[***INTER-HOUSE 48hr TASK***] SWA shows you Tijuana/San Diego California [Image Heavy]

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    I grew up in Tijuana Mexico. Going back and forth to San Diego and back. I really like Mexico because it was a part of my childhood and I has special place in my heart.

    Tijuana is a historic city in Mexico.
    Back in 1978 I went to the toreo here and saw PARCHIS in concert. but they also have bullfights there regularly.
    El toreo de tijuana.
    I once saw a bullfight and didn't like it at all. I found it very cruel.

    My mom still lives in Tijuana. And of course you all heard of the mexican border..this pic was taken about 30 years ago and it still looks the same. the wait is 3 hours on the weekends. about 400+ cars. The borders still looks the same after all these years.


    Now everyone has seen heard of La revolucion right? that's where all the kids from san diego go to get drunk. usually under 21 kids who can't drink here in the us go down there and do crazy things. "la Avenida Revolucion" is full of that. It has bars open until 6am, tons of strip bars, dance clubs..it's crazy but fun.


    The streets are full of vendors..I once got a leather belt here pretty cheap. they have lots of art..rugs, hats, clothing. etc. the entire Mexican culture is here..


    If you like art and film. you go to "El Centro Cultural Tijuana" this is the only place where they have a museum, an IMAX and original Mayan art pieces. they have a model of the pyramids and all that other good stuff.


    Now, if you ever come to Tijuana. you have to take a picture with a burrito. I have a pic somewhere in my files when I'm like 7 and in one of these. they have them all over the place in downtown Tijuana.


    Now the only place to stay in Tijuana that's worth it. are the Two Towers. Yes, they are two large towers and they are the tallest buildings in the city. The hotel is called, Plaza agua caliente. it's a rich part of the city.


    There Above the green golf course..up all the way up is where we were living. these pics are kinda old, but it all still looks the same.



    Now. Tijuana is a border city..Like I said, next to california. and it's full of Natives from mexico's south areas. very poor. they all go there to try to cross the border and they are making it hard for the region with crime and drugs. Many of the people from the south grew up in farms and don't have an education..so they all end up in Tijuana. But it still a very nice place to tour. And most americans here on this side of the border go down there to get medicine, alcohol and other things without paying tax.
    Living in San Diego is like living in both worlds..that's just the way it is. I am really proud of my hispanic ancestry. Spanish mostly. Yes, the spanish came to mexico and killed lots of Natives, but that's just the way it was..they took over california and texas and built Missions..they are like forts. Later, they enslaved them and made them turn into catholics. But Tijuana is very democratic and you have many freedoms down there that you do not have here..like drink when you turn 18.

    Later, I will tell you all about the US si
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