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    IC: Captain Jason Lasso
    Secured Warehouse section, somewhere near "The Docks" and Street AA-Three

    Lasso had made it to clear sight of the factory, hunkering down behind a warehouse. The mad charge of guards had slowed down to a trickle up the hill, little remnants of a once mighty charge, dismantled by the superior firepower and foresight of a droid programmed with tactics-based warfare in mind, moved up the hill in a last ditch heroic vain attempt to win the night of bloodshed. Whether that charge of guards was purely dismantled by a lack of warm bodies now standing or by the withdraw of forces from a command post was not yet clear. Lasso could see the blind man waving him down, mostly thanks to the parking lot and building lights that Dak had retained for security purposes for his ambush. Waving back that he saw the blind man, Lasso used the attached flashlight to his blaster rifle's barrel and flashed it several times towards Dak. With communications down, the "universal" code for friendlies was the best Lasso could do, hoping Dak wouldn't over think it and think it was a trick by the enemy. As the last of the guards either fell or started to retreat, the droid's blaster bolts soon came to a stop.


    A Few Minutes later

    ""...rescue party," Lasso was saying from behind the factory as he tossed Boras a few captured enemy energy clips for a blaster, "Now it's time to get out of here."

    "What, in Ayres's beast?" Dak asked, raising an eyebrow, then looking over at the old mechanic leaning out the driver's side door, "No offense, but we're going to be clear targets for any Espos on the way out. And not to mention, where did everyone go? And why aren't the Espos sending a whole army down here? We must of alerted every law enforcement station, sensor, and not to mention awoken every civilian in twenty miles from here."

    "Okay," Lasso replied, shrugging, "Then we leave. Rescue attempt completed."

    Dak shook his head, "No, no! We need to find out what the heck is going on here!" Dak said, "There's a reason why the Espos aren't storming this place as we speak! If it's illegal goods, if we could somehow use Ayres' beast here, we could steal said illegal supplies and no one would know. And I'm going to venture to guess that they're no selling stuffed teddy bears with all the mercenary muscle guarding this place. We need the supplies, Captain!"

    Lasso looked around the group, noting from a logical point of view the sudden silence. Maybe everyone had died? No, that wouldn't make sense. There was a command element here somewhere and Dak had already explained he had found nothing of a command post inside the factory. So it must be in one of the warehouses. Or the sea boat docked at the docks. And where had the Imperials gone to?

    "Fine---" Lasso started to say, but the sudden rapid exploding debris of a warehouse in he distance, followed quickly by another one, and both preceeded by a flash of green light from the sky, was drowned out. The ground shook, the explosions deafening all normal levels of hearing.

    "Orbital bombardment!" Lasso yelled, but his words would not be heard, his speak drowned out by the deafening roar of impacts, "To the speeder truck!" But only Lasso's mouth moved, no words could be heard. The roar and shake of the ground was so mighty as building after building went up in flaming debris that Lasso felt like his head would simply explode---let alone his flesh ripped from his bones---as blast waves collided into each other from impact after impact from the heavy turbolaser battery strikes, causing a terrible effect of destruction as blast waves blew through smaller buildings and all but dismantled vehicles and any organic body standing in the way.

    The last thing Jason knew, before everything going black, was reaching the speeder truck, his hand reaching out as Boras pulled him inside and Mahaben was climbing inside the speeder truck next to him. Then Lasso felt like an invisable hand had reached out and lifted him and the speeder truck up off the ground, rolling them both like rag dolls as a blast wave expanded from the factory being hit---


    Unknown time later

    The first thing Lasso could hear were the voices and the radio chatter. As he forced his eyes open against a blinding headache and flashlights, a piece of metal being removed off of him, he could see the Espos' faces.

    "Must be one of the Colonel's mercenaries. Still alive!" barked an Espo, "We better get him out of here before that Imperial drop ship gets here and starts asking questions."

    "Asking questions!?" Barked the Espo next to him, "We're being invaded!"

    "Invaded?!" The first Espo said, "We're a protected independent government under the Galactic Empire! The Empire wouldn't dare invade CSA space! Talk is, the orbital fire came from a Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, a CSA destroyer mind you, who was given wrong orders."

    "Wrong orders? This is a civilian sector! And last I saw, Gladiators don't punch firepower like that! Sounds like an Imperial cover up, just saying" said the second soldier in reply, disgusted, as they reached and picked up Jason Lasso from the rubble. All around, Espos flooded through the burning remains of the warehouses and factory, emergency vehicles and droids of every type searching the debris field for survivors. The night sky was more like daytime as people and machine used lights and vehicles to search the rubble.

    Colonel's mercenaries? Lasso thought as he blacked out again, being loaded into the back of an ambulance and transported to the nearest hospital.

    Where, and if they were still alive, were the other Mercs? Ayres? Boras? Mahaben? Dak? Such questions escaped Lasso's mind blackness became his friend once again....

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    OOG: I will be getting a post up to detail the Imperial side of things ASAP tomorrow or Thursday. :)
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    IC: Winterkill
    Docking Bay 7, CSA Spaceport, Shadow’s Lament

    There it was. The answer. With no helmet to hide behind, certain nuances were more apparent. Not the words themselves, but how they were delivered, that - and the light in the eyes, or lack of it in this case. It was these little things that revealed the most.

    Brahms was a killer and deserved death. Period. Ironically, there was a very strong possibility that ‘Brahms’ would die a second time today, if he didn’t watch his back.

    This one was not used to working with others, she was always in control, she took no chances. Tiaca was not easy to read, not by a long shot, but Winterkill knew how to read killers. Of course, there were always exceptions. Havah Jeth being one of them.

    It became obvious that Tiaca knew more than she let on and kept the ace to herself. Raw survivor style. There was no unifying factor among ’survivors’ here, this was nothing like the concentration camps back on Nagi. No, this was worse.

    In the end, ‘Brahms’ was expendable and even ‘profitable’ if the Bounty Huntress played her cards right. In the end, she really had no real reason not to betray him. Not under their code. This was just… ‘business’.


    Assume nothing. Everyone is an enemy until proven otherwise.

    According to the plan as it was laid out, an opportunity to turn the tables was revealed, if it ever came to that. Winterkill could taste his own inner irritation, which he did not show. All this trouble for a handful of supplies?

    It’d better be worth it.

    “Door to hallway, into detention center. Key point: maintenance shaft. Storage facility and package are on the upper level. Copy that.”

    If it looks like a reptile and talks like a reptile, it’s most likely a reptile, no matter what it looks like on the outside.

    “Let us proceed.”

    Yes, he would do his best to acquire supplies for Captain Lasso, but becoming a convenient casualty was not part of the plan.

    Not by a long shot.

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    IC: Sydney Ayres
    Warehouse District

    The ringing in Sydney's head was more than just an alcohol-induced headache. Alarms were going off, that annoying computerized voice screaming, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" kept spouting off at the mouth, and to make matters worse, Ayres found himself upside down. At least he'd been strapped in before whatever it was that had flipped the speeder-truck on its back had gone off. Some large explosion, he wasn't sure. He remembered that he'd stopped firing the cannon on the speeder-truck just long enough for a few guys to hop in. He hadn't had time to look. Didn't want to look now for fear of seeing a torso ripped in half.

    The cockpit glass looked like a spider's web with all the cracks running away from the epicenter of the impact. That would have to be replaced. In fact, Sydney surmised in his upside-down condition, a lot would have to be repaired. The cannon on top of the speeder-truck, much of the armor, yeah, lots of stuff. He caught a whiff of smoke. Craning his neck, Ayres happened to see a mild blaze erupting near the back of the transport. He unbuckled himself, ignoring the drop to the ceiling, er floor, and then grabbed the nearest extinguisher to vanquish the fire. That didn't take long. Fortunately the fire hadn't hit the speeder's magazine. Then he'd really be in trouble.

    Ayres felt fatigued as the adrenaline wore off. That was when all the aches and pains hit him hard, real hard, like a big nasty swoop gang taking turns with his body as a punching bag. He checked himself over, moved his arms, legs, that sort of thing, was relieved to discover that nothing was broken. Now he just had to figure out where he was. What got him to this point. And if the latest crush of his life, the speeder-truck, could be salvaged. The battle seemed quieter outside. Maybe everyone had died. Maybe the galaxy was suddenly short a few trillion individuals. Oh good, that meant a lot more resources coming his way.

    He headed toward the back hatch, saw that it was propped open by the severed arm of an Espo. That was great. Real great. Sydney flung the arm aside as he opened the hatch and what he saw made his mouth drop in shock.

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    IC: Mahaben
    Warehouse District, The Docks, CSA

    It all happened quite suddenly and quickly. At the very least, they had not all been killed by Dak; but all of it was about to be rendered moot by way of Orbital Bombardment.

    The droid had been ‘rescued’ and was in their midst, when the question about supply appropriation became the focal point. No answer would be had, as fate would have it.

    A deafening roar not unlike a thousand thunder strikes shook the very ground they stood upon and consumed all other sound. Captain Lasso was yelling. A wasted and vain effort under the circumstances. A strong attempt was made to escape in Ayres’s mobile beast, but that too proved to be in vain, as lances of brilliant death rained down mercilessly throughout the surrounding area, annihilating any an all things within the impact zones-the factory and all which it contained in particular.

    Mahaben threw up his hands almost by reflex as he called upon the force and extended a protection bubble of sufficient size to encompass Ayres mechanical monster and the mercs. Through the Force, the blind miraluka had spotted the titanic tidal torrent that was the blast wave. His vision revealed a brilliant and terrible tide of surging energy.

    As expected, it greeted them with tremendous force and had begun to knock them about, and for just a brief second, everything slowed down as the robed blind man negotiated with the terrible forces that threatened to annihilate them. His efforts and arguments were noted, his understanding acknowledged, but ultimately, his appeal was rejected.

    The blast wave launched the blind man clear off from the speeder truck for his affront. Mahaben barely managed to protect himself as he suddenly found himself airborn and under intense pressure. Below him, the speeder truck tumbled and receded in size, then disappeared, swallowed by a churning cloud of bright debris and vehement sound.

    It took almost all his concentration to get back his bearings and survive the explosive event. Mahaben’s knowledge of the Force and experience during the Clone Wars served him well. The ex-jedi managed to land, albeit unceremoniously, much like a discarded toy, several hundred meters form his fellow mercs, bruised, but thankfully alive.

    Smoke, fire, debris and general chaos dominated the landscape. The blackened metallic skeleton of what used to be a factory, still burned and was barely discernible in the distance. Mahaben got up after a moment and sat himself cross-legged where he was. He reached out with the force….searching, sensing.

    There! and…There!!

    Ayres, Captain Lasso…and Boras. They were alive -thank the Force!

    The group had been scattered by the explosion and now Espos were filtering in the area. The ex-jedi got up and began moving about, keeping a safe distance from the security forces as he moved closer to where he sensed the captain. Other beings seemed to be near him.

    Darn Bogan. It was the Espos! They were taking Lasso.

    After a moment of closer inspection, it became clear that the captain was being treated as a victim of the explosion and not being ‘arrested’. It could be that the Espos did not have an ID on the Merc Captain as of yet, but his anonymity could only shield him for so long.

    A quick appraisal of the situation concluded in letting the captain be for the moment. There was too much of a disadvantage should he confront the Espos alone. That meant a different plan was in order.

    Mahaben stealthily moved towards the upturned wreck that was Ayres speeder truck. Despite the increasing search lights, the blind man was still able to move unnoticed, if just barely.

    The blind miraluka ‘observed’ the mechanic slip out the rear hatch of his upturned vehicle. One ‘look’ revealed that he too was merely bruised and had not suffered any serious injuries. The man’s expression was telling. Perhaps that was a good sign. To the miraluka, such scenes of destruction and carnage had become so common place, that he’d grown almost immune to them.

    Ayres….” The blind man called out in a loud whisper from a few paces away. He used a very familiar tone to both get his attention and immediately confer that he was a friend.

    “Thank the Force you’re alright.” Mahaben said in relief.

    “There are Espos combing the area for survivors. They have the captain. I believe Boras is alive somewhere. I just have to triangulate his location.”

    The blind man’s bow turned into an appraising look. Ayres seemed fit enough to continue on foot at least.

    “We cannot remain here…” Mahaben finally said after a brief pause.

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    IC: Sydney Ayres
    Warehouse District

    Sydney heard a voice call his name. Slowly his thoughts coagulated into something coherent. He looked in the direction of the voice. Saw the blind man, Mahaben, speaking with him. Good, so his hearing wasn't shot despite the ringing that still persisted. He had this urge to run. To hide. To disappear. That was what was required now. He slipped back into the speeder-truck and saw that his blaster rifle was unharmed. "You're going to be needed," Sydney muttered as it suddenly dawned on him that there was no rescuing his speeder-truck. Damn it.

    “We cannot remain here…” Mahaben finally said after a brief pause.

    The captain was gone. The Selkath was nowhere to be seen. And the blind were leading the blind so to speak. All in all, Sydney thought, today was looking just peachy.

    "Lead the way," Sydney grunted as he hefted his blaster rifle to his shoulder and followed his mysterious comrade to whatever adventures awaited them.

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    IC: General Preeminent Hilick Soal
    Bridge, Assertor-class Star Dreadnought Darkest Night, Craci System

    The primary sun of the Craci System shot out around the several dark wedge daggers, giving the dark shapes a forbidding appearance. 5 dark shapes, one rather large and in the center, escorted by 3 Imperial II-class Star Destroyers and a single Victory II-class Star Destroyer.

    "General Preeminent," said the Admiral of the rather massive vessel, Rear Admiral Tod Dab---formerly known as Commodore Tod Dab, captain of the Imperial I-class Destroyer Terminator and one of the few Imperial survivors of the Project Zero disaster;

    The Rear Admiral's once athletic features had been horribly changed after he, a handful of crew, officers, and Stormtroopers made it off of the crippled Terminator before she was sucked into a black hole by the Red Rock Planet's destruction. His right eye had been lost and replaced with a red cybernetic telescopic eye replacement; the resulting lost of his right eye included a rather deep and ghastly scar from just above his right eyebrow down, through the eye socket, and to the bottom right of the nose. Instead of seeking the scar to be removed, he chose to keep the scar as a reminder as to why he fought the Rebellion and the cost of war to others. His left hand had been replaced with a silver robotic hand, while parts of his left arm were bone, muscle, and flesh intertwined with robotic parts. Under his Imperial Officer's Tunic (olive-drab), most of his left body under his shoulders was scared and burned by 3rd degree burns.

    In the background on the bridge, crew members talked back and forth. The communications center was alive with chatter as, no doubtfully, the CSA scrambled to figure out why a Imperial Battle Group had entered their area of space.

    "...The third planet of the Craci System is ahead of us," the Rear Admiral was saying.

    Hilick Soal turned from the heavy space traffic that quickly tried to scatter out of the approaching Imperial vessels. Being one of the busiest ports in CSA space and the Outer Rim, the system was jammed pack with civilian traffic and law enforcement picket vessels and starfighter patrols. The planet ahead of them, half to the day time and the other half to night time, was alive with lights, visible from space.

    "Good," Hilick Soal said, "Storm Commando Top?"

    "Sir, Army Command has reported his unit sent a encrypted data burst on schedule. Team is clear of the blast area and tractor beacons are stored aboard the sea vessel. We'll be able to track and detain the mission objectives."

    "Good, very good. Move us into orbit to begin the operation."

    The General Preeminent was turning back to the view of the planet and space traffic, when Tod said, "General, one more thing. Sir, the CSA is demanding we explain our actions in their space. This being one of the CSA's busiest ports and on the edge of their space, a large military presence is here."

    Hilick turned back to the Admiral, "Rear Admiral Dab, we are the Empire. We go where we please."

    "General, the CSA is saying unless we respond to their hails, they will recognize us as rogue Imperial vessels not under the flag of the Galactic Empire and will fire upon us."

    "Broadcast standard Imperial communication procedures during battle operations. But do not make verbal contact with them, despite their desires."

    "Sir?" The Rear Admiral asked.

    Hilick exhaled slowly, "Admiral, I want them to fire upon us. By making the Outer Rim Systems believe the CSA and Empire are at odds, we will be able to identify more Rebel threats and eliminate them as the Rebels come out of their holes to unite with the CSA. The Emperor has already been briefed on my actions and there are already plans set in place to cover the incident. Now, you have your orders I believe."

    "As ordered, General."

    As the Admiral walked away, Hilick Soal turned back to the planet and space traffic ahead...

    TBC (will finish tomorrow, Sunday) :)

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    IC: Mahaben
    Warehouse District, The Docks, CSA

    “Lead the way,” Ayres, the newly recruited Merc mechanic grunted in answer to the man in dusty robes. Mahaben simply nodded in return and crouched down. He waited for a moment before waving for Sydney to follow. The man was armed with a blaster rifle, which was a good thing. The ex-jedi remained silent for a moment, his mind played through many possibilities. Yes, the Clone Wars were over and they had lost, but the war still raged on, on many different levels.

    The pair reached a large piece of charred metal which jutted out from the ground at an odd angle, quite likely a fragment from the factory’s roof. Mahaben gave the signal to halt, and just in time. A small group of Espos went by on the other side of them, leaving them unnoticed-just as they ought to be.

    For the moment, they were out numbered and out gunned. Remaining unseen was their best option. It was an advantage they could exploit. If too many Espos started to become ‘unresponsive’, that would surely set-off an intruder alert. Besides, they still had to find Boras and Captain Lasso’s droid- Dak. It was inconceivable that the captain would go through all this trouble just to lose the droid again to mere circumstance.

    Ayres…” Mahaben said, turning his head just enough so the man behind him could hear him speak in a low voice. “If you have a working communicator, I suggest you try contacting the Mandalorian the captain has in his employ. We might need his aid with this extraction. These Espos must be in communication, at least from the looks of it. I am guessing whatever was jamming our comm-signal has stopped.”

    It was a calculated risk they had no choice but to take. The ex-jedi didn’t venture to speak on the other part of his plan, for it involved greater risk, whether they received back-up or not. A gamble and a sacrifice were needed here, but not necessarily those which were expected.

    As he waited for Sydney to respond, Mahaben couldn’t help but feel that something sinister was at play, that some agent of Bogan might be behind all of this, but he had nothing to go on, just conjecture and an elusive feeling.

    Sometimes, that was all that was needed.

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    IC: Yavscout, Hutt Caravel, Stormtrooper NCO Callahan (CAL-2711), UIS Mines, Dock 29, and Imperial Garrison, respectively
    Location: Craci Prime Imperial-class spaceport

    The elf was going through an internal triage, caught between jumping into the fire pit after Atin, or getting the rest of the kids first.

    But Atin's a kid too, Yav remembered, continuing with the thought, His armourweave, though, should be fireproof-

    "Yeah boss, right here. What's next?" Sounded from close behind him.

    That sounded familiar. The elf whirled, to find the black-and-red armoured form that he had been agonising about, right behind him.

    "You're alive!" Yavscout embraced the lad in a bearhug, then hurriedly released him and stepped back lest he trigger some anti-hug setting on the armour, and coughed self-consciously, "*Ahem* You're Uncle Yav was concerned about you."

    He had been trying to impress on the junior members of the Johnny Boy's complement, that he was only 'commander' to the grown-ups. Variable results.

    "Now-" Yav's gaze flicked to the left, Atin's right, over the heads of the gathered crowd, at a slanted near vertical line of green light that lanced out of the dark heavens to strike somewhere near the spaceport, a blurred fireball silhouetting a disintegrating building in the far distance. "-in Tunare's name!!!

    He stopped for a moment, jaw dropped, as another turbolaser shot lanced down to destroy another structure. The audible rumble from the first hit could now be heard.

    What in the Original Light is going on around here? He wondered, Is it like this every night?

    "Okay...umm..." The senior Merc stammered, pausing for ideas to form. He turned and pointed towards the crowd. "Go find the fire chief. Tell him you are a Merc like me, Mobile Emergency Rescue Crew;-" Yav frowned, "-they seem to be buying it. Try to find out what is going on over there, and if anyone will need rescuing. I gotta go get the Securitas, my Group Four."

    He expected the pun to be lost on Atin, but it made him feel better.

    The elf sprinted off towards the school bus.

    * * * *
    Hutt Caravel - Dock 29

    Amazing what you can do with holograpy, eh?

    The lights, sounds, and visuals of the celebration, everything around Masha, blinked off in an instant, leaving the rookie Merc alone in a spartan grey room.

    There was an audible crackle behind her as a force shield sparkled momentarily on the inside and outside of the sealed outer airlock door, protecting it from immediate physical interference.

    The energy diverted from the holos pumped into the caravel's ScramJet engines, boosting it vertically up out of the docking bay and fifty metres straight up!
    Thanks to the inertial dampers inside, Masha would not be inconvenienced in the slightest, while those outside the airlock would feel the full force of such acceleration.

    This act was more to discourage passengers from jumping off, than anything else. Once the caravel reached its fifty metre altitude, the normal repulsors took over, the vessel continuing to ascend at a slower though steadier pace.

    Seventy metres.

    Ninety metres.

    Ssssssssssssss A colourless knockout agent, that if Taab had been inside, his bucket might have registered as FGA-583, started to hiss into the salon from discreet floor level vents in the walls.

    * * * *
    Imperial Garrison

    The un-helmeted stormtrooper team leader wandered distracted down one of the garrison's central corridors, lost in thought.
    The tourist that he had questioned earlier as a jedi, and who had denied it, had been identified stealing an Espo speeder, and Force Tossing officers off rooftops, and the Governor had chewed him out about it.

    Now he was trying to decide how he could rectify the situation, and his mind had turned to how to rescue the Governor's daughter from the trapped schoolbus, himself.

    He had been thinking about taking out the AT-AT. Round up a pair of the drivers from their Teras Kasi session, if he could draw those two away from their beloved crash mat; send a couple of his men to the fisheries shop to get a massive spear-


    Callahan looked up as the emergency klaxon blared down the corridor.

    "Oh, now what?" He wasn't far from Operations, he noted, and broke into a run in that direction, knowing that with that particular alarm, the base would be going into lockdown.

    He sprinted past a white-coated technician, rounded a corner, bouncing off the opposite wall, and angled between the closing double blast doors of the operations room, where a dozen beings sat at keyboards and studied a myriad of holo displays, repeater screens. He heard the doors thud shut behind him

    "What's going on?"

    One man turned from his horseshoe-shaped console, and made a one-handed wave. "Oh hey, Harry."


    "Alright, someone kill that alarm. I think everyone is clear that something has gone awry. We have an unknown aggressor above the atmosphere doing a Base Delta Zero on our warehouse district."

    "No great loss then."

    "That's not the point, and you know it."

    "Could it be the Indignant?" Callahgan asked, referring to the Espo Gladiator-class Star Destroyer.

    "No, she's off tackling pirates, but you can bet your choob we are going to recall her." Someone else called across the room.

    "Tractor Control, we are going to need eyes up there. Have the Alert One TIEs prep for launch."

    "Copy that. Launching now."

    Callahan could see on an internal screen, an overhead shot of black-flightsuited pilots rushing along catwalks towards the open globes of their fighters, and on another, a TIE fighter being pushed slowly out of one of the three huge angular chutes that topped the garrison.

    One of the further operators, other end of the long bank of consoles, called out: "Okay, we have an un-authorised launch. Dock 29."

    "There will be more." Callahan warned. "Attack that close to the spaceport, people will want to save their vessels."

    "Wait." The controller who spoke, hesitated, shaking his head slowly as if nudging a memory loose. "That Dock 29 launch; she might be heading up to the Dep S."

    Callahan's gaze was drawn to a repeater screen as it changed to showing the side-view blueprint of an ungainly, slope-nosed brick of a vessel, called a Bulwark-class cruiser.

    A moment later, the picture changed to the face of a stressed-looking human male in his forties, with the holocam view almost giving them a look up his flared nostrils.

    "Captain Laneiro, what is going on up there? Who's firing?" A controlller demanded.

    "Y-you d-don't wanna know, tr-trust me."

    "Uh...yes we do."

    "Okay, we got out of the way and popped round the planet as soon as we saw it scoped their approach. But I'll tell you this, you got five suspects. Three ImpStars, and a Vic' escorting one big Mac Daddy-class of a vessel. That's all I know. That's all I know."

    The Imperial operator sighed. "Copy that, Dep'. Try to stay clear."

    "Orbital scan confirms. Five new capital ships."

    "Have the turbolasers get a firing solution on whichever is shooting at the warehouse district. They should liaise with the TIE fighters." He turned to face the stormtrooper. "Take a vehicle, got get the governor's daughter from the schoolbus, bring her back here."

    "You've got the ground level locked tight. No-one is getting in or out that way."

    "Right, right. Take a shuttle from the rear landing pad."

    Callahan nodded. "On it. Key the doors to my sending-unit so I don't have to keep calling you to open them." He donned his bucket, and clattered out.

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    Credit goes to Mitth_Fisto for the "Mac Daddy" description.
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    IC: General Preeminent Hilick Soal
    Bridge, Assertor-class Star Dreadnought Darkest Night, Craci System, several minutes before the orbital bombardment of the warehouse district

    "The evidence is planted?" Hilick asked, the holograpic imagine of the Storm Commando filling with brief static for a moment as the transmission was beamed through a planet's atmosphere.

    "Yes sir," came the Storm Commando's reply, "Our insertion was undetected."

    "Good," Hilick said, "Meet at the checkpoint. We'll begin the next stage of the operation. Command out."

    As the Storm Commando and the background of a secured palace-looking office faded with the end of the transmission, Hilick made his way back to the bridge, where a furious CSA officer was demanding that the Imperials explain their presence. Admiral Dab half turned his head towards Hilick's approach from behind as the Admiral suffered through the CSA officer's demands.

    " Admiral! I demand an explanation for this!" A CSA Territorial Administrator was demanding, still in a bathrobe from a rude awakening from sleep, "Or I WILL alert the Viceprex of our security division!"

    Tod had to resist rolling his one organic eye and exhaled slowly as he stood with hands behind his back, legs shoulder width apart, "Territorial Administrator Ransom, once again, this is an Imperial Military operation with full authority from Imperial Center. You can see the paperwork, if you wish. But I will not waste time waiting for you to read it, while known Rebel Alliance elements---large elements---are on the planet below. They present a danger to both the CSA and the Empire. It is clear this Rebel threat was allowed to grow right at your doorstep. You, Mr. Ransom, have a traitor somewhere high within the CSA power structure. We will act accordingly."

    "And will we," Ransom said, "I demand those orders from Imperial Center! And, if you fire on Craci Three before I have contacted the Viceprrex of our security division for clearance, I cannot promise the safety of your military assets."

    Tod ruffled at that, Hilick could see. To threaten an Imperial Officer---especially an Admiral---with such direct boldness was unthinkable, even for the CSA, "You will have your paperwork, Territorial Administrator Ransom. If Imperial military assets are fired upon by anyone in the Craci System, including the CSA, we will defend ourselves. We are continuing on our mission orders as defined by Imperial Center. Good night, Mr. Ransom."

    "Admiral," came the short bald Commodore of the vessel, "Sir, we are within high orbit of the third planet of the Craci System. In position to commence orbital bombardment of the warehouse district by the main spaceport planet side."

    The Rear Admiral nodded, "Good," and then turned to Hilick Soal, "General Preeminent?"

    Hilick nodded, "Battle Stations, Admiral. Commence the orbital bombardment of the warehouse district."

    "As ordered, General," the Admiral said and both he and the Commodore stormed off to do the duty they were ordered with doing. Soon, the Darkest Night's deck vibrated with the thunderous power of heavy turbolasers as green bolts of death rained down to the planet below....

    OOG: @Sith-I-5, @Bardan_Jusik, @Mitth_Fisto; I will role play CSA forces after the orbital bombardment against Imperial forces, as I have specific things that need to happen.

    OOG: These events happen before the previous night's post. Sorry for the switch around.

    IC: Storm Commando; Commander Top
    Command Post, Warehouse District,
    Craci System, several minutes before the arrival of the Darkest Night in system

    The military operation's "Colonel" sat tied up in a chair, his technicians, guards, and Lieutenants all dead spread out around the warehouse. Consoles smoked from the blaster fight and outside, the raging blaster fight between a droid reported in the factory and security forces drowned out any attempted pleas for help. The Colonel's face showed signs of a beating.

    For his part, Commander Top never removed his helmet (as usual), as he stood in front of the seated Colonel, a single Storm Commando standing quiet sentry behind the arrested Colonel, while the other members of the team secured the warehouse quietly.

    Top removed the tape over the Colonel's mouth with a yank; to Top's admiration of the man's fighting spirit, he didn't grunt in pain. He just moved his jaw around to loosen the muscles from the duct tape.

    "Why are you doing this?" The alien finally asked in basic, "Investigator Soal and I had an agreement."

    "Had being the word," Top responded coldly, "Now General Preeminent Soal has decided your services are at an end and we cannot risk keeping you alive."

    The alien laughed, "So he gets a promotion for betraying the Empire? And now he decides he can just erase us off of his payroll? Its not that easy!"

    "Actually, it is," Top said, signaling for everyone to round up and depart.

    "You won't win!" The alien spat out at the backs of the retreating Imperials, "Sooner or later, word of Hilick Soal aiding the Rebel Alliance will get out!"

    Top stopped and turning to the Colonel, said, "Actually, you helped the Empire. Thank you for stockpiling supplies, equipment, and resource contacts for us. It will help us destroy the Rebel threat quicker."

    A course, that wasn't the truth. Hilick Soal was tying up loose ends on old contacts that, if leaked out into the open, would paint Hilick Soal as a traitor to the Empire; but even a dying man didn't need to know the truth and neither did Top's fellow Storm Commandos, in case any of them retained hidden loyalty still for the Empire. Commander Top was loyal to Hilick Soal. Once, a long time ago, he was a loyal soldier of the Empire---that seemed like another life time now. But, these days, his loyalties lie with Hilick Soal, for better or worse, he would stand by the General's side until the end.

    Until the end, Top repeated to himself.

    "Your family will be happy to see you," Top said as he disposed of the Colonel with a single shot to the head, the dead Colonel and chair flipping backwards at the impact of the blaster bolt. The Colonel's frozen face of death showed the realization that his family was murdered by Hilick Soal to tie up all loose ends, in every literal sense of the word.

    "Contact the Darkest Night," Top was saying to his second in command as they walked away, "As soon as she enters the system. We are clear of the objective zone. Lets get to that ship before she sets sail across the ocean. We have more loose ends to take care of. I just hope our shuttle dropped the supply drop as planned. We'll need the equipment."

    "Yes, sir," replied the stormtrooper.

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    IC: General Preeminent Hilick Soal
    Bridge, Assertor-class Star Dreadnought Darkest Night, Craci System, during the orbital bombardment of the warehouse district

    The vibration of the deck plates ceased and the last of the green bolts of death disappeared from view as it sailed down into the planet's atmosphere.

    "Operation complete, sirs," The Commodore said matter-of-factly with a datapad in hand, standing in front of the bridge viewports with the Rear Admiral and Hilick.

    "In coming!" Barked a bridge Lieutenant from the crew pits.

    "Direction?" Barked the Commodore immediately. Admiral Dab simply placed his hands firmly behind the small of his back, observing with complete calm the unfolding events. Hilick Soal merely did the same.

    "Starboard, Commodore---from the planet! Three Intruder Missiles!"

    "Shields!" The Commodore barked, "All defensive batteries at the ready to intercept any and all threats to this vessel! Communications, alert all Star Destroyer escorts in path of those missiles to intercept them with turbolaser fire! I want a secure line to the planetary CSA command forces immediately!"

    "Admiral," rushed an Ensign with a data-pad to the top brass at the bridge viewports, "Sir, the Imperial Governor's Palace is several groups of rioaters starting to form outside the Palace's gates. CSA Espo forces are unable to keep the rioters from reaching the first layer of defenses. The Imperial Governor is requesting immediate assistance."

    "General?" Said the Admiral calmly into a comlink, "The Imperial Governor's Palace is at risk of rioters. Please deploy adequate forces to handle a defensive mission," a Yes Admiral came back over the comlink, then the Admiral turned to the Ensign, "Thank you Ensign, you are dismissed," when the Ensign left, the Admiral watching as turbolaser fire from one of the Star Destroyer escorts started to pound the missiles with deadly firepower as they arched above the planet's atmosphere and came leveling towards the Darkest Night; the Admiral lowered his voice, "General Preeminent, if you wanted a war, you have one."

    Hilick Soal smiled, "Good, Admiral."

    "Commodore," Dab said, "Adjust the position of the Darkest Night immediately by point three-two-five degrees to starboard and adjust to bring us level with those missiles."

    There was a pause, "Admiral, that will put the Darkest Night into direct contact with those missiles to our bow."

    "I know Commodore. The turbolasers from he Star Destroyer to our bow is not having affect."

    "As ordered, Admiral!" the Commodore said, shouting down to the crew pits, "Helm, adjust our high orbit to starboard by point three-two-five degrees and bring our bow to level with the incoming missiles."

    "Order our bow weapons to open fire when missiles are in range," the Admiral said, then added, "Prep our superlaser, Target the lead missile. Time for missile impact?"

    "Weaponry," the Commodore relayed, "Open fire when missiles are in range. Superlaser control, prepare to fire on the lead missile. Sensors, time until impact?"

    "Two minutes, Commodore," said a technician from the crew pits.

    "Sentinel-class Landing Craft is launching with TIE Fighter escort to reinforce Imperial Palace forces," reported Hanger Bay Control from the bridge.

    Ahead, a landing craft with two TIE Fighter escorts blasted towards the planet, heading under the missiles' path of travel.

    The Dreadnought's weapons started peppering the area around the missiles as they came within range, still the missiles kept coming.

    "Super laser ready to fire," reported super laser fire control.

    "All gun batteries cease fire!" The Commodore ordered; the turbolaser fire stopped, the last green bolts disappearing into the blackness of space beyond the missiles. Still, the missiles came.

    "Super laser fire control stand by," the Commodore ordered.

    "Forty-five seconds to missile impact!" Reported a technician from the crew pits.

    Admiral Dab said, "Super laser, fire!"

    There was an audible charging sound from the trenches of the ship, then a bright green glow appeared at the bow of the Dreadnought, quickly followed by a straight solid green line that shot out towards the lead missile. The solid green beam was large enough and power enough to consume all three missiles in a single shot, it's green width of death covering the distance between all three missiles. There were cheers from the crew pits when the sensors officer reported all three missiles were confirmed destroyed.

    "Commodore!" came a Lieutenant's voice from the crew pits, "Sir, we have Territorial Administrator Ransom on the line!"

    "Commodore," the Admiral said, "I'll take this. Prepare the ship for offensive operations and planetary occupation."

    "As ordered, Admiral!"

    Hilick Soal followed the Admiral quietly to where a holograpic imagine of Ransom stood, this time hastily dressed in his official clothes. Hilick made sure to stand out of the way and not be seen in the holovid.

    "Rear Admiral Dab!" spoke urgently Ransom, "I apologize for the Intruder Missiles being launched! I was just informed of an illegal launch! No authorization codes were given for a launch!"

    Dab didn't respond for a long moment, then answered, "Territorial Administrator Ransom, you have threaten Imperial military vessels while said vessels were conducting an Imperial Center approved mission for the destruction of terrorist units allied under the Rebel Alliance battle flag located on your planet. Corporate Sector Authority military forces had failed to locate the illegal terrorist operation, detain any suspects, or provide Imperial Center with any information of such a threat against the Empire's boarders. We receive reports from the Imperial Governor planet-side on the third planet of the Craci System that violent rioters are forming outside the Palace's walls and the Imperial Governor requests our immediate assistance---yet, CSA forces are not moving in to detain the rioters or protect the Imperial Palace via our sensors and Imperial reports from the ground. Then, also from the third planet of the Craci System, three confirmed CSA marked Intruder Missiles---each capable of disabling shields and destroying a capital sized warship---are launched towards our command ship, the Assertor-class Dreadnought Darkest Night. While CSA Picket Fleet forces have yet to engage Imperial forces or move in a hostile manner towards Imperial forces in the Craci System, considering the threat posed to the Imperial Palace, three Intruder Missiles launched---as asserted by you in a rogue operation from CSA command channels---towards our command ship, and considering a large confirmed Rebel presence on the third planet of the Craci System, I am hereby putting the whole of the Craci System under temporary Imperial protection until the extent of Rebel activity is confirmed. The third planet of the Craci System is hereby put under Imperial Marshal Law. I will need direct communication with CSA Military Forces and appropriate civilian heads of government in the area. I will also need all CSA forces in system to blockade the system. No space traffic gets in or out of the system, unless under the direction of the Darkest Night. Other Imperial forces will be in the system within the hour."

    "Admiral," Ransom said sheepishly, "Isn't this all a bit too much? Can't you just send a few Imperial squads down to the planet to help us search and detain these Rebels and regain control of the missile launch facility? Do we really have to go to these extreme measures?"

    "Mr. Ransom, your political career is none of my concern. The safety of this warship, it's crew, and the safety of the citizens of the Empire are my concern. What the CSA will not do---and hence harbor Rebels in the process---the Empire will do."

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    IC: Captain Jason Lasso
    Craci Regional General Medical and Surgical Center, near "Downtown"

    Jason could hear the voices. Feel them touching him. Even smell them.

    But for the life of him, he couldn't open his eyes.

    Maybe it was the Rim life. All the abuse one's body took. It made you stronger. More resilient to the wounds of this galaxy.

    "That blast should of killed him," said one of the medical personnel rather clearly, clearly enough for Jason to pick his voice out of the mess of voices around him.

    "Its these Rim types," said another one, "I hear they're tough as nails."

    Yes, Jason thought, that might be true. Tough as nails. But Jason remembered a different story. A story of an old man standing on top of the speeder truck and using a Force power to dampen the blast. That was why they had survived.

    Jason allowed the staff to poke, prod, and stab. After all, it was a free medical check up. A few bruises were normal, even on the Johnny Boy. Or your fair share of viruses from the hundreds of thousands of different aliens, animals, and planets you encountered as a Spacer out in the galaxy. But despite how good Chief Medical Officer Russel Cook was, the Johnny Boy simply couldn't offer the level of medical care that a full planetary hospital could with a full staff of nurses and doctors.

    So, Jason waited. This was about survival, about understanding what just happened at the warehouses, about getting back to the Mercs...


    Some time later...


    Lasso snapped awake, his eyes flying open to greet the white room with medical equipment beeping and humming next to his bed. He allowed his eyes to adjust then, without turning his head, took a look around as he moved his eyes from side to side and up and down. He was in a single room, long term patient recovery room. Nicely taken care of, complete with flowers on a table for decoration by the window. Outside the the solid wood door, through a small door window, Jason could see the broad shoulders of a man standing there. Considering the brown color of their uniforms, black blast vest, and the fact that the man gently swayed back and forth, Lasso assumed it was a Espos. But Lasso's primary concern wasn't the guard outside, it was the Espos sitting in the chair inside his room opposite the window, reading the latest edition of Starship and Pilot, with a leg half bent on top of the other leg. A cup of caf was on the counter top behind him---where a wash sink, soap, towel, and medical gloves in a container on the wall were also; as well as the guard's helmet as well---and his gun belt was lazily hanging off of the back corner of the chair, with the straps of his blast vest loosened. The man appeared to be in his forties, bald with hair along the sides of his head, and had eye glasses on. He was a bit round in the belly and clearly he was on his way to retirement or at least "soft assignments" to milk the clock until retirement, whether that be months or years away. Either way, he seemed like a man who had seen it all at one point and now, rotated back to a normal "patrolman," was just here to relax in peace.

    "Ooooh," Lasso groaned lightly, faking highly, as he stirred in bed. The Espos almost jumped at the sudden noise and got up out of the chair, laying the paper magazine down on the warm chair cushion.

    "Ah," the man said, forgetting his gun belt on his chair, "Your awake. Are you okay?"

    Lasso played the part, he knew where he was, but that wasn't the point. He needed answers and answers took time. So he stalled for time, "Where am I?"

    "A hospital," the Espo said, "What do you remember?"

    Direct with his questioning. Oh good, Lasso thought, they were here to make sure he stayed quiet. Well, time to play the unable gunman after such a traumatic event. "Not much," Jason said, putting as much dramatic flare into a painful voice and act as he could without sounding fake; he remembered the earlier Espos' comment about being one of the Colonel's men, so Lasso assumed this Espo was part of that in the know group of law officers, "Just blaster fire and screams. Someone broke into the grounds, the Colonel ordered us to defend the cargo shipments...then...then bright light and explosions as what appeared to be fire from the sky rained down on us. Did anyone else survive? I thought I saw Jimmy and Larry make it, they were right by me. Did they make it?"

    The Espo shook his head, "No son, they didn't didn't. I'm sorry. But look, you did the right thing, protecting that cargo. We got it shipped off safely."

    "So it made it to the island?" Lasso asked, trying to hunt for clues.

    "Island?" The guard asked, taken aback, but quickly shook his head, "No, no, it's much safer then that. But can't tell you where. Well look, you close your eyes and get some rest. I'll be right here. When you wake, we'll get the doctor and get you looked over."

    Lasso nodded, knowing what was coming next. He watched as the man turned around, noticing any weapons not on his weapon belt. Good. Assuming the Espo wasn't street smart like a Rim mercenary, the guard would think not much of keeping his weapons on his gun belt. Plus, after all, his charge was restricted to a bed and just survived an orbital bombardment. How quick could the man be after-all, right?

    Lasso shut his eyes, remembering how many steps it took him to get to the chair. He kept his ears alert, could hear the gentle click as a strap was undone on the gun belt.

    "Now you just rest like I said," the Espo was saying, trying to cover up the noise as the weapon gently charged on with a hum, "Everything will be alright."

    One foot-step, two---

    Lasso snapped up suddenly, bringing his right arm and flat palm towards the guard's pistol leveled at his head; the Espo wanted to do it with as less mess as possible and a sure kill at short range, so he had to get as close as possible. The guard's cry wouldn't be heard as his forearm was jerked backwards; if Lasso had it right, he was most likely being held on a VIP level floor, which meant sound proof walls and doors. The guard's disposition of shock at the sudden attack left him open, which Jason took full advantage of prior by loosening the sheets around his legs while talking to the guard earlier. Rolling his body slightly, his right leg shot out, catching the guard in the left knee, then using his position, Jason used momentum to roll out of bed and bring his right elbow to a crushing blow to the base of the guard's skull from behind as he was bent over from the pain of the knee attack.

    As the guard collapsed to the floor unconscious, Lasso looked to the door. The Espo outside hadn't moved.


    Lasso quickly went about taking the unconscious guard's clothes off; the guard wouldn't be needing them and Lasso and him were roughly the same size. The clothes might be a bit loose, but unless someone dared to inspect a Espo too closely, no one would know the difference at a glance. Furthermore, Lasso fared a better chance wearing an Espo uniform then patient clothing as he fled the hospital.

    But first thing first, he needed to get his affects back (a mercenary without his affects was like a man without a plan), find a secure communications line, and see what had happened to the rest of the Mercs...

    OOG: I'm assuming no one is going to magically arrive at the hospital anytime soon, so I am setting up Lasso's current condition to try and reconnect with the Mercs from his end, since he has no idea IC where everyone else is at.
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    IC: Atin Taab
    UIS Mines, 12 klicks from the Craci Prime Imperial-class spaceport

    Atin was taken aback as Yav suddenly wrapped his arms around him. So...this is a hug Atin thought. His father had never been much of a hugger, or a doer of any other display of public...or even private emotion. Being unaccustomed to such things Atin really wasn't sure what to do or how long such a hug was supposed to last. To be honest it had already lasted long enough by his estimation and he was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. The elf must have felt the same way as he released Atin with a cough. "Your Uncle Yav was concerned about you."

    Uncle? Not this osik again. Atin was a military man...or was trying to become one. It was complicated. But in any case Yav would always be a superior officer, to be addressed as Commander or Sir. Sometimes his callsign or even just Yav would suffice too. He started to issue another order when something caught his attention. Atin looked over to his right where a green bolt sliced through the darkness and impacted kilometers away, somewhere near, or in, the spaceport. Atin involuntarily ducked as the impact could be heard and another bolt rained down on the same area.

    "shab, what's going on?" he asked though he should have realized that Yav would have no better idea than Atin did. "Go find the fire chief. Tell him you are a Merc like me, Mobile Emergency Rescue Crew;-" Yav frowned, "-they seem to be buying it." Really they were buying that line of osik? Atin didn't even think he would believe that one. "Try to find out what is going on over there, and if anyone will need rescuing. I gotta go get the Securitas, my Group Four."

    The who now? Atin shook his head in a manner eerily similar to his buir (father). It didn't matter, he had his orders. He took at a sprint for the crowd looking for the fire chief. Fortunately the sight of a running man in full Mandalorian armor caused the crowd to part before him. They were as bewildered as he was as to what was going on, and more than a little afraid too. They didn't want to exacerbate matters dealing with whatever he had made his business.

    Sighting the Chief 20 meters away he called out to him. "Chief, chief! I'm with the rescue crew the Mobile...Rescue Emergency Crew." He realized too late he had shabbed that up. Oh well, hopefully the fire chief wouldn't notice. "What's going on," he stopped shouting and continued his question at a more normal volume as he arrived by the Fire Chief's side. "down there?" He stabbed a hand towards the area being bombarded wondering if the Chief would be of any help.

    TAG: @Sith-I-5

    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Main Deck, Hutt Caravel, Docking Bay 29

    "shab it all" Taab grunted as the Caravel lurched skyward, pinning him in place. He bent his knees slightly, managing to keep his footing against the G forces and looked off to the side. With a blink of an eye the range finder on the left side of his buy'ce (helmet) snapped down into place and he got an accurate read of their altitude above ground level (AGL) which was immediately displayed in his HUD. 39 meters, 46 meters, the acceleration began to slack off at 50 meters and the Mandalorian was able to stand again. He rushed over to the airlock, grabbing his jetii'kad (lightsaber) trophy from his belt, intent on cutting his way inside. But he stopped short as he saw the slight glow of the shields that had sprung into existence around them. 63 meters AGL was displayed in his HUD now. The ship was continuing its ascent though at least at a much slower and more normal pace.

    He checked to make sure his bucket was sealed, he had around 20 minutes of breathable atmo in his beskar'gam if they climbed to an altitude to where he could no longer breath. He looked over to where Sunri was still standing. He appeared to have no such luxury.

    75 meters AGL

    Taab considered grabbing the new Merc and dragging him off the caravel. His jetpack would be able to give them a safe, though probably hard, landing from this altitude. But that would mean abandoning Masha. Under normal circumstances Taab wouldn't have cared if the girl lived or died, but it was his mission, and therefore his duty to protect her. He couldn't just leave her behind.

    He regarded the tamper proof airlock and then his lightsaber. A smirk formed on his face, though of course none could ever see it. He ignited the trophy, the blue blade glowing and reflecting off of his dull gray and silver armor. 90 meters AGL. "More than one way to skin a Nexu," and he plunged the blade downwards into the deck intent on cutting the pair of Mercs an alternate entrance, and with their internal atmo venting, force the Caravel from trying to make orbit.

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    IC: Tiaca
    Docking Bay 7, CSA Spaceport, Shadow’s Lament

    Moving to open the hatch opposite of Winterkill, and leave the ship so they could start their mission without Havah what greeted her was not the calm of the spaceport she had expected. No instead it was a brief instant of the expected and the shattering booming of an orbital bombardment. It didn't matter that was a good klick away to know any bombardment was too much of one for her tastes as she spun on her heel and made a mad dash to her cockpit.

    Flicking a few errant switches the ship hummed to life with a soft whir of well maintained parts. A few more and suddenly the cockpit was alive with sound, the voices of any and all transmissions being made in the local area that her ships advanced software could decrypt was filling the ship as the open hatch closed. Slowly the number was whittled down to a mere handful. and words began to have meaning instead of just noise.

    She was able to snare a few loose words, Empire, Star Destroyers, and Warehouse district stood out most starkly. "I believe our mission has been scrubbed." she flatly stated as she looked at the controls arrayed in front of her. "Would you like to contact your commander, Havah, or just hitch a ride to wherever the ship is?" That was all she had to offer and she had no intention of going into a CSA garrison now. Insanity was not word enough for such actions.

    TAG: @greyjedi125

    IC: Havah. . .finally.
    Low Night's Bar, CSA Spaceport

    When the sound and vibrations reverberated through the bar he quickly noted that his time was up, he needed to return to the mistress. None of this truly mattered, but splashing the last of his ale was his only recourse instead of waiting for the stinking small creature. Lifting the aliens head he splashed it and watched as it gasped and sputtered at the ale on it's face and foam over it's eyes and nose.

    "Supplies in crate." He ground out to the alien before standing and rushing out of the establishment, something small bounced off a leg but he paid it no mind on his mad dash to return to the truck and get to wherever he would now inevitably be needed. Nothing exploded that loud, and vibrated that sharp without affecting the criminal forces either for profit or disaster.


    Sputtering Havah barely made out growled words of things in a crate before he wiped off his face to see the large furry shape from earlier beating a hasty retreat. Taking in his new surroundings and the booming bangs that he yet heard he waved to the barkeep that looked vaguely familiar, "Rag please!"

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    (Sorry to post again before your reply, just wanted to get things here moving at a pace with the rest of things ;) )
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    IC: Boras Felroah
    Warehouse District, The Docks, CSA

    Boras began to regain consiousness and felt a pain in his leg. His eyesight was hazy but he could see a large piece of durasteel constricting his leg. Boras tried to wiggle it out but it was to heavy.

    The last thing he remembered was a large explosion and he was pushed out of the speeder by the blast wave. His eyesight began to get less hazy and he was able to see around him. The speeder was totaled and there was Espos everywhere. Boras began to move his leg back and forth and was almost done when a patrol came by. He lied still and acted like he was dead. The old medic knew that he could pass for one of the hired mercenaries so he lied down and waited for them to move.

    His plan worked and they kept on moving so he was able to wiggle his leg out. It hurt but it thankfully wasn't broken and he limped off. He walked silently through the piles of metal and narrowly avoided the patrols. He had figured that something shot at the factory rather than from the inside because of the way it exploded.

    As he crept through the metal he noticed two people that he had seen before. It was Sydney and Mahaben, Boras was relived that they survived the explosion. He still wondered what happened to Lasso because from what he could tell, he wasn't with them. He was about to go to them but a patrol came down the newly made metal path. Boras darted to a nearby chunk of metal and hid from sight. He looked at his communicator but realized it had been crushed and then remembered that the communication was down anyway. He had to communicate with them somehow so he saw a knife sized piece of glass and angled the light from the searchlights at them and hoped they would notice it.

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    IC: Sydney Ayres
    Warehouse District, The Docks, CSA

    Ayres…” Mahaben said, turning his head just enough so the man behind him could hear him speak in a low voice. “If you have a working communicator, I suggest you try contacting the Mandalorian the captain has in his employ. We might need his aid with this extraction. These Espos must be in communication, at least from the looks of it. I am guessing whatever was jamming our comm-signal has stopped.”

    Sydney patted himself down. Found a communicator tucked away in his jumpsuit. Man, he loved having lots of pockets. Lots of places to put things, and lots of places to forget where he put things. This was not one of those moments of forgetting, however, as he keyed the comm and began to broadcast a signal on the frequency that the Mercs typically used. Of course, since he was gone, they might've changed things around. He wasn't sure about much anymore. His head was still a mess from the overturned speeder and his pride was a little hurt that the old girl would not be coming with him. Nevermind.

    "Mechanic to bucket-head," Sydney said in all seriousness, "mechanic to bucket-head. We've got three bipeds on the straight and narrow looking for a little R & R with the hooch if you catch my drift. We ain't got much but we sure as hell are looking to jive our way outta here!"

    Ayres wasn't sure who was on the other end of the transmission. He just hoped the Mandalorian would translate all that street talk into something worthwhile as in: Extract us, now!

    Sydney looked over at Mahaben and gave a smile, "Hey, it works in those holo-films. You ever seen Dirty Larry? Great cop drama that was filmed on Nar Shaddaa. I know, it sounds like a different kind of film, but man, the beats, the streets, they was rockin."

    He felt good. He felt real good. Ayres looked up at the sky and barked, "Woof!"

    A light caught his eye. Someone was trying to communicate with them. Who could it be?

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    IC: Mahaben
    Warehouse District, The Docks, CSA

    “Wait a moment…” Mahaben suddenly said to Ayres, after the mechanic managed to send out a verbally coded message. It was a good starting point.

    “I’m sensing…..” The blind folded miraluka swiveled his head like a radar dish. Then stopped at one point to ‘listen’, then moved a few degrees and repeated the motion.

    Captain Lasso…he’s being moved. They must have him in a vehicle…”

    The blind man lifted a hand. “I can track him now…” he said, confidence clear in his voice. Then his hand moved a few degrees behind them, pointing. “Boras….he’s in THAT direction.”

    Mahaben did not believe in mere coincidence. Two patrols were coming their way. The blind man bade the mechanic to be patient and silent. He waved his hand in the air and a moment later, one of the patrols veered off as the leader ordered his fellow Espos to take a different route. The remaining patrol kept going on course, but thankfully, did not discover the selkath.

    Another moment passed, and Mahaben emitted a small grunt of disapproval, followed by a snatching motion. In his hand, he was now holding the piece of glass Boras had been holding. The ex-jedi had telekinetically snatched the jagged object from the selkath, then motioned for him to come over.

    “I hope you weren’t planning on giving away both our positions….” he said in a semi-joking manner. “The Captain has been taken by the Espos and we need to follow. I should be able to direct us to him.”

    The trio was now crouching together, but the blind man knew that they could not remain thus, indefinitely. Following the Captain was priority one, retrieving his lost droid would have to wait yet again.

    “What we need now is a vehicle, even if it means taking it from the Espos. Boras, I could…mend…your injuries while we travel.”

    There. It was a rough plan, but one that could work with the three of them. Mahaben waited to hear from his two companions, even as he remained alert for any more unwelcome surprises.

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    IC: Shuttle Pilot (Captain)
    Cockpit, Sentinel-class Landing Craft DN-H1-LC-1, Craci System

    The white clouds gave way through the night sky as the Landing Craft decended towards the surface below, two TIE Advanced x1s providing escort as they flanked the shuttle on either side from behind.

    "Imperial Garrison Control, this is Imperial Sentinel-class Landing Craft DH-dash-H One-dash-LC-dash-One; authorization code three-dash-one-dash-echo. We are on high orbit approach to the Imperial Governor's Palace, coordinators two-dash-five-dash-echo-dash-bravo. Please paint us as friendlies on your scanners. How do you copy?"

    The Captain didn't bother waiting for a response; he switched the comms over to his Co-Pilot and shuttle Commander, letting his second deal with the base and understanding that if these Imperials acted like every other Imperial Base, things would go normally. The shuttle pilot cleared his approach as the Imperial Govenor's Palace was far below, it's over expensive building design dotted with landing lights for a landing pad even this far out. The lights blinked red on a off-set sequence, painting a square. The Captain switched to the starfighters' comms, "DS-DH-One, can you clear our landing zone?"

    "DS-DH-One copies. Clearing landing zone," the shuttle pilot watched as the TIE blasted ahead and swooped on down towards the Palace, doing a long pattern around the Palace, then watched as the TIE swooped back up ahead, "Landing zone all clear," came back the pilot's voice as he dropped back into formation.

    "Roger," came the Captain's voice, then he turned to his Co-Pilot, "Alert the Darkest Night and the Imperial Garrison we are on final approach, landing zone all clear."

    "Yes, Captain," came the Commander's reply.

    As the landing craft approached, the Captain made sure to use all of the landing lights and flood lights to get as good of a view as possible. As the TIEs rocketed past overhead, making sure to put on the speed to make their iconic engine noises even louder for a moment to disturb the local aggressors, the Captain brought the landing craft around for his own circular flight pattern to clear the landing zone, as was standard protocol. The Stormtrooper platoon leader was already standing in between him and the co-pilot, seeing what he could see through the cockpit to get a better view of the situation.

    "You have got to be kidding me," the shuttle captain said as he brought the shuttle around for a landing, the spot lights catching Stormtroopers running along the roof top and other defensive posts along the walls to protect the Palace, "It's just a handful of disgruntled locals. This is no threat and easily something the Palace guard could of handled."

    "He's an Imperial Governor, remember?" said the Stormtrooper Officer with a smirk as he put his helmet on, "I've been on a dozen of these Palace rescue ops. The high and mighty always press the red button long before they ever have to."

    "Their fat, lazy, overpaid politicians," the shuttle Captain said with a cringe to the retreating back of the Stormtrooper Officer as the shuttle came to a landing and the landing ramp lowered. As the white armored Stormtroopers disembarked, the Captain hit the comm, "DH-dash-H One-dash-LC-dash-One to Darkest Night Army Command."

    "Darkest Night Army Command," came the reply over the comms.

    "Command, we have landed and deploying Stormtroopers in support of Imperial Governor Palace's defense. Hostile parties outside the Palace walls are of low threat priority at this time, nothing more then a few angry locals with angry words to say."

    "Copy DH-dash-H One-dash-LC-dash-One. Stay on station until further notice."

    "Copy Command. Stay on station until further orders," the Captain switched off the comms and jerked a thumb up several times in the air to the co-pilot, "Lets get airborne and recon the area."

    "Yes, sir," came the co-pilot's reply.

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    IC: BS-1118 "Animal"
    Troop Bay, Sentinel-class Landing Craft DN-H1-LC-2, Darkest Night hanger bay, high orbit above Craci Prime, Craci System

    ....02:33 hours, Coruscant Standard Time
    12th Sector Army, aka Cerulean Spear Command
    Big One Legion, Imperial Stormtrooper Corps
    First Squad...

    The first legion, first cohort, first century, first squad, eight trooper. He had something to be proud about. They're legion saw some of the heaviest fighting during the Outer Rim Sieges; after the war, their legion lead the 12th Sector Army against Confederate Holdouts in 19 BBY during the Sy Myrthian Insurrection. After the insurrection had ended, the 12th Army continued the fight against Insurrection remnants in the Kreetan Narrows. After the Confederate Holdouts were defeated in 17 BBY during the Reconquest of the Rim (19 BBY to 17 BBY), the 12th Sector Army was turned loose on the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

    He was one of the handful remaining Jango Fett clones left in the Corps and only one left in First Squad (and one of three left in the whole platoon), out of a 9 man squad. While he mourned his fallen brothers, "Animal" never allowed their death to extinguish the pride and legacy of the First Legion, "The first ones in, the last ones out. The first to die, the fist to victory." If anything, their deaths added to the pride and legacy of the First Legion. Animal was proud to be part of the First Legion, nicknamed Big One. And he would be a proud member until the day he died. But according to "Knives" and "Holes," the other surviving Jango Fett clones in the platoon, Animal was too stubborn to die. The old men were probably right.

    Animal, along with everyone, boarded the Sentinel-class Landing Craft at a fast jog as alarms blared through the massive hanger with orders for planetary occupation. It would be a show of Imperial might and power, Animal was sure, but he sure hoped there was some fighting to be had. It had been several months of boring captured smuggler ship inspections, pirate raids, expeditionary force missions (that usually entailed answering some Imperial Governor or colony's emergency beacons that in turn, normally, turned out to be nothing but baby sitting and keeping the bad dream monsters at bay), and random planetary patrols on worlds Animal hadn't even heard of before---and most of which hadn't actually been named yet since they had never been discovered until Animal and his platoon set foot on them.

    Rushing up the boarding ramp, Animal---being a Sergeant Major now---hurried his men (and his platoon) up the boarding ramp while he stood at the top of the edge of the ramp, "Move it! Move it!" Animal barked, "Get your arses in gear!"

    As everyone rushed on board, Animal cleared the boarding ramp, then hit the "close button." As the ramp sealed up, Animal turned back to his platoon (the other parts of his company were in the Sentinels to either side of his), "Listen up Stormtroopers! We have a operation from Army Command to reinforce Imperial Law on Craci Prime. You are to hold and check your fire against civilian and law enforcement. Anything else that comes against you, you are to detain in a nonlethal manner. If kill orders are given, you are to carry out your orders with extreme prejudice. Do you get me?"

    "We get you Sergeant Major!" came a thunderous uniformed reply.

    Animal took the bench seat nearest the door, moving his T-21 Repeating Blaster's backpack around so he could secure safely in the seat and positioned the T-21 accordingly in the weapon's lock position against the seat by his leg, nozzle facing upwards...

    OOG: Research...again...and falling asleep at the computer after a long day. I shall finish this post ASAP. :)
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    IC: Masha Tinovorsh
    Hutt Caravel, Dock 29

    Everything stopped, Masha thought she had been hit in the back of the head as the room completely changed around her, the loud thundering of engines igniting and a small churning in her stomach told her the craft was lifting off. Her body remained still despite the obvious force of the takeoff, Masha knew she had to act quickly. She looked around, the door she came in through was shut and protected by a force shield, but the access panel was still uncovered.... This is going to be a long shot, she thought as she ran towards the panel, taking out her knife and trying to pry off the cover plate.

    By now the controls must have been locked out, a sense of panic crept into her. Masha jammed the knife as hard as she could into the small gap between the plate and the wall, the knife sank in. Fortunately it didn't seem to cut any of the wiring. Bracing her foot against the wall she pulled as hard as she could, pushing with her leg while the other helped keep her balance. She heard the engines quiet down a little bit, but paid no attention to it. She began to shake furiously as she pulled, the panel finally coming loose with a metallic snap. Falling backwards due to the force of the blow, her panic heightened as a strange noise filled the room, sssssssss.....

    Having no idea what was going on Masha scrambled to her feet, placing her knife back into it's sheath and reaching out to the exposed wiring of the panel. Gripping a red insulated wire and pulling it from it's connection she fumbled for another wire, black insulation meant it must be the power source. Her arms and fingers began to feel weak and her head started swimming, with whatever strength she had left she touched the exposed parts of the black and red wire together, causing the inner airlock door to open, though only halfway. The Force shield still in place...

    Masha's legs gave out as the nerve agent took hold, what's happening... she thought, the remaining energy she had being consumed by panic as her limbs became too heavy to move and her vision began to fade. The last thing she heard was an unknown to her, barely audible over the engines, Taab activating his lightsaber and plunging it into the caravel deck as everything around her faded away she closed her eyes went into a dream. Not even having time to hope that Taab and Sunri were alright.

    TAGS: @Bardan_Jusik, @Skywalker_T-65, @Sith-I-5

    OOC: I'll be filling in Masha's sleepy time with flashbacks for your reading pleasure. :p The engines of her craft are really the caravel's engines, but she doesn't know any better because she doesn't quite realize she's dreaming.
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    IC: Acker the Bartender, Clyde the Jawa, Asterix the Gaul, Garrison Operations Room, Stormtrooper NCO Harry Callahan (CAL-2711), Low Nights Bar, Imperial Garrison, respectively

    Acker was industriously pouring the second pitcher of Lomian Ale when the floor shook under him, and the glasses and bottles at the back of the bar clinked noisily against each other.

    *Did the earth move for you too?* Clyde asked in breathy jawaese, poking his hooded head round the hip-high wooden gate which provided access behind the bar.

    Acker scowled at the pun, then watched as the Yuzzem poured the remainder of its’ ale over its’ companion’s face, the syrupy liquid overflowing from the ears and nostrils.

    It said something about the crate to the roused humanoid, and rushed out, trailing spilled warra nuts across the floorboards, to the barkeep’s dismay.

    Rag please!” The soaked Arkanian called.

    “Right away, Sir!” Acker called back, abandoning the ale pouring, grabbing up a branded beer towel for Ebla Beer, and strode over to the pale-faced patron to hand it across. “Here you go.”

    Behind him, he could hear Clyde using the broom to sweep up the nuts. The jawa didn’t work here, but they were mates, y’know?

    And in breaking news

    * * * *
    Imperial Garrison - Operations

    The Imperial Governor, a portly human official going by the unlikely surname of Audit, which no-one on his staff believed he had been born with, had joined his controllers in the Operations Room, overhearing the various comm calls.

    He wore a white version of the Imperial naval uniform that was very reminiscent of a Grand Admiral’s.

    "Imperial Garrison Control, this is Imperial Sentinel-class Landing Craft DH-dash-H One-dash-LC-dash-One; authorization code three-dash-one-dash-echo. We are on high orbit approach to the Imperial Governor's Palace, coordinators two-dash-five-dash-echo-dash-bravo. Please paint us as friendlies on your scanners. How do you copy?"

    Controller Greg, fielded the call. “Imperial Sentinel, that’s a good copy. Painting you as friendlies.”

    Behind him, Audit rubbed his hands intently. He was less worried now that his daughter, Anneli Audit, was out of danger, having seen from media holocams that she had been in the third group somehow transported by the apparent elf from Mobile Emergency.

    He wished he could go to her, but not with all this sith going down, tonight of all nights!

    The had heard the exchange between the CSA Territorial Administrator, and whomever was commanding that fleet up there, and while there was no love lost between the men, it wasn’t the CSA firing upon those warehouses, destroying property, facilities, and frightening both the residents and visitors.

    Let the stormtroopers aboard the shuttle believe he had pushed the red button pre-maturely; he wanted someone down here, someone physically before him that he could get some drokking answers from!

    “Okay, they’re down.” Greg reported, and one of the repeater screens covering the elevated landing pad at the rear of the garrison, showed a ramp lowering and stormtroopers disembarking in a disciplined fashion that Audit’s troops could only dream of.

    Audit frowned up at an adjacent screen, his bushy eyebrows furrowing.

    Another view showed the artificially-lit hangar that served the pad, with a stormtrooper racing a Big Cat to the visiting Sentinel, even as its ramp raised again.

    Callahan. And Tiddles. His troop team leader, and Anneli’s sand panther.

    Well, they weren’t going to make it, from what he could see.

    “Aaannnddd, they have taken off again.”

    * * * *
    Imperial Garrison - Hangar

    Callahan slowed his approach as he saw the Sentinel's landing gear raise off the landing pad, swerve away from his direction, and rise out of his line of sight.

    The white panther continued loping for a few more metres ahead of him, then turned and whined up at him.

    Callahan looked over it at the straggler troops of the platoon that had disembarked from the craft. Some were standing around, looking at the feline.

    "Hey." He looked from them to Tiddles and back, and drew his E-11, just so that it was ready. "Now don't get any funny ideas. I'm sure you weren't called down to deal with rowdy pets."

    It had met him inside the hangar, and insinuated itself into his mission. He had no idea how it knew he was going to get the kid, but it and the girl were familiar sights around the base.

    Hushed rumours abounded as to how the supposedly dumb animal appeared to be so intelligent, and this far from the civilisation of the Galactic Core, if you had the money, anything was possible.

    The standoff continued, until the visiting stormies moved off.

    "Don't be too hard on the Lollipop Ladies and Crossing Guard Alliance, out by the front gate. That's who you're here to deal with, isn't it?" Callahan looked down at the cat. "You know that is your fault, don't you? If I hadn't stopped to tell you to stay here, I'd have caught them."

    Tiddles whined again, rubbing up against the armour of his left leg.

    "Alright, let's try one of the larties."

    The cat bounded off across the hanger towards one of the LAATs. CAL shook his head, sighed and followed it.

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    IC: Winterkill
    Docking Bay 7, CSA Spaceport Shadow’s Lament

    “What in the nine rings…..”

    The booming thunder had been so loud that Winterkill hardly heard himself speak. The vibration from the explosions made his clothes pulse in response. A green lance of energy descended like a flash of verdant lighting, piercing the clouds. To him and Tiaca, it looked at first like a silent display, accompanied by a burst of light and a consequent ball of fire, only to be joined by the roaring sound of thunder a heartbeat later.

    “Orbital bombardment….”

    It wasn’t a question. Someone was raining death on the warehouse district. Hadn’t the Captain ordered several Mercs to that location? and wasn’t he quite likely there himself?

    Tiaca did not spare a second as she rushed to her ship’s controls and woke it by the time the nagai survivor managed an exhale. The Shadow’s Lament cockpit was now alive with sound, and bursting with a cacophony of intercepted transmissions. Winterkill narrowed his eyes and tried to filter through all the varying layers of din, and for a second, he had to wonder if he'd developed some sort of unknown ability, as the information was actually being filtered pretty much in the manner he imagined it. It wasn't without a perceptible measure of relief that, he realized it was Tiaca who was doing the filtering, which caused him to enjoy an all too brief snarky smile.

    Words like ‘Empire’, ‘Star Destroyer’ and ‘Warehouse’ were now predominant keywords in the reports filtering through. Winterkill was attempting to piece together what little he could, when Tiaca’s voice suddenly caught his attention.

    "I believe our mission has been scrubbed.” She said with unmistakeable finality.

    It no longer mattered wether she was right or wrong. She’d already made the final decision concerning the mission herself. There was no way he could go at it alone, which meat, the Captain would have to get his supplies from elsewhere.

    “Would you like to contact your commander, Havah, or just hitch a ride to wherever the ship is?”

    Without hesitation, Winterkill retrieved his own weapons and began to tear the plasti-flesh off himself. There was no point in continuing to pretend to be a dead-man walking. Especially when he was already dead.

    “Try to hail them all, including Taab.” He said, as he freed his jaw and lower face.

    They hadn’t heard from Havah since after the beginning of the mission. Their arkanian companion was past due reporting in. As for the rest of the Mercs…

    “You can drop me off near our vessel. I can give you the co-ords.”

    Winterkill couldn’t readily tell if there was a more subtle motivation behind Tiaca’s gesture. He wouldn’t put it past her, but he wasn’t sure if that was the case at present. Either way, he wasn’t above expressing what was needful.

    “I appreciate the offer.”

    The nagai nodded visibly and respectfully.

    With one last swipe, he removed the last remnants of ‘Brahms’ unprepossessing human face and gathered the pieces together. With no visible hint of an actual ‘shedding’ceremony, Winterkill found the stashed body, and discarded the torn pieces of the criminal's cosmetic likeness upon the corpse.

    Being a snake was not something he relished at all.

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    IC: Captain Hank "Bulls Eye" Topkins
    Cockpit, Sentinel-class Landing Craft DN-H1-LC-2, Darkest Night hanger bay, high orbit above Craci Prime, Craci System

    MUSIC: Fortunate Son

    "Hanger One Control to DN-H1-LC-2, you are clear for lift off from Hanger One. Good hunting LC Two."

    Captain Hank "Bulls Eye" Topkins popped the bubble in his bubble gum as he sucked the chewy substance back into his mouth before flipping the comm switch, "LC Two copes your traffic, Hanger One Control. Clear for lift off. Save us some cold ones, Control. LC Two clear."

    The early forties human male had a graying five o'clock shadow, matching his gray streaks through his otherwise brown military cut hair. His face, scared in a few areas, spoke of a combat shuttle pilot who had seen his fair share of a fight before. He stood 5'10, weighed in at 200 pounds, and had an average shuttle pilot build. His mostly (standard) black TIE Pilot suit was different then starfighter pilots, as it lacked the life support equipment box on the chest and the helmet. What his uniform did have, however, was the latest edition of the HMD (picture of helmet---all black with black visor---used here, not the HMD link) for combat operations. Both the shuttle captain, the co-pilot, and the gunners all had a HMD helmet.

    As the light indicator for the boarding ramp indicated closed, the Captain lifted the landing craft off of the hard deck and angled her towards the hanger exit. The hanger exit itself was massive and full of traffic (and there were two hangers this size), as was expected from such an operation. Regardless of the clutter, the clutter was controlled chaos as Hank moved the landing craft ahead to a small gathering of 6 such Sentinels and 3 Lambda-class T-4a Shuttles as they lead a IF-120 Landing Craft, two Y-4 Raptor-class Transports, and one Assault Transport. With a squadron of Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wings providing direct escort to the group of shuttles, a squadron of TIE Interceptors provided top cover against enemy interceptors, while two squadrons of TIE Advanced x1s provided a picket force around the whole group of shuttles and escorts (top, sides, and bottom), and several TIE Vanguards raced ahead of the whole formation to scout out landing zones.

    And this was just the advanced force for the capital city of the planet. Mission objective: secure important government buildings, including government administrative buildings, hospitals, law enforcement centers (including armories), fire stations, and radio stations. The Sentinels would take the 3 hospitals in the city, while the other Sentinels would take both Water / Power Plants and the CSA armory in town. The IF-120 Landing Craft would take City Hall, with one Y-4 Raptor providing a presence downtown and the other Raptor securing the warehouse district (and sea ports) with the orbital bombardment. The Assault Transport would take the spaceport. While the plan was far from fool proof, it provided an elite advanced force on the ground of Stormtroopers, while the Imperial Army mobilized its two Assault Regiments (5,090 Imperial Army Troopers, 2002 support personnel, and armor and vehicles) to deploy down to the planet. Rumor had it, the Victory II-class Star Destroyer would be deploying it's 1,600 Imperial Army Troopers in support of the operation, while the 3 Imperial II-class Star Destroyers were deploying similar advance forces of Stormtroopers to other major cities on the planet until the Imperial Army could deploy in force. While the thousands of troopers, both Stormtrooper and Army, were a mere fraction of what was needed to occupy a whole planet, Hilick Soal's aim wasn't to occupy the planet, but stir the fire a little bit. The Espos, in their far majority numbers, would be carrying out the majority of patrols on the planet, while Imperial forces either integrated with their units and or held sentry defensive posts at key areas on the planet.

    Rumor had it, the 3 Lambda's were carrying special forces; one shuttle carried a very secret group of SpecNav Force Troopers, another carried Imperial Army Commandos, and the third carried Storm Commandos. Their missions for this op were all highly classified, so Topkins could only guess at what their job would be. As for the worst rumor of all, rumor had it a few ISB Stormtroopers were mixed in with the regular Stormtrooper units, while the IF-120 Landing Craft carried a few CompForce Observation Personnel and a few squads of CompForce Troopers for security at the Command Post at City Hall. Guess when the Empire invades a protected allied government, Imperial Center peeps had to ensure things were done right with the CompForce idiots.

    As Topkins looked around through space, the escorting Star Destroyers were deploying their own Stormtrooper parties as well. As the shuttles approached the planet, Topkins switched the music selection to the Imperial March. It seemed fitting after all.

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    Imperial Stormtroopers at Governor's Palace

    The Lieutenant wondered, briefly, as the cat bounced off, if discipline in the Outer Rim was this poor for all Stormtrooper units? The prideful Lieutenant would make sure to make a report of this...disgrace. After all, the academy would never teach troops such reckless behavior. And any officer worth his salt wouldn't allow such behavior. It was a disgrace to the Corps! They were Stormtroopers, not some drafted or recruited run of the mill Imperial Army Trooper whose goal was to impress his girlfriend with his dress uniform.

    The non-clone human recruit looked about, giving orders quickly as he pointed, "I want observation posts up and running in one minute! Get T-21's positioned at high traffic areas overlooking the Palace grounds, snipers overlook cover, and I want squads to support the Palace defense units along their lines!" Stormtroopers were already deploying, NCOs rushing their charges to assignments, "Sergeant Major, the line is yours!"

    "Yes, Lieutenant!" came the Sergeant Major's reply.

    "First squad," the Lieutenant barked, "on me!"

    The Lieutenant marched towards the Governor Palace's roof entrance, guarded by a pair of Stormtroopers whose armor was so white still, the Lieutenant could of sworn they were brand new. The Stormtroopers allowed the Lieutenant and his squad through. Entering into the Palace itself, the Lieutenant took off his Stormtrooper helmet, his E-11 Blaster Rifle in it's sheath along his hip, and held it between his elbow and rib cage as he jogged down a flight of stairs and---after posting a pair of Stormtroopers guarding the flight of stairs leading to the roof and taking the rest of the squad with him), upon asking various servants and techs where the Governor was, headed that direction. It wasn't long before he was before the Operations Room; despite this being a Imperial Garrison, the Lieutenant was under orders to treat this operation like a VIP embassy rescue, utilizing his Stormtroopers to reinforce existing defenses, form a defensive cover for the VIP to retreat with the first squad and Lieutenant through and back to the Sentinel. While this op wasn't considered hot yet, the Lieutenant wasn't taking any chances. He had a job to do and if a Imperial Governor pressed the red button with a whole base full of Stormtroopers to protect him, the other Stormtroopers being darned, the Lieutenant had a job to do and he would do it, regardless of how stupid it looked for a whole base not being able to protect a single man from a angry mob of drunkards. The Lieutenant had to wonder, if there was a gap between in efficiency and quality between garrison duty Stormtrooper units and the Fleet stationed Stormtrooper units?

    Ringing the bell, the Lieutenant and his remaining squad awaited admittance. Right about now, some really flipping amazing elevator music would make his mood just great! Flipping politicians...

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    IC: BS-1118 "Animal"
    Troop Bay, Sentinel-class Landing Craft DN-H1-LC-2, Craci Prime, Craci System,Craci Regional General Medical and Surgical Center

    Music: Gimme Shelter

    "Move! Move! Move!" Barked Animal as he pushed a few Stormtroopers ahead of him down the ramp as two TIE Advances shot above overhead for aerial cover; all of his Stormtroopers, clones or recruits, were all seasoned veterans by now. They had a few green rookies, but that was normal for any military unit. The Stormtroopers didn't need any motivation, they were veterans of a dozen battles. No, Animal was just more motivated then them.

    As Animal disembarked the landing craft and into the beginnings of a light down poor of rain, he watched with satisfaction as his troops assumed defensive positions. around their landing zone on the roof of the hospital.

    "Sergeant Major!" barked the Lieutenant.

    Speaking of green rookies, thought Animal. Fresh out of the academy, barely a month in the field with the 12th Sector Army.

    "Yes sir!?" The ole Sergeant Major snapped back correctly as he turned to face the Stormtrooper helmeted Lieutenant.

    "Sergeant Major, our orders are to secure this hospital---"

    No Sith, you idiot, Animal thought.

    The Lieutenant kept talking, darn, "---keep a squad on the rooftop to secure our exit. One squad covering the front entrance and one squad the rear emergency receiving entrance. All other squads are to guard entrances and exits around the hospital grounds. I want one squad inside with you, Sergeant Major, and myself. We'll form a CP inside. No one leaves or enters this hospital without our knowledge, understood?"

    "Yes, Lieutenant."

    "Good," the green officer said, "Move 'em out!"

    "Second Platoon!" The Sergeant Major barked, "Move out! One squad, observation, rooftop! One squad emergency entrance and exit. One squad main entrance. All other squads, monitor all other entrances and exits to this hospital! See to your squads' assignments Sergeants! No one gets out or in without the CP's approval! First Squad, on the Lieutenant for the CP! Move it ladies! Move!"

    As the Stormtroopers rushed about to fulfill their orders, the Sergeant Major glanced upwards in the drizzle of rain as a thunderbolt shot across the darkened sky---the Sentinel lifting off and flying away on patrol duty above the city---and looked to his left, across to the other side of a odd shaped roof top equipment structure. There, as the lightening shot across the sky, it silhouetted a Lambda-class Shuttle running dark (no lights); the shuttle dropped several lengths of drop road from it's open boarding ramp, then as the boarding ramp was closing, moved off into the night sky.

    Interesting, thought Animal, I wonder what has the special interest of our Imperial Commanders and not tell a Stormtrooper unit at the same location of their arrival...

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    IC: "He" and Alexander Zat
    Less fortunate areas, Nar Shaddaa

    The underground tunnels were full of the less fortunate; homeless and poverty stricken communities called the underground city layers home. Once industrial areas or public sewage and sanitation systems, now the bedrock foundations of some of the highest buildings on Nar Shaddaa. Tents, makeshift homes of crates and boxes, and rusted out holes in long deserted pipes served as homes. Men, as well as women and children, and all of various species called this place home. Barrels and hollowed out astromech droids were used as fires to keep people warm, as well as lights for the general area. Energy ran down here, as was evidence of the Christmas lights that ran across a section of overhead piping, but if these people had access to that power supply or not was unknown. A few high durability construction lights still gave off light along the "broadway" strip of the community, but a few were also either flickering on and off, broke, or burned out.

    As for He and Zat, they blended in with the less fortunate down here, there mismatch traveler's clothes allowing them to blend nicely. No one bothered them as they weaved in and out of the wondering folks; children played street games, while adults huddled around and talked. Those of the drinking nature were polite enough to stay well away from the children in other less lively areas, but those less lively areas also seemed to be more active in certain areas.

    "I can't believe the Jod would have a place down here," Zat said, "I understand the need for secrecy, but even this is a bit too much. And I don't see any of the signs we did in the previous places, either."

    "Your not being very positive for being my Master," He replied flatly.

    "Just making an observation," Zat replied, adding in frustration, "Even after Order 66, Jedi weren't able to hide this well. And we were a small band compared to a whole government. Its like the Jod never even existed."

    "We're near," He said, nodding to a homeless person using a discarded LR-Model 2 Blaster Rifle as a cane, "The HRI post would of kept a small armory of weapons."

    "I would think more modern weapons would be preferred off of the Jod home world," Alex said quietly as they walked past the man.

    "The LR-Model 2 Blaster Rifle has it's advantages in range and firepower, despite a extremely slow reload rate. In the hands of a skilled professional, it can be quite deadly."

    Both Zat and He were looking everywhere when Zat quietly said, "Here," pointing to a small glowing symbol on the wall. It was the same symbol of the Royal Palace.

    "Interesting," He said, crouching down by a collapsed pipe and other debris, "It looks as if----"

    "I found it," Zat said as he moved his hand over an object, using the Force to manipulate the locking device he could sense behind the wall. A panel popped up from the ground, creating a small cloud of dirt; He lifted the hidden up further, showing a staircase going downward, lights coming up along the staircase as Zat moved his way down. He cleared their descent, seeing an old drunkard human male staring on in awe up against the opposite wall. Him being the only one in seeing or hearing age, He provided a quick Jedi Mind Trick and the human male forgot all about it, rambling on about he needed to stop drinking since he was seeing things and the drunkard got up and staggered on to a new drinking spot.

    He followed Zat down, the door closing behind them with a hiss and lock. The Jedi Ninja wasn't too concerned about any traps or othher security measures since He and Zat could foil most traps and He's Elite status among the Jod would give him clearance through any classification level. The pair of Jedi walked down a short brick tunnel, lights coming on as they neared them and shutting off as they passed them, before coming to a stop before a black transparisteel double door with a hand and eye scanner to the right.

    A green light strip came on around the door as the Jedi neared it and the hand and eye scanner turned on blue. He, having the higher clearance, went through the ritual and the door opened with a hiss. Purified, recycled air could be felt and smelled as the Jedi entered. A single ceiling light came on the opposite side of the door, showing another door beyond, this time with a red strip of lighting around it's frame. The Jedi entered through the first door, the door closing with a hiss and locking. He could see two holocameras in diagonal opposite corners from each other, giving a full view of the room. He could also see two other security scanners in the other two corners, mostly likely a combination sensor of bio scanners, chemical scanners, weapon scanner, and listening devices and homing beacon scanners. Probably a medical scanner somewhere mixed in there too. The Jedi ninja could also see that those devices were activity recording. Suddenly a decon procedure was started then, once completed, the red lined doors turned green and the black double transparisteel doors opened, displaying an office packed of three floor consoles---one directly ahead facing them and two against either side wall facing the wall. Against the far wall directly ahead was a large holo screen across the whole wall broken down into multiple different sized screens showing different areas of the galaxy, statics, and other things of interest.

    There was a flushing sound from a refresher to their left---someone had to put a unisex sign on the door, even in a "top secret" HRI Post---and after the running of water could be heard, the door opened.

    Both Jedi ignited their lightsabers with a snap hiss.

    "No need for those," said a thirties-age, 6 foot 2 inches tall, dark skinned man with a fat cigar in his mouth and wearing clothes not all too unfamiliar to Han Solo's clothes of choice, other then the lack of Blood Stripes along the legs and he had a ammo belt across his chest from one shoulder to the opposite hip, with the vest over the belt, "If I was a bad guy, I wouldn't be in here. If you were bad guys, you wouldn't be in here. The hidden blaster cannons in the outside tunnel would of cooked you if you got the entry passwords wrong; and even if you got past that somehow, a toxic or nonlethal gas would of filled the room between both doors if the sensors picked anything up dangerous---and lastly, my bosses were nice enough to spoil me with a holovid in the refresher that allows me to watch the control room here, the room between both doors, and the brick tunnel while I do nature's business."

    "Okay," Zat said, nodding to He, as both Jedi turned off their lightsabers and returned them to their belts, "Jedi Master Alexander Zat and this is an Elite," He simply nodded as he took off his hat to revel his black masked face.

    The man nodded to them both as he stood in front of them, "Master Zat, also known as Zat the Heretic, the man who has the disdain from the church he once worked for with zeal and hunted like a criminal now by the very Elite he helped form, but finds refuge with King Alex 'The Just'. Despite the King's passing, the favor of the King continues through the Royal House. And so, as to be protected and regarded with authority via the power installed in the Royal House for all Jod, civilian and military alike, to be seen. And now, the church is powerless to hurt thee, unless a unfortunate accident would occur in the form of an assassination covered up by a accident. And the Elite," the dark skinned man said with a bow to He, "Sworn loyalty to the church, but under the authority of the Royal House. Bond by both for your entire life, sworn to secrecy for covert and black operations, and forbidden to speak unless around key members of the church, of your kind, or of your founding master, Jedi Master Zat, the very man the church wants dead so passionately. So here you stand, sworn by Order of the Royal House to protect Master Zat and the Ancient Scrolls, yet secretly commanded by the church to do 'God's Will' and kill Master Zat, your own founding Master accused of high treason and heresy against the church."

    "You know your history," Alexander said, "And you are...?"

    "Special Field Agent Bonds, House of Royal Intelligence," the man took a drag off of his cigar and turned around and took a seat behind the console in front of them, "So, ask the question as to why you are here?"

    "Where every is?" Zat asked, "Shouldn't that be clear?"

    Bonds shrugged, "It depends on who your talking to. Me?" the man pointed towards himself as he put his feet up on the corner of his desk, took a final drag of his cigar, and put the remains into an ash tray, "You are why I am still here."

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    Warehouse District

    Dak waited for the patrol to pass before making his way over to the group of survivors, joining them as the blind Jedi finished his statement, “What we need now is a vehicle, even if it means taking it from the Espos. Boras, I could…mend…your injuries while we travel.”

    "I would concur," Dak said quietly out of the darkness, "However we must move quickly," the droid pointed up to the night sky where his sensitive audio pickups could hear far greater distances then a normal human or alien could; finally the familiar wine of TIE series starships could be heard, "The Empire has arrived to occupy the planet. I heard one of the Espos radios say as much. This is an odd move for the Empire, occupying a world of an Imperial-ally such as the CSA. While the Empire could wipe the CSA with the floor with a fleet of Star Destroyers, the political backlash of invading the CSA without due cause would be beyond damaging to the Empire's agenda and give the Rebellion powerful corporate backers in the war that could easily tip the balance of power over time. So whatever the Empire is doing here...they are doing so with the highest levels of authority in Imperial Center signing off on it. The Emperor himself has most likely been briefed on this operation. Most likely, unless the Empire has a whole fleet in orbit, the Empire will land Stormtrooper units to get highly trained boots on the ground to secure key installations. Once a fleet arrives, the Imperial Army will start landing. And once that happens, we will never be able to leave. So, if we go find Captain Lasso, which I assume is the case, we must do so quickly before the whole world is blockaded and our chances of escape shrink greatly."

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    Low Night's Bar, CSA spaceport

    Sputtering the vile liquid from his lips he gratefully took the towel and wiped his face, neck, and splattered armor as best he could. It wasn't good, the stuff was sticky like a syrup and he knew nothing but a good sonic cleanse at the precise processional frequency of the stuff was going to remove it. With a sigh he dropped it on the table top, "Thanks."

    Opening the crate he looked inside and was surprised by what he found, a mask, dress up gloves, and a ceremonial robe. Perhaps they were wrong about that alien being a mind reader. That or else she had a very cruel sense of humor.

    It was then that he noticed the edgy and subdued quality of the bar, it was off even this time of day more should be happening. Feeling a vibration he pulled out his comlink, "You owe me. " he simply stated before the person on the other end could say anything, if it was their leader, the Mando, even Winterkill he felt certain that the statement held true.

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    Her ship, ex-CSA controlled planet, Docking Bay 7

    Looking back at the Sephi she sighed, her expression bland and unchanging. "As you wish."

    Hitting a few switches she opened a scanning program and quickly laid Winterkill's commlink into a docking station, in moments the call would be going through. Whether the Sephi had noticed her palming the device to do just this later she was uncertain. It mattered little after the nod, as he had to have known she was making due. Exchanging comm codes wasn't a high priority, although she had wanted to 'procure them' sooner rather than later. Sending out a ping to all the contacts that matched the wanted lists and the name Taab that Winterkill had used. The first to be pinged and answered was Havah, still her ships systems could handle it and was already pinging all other contacts in the local list off the Nagai's device.

    "You owe me." came over the speaker to them as she silenced the comm scanning feature to call these comms.

    "And you me. Sephi wants to talk, we just got orbital bombardment at the warehouse district by the Empire." she said as she quickly summed up what they had found out in case he hadn't been able to connect to an information hub yet.

    "That explains things. Are you two inserted yet?"

    "No." was all she said as she looked back at Winterkill with a questioning expression on half her face. She gestured to indicate the Sephi should elaborate and ask whatever he was wanting while she fielded the calls and patched them in.

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