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  1. Layren Jedi Master

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    Title: Interpretations of the Force
    Authors: Layren and Kynstar
    Timeframe: Pre JA
    Characters: Dooku, Qui-Gon, OC's
    Summary: When Dooku pulls out of a mission too early, his decision creates a spiral of serious consequences for his padawan Qui-Gon Jinn.
    Notes: This is our first try at co-authoring as Master and Padawan. We hope everyone enjoys! As always all feedback is welcome and muchly appreciated!

    Qui-Gon sat in the co-pilot's seat of the small two-man ship the Council had given them for this mission. He hadn't spoken to Dooku since they'd left the planet. Dooku against the Council's orders had decided to pull out of the mission ahead of time, which the 18 year old Padawan strongly disagreed with. He didn't speak as he checked the controls and prepared to exit hyperspace. He estimated they had approximately half an hour left in hyperspace.

    The tall Master was rubbing his bearded jaw roughly as he reflected on his decision to leave the mission incomplete. I know I was correct in leaving...there was nothing left to do. He sighed heavily as he leaned back in the pilot's chair. The delegates would not listen and all I was doing was making matters worse by staying. I told the Council that it was a bad idea...but no, they would not listen to me. He thought the latter part sarcastically.

    And now they will see that I was correct and that they were wrong. The mission was a failure even before it started. The planet is destined to fall into mass chaos, war is inevitable regardless of what happens now. He sighed once more as he closed his eyes.

    "We're approaching the Temple, Master." The Padawan bit out curtly, as a sign of his displeasure. He knew the Council was going to have a fit for Dooku pulling out of the mission early and rightfully so. It was not a Jedi's duty to leave things in such chaos and uncontrolled.

    Dooku opened his eyes and shot his apprentice an annoyed look.

    "You do realize your attitude is unbecoming, Padawan?"

    "So is yours, Master," he snapped back.

    A darkened eyebrow shot up as he stared down his nose. "Is it now?" Dooku's voice grated out.

    "You left the planet in chaos, Master. Our duty wasn't finished," the Padawan managed to say through clenched teeth.

    "I left due to the fact that there was nothing left to do. The delegates would no longer listen to reason and their minds were made up even before we landed." He crossed his arms and eyed his Padawan apprehensively.

    "That doesn't matter! You can't just pull up and leave without explaining why!" Qui-Gon hissed. "Their entire image of the Jedi is forever stained now."

    "Explain why? Did you not see the obvious?" He narrowed his eyes. "Hmf, really Qui-Gon! Is it that or is it that your image is stained?"

    Qui-Gon flinched. "You may not realize it Master but your duty as a Master is to help, not make things worse. Now they may never ask us for help regardless of the dire situation their planet is in. Leaving too soon made things worse."

    Dooku's nostrils flared as his jaw clenched; he did not like his duties flung at him. He knew perfectly well what a Master's job entailed. "Help? I am surprised that they even asked for help in the first place! They were at each other's throats while asking for help! The Council was wrong in sending us there! They should settle their own problems if they can't listen to reason." The last bit was growled out as the Master continued to glare at the young man.

    At that Qui-Gon stood up. He had to leave and get some semblance of calm. "Our job as Jedi is to keep the peace Master. Which you and I both know wasn't accomplished by leaving," he said as he turned on his heel and left.

    Dooku leaped out of his chair and grabbed his apprentice's arm tightly to keep him from leaving. As he turned the young man around, he stared into those dark blue eyes and grounded his teeth while he nearly spat out the next words, "Peace? Peace Padawan? You saw the place when we landed. There could never be pe
  2. tangled_sphere Jedi Padawan

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    [face_love] Great job you two!!! Oh, a Dooku/ Qui fic! And they are both stubborn and defiant. They are so much like each other and I bet they don't even know it! Well written you two! And you can definitely see the beginning of a 'strain' here between Dooku and the council.
  3. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    Very nice foreshadowing of what will eventually happen to Dooku. Nice work, you two! You make a great team! :D
  4. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Mar 26, 2001
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    Creepy! Nice foreshadowing, I like Dooku even less than I did in AOTC and that's even hard for me to believe. I can see how on your characterization is so far.
  5. Kynstar Jedi Knight

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    Mar 2, 2004
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    *Sniff* Lookit Master! All because you made me portray him mean folks are liking him even less! :_| Don't hate my love! He isn't all that bad, really! ;) hehehehehe
  6. Layren Jedi Master

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    Oct 28, 2003
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    Oh sure blame me for Dooku's shortcomings :p
  7. SarkaVrae Jedi Master

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    Jun 3, 2004
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    Good, good! An emotional, hot-headed Dooku--I like! And you'd think Qui would be a little more understanding of the whole "the Force told me to do it". Afterall, he ends up being the same way!! :)

    I could so see this part: "Going back on instructions I am not. Listened more fully perhaps you should," Yoda barked waving his gimmer stick in Dooku's face.

    His master was not going to be very easy to live with these next few days. I wonder why, Qui??
  8. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Really well-done. I almost expected Qui-Gon to get hit with Dooku's temper. Loved that Qui agreed with the Council and against his Master. Loved the interweaving of emotions and arguments. Obviously, Qui is getting to the point of independence.

    Great job.
  9. DreamOfKenobi Jedi Youngling

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    Very nice portrayal of these two before the movies. Good characterization of both. Loved it a lot.
  10. Charmisjess Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 31, 2003
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    Aw, well, I liked the idea a lot, and you two make a good team. It was good to see a Qui/Dook fic! Good to see you two having fun, and writing and looking forward to more... :), but Dooku was mean. :(
  11. Jedi_Chani Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 30, 2004
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    A great start to your story. I hope you post more very soon.
  12. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Mar 26, 2001
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    So, I'll be the first to beg for more.
  13. CodyMonKenobi Jedi Master

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    Jan 29, 2001
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    "Even the vilest can be redeemed."

    I loved this line. The rest of the story was great too, good foreshadowing, and dialog. keep up the good work cna't wait to read more.
  14. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    Wow, that was one intense little scene between master and apprentice. This is one superb tale you two ladies are weaving!!
  15. Kynstar Jedi Knight

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    Wowzers! Folks seem to like this after all even though my baby has been a bit mean. *sniff* Master made me do it! *snrk* hehehehe

    Hehehe I knew you'd be caught up in it! ;) I enjoyed our Count :D Though the one we are gonna post later on (a differ story I think) is even more dark. [face_devil]. But yep stubborn and defiant to the 't' those two are. Yoda was correct when he stated that the two are so alike! hehehe Strain between Dooku and the Council is somewhat of an understatement! hehehe

    Yippee! She thinks we make a great team! :D Why thank you! We are trying ;) Though Master is a little worried about doing lil RPing together cuz she has come to the decision that when we do a 'little' together it ends up being more than a one poster, like this was juz supposed to have been! hehehehe Thanks for reading!

    Really Dooku ain't all that bad! ;) at least not in my books! [face_love] he's juz misunderstood! Thanks for swinging in!

    Glad you like our Dooku! Though I don't quite picture him as edgy but then again sometimes he would slip in his control; somewhat of a temper I always pictured him having. At least in the Legacy of the Jedi he kind'a shows it towards Lorian. Then again he had a good reason to.
    Fear not! Qui will learn eventually about the Force leading him later on! LOL on the Yoda part. Yep that was funny to me too ;)

    Hey glad to see you here! I came close to having Dooku slap Qui, but thought the braid would be enough for now. Master thought of the part with Qui agreeing with the Council, having it a twist of what was to be in the future since Qui is going to have conflicts of his own with the Council.
    Yep yep, Qui's on the edge of independence and Dooku is realizing it -- the hard way hehehehe.

    Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it! :D Master tries her best with Qui and I with my lusty Count to be! *snrk* hehehe

    Thanks! I am glad that Master asked to do this :) I too miss seeing Qui/Dooku fics myself.

    As for Dooku being mean... well.... *eyes Master* [face_whistling]

    We should be posting the next part soon. Thanks for reading! :)

    Hehehe I thought that line was great too ;) How interesting that Qui at that young age believes that there is good in everyone. A shame Dooku doesn't want to think that. We'll have more soon! Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy that you enjoyed it :) It was fun writing it up! Oh just wait until you see the other one that we whipped up the other day! Now that one is intense! hehehehehe

    [:D] Thanks so much for reading! The next part should be up w/in the next couple of days hopefully.
  16. Kynstar Jedi Knight

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    Here's the next part! :D Hope you all enjoy!

    Dooku felt somewhat better after having the heat from the shower beat down the soreness and stiffness of his shoulders and back. The Council won't agree with me and now my very own apprentice doesn't as well... He sighed heavily as he led the way to the Council Room. His thoughts were in total chaos as he tried to figure a way to explain to the Councilors why he left.

    Qui-Gon followed behind his Master. His eyes lit up as he saw his best friend, Knight Kyran Josel exiting the Council chambers. //Kyran!// he sent through the link they'd shared since he was five.

    Kyran glanced up and saw his friend Qui-Gon following behind Master Dooku. The first thing he noticed was that Dooku didn't look happy at all. //Hi. What'd you do?//

    Qui-Gon sobered. //It wasn't me I swear! Well not all of it.// He said.

    //Sure it wasn't. Well tell me later, I'll see you! I promised Devin I'd meet him for sparring practice.//

    //I'll join you later, if Master Dooku will let me.//

    Dooku spied Knight Josel and nodded once in response to the Knight's bow as he passed him by.

    //Alright, may the Force be with you my friend. The Council is not in a good mood this evening.//

    //I noticed. May the Force be with you too.//

    Dooku eyed the Padawan that was seeing to the appointments for the Council. He crossed his arms as he eyed the young one. "Are they available?"

    "Yes, Master Dooku. You're expected. Go on in." The Padawan remarked as he checked his schedule.

    He nodded and walked to the door and paused a moment until it slid open. When it opened he walked and steeled himself. Once Qui-Gon took his place, Dooku then bowed to the Councilors, though he was hesitant about it for a split second.

    Qui-Gon held his breath slightly as he waited behind Dooku. "Master Dooku, Padawan Jinn. You are here much earlier than you should be. Master Dooku we await your report. After that Padawan Jinn will give his own version of the events." Master Rhy'ul started the proceedings by leaning forward in his chair.

    Dooku eyed the Councilor as he prepared himself. "The mediations were not going well. The three delegates were constantly at each other's throats and I tried numerous times to keep them calm. I even had them take several breaks in between each meeting, but even that did not help. They kept naysaying one another when they would breach the subject of a peace treaty. I tried to come up with several versions, but they still would not listen."

    He sighed as he closed his eyes momentarily to say what came next. "On one of the breaks I took time to meditate. I drew the Force around me and delved into it for guidance. What I got from it was the feeling of danger, and the sense of needing to leave. I could not allow my Padawan to be endangered."

    Dooku finally said what he had wanted to say to Qui-Gon, but could not come up with the right words.

    He glanced over at his apprentice with an actual slight apologetic expression upon his face.

    He turned back to the Councilors. "With that in mind, I informed the delegates that we were leaving."

    "Of course they objected, but I informed them that if they truly wanted peace that they would have come up with a plan if not taken one of the ones I wrote up. A week should have been plenty of time."

    "You felt a feeling and you left?" Master Rhy'ul echoed. "That's all it was based on?" He shook his head. "If they objected you should have stayed." He said bluntly. "Peace is a process Master Dooku which does not happen overnight."

    Dooku silently fumed, but kept in the rising anger. "I am aware of that Master Rhy'ul. Sometimes a feeling is all that it takes to save a life or end it. This you should know."

    Rhy'ul narrowed his gaze darkly. "I do know but a feeling is not a sole reason to pull out of a mission, especially if they requested that you stay!" He barked.

    "It is your job as Jedi to give your life for peace if the events required it! Your Padawan knows this as well." He said as he leaned back in his seat. "Y
  17. Layren Jedi Master

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    Where did all of our readers go? *muses* Or is Darth Real Life being a pain to everybody?

    Tangled sphere They ARE very much alike. Probably part of the reaason they had so many clashes, but their similarities also made them a good team. Thanks so much for reading!

    VaderLVR Kimberley! Yay! Thanks so much! There is indeed a lot of foreshadowing both in this fic and in our other one. Hints of what Dooku will become. Thanks again for reading!

    DarthIshtar Whoo! I loved Dooku though in AOTC. He was so chillingly perfect :D I can't help that that's the way I picture him even in the past. I mean it's Christopher Lee ;) Every time I write him I keep thinking "Master Kenobi, you disappoint me." With that insane grin :p Thanks so much for reading!

    SarkaVrae Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah stating the obvious a little isn't he? Hehehehe. Thanks so much for reading!

    Dianethx I kept egging her on to have Dooku do exactly that but we came up with a compromise :p Just wait till you see what happens next in Darkness ;) Thanks for reading!

    DreamofKenobi Thanks! We worked hard on trying to get everybody right. Thanks for reading!

    Charmisjess Yeah but he wasn't exactly nice in the movie either was he? I mean come on :D Glad you liked it though :D Thanks so much for reading -- you're support means a lot!

    Jedi_Chani Thanks! More will be on the way shortly! THanks for reading!

    CodyMonKenobi I was pretty proud of that line myself :D Glad you liked it! It's Qui-Gon's core foundations of his beliefs I think. Thanks for reading!

    Healer_Leona If you think that's intense, check out Darkness ;) You ain't seen nothin yet :D MWahahahhhahaha. Thanks for reading!

  18. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Oh, dear heavens, dooku worries me, as does this mission. He's practically bipolar, I keep worrying that it'll come to violence or something. At least Qui-gon's going with Kyran!
  19. Layren Jedi Master

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    Darth Ishtar No Dooku manages to keep hold of his temper in this one even if just barely :D Thanks for reading!

    Here is a new post!

    Qui-Gon yawned and turned off his bedside chrono. He stumbled out of bed and stretched. He wished for a day off but knew he had to get his stuff together to be able to go on the mission. First things first --he thought, breakfast.

    He padded out into the kitchen in his sleep pants.

    Dooku grumbled as his chrono went off. Rolling onto his back he stared up at the ceiling as the sound continued to buzz. His eyes focused further at remembering that Qui-Gon was returning to finish the mission that *he* had failed.

    Growling under his breath, he got out of bed and turned the chrono off. "Yes...him and his friend." Sighing heavily, he slipped on his sleep pants and focused through the Force. Sensing his Padawan already awake and moving about, he headed out of his sleep room.

    Scratching at his bare chest, he walked into the kitchenette. "'Morning Padawan."

    Qui-Gon downed a glass of ice cold tea. "Good morning, Master," he said stifling a yawn.

    "So young one, what's on the docket for breakfast this morning?" He asked as he got a glass out of the cabinet and poured himself some tea. Taking a seat at the small table, he sipped the tea as he studied the young man's demeanor.

    Qui-Gon opened the cooler. "We have some guut eggs left. But not much else."

    Rubbing his bearded jaw thoughtfully, he nodded. "Guess I'll get some supplies later today while I'm out and about. Those will do fine then."

    Qui-Gon frowned a little reminded of the fact that his Master would be at the Temple while he was going on a mission and nervousness began creeping into the back of his mind. He began breaking the eggs and frying them in the pan. Within minutes he had a hot breakfast and handed several eggs to his Master and got a plate for himself.

    Dooku's dark brown eyes observe the Padawan as he cooked, numerous feelings coursed through him as he watched. Anger was first, followed by jealousy, disgust for the Council's decision, and then worry slipped through the turmoil. He should be with me. A Padawan is supposed to be by their Master's side...

    His musings was interrupted when Qui-Gon brought him a plate. His glazed eyes refocused as the plate was placed in front of him. Clearing his throat he nodded. "Thank you Qui-Gon. Make sure you have enough for yourself though."

    Qui-Gon grinned at him pointing at the heaping eggs on his own plate. "I have plenty, Master," he said thickly around a mouthful of food.

    Dooku chuckled as he began to eat himself. He shook his head slightly at the manners the young man was not portraying at the moment. "Of course, as I can see now." The smile reached his eyes as they sparkled with mirth, causing the worry lines underneath them to fade.

    He swallowed and frowned at his Master. "Is something wrong?" He asked.

    Taken back by the question, Dooku nearly choked on some of his eggs. "Um no, nothing young one," he concentrated on his eggs as he forked through them a little before taking another bite.

    Qui-Gon's frown deepened feeling his Master wasn't being quite truthful but he shrugged and continued eating.

    "What time are you supposed to meet Knight Josel at the hangar?" Dooku said in between his last few bites and sipping of his tea.

    Qui-Gon glanced at his chrono. "In about two hours."

    Dooku nodded and got up from the table to place his plate into the sink along with the fork and glass. "I see. What are you going to do before you leave?"

    Qui-Gon arched a brow. "I would meditate but I'm afraid I'd get lost in it. I think I'm going to just pack and do something relaxing." He said with a sigh. "Since it's obvious I'm not going to get to any time soon."

    Nodding once, he eyed his apprentice questioningly. "Remember to take the heavier tunics, I'm it is still the planet's winter months."

    Qui-Gon grimaced. He'd forgotten how cold it was there. He sighed, wishing that his Master would be going with him. "Yes, Mas
  20. Layren Jedi Master

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    where did all of our readers go? *muses*
  21. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Creepy, but accurate warning.
  22. tangled_sphere Jedi Padawan

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    I just got back and I have two posts to catch up on, I'm lovin your take on Dooku and Qui. Great job you two!

    That paragraph in the last post where Dooku is looking into his glass and wondering if the force is failing him, was so powerful!!! You just have Dooku right on with his anger and love for Qui all mixed together.

    And Qui-Gon, he has picked up a few 'bad habits' from his Master! ;) I don't think he realizes yet how similar they are and how completely stubborn they both are. That warning from Qui was chilling, Dooku seems so vulnerable with his thoughts about the senate and council. Keep going you two! I have to go to work but I'm looking forward to reading Temptations! ;)
  23. Kynstar Jedi Knight

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    Yeah, the Force is attempting to warn Dooku through others, but the obstinate wampa is being juz that...obstinate! hehehe

    Glad you liked Dooku's musing on whether or not the Force was failing him. He is seriously beginning to think it has. He hasn't caught on the notion that it might be doing this to test his Padawan who is on the verge of getting close to Knighthood.

    Yep the two are soooo alike in many ways yet so different in other ways at the same time hehehehe.

    I think that they are perfect for each other :D

    Yep poor Dooku...he's vulnerable all right ;)
  24. Layren Jedi Master

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    Ok guys -- we're pondering locking this and concentrating more fully on Darkness of Temptation :) What do you guys think about that?
  25. jeday Jedi Youngling

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    Delurks. [face_blush]
    No don't! It's great!! =D=
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