe for the Jedi with the buoys warning everyone away that it was a planet of death,” Alan grinned.

    “And Lingala is still safe,” Jason stroked the nose of Ashar when the husan started to groom his hair with his teeth. “Alco was one of my teachers in Ligano University and graded me. He was an orthopedic surgeon. He never told me that he had been a Jedi but I felt a certain power coming from him. But that was a common trait on Lingala with many Dunai staying there. I heard about his and Larana’s death after the Yuuzhan Vong wars.”

    “I was in Ligano for the funeral of him and his wife,” Alan said. “They have lived a long and happy life in Ligano.”

    “That pleases me,” Ivano smiled.

    “And us,” Aaqu grinned and pointed to the chowbox. “Our dinner is waiting.”

    “Greasy Nerfburgers from Buwalda,” Jason stood up and mounted Ashar. “Let’s do something about that.” He guided Ashar in a canter to the chowbox.

    But he never arrived there.

    Aidan Keranan whistled and Ashar with Jason hanging on cantered back to the group of husans that was guided by Aidan and Lionel to the path that would take them home.

    “Dad, let’s make something healthy at home,” Jason stayed on Ashar’s back and waited for his father to join him.

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    Awesome having husan therapy @};- And yumsy on the burgers, fish, and fries! :D
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    Your food descriptions are as interesting as your medical therapies. :D
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    therapy should be fun too;)
    food for fun:p

    Another update with fanart

    Chapter 40

    25 velona

    Beachroad 2

    “Wake up Jim.”

    Jim Kerebuy opened sleepy eyes – he had been tossing and turning all night before falling asleep when the birds began to sing – to see his brother moving the covers. Mick – eyes bright and fully awake – was wearing his pilot gear with the hospital squadron emblem.

    “Your clothes are there and I have made breakfast,” Mick gave Jim a push. “Get in the fresher and dressed. The speeder is shining and ready to go. I have to get Jeffrey and the Guyets.”

    Jim padded to his fresher and was soon busy to get real awake with a cold shower.

    Breakfast was something else. He couldn’t swallow a piece of bread and decided to put it in a box standing there very conveniently. Caf was in a thermos. He took all that and headed to his speeder. Why he was that nervous he didn’t understand. Was he anticipating pranks from colleagues? Mick had slept like a Konjy but he had done that always even before a trying mission with his former squadron.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital

    Jehna felt very comfortable although he was outside in the middle of the meadow before the hospital. The breath-mask was supporting him and attached to a portable ventilator unit that was stashed under his bed. He was covered with a green cloak and his bed was in a reclining position.

    Timo Herefa, Leslie Tualan and Tarmenel Eled-Hir had guided him out of his medium care room after helping him with his liquid breakfast and making sure that all equipment was working.

    Leslie was dressed in the usual greens but Tarmenel was sporting beautiful embroidered clothes.

    Other non medical equipment was under the care of Timo Herefa and Leod Irwihan. They waited for a signal to turn on the holoprojector.

    Dian Genin was there with her parents and she was looking beautiful in her white riding outfit. Her father and mother had been very busy to give their daughter a wedding cloak, tunic and pants of the finest shimmersilk embroidered with flowers. Real flowers fastened on a veil that left her face free and covered her black hair and white boots completed her outfit. And she was holding a bundle of Nenya flowers in her hands.

    Aradan’s parents were present and waiting for their son.

    He was away but so were Aaqu, Kaagi and Marhin. The four had gathered at Beachroad 8 to saddle their husans and ride to Aidan and Lionel.

    Jehna knew. It was something he had been discussing with Lionel and Kaagi. And he began to smile when he heard the soft sound of hooves coming nearer. A party of seven riders – all dressed in white – cantered down Nello road and onto the driveway leading to the main entrance. Two were guiding a saddled husan.

    There in the front was Aidan Keranan on his stallion Arano guiding the fierce black stallion Madheen but controlling them with ease.

    Madheen began to snort loudly when he spotted his master.

    Lionel on Sarhan and Ivano on Farhan were next.

    Aradan – dressed in white – sitting on Injanin was guiding Freya, who was decked with a saddle and an embroidered cloth.

    Aaqu, Kaagi and Marhin on their stallions were the last to arrive.

    Aidan let Madheen free.

    The stallion trotted towards his master Tarmenel but stopped before the bed and reached with his nose to the strange man and began to explore.

    Jehna let him and guided his left hand towards the dark nose and stroked it softly. “Go Madheen and let your master make the bond between my friends official.”

    A soft snort and a gentle brush against Jehna’s hand and the stallion obeyed.

    Leod and Timo had the holoprojector activated.

    A hologram of a large Ghenesin tree was now behind Jehna’s bed.

    Aradan saw Tarmenel mounting Madheen and this was for him the signal to come forward with Freya and invite Dian. He began to sing.

    I saw you there,
    Shining skin, soft like a peach,
    Face like a nenya flower so fair
    Adorned with beautiful hair
    Corusca gems of love shine
    Smiling eyes with a silver line
    Like a star you shine to me
    Dian come to me

    Shining and laughing Dian stepped forward with her parents and let them help her on Freya. It was the second time for her being on a husan. She whispered “not a bumpy ride?”

    “No love,” Aradan bowed towards her and whispered in her ear “Freya is one of the sweetest husans owned by Aidan.”

    “I know,” Dian laughed. “I guided her yesterday with a child on her back. And you have seen that.”

    “Just teasing a bit,” Aradan grinned.

    “Aanjii liiamo aanjaa,” Tarmenel was now before the pair. “Aen el aaiaa elda binhir eme la makta la tuisi er par. Esse eme la praaian undu koron ghenesin tarba.”

    “A man loves a woman. From the days of old bonds were formed between a pair. Vows were spoken under the great crown of the ghenesin tree,” Dhan Genin whispered very softly in his wife’s ear. “They are going for the old tradition.”

    Tarmenel began to sing the ancient vows in the Dunai elder language.

    Ghenesin tarba sonin el engwari
    Nenya lomin e gwalion lomin
    Nenya alt el engwa rhani
    Nenya alt el engwa imdal
    Engwari aarani
    Aarani gwalion
    He gave a signal and Aradan took Dian’s hand and kissed her on her hand that held the flowers.

    Aradan and Dian came towards Jehna on their husans.

    “This flower is for you,” Dian had one flower going with an elegant bow towards the cover.

    “I will see you soon after you have guided your ride home,” Jehna spoke with a soft voice. Tears were in his eyes. He could be here to see the beautiful ceremony and knew what was to come when Kaagi, Aaqu, Marhin, Lionel, Ivano and Aidan guided their husans in a half circle behind the couple with Tarmenel.

    “Sing of our ride, of our gwalion,” Tarmenel began to sing and was joined by the other riders.
    For millenniums in wildness
    I ran freely
    You saw me
    I was the star of your freedom
    You captured me and tamed me
    From hard work I set you free
    Today my greatest use
    is to please you
    I feel free and secure.
    You are my companion
    You are my joy
    You are my friend
    Aarani gwalion.
    Nine riders rode around Jehna, Leslie and the parents.

    Tarmenel led them on the path.

    And Jehna saw them disappearing and blinked with liquid eyes. Tears of joy were in them and he wasn’t the only one.

    Leslie was the first one to speak. “We will guide you back to your room for some rest. You know.”

    “Yes,” Jehna grinned. “The town-hall official will come with the papers. I have to sign them and after that it’s party time and some more.” A short time out of his room was enough for him. He still needed a lot of sleep.

    Colwood road 2
    Noranan police station 5
    Jarin Laurie was waiting in his formal uniform when he saw Sam Koskin and Dick Kerebuy guiding airspeeder five one before the entrance. Earlier in the morning he had seen Yves and his brother Garmin leaving in Patrol five.

    “You are ready chief,” Sam came in.

    “I am and lead the way to the harbour,” Jarin followed Sam.

    “I hope the Kerebuys are awake,” Dick said.

    “One is,” Jarin pointed upwards. “That’s Kaagi’s X-wing and Mick is flying it. And there is Jeffrey Harmon with Jason’s X-wing.”

    “And with Mick and Jeffrey there Jim will be at Akina’s place,” Sam took his place at the controls.

    Wolan avenue
    Sleepy eyed Akina looked up from her untouched breakfast when she heard the sound of a speeder coming to a stop.

    Her parents knew. Their daughter had been tossing and turning in her bed all night long. Her mother had helped to dress her in the formal uniform. Akina wanted to marry that way and knew that Jim had ideas too.

    A door opened and there was Jim – sleepy eyed too – dressed in his pilot’s fatigues. He rushed to her and took her in his arms “Akina, you are beautiful.” A kiss followed and he guided her and her parents to his speeder.

    A large ship with Jadaki plastworks in bold lettering on the sides was stationary on the waves. It was one of the four large ships owned by Chuck Jadaki and used to transport base ingredients in the large holds. The deck-plating covering those holds was large enough to accommodate that what was about to arrive in the next minutes. Jadaki had offered all his help when Jarin Laurie had come with the plan he and his brother had been making to give Jim and Akina a day to never forget. Small boats were moored at the aft docking platform.

    Jason Guyet, his parents and Tim Dereika had been the first to arrive.

    Firefighters and their families, police officers and their families, Wayne Sukenik and his workers and families were there. Children were kept busy by the crew inviting them to explore the ship with them.

    Bud Sukenik – just about to leave the deck with his brother Dan – halted.

    A roaring sound; and there they were. Two X-wings flying in formation were following a powerboat with Jarin Laurie at the controls.

    The powerboat headed to the rear of the ship.

    The two X-wings landed on the deck and were soon surrounded by children.

    Mick had the canopy open and heard ‘can we have a look inside the cockpit?’

    He swung his leg over the side and saw the children. “Just one ceremony and after that I will have you take a look. And you can visit Jeffrey Harmon. He will be staying in the X-wing.”

    Garmin saw his brother and Akina’s parents coming and headed to the pedestal.

    Jim and Akina were the last to come to the deck. And walking past the X-wings Jim smiled when he saw who was inside the cockpit.

    Rebel pilot Jeffrey Harmon was there just as he had been there months ago during the celebration of 100 years Noranan General Hospital. Jeffrey was partly paralysed since his crash-landing on Lingala but loved to fly in the X-wing that had been his but had been given by him to Jason. And for Jeffrey being here in the X-wing was a way to thank Jim Kerebuy for all the great care he had been receiving.

    Jim and Akina were looking bright, now fully awake and had had their breakfast during the trip to the ship.

    Akina headed to her parents and Jim to his brother.

    Chuck Jadaki pulled on a cord.

    The ship’s bell sounded.

    All turned to the pedestal.

    “As owner of this ship I give you Garmin Laurie the permission to perform an ageless ceremony,” Chuck Jadaki gave a book to Garmin.

    Garmin put the book on the pedestal, harrumphed a few times and said “from times immemorial a ship was the place for this ceremony. Guide the bride forward.”

    A wedding march was heard on the sound system of the ship.

    Karan Meader took the hand of his daughter Akina and came before the pedestal.

    “Guide your brother forward.”

    Mick accompanied Jim.

    “From the days of old bonds were formed between a pair. Vows were spoken. Jim and Akina take each other by the right hand,” Garmin waited and continued.
    “Will you – Akina Meader – take Jim Kerebuy as your beloved husband?”

    “Yes,” Akina had gleaming eyes.

    “Will you – Jim Kerebuy – take Akina Meader as your beloved wife?”

    “Yes,” Jim reached with his left hand to Akina’s uniform cap. “I promise to love you. No matter what comes at us, I'll always be with you. I promise I'll love you with my whole heart.”

    “Then by the power vested in me, by the Moniron Judicial System, I pronounce you man and wife. You…”

    Jim bowed towards Akina and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her waist, before Garmin had given the sign. And a cap sailed towards Garmin who caught that with a big smile on his face.

    A party on the ship could begin until it was time to go to the restaurant of the hospital where the official documents were to be signed under the watchful eyes of the town hall official.

    Children were the first to see that the official ceremony was over and began to tug Mick Kerebuy back to his X-wing.

    And Mick followed. He had time enough to congratulate the couple. He couldn’t let Jeffrey have all the kids to cope with and began to smile when he heard a little boy say ‘you are old’ and Jeffrey answering that he had been flying many missions in his younger days. The last combat mission had him stranded with a failing navcomp near Sullust when the rebels were about to attack the second Death Star. ‘And Iffy took me to Lingala’ and after that it was flying a medevac for me until we came to Moniron.’

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Official documents were signed by the two couples. The town hall official had arrived ten minutes ago for the short ceremony.

    A party was in full swing.

    Aradan and Dian and Jim and Akina were dancing.

    Jeffrey Harmon was there in his wheelchair, tugged to the room by astromech Iffy and talking to Aidan Keranan. The farmer had invited him to come for a carriage ride.

    Jehna was in his bed and had been guided to the restaurant half an hour ago. He was giving a subtle signal to Aradan’s parents.

    Aran Mirdees knew and headed to the healer that was trying to get near the counter loaded with delicacies made by the cooks of the main restaurant aided by Jeruan Mouraha and Malik Aatifa. He gave a soft harrumph.

    Aaqu – arms in arms with Lynne – turned “yes?”

    “Jehna is getting tired,” Aran Mirdees replied. “Can you guide him back to his room?”

    “I will,” Aaqu knew that Jehna was tiring rapidly when he was not in his room and turned to his wife. “Lynne; wait for me and try to save some of the delicacies for me. Everybody has been keeping me busy and my stomach is rumbling.”

    Lynne nodded and saw her husband walking with Aran to Jehna. She waited until they were gone and followed. She had been the one to keep steering him to new arrivals.

    Surgery wing
    Medium care room nine

    “Thanks Aaqu,” Jehna blinked with his eyes.

    “I know,” Aaqu had given Jehna his medicines and had seen Aran leaving. “You are scheduled tomorrow for some bandage change and suture removal.”

    “And the braces,” Jehna started.

    “I had a brace to endure too,” Aaqu turned to see Lynne entering with a bundle of blue clothes.

    “For you my gwalion,” Lynne gave the clothes to Aaqu.

    “What? I have to go back to the party to satisfy my stomach. I have had nothing solid since the beginning of the party now two hour ago. I could get only fruit-juice and tea.”

    “On purpose,” Lynne smiled. “In the fresher to change and there is your bed.”

    “My bed? What’s happening?” Aaqu took the bundle of clothes and unfolded them to reveal a hospital gown.

    “You are scheduled for thingy removal tomorrow,” Jehna grinned.

    “Early in the morning,” Lynne steered her husband to the fresher.

    “Ah that’s why I was refused to go to the counter,” Aaqu opened the door of the fresher with now a big smile on his face. This was a nice surprise for him. “Uh Lynne, go back and see to it that the guys treating me tomorrow don’t get too tired.”

    “I will try,” Lynne headed to the door.

    “Do or do not there is no try,” Jehna and Aaqu said.

    “Master Yoda will hear you,” Lynne left the room laughing broadly.

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    Yummy update. :) O:) I also know he's looking forward to thingy removal [face_laugh] ;)
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    Dian Genin was there with her parents and she was looking beautiful in her white riding outfit. Her father and mother had been very busy to give their daughter a wedding cloak, tunic and pants of the finest shimmersilk embroidered with flowers. Real flowers fastened on a veil that left her face free and covered her black hair and white boots completed her outfit. And she was holding a bundle of Nenya flowers in her hands.

    Beautiful description of the bride and an even more beautiful dress.

    I will not be able to update "Cat litter" before Sunday, but, I give you a sneak preview, there will be a a wedding involved, too. [face_whistling]
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    He is and he will be starting something.

    Hmm and with your fanart that will be something sweet

    This is another sweet chapter and the beginning of some writing in a diary

    Chapter 41

    26 velona

    Beachroad 6
    “Hmmm eeuuuw,” Dian Mirdees opened her sleepy eyes and turned on her side on the broad bed to see Aradan stretching his legs and arms and sitting up. “You are early.”

    “For Aaqu,” Aradan bowed over and kissed Dian on her lips. “I have to be at the hospital at six thirty. And you my love…”

    “I know,” Dian began to stretch her arms. “I can help Jehna’s, your and my parents to tidy your old cottage. Breakfast?”

    “A quick one,” Aradan headed to the fresher.

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing
    Treatment room

    “Success Aaqu,” Jehna grinned when Jilan Gherian dressed in his wizard outfit came to guide the bed with a now very hungry and grumpy man to the prep-room. Aaqu and he had been guided to one of the treatment rooms by Lynne and Leslie Tualan. Jehna had heard Aaqu’s grumbling stomach and had heard him grumping ‘it’s time’ when Jilan came in.

    “You too,” Aaqu saw Jadin Finn wheeling in with a covered tray and followed by Beran Daranon.

    “I will help and success my gwalion,” Lynne kissed her husband before he was guided out of the room.

    Surgery wing
    Prep room

    “I knew it,” Aaqu began to smile. “Jilan and Kerlan are my nurses and what do they do? Turn my procedure into a wizard party.”

    “Yup,” Jilan stopped the bed in the middle of the ‘castle’ hallway. “Here are the wizards with their air-show.”

    “And you like my air-show,” Kaagi came to the bed.

    “I do,” Aaqu felt Kaagi taking his hand and swabbing that before applying the IV. “My food is coming?”

    “Some liquid and after you are awake I will bring your breakfast,” Kaagi connected the line. “And we don’t want Aradan to wait long. He has to prepare lunch and dinner for his family. They are tidying Jehna’s cottage.”

    “Lynne and I will keep it tidy until Jehna is able to leave the hospital,” Aaqu saw a syringe zooming through the air.

    “And we all will help Jehna,” Kaagi guided the syringe in the tap of the IV and opened the line of the Prop-A drip.

    “I will ask him to,” Aaqu slurred and lost consciousness.

    “I don’t know what he will ask but we will hear soon,” Kerlan had given Kaagi the airway scope and tube and helped him to secure it.

    “We will,” Jilan and Kaagi began to guide the bed to the OT where Jason and Aradan were waiting.

    Surgery wing
    Treatment room

    “Three Jedi to help me,” Jehna saw Leslie injecting a strong painkiller in the tap of his IV.

    “I can guide you in a dream if you like,” Jadin said.

    “Uh no, that’s not necessary,” Jehna turned his head to the tray in Jadin’s lap. “I want my breakfast and I want to see what’s under the splints and bandages.”

    “One liquid breakfast coming,” Lynne guided the bed in a reclining position, uncovered the tray and took the squeeze-bottle and guided the tube under Jehna’s breath-mask.

    Sipping from that tube Jehna saw Jadin and Leslie beginning with his right arm. A splint and bandages were removed. He saw a row of black sutures and skin coloured red and blue and covered with scabs where burns were healing.

    “We can remove the sutures and that skin is looking good,” Leslie swabbed the arm with sterilex.

    “And give me a brace,” Jehna grumbled between sips. But his eyes were telling a different view. He was pleased that he could get a brace and hoped that his legs would get them too.

    “I have been making them with Aradan,” Jadin had the first suture removed. “Comfortable?”

    “I don’t feel a thingy,” Jehna said after swallowing the liquid.

    Jadin and Beran continued their suture-removal, applied burn-salve and guided the form-fitting brace around Jehna’s lower arm and hand.

    Legs and abdominal area were next and Jehna saw the extent of his injuries. He had seen the stats and the pictures taken during the first surgical procedure but seeing the injuries as they were healing gave him a knowledge what he was about to face during the coming months. More surgical procedures were needed to treat the scar-tissue that was forming. Drain-tubes were now gone but a catheter had to stay until kidneys were healed. He gave a soft sigh when the last bandage was fastened with tape.

    “We will help you Jehna,” Leslie spoke with a very soothing voice.

    “I know,” Jehna whispered. “I am glad that I have braces on my legs and arm. I didn’t feel any pain. I felt you using the Force to help me. I will learn to use the Force again guided by all my teachers. I will recover. And yes,” he had now a smile in his eyes “I will ask Aaqu if I can join him and Marhin to write about all of that.”

    “You can ask him soon,” Lynne grinned. “I can feel that Aaqu is awake and will be guided back to room nine.”

    “After he has had breakfast I will ask him,” Jehna laughed. “That breakfast will be the only thing he is interested in and after that he will show me the removed thingies.”

    “Kaagi has to bring the thingies after his scrub-room fight,” Jadin covered Jehna with a clean sheet and a blanket.

    “A short fight no doubt with Aradan and his other duty,” Leslie began to guide the bed towards the door.

    “One is making lunch and the other is running with Timo, Ludo, Galin and Jan,” Jehna said with a somewhat thoughtful look on his face. “He has ideas to take the trail again.”

    “And I won’t get into trouble,” Aradan came – sporting wet red hair and wet smudges on his new greens – out of the scrub room. “You have endured the treatment I see.”

    “I did and Mirdees-braces are icky,” Jehna grinned.

    “With painkillers you don’t feel them,” Aradan started and saw the smiling faces of Jehna, Lynne and Leslie.

    Surgery wing
    Medium care room nine

    Leslie was coupling the last lead to the monitor above Jehna’s bed when the soft sound of wheels indicated that Aaqu was coming back.

    Aradan had been busy with the ventilator and turned his head and began like Jehna and Lynne to laugh when he saw the bed in a reclining position covered with a bed-table and Aaqu more or less inhaling the porridge from a large bowl. A tent-like structure was keeping the bandaged right leg free. A pair of crutches was on the covers.

    “He couldn’t wait,” Jilan pushed the bed to the place. “He was very hungry when Kaagi had him awake and the first thing he asked was if he could get some milk and porridge.”

    “Ah that explains an Adin being a little late to help me against Kerlan and Jason in my scrub-room fight,” Aradan saw that Adin wheeling in with relatively dry greens.

    “And he forgot to bring me the thingies he dug out of my leg,” Aaqu stopped for a moment before attacking the porridge again.

    “I have them here,” Kaagi started to sail the clearplast satchel towards Aaqu’s bed.

    “Jehna wants to see them,” Aradan grinned and caught the satchel.

    “Do I?” Jehna uttered but took a look at the metal. “My legs and arm are held together by a lot of those thingies. And…” He was silent for some time before continuing “I am looking forward to the day that they can be removed. And please early in the morning and I will come on that morning to the hospital.” He gave a mischievous wink with his left eye seen by Aradan. “Aaqu was a bit noisy.”

    “Noisy? You slept Jehna after I gave you your sleeping medicines in the line,” Aaqu dropped his spoon in the porridge. A bowl toppled a bit and spoiled porridge on the covers. “You couldn’t notice that I was noisy.”

    “I noticed your noisy rumble early in the morning for the three minutes before Leslie and Lynne came to get us,” Jehna laughed. “You were a great wake up call.”

    “Ah so much thankful words for giving him company,” Aaqu resumed his eating.

    “I am grateful for your company and words uh,” Jehna looked towards Aaqu but that man just busied himself with finishing his porridge and trying to scoop up the spoiled porridge from his covers.

    “You will see him and Marhin each day,” Kaagi saw those looks.

    “And me too,” Aradan grinned. “You have your therapy and lessons.”

    “And when I have no other duties I will try to keep watch over the noisy and smudgy men when they have their lessons,” Lynne was there with a towel to clean the mess made by her husband. She brought the towel to a laundry bin in the corridor and returned with a package and placed that on the bed. “Get eating and drinking and writing in the new diary. I will visit you in the afternoon. I have more work to do” and she kissed her husband before leaving the room.

    “Uh words Aaqu,” Jehna began haltingly. “Can I join you and Marhin in writing in the diary?”

    “You can Jehna,” Aaqu had a big smile on his face when he removed the cover from the package to reveal a new diary. “And be careful where you put it. We have no archivists like Master Jocasta Nu here but eating and drinking, scrub-rooms and little fingers and big and small teeth can do a lot of damage.”

    “I won’t let Andar or Injanin near the diary,” Jehna grinned. “I will make my entries kid-friendly.”

    “And I will caution Marhin to keep Erindi away,” Kaagi said and left with Leslie. They had work in the ER-rooms.

    Aradan stayed and told more about the party and the wedding-cake that was brought in by Jeruan and Malik and signalled the end of a beautiful evening. The two couples had been asked to come forward and cut the cake. There was enough for all guests and even more. “And I have saved two pieces of the cake for you and you,” he ended.

    “For me?” Jehna saw Aradan’s gleaming eyes.

    “Your first solid food for lunch,” Aradan replied. “And I have saved more pieces. We eat them this afternoon before going for our last training run before the great event tomorrow” and he began to tell more about the friendly competition between firefighters, police officers and doctors and nurses.

    Colwood road 2
    Noranan police station 5
    Jim and Akina had enjoyed a nice night – sleeping and resting this time – with both being very tired after the day. Waking up had been late in the morning. Going to the kitchen to make something for lunch had Jim discovering the boxes with pieces of the cake saved from the party and remarking that they were to be brought to the station.

    Jim was getting one box out of the back of the speeder when the door opened.

    “Hey you don’t have to work today,” Jarin Laurie came out.

    “But we have saved this for the colleagues who couldn’t be there at the party,” Jim answered.

    “You know Jim,” Mel Donovan came also to the speeder “all our colleagues are getting in shape for…”

    “And this cake is very good for that run,” Akina had the second box out of the backseat.

    “Yes,” Jim nodded. “I saw Mick taking a piece before going to change in his running gear. We don’t want the doctors and nurses or the firefighters to win, do we?”

    “You are a doctor too,” Akina headed inside.

    “I will run for this team,” Jim rushed after Akina.

    Noranan forest
    Doctors and nurses – not on duty – were training for the run.

    Aradan and Timo and the three guests from Monir – Ludo Nivrim, Galin Mayama and Jan Opatosi – had taken the trail that led them along the beach, the Harbour canal, Nello road and Noranan forest.

    Aradan had halted briefly at the place where he had spurted all those days ago to go to Jadaki and had heard the sounds of demolishing tools. Sukenik and company were busy. And he was now running with Galin and telling “Jehna had a piece of cake” when Timo and Ludo spurted past them.

    “And Timo and Ludo not,” Galin grinned when the two were way ahead. “You know what we are planning when Timo wins.”

    “I do and I am looking forward to it,” Aradan kept his easy pace with Galin. He was very satisfied. Jehna had his first solid lunch and had written a short entry in the diary. A bit awkward with Aradan holding the diary and Jehna using his left hand to write but he had done it and after Aaqu had done his entry and Marhin had come in to add some more the pages had been scanned to render the scribbles into readable words for families and friends. Doctor’s scribbles were notorious.


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    And here the last chapter

    Chapter 42

    27 velona

    Ikraan road 115
    Noranan General Hospital
    Surgery wing room nine

    Kalinde was helping her son with his breakfast when Lynne came in.

    “And was he noisy?” Lynne grinned when Aaqu put down his spoon.

    “I didn’t hear him,” Jehna replied after swallowing some porridge. “I was sleeping all night.”

    “You had enough sleeping medicines to have you sleeping,” Aaqu stated. “And noisy? The bandages around my leg weren’t bothering me that much and I could sleep on my side. I didn’t snore.”

    “You left the bed? You turned on your side? You didn’t rip a suture I hope,” Aradan came in and took the covers from the tent-like structure.

    “I didn’t put weight on my leg and used the crutches,” Aaqu looked down to see his bandaged leg. “See, the bandage is clean.”

    “I gave Jehna his sleeping medicines,” Lynne said.

    Aradan donned blue gloves and began to remove the bandage.

    “No sutures gone,” Aaqu had a snug look on his face when he saw the sutured wounds on his thigh and shin. “The wounds are looking good. Just wrap my leg again and I can leave my bed.”

    “You can leave the hospital today,” Aradan said. “But you have to use a wheelchair and crutches and aren’t allowed to put weight on your leg for the coming five days.”

    “I know. I don’t want to spoil your needlework. And a wheelchair?” Aaqu began to smile. “That will be nice to compete with Kaagi and Jadin in the wheelchair run.”

    “Let’s get Jehna ready,” Kalinde had finished feeding her son. “The president and company will arrive in one hour.”

    Leslie Tualan came in at that moment. He would guide Jehna after the ceremonies back to his room.

    Jehna and his parents and friends had been the last to arrive in the restaurant. Yesterday it had been crowded but with a place to dance. Today that place was again filled with chairs and tables, all occupied, leaving only a place near the entrance free with next to it a small stage.

    Aradan guided the bed to that place.

    “They are all here for the run?” Jehna saw many groups with banners.

    “All and some more,” Aradan turned when he heard some tingling sounds of ceremonial gear.

    The president accompanied by his five aides wearing that gear and director Koranar Er-Quin came in. And the president stopped to approach Jehna in his bed.

    “Mr President,” Jehna whispered.

    Jed Dinkara nodded. And as a Dunai elder he felt immediately what Jehna had gone through. He would make it a quick ceremony. “Jehna Er-San, it pleases me immensely to see you here. I have heard that you have a long way of recovery ahead but with all your friends I know you are going to be alright. I am impressed. You have saved six children.” He waited to see those children coming forward guided by four of his aides.

    The fifth aide remained at the side of the president. He was holding a large box.

    “Wow, uh thank,” Bud Sukenik began when he stood next to the bed but he felt a soft nudge from Gene Boggs and was silent.

    “Yes, you can thank Jehna Er-San but first,” Jed Dinkara turned to the public and spoke with a loud voice enhanced by the automatic system in the stage but also using his powers “we are here to decorate heroic men, first of all the man who saved the children.” He paused and turned to Jehna and accepted the medal given to him by his aide. “Jehna Er-San, for your action on the 14th of velona I decorate you with the Moniron rescue medal.” He placed the medal near Jehna’s left hand.

    Jehna picked it up by the ribbon and guided it up for all to see. And he listened to the roaring applause coming from all present. The medal was already resting next to his hand when the applause abated.

    That was reason enough for the children to come to his bed.

    “Thank you,” Bud was again the first and he patted Jehna softly on his right arm, very softly.

    Mikel, Gene and Frank followed and the two girls – Monica and Judy – were last but that was for something special.

    “Thank you for saving us and our dolls,” Monica grinned. “We have brought these dolls for the children you will be helping in the future.” She and Judy began to lift a large bag with the help of an aide and placed it on the stage. One doll was taken out and placed on the bed.

    “Thank you,” Jehna whispered with a halting voice. “I will find friends for them.” There were tears of joy in his eyes.

    “I have more medals,” Jed Dinkara continued. “Step forward Lionel Keranan and Anwar Baldavin and bring the rest of your crew. Step forward Dick Kerebuy and Sam Koskin and bring your colleagues.”

    All rescue workers got a medal and coming to Anwar, the president said “and you Anwar Baldavin, I decorate you with the Moniron water rescue medal. You helped to save Felix Metfor.”

    Aradan was the next to get his medal.

    “And now my second reason to come here to Noranan,” Jed Dinkara turned to the audience. “On this day the first Noranan hospital run will be held. Let it continue for many years to come. All gifts will be used to make the necessary stay of the children a pleasant experience. The bag with dolls that Jehna received was the first gift. Run, run, run for the children!”

    “Will you guide me to the start?” Jehna looked towards Leslie.

    “I will and after the start I will wait with you in one of the ER-rooms,” Leslie replied. “And don’t worry. I will wake you before the winners are decorated.”

    “Lead the way,” Jed Dinkara and his aides followed Jehna and friends.

    Meadow near main entrance
    Kalinde Er-San was with her husband near her son and watching him.

    “I will manage,” Jehna murmured. He was only a bit tired after the emotional ceremony. He wanted to see the first start.

    And that was a funny one.

    President Jed Dinkara stood just outside the main entrance where four wheelchairs were lined up to enter the hospital. Kaagi, Jadin, Aaqu and Jeffrey were the competitors. The first three had to use their muscles and the fourth had astromech Iffy to tow him.

    “Two, three, one,” Jed Dinkara shouted and pressed a button.

    A short beeweep from an alarm sounded and four wheelchairs disappeared through the main entrance for a short race to the corridors around the auditorium and back.

    Jehna was laughing and didn’t have to wait long to see the first wheelchair coming back.

    Old Jeffrey Harmon was having fun. Iffy used all his powers to tow the wheelchair over the finish-line, being the doors of the main entrance.

    Kaagi and Jadin made it a close finish with both passing the entrance at the same time and Aaqu was last.

    This fun race gave the other competitors time enough to go to their starting point further down on the meadow. Nurses and doctors were dressed in light blue running clothes provided by the directors, firefighters had their red running gear and the police officers had their dark blue outfits.

    And there were more teams.

    Chuck Jadaki had mobilised almost his entire crew.

    Wayne Sukenik was there with his small team.

    And there were children, young and older, teenagers and young adults and parents.

    All would have their run that would take them through corridors around the auditorium of the hospital and back again on the large meadow. One round was for the children and up to five rounds for the adults.

    Jehna heard the president counting down and saw the first group of children with their parents entering the hospital before he was guided to the ER-area where he would wait with Leslie.

    And Leslie smiled when he saw Jehna falling asleep. He would make sure that Jehna would be able to see at least one ceremony for the winners.

    Kalinde gave a knowing nod when she followed with her husband to the ER-area. Jehna was in good hands with all his friends and would be tomorrow when she and Jasan were back in their home. She had seen Aragin and Tarmenel guiding Madheen towards the transport before coming to the restaurant.

    “Jehna, wake up!”

    Jehna opened his eyes to see a smiling Leslie Tualan coming into his view.

    “The last race is finished and the president has been giving all competitors a medal,” Leslie said. “I will guide you outside for the last ceremony. Is that alright?”

    “Yes and I want to see my parents. They are leaving with Tarmenel and Aragin today.”

    “We are here Jehna,” Jasan came to the bed.

    “Did you see the race?”

    “Yes and we saw Tarmenel winning the race for the Dunai elder,” Jasan grinned. “And all your colleagues were guiding Timo, Ludo, Galin and Jan to the swimming pool.”

    “I see,” Jehna laughed. “Timo and Ludo both lost their bet and that leads to fun.”

    Jehna had a smile on his face when he saw the president moving this and that way. The man was waiting for the winner of the Dunai elder race and the second and third placed.

    He didn’t have to wait long.

    Aradan – dripping wet like all his colleagues – was leading Timo and Ludo to the president. Galin brought up the rear. He had finished third and gave a mischievous smile to Tarmenel. That man had passed all doctors on the last stretch towards the finish making the water-fun possible for all.

    Jehna listened to the president praising all competitors and saw him coming with his aides and stopping before him.

    “Jehna, next year I want to see you competing in this run and in the Monir memorial run,” Jed Dinkara said. “You and your team are invited to stay in the senatorial quarters. I give you this medal as a memory of the first run.”

    “One year,” Jehna grinned. “That will be enough with all my friends helping me. But Timo will be the captain. I want to be there to dunk him in the Monir fountain.”

    “I wish you a speedy recovery and see you,” Jed Dinkara left with his aides.

    That was for Tarmenel the signal to come with Aragin, Jasan and Kalinde.

    “Kid,” Aragin placed his hand on Jehna’s right hand. “Have pleasant dreams only and I will see you soon. With my grand-children getting babies I will be here to give them presents. And I will try to find some stuff for you in my workplace. Your hands have to get strong again.”

    “Nice and thank you Aragin,” Jehna moved the fingers of his right hand and saw Aragin getting a big smile on his face.

    “Son, you have a long way to go but you can,” Jasan put his hand on Jehna’s left hand.

    “I know and I have all my friends to support me.”

    Kalinde bowed down to kiss her son on his forehead. “Your fussy parents are leaving. But when Aragin goes to visit his family we will come back to fuss over you.”

    “I hope I will be on my feet and can fuss over the two of you,” Jehna replied with soft laughter. “And you can fuss over my cottage. With Aradan now living with Dian…”

    “Jehna, what was I trying to teach you?” Aradan came towards Jehna.

    “Uh keep it tidy and I will try,” Jehna laughed with a soft voice.

    “Try,” Aradan grinned when he saw the blinking eyes. “It is ‘do’ and for that you have to regain your strength first. Leslie, let’s guide him back to his room.”

    “I want to see the transport leaving,” Jehna whispered.

    “We will wait,” Aradan said.

    And Jehna saw the transport of the president and his aides and the transport of Tarmenel, Aragin and his parents leaving before he was guided back to his room. He would get some rest first and if he had some strength write more in the diary about this emotional day. He was sure that he would recover fully and sure that he would regain all his Force powers with the great teachers Aradan, Kaagi, Lionel and Ivano and all his friends.


    Jehna will write about his recovery in the diary
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    Wonderful close. =D= @};- Glad Jehna will be doing a co-diary LOL