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Star Wars Intervention: Echoes in Eternity (An Original Trilogy Game; Always taking new players!!!)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bravo, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Winterkill ( as Ezzio Creed)
    Governor’s Palace Garrison Base medlab, Craci Prime

    The rodian was dead, or so it seemed. Shot with cold efficiency by the stormtrooper assigned to guard the med-lab.

    Did he shoot the rodian because he believed the alien was the cause of the initial altercation?

    There was no way of knowing for sure.

    What was apparent to Winterkill was that the ‘nurse’ was ripe material for the mercs. She’d acted quickly and decisively. There was no hint of hesitation in her actions. The question now was, how far was she willing to go? How far would this situation have them push that envelope?

    ‘Trembling in trepidation’, the nagai froze in place and shrank away from the gun-totting stromtrooper.

    “Hold!” the Imperial enforcer had commanded.

    “Please….don’t shoot…..please…..”

    Winterkill whispered his tremulous words audibly enough. Aside from the cameras, all eyes were away from both Tiaca and Havah Jeth. If they were going to do anything, now was a good time to do it, however, in the event the two mercs opted to do ‘nothing’….

    Winterkill’s dark eyes regarded the stormtrooper and took note of his exact position. They way he was right at that moment….killing him would be all too easy.

    But he reserved that particular surprise to be played only if absolutely necessary.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Tiaca
    Governor's Palace / Imperial Garrison, MedBay, Craci Prime, Craci System

    Hearing the scream, hearing the blaster bolts, they were playing her song. Only she wasn't free to join the dance and soon the Trooper was just barely in view. Bad angle. She couldn't join the dance.

    She saw an overlay blink through her cybernetic eye. *Mission complete. Initiating backstep protocol* So the mission was a success, even as she knew the slicing droid was covering their tracks, system by system having the invasive procedure erased from it's systems as though all was within normal perameters at all times.

    Itching to draw her blaster and begin shooting, she knew it would not end well for her or the Sephi. Neither would drawing a blade, small target, on alert, one jerk and it might miss the narrow gap. Truth was, she didn't have the shot.

    The trooper was now focused on the Sephi, going as Creed. Staying put was proving harder and harder. But she had no choice in the matter. Live or die for the Sephi, the mission came first, at least when she wasn't sure if she would survive the attempt.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Hangar Security Deb Dullflush (nrc), Dep S hangar
    Location: orbit over Craci Prime

    Deb was unsteady on her feet, dull metallic bong sounds marking her progress as her olive-coloured Model 210 personal armour bounced of the grey bulkhead as she staggered along the scarlet carpeting of the recessed catwalk overlooking the hangar from the left side of the ship.

    Unfortunately the manufacturers did not do a helmet and breathmask for the rodian physique, so she went without.

    There were sealed hatches at both ends of the catwalk, and a waist-high barrier to prevent accidental drops into the long, rectangular pit of a hangar bay below.

    Over to her right, a catwalk on the opposite wall, provided an equally good vantage point for the guards such as herself.

    Despite her torso armour, Deb felt and heard the familiar rumbles of her gut, and stepped to the safety barrier, leaning over just as a stream of yellow-white retch waved ‘bye bye’ to her, and glooped over the near flanks of one of the two Seltiss-2 Hutt Caravels below. A pungent, acidic aroma drifted up.

    Someone was going to go spare later, but right now, she didn’t care.

    Feeling better, the Rodian femme wiped her right sleeve across her elongated mouth, and noticed that a) the ship’s bow was gaping open to give a great view of the stars, and the curvature of the blue planet below, but also that there was one of the Main Salon pods starting to nose in through the invisible atmospheric-containing magnetic field.


    Uh guys!” She called to the other three, dazed but standing, security guards, of the dozen normally stationed in here to greet the new arrivals. The other eight-odd guards, were still supine on the carpets.

    She pointed over the barrier, and along the hangar to the pod. “We are about to have company!

    The salon pod was a good three hundred metres from her, but she felt she see something on top of it. Was that a person?

    Surely they would be dead. But still.

    Deb powered up her old, nay, ancient, Baktoid Armour Workshops E-5 blaster rifle, and aimed it at the new arrival(s).

    Although the SPAGETTI cause was close to her heart, they were badly in need of funds, and scavenging the fields of decades-old Clone Wars battlefields had become a necessity.

    As well as the weapon she toted, her equipment belt held a medpac, metal wrist-binders, a C-1 personal comlink, and a remote device to deactivate caravel forcefields.

    * * * *
    Hutt Caravel – jettisoned salon pod

    The Mandalorian’s helmet sensors would likely register the presence of breathable atmosphere as they passed through the magcon field, but Masha would be none the wiser without external intervention.

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    OOC: Okay-dokey, apart from Messrs Dullflush and Buddie Cool, who you won't find until I re-introduce him, you may treat the rest of the crew as nrcs, and post damage for them if you wish.

    The Dep S has at least seven decks, with the bottom one being the prison level, right below the hangar level (which you can tell from the pics, is about four decks high), and there are two decks above, with the top-most one being the command deck.

    The bridge is described in an earlier post.
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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Captain Jason Lasso; NPC as Tech Specialists Ronnie the Xexto, Herdferd the Toong, and Otter the Nosaurian
    Nearing the CSA Governmental Complex, Craci Prime

    "I don't like this inference that the Imps are 'waiting for someone else to come in after him." Ulrike continued, padding barefoot to one of the wavy chairs, sitting and crossing her legs to preserve her modesty. "They generally don't lay ground for another team, unless it is a capture op, like with Jedi. Keep them contained till Vader shows up. If they're here to wax this dude, then the only people they could possibly be waiting on, is Vortex' support team. Us."

    "Ah sith. Probing with fire." Yav looked towards Lasso. The captain might know the military term, but he explained it anyway. "It's, it's an anti-sniper technique, particularly in jungles, or environments where the sniper is concealed. You shoot randomly in their general direction, with the intention of noting where the return fire comes from. Then you blast the sith out of it."

    He called towards the techs. "Hey, new guys. You are Mercs now; your opinions count."

    Lasso had kept his mouth shut, listening to everyone. But as the group started talking, Lasso was seeing they were starting to glue the pieces together. There was a very specific reason why Lasso took this contract; it was on a hunch, a wild goose chase of a chance, that Jason put belief in the ability of the ISB and Imperial Intelligence to do their jobs and in doing their jobs, would find the same thread of evidence Lasso found. There were three problems. First, Lasso shared none of the information he knew with the rest of his command staff; he was afraid that they would back out, declaring it was putting them all at too much exposure to the Empire and a chance the Empire would end their idealistic crusade for justice in a darkening galaxy of corruption and evil. Furthermore, Lasso was going to dread the coversation of with 'Yav, Taab, and Havah about Lasso being "open" about their contracts. Lasso would only imagine that converasation would not end with all of them going down the yellow brick road smiling ear to ear with delight that Lasso was, in effect, hiding crucial contract details from his most trusted lieutenants.

    Secondly, Lasso did not know how far---or how deep---the information he had researched had rotted dry the loyalists Imperials deep within the power structure of the CSA. It seemed the movement to separate the CSA from the Empire was stronger then anyone would of imagined...which, with a lot of the manufacturing plants of many vital Imperial loyalists companies deep within the CSA, the fallout would be worse then what the Rebel Alliance did to the Empire's Death Star a few months back...the loyalty of the Core Worlds was at stake if the Imperial elite, especially those with close ties to the Imperial Court and the Emperor and Darth Vader, decided to follow the big corporations from the CSA. While Kuat Drive Yards would stand firm by the Empire's side with their corporate headquarters on Kuat, the loyalists of others, such as Rendili StarDrive---whom could produce warships and had since been surpassed by Kuat Drive Yards as the favorite for warship design for the current galactic government---and especially Cybot Galactica, whose corporate headquarters was on the Corporate Sector's capital world of Etti IV and could produce droids on a mass scale, were in question. Even if Cybot Galactica would defect, such a massive company leaving to join the Rebel Alliance, would destabilize the galactic markets, put the Imperial credit at a great loss, and would encourage other like-minded people of power to be disloyal. If Rendili StarDrive joined Cybot Galactica, that would provide a warship means to the Rebellion they had never enjoyed like the Empire. You could have battle droids or even undercover and assassin droids from Cybot Galactica allover the galaxy undermining Imperial authority and power, while Rendili StarDrive supplied a increased military means for the Rebellion to have new and more advanced warships to combat Imperial warships. Not to mention the new recruits for the Rebellion and the defectors. And while the CSA wouldn't stand up against the Empire in a dragged out fight for long, the military power of the Corporate Sector could certainty slow down an Imperial invasion and lessen Imperial forces in other parts of the galaxy for the offensive, while other Rebel forces attacked the exploited defensive weak spots in the Imperial military. And during that time, the CSA would be able to generate more public support and Emperor or not, Palpatine could only control the general populace so much without the support of the Core Worlds, many of said worlds had ties to the Corporate Sector. So, in effect, Lasso had no idea he was putting the Mercs into the middle of a politcial game between power hungry individuals on the galactic level, something he had wished to avoid so the Mercs could fly under the radar this time, unlike the Kingdom of Jod where they were the focus on media reports and Imperial attempts on their families' lives...all of it had almost destroyed the Mercs from the inside out.

    Thirdly, Lasso had no idea that the Empire had masterminded the Craci Prime invasion with false information from that start, creating their own Rebellion army from scratch to overthrow the CSA government on Craci Prime and make them look weak to seek Imperial protection. But even with that said, even for the Empire to invade Craci Prime on such a drastic scale without the prior information, was a massive political stroke of either stupidity or pure genius. And now, there was a Imperial special commandos team in position to reinsert Imperial authority quietly into the CSA ranks---because Mr. Vortex had been the public spokesmen for the Free the Corporate Sector movement for many months now with his company backing it solely---while the Craci Prime invasion "to restore the CSA from Rebellion threats" was a more public display of that Imperial authority.

    It had seemed that now, from what Lasso was hoping with all fingers and toes crossed, was going to be a highly involved deep behind enemy lines assassination of a Corporate Sector excec to put Mr. Vortex into power, was now turning into a massive political game on a galactic scale. Lasso had picked this mission because it would be a strike at the Empire in a large, covert way, something the Mercs hadn't been able to do since Project Zero. This contract put a Rebellion minded man of power into the Corporate Sector's power structure on a public level to effect public and political change towards the Rebellion. While on one level, if it failed, it didn't bother Lasso none, because Vortex---like everyone else with power and money on a galactic scale---had their own personal agendas beyond what they sold to a mercenary group to get their skill sets for employment and Vortex, like anyone else in Lasso's mind in such a position, just wanted more credits and more power. And if Vortex didn't get what he wanted, the Mercs still got paid---at least their base contract fee even if it did fail, since they already got paid "up front" as always on that fee---and the galaxy was relieved of one more dirty, back-stabbing con man looking out for his own interests and nothing of anyone else. But, on the other hand, if it failed like it was very quickly appearing to do, the Empire would solidify their authority and power in the Outer Rim and in the Corporate Sector. Which would not assist Lasso's end game of destroying the Empire like Rick Taller had envisioned.

    Now the very thing that Lasso was hoping to quietly dig into the Empire's heart was once again putting the Mercs into the focus of galactic events, just like with the Kingdom of Jod. And Lasso's memory of the KOJ was not the fondest, since they left the Mercs high and dry and had since disappeared all together from their own "prophecy". So galactic events and the Mercs Lasso was trying to avoid, not get into the middle of again.

    "My concern," voiced Ronnie as he tore his attention from the military harden case that had the military grade laptop, "Is how the Imperials knew Vortex had someone working for him. Look, I'm researching this Vortex guy now on the HoloNet. Pretty powerful guys. One of the biggest owners of casinos and such resorts in the galaxy. Maybe not as big as Millennium Entertainments, but certainty not far off either in profit margins. Assuming, as I'm connecting the dots here, someone from ME is our contract for Mr. Vortex to insert his power and take over that company---since I have already read several news articles over the years documenting Mr. Vortex's arguments and hatred of ME on a public level and from ME to Vortex as well---and that by the way, the CEO is on the Corporate Sector Exec Board for running the Corporate Sector, Mr. Vortex is playing a powerful political power game and a very dangerous one. ME is one of the most loyal companies to the Empire I---and the public---know about. So, if the Imperials know someone else, like a mercenary unit, is doing Mr. Vortex's dirty work, do they know it's us? In the first place, for the Empire to even assume Mr. Vortex isn't doing this alone, means they have intelligence we don't know about."

    "Furthermore," Herdferd added on in a shaky voice because he was so terrified to be doing something not involving his mom's basement in the galaxy, "There's a few references of Mr. Vortex being connected, quite publicly, to this new
    Free the Corporate Sector movement. Its certainty anti-Imperial, so that alone gives the Empire enough right to go after Vortex for possible treason in connection with the Rebel Alliance. Whatever Vortex is doing, he's doing enough of to make Imperial Center stop him before his movement starts to affect the rest of the Corporate Sector and even some of the Core Worlds. Being a CEO of a massive company, Mr. Vortex more then likely has connections and friends in the Core Worlds and possibly even in the New Order elite. So that makes him a danger to Imperial authority and power."

    "Does anyone have any good news?" Jason asked.

    "Well," Otter said matter-of-factly, "I do. Dak briefed us on this Mission Varsity of yours. Makes sense, looks like we're not going to get off of this world anytime soon unless the Johnny Boy crew comes through. But, while Mr. Vortex's public company assets are already, probably, frozen by either the ISB or Imperial Intelligence in prelude to this commando team mission, Vortex, like any smart businessman, will have private bank accounts outside of his own identity and, thus, unable for the ISB or Imperial Intelligence to freeze those personal accounts as well; the Imperials can freeze his public company accounts and his known private accounts, but they won't be able to touch any of Vortex's unknown accounts. So, we play Vortex in desperate mode. He has to know that any idea of his plan for ME---if that was his plan---are now over and as such, he is a wanted man. So he will either flee to Wild Space and buy a fortress with his own private funds and start a small business under a fake identity to keep himself going or he'll join the Rebel Alliance. Either way, he knows he's a wanted man now by the Empire. So he'll run. We want to provide Vortex with a third option, a better option. He may know people who can hide him, for a time. But I'm assuming as mercenaries, you folks may know some of the best people to hide him. We suck as many credits out of him as we can at this point, getting him hooked up with the right people after this contract is done. He knows he's done, we know he's done. So we'll play to his last remaining options and become rich in doing so."

    "Not bad for-profit mercenary thinking by the new guy," Lasso said with a smirk, "There's another possibility too that I didn't think of. Lets assume Vortex's Free the Corporate Sector has the Rebel Alliance's ears, because it probably does. And lets assume that the money strapped Rebel Alliance had a team undercover following him the whole time, making sure if all else fails, they get him out, because Vortex's wealth could go a long way in supporting the Rebellion. So lets assume Vortex is using us as the mercenary muscle, but all the while had the Rebellion in his back pocket. So publicly, us mercenaries would cover the activities of the Rebellion's involvement."

    "We like that too story too," came an unfamiliar voice and Lasso had his hand on his blaster and was half way in a draw, but he heard that voice again, "I wouldn't do that. Things could get messy, " All around the apartment-sized room, from different areas and well hidden, about a 9 member squad of Rebel Infiltrators wearing Mimetic Suits materialized, their weapons leveled at all of the Mercs, "We would love to hear how the story ends."

    "Dak," Lasso said openly ended.

    "They must of followed me here, sir," Dak replied, "Although I assure you, I was very detailed and careful in my approach here."

    "I don't doubt it," Lasso said, eying the Rebel that had been speaking---or at least he assumed was, since he was closet to Lasso's position, "Care to share the tale on how you got in here."

    "A professional doesn't share his secrets," the soldier replied with a smile, "Its bad business. Care to tell us who you are and what you want with Mr. Vortex?"

    "You heard enough I figure," Lasso replied.

    The Rebel soldier smiled, "Yea, but I tend to forget the details sometimes. I would love to hear it again. A course," the soldier glanced his way towards Nurse Ulrike, "Its been a while since I've been with a woman. Maybe she'll tell us."

    "You touch her," Lasso warned, "And I'll kill you with my bare hands, but not before I rip your eyes out and force you to watch."

    "Touchy," the Rebel said, "You two have a thing or something?"

    "Hard Case," came a direct and bold unfamiliar female voice, "We don't have time for your sick games. Command wants us out in forty-five minutes tops, from mission completion to hyperspace."

    The Rebel soldier nicknamed "Hard Case" sighed with a grimace, "Yea, got it Comms."

    "You Princesses at all involved with these 'for the Colonel' nutcases out here?" Lasso asked.

    "None of your business merc," Hard Case replied coldly, "And watch who your calling a princess. I have the blaster."

    "Hard Case, shove it!" ordered the woman known as 'Comms,' "For the record, to clear the Rebellion of any wrong doing, no, we're not. We're the only officially sanctioned Rebel Alliance unit on Craci Prime."

    "Didn't know the Rebellion grew so big to be able to use the word 'sanctioned'. Isn't that for, ya know, official governments?" Lasso shot back to the woman.

    "You like the ability having children merc?" Comms shot back, "Because I can save the galaxy a lot of trouble about that if you don't shut your trap."

    Lasso sighed, "Ya know, for you complaining about wasting time with your command, we're sure wasting a lot of time standing here. And I'm not going to wait around forever. So sooner or later, we stop talking and get down to business as to why your holdings weapons in our faces or someone is going to starting shooting and no one will be happy then."

    "Then I suggest, we stop seeing who is more gallant in the destruction of the Empire---Rebel or mercenary---and find a way to help each out to benefit both sides," came a new voice from above at the top of the staircase.

    Lasso glanced up the stairs as a man, who seemed more like a kid then a man, came down the stairs. A cylinder object, that Lasso recognized as a lightsaber, hung from his belt. He wore a SpecForce Officer uniform. "And who are you?" Lasso asked.

    "Luke Skywalker," the man replied as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Nurse Ulrike, Commander Yavscout, commandeered being's apartment
    Location: Craci Prime

    Oh great, armed intruders appearing out of thin air. Ulrike thought, eyes widened with surprise at the unexpected turn of events. Now, this is a Mission Varsity.

    She thought of her stingbeam, useless in the luxuriously monochrome-tiled bathroom- Focus! She chided herself.

    The Captain and two of the Rebels exchanged macho barbs.

    "Then I suggest, we stop seeing who is more gallant in the destruction of the Empire---Rebel or mercenary---and find a way to help each out to benefit both sides," came a new voice from above at the top of the staircase.

    Lasso glanced up the stairs as a man, who seemed more like a kid then a man, came down the stairs. A cylinder object, that Lasso recognized as a lightsaber, hung from his belt. He wore a SpecForce Officer uniform. "And who are you?" Lasso asked.

    "Luke Skywalker," the man replied as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

    To her right, Yavscout expressed his belief that this person was telling porkies. Lies. "Frak off!"

    Ulrike couldn't help it, guffawing into her cupped hands, before looking at the new arrival. "Sorry. um uh, esteemed colleague thought you'd be older."

    "And, on Yavin." The elf half-turned to the new fellow, the soldier covering him, shifting too. Far as he knew, the "Heroes of Yavin" were still being blockaded by Vader and his starfleet. In fact, before their last contract, he had wheedled Lasso constantly as to whether they would take the Johnny Boy to help the Rebels break out. "So, you're not Skywalker. Who in Fornax are-?" Yav paused, narrowing his eyes in thought, then looking across to their droid. "Dak, I wouldn't worry about it. If we're here for Vortex, and they are here for Vortex, they probably picked out this place as a suitable vantage spot just like we did, and were here when we arrived."

    Beside him, the condensor unit pinged loudly as it finished its cooking cycle.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Commandeered Ops room

    It took a bit of doing but for someone like Mahaben, extracting a fellow combatant from a battlefield was standard procedure. After communicating that Boras had been found and receiving rendezvous coordinates from Captain Lasso, the force wielding miraluka and the selkath made their way to the current ‘base of operations’.

    Stealthily and methodically, the pair made their way to where the group of Mercs are gathered. However, a few surprises did await them.

    At the beginning of the proceedings, Mahaben only listened as he used his curative abilities to stabilize the injured selkath. Though he was no doctor, Mahaben had more than enough field experience on how to use his force healing abilities to generally stabilize almost any being who was receptive of the Force. It was the least he could do.

    The ex-jedi’s dusty form seemed almost comical once he’d entered the room with an equally dusty selkath. He’d nodded his greetings to all gathered before helping Boras to a nearby couch for treatment.

    While he worked, he listened intently to the conversation and gleaned some intriguing new information about what was possibly going on all around them. Mahaben involuntarily shuddered as it dawned on him just how deep Bogan’s choking grip was affecting galactic affairs.

    The conversation revolved heavily on deception and political intrigue for the sake of power. The Mercs were being used, that was clear, even to the captain. The question Mahaben wondered about was the ultimate consequence of their actions.

    There were three new faces, aside from the one they called Yav and Nurse Ulrike. Even Dak and Ayres were present, but it soon became clear that they were not alone as other figures made it into the room. No weapons were drawn, just harsh words, so Mahaben remained as he was, a silent observer.

    “That should do it.” He said to Boras, indicating that he was finished treating him. For all that it was worth, the selkath should be ‘feeling’ as good as new, though a more thorough medical treatment would be required eventually.

    Either way, it was becoming clear to Mahaben that the one called Vortex was the focal point of events concerning the Mercs themselves and many other critical events, as it appeared that his influence was far reaching. But before the miraluka had time to ponder the deeper ramifications of what he was hearing, a powerful and distinct ripple in the force caught his undivided attention.

    A strong presence in the force had been revealed.

    The dusty ex-jedi’s blindfolded visage turned in the direction of the presence and he could already see the glowing aura. Mahaben stood up straight, not sure what to expect.

    The form of a young man appeared, a jedi weapon hung from his side. Mahaben regarded him with utmost curiosity. He definitely felt like a ‘jedi’….but not like one who had the ‘echoes’ of the Clone Wars suffused in his soul. There was an unusual calm about this one….not to mention that the Force was strong in this young man as well.

    How was this possible?

    And then….after a few words were exchanged, the young man spoke words that almost struck the dusty miraluka like a fist.

    Luke Skywalker.

    “By the Force!”

    Mahaben breathed out, unable to stop the words before they had left his lips.

    He felt that the young man was speaking the truth, even if he had trouble believing them. Skywalker had died on Coruscant when the temple was overrun by clone troopers and murdered countless jedi. At least that was what he’d heard. But now, before him….this young man claimed to be a Skywalker. Could this be the son of the ‘Chosen One’?

    Mahaben took a step back and sat down for a moment.

    The others in the room began to question the young man, doubting his claim.

    There was still so much Mahaben did not know about the events throughout the galaxy.

    'Older. On Yavin….’ There were so many questions that assailed him, but they had to wait for later, along with so many other things.

    Taking a breath, the ex-jedi centered himself and stood up again. He then slowly took a few steps and walked up to the small group. He needed to know more about the events that had taken place during his exile, and this was the best way to begin that process. Nodding respectfully as he joined the general conversation, Mahaben opened up himself to the streams of information via his understanding and the Force.

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    Oct 1, 2012
    OOG: The below info about blasters versus bullets is taken from the following link. Others to disagree?

    IC: Natalie Cunnings
    Imperial Governor's Palace / Garrison Base, Craci Prime, Craci System

    Natalie stared at the limp arm hanging from the bed's edge, the slack tongue, the slouched mouth muscles, the frozen open shocked eyes as the Rodian's head lay on the corner of the bed, the being's lifeless eyes staring right at Natalie. Like lightsabers, blasters caused no real "bleeding," rather the heat of the blaster bolt would burn the flesh. But, sometimes, weird things happened, even with heat. And a slow, but constant, drip of blood rolled from the edge of the bed, pooling in a small amount besides the bed.

    "I'm sorry," Natalie breathed softly through tearing eyes to the dead Rodian's eyes staring at her, "I'm so sorry."

    She had murdered a man. A alien. A innocent person. She would had never thought the Stormtrooper would of actually fired his blaster. She had known Stormtroopers to be better disciplined then that. Could this Stormtrooper be not of the regular Stormtrooper Corps and some lesser division of maybe rookies or misfits or something within the Corps?

    She shook her head. It didn't matter. Now a innocent being was dead. And for what? So the Mercs that now stayed huddled in a corner could remain there?

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Crewperson Mary Formal, aboard the ILH-KK cruiser, Luck's Gamble
    Location: skies over the Craci Prime spaceport

    Mary's concerns that this could be a trap worsened as several CSA IRD interceptors moved into formation around them, but then she fielded a call from one of the Authority pilots.

    The Imperial forces were, in the main, abiding by the no-fire request from the CSA, but the three TIEs remaining of the force that had attacked them over the residential area, were taking orders from ISB and not complying.

    She had been listening to her comlink the same time as Hangar Chief Ayres was speaking, and been forced to tune one of them out, the Chief losing out on this occassion.

    "Copy that. And thank you." She told the Espo.

    "Just make sure you hit that damn thing." The pilot warned.

    "We'll try our best. Luck's Gamble out." She was starting to perspire with the tension, feeling the moisture in her armpits and between her thighs. She turned to Sydney with the update. "Chief-?"

    "Here we go, Mary. Strap yourself in tight and hold on to whatever you last ate. Should you feel the need to evacuate your insides, please do so into the courtesy bag in front of you. Thank you for flying Sydney Airlines."

    He gave her a gentle pat on the shoulder with his gloved hand and then gunned the acceleration.

    The view through the forward ports showed that they were accelerating after the falling Imperial vehicle with a vengeance, though she could see it falling out of sight below their nose.

    Sith. This was exciting

    The engines were groaning through the bulkheads, and there was the crash of something at the back, which made the older-looking man beside her jump.

    Ayres looked over at her, "We'll only have one shot. Making our attack now."

    An invisible hand pushed her hard into her seat, and her vision went black for just a second, as he wheeled the ponderous craft over into a pursuit dive!

    She forced her eyes wide, and determined to remain conscious to help as best she could, while all she could see was the ground and the spaceport terminal spread out beneath them, rushing up to them while the centre of the tableau was a small but growing halo of red glow around the blocky AT-AT.

    The HUD went yellow indicating a near lock and then nothing. Yellow, nothing, yellow, nothing. "Frak this thing, you handle like a truck!" Ayres roared as he made gentle corrections to compensate for wind. They were nearly on the AT-AT coming down on its free-falling form at a near 90 degree angle. This was serious. One mistake and they could die.

    The HUD roared with a lock, bright green, and boy did the HUD scream a song of beauty.

    "Got you you overpriced, bureaucratic, employee killer, piece of s..." Ayres whispered as he squeezed the trigger.

    "It's away!" Ayres yelled into the open comm.

    Mary screamed in delight as the glowing yellow ball that was their concussion missile streaked down through the atmosphere on a direct course with the target.

    The Chief steered the Luck's Gamble away from the AT-AT in a lazy loop, nosing them around so that they could see the result.

    "Come on, baby, show me your insides!" Ayres taunted as he threw a manic look to Mary.

    End of Part One

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: ISB Stormtrooper Hastings, Imperial Garrison medical centre
    Location: Craci Prime

    The Trooper took his time looking at the near-human. Under the Order most near's got a pass to nearly human level status, unlike the 'For the Colonel' nut he had just vap'ed. Which meant more paperwork if he didn't do some due process, not to mention being part of the BoSS party would of doubled that stack, and as it was not an immediate threat like an alien with a blaster, "You're under arrest. Extend your hands, empty, palm down."

    Reaching behind his back he pulled a pair of flattened cuffs out of a pocket. They weren't the top level force cuffs, but a basic pair of stun cuffs tended to do the job anyway, it wasn't like this engineer was a trained commando or hardened criminal from the look of him. Still even most of those would have a hard escaping the more mundane cuffs without being stunned in the process.

    Hearing the sobs of the woman he almost neglected a ping on his helmet comm, "Status."

    Tongue answering the channel in his helmet he took a moment to wet it again before replying, "One for the Colonel alien fried, and a near human under arrest for suspicious death. Situation under control."

    "Roger that."

    As the comm channel closed he waited for the BoSS agent to follow orders.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Winterkill ( as Ezzio Creed )
    Governor’s Palace, Garrison Medlab, Craci Prime

    He could hear as the nurse whispered it over and over. Natalie Cunnings. That was the name on her identi-tag.

    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry….”

    Winterkill was still down as the whiteshell had requested and ‘recoiling’ from him. He’d shot the rodian dead. From a security stand-point, he’d done what he was trained to do. The nagai however, had to wonder about the nurse for a moment, because she sounded quite sincere as she apologized to a corpse.

    What did she think was going to happen? One second she acted like a seasoned mercenary and now this? Hopefully it was part of her ‘act’, because to the nagai, it was very convincing and not in a good way. That meant that she ‘regretted’ her actions, and if that was true, that made her a liability to the ‘mission’.

    In his mind, the nagai made immediate adjustment for additional and unpleasant eventualities and decided to carry them out only if necessary.

    “You’re under arrest. Extend your hands, empty, palm down.” The trooper suddenly ordered. The man reached behind his back for a pair of flattened cuffs, which meant he could not handle his weapon with both hands, since he would have to ‘cuff’ the nagai.

    Winterkill rose slowly as he whimpered miserably, regretful tears streaming from his eyes, but in his mind, the nagai was singularly focused on what was about to take place.

    There was a buzz an what sounded like a com-call. This was enough to split the troopers focus, distracting him to a degree. The second the trooper was done with his call ( for it was best to strike at the very second he was finished in order to stall any support ), Winterkill was already in motion with blinding speed.

    Performing near simultaneous strikes, the nagai delivered a vicious chop to the troopers unprotected throat with one hand, with the other, he flashed a hidden vibroblade in reverse hold, which he dug deep into the groove between the troopers shoulder guard and his chest armor. The vibroblade effectively pierced the troopers body glove as well as the flesh underneath, severing pectoral muscle and shoulder ligaments as it is driven in. With his voice box crushed, the trooper is unable to scream or alert anyone.

    The pain inflicted buys the nagai more time as he easily takes down the trooper to the floor, disarms him and binds his hands with the very cuffs he intended for the 'engineer'. Only then does Winterkill remove the blade as he is now crouched over the now fallen whiteshell.

    “Give me something to place over his mouth and eyes or I’ll cut them out.”

    These coldly delivered words are for the nurse. Winterkill gives her a look signifying that he is serious and she should act immediately. It is clear he has no issues with either option. With the efficiency of someone who’s performed designated actions countless times, the nagai strips the stormtrooper from his standard equipment. Including his helmet.

    Dark eyes look into the troopers eyes for a solid moment.

    Whatever Winterkill reads in the man’s eyes will determine on the fate that befalls him next.

    Never the less, time was now ticking for them all, but particularly himself. It didn’t matter. Every mission was the last mission as far as he was concerned. It had been this way for as long as he could remember, but that didn’t mean it had to come to an end foolishly. Not at all. Who didn’t like a successful mission? But this mission was scrapped once again and one way or the other, whether on his feet or in a body bag, he needed to get the hyper-spanning frakk out of this mess.

    The troopers weapons were at arms reach. Good. He might need them, but that was yet to be determined. First he had to secure the bleeding whiteshell before he did anything else.

    Tag: @Mitth_Fisto, @Intervention ( Disclaimer: Hey, I’m just playing IC! ) [face_whistling]
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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Kannari Oshi
    Customs Processing Area / Bus, Craci Prime Spaceport

    Kannari’s keen hearing picked up the sound of more explosions, the sounds of twisting metal and shattering glass, and they were becoming more and more frequent, the more debris that rained towards the terminal. Cursing under her breath, she glanced around frantically for any sight of her client. She could not hold the bus any longer, and was about to make the decision to leave when a flurry of movement caught her eye. Turning her head, her gold gaze fell on the form of her portly Corellian client. He pushed through the line of civilians and walked over to her.

    "Miss Oshi." He smiled at her. "Miss me?"

    Kannari was in no mood for his attitude right now; didn’t he know how serious this all was? She narrowed her eyes at Niall and a growl of agitation rumbled in her throat. “Where have you been? Didn’t I say keep you comm on?” She snapped as she indicated the bus with a sharp nod of her head “Don’t have time for this, on the bus Mr Niall” she ordered as she continued to usher the remaining civilians onto the transport. Every second felt like a lifetime as she watched the last of the evacuee’s board. She all but shoved Niall onto the bus before stepping onto the vehicle herself and closing the doors behind her with the punch of a button above the door frame. She turned to the passengers, blowing out a haggard breath “Ok. Here, we go. Things might get bumpy. Just hold on”

    “And pray we get out of this alive”

    The thought crossed her mind unbidden but she willed it away, turning to her partner the stormtrooper, she said one simple word, but that one word carried a weight of urgency she had not felt in a long time.

    “Go!” She snapped

    “And drive like you never drove before”

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    Part Two

    IC: Crewperson Mary Formal
    , aboard the ILH-KK cruiser, Luck's Gamble
    Location: skies over the Craci Prime spaceport

    Their tight but too, too slow corkscrew course eventually brought them round to where they could see...

    The AT-AT was still there, picking up speed as it entered the lower part of the atmosphere, stopping laser blasts angling up from vehicles on the surface, but continuing to fall.

    "We---we missed. Oh God, we missed." Mary had a hand ofver her mouth now, their concussion missile clearly heading down for the spaceport, though she could not see it from here. "We better get out of here. Like the Captain said, take her off the grid; call Security Chief Taab and the others once we are outside the city limits."

    Tag: Vehn

    IC: Army Corporal Bast, Stormtroopers LFT-0715 "Lefty", Espo Patrolman Thierry, GMA-0113 "Gamma", Mr Niall (nrcs)

    Bast sat at the controls of the repulsortank, three hundred metres back from the terminal car park, looking up at the falling AT-AT, ready for it to come down within range of his primary weapon, then spotted a yellow shaft appear alongside it.

    "What the frak was that?"


    * * * *


    Lefty had heard the Cathar's desperate shout in his right ear as he sat at the driver's seat, but since his polarised helmet lenses had that second gone black to protect his sight from the sudden flash to his left, he figured it was already too late.

    Several hundred metres away, the warhead punched hard into the ferrocrete expanse between the various buildings and docks, cracking and shattering the first few metres of the artificial material, and then its energy payload exploded, throwing up a grey-yellow mushroom cloud, concussive energy rippling out in an expanding circle from the epicentre along the ground, bouncing parked ships and vehicles into the air, shattered airborne debris working with the shockwave to sweeping through buildings and collapsing them like packs of cards on the way out to the outskirts of the port!

    The passenger-laden hoverbus was picked up and tossed lengthways into the pre-fabricated walls of the customs processing area, which literally did collapse like a pack of cards, pummelling loudly on the outside of the bus for those still alive and conscious to hear it!

    * * * *
    Passenger Terminal

    The walking areas of first and second levels canted dramatically, Espo Patrolman Thierry unbalancing over the gold railing of one, onto the heads of whatever civilians were still on the ground level.

    The second level crashed down to meet him, Gamma losing his footing on the tiled slide that the space outside the restuarant that the mezannine had become, his armoured form sliding down the faux marble to crash him into the safety barrier just to the left of the staircase, which was now higher than he was.

    There was screaming and the sound of ferrocrete and other building materials breaking, dramatically losing cohesion, and avalanching, his helmet cams barely able to see anything in the choking dust.

    GMA-0113 looked back up the slide for the rest of his squad, and could see furniture and piles of glase pane starting to think about coming his way.

    He forced his arms to take him over the safety barrier out of their way, falling the few metres onto the deceased Theirry, and rolling under the shelter formed by the first floor, as the second and third levels came down too.

    * * * *

    Corporal Bast got a few shots off with the tank's laser cannon, but the AT-AT didn't care, and he followed its descent onto the spaceport...only, there was no spaceport any more, just a cohesive grey fogbank of dust, dirt and debris that stood before the tank where the terminal should have been, and was rushing towards them like a dessicated tsunami!

    "Guys!" He called back desperately to Marsi and the cuffed prisoner, Connor Harrison, "Brace for impact!"

    * * * *
    Hoverbus interior

    We're on our side. Mr Niall eventually thought when the crescendo of noise of the building collapsing around the bus, died away, to be replaced by the sound of people screaming, children crying, the pings of stressed metal trying to re-assert itself.

    There were people laying on him, he knew that, and not all of them were breathing. There were smells too, that you were more aware off in a situation like this - sweat, the coppery smell of blood, urine.

    For some reason, that started him chuckling, thinking about his bodyguard's more sensitive smell senses.

    "Emperor's Bones. We need to get out of here."

    * * * *
    Bridge of the Acclamator-class transport ship, Tomorrow

    Commander Wilson Treu watched and listened to reports coming from the various Army units they had put down into the city below, as his huge cruiser floated above the skyline.

    A communications officer joined him at the holographic windows, which this class of ship had instead of the transparisteel ports of later vessels.

    "Yes." Treu acknowledged with a nod, without looking at his subordinate.

    "Sir, ComScan reports that it has lost contact with our units at the spaceport. Stormtroopers as well as Army. CSA reports that it cannot contact its people either."

    Treu waved a hand at the holos, using it to scroll through the displays till he could see the mostly flattened, smoke-wreathed, facility. Numbers and figures scrolled in yellow aurabesh alongside the images.

    "Holy sith!" The Commander grimaced at the data. "Inform Stormtrooper Command that they will have to break out their rad-suits, to help with the rescue effort, and advise Darkest Night that when Acklay Squadron get here, they start landing their hospital ships. They better come with their game faces on."

    The ensign clicked his heels, and nodded. "Yes sir."

    "And that thing with your heels;" Treu looked down at the younger man's polished boots. "don't do that."

    The ensign's face coloured. "As ordered."

    Tag: Intervention (Darkest Night), Jedi_padawan_leigh, Jedi General Gerdard
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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: I am leaving this post open between start and finish, as to allow everyone in the post to post for their own actions between. Please leave some "action" for all IC players. I only dealt with two NPCs directly, allowing the others to be divided up among the rest of the Mercs.

    You may decide the fates of each NPC you engage (safe, injury, or death). Although you may want to keep a few of them alive...they could come in handy later on to rescue Mr. Vortex. Just saying. ;)

    Oh, and have fun. :p

    IC: Captain Jason Lasso
    High-end condos, Near the CSA Governmental Complex, Craci Prime

    Lasso gathered in what he saw from his mercenaries; Mahaben was awe struck, Boras was wounded, Yavscout was playing defensive, and Ulrike was trying to be the mediator in the storm between Yavscout and the man claiming---if Lasso's memory served him right---one of the Heroes of Yavin. One of the most wanted men in the galaxy. If not the most, since stories had it Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star. Amdist his own team, he had several Rebel Infiltrators (picture of uniform / gear) ready to strike them down on a moment's notice. The one named Hard Case seemed to have a itchy trigger finger.

    So it came down to the leaders, between Lasso and Skywalker. Skywalker wanted a peaceful, neutral agreement, Lasso wanted his people safe and the contract credits. Out of the two of them, it seemed they would be the ones to either make or break this meeting from turning into a blaster fight.

    "I was on Yavin and still am, at least in bodily form," Skywalker assured them, "Alliance High Command decided that using a PROXY droid to fulfill my presence on planet would be adequate, while they started to secretly smuggle other high ranking Rebels off planet. I am now off planet and here."

    Lasso could see the worried looks of several of the Rebel commandos; Skywalker was sharing classified information, so Lasso decided to pull the trigger on it, "And closer to being captured behind enemy lines more then ever," Lasso concluded, adding as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned up against the window, "Why in the Force would you share that information with us? We're mercenaries. Ya know, soldiers to the highest paycheck with no loyalty?"

    That young youthfulness reared up in Skywalker as he said, "Old Ben said I could trust you guys."

    Lasso smirked, "Sorry kid, but we know no one named 'Old Ben'. So you must be mistaken."

    Skywalker shook his head, "No. Because even if Ben hadn't told me, our reports detail a Mercs unit in Operation Intervention several months ago. And I believe that operation ended with the destruction of the Imperial project known as Project Zero?"

    "No kid," Lasso said, "It ended aboard the Red Ocean. We were betrayed by the same Rebel Alliance that promised to support us. From there, we knew we couldn't trust the Alliance. At least Taller knew he couldn't. And that was enough for us too."

    "Data?" Skywalker asked.

    The Shatra known as Data shuffled in his gear, "Classified Rebel Alliance Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser operating in the Expansion Regions, testing captured Red Rock powered Red Space technoilogy from a crashed Kingdom of Jod vessel; the project's aim was to test the ability for Rebel warships to be equipped with such technology on a wide scale throughout our fleet, allowing warships to preform hit and run operations against Imperial targets and be on the other side of the galaxy within minutes. And thus allowing multiple strikes in the galaxy on a single day, using a handful of ships and this confusing Imperial Intelligence to our true fleet size and position The Red Ocean was considered loss to space in 0 BBY; the ship had gone rogue from our span of control several months prior to her being lost in space, then suddenly, we heard a distress call from her. The Mercs happen to stumble across her before we could get a rescue party to her. Head of Security, Colonel Greenhouse, was the traitor, as well as several others, working for a shadowy figure Alliance Intelligence has named as Darth Maximums. All we know is that Imperial agents were able to get aboard her, which prompted the distress call we assume. But the ship's whereabouts are unknown to us at this time. We assume she was destroyed, but have no evidence to such a matter and thus list her as lost in space."

    Skywalker nodded, "Right," and turned back to Lasso, "Care to share?"

    "Aside from the fact that the Alliance has spies and traitors as high ranking to be above classified Alliance projects? No, nothing as damaging to the cause of the Rebel Alliance as that. Makes the Alliance out to be no better then the Empire. What's next using KOJ technology? A Rebel Alliance's Death Star?"

    "No," Luke said, shaking his head, "Force no. Look, we're wasting time. Can we count on you?"

    "If you pay us and allow us our contract fee from Vortex, sure," Jason replied with a causal shrug.

    "We can't pay you," Skywalker replied in disbelief, "We're freedom fighters!"

    "Then go back to Tatooine," Lasso said, if he remembered Skywalker's bio correctly from the wanted posters put out by the Empire, "Because if freedom fighters can wear fancy combat suits and fly around in classified ships using stolen KOJ technology, then they probably have a few thousand credits laying around to waste to us mercenaries."

    "No way," Luke replied.

    "Okay," Lasso said, pushing himself off of the wall with a sigh, "Mercs, lets head out."

    "Not so fast!" Spat Hard Case; Lasso heard the soft wine of a blaster being armed; Lasso turned around, seeing a blaster rifle in his face. It seemed the seven Rebel commandos were split, half of them with their weapons drawn on the Mercs, the other half keeping their weapons safe and waiting for orders.

    "Put it down Hard Case!" shouted Comms as she held her weapon safe.

    "Shove it pretty face!" Hard Case shot back to her, "These mercs are going to rat us out to the Empire! I can't allow that to happen! Right Guns?"

    "You know it baby!" spoke a muscle built dark skinned human, the Heavy Weapon Specialist of the squad holding a Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon and aimed at Mahaben and Boras, "Its time we waste these Sithing slime bags!"

    "Come on Guns, put it down! Why are we doing this!?" pleaded the Medic; a mid twenties human male.

    "Shove it Doc!" replied Eyes to the medic, the sniper of the team, who had his weapon on the three new Merc techs "Hard Case, I say we waste 'em man!"

    "Guys! We need to listen to Commander Skywalker! He's our leader!" pleaded Rookie, the young 19 year old kid on the team who---like Hard Case---was an Infantryman on the team. The young rookie's eyes were wild with uncertainly and fear, but his weapon remained safe.

    "Shut up Rookie!" replied Crazy, the Demolitions Expert on the team and a forties aged man who held his weapon pointed at 'Yav, "Hard Case, Skywalker is a fraking kid! Your our leader! Tell us what to do! I ain't dying for no idealistic farm boy!"

    "Crazy, that is a court martial offense!" Comms cited back, "Punishable by death! You will stand down now! That's an order!"

    "Up yours Comms!" Replied Crazy.

    "Data, you better pick a side!" warned Hard Case, "Are you with us or against us?"

    "I don't know," Data said, "Skywalker is our leader. Man, just put the weapons down! Just put 'em down!"

    "In with interfering with a Rebel Alliance operation to restore freedom and peace to the galaxy---in knowledge of putting a Rebel Alliance VIP at risk----I hear-by sentence you to death immediately by firing squad merc!"

    Hard Case smiled as his finger inched closer to the trigger.

    "Good," Lasso replied, "I hate long waits."

    MUSIC: Two Steps from Hell - Sons of War

    Lasso was quick, snapping his head to the side of the barrel as his left hand came up, hitting the barrel upwards; Hard Case's finger was already depressing the trigger and his blaster bolt went into the ceiling.

    Everything went from slow motion to fast as Lasso used his right hand palm first into the man's helmet, knocking him off balance; knowing a fair amount of martial arts moves---but not an expert by any means---Lasso followed through with a left foot forward, moving his left arm in a circular upwards motion to catch the blaster rifle in a mid-arm circular tackle, side-stepping to his left a she brought the rifle downwards, then used his right hand to palm hit the man's trigger grip hand, shocking the rifle out of the man's hands. Lasso kept the offensive on the unbalanced man as he followed through with his attack with a snap kick with his left leg to the man's head, sending the man head first into the privacy window.

    Jason didn't stop; blaster fire was being reported everywhere and whether with Hard Case or not, Lasso knew he had to silence this gunfight before it got the attention of nearby Espos securing this area of the city so close to the Governmental Complex.

    So his target would be Skywalker. Hero of the Rebellion or not, if Lasso could get to Skywalker, he could force a cease fire as all the Rebels----pro Skywalker or anti Skywalker---would turn their attention to their leader being held hostage.

    Jason started to cross the room, wild animistic intent in his eyes. All around him, blaster bolts flew back and forth. Debris from the furniture exploded around him----men, woman, and alien----yelled in the rages of war. He saw Skywalker; Skywalker saw him! Lasso brought his hands to his holsters, first withdrawing his longer range S-5 heavy blaster pistol, as his hand simultaneously went for his quicker draw and and more rapid fire WESTAR-34 blaster pistol as he fired the S-5. Skywalker had his lightsaber up, it's blue blade snapping to life in defense. But Lasso could see the farm boy was no killer. There was no murder in his eyes.

    But in Lasso there was. And that would be to Lasso's advantage.

    He fired off three shots from the S-5, the heavy red bolts smacking into the untrained Jedi's lightsaber, knocking the Jedi off balance from the sure power of impact.

    Lasso hurled over a falling body through the blaster fight as he started to put his S-5 away, while this time bringing up he fiery WESTAR-34 that spewed rapid-fire bolts towards the non-expecting Jedi. Luke seemed to fail under the duel attack---first the heavy bolts to knock him off balance, then the rapid fire to keep him on the defense---and as Lasso neared the Jedi, Luke pinned back behind the stairs and about to fall backwards, Lasso yelled with a fiery shout as he fired a few last moment bolts at the Jedi and then leveled into the Hero of the Rebellion with a powerful right shoulder check, using the stairs to unbalance the Jedi as he folded him backwards into the wall with a hit hard enough to pop any strong man really good.

    Skywalker's lightsaber dropped to the ground, deactivating at the drop, and the man seemed dazed. Lasso holstered the WESTAR as he held Luke against the wall firmly and brought the more powerful S-5 to rest again Luke's temple as he switched around and held the Jedi in a classic hostage grip, his back now facing the stairs and Luke's still-dazed form in front of him.

    "STOP!" Lasso ordered in a yell, "DROP 'EM NOW!"

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Nurse Ulrike, Commander Yavscout, Shootout at the Penthouse Corral
    Location: Craci Prime

    Seated on the orange wave chair in just her towel, Ulrike had felt the subtle vibrations through her butt as the boys exchanged history notes, and then increasingly, threats.

    "No way," Luke replied.

    She frowned at the windows, to see, towards the direction of the spaceport, a grey-yellow mushroom cloud blossoming up above the cityscape.

    "Okay," Lasso said, pushing himself off of the wall with a sigh, "Mercs, lets head out."

    "Uh, guys?" She ventured.

    "Not so fast!" Spat Hard Case; Lasso heard the soft wine of a blaster being armed; Lasso turned around, seeing a blaster rifle in his face. It seemed the seven Rebel commandos were split, half of them with their weapons drawn on the Mercs, the other half keeping their weapons safe and waiting for orders.

    "Put it down Hard Case!"

    The sharp retort of Hard Case' blaster discharging into the ceiling brought her attention back to the sudden opening of hostilities, but all she could do was sit there and hope not to get shot!

    Yav for his part, could see that the best thing to do would be an Area Effect spell that affected both his people and the Rebs, and hope that he could sort it out afterwards, but if his mis-adventures with Lyra Cascada had taught him one thing, the best thing could not always be done.

    The Infiltrator beside him discharged a blaster bolt into the tiled wall over the condenser unit, as the elf batted the gun arm aside, courtesy of the extra speed buff since going to Lasso's rescue earlier.

    The elf grabbed double handfuls of the Rebel's tunic near his shoulder, jumped off the floor and kicked both feet into the soldier's midriff in a Kowakian Monkey Climbs variation of a Stomach Throw, all his weight suddenly penduluming past the trooper's right hip, doubling him over and flipping him over onto his back, with the elf on top.

    Yav fired Camo' towards Ulrike, instantly rendering her invisible, only to see her re-appear again as she put her hand on the armrest to push herself up.

    There was that blaster in his face again from the guy between his knees, and Yav had to wrestle with him rather than invising her again, a crimson bolt zipping past his right cheek to hit the ceiling, and then again on the left side of his head.

    Yav hand-chopped the inside of Crazy's elbow to bend the arm, and managed to redirect his blaster to hit the Infiltrator drawing a bead on their nurse, putting him down with a headshot.

    Lasso, busy with his own acrobatics, jumped over that falling body, while Yav punched his adversary in the throat, which stopped the fight with a suddenness that startled the elf, then he realised he was still buffed with Skin of Steel.

    Ulrike faded from sight as Yav re-cast Camo' on her, and ordered her to get her weapon.

    "Go!" He waved in her direction, in case she was still standing there.

    Seconds later, there was more shouting from the stairs.

    "STOP!" Lasso ordered in a yell, "DROP 'EM NOW!"

    "You heard the man, drop 'em!" Yav breathed hard as he waved his appropriated blaster at the enemy that were still standing.

    Tag: All at the scene
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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Mahaben
    Luxury condos, Near CSA Government Complex, Craci Prime

    The armistice deteriorated rapidly after harsh words and needless posturing yielded the result they always did: Conflict.

    Skywalker’s team became divided between those who were following his lead and those who were not.

    Mahaben felt a pang of sympathy for the young jedi. Leading was a great responsibility and required great skill, especially if one was to keep the more ‘unstable’ elements in line.

    Well, at least young Skywalker knew who was loyal to him now and who was not. For a second, the blind miraluka wondered if the young ‘jedi’ was surprised by those insubordinate to him. He also wondered if Captain Lasso ever had a situation like this happened to him. Moreover, he also wondered about his own role in all of this…but like many other things, this too was something to ponder later.

    Right now he had a Rotary Blaster Cannon aimed at him and Boras.

    This was clearly not a negotiation. It didn’t look like Skywalker may have been aware, but it seemed that half his party already had orders to bring harm to the Mercs despite the Jedi’s wishes. If he lived after this, he would have much to consider as well.

    The ‘captain’ initiated the dance with the one called ‘Hard Case’. Mahaben wondered if the second half of Skywalker’s team would become involved regardless of moral rectitude.

    To tell the truth, there was only one way to find out.

    Outside and not too far away, something detonated and an explosion flashed. In that instance, Mahaben called upon the force and everything around him seemed to slow down as if moving in slow motion.

    His own lightsaber flashed into existence in a blink of an eye and with a simple flurry, he cut the Rotary Blaster Cannon in four pieces, then force pushed the dark skinned man against the far wall with such force that it cracked both the wall and pieces of his armor. The tremendous impact rendering him unconscious.

    The merc they called Yav; Mahaben sensed that he was doing something extra sensory, but it felt strange. Sodalis did mention this, but experiencing it was quite another matter. Thankfully, it didn’t feel ‘dangerous’ to the miraluka.

    Everything was still moving in slow motion as the dusty ex-jedi tactically gauged the situation. Why was Lasso bounding for Skywalker? Mahaben was tempted to interfere, since one of his unspoken missions was to ‘round-up’ what he considered ‘lost jedi’ and other force-sensitives. But he also remembered what Sodalis mentioned.

    He might often seem reckless, but there’s always a good reason behind his actions, even though they are not readily apparent or understood. You need to trust him first if you wish for him to trust you in return.

    It wasn’t easy, but Mahaben had given his word and would not go back on it, though he was inexplicably sorely tempted to do so.

    There was no guarantee that those in Skywalker’s team would not join in the unfortunate fray. But perhaps there was a way to salvage the situation.

    As events began to resume their normal speed, Mahaben used his telekinetic abilities to knock down several members of the young jedi’s party, and as they fell, invisible hands snatched their weapons and flung them to the opposite side of the room. Mahaben decided not to cut the weapons as they zipped past him, which was a standard move for him. He made the exception this time, hoping that the sensible members of the sorry alliance party would do just that, and come to their senses.

    STOP!” Lasso ordered as he held a dazed Skywalker at blaster point. “DROP ‘EM NOW!

    Bogan took this opportunity to whisper doubts to the Clone War veteran’s inner ear.

    {He is wild and dangerous, you must stop him before he does something foolish. He cares only for credits, stop being his personal fool.}

    Ashla however, spoke softly and calmly. { You know he can be trusted. Feel his intention, help him stop this conflict. Trust him and see it for yourself.}

    “You heard the man, drop ‘em!” Yav barked, waving his blaster.

    With blue lightsaber humming in his hands, Mahaben moved to flank the remaining alliance group. He waved his lightsaber in an intricate pattern, as a silent warning and a testament that he was not ‘inexperienced’ and was more than capable of using the infamous weapon he now held.

    Silence fell within the apartment, which was not quite unlike holding one’s breath.

    Whatever happened next would decide a great many things.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: ISB Stormtrooper Hastings, Imperial Garrison medical centre
    Location: Craci Prime

    It was unexpected. He was ISB for sith's sake, he should seen it coming. A stunning blur.

    That is what he would write in his report, it all happened in a stunning blur. Kind of had a poetic feel to it. Unlike the agony of his shoulder, his lungs, and his neck. One moment he was reaching forward, the next he wounded, wounded again, and then hitting his head on the duracrete floor as he choked on his own neck. He tried to focus on the HUD, find the spot and blink the pattern, only he had just found it when a rough hand reached under his jaw and pulled the helmet away. A steady dot was the last he saw.

    He hadn't finished the pattern.

    Staring up at the near human, he squinted in pain, and raged just a little as he couldn't bring his arm to bear. It was a silent moment as his blood spread quickly on the floor. A major artery severed, he knew he had only seconds, not minutes, hours or days. Just seconds to stair and rage silently with the occasional gurgle betraying that any air was getting through.

    As the world faded to black he heard a woman scream, soon only the white of the flesh about the alien Creeds eyes was left. Then nothing, nothing but darkness. Coldly it embraced him.

    TAG: greyjedi125

    IC: Tiaca & Havah
    Governor's Palace / Imperial Garrison, Craci Prime, Craci System

    Feeling a slight vibration from her shoulder, preceded by a gentle clicking noise she knew the task was completed. Leaning away from the control panel she watched as the Sephi did his job, finally. Walking over she watched detached as the Sephi leaned over his victim.

    By the Force the man was a watcher! Really? Last thing she ever wanted to work with was the type of psycho's that had to watch the life drain away from their victims eyes. Those were the creepy ones that made you have to triple lock your doors, set up surveillance of yourself, and sleep with ten trigger-able weapons whenever a lull in missions that involved killing occurred. Why did the Sephi have to be one of those?

    Sighing she noted the scream, the Nurse that seemed close to shock, and then there was their fearless leader walking up to them.

    "Could of warned me." she simply stated.

    Nodding with a small shrug the four eyed mask blinked before looking at the nurse. "Sorry to cut this short, but if you cannot pull yourself together you will have to be our prisoner. Although if you don't mind." he finished as he held up the treatment container with the kolto and tubing as his other hand exposed the charred armor.

    Looking back Winkerkill he sighed. "Want to armor up? We will have blast our way out of here now. You know."

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Commander Yavscout, Nurse Ulrike, Shootout at the Apartment Corral
    Location: Craci Prime

    In the silence that followed the only sound was the loud thump of Rookie’s blaster dropping onto the carpet at his feet.

    Several of the still-armed Rebels looked at him in silent accusation, prompting the youth to bend down to retrieve it.

    No!” Yav ordered, waving Crazy’s DL-44 blaster pistol at the kid. “Leave it there!

    Without being too obvious about it, he tried not to look into Mahaben’s face.

    Decades back, when he had first been a medtech with SGIS, they had had a Miralukan agent, but one of those bastiches who insisted on not wearing the bandages, just the empty wrinkled eye sockets for all to see.

    At least this frakker had the decency to wear bandages around his face.

    The elf was still un-nerved by the species, thanks to that first one he had been forced to work alongside.

    The alien known as Data finally registered the presence of the second lightsabre wielder that was Mahaben, his impossibly wide mouth dropping open in shock.

    Rookie obeyed, and stood back up, while Ulrike’s voice called across the room, “Nobody move!”

    Way to go, Rosewood! You’re some kind of cop, you know that?” Yav glanced her way as he jumped on the opportunity for a Babali Hills Cop quote.

    She hadn’t dressed, clearly just digging up her sidearm and re-shodding her feet, and rushing back, down on one knee at the entrance to the antehall leading to the bathroom, forward leg poked enticingly from her towel.

    His eyes was focussing on that when they alighted upon the deactivated lightsabre on the ground before her, that Skywalker, if he was the real deal, could use against them with just his mind, and asked her seriously, “You got them covered?

    “Yeah.” Ulrike answered with determined tones, holding the compact oval weapon with taut outstretched arms.

    The elf rose stiffly from Crazy's body, and moved to where the lightsabre was, careful not to cross her line of fire, moving it safely away from her, holding the metal cylinder in his palm as he studied it.

    Looking up at the rest of the Rebels, he ordered, "Alright, princesses. Strip the stealth-suits off your two DeeBees." here he referred to the two he had killed, "We may need them if we're getting Vortex before the Icecapades take another shot." A wry smile touching the elf's face, he turned to look up at Lasso. "Cap'n Lasso, Sir? Respectfully request permission to add "Icecapades" to Merc' lexicon to mean Imperial spec ops."

    "What about what Hard Case said?" Queried Rookie. "That you'll rat us out to the Empire."

    "Oh, think it through. The Empire wouldn't allow us to live with knowledge of the existence of jedi. We'd last slightly less than a snowball in Flamewind."

    "I have a question." Ulrike piped up unexpectedly, "For Data, as he seems quite well informed."

    The Shatra raised the higher of his two eyes on the right side of his flat, wide-mouth head. "If the information is not classified."

    "Who ordered the hit on Captain Taller at the Greater Javin?" She referred to the Rebel-mounted attack on their former leader a few months whilst the Johnny Boy had been drydocked for repairs in that region of space.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Sydney Ayres
    Craci Prime

    He still couldn't shake that horrific image of the concussion missiles obliterating the Craci Prime spaceport. All that death, all that destruction, and all because he'd tried to play the hero. Man, he wanted to drink himself into oblivion right about now. He wanted to drown in his sorrows as if the answers to all of life's problems came from the bottom of a bottle. Not all of life's solutions were found there but, Ayres had to admit, some temporary ones would be if he ever got some spirits in his hand. What a disaster. He'd had the lock, everything seemed perfect, and somehow, someway, despite the assistance of a targeting computer, Ayres had missed. He'd most likely killed lots of innocent people and made the Mercs look like the right arm of the Imperial war machine, some low-life hit squad with nothing to lose and plenty of blood on their hands.

    Yeah, Craci Prime spaceport, that would take a long while to live down. Another notch in a long line of mistakes from Sydney Ayres, Galactic screw-up, mechanical loser.

    He and Ulrike had gone on ahead to the rendezvous point and now Ayres sat back while a meeting unfolded involving some pimply-faced kid with a lightsaber, Lasso, and others. Sydney could've told everyone to save their breath once the meeting went wrong, once tensions flared. Lasso got everyone back into shape in a few minutes and it appeared to Sydney that people had some questions that needed answering. Well, don't we all. He was relieved to see that Mahaben was alive, and Boras, he hadn't seen them since his hover-truck brewed up at the Espo base way back when. Despite his haunted interior, Ayres managed to smile at Mahaben as he waited for more information to come to light, as he waited for something, anything, maybe a one way ticket out of the Corporate Sector Authority, away from his failures and the blood of countless beings dripping idly from his hands.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Winterkill (as Ezzio Creed)
    Governor’s Palace, Garrison Medlab, Craci Prime

    The trooper had been neutralized. The human had possessed fire in his eyes. He was a warrior and a killer, which was something the rodian clearly was not.

    Winterkill remained crouched as he closed the trooper’s eyes. It was the least he could. Somewhere nearby, the nurse screamed adding to what would soon blossom into a rush of panic. Humans sometimes behaved more like cattle than rational beings.

    The nagai clearly perceived movement next to him. The serpent was the first to get close to him. It uttered something that was not mission related, so it went largely ignored and relegated as non-essential banter. Then Mother Egg approached and spoke first to the nurse. By his choice of words, Winterkill surmised that they were no longer playing the part of B.o.S.S agents. Havah Jeth had decided not to use him as a ‘sacrificial pawn’ after all, which was something he could have done as mission leader. What’s more, depending on her answer, the nurse would become their hostage.

    Winterkill wasn’t too confident that the whiteshells would go for that, but then again, this was ‘ Spook’. He was always at least five steps ahead of the competition.

    “Want to armor up? We will have to blast our way out of here now. You know.”

    The nagai heard both the spoken and the unspoken words leveled at him, but there was nothing to be done about that at the moment. Maybe it was time to rework his contract as an independent operative…or take his leave. But that would have to wait for much later, assuming anyone made it out alive.

    With a quick motion, Winterkill tapped his chest, so Havah could ‘hear’ that he was already wearing armor, then he ‘signed’ that he was ready. For the moment, he still remained crouched. The troopers weapons and effects still within arms reach. He’d spent more than enough time center stage, which he despised doing, though the ‘mission’ would sometimes call for such things.

    Now the limelight was back on ‘Mother Egg’. If Havah Jeth could not lead them out of this mess, then they were simply not meant to do so. Despite his innumerable regrets, that was something he could ‘live’ with.

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    IC: Mahaben
    Luxury condos, Near CSA Government Complex, Craci Prime

    Almost as suddenly as the hostilities had started, they had also come to a halt…for the moment.

    The Mercs had the advantage this round, but conflict was a fickle mistress, favoring whomever she fancied at a whim. To Mahaben, both Ashla and Bogan wrestled to have sway on these events; and those who served either, would have to do their part, whether they were aware of it or not.

    While young Skywalker was being held as a ‘hostage’by Captain Lasso, it seemed the remainder of his party, the ones loyal to him, were unwilling to risk his life for the sake of wanton violence. The next ‘sensible’ step would be to ‘verbally’ negotiate the young leader’s release.

    But these were strange times…and events did not necessarily proceed as expected.

    So far, it seemed the Mercs did have the situation under control, though to be technical, only one ‘rebel’ had actually dropped his weapon.

    Mahaben held back a smile at Nurse Ulrike’s bravado. She would have made a fine ‘Clone Trooper’, had there been any women in the clone armies. Perhaps that was part of the problem, given their ‘origin’, but it was far too late for such considerations.

    The blindfolded miraluka mentally objected to the ‘elf’ handling the fallen lightsaber, but he forced himself not to interfere. He had to let these events play themselves out, well…at least to some degree.

    A deep feeling emanating from Ayres manage to catch his attention, at least momentarily; that’s how strong it was. Sadness and regret clung to the man like a heavy cloak. With a slow nod of his grey haired head, Mahaben acknowledged the mechanic’s presence and made a mental note to converse with him after present matters were resolved. Speaking of which…

    A conversation of sorts was initiated, with Yav barking some orders. Nurse Ulrike seemed to have a question of her own, but at least a dialogue was started. It was not the best beginning, but it was an improvement, however slight. Apparently, there was a great deal of Merc history he’d have to familiarize himself with.

    As questions and answers began to be exchanged as a means of re-testing trust levels in the aftermath of their near catastrophic exchange, Mahaben took the opportunity to address Captain Lasso directly.

    “Captain, all I ask is for you NOT to harm him. He is more valuable to the galaxy than you can imagine. I can’t explain it at the moment, but I feel that he is, just as you are.”

    The dusty ex-jedi offered a deferential nod to Captain Lasso after his plea. That’s all he could do for now. Hopefully, the young mercenary leader would grasp some of what he meant.

    Though the situation was very tense and volatile, it was still salvageable. As a show of ‘good faith’, Mahaben extinguished his own lightsaber, and with a swift and graceful motion, the weapon nimbly disappeared within the folds of his robes.

    In the back of his mind, he hoped that decision would not be one he’d come to regret.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Atin Taab
    Above the streets of Craci Prime.

    Atin soared high above the streets of Craci prime, looking for some sign of the skipper. He had landed moments before in the area where the previous radio call had been made, but there had been no sign of the skipper or the elf, or any other Mercs for that matter. Where had they gotten off to? He had no idea, so he took the the skies once again, trying to perform an expanding box search for the missing officers. His father would have told him to ride to the sound of the guns, but right now the city seemed to be in chaos. Small unit battles raged all over the place and there was no telling which one or ones, if any, had merc participation.

    "shab." The expletive flew from his mouth as he touched down on the top of a nearby building giving his jetpack time to recharge itself. That he knew was something his father would say. He took a moment to think things through. He knew where he was, that was a good start, but he didn't know where anyone else was at the moment. That was bad. But he did know that he was capable of taking care of himself out here. Shrugging his shoulders against the weight of his kit just reaffiremed that thought. That was good. Of course until he knew where everyone else was, he was very much on his own, and that was bad. He knew he had no choice now, he was going to have to call in and get a location from the Skipper. It was something his father would never let him live down, but it was the only way.

    Apartment hideout, sometime later

    It had taken two tries but he had eventually gotten through to the skipper's group and gotten the location of their current hideout. Of course it had been far enough away that he had been forced to take several "pit stops" to allow for his jetpack to recharge. It wasn't optimal, but it beat having to commandeer yet another ride. Besides, he was sick of driving. By the time he arrived and walked in through the doors to the lavishly appointed condo it seemed he had missed most of the action. Yet another reason for his buir (father) to assign him further corrective training.

    "So...what did I miss?" he said with a slight grin behind his faceplate before he realized someone was missing, someone important. Just where was his father?

    TAG: Apartment gang.

    OOC: Sorry that this last part seemed rushed, trying to catch up here. Also I assumed that Atin had also gotten a call about the group's whereabouts before the standoff took place.

    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Like a coiled serpent, atop the salon pod, over Craci Prime

    The gaping mouth of the ship's hanger bay loomed closer and closer as the readout on Taab's HUD continued to draw down his remaining moments of life support. Doing some quick math in his head he determined that he (and the pod he was riding) would make it aboard with over a minute to spare. That's if he did his artihmatic correctly, and if there were no further delays. No sense in worrying about it now though, he was committed to this course of action. He just hoped that Edge and Sunny were indeed in the pod waiting to be freed by him once they landed.

    Landing. Now that was a problem he had to worry about. The ship was obviously expecting them, and how he dealt with any welcoming party would go a long way towards freeing his fellow Mercs. Depending on just what he was up against he could take it slow and stealthy like or have to come in guns blazing. He had no preference for either option, so long as he and his comrades got out of this alive he would chalk it up to a win but eventually he knew that there would be killing. It too wasn't something that bothered him, killing was his life, but they would have to disable the cruiser before they left, else it would just try to pull them back in, or atomize them depending on the crew's demeanor.

    The nose of the pod began to push its way through the atmospheric shield. Taab readied himself for action, keeping still he blinked twice rapidly, setting his bucket to target acquisition and tracking. He had to know what he was up against as soon as he entered the bay. The shield passed over him with a slight buzzing sound in his buy'ce as he again found himself in atmo. His beskar'gam recognized the fact as well and immediately went from drawing on its own life support reserve to drawing in fresh air, filtering it and providing it to him to breath. It also began recharging the nearly spent life support system. As expected. While that went on in the background his buy'ce scanned for possible hostile targets and tagged them all with identifiers (Tangos in this case as Taab had set the system to classify anything alive as hostile at the for the time being. A moment later he was greeted by a sight in his HUD of Tangos 1-4 along the catwalks above.

    Only four. This would be a blue milk run.

    Tango 4 was on her lonesome on the catwalk to his right, while Tangos 1-3 were on the catwalk opposite her, on his left. They were clearly the bigger threat and would have to be dealt with first. Still without moving Taab checked the status of his jetpack. It was still re-priming. The long exposure to the cold of space had done a number on its fuel lines. there was oxygen now for it to "breathe" but it would be another few moments before the fuel itself was thawed enough for use. The same restriction would hamper the use of his flame projector. Too bad, a fire on the flight deck would certainly give him the distraction he needed to get his crewmates off this garbage scow. He sighed to himself. He would have to do things the old fashioned way.

    He targeted the far catwalk, the one that Tangos 1-3 were on, noting that they were all looking intently at the pod. So much for stealth, he had been discovered he was sure of that. But did they realize he was a threat yet? Didn't matter Taab thought, it was too late for them anyway. With a twitch of his left eye he targted the catwalk they were on and winked. A moment later the rocket attached to his jetpack lit off with a loud WHOOSH, leaving him in the midst of a roiling smoke.

    The warhead veered left immediately, towards the catwalk he had targeted. It slammed into the base of the catwalk and exploded sending shrapnel ricocheting across the bay. One piece even found Taab as he rolled off the pod under the cover of the smoke form the rocket's launch though it bounced harmlessly off his heavy beskar armor. The beings on the targeted catwalk hadn't been so lucky. Tango 1 (a Besalisk) was down...and in multiple peices as the blast and shrapnel dismembered him. Tango-2 had been vaporized by the blast itself, the warhead going off just a meter or so away from what had once been a Nikto. Tango-3 was...well that was a problem Taab thought as he unslung his blaster carbine and brought it up to the high ready. His buy'ce had lost tracking on Tango-3, the human guard could be alive or he could have been dead, but right now Taab had no idea where he was.

    He also still had Tango-4 to worry about. The Rodian female had been on the other catwalk, the one not now collapsing to the main deck, and she was most certainly alive. She would call for help he was sure, so he had to work fast. Using the salon pod as cover, he doubted she could get a bead on him from her vantage point, he peaked around the vessel (which by this time had settled into its berth) to try to locate her and take her out before any further help could arrive.

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    OOG: Great connecting that Greater Javin post, Sith! :cool: Great memory!

    IC: Captain Jason Lasso
    High-end condos, Near the CSA Governmental Complex, Craci Prime

    Lasso surveyed the damage as everything seemed to settle for a moment. The man known as "Guns," the muscle built man carrying the heavy weaponry, was coming to slowly, being coaxed slowly back to the land of conciousness by "Comms".

    "Eyes," the group's sniper, was dead. Shot so by a redirected blaster bolt from 'Yav's struggle with an equally dead Rebel, "Crazy". The Rebel's medic, "Doc," was in the process of confirming their deaths as he shut their eyes quietly. Others in the Rebels' group were quiet, somber at the loss of comrades and for what cause?

    That left the group of 8 SpecOps down to six members, with Guns and Hard Case wounded---a sudden blaster bolt silenced Hard Case as he got up, brandishing a blaster for Lasso. The rebellious soldier went slumping against the window, a smoking hole in his chest, as Lasso redirected his heavy blaster pistol back to Skywalker's head.

    Okay, so that left 7 SpecOps soldiers. At least one of which, Guns, would be the wildcard for the group. The others seemed to be aligned with Skywalker.

    "I have powerful allies," Skywalker said under the strain of Lasso's restraint.

    "Yea," Lasso replied, "My dump this morning in the refresher was pretty powerful too. What's your point?"

    “Captain, all I ask is for you NOT to harm him. He is more valuable to the galaxy than you can imagine. I can’t explain it at the moment, but I feel that he is, just as you are.”

    "If he's all that important Mahaben, I suggest he better start talking," Lasso replied, "Care to share Skywalker?"

    "I would," the young farm boy replied, "However, it seems like these negotiations are one-sided."

    "They weren't, until your boys started firing. Care to explain why the hell---"

    Lasso started as Atin walked in and said, "So...what did I miss?"

    "---your boys started firing. Because now, we have a bounty hunter and," Lasso nodded over to Sydney, "A man who was able to sit eerily clam throughout a whole blaster fight. And don't forget our nurse in a towel. So I don't know what's worse, a bounty hunter, a crazed old man who can sit through a blaster fight, or a girl in a towel with a gun. I'm sure all three of them can come up with interesting ways to make your life miserable and make you talk. Me? I'd just shoot you and ask your superiors questions later when I deliver the body. So what is it going to be Hero?"

    "You forgot your wounded man, the blind Jedi, that Elf guy, and the techs" Comms pointed out, trying a line at humor to try to defuse the situation.

    "Them?" Lasso replied, taking Comms' hint with a smile, "I wouldn't even want to mess with. Wounded people, you don't ever make them mad. Jedi, well they have lightsabers. And 'Yav's resume is very long in his skill-set, so just don't. And our techs at the table can steal your bank account information, steal your identity, and sell your house all from those computers. Give 'em about five minutes at least."

    "Two minutes in fact," Ronnie the Xexto replied, amidst "Rookie" and Yav having a side conversation about the Empire and Jedi.

    "I'm glad everyone can joke with three people dead!" the Rebel medic said angrily.

    There was a silence for a long moment at the "back to reality" of a bad situation. The silence was finally broken, if only in a way to transition from death to new beginnings.

    "I have a question." Ulrike piped up unexpectedly, "For Data, as he seems quite well informed."

    The Shatra raised the higher of his two eyes on the right side of his flat, wide-mouth head. "If the information is not classified."

    "Who ordered the hit on Captain Taller at the Greater Javin?" She referred to the Rebel-mounted attack on their former leader a few months whilst the Johnny Boy had been drydocked for repairs in that region of space.

    There was a wondering of eyes between everyone in the room between Rebels and Mercs. Lasso tightened his grip on his blaster pistol, "Well Skywalker? That was our Captain!"

    "I don't know!" Luke replied, "I swear!"

    "And my name is Darth Vader," Lasso dug the blaster pistol's nozzle into Luke's head, "WHO?!"

    "He wouldn't know!" Data replied hastily.

    Jason looked at Data, "Well, who then? Because the nurse has a great memory of how many times the Rebels have stabbed us in the back. First the Red Ocean, then the Greater Javin. I almost forgot about that little bit of history where the Jod sacrificed a whole Battleship to save us, because they believed in their prophecy so much."

    "If you let Skywalker go," Data said, "Let us all go and we can all sit down peacefully, then I can tell you what I know."

    "Data, that information is classified!" Comms ordered, "It's a firing squad offense."

    "I know," Data said quietly, "I know."

    "Who the heck are you guys?" Lasso asked.

    Comms sighed, "SAPT," she replied, adding, Special Asset Protection Team."

    "Oh," Dak finally said something, "That's interesting."

    "What is so interesting Dak?" Lasso asked, "Please enlighten us."

    "Captain Lasso," Dak said, "A SAPT unit is only assigned to the Alliance High Command."

    "Okay, but there is no one here who is High Command----oh man," Lasso said.

    "There is," Data said, as his face dissolved as the Holographic disguise matrix converted it to a human face of Airen Cracken, "General Aiern Cracken, Alliance Intelligence. I had to see you Mercs in action for myself. But more to the point, this helped clean my team of the people I knew were working for the Empire."

    The man walked calmly, too calmly, as he walked over to "Guns".

    "Go die Rebel Scum!" Guns said, then started to laugh, "Its too late Cracken! The Empire will be here in moments to finish you off!"

    "You mean the tracking beacon Hard Case put on our land speeder or the one you put in your weapon? Or even the one hidden in Eyes' boot? Yes, I knew all about them well before we left Yavin. And also the mirco droids in everyone's blood streams put there by Doc," Cracken now turned to the medic, "The 'check-up,' Doc? Remember back on the Yavin base?"

    The Medic shook his head, "Just normal General! I never knew!"

    "I know you didn't, but," Cracken snapped around and shot Guns dead with a quick draw of his holstered blaster as the big man fell dead in Comms' arms after he withdrew a hidden hold-out blaster under his armor, "But Guns, Crazy, and Hard Case all knew," the Alliance General put his weapon away and turned back to the Alliance group and Mercs, "Everyone I had personally transferred over to this team for Skywalker's protection off of Yavin Base. Right about now, all of those blood samples and the tracking beacons have us in about three dozen different places in the galaxy right now, none of which are even close to Craci Prime or even the Outer Rim."

    "And me, sir?" Rookie asked uneasily, "I'm new...sir."

    Cracken smiled, "I had to transfer someone else too, so the Empire hadn't thought I singled their agents out. I transferred you all over several months, with no pattern or reason, other then to covertly become part of my team I would use to protect Alliance High Command. Interesting enough, everyone we replaced are safely protecting Alliance High Command as we speak now with the Fleet."

    "So..." Lasso started, "We just witnessed house cleaning in action and you wanted to set up a meeting with us, correct?"

    Cracken nodded with a smile, "Yes. And the bait was Skywalker. I knew the Empire's agents would try to stop you, because it would be their ticket to start this firefight. death of Skywalker in a firefight against mercenaries, eliminates the need for anyone looking too closely into his death. And it would give the Imperial agents the perfect cover story to contuine working on SAPT teams and eliminate our High Command one at a time. Problem was, I knew all along and the Empire had no idea."

    "Huh," Lasso said, releasing Skywalker and holstering his weapon.

    "Intelligence my young friend. It's my specialty."

    "Well," spoke up Otter the Nosaurian, "I would hate to break up this love fest, but I'm hacked into the local traffic holo cam system. And we have four Imperial tanks and a whole company of Imperial Army troops headed this way. Not to mention an Espo response."

    "Expected," Cracken said, nodding to his team to rearm only after Lasso gave a nod to the Mercs to allow them to do so, "We're close to the CSA Governmental Complex. Any reports of heavy blaster fire is going to draw a response. If it were Stormtroopers, I would be worried. But the Empire wouldn't trust Skywalker to regular Army units for capture. No, the Emperor wants his revenge for the first Death Star."

    "So," Lasso said as he started motioning for the Mercs to secure the place with hand signals and be on the look-out for in coming tangos, "What the heck do we do?"

    "Come in the way we came in," Cracken said, looking at Dak.

    Lasso looked between the General and the droid, "Why you no good piece of malfunctioning piece of---" Lasso started.

    "Captain," Dak said, "I knew this was a Rebel safe house on Craci Prime. Captain Taller had it's location saved into my memory banks."

    "For what?" Lasso asked, still on the verge of vaping the droid.

    "For this meeting," Cracken said as a panel slid aside in a otherwise completely white plain wall to show a over-sized turbolift that everyone could fit into, "Taller knows more the you think."

    "Even the Greater Javin?" Lasso asked as he quietly motioned everyone to the lift.

    "No," Cracken said, "That's why we're meeting."

    "Wonderful," Lasso said as everyone got cramped onto the trubolift and the doors shut, "But know we ain't working for the Rebel Alliance. And we're not saving any Rebel Alliance butt. We Mercs got a thing about the Alliance."

    "We know," Cracken said as the turbolift came to a stop and deposited everyone into an old, forgotten looking sewage tunnel, "And you won't be working for the Alliance."

    "Really?" Lasso said as he motioned for Atin and the Mahaben tom take point with the "Comms" Rebel, then directed Boras, Sydney, and Ulrike took rear guard with the Rebel known as "Rookie," and then everyone else filled in the middle in a loose formation.

    "Really," Cracken said, "I am what is left of Operation Intervention for the Rebel Alliance. But we need to get as far away from this turbolift as we can first before we start talking. There's an emergency safe room up around the corner from here."

    "We better get our contract money," Lasso grumbled, "Plus, we still ain't working for the Alliance."

    "I'll make sure Vortex pays you," Cracken said, "And I never said you would be working for the Alliance. I'm just asking you hear me out. I never said I was working for the Alliance either on this. Lets just say we may have the same business interests and I would like to see if we could combine our efforts."

    "Don't hold your breath," Jason replied as they made their way down the dark tunnels.

    "If we don't rescue Mr. Vortex, no one will ever get a chance to hold their breath again."

    "That's reassuring," Lasso said, "So I'm assuming these tunnels run right under the CSA Complex like some holo spy thriller action movie?"

    "Pretty much," Cracken said.

    "Good, you have an escape plan?" Lasso said.

    "That's why you guys are here," Cracken, "Once the fighting starts, we can't go back the way we came."

    "Some help you guys are," Lasso said with a sigh.

    "We weren't expecting an Imperial invasion to complicate things. Our original escape plan was vaped with the spaceport explosion."

    "Oh, that's what that glow was," Lasso said, trying to be serious but feeling the strain of exhaustion to start to kick in.

    "And our second plan was vaped with the Imperial blockade around the planet. We were hoping you guys had a way off this planet."

    "Kill the Imperials before they kill us and run like crazy," Lasso replied.

    "Great," Cracken replied.

    "Better then your two sucky plans," Lasso commented.

    "Yea, what is your escape plan?" Cracken countered.

    "I'm thinking on it. I like to keep us and the Imperials guessing. That way, no spy can steal what we don't know."

    "And the Jod believe you guys can save the galaxy? Scary."

    "Their prophecy, not ours," Lasso countered and looked over at Yav, "Take Sydney with you and find where this tunnel connects with the CSA Complex. I want a recon done on that Complex's insides and find out where Vortex is; once you found us the path of least resistance to Mr. Vortex, comlink me and we'll come in and get him out of there and get our payday. While your reconing Espo dispositions, have Sydney snoop around for a hidden hanger bay. I could of swore I saw some hanger bay doors opening on the top level. We could sure use come transportation for an escape and maybe a way to slow their response in stopping us once the shooting starts. Get it done quietly, Commander, and your beer is on me for the month. And Sydney's too. Let our ole hanger chief know that he can be as mischievous as he wants, just save one transport for us that he doesn't disable. Something nice, too. I like heated seats and cup-holders. Tinted windows is a plus too. Once your done reconing, see if you can hack into the Complex's information systems while we rescue Mr. Vortex. I want to know whatever you can dig up about Craci Prime, Mr. Vortex, and Mr. Vortex's business interests."

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    IC: Crewperson Mary Formal, aboard the ILH-KK cruiser, Luck’s Gamble
    Location: Craci Prime

    Formal stared out the front of the ship at the side of the apartment complex where several of the Mercs had stashed themselves, with a high-point to survey the CSA Government Complex where this Mr Vortex was.

    She wasn't really seeing the architecture. Consumed with her own thoughts.

    And this was her second time doing so.

    The orders from Quagmire had been to proceed to Safe-Zone-Two-Two-A, far away round the planet to a lakeside villa, but she had opted not to argue with the clearly distraught Sydney Ayres when he had asked to be set down here.

    She had escorted him into the apartment, silently watched him sit on a sofa, and returned to the ship to stare at the building through the cockpit window ports, unmoving, barely thinking, struggling to process what had happened.

    For some reason, now forgotten, she had popped back inside, walking in on an apparent training exercise, several more people had shown up, intently watching as Captain Lasso stood on the stairs, demonstrating with some uniformed blond kid, what to do when someone grabs you from behind, and puts a blaster to your head.

    "Hey." She had greeted the room, but no-one had even acknowledged her.

    She assumed Sydney must have told them what had happened. Maybe they blamed her.

    Someone had dropped their weapon on the carpet, causing her to bare her gritted teeth in sympathy - Ooh, classic rookie mistake.

    Mary had backtracked, and eased herself away from the scene, to the sound of Yav balling the kid out, telling him to leave the gun on the ground.

    You got off easy, 'Wipe. Taab was here, you'd never hear the frakkin' end of it. She berated the kid from afar, He'd be insulting your family and sending you on 'training runs' round the ship.

    Mary had seen something die inside the chief, his vitality and effusiveness cancelled as the missile hit.

    She knew almost, how he felt.

    She knew that she was a killer.

    She had killed in anger.
    She had killed in self defense.
    She had killed to survive. So, so many friends, neighbours, fellow refugees whilst blockaded on Flitter by the Empire. Once a month, because she had needed their hearts. She had looked into disbelieving faces with regret, but done what she had to. To survive.

    But this had been different.

    Today, she had tried to do the right thing. And that felt the hardest of all. This had seemed like an opportunity to redress some of the bad on her ledger. Saving lives for the sake of it; so many people dependent on hers and Ayres’ efforts.

    This felt the worst.

    Mary brushed away a tear, sniffed noisily, sighed, pressed the controls to retract the boarding ramp.

    She reversed the Luck’s Gamble from the side of the roof facing away from CSA eyes, and melted into the aerial traffic.

    All she could do now was follow orders: head out of the city, re-acquire the three Mercs, Taab, Masha, Sunri, and proceed to the villa.

    Maybe then, the others would talk to her.

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    OOC: I am aware that the ledger thing is not dis-similar to the Black Widow's in the Avenger's film.
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    IC: Kannari Oshi
    Hoverbus interior, (remains of the) Spaceport, Craci Prime

    It all happened so fast.

    There was a blinding light, followed by a deafening explosion, and a shockwave so strong that Kannari could feel in deep in her chest. Snapping her head to the side, her gold eyes went wide in horror as the spaceport started to disintegrate before her, a wave of debris rumbling towards the bus, its impact imminent.

    “GET DOWN!”

    She cried as the wave of destruction connected with the vehicle. Kannari was pitched violently against the wall of the bus and she let out a startled cry as the hoverbus was flung sideways by the force of the impact. Her own cries were drowned out by the sheer panic of the civilians as they were flung from their seats, by the sound of terrified screams, scraping metal and shattering glass. Crashing back down onto a cracked transparisteel pane, Kannari saw spots dancing in front of her eyes as the bus finally came to rest.

    For a few long seconds, there was only silence as Kannari’s body registered the shock. A pained groan escaped her throat as the silence was rapidly replaced by the sound of screaming and crying. As she regained her senses, she became aware of the smell of blood, the smell of sweat, the smells of fear and the scents of the dead or dying. Wincing as she gingerly pushed herself up to sitting; her eyes fell on the form of a Sullustan lying by her feet. There was no life in his eyes as blood pooled beneath his broken body. Surveying the carnage that surrounded her, Kannari knew he wasn’t the only one who had lost his life.

    Cursing in old Cathar, she grunted as she pulled herself up to standing, albeit somewhat awkwardly as a fresh wave of pain lanced through her back. Staggering towards the driver’s seat, she noticed the storm trooper slumped forward in his chair, the safety harness the only thing keeping him from going face first through the windshield. “Hey, HEY!” She grunted as she placed a clawed hand on the Storm trooper’s shoulder and shook it gently. After a few tense seconds, the white armoured imperial stirred slightly, a groan escaping his lips through his helmet.

    "Emperor's Bones. We need to get out of here."

    Kannari’s ears twitched and she turned her head, her eyes falling on the dishevelled form of her client. As far as she could tell, he wasn’t seriously hurt. The other passengers however, were another story. They needed medical attention

    “Niall, can you move?” She asked as she supported herself against a hand rail. Pressing a button on her wrist communicator, she keyed in an open frequency before bringing the device up to her lips.

    “Attention! Attention! Is anyone on this frequency?…my name is Oshi. I am in the spaceport. Civilians are trapped in a bus near customs area; we have numerous casualties and many fatalities and need urgent assistance. Repeat urgent assistance!”

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Commander Yavscout, Rookie (nrc), Ulrike, Alliance Safe House
    Location: Craci Prime

    As usual, while the others moved, the elf tried to marshall the ones he perceived as the youngsters, "Alright, Kids - Luke, Wookie-"

    "Uh, that's Rookie." Rookie interrupted.

    Yavscout looked at the Rebel infantryman. "Seriously? I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, and assumed 'Fights Like A Girl'-" He pointed at the deceased Crazy, "-had a lisp or something."

    "No," the 19-year old human confirmed, "no, it's Rookie. Cos I'm new, you see."

    "Okey-day. Luke, Rookie, Scorch. We're the second team." He started to issue instructions, while digging through the cutlery drawer under the condensor. "There's the fruit bowl; get two pieces, have one now, and hold onto the other one for later; we don't know when we'll get re-supplied. Scorch, watch over Ulrike while she gets dressed; Luke, here's a fork; when you get spare moments, I want you to practice moving it with your mind. Someday, your lightsabre is going to be out of arms reach again, and you'll thank your Uncle Yav for leading you on this path." Yav tossed the lightsabre over to Luke just after he caught the fork, then looked back towards the rookie, gesturing to the dead traitors. "Anyone here you didn't like?"

    Rookie shrugged. "Well, I wasn't overly fond of Hard Case."

    "Alright, lift him on a chair; drag the chair into that lift that serves the garage, and put a note on his chest that says, 'Ho ho ho. Now I have a machine gun,' and send him and the lift down to the garage level for those Imps to find. Then I want you to booby-trap these doors."

    "Crazy was our explosives expert."

    "I'm sure you can improvise. And Dak? Get here...get here!" Waiting for the military protocol droid to join him, Yav turned back to his cooked pizza, and started slice it up with a nifty circular-blade-on-a-handle that had been in with the cutlery.

    Despite being a commander, this was the first time he had tried giving orders to the droid of his own back, but it had knowingly led them into an Alliance Safe House, and allowed a firefight to ensue without explaining that little factlet.

    People came into his place, ate his food, messed up his sofas, he'd have opened fire on the Mercs too.

    * * * *

    Yavscout found himself having to multi-task as he crowded with everyone into the secret turbolift. He had a doughy slice of pizza sticking out of his mouth and hanging down his chin while struggling to buckle the DL-44' gunbelt appropriated from Crazy round his waist, where it had to share space with the stormtrooper belt holding his E-11.

    That was nothing compared to Ulrike, the nurse single-handedly feeding her slice to herself, while balancing Rookie's on a white paper serviette, and had a foot by the lift door to stop it from closing while they waited for Rookie to finish his preparations with the other lift, backing cautiously away from his work, then running to join them.

    Her hands freed as he repatriated his treat from her, she was able to forearm-wipe some of the orange-coloured sauce dripping down her chin before it stained her clothes.

    The secret turbolift dropped them past ground level into a forgotten-looking sewage tunnel.

    Yav took a tentative sniff of the place. "Great." He mumbled to General Cracken around his bit of pizza, then, snapping the gunbelt together to free his own hands, managed to follow up in caustic tones. "What a wonderful smell you've discovered!"

    He spotted Skywalker flashing him a look.

    The elf's earlier fingertip search through his mental spellbook had netted a spell he hoped to test down here, as it should provide a light source, but the rebels, who already knew about the tunnel, had grabbed lumi sticks, like glowing blue batons, to bring with them, and were casting blue illumination and shadows against the black brickwork lining the inside of the tunnel.

    "And you won't be working for the Alliance." Cracken continued.

    "Really?" Lasso said
    as he organised the point and rear guard.

    "Really," Cracken said, "I am what is left of Operation Intervention for the Rebel Alliance. But we need to get as far away from this turbolift as we can first before we start talking. There's an emergency safe room up around the corner from here."

    "We better get our contract money," Lasso grumbled, "Plus, we still ain't working for the Alliance."

    "I'll make sure Vortex pays you," Cracken said, "And I never said you would be working for the Alliance. I'm just asking you hear me out. I never said I was working for the Alliance either on this. Lets just say we may have the same business interests and I would like to see if we could combine our efforts."

    Trudging along in the middle group with the senior Mercs and Rebels, he shot a look forward to "Comms", to see if she had anything to say about Cracken's admission.

    She, after all, had been the one most vocal about court martials and death penalties, however the elf could tell nothing from the back of her head.

    Captain Lasso and General Cracken continued to compare plans, although at times it sounded like an exchange of barbs.

    "We weren't expecting an Imperial invasion-" The General admitted.

    "Who was?" Yav interjected into the exchange

    "Our original escape plan was vaped with the spaceport explosion."

    "Oh, that's what that glow was," Lasso said.

    "And our second plan was vaped with the Imperial blockade around the planet. We were hoping you guys had a way off this planet."

    "Kill the Imperials before they kill us and run like crazy," Lasso replied.

    Yav smiled as he filed that one away for another personalised t-shirt to add to his meagre collection.

    "You know," Ulrike advised from the back, "if your ship at the spaceport is in one of the docking rings, it might be safe. Parked ships were dropped into hardened bunkers when the debris started coming down. If you can find a way to raise your craft from the bunker, you might still be able to use her."

    "Nah," one of their new techs put in, "that Bith is fragged. Radiation cloud, communications are ionised for the local area. No-one's going into that area without rad-protection suits, or coming out without medical treatment."

    "Great," Cracken replied.

    "Better then your two sucky plans," Lasso commented.

    "Yea, what is your escape plan?" Cracken countered.

    "I'm thinking on it. I like to keep us and the Imperials guessing. That way, no spy can steal what we don't know."

    "And the Jod believe you guys can save the galaxy? Scary."

    "Their prophecy, not ours," Lasso countered and looked over at Yav, "Take Sydney with you and find where this tunnel connects with the CSA Complex."

    Yav listened intently to his superior's requirements. Lasso did not have Taller's penchant for demanding the impossible, but that might be something the young Corellian grew into.

    The elf nodded. "Copy that. If you want hacking done, we'll need one of your new tech guys." He'd always used Deputy, his astromech, for that stuff before. He crooked a finger at the Toong. "You, out of the A-Team, Baracus. With me."

    "Y-you mean, 'Face', d-don't you?" Herdferd queried as he moved himself out of the general group.

    Yavscout shrugged with a smile. "Well, I was trying not to say."

    He and the tech pulled ahead of the main group, noting the first corner which would likely lead to find the safe room that the General had mentioned. They trudged past into the darkness.

    "Shield your eyes," Yav warned eventually, "I'm going to try to give us more light."

    "M-more l-light is always w-welcome."

    Yav stopped. "Alright, stand behind me in case this goes wrong..."

    Herdferd's small eyes peered at the elf's indistinct form and did as instructed. "Oookay."

    Yavscout's concern was that the Halo of Light was one he had never used, and more importantly, he had never used it since being infected by the Red Rock.

    Would it provide welcome illumination, or would it paint him all over the brickwork.

    He cast the spell, along with the requisite shower of sparkles.

    "Niiiiice," Yav commented, turning his right hand back and forth as he examined the ring of white light, a halo if you will, which cast welcome light up the tunnel. "Okay, Sydney, Herdferd, let's pick up the pace now we can see where we are going."

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    OOC: "Ho ho ho, I have a machine gun" is from Die Hard.
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    OOC: Posting this for Heavy Isotope who PMed it to me.

    IC: Masha Tinovorsh
    Hutt Caravel Salon Pod

    As the jettisoned pod came into the hangar Masha was unaware of the situation growing outside her cell. Again, time seemed to stand still and waiting turned into forever. She flicked the butt of the cigarette away, the anger and frustration inside her was still pushing in her veins. The annoying voice over the comm was still silent. At this point Masha couldn't decide what would make her more angry; another back and forth with him or if he silently pushed out another ridiculous get-up.

    Suddenly there was a loud, undeniable sound, of an explosion that rocked the pod. Little plinking sounds pelted around the outside of the pod...

    What the brix is going on here...

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