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Library Intervention (Quick Reference)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Bravo, Jan 1, 2013.

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    • Player Characters or In-Characters are shortened to PCs or ICs respectfully and are characters in the game's storyline controlled by a player.
    • Most PCs have restrictions attached to them to be played by only one player.
    • PCs are generally considered "starring cast" characters and are a main part of the story, usually helping to drive the story forward.
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    User: @Mitth_Fisto

    Name: Havah Jeth

    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Species: Arkanian
    Homeworld: Arkania
    Affiliation: The Mercs
    ---Traits: Havah prefers the direct, sneaky approach to missions, and is reluctant to sit back when he thinks danger is an acceptable risk to complete a mission or save a comrade. He keeps his head, if not his cool, at all times, and is generally stoic.
    ---Likes: When everything ends well, women, the occasional glass of Abrax cognac or shot of accarrgm wine, fine tuning his ship, and combat sparring
    ---Dislikes: Boring missions & scenarios, weak drinks, when mechanics screw up his ship, failing an obligation, betrayal, and going in blind on any mission
    ---Habits: Will play a flute when bored and fiddling with his armor/weapons
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian (Albino Pale)
    ---Hair Color: White
    ---Eye Color: White
    ---Clothing – Casual: Loose brown trousers, loose white shirt, dark synthetic leather vest, and tall brown boots. An ensemble brought together with a loose smuggler styled belt with various blades and blaster dangling from it.

    ---Clothing – Mission: Tan Chitin Armor with no insignias, with concealed vibro-dagger gauntlets and utility belt. Flak vest, respirator attachment, and added sealants are added for space missions.

    ---Other Attributes: Somewhat broad, with decently rugged looks
    ---Other Details: Straight hair down to his shoulders, usually keeps helmet hooked at his side when not in combat situations, and has five fingers on right hand.
    Weapons: 1 Westar-34 Blaster Pistol (Jango Fett’s blaster type) and 3 spare cartridges, 1 Stokhli Spray Stick, 1 Cryoban Grenade, and the concealed gauntlet vibro-daggers. Additional weapons added as mission specifications advise and are available for use.

    Skills (NEW!!!)

    ---Primary Skill: Commando; exceptional hand-to-hand combat, very good medium range weaponry (shooting), squad level combat, and making traditional military units lives end quickly whether defensive or offensive combat situations.

    ---Secondary Skill: Starfighter pilot

    ---Life Experience:

    Squad based black ops

    Mixed Martial Arts


    Starfighter repair

    Education (NEW!!!)

    ---General Education: Private tutors and Arkaniaan system of basic through higher education.

    ---Specialized Education: Combat and repair training by tutors/guards, Arkanian Black Guard/Military/Militia Training

    Flaws/Limitations (NEW!!!)

    ---Physical: Physically deformed, has five fingers on right hand. Alcoholic.

    ---Mental: Alcoholic.

    ---Emotional: Loss of family, both blood and squad to death or Imperial kidnapping.

    ---General: Has suffered emotional outbursts, paranoia, and other interpersonal damaging side effects from excessive alcohol consumption as well as some organ damage.

    ---Character Critical Failure: Force Blind and distrusts 9 out of 10 crewmates, not to mention is an alcoholic that has nearly killed his new boss once, and nearly himself twice because of it.


    ---Name: Dart

    ---Class: T-65 X-Wing Starfighter

    ---Speed: 100 MGLT

    ---Hull Rating: Stock model

    ---Shields: Stock model

    ---Ejection System: Yes

    ---Life Support: Yes

    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.0

    ---Weapon(s): Stock model

    ---Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 R2-series astromech droid (“Glove”; black primary color, gray secondary color replaces the originals blue accents)

    ---Passenger(s): 0

    ---Max Cargo (kg): 110kg

    ---Interior Description: Stock model

    ---Other Details: Black paint over the whole craft, with an arkanian dragons head emblazoned upon the forward sides of the cockpit section and nose of the craft, with jaws wide open.

    Starship Personal

    ---Name: Spook
    ---Class: Customized CloakShape Fighter
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.7
    ---Weapon(s): 2x Medium Forward-mounted laser cannons, 1x Concussion/1xProton Torpedo launcher (4 concussion missiles and 4 torpedoes)
    ---Shields: Light
    ---Sublight Speed: 1000 km/h to 3500 km/h (Shields on)
    ---Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Otoga-222-series repair droid wirelessly connected to ships computer
    ---Passenger(s): None
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 30 kg
    ---Interior Description: The Spook has been modified to work as a single man and droid fighter from its previous one man status, and as such the positions which would have distracted him such as power flow control and in flight minor repairs are taken care of by his Otoga-222 droid “Pick”. The power generator has been upgraded to allow for its light deflector shields, engines, and weapons to be used at the same time without serious detriment to either systems. The more common upgrades of a maneuvering fin, hyperdrive sled, and advanced targeting computer with sensor suite.
    ---Other Details: He rarely allows other droids or people to work on his ship without them being supervised by either himself or Pick at all times. The paint job on the Spook has been intentionally left a mottled tan with cream and rust colored blotches with the exception of white paint at around the missile tubes, giving it an old worn-out look.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: None
    ---Personal History: Havah grew up as one of seven children, son of Kir, a scientist who works on the main board of the Arkanian Dominion. As this took most of their father’s time they were left to their mother, when she was available, and more often than not to servants to be raised. Some of the servants were of course qualified bodyguards and pilots incase they had to be moved suddenly, and from these he learned many techniques on how to fight and pilot at a young age as they would often use these lessons and training sessions as a way to keep the children busy and out of trouble. As a result, Havah became an adept pilot and fighter at a young age, and as he grew older his skills, with the continued and varied tutelage of the guards and servants, improved. Although he was more of one to break then fix items he had had to learn a good bit about repairing items as even though his parents didn’t mind replacing things, although his caretakers whose wages were docked until the items were fixed or replaced certainly did.
    When he came of age of decision it was plane to everyone that the first male born to Kir was not to be a scientist, but instead a fighting instrument, and so he was enlisted into the Arkanian Black Guard. It was there that he increased his talents to a polished sheen, but the pay and job was terrible if one was not idealistically driven by the missions and goals of the group. So when the option became available at twenty five to leave honorably he did, and took what inheritance and wages he had saved to upgrade his ship and droid, and headed out to find new employ.

    Not too long later he met the leader of The Mercs, Captain Rick Taller. Although it took a bit of persuasion and a demonstration of his abilities, and reassurances that he wasn’t an undercover agent. The Captain eventually agreed to let him join The Mercs, and he has served loyally ever since. While the constantly shifting ranks and the never-ending proximity to death is familiar and of a hue that one cannot endure forever, he doubts he could ever give up the lifestyle until it either forces him free of it, or it takes it completely. But at least in this field the pay is better and one isn’t bound by anything more than honor and kinship.

    Or so he thought, soon the filtering of new leaders, added dead, and deserters left Havah somehow inexplicably at the top of the roster. Needless to say he did not handle it well and the bottle looked more attractive than usual as the dead added up, deserters left, and he. . .despite being the leader now didn’t die. Whatever motion of the forces of life that made his life what it was either were personally hating him or simply desired an outlet for more masochistic tendencies.

    A feeling that grew as missions continued, he lived, he drank, and lived. Others didn’t drink and died, if he was one to quiet for no good reason that was the most tempting. The Jod hired them, revealed they had payed through others for most of the more dangerous missions that got others killed and soon Taller had the Mercs working for them. Whatever the deal was he hoped it was enough money to allow him to either never be sober or get drunk and then frozen for a few decades. Maybe the machine would malfunction.

    Sent alone on a mission with the Jod after he learned the Empire had his sister, who blamed him for her failed security, he helped them retake a passage-way station that had a rogue AI she had developed and a few droids he wished had changed their minds about coming with him. Still life went on, he threatened the twerp that met the returning shuttle that bore the marks of intelligence. . .well actually a severe lack. Got interrupted, let off some steam with a non-fatal duel with a guy that offered his head if it would make him feel better, and then got stunned and tossed in a brig. Without alcohol, his flute, nor a knife to end the suffering of forced detox. Well at least he wasn’t drying out because he quit, now if only the memories would stop.

    Still the battles came and he was forced to work alongside and then under the twerp Taller had elevated. If he wasn’t his boss now and had a severe mental gap, he would be tempted to kill the man out of principle. As things stand he instead has kept his distance, and silence as he worked with the new hires, Mando’a. A terrible situation, but at least they are professionals.

    ---Military History: Upon turning fifteen he joined the military with his father’s connections he was able to go through intensive training for next three years as a pilot and Elite Squad combat training. Ten years with the Arkanian Black Guard Elite Squads and eight years of service with The Mercs, in both fighter squadrons and covert ops stations.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Havah’s second to last mission was to eliminate a traitorous cell to the Arkanian Dominion, only slightly out of the ordinary from their regular pirate and outlaw mission profiles. The mission went without a hitch as he flew air support until the fleet was able to block off the main escape route. Once that was established he landed and joined his team in breaching the final layers of defenses to the bunker, but what surprised him most was when they finally reached their targets, him using his Stokhli Spray stick to trip up the fleeing individuals before a shot was put in the back of the skull. When one body was rolled over for identification to his surprise, and to his horror, he recognized the man that he had brought down as his little brother. Although he has lost many good friends and comrades over the years, and while he never shows it, each of them weighs heavily on him, each having left their own scar in his mind and heart. He feels particularly guilty about his brother’s death, a death brought by his own hands, which still haunts him to this day. Guilt over his sisters abduction and wounding by the Empire watched via a recording as she cried out his guilt for it also haunts him.
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    Name: Tiaca

    Callsign: Tiss / Reco

    Gender: Female

    Age: 27
    Species: Terrellian Jango Jumper
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Affiliation: House Renliss, House Salaktori, and Jeth
    ---Traits: Tiaca is a hot-rod, loose cannon, and generally short sited planner for a walking encyclopedia.
    ---Likes: Winning, games of chance, research, and pure sabaac.
    ---Dislikes: Sitting still, getting shot/stabbed/maimed/etc, and slavers.
    ---Habits: Often fiddles with her prosthetics, plays games of chance even against herself, and will study HoloNet databases in free time.
    ---Skin Color: Pale / washed-out blue with yellow/gold accents painted on her face
    ---Height: 1.83 meters (6 feet)

    ---Hair Color: Bald by choice, red ropes of hair naturally

    ---Eye Color: Brown organic, black implant
    ---Clothing Casual: Loose one sleeved tunic, black blaster proof (Myntor lizard) vest, black loose pants with same scale padding over thighs and shins, black thigh high boots, and mechanics utility belt with pouches. Sonic mining probe tucked in left boot pouch, hold out stun baton camouflaged in prosthetic arm, Thunderer blaster pistol slung down off left hip, large vibro machete in leather case secured upside down in middle of back, and glop grenade in one of the belts pouches as well as basic med supplies and common currency.

    ---Hunt Adaptation Suit (HAS): Used whenever going on a possible mission/hunt. Base layer is a Mando suite of body armor with a pressurized body glove secure for vacuum or deep water diving.

    Helmet is made to look like a Trandoshan’s head with the visor being a raged black slit between the suites teeth. Range finders are concealed in the left eye, and snout of the helmet. Sports voice enabled system and weapon utilization, video recording/playback/analysis unit, voice scrambler, infrared and ultraviolet scanning lenses, fine-grain motion sensors, sound amplification/filtration unit, broadband antenna, HoloNet database/access, redundant olfactory sensors (1 part per billion), scent database, pineal sensor and micro cameras for surround vision, and system personalization augmentation. Also has built in three hour reserve air tank and an environmental filter to eliminate contaminates from air or liquids.

    Suite armor plates are replaced with the black scale plates from a Kothlis Myntor fused onto a thin ceramic base plate that connects to the suite along the traditional maximum coverage placements from heavy unites from the Neo-Crusaders armor template, including upper gorget for neck protection. (The Bounty Hunter Code book, page 141)

    ---Other Attributes: Swimmers build, artificial eye (replaceable), and artificial right arm (style similar to Anakin Skywalker RotS, except whole arm), three ribs, and back bracers.
    ---Other Details: Has coded personal palm sized B2-X droid, unmodified from factory standards beyond life experience, kept in armored back pack. Repulsor boots rated 150meters, she uses these to explain her own jumping feats away and to augment hunts. Scale reinforced backpack with spare battery packs.
    Weapons: Adjusted Sonic Mining Probe (Doctor Who’s gift to Dr. Song image & Razors Edge SW book references), DC-15s blaster, FC-1 Fletchet Launcher / alternates with a Decksweeper, 2 Glop Grenades, 2 ABC grenades, prosthetic droid arm, 1 Medpac, 1 grappling hook with high-tensions wire, 4 spare ammo packs FC-1, three bladed vibro-knife in thigh scabbard, phrik climbing vibro-sinks (stabbing spikes) one in each shoulder poltroon, retractable boot climbing claws, and helmet based needler hidden in ‘snout’.

    Skills (NEW!!!)

    ---Primary Skill: Bounty Hunter/Hunter, Researcher

    ---Secondary Skill: Pilot, Soldier

    ---Life Experience: Slave training, acting. . .as bait, martial arts, scrounger, weapon and armor smith, and basic self medic.

    Education (NEW!!!)

    ---General Education: Pantoran Middle School graduate, and bounty hunting training course.

    ---Specialized Education: Advanced Hunter training on Kamparas Jedi training grounds, and advanced Trandoshan hunting courses.

    Flaws/Limitations (NEW!!!)

    ---Physical: Has extensive replacement parts for right arm, and right eye. Facial scars have been professionally repairs but leave her right side of face mostly frozen in a bland expression. Sometimes will feel phantom pains and usually is in pain from missing nerves and nerve damage all the time.

    ---Mental: Nerve pain makes it harder to think long term plans through. Identifies to an extent with her captors from her younger years.

    ---Emotional: Loss of limb, eye, family, and brutality of enslaved teenage years.

    ---General: Spent a considerable portion of her youth simply striving to survive instead of being a child.

    ---Character Critical Failure: Cannot hold breath well nor can she trust individuals without years to acclimate to them and learn them well enough.

    ---Name: Shadows Lament
    ---Class: Customized Tug – Heavy Lifter Type 2
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 3
    ---Weapon(s): 1x dual barrel Medium top-mounted laser cannon
    ---Shields: Moderate
    ---Sublight Speed: 7MGLT ?? km/h to 10MGLT ?? km/h (Shields on)
    ---Crew: 1 Pilot
    ---Passenger(s): Four (cramped)
    ---Max Cargo (kg): ?? kg / ??
    ---Interior Description: Shadows Lament
    is considered a generational tug.

    ---Other Details: Weapon system is an aftermarket customization when the ship was overhauled for routes in the more often pirated sections of the Rim. Rusted mottled coloration with fused on grime.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Minor

    ---Religion: Split

    ---Force Abilities: Level Zero

    ---Force Weakness: All

    ---Other Force Objects: N/A

    ---Personal History: An infant orphan she was adopted by a lovely Pantoran family. This lasted for a few years until after her seventh birthday when they were killed by a group of pirates on a family vacation, where she was kidnapped, sold, and afterward kept alive solely to be used as future bait by her Trandoshan buyers. Sometime after her sixteenth she was rescued by an cleanup crew of the Arkanian Black Guard, whom she merely knew as her rescuers.

    After being rescued three members of the team acknowledged her wishes and took a two week vacation to relocate her with an established Bounty Hunter who desired a protégé. The Mando she was paired with was a Trandoshan who worked for House Salaktori out of the Bothuwai sector, a situation that was used as a test of her resolve to follow the hard path of becoming a hunter and to face her fears. From this sprouted her desire for her stylized armor as she faced her own fears and learned the ways of the traid. After she went out on her own she was approached by House Renliss, who she readily joined having just turned twenty, and utilizing their further training she has become a good hunter in her own right, although enamored with a cross of Mando’a and Trandoshan beliefs to guide her life and honor her lost parents.

    Recently she acquired her own ship and took a mission to the CSA on a joint mission with her old teacher as the prey was large enough to require an extra hunter, and both needed someone they could trust and anticipate in a fight.

    ---Military History: Served aboard a Pirate/Hunting/Poaching crew against her will for several years. Bounty Hunting/Hunting Career for over ten years.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Lost her adoptive family, used as bait by Trandoshans in their hunts, and being raised her last teen years by a Trandoshan Mando’a Bounty Hunter.
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    Name: Winterkill (Qu’elwynt’r)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Species: Nagai
    Home World: Nagi
    Affiliation: The Mercs (current)
    ---Traits: Observant, calculating, introspective, focused, mistrustful. All things are viewed under threat analysis.
    ---Likes: Above all things, His freedom. Training. A challenging encounter.
    ---Dislikes: Tofs, slavery, oppression, war.
    ---Habits: Trains constantly. Never stands, sits or sleeps in vulnerable areas. Prefers being in the shadows.
    ---Skin Color: Pale ( white)
    ---Height: 5’7”
    ---Hair Color: Raven (black)
    ---Eye Color: Black
    ---Clothing: Form fitting training gear/ combat gear. Carries two vibro blades at all times.
    ---Other Attributes: Generally regarded as anti-social. Winterkill has poor interpersonal skills. However, despite being very calculating and deliberate, he is also a huge risk taker, this is a side-effect of being a war survivor.
    ---Other Details: Though he is first and foremost a survivor, he would never abandon someone who has earned his respect or has helped him in some way.
    He also still has many scars left over his body, despite the attempts of having them ‘healed’ medically. Situationally, Winterkill will use his ‘soothing voice’ ability to affect events.
    Weapons: He currently owns two vibro blades and a single vibro sword. He has lost almost all he has ever owned, which was not much to begin with.

    ---Primary Skill: Assassination and infiltration. During the war, Winterkill became very proficient at taking down sentries, roving patrols and infiltrating enemy camps.
    ---Secondary Skill: Starfighter pilot. Winterkill’s impressive reflexes and quick thinking has transformed him into an efficient, albeit often reckless starpilot.
    ---Life Experience: Large scale combat tactics. This is a relatively new concept to the nagai, one introduced to him by the mandalorian liberators who assisted in the defeat of the Tofs. Winterkill gravitates to anything that can help him gain advantage in battle and better take down his enemies. His time with The Mercs has opened his understanding and appreciation of such a skill.

    ---General Education: Minimal. He was born during the Tof occupation of Nagi.
    ---Specialized Education: Winterkill was trained by his elders to kill, steal and infiltrate in order to survive another day. He is proficient with vibro weapons and has a keen mind for combat.

    Flaws / Limitations
    ----Physical: Being near-human and slightly smaller in frame, Winterkill cannot disguise himself easily as someone of another species, therefore he prefers not to be seen at all. He relies on acrobatics, evasive maneuvers and deception when confronting larger and stronger opponents, who by default tend to underestimate him due to his size.
    ----Mental: Though literate, Winterkill is not as technologically savvy as most of his contemporaries due to his turbulent past, however, he is a very quick learner.
    ---Emotional: War trauma. Although he has survived his ordeals physically, under certain conditions, Winterkill may ’snap’ and find himself re-enacting ‘worst case scenarios’ of his time during the Tof occupation. Incarceration/ loss of freedom is one ‘known trigger’ to these violent episodes.
    ---General: Winterkill is generally a loner due to his experience as a survivor. He has very poor interpersonal skills outside of combat situations and is very unlikely to interact with others until he has assessed them first and determined their current threat level. However, that is slowly changing due to his camaraderie with Havah Jeth, who understands his secret hand signs and together, have survived many infiltration missions in the past. Jason Lasso, who continues to show by example the benefits of fighting for the good of others, and Rick Taller, who recognized his potential and took a chance by recruiting him.
    Presently, Winterkill is incapable of turning down a death match. This is very specific and not readily apparent. To insult his honor or challenge him thus is the one thing he will not turn away from. Thankfully, this fact is unknown to most if not all, save perhaps a single individual. He’s also likely to assault any Tof on sight.
    ---Character Critical Failure: Boneworms are probably the only creatures that Winterkill fears.The Tof employed them in fighting pits and many other forms of torture. That is why Winterkill refuses to fall unconscious during missions or sleep on regular floors. The sight of a boneworm is very likely to trigger a panic attack, or worse.

    ---Name: N/A. His StarViper was destroyed in a mission.
    ---Hull Rating: [Strength of hull]
    ---Ejection System:
    ---Life Support:
    ---Hyperdrive Class:
    ---Max Cargo (kg):
    ---Interior Description:
    ---Other Details:

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: None
    -----Handle Description(s):
    ---Force Abilities:n/a
    ---Force Weakness:n/a
    ---Other Force Object(s):

    ---Personal History: Winterkill was one of the nagai that stayed behind on Nagi when the Tof invaded their home planet, specifically due to his young age. Raised by nagai survivors and freedom fighters, young Winterkill was groomed for stealth, infiltration and assassination. Survival was the only option. His time in a Tof concentration camp has traumatized him in ways beyond his ken. A small group of prisoners managed to escape, but the Tof would not relent. On a fateful day, both Nagai Warriors and mandaloreans arrived on Nagi to help liberate them from Tof tyranny and help end their occupation, eventually driving off the invaders. Not long after Nagi joined the Alliance, Winterkill was able to leave his homeworld for the first time and was eventually recruited by Rick Taller of The Mercs.
    ---Military History: Winterkill learned guerrilla warfare from nagai freedom fighters, but his greater education would come from the Mandaloreans who assisted in liberating Nagi from Tof occupation.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: The seemingly endless death and killings he experienced as a young freedom fighter during the Tof-Nagi War. Killing another being without remorse and surviving a concentration camp, among many other atrocities.
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    Name: Mahaben
    Gender: Male
    Home World: Coruscant
    Affiliation:The Force/ The Jedi
    ---Traits: Patient,observant, pensive, decisive.Objective,loyal.
    ---Likes: Harmony, Peace, well-being. Positive results.
    ---Dislikes: Injustice, the darkside.
    ---Habits: Inquisitive. Always asking questions and seeking answers. Often strokes his beard while musing. Likes to meditate.
    ---Skin Color: Tan.
    ---Height: 5’11”
    ---Hair Color: grey
    ---Eye Color: none (‘medically registered as blind’)
    ---Clothing: dark grey jedi robes.
    ---Other Attributes: Mahaben is a very keen listener and tends to link things together to multi-faceted events.
    ---Other Details: As a Miraluka, Mahaben sees auras via the force, which he constantly monitors for darkside disturbances as well as other effects. He has a standard bandage over his eyes.
    Weapons: Lightsaber

    ---Primary Skill: Jedi Guardian. Mahaben primarily trained for combat, as that was the path of choice during the clone wars. He now views himself as a peacekeeper, which is far more challenging.
    ---Secondary Skill: Pilot. Being a Jedi, especially a miraluka, has certain advantages. Mahaben can sense things just before they happen, and can also see ‘beyond’ the confines of a ship’s cockpit. He prefers group work, but has proven himself as a solid and competent pilot.
    ---Life Experience: Mahaben has lived ‘by the sword’ most of his life, but he now sees the way of peace is what is required for the future. He has put his moderate diplomatic skills to use in a time where diplomacy is often not even an option.

    ---General Education: Jedi Knight, Jedi Temple, Coruscant.
    ---Specialized Education: Clone War Era Jedi Knights have knowledge of conventional warfare and related subjects.

    Flaws / Limitations
    ----Physical: Mahaben is not as young as he used to be, thus he uses the Force more often to compensate, match and sustain the combat prowess he’s acquired at the height of the Clone Wars. However, ‘violence’ is his absolute last resort.
    ----Mental: Meditation is a must for Mahaben. It keeps his connection to the force strong as well as focuses his mind in order to see things clearly and act objectively.
    ---Emotional: Everyone has been scarred by the Clone Wars, especially force users. Through constant meditation, Mahaben excises any recurring darkside surges within himself.
    ---General: Mahaben sometimes forgets that others do not see ‘the world’ as he does, and may be often surprised when certain ‘self-evident truths’ are rejected off-hand. In addition, Mahaben has an irresistible compulsion to investigate disturbances in the force. As he travels the galaxy, he is also looking out for other (if any) Jedi survivors of the Clone Wars and order 66. He could not bear to abandon any of his brethren.
    ---Character Critical Failure: As a Miraluka, Mahaben sees via the force. Should he somehow be cut-off from the force, he would be effectively blind on all counts. He would not be able to see at all.

    ---Name: None. He travels the galaxy as the Force leads him.
    ---Hull Rating: [Strength of hull]
    ---Ejection System:
    ---Life Support:
    ---Hyperdrive Class:
    ---Max Cargo (kg):
    ---Interior Description:
    ---Other Details:

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Yes
    ---Religion: Jedi
    -----Crystal(s): Blue Ilum crystal, Sapith
    -----Blade(s): One
    -----Color(s): Blue
    -----Handle Description(s): [​IMG]
    ---Force Weakness: Shroud presence. Mahaben has subconsciously made himself into a beacon in the force to attract any lost Jedi to such a degree, that he’d have a very difficult time attempting to dampen his force presence.
    ---Other Force Object(s):

    ---Personal History: Mahaben proudly served the Jedi Council as a Jedi Kight and guardian, despite his misgivings about the Clone Wars, seeing action on may battle fronts, tasting both victory and many more defeats against the separatist armies. Despite the ever increasing death tolls, he staunchly believed that even this war was the will of the Force. Then Order 66 was issued. After barely surviving a clone trooper ambush on his return from a scouting mission, where he was forced to fake his own fiery death, the miraluka spent the next few years in hiding on fringe planets, even as he sought to reconnect to the lightside of the force, especially after a very long period of meditation and wrestling with the darkside.
    ---Military History: Fighting for the Republic alongside brave clone troopers and beings who stood for justice was a great learning experience for the Jedi Knight, that together, they could overcome any obstacle and defeat any evil. In addition to his already considerable fighting skills, Mahaben was a natural at leading strike teams into enemy territory and achieving strategic objectives. The Clone Troopers were living example of what a truly well organized fighting unit could accomplish.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Order 66. This inconceivable betrayal rocked the very foundations of Mahaben’s faith in the Jedi Order and the Republic that now branded him a traitor after his unswerving loyal service. After all the sacrifices, this was their reward. No words could describe his descent to the darkside, however, the light would never abandon its own. After a great deal of intense soul searching, the miraluka would once again see the path to the light.
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    Name: Jason Lasso
    Call Sign: Quagmire
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Home World: Corellia
    Affiliation: The Mercs
    ---Traits: Punctual, inquisitive, observant; every bit the culture of a Corellian as well.
    ---Likes: Staying in shape, learning and exploring new things, exploring wreckage of starships and sea vessels, studying history, hanging out with friends, playing holo games, watching holo movies, reading books (both paper and holo disk), eating carrots (and chewing gum and beef jerky), and helping people. He has also developed a taste for cigars now and then.
    ---Dislikes: People with evil intent, arrogant people, liars, politics (Lasso really hates politics), and the Galactic Empire
    ---Habits: Scratching his head, cracking his knuckles and fingers, rubbing his face when tired, scratching his feet with each other
    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Height: 1.77 meters (5 feet, 10 inches)
    ---Hair Color: Brown
    ---Eye Color: Blue-Gray
    • Everyday Clothing (non-mission gear, worn around the Johnny Boy):

    • Field Gear (aka Mission Gear):
    • Starfighter Suit:
    • Extreme Encounter Suit (EES):

    ---Other Attributes: Is athletically fit and weighs in at 224 pounds. He has an athletic build and stays in shape.
    ---Other Details: His hair is cut to a fade style haircut.
    Weapons: See clothing above. But for certain specifics about his modified
    A280 Blaster Rifle, see below:
    Skills (NEW!!!)
    ---Primary Skill: Starfighter Piloting
    ---Secondary Skill: Soldier; good at shooting, squad level combat, and infantry tactics, as well as hand-to-hand combat.
    ---Life Experience:
    1. Capital Ship Command
    2. Martial Arts
    3. Mechanic and/or "Handy Man"
    Education (NEW!!!)
    ---General Education: Corellian High School graduate, some Corellian private university and community college experience
    ---Specialized Education: Corellian Fire Academy
    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)
    ----Physical: Has right shoulder problems due to an old weight lifting injury / neck problems due to an old injury as well (will often get a painful stiff neck and shoulder).
    ----Mental: Memory loss due to a starfighter accident
    ---Emotional: Loss of family to an Imperial Stormtrooper raid; can become very unreasonable around that memory. The loss of his family often drives him to very dangerous limits in terms of combat and he does not think clearly.
    ---General: Took a considerable amount of time away from martial arts and weight lifting; is not very polished in martial arts and is very rusty.
    ---Character Critical Failure: Inability to swim (or hold breath) with any good functionality for any length of time. The inability to swim well can lead to his death if he is not assisted.
    ---Name: Sweetheart
    ---Speed: 100 MGLT
    ---Hull Rating: Stock model
    ---Shields: Stock model
    ---Ejection System: Yes
    ---Life Support: Yes
    ---Hyperdrive Class: Class 1.0
    ---Weapon(s): Stock model
    ---Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 R2-series astromech droid ("Dude"; yellow primary color, replaces the "white" in the link, and gray dome and black secondary color, replaces the "blue" color in link)
    ---Passenger(s): 0
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 110kg
    ---Interior Description: Stock model
    ---Other Details: Black fuselage from the engines to the half way point of the canopy, with yellow taking over from the half way point of the canopy to the nose. The wings are black on the half way point to the aft part of the wings and yellow on the half way point to the forward part of the wings. The laser cannons would be a alternating color between the four cannons of all black for two of them and all yellow for the other two, each color being diagonal and opposite of the other color. On the forward part of the starfighter to the nose of the starfighter, on either side, would be the front half of a dire-cat in full color with claws out-stretched, mouth open with teeth and drool showing, in an attacking position facing towards the nose of the starfighter.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Force-sensitive
    ---Religion: Jedi
    -----Crystal(s): From Ilum
    -----Blade(s): 2
    -----Color(s): Green
    -----Handle Description(s): 2, N/A
    ---Force Abilities: Level One (see "Force Chart" in Quick Reference)
    ---Force Weakness: Lack of experience and official training; "rogue and rough" in his skills.
    ---Other Force Object(s): N/A
    ---Personal History: Jason Lasso was born on Corellia to middle class parents. After graduation from high school, Lasso tried to enter the Imperial Academy to become a TIE Fighter Pilot, which was his dream. When his dreams were cut short even before he had the option to apply for the Imperial Academy, the eighteen year-old went into the Fire Academy to pursue a career in the Fire Service. After six years in the fire service, he went in a new direction: college. After some college and the fire service experience, Lasso tried a new direction: mercenary.

    Although it may seem a radical change, from fire fighter to mercenary, Lasso's journey wasn't without preparation. With the beating heart of a starfighter pilot still deep within, the young man always wanted to chase after the stars; he wasn't fully happy towards the later years in the fire service, there was something missing, something deep down inside of him, that he wasn't doing. After a journey of almost two years in which the young Lasso traveled the galaxy and worked in his career field, he picked up experience in martial arts, which he put a great deal of effort into; he also started studies into a high school-born obsession of studying galactic history, which he had many sleepless nights over study books of galactic history. After almost two years had come about, Lasso realized that at some point his fire career was more routine, more like a job and forced labor, than it was his dream anymore. Once the fun had left him for his career, he decided to go in a new direction.

    After his family was murdered at the hands of Imperial Stormtroopers, Jason Lasso fled from Corellia in part of rumors that the Empire was now looking for him and in part because of fear. He was aided by the secret anti-Imperial Corellian spy organization known as The Organization (who his father worked for and why his parents were killed) during his escape and early direction to the mercenary organization known as The Mercs, but it would be some months before the young Jason Lasso joined up with the Mercs.

    When Lasso finally ended up at Port Haven to meet these Mercs, after several months of filling his thirst for revenge against the Empire for his parents' deaths, young Lasso was able to impress a certain man by the name of Rick Taller. It turned out this Rick Taller fellow was the leading officer, the Captain, of a small mercenary squadron of pilots known as The Mercs. The older and experienced Taller was willing to give Lasso a shot at his dream of becoming a starfighter pilot in exchange for one promise: that Lasso would survive past his first mission. Lasso would come to respect that line from the old man, learning from his own experience as a mercenary pilot---however limited it was at the time---that surviving every mission was the challenge, not just getting past the first mission.

    As of the Battle of Watava in 3 months before the Battle of Yavin, Lasso was a young flight lead with the Mercs, being with them only for several months at that point. A accidental study of a mysterious rock known as the Red Rock would propel the Mercs and Lasso into a ensuring 3 month fight for their lives against the Empire, mysterious "Beast Forces," the Galactic Treasure Hunters, rogue Rebel fractions within the Rebel Alliance, and a encounter with the mysterious and thought mythical government known as the Kingdom of Jod.

    Lasso would form close relationships with both Winterkill and Havah Jeth during this time, the latter trying to kill him during this time period. Also during the 3 months after Watava, Jason would almost die and be saved by "The Whites," be awaken to his Force abilities while aboard a Imperial Star Destroyer and trying to escape, face the Mercs' arch enemy in ISB Investigator Hilick Soal and be tortured by him to the point of near-breaking, only to find inner strength and purpose through it and realize that Hilick Soal had a vision----and a purpose to torturing Jason Lasso---to bring down the Galactic Empire, if not through Hilick personally, but through the will of the Force.

    Lasso would serve in countless engagements with the Mercs during the 3 months before 0 BBY, including:
    • Watava
    • Octagon on Port Haven
    • A space battle above Port Haven
    • A Imperial trap in a destroyed Rebel Alliance fleet's debris
    • The events of Asteroid One
    • Imperial Supply Base mission against the Imperial Star Destroyer Terminator
    • Rescue of Winterkill after the Imperial Supply Base
    • Escape from a Victory-class Star Destroyer above the same planet and introduction of Doctor Russel Cook to the Mercs
    • Defense of the Johnny Boy against Commando Droids
    • Defense of the Johnny Boy against hidden explosives by Imperial agents
    • Mission to capture the "Last Battle of the Red Rock Kingdom," also known as the Imperial Convoy Mission (where he was saved by "The Whites" just before death)
    • The Imperial trap of King Alex "the Just"
    • The Block
    • The evacuation of the Planet of Exile
    • Battle of Port Haven
    As of .5 ABY, Lasso had served in the following battles:
    • Battle for Craci Prime
    • Pirate Skirmish near Draukyze
    Lasso also served with the Jod Military Forces briefly in the King's Army during the Jod Civil Warin 0 BBY as a King's Army Soldier.
    After returning from Hilick Soal's torture between the Block and the evacuation of the Planet of Exile (the stint with the Jod Military Forces was after the Block and before the Planet of Exile), Captain Taller (who lost his legs at Patch-4) hands over command of the Mercs and their beloved command ship, the Johnny Boy, to Lasso after seeing the fighting desire to continue Taller's quest for justice against the Galactic Empire.

    ---Military History: Mercenary work only

    ---Traumatic Experiences: Receiving word that his family was killed by Imperial Stormtroopers when information was linked to his family aiding the Rebel Alliance; the loss of a good friend in fellow fire fighter Steven Neil, near death during the Imperial Convoy Mission, and torture at the hands of Hilick Soal.
  7. Bravo

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    Date joined: 08/15/2010
    Status: Active
    User: Bravo

    Name: Tora Senshi
    Gender: Male​
    Home World: Homu Sekai (Unknown Regions)
    • Heishi No Za Oda (by birth right)
    • Erito (at last as of 32 BBY)
    • Kingdom of Jod (at least until .5 ABY)
    • Mercs (at least as of 0 BBY)
    ---Traits: See "personal history"​
    ---Likes: See "personal history"​
    ---Dislikes: See "personal history"​
    ---Habits: See "personal history"​
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian​
    ---Hair Color: buzzed cut black hair​
    ---Eye Color: Solid blue eyes​
    ---Clothing: Wears this black ninja suit: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6 (back of suit). It should be noted to remove the back scabbard from the suit and have no sword there. The suit includes:​
    • Phrik-armored torso armor (as in pictures)
    • Armorweave black equipment belt around waist with Armorweave pouches (five black thin and lean rectangle pouches, two along left side of belt, two along right side of belt; one pouch carried additional ammo for the pistols, while another for the rifle. A third pouch carries a small thing of rations, while the fourth pouch carries a black Multitool and a black C1 Personal Comlink. A fifth smaller pouch near the front of the belt to the left of the center carries five black Phrik-armored throwing stars of these varies designs: Pic 1, Pic 2)
    ---Other Attributes: Tora's body was a chiseled masterpiece of masculinity. The 5'10 foot tall Caucasian, as was part of his people, had an array of blue tattoos (OOG; like the Fable III tattoos) all over his body in various places.​
    ---Other Details: [Tattoos]; One on his right shoulder, one spanning his left pectoral muscle, one on his back, and one on his right thigh; another one was on his left forearm. Another tattoo was on his left temple of his face, extending to semi-encircle his left eye; a final tattoo was on his neck, just under his chin.​
    Weapons: Two black LL-30 Blaster Pistols, one Adventurer Slugthrower Rifle or a black 6-2Aug2 Hunting Rifle, one double bladed red lightsaber, several Phrik-armored throwing stars (Pic 1, Pic 2)​
    Skills (NEW!!!)
    ---Primary Skill: Specializes in a identical fighting style to Darth Maul
    ---Secondary Skill: [This is something (one skill) you are good at; its not your specialty and not something you have mastered, but it something you are good at. I.e. see above]​
    ---Life Experience: [This is a few things (up to three) you have knowledge of or general working knowledge of, usually gained through either education or life experience. You are not "good" at these skills, but are okay or at the very least workable with them when the need arises.]​
    Education (NEW!!!)
    ---General Education: [Your general education; high school, college, etc.]
    ---Specialized Education: [Did you get special training from the military or a technicial school at a particular craft or skill? Military Officer's School, Academies, Top Secret Agent training, etc.]​
    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)
    ----Physical: [Describe a physical limitation or weakness your character has. Is your species generally weaker then most other species and do they have to rely on technology to survive in a increasingly physical world? Do they have a leg, arm, or hand missing that hasn't been replaced by a clone body part or a robotic replacement?]​
    ----Mental: [Did your character sustain a brain injury and have memory loss or a loss of certain brain function? Is your character unable to read and or write? Is your character a drop-out from high school and may lack certain knowledge of the greater galaxy and the workings therein? ]​
    ---Emotional: [Is your character haunted by the loss of a family member? A romantic relationship? A traumatic event? What could "trigger" a emotionally unstable character in a situation?]​
    ---General: [Is your character not the best hand-to-hand fighter? Not good at shooting? Does our character have a weakness when in close contact to certain objects and or people?]​
    ---Character Critical Failure: [What is one thing that can hurt your character? The inability to see in the dark or in the light? The inability to breathe oxygen? Is it the inability to swim? The inability to run? What is one thing that would cause your character to "fail" in ANY situation? What is your character's kryptonite?]​
    ---Hull Rating: [Strength of hull]​
    ---Ejection System:​
    ---Life Support:​
    ---Hyperdrive Class:​
    ---Max Cargo (kg):​
    ---Interior Description:​
    ---Other Details:​
    The Force
    -----Handle Description(s):​
    ---Force Abilities:​
    ---Force Weakness:​
    ---Other Force Object(s):​
    ---Personal History:​
    ---Military History:​
    ---Traumatic Experiences:​
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    User: @Sith-I-5

    Merc Call Sign: Safety
    Jod (if applicable) Call Sign: Surefall Lead

    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown. Level 27.

    Species: Elf

    Family members: Neice. Samantha Irisa, human (not blood relative). Currently on Pantolomin, and part of SGIS.
    Home World: Norrath
    Affiliation: The Mercs. Had infiltrated group for the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, and has now resigned his SGIS commission, as the Mercs gives him more opportunity to fight the Empire.
    Also loyal to Naboo.


    ---Traits: Considerate, sarcastic, observant; exists to rescue.
    ---Likes: Helping people, wearing armour, working independently, having responsibilities, working as part of a group, feeling like he belongs in the Merc' family. Arguing with companion R2 droid, Deputy.
    ---Dislikes: Slavery, oppressive governments, particularly those beginning with Galactic, and ending in Empire. People hurting his friends, or persons he has taken responsibility for.
    ---Habits: If a rescue opportunity comes up, will pursue it to exclusion of all else. Has a biting wit when talking to some beings, and does not attempt to control it, due to living alone for so long.
    Yav's favourite SARCASM QUOTE​
    Joining forces with a fellow Pilot Officer to berate a Wolatarian (sentient caterpillar) Merc recruit for it's temper, just after being told off himself for being too sarcastic:​
    "We're going to have to work on your temper. I heard your yell from in there. The last thing that needs to happen is having a mission getting botched because you didn't like something being said or don't agree with someone's actions."​
    "Or because you've found an interesting piece of carpet, and feel like stopping there for three weeks." Yav' put in sternly. He recalled her warning about sarcasm, and glanced up. "Too soon?"​
    ---Skin Color: Light tan, faint greenish hue
    ---Height: Five feet, two inches?
    ---Hair Color: Very very dark blue, almost black
    ---Eye Color: Unknown
    ---Clothing: When Yavscout dies, his clothes remain with his corpse, while he re-spawns naked at an unknown location determined by in-game mechanics, related to two pieces of Red Rock carried by the former Mercs leader, Captain Rick Taller.

    Until such time that he can return to where he died and retrieve his effects, he is perennially short of clothing.

    Every-day clothing:
    Dark blue Kingdom of Jod vacsuit, with dark blue durasteel semi-armour. Related helmet always within reach. Worn in space, even aboard the Johnny Boy.
    Has his duty Naboo Security S-5 heavy blaster pistol with liqui-cable and grappling spike launcher.

    Casual clothing, if he feels really safe, or is on planetary shore leave:
    Grey Imperial trooper trousers, black calf-length boots, the long (past his hips) white t-shirt that Kingdom of Jod Royal Lithographics had kindly printed with a circle of words reading The Mercs - SHip Intervention Team, cinched at his waist with a white stormtrooper equipment belt and E-11 blaster carbine in the black scabbard.

    Yav also has a gnomeskin suit from his Norrath life, which is a head-to-foot black collection of overlapping skintight gear (belt, boots, gloves, tunic, etc.), which enhances his magical abilities, eg. adds to hit points, increases WISdom, increases Survive Poison. skin

    He wore it as the black undersuit beneath his stormtrooper armour on the Strident Haze mission, and lost it for the longest time when he died there.

    The Kingdom of Jod destroyer, House of Vimal, helped him get his stuff back, after he rescued one of their pilots during the Battle of the Whendyll System. It is unlikely the elf will roll it out for just any reason. Probably folded in a drawer.

    Weapons--- On the lookout for an MM9 wrist rocket launcher, or wrist-laser.

    The SGIS' ship, Mako, brought Yav a wooden box with seven identical SGIS wristlinks. They have comlinks, holograph projectors, and most importantly, a location beacon that will lead he or them to one of his bodies, if he gets killed again.

    Skillz (NEW!!!)
    ---Primary Skill: Rescue; Yav's raison d'etre, reason for living. His skill and training on Norrath were all designed to make him a better rescuer - Camouflage, Major Healing, Speed of Wolf, Group Emergency Teleport, Strength.

    Lesser Succor (Group Emergency Teleport) is a travel spell that on Norrath, took him and a group (eg. adventurers or casualty) to designated 'safe areas' within a zone.
    Obviously arriving in new locations, he or the spell won't know where the safe zones are.

    Aboard the Strident Haze - you know, that ship features a lot in the elf's recent character development - in order to rescue Jedi Knight Sodalis, the elf took a few minutes to chill on a deck chair he found, to convince the spell that the frigate's engineering department was a safe area, and subsequently, on leaping from the exterior airlock to reach her outside the ship, successfully teleported her back onboard.

    ---Secondary Skill: Infiltration. Skills designed around scouting dangerous areas, means that he has the spells and experience to utilise to help him survive and succeed in such missions

    ---Life Experience:
    Capital Ship Command

    Martial Arts - Meridean Jitsu

    Surefall Paramedic over 27 levels, and medtech with SGIS for one tour.

    Volunteer starfighter pilot with Epsilon Flight of the Naboo Security Force, and the Mercs

    Infiltration during a Mercs mission to an Imperial frigate frightened him quite a lot, but the experience has helped him, particularly when he managed to save a jedi. The mission gave him limited experience floating in space in a stormtrooper outfit

    Scouting on Norrath - has extensive experience in polar type regions, as one, Everfrost, was close to his home.

    Education (NEW!!!)
    ---General Education: No formal education on Norrath. You learn by practice, and completing missions to earn XP (experience points), and faction ( to make people like you)

    ---Specialized Education: Training with starfighter element of the Royal Naboo Security Force taught him piloting, combat, diplomacy, behaviour in royal circles.

    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)
    ----Physical: As a pureblood elf, he is physically weaker than your average adult human male. His spells augment his abilities for periods of time.
    ----Mental: The amnesia from how he arrived in this dimension isn't really a problem any more. What really bothers him, are the changes that Red Rock exposure have had on his dying, re-spawning, and Gating (emergency teleport).
    Prior to joining the Mercs, on death, he would materialise back at his bind point on Naboo. Last time he died, sucked through a hull breach, he appeared in the Johnny Boy's fighter bay, so grievously injured that he died again.
    He has worked out that his re-spawn point relates to wherever Captain Taller's red rock pieces are, and those were handed over to ISB investigator Hillick Soal in an earlier deal.
    Despite bravado, Yav now fears being unprepared, and routinely wears a semi-armoured Kingdom of Jod "Go Team" spacesuit with helmet close by.

    ---Emotional: The elf has two Fears currently.
    a) see Mental;

    b) Yavscout can make himself invisible, and should be at his safest in that state. He fears any entity that can see him while invis'd, and so far, that has only been undead on Norrath, eg. animated skeletons and zombies, and troll shaman.

    ---General: Enhancing one's abilities with a magical spell is known as buffing. Yavscout can sometimes become too impetuous when buffed. For instance, buffed with Levitate to float over an abyss, he'll go straight for it, despite the danger of a random spell fail. Sometimes he has to be protected from himself.

    ---Character Critical Failure: a) Inability to remember most Merc code words and Merc numbers. He used to refer to Lyra Cascada as "Merc Whatever" because he couldn't remember the slitch's number.

    b) If Levitate fails while he is at a great height, and he has no safety cables, a net, floating astromech, he's street pizza.

    ---Name: Tunare
    ---Class: N-1 Naboo Space Superiority Fighter
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
    ---Weapon(s): Laser cannon (twin), energy torpedoes
    ---Shields: Yes
    ---Sublight Speed: Yes
    ---Crew: 1 pilot, 1 astromech
    ---Passenger(s): none
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 65kg
    ---Interior Description: Its a starfighter. There's a seat. Room for his feet.
    ---Other Details: Now that I think about it, the original seat is bobbing about in the sea, back on Port Haven. Yav nicked the seat out of Captain Taller's Cloakshape Fighter.

    Yavscout, along with a Kingdom of Jod 'Go Team', helped to capture a largely abandoned Imperial interdictor cruiser from enemy hands.

    ---Name: Delicate Delinquent
    ---Class: Immobiliser 418 interdictor heavy cruiser
    ---Hyperdrive Class: Class 2
    ---Weapon(s): 18 quad-laser emplacements, heavy quad-laser guarding the hangar bay
    ---Shields: Yes, a dozen generic shield generators, plus one from a Neb-B (see below)
    ---Sublight Speed: Yes
    ---Crew: 120-200 personnel

    The Jod's newly promoted Chief Engineer Bromley, together with SGIS' acquisitions consultant, the Rodian agent Devon Robie, have been tasked with enhancing the captured interdictor.

    Picking through wreckage from the Battle of the Whendyll System, they have installed a SERRIDGE Seal shield generator into the breached gravity generator sphere.

    Two Phylon Q7 tractor beam generators have been added.

    Due to the restrictions of the ship's spaceframe, they have been unable to enhance her power generation, to run these enhancements, so the DD's longevity in combat has not been increased.

    In an ambush with star destroyers, she can take more hits, but she really does need to get the frag out of there.

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: not applicable

    ---Tunare, the Goddess of Light

    ---Personal History: Surefall Paramedic on homeworld, in home dimension, visiting different environments across the planet, providing help and succor to fellow adventurers.
    Came through a dimensional tear into SW universe with two colleagues during a failed rescue to the buried city of Erudin.
    In this universe, served as a Medtech with the Galactic Republic security agency, the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service or SGIS, thirty years prior to The Phantom Menace (RPG - Star Wars...007 Series: On Her Majesty's Security Service)
    Retired to settle on Naboo, where he ran an exotic weapons shop in Theed, and served as a volunteer pilot within Epsilon Flight of the Naboo Security Force.
    In the early years of the Empire, was recalled to SGIS service as an Agent, in an attempt to save a jedi from bounty hunters.
    SGIS is allied with the Rebel Alliance, and at the Alliance' behest, Yav was sent undercover to joined the Mercs as a pilot, and on finding that the Mercs engage in many, many more anti-Imperial operations than SGIS, he has resigned his commission, and gone full-time as a Merc.

    He is currently second-in-command of the Johnny Boy under Captain Jason Lasso.

    ---Military History: Pilot in the Naboo Security Force.

    Introduction and Patch Four

    Yavscout's undercover arrival on the Merc's home base of Port Haven, was marred by a splashdown in the surf, and the irate mercenary population that forced him and fellow Merc recruit Lyra Cascada into a death match at a local arena, with the elf attempting to prevail against a humourless Noghri warrior, until the Johnny Boy, returning from an operation, literally dropped a rescue shuttle through the arena roof.

    Strident Haze mission This was the elf's first big operation, and possibly the making of him. Joining three Merc Flights, Yavscout infiltrated the Imperial Nebulon-B escort frigate, part of a convoy escorting the "Battle of the Red Rock Kingdom" painting.

    When Darth Vader himself took an interest in the mission, every Merc found their lives placed in the most serious danger, and not all made it out alive.

    Mission Impossible Finding himself stuck with the Mercs, with no method to contact SGIS, Yavscout managed to inveigle a visit to Commenor, where he hoped to find a commercial hypercomm to phone home.
    Captain Taller gave the elf a secret mission to get a sensor cloak to conceal an area of the planet Watava, as a precursor to a Jod/Merc operation to extract a Red Rock artifact from some ancient ship wreck.

    Offered a lift through Hutt Space by the Jod battleship, Sword of Justice, Yav enlisted their help to get the required tech from a scuttled Imperial interdictor cruiser, the Delicate Delinquent.

    In the meantime, the Empire unexpectedly got to the Red Rock on Watava, took it for themselves, and glassed the planet.

    Captain Taller, on learning from Captain Stakes of the empty Imperial capital ship sitting in space, and that he had a Merc onboard, saw the chance to rescue dozens of prisoners from an Imperial penal facility in deep space, and assigned Yavscout to take the ship over, and bring it to the Block, putting the elf and his allies into direct conflict with a platoon of Zero-Gee spacetroopers.
    "Nobody move! We claim this ship in the name of the Kingdom of Jod!" Sergeant Vestor called as he and his men charged in.​
    "Hope you remembered to bring a flag." Yav'quipped, strolling up behind.​
    Command Promotion Despite the availability of countless experienced Jod officers, Yavscout was placed in command of the Delicate Delinquent with the task of getting her trained as a fighting ship within about a month, with a view to reconnecting with the remainder of the Guardian Reliance Fleet.

    I'm not saying Mercs attract trouble, but within forty-eight hours, she was embroiled in a three-way - Imperial, Jod, Merc - free-for-all in the Whendyll System, where Jason Lasso and other Mercs were trapped on Port Haven by an Imperial blockade.

    Ready to Rescue - Surefall Paramedics The words that Yavscout lives by.

    Well, that and, "Rule #9, Never Go Anywhere Without A Fireball."

    Fighting over Port Haven with Kingdom of Jod starfighters, when one was shot down, he went down after the down Eta-2 starfighter, landed, and carried the unconscious pilot, Flight Officer Brief Klammern to his own starfighter.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: see Mental, otherwise, none.


    Full Spell List, based on level

    Well, I am not going to write them all out, but this link to the Allakazham website shows the result of a customised search for Druid level 27 spells and below, which will be in Yav's arsenal. Lower&action=search Lower&action=search

    Spells that he has used in the game, so can be counted as current

    Speed of Wolf
    Camo / Camouflage
    Skin Like Wood
    Heal / Light Healing
    Frost Rift
    Dance of the Fireflies (tried and failed, because he confuses it with...)
    Stinging Swarm
    Endure Fire
    Endure Cold
    Cure Poison
    Cure Disease
    Flame Lick
    Shield of Thistles
    Careless Lightning
    Strength of Earth
    Summon Drink
    Summon Food
    Lessor Succor
    Whirling Wind

    Spells or abilities so far affected by Red Rock exposure

    Frost Rift - Red Rock has given this short-term AE (area effect) stun spell the intensity of liquid nitrogen, and killed at least one Jod crewman.

    Stinging Swarm - Used aboard the Strident Haze Neb-B, this spell intended to attack an opponent with magical bees, covered an ceiling with hundreds of bees that refused to dissipate, and are probably still there, if the 'Haze is still around.

    Ooh, spotted something on that webpage list that Yav does NOT have

    Reebo's Lesser Augury
    anything Reebo related - must have been new spells since Yav left Everquest.
    Primary Anchor Ring
    Secondary Anchor Ring

    Companion droid --- Deputy the Astromech

    Model--- Black R2 unit (description changes with Sith-I-5's memory on the day)
    Affiliation--- Naboo Royal Security Force, Yavscout

    History with Yav--- The two met when the elf stole the N-1 starfighter that Deputy was sitting in, from the Theed hangars, in order to join the Mercs on an SGIS' infiltration mission.

    The droid was initially hostile to the elf, but during the Merc' operation aboard the Strident Haze Imperial escort frigate, he helped the elf overcome a panic attack in a turbolift, and realised that he was having more fun hanging around Yav, than back home, confined to the hangars.

    According to Deputy, other astromechs were taken home by their pilots to meet the families, play with the kids, but after he joked, "I love children, but I could not eat a whole one," that opportunity was denied him.

    Astromechs are programmed to look after their pilots, and Dep has now taken up that role with Yav.
    This has included secretly filming a female engineer undressing, so he could play it back later during any boring starfighter flights.

    Now that I'm forced to put this sith down, I have no idea how, but Yav and Deputy have shared anecdotes of the droid getting a gig as presenter of the Good Morning Theed breakfast holoshow, and getting fired after a few days.
    The droid is still bitter.

    Possessions--- Deputy believes that the N-1 is his, and has painted the fighter black, with thick red lips on the nose.
    Technically, and I suppose, legally, he has a point, since the elf stole it.

    As of five months ago, the droid also has a Saber Guard's lightsabre, which Yav got for him as a souvenir from Port Haven.

    Lightsabre description
    -----Blade(s): Single
    -----Color(s): White
    -----Handle Description(s): Silver, with contoured handgrip.
    ---Force Abilities: None, he's a droid! At the most, it'll get used as a light source, a cutting tool, or if Deputy is bored one night, and Yav is sleeping on his belly, he'll wake to find it sticking out of his [censored].

    The droid adopted a shark that got washed up on Port Haven's shore, soon after Yav joined the Mercs. Sharks eat meat.
    If the Johnny Boy's canteen still has the same walk-in deep freeze, there is hidden, the armour-plated lower leg of a shadow stormtrooper that Deputy and Lyra encountered aboard the Strident Haze.
    The droid won't be claiming ownership of it any time soon, as part of a cunning survival plan.
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    User: @Bardan_Jusik

    Name: Beskaryc Taab
    Call Sign: Iron Hand
    Gender: Male
    Age: 50
    Species: Human (Mandalorian)
    Home World: Manda'yaim/Concordia
    Affiliation: Bounty Hunter/Mercs


    ---Traits: Is generally quiet and uncaring for those around him save for his own family.
    ---Likes: Hard work, soldiering
    ---Dislikes: Laziness, politics
    ---Habits: Hums to himself. Eats spicy warra nuts when waiting or bored.




    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Height: 1.88 meters (6 feet, 2 inches)
    ---Hair Color: gray/silver but shaved down to the scalp
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Clothing: Mandalorian beskar armor.

    Weapons: Normally carries a blaster carbine and two holstered Westar blaster pistols. Armor is outfitted with an array of other weapons including a flame projector, wrist rockets, poison darts, various blades and blasters and of course the traditional jetpack with warhead launcher.

    Skills (NEW!!!)

    ---Primary Skill: Bounty Hunter/Soldier
    ---Secondary Skill: Pilot/mechanic/medic
    ---Life Experience:
    1. Jedi Hunter/Bounty Hunter
    2. Mercenary during the Clone Wars
    3. Drill Sergeant for clone troopers on Kamino prior to Clone Wars

    Education (NEW!!!)

    ---General Education: Trained to be a soldier and bounty hunter from the time he was eight years old.
    ---Specialized Education:

    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)

    ----Physical: Is getting older and his reaction time isn't what it used to be
    ----Mental: Sociopathic tendencies.
    ---Emotional: Is a functioning sociopath except where it comes to matters of family.
    ---General: Secondary skills listed are at the competency level, he is certainly no expert in these fields.
    ---Character Critical Failure: While certainly a competent pilot, he would quickly find himself out of his depth when flying against dedicated starfighter pilots.


    ---Name: Crusader
    ---Class: Modified YT-1300
    ---Speed: 75MGLT
    ---Hull Rating: Upgraded
    ---Shields: Upgraded
    ---Ejection System: Escape pod equipped
    ---Life Support: yes
    ---Hyperdrive Class: .75
    ---Weapon(s): Two forward firing Ion cannon in forward mandibles. 2 Quad laser turrets, forward warhead launchers, tractor beam. Various other concealed weapons as befitting a Mandalorian Bounty Hunting vessel.
    ---Crew: 1-4
    ---Passenger(s): 6
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 25 Metric tons. Most cargo space has been converted to Cells for captured bounties.
    ---Interior Description: Much as and other YT-1300. Aft cargo bay has been redesigned for holding four prisoners in high gravity/low atmospheric condisitons. Number 2 Hold re-purposed as a well stocked armory. Main hold contains two speeder bikes.
    ---Other Details: Currently on Concordia being upgraded by Taab's wife.

    The Force

    ---Sensitivity: None
    ---Religion: N/A
    ---Lightsaber Several lightsaber trophies, one of which he normally carries with him. Note that these are trophies that he can use as tools but he not a skilled lightsaber duelist.
    -----Handle Description(s):
    ---Force Abilities: N/A
    ---Force Weakness: N/A
    ---Other Force Object(s): N/A


    ---Personal History: Born in 50 BBY Beskaryc was well along his way down the traditional path to becoming Mandalorian warrior. However when he was only 6 years old his father was killed at the
    Battle of Galidraan. Deprived of the traditional father/son training that was to begin at age eight, Beskaryc saw his training conducted by numerous other family members and other True Mandalorian sympathizers, though it was his own mother that took on most of the burden of his training. In the end it mattered little as he achieved adulthood as most other Mandalorians did during his 13th year when he passed the verd'goten. Married two years later in 35 BBY to Ruusaan. His son Adenn was born five years later in early 30 BBY. Daughter Prudii was born in 20 BBY. Adopted son Marcus(renamed Atin) in 5 BBY

    ---Military History: Following his passing of the verd'goten Taab found work as an enforcer for the Banking Clans. He went on to establish himself as an effective collector of outstanding debts for the group. His duties also saw him putting down Union riots by various the guilds, though when he could find it he took on work as a straight mercenary. He preferred "real soldiering" to bounty hunting, or clubbing civilians.

    Remembering the service of Taab's father, Jango Fett asked him to join the Cuy'val Dar in 30 BBY. Taab jumped at the chance to train soldiers and found himself working with the Republic Commandos on Kamino. When the Clone Wars started just eight years later he left Kamino and joined a small group of Mandalorian mercenaries who called themselves the Crusaders. His eight year old son son joined him to begin his own training. At that time Taab used the money he had saved up from his time as a training sergeant on Kamino to buy the Crusader, from which the small group of mercenaries operated.

    An apolitical person, Taab didn't care which side of the conflict he was working for at any given time, so long as he was paid. Thus the Crusaders who numbered anywhere from 4 to 8 members depending on the time fought in many battles during the clone wars. Often employed as commandos themselves they worked for both sides of the conflict on a series of short term contracts. Thus it was at the end of the war the Crusaders were working with the Republic on Kashyyyk. When Master Yoda went missing following the "Jedi rebellion" they joined the search, though they were not surprised when the Jedi master gave them all the slip. Subsequently the group broke up, with Beskaryc and his son keeping the Crusader. This they modified for the purpose of hunting the Jedi who had survived Order 66.

    For much of the next decade the two worked together, bringing many stray Jedi to justice. Though Adenn would eventually go off to start his own family, and find his own work. Taab continued to
    hunt Jedi on his own, and while he was successful, he never earned the notoriety of Boba Fett. With Jedi becoming harder and harder to find, and his own distaste for bounty hunting work, Taab took on a job fighting for one of the factions of the Civil war on the Southern Continent of Ranklinge. There he found Marcus. Impressed by the boy's survival at such a young age, and remembering the death of his own father, Taab adopted him and renamed him Atin. He began to take on odd jobs, trying to prepare Atin for a life as a Mandalorian. Hired muscle for a bank robbery, VIP protection on various worlds, targeted assassinations, they did it all. Now Atin's training is almost complete, and Taab has found them one last job before Atin's training will be complete, mercenary work with the Mercs.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: None

    Note: I list several secondary skills for the elder Taab, but as noted those secondary skills are at the competency level and would all be things an experienced bounty hunter should know. He certainly won't be out there performing surgeries or anything like that, but he should be able to patch a wound or even set a bone, as well as maintain his own ship.
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    User: @Bardan_Jusik

    Name: Atin Taab (originally Marcus, but he never knew his last name)
    Call Sign: Scorch
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Species: Human (Mandalorian)
    Home World: Ranklinge
    Affiliation: Mercs

    ---Traits: Eager to please his father and prove himself at all costs
    ---Likes: Flying, getting things right the first time
    ---Dislikes: Failure, injustice
    ---Habits: When not wearing his helmet wears an old beret on his head, a trophy from the SouthCont Civil War.




    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Height: 1.77 meters (5 feet, 10 inches)
    ---Hair Color: Brown
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Clothing: Mandalorian armor. Durasteel plates instead of traditional beskar (like what Jango and Boba Fett wear).

    Weapons: Normally carries a Verpine shatter rifle, a holstered blaster pistol. Armor is outfitted with an array of other weapons including a flame projector, wrist rockets, poison darts, various blades and blasters and of course the traditional jetpack with warhead launcher.

    Skills (NEW!!!)

    ---Primary Skill: Pilot
    ---Secondary Skill: Bounty Hunter

    ---Life Experience:
    1. Survived on his own in midst of a civil war from ages 6-10
    2. Raised as a Mandalorian from age 10 to present, still in training.

    Education (NEW!!!)

    ---General Education: Trained as a Bounty Hunter/Mercenary from age 10
    ---Specialized Education:

    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)

    ----Physical: Only 15, still developing physically
    ----Mental: Tends to get excited and not think things through when under duress.
    ---Emotional: Gets worked up when he sees "injustice" being done
    ---Character Critical Failure: Inexperienced, his thought process can be quickly overwhelmed if things don't go according to plan.


    ---Name: Speedy Trial
    ---Class: A-24 Sleuth Scout
    ---Speed: 100 MGLT
    ---Hull Rating: Stock
    ---Shields: Stock
    ---Ejection System: Escape pod equipped
    ---Life Support: Yes
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
    ---Weapon(s): Stock (2 forward firing laser cannons)
    ---Crew: 1 (+1 Astromech, R2-E4, "Specialist", though often referred to as Beskar'ad)
    ---Passenger(s): 1
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 2 metric tons
    ---Interior Description: cargo area converted to contain a well stocked armory.
    ---Other Details: Security system has been fully upgraded.

    The Force

    ---Sensitivity: None
    ---Religion: N/A
    ---Lightsaber N/A
    -----Crystal(s): N/A
    -----Blade(s): N/A
    -----Color(s): N/A
    -----Handle Description(s): N/A
    ---Force Abilities: N/A
    ---Force Weakness: N/A
    ---Other Force Object(s): N/A


    ---Personal History: Born in 15 BBY on the Southern Continent (SouthCont) of Ranklinge Marcus grew up in a standard middle class household. He didn't really know what his mother or father did for
    a living, but knew that they went to work each evening and his grandfather came over to watch him while they were gone.

    It was a loving household and young Marcus never knew want or fear. Until one day when he was only five years old he heard loud noises from off in the distance while his grandfather seemed glued to the holo-news. His parents didn't come home that night. His grandfather explained to him that a civil war had broken out on SouthCont, and his parents had been caught in the crossfire. Marcus didn't understand what it meant at the time, but as the days turned to weeks and everything got worse he knew that his world had changed.

    His grandfather tried to protect Marcus as best he could, but he was old and had a heart condition. Within a year he too had died and Marcus was left all alone. Too young to be conscripted into the forces of one of the various factions Marcus learned to scavenge to survive. He left his home and slept in a new place every night, never bringing more with him then he needed at the moment.

    He survived like that for five years, avoiding the patrols of the factions, the food gangs and other scavengers, until he was found by an armored man from whom Marcus couldn't get away. He fed
    Marcus and told him how impressed he was with him for surviving this long. he also offered Marcus a way out of the death and destruction that surrounded him, a way to take charge of his own future
    and ensure no one ever tried to hurt him again. Marcus agreed and from then on he was called Atin by the armored man, a man that Atin would now call father.

    ---Military History: Atin is nearing the end of his five years of training with his father. Most Mandalorian children begin training with their fathers at age eight and take the verd'goten at age thirteen. But Atin wasn't found and adopted until he was already ten. With the late start to his training, Atin wouldn't be ready until he was at least 15. His father has been training him in various jobs, trying to prepare Atin for a life as a Mandalorian. They have acted as hired muscle for bank robberies, VIP protection on various worlds, targeted assassinations, and so on. Now Atin's training is almost complete, and Taab has found them one last job before Atin's training will be complete, mercenary work with the Mercs.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: The loss of his parents at such a young age coupled with the conditions thereafter have made a lasting mark on Atin.
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    User: kommando104

    Name: Cain Varss
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Imperial Center
    Affiliation: Formerly Empire, Mercs (or at least hoping to be)

    ---Traits: Slightly arrogant, but competent and confident in his abilities; self-reliant; a quick study, but only if he’s interested; slightly vain
    ---Likes: exercise, fighting (has been known to pick bar fights when drinking), flying, hunting, drinking, holovids, scholarly historical periodicals and books, money
    ---Dislikes: excessive (what he considers excessive at least) authority and control;
    ---Habits: works out when he’s stressed, actually twiddles his thumbs when he’s bored; if he’s stressed and can’t work out, he tends to be angry and on edge

    ---Skin Color: Caucasian
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Icy blue
    ---Clothing: Flight Suit; old imperial flight suit minus the helmet and imperial patches, has adopted a helmet more in the style of those used by the alliance. Street Clothes; Same black boots that he wears with his flight suit, with dark grey cargo pants and a black t-shirt with a black jacket. He wears a pistol holster on his right thigh in both cases (whether or not the pistol is in it).
    ---Other Attributes: He keeps his hair short in a buzz cut and has sharp facial features with a solid jaw line. Since leaving the Empire’s service, he has adopted a more relaxed grooming standard and allowed his facial hair to grow out some, keeping it until it gets to what he would define as “too scruffy”. He has been called decently attractive, and definitely is slightly vain. Because his workouts are generally cardio centric he has a medium build coming it at 75 kilos (165 lbs).
    ---Other Details: Big scar that runs the length of his left forearm.

    Weapons: Survival/hunting knife he keeps in his right boot; imperial scout holdout blaster kept in his left boot; DL-44 (modified with no scope, but rather iron sights) on his right thigh; Dressellian Projectile Rifle (slugthrower sniper’s/hunter’s rifle) in his ship or the armory

    ---Name:Z-95 Headhunter (Meatshield)
    ---Class: Starfigher
    ---Hyperdrive Class: modified to use a 1.0 hyperdrive
    ---Weapon(s): (standard) 2 KX5 laser cannons each wing, 2 missile launcher tubes
    ---Shields: standard
    ---Sublight Speed: upgraded increased to 85 mglt
    ---Crew: 1
    ---Passenger(s): n/a
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 85kg
    ---Interior Description: a cramped cockpit
    ---Other Details: His Z-95 was all black with thick gold pinstripes down the middle

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: N/A
    ---Religion: Self-reliance

    ---Personal History:

    Cain was born an only child to a rich Kuati businessman named Alexi Varss on what was then known as Coruscant. When Cain was 8, his mother, Siala, died in what was officially called an accident involving a droid malfunction, however there were accusations of foul play against his father Alexi, though none of them stuck, and it was blamed on CIS terrorist attacks. A few months later, Alexi remarried, though it didn’t catch any news because of the war. Cain was still old enough to remember his mother, and he always resented his father for the accusations. After the war, Alexi became very close with the Imperial regime under Palpatine and his business boomed even more acquiring a number of military contracts.

    When Cain was 14, Alexi took him hunting on Kashyyyk for katarn, a predatory animal native to the planet. Alexi, wanting to harden his son, left him in the wilderness of Kashyyyk telling him to bring back “a few and come back a man or not to come back at all”. Cain, who had been trained by his father at the shooting range was a deadly shot, but not an experienced hunter and stalker. He quickly found himself overwhelmed with only his Adventurer slugthrower rifle and the 5 inch hunting knife his father gave him. Three katarn attacked at once, and he killed two of them. The third was shot, but only wounded and had Cain’s rifle was damaged. The injured katarn was cornered and it lunged at the seemingly defenseless Cain. He blocked the attack with his left arm and then attacking the beast with the knife in his right hand. He scored a killing blow on the beast by jabbing the knife deep into its heart through its ribs, but the katarn had already slashed the full length of Cain’s left forearm. Cain refused bacta treatment, adamant that he wanted to see the scar as long as he lived. His father showed no remorse, and even showed a little pride. That disgusted Cain.

    Into Cain’s teen’s he became increasingly reckless and vain. He showed off to the ladies with his expensive speeders and his good looks earning him a certain reputation on Imperial Center, not a favorable one for his father who was constantly bailing Cain out of bad situations and run-ins with the law. Despite his best efforts to rebel against his father, he went to university and graduated at 19, barely, with a degree in history which was the only subject that managed to keep his attention for any measurable amount of time, though if they had a major in blasters and babes, he would have happily taken that alternative. When he graduated, his father presented a great deal of personal pressure against him, using law enforcement against his personal contacts to motivate him to go to the Imperial Naval Academy. After momentous pressure and nearly being jailed himself, Cain obliged.

    Initially he went through the year long officer training program to become a bridge officer on a capital ship, and graduated in a high position in his class. However, after going to his first assignment, his arrogance almost had him discharged, but his influential father managed to keep that from happening. Cain could no longer continue in his current career path without significant obstacles, and so he was switched to being trained as a fighter pilot. His father knew they were disposable, even the officers, but, from Cain’s perspective, his father did not care. One thing Cain did not realize was that his time with the military was already reigning in his recklessness, vanity, and arrogance.

    Because of his previous sins against the Imperial Navy, Cain had been assigned to one of the most hostile sectors filled with pirates and so called rebels after his completion of flight training. His good performance as a pilot earned him a commission as flight lieutenant in charge of one of the three flights in his assigned squadron. After a year flying a TIE Fighter as a flight lieutenant, his CO was KIA and Cain was promoted to squadron leader. Cain had never believed in the Rebellion or any such nonsense, but the more and more he flew for the Empire, the more he hated them. Then the day came when his wing commander told him to take his squadron and destroy a freighter convoy because of suspected rebel activity, and he carried it out. The convoy was destroyed. It was only later he learned that the convoy was mistaken for another in the sector and then Cain was written up for attacking it. From that day on his military career was shot, and he knew his superiors would use him as a scapegoat if he stayed in.

    After three more painful years, he finished his tour of duty. In the month long leave given to Cain and his squadron, Cain went to work. Those up for reenlistment had a month to get their affairs in order and do so, or get their paperwork together and be discharged. Cain went another path. By that point he despised the Empire and did not care for being allowed to leave by them, the idea of freedom of action drew him toward privateering, and a few of his fellow squadron mates followed him in his defection. Cain “borrowed” a few credits (2 million credits to be exact) from his father’s account to purchase three Z-95 Headhunters at the age of 25. One for himself and two others for a couple of the defectors that defected with Cain. Cain never intended to speak with his father or family again.

    Cain and the two others from his squadron took private contracts for a year together until he had just turned 26. At that point, the other two were taking more destructive contracts and showed brutal tactics. Cain didn’t mind being unscrupulous or violent, but he was never one for brutality. Cain was uneasy with this, and did not feel comfortable with being labeled a pirate. He left them explaining they were on their own and Cain wanted no more part with them. Three years after that Cain had been flying protection freelance for freight companies in his Z-95 and had been relatively successful, and still had some money backed up

    At the age of 29 he hoped to be able to get on with the Mercs. Their reputation of anti-Empire activities enticed him. In his experience, he’d learned a bit of humility, though had also learned how effective his own training and expertise was. It both reduced and reinforced his sense of self worth, and slightly validated his own arrogance, but also made him more confident in it. Because of this, he felt he was perfect for an organization like the Mercs, and sent in a message, an application of sorts, to the Mercs to take him on. He knew, because of his background, the chances were slim, however he was hopeful.

    ---Military History:

    6 years of military experience in the Empire. 1 year of capital ship command training; 1 month working on a capital ship (and nearly getting discharged, had to be saved by daddy); 1 year training to be a flight lieutenant; 1 year being a flight lieutenant with the Imperial Navy; 3 years being as a squadron leader with the Imperial Navy.

    ---Traumatic Experiences:

    Mother dying in mysterious circumstance when 8 years old; attack by katarn at 14 years old that left a long scar on left forearm; detachment and no recognition of father figure from a young age; still haunted from attacking the civilian freight convoy under orders from the Empire.
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    User: @SWBob

    Name: Jensen Visak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Tattoine
    Affiliation: The Mercs

    Traits: Lighthearted personality, often playing pranks on his squadmates and cracking jokes during down time. When in battle he becomes almost a diffrent person. He becomes serious to the extreme.
    Likes: Corellian Whiskey, Tinkering with his ship, and Women
    Dislikes: Sand, Heat, and Sand
    Habits: Always wears around his neck a gold coin that was given to him by his mother when very young.

    Skin Color: Caucasian
    Hair Color: Blond, long
    Eye Color: Blue
    Clothing: Various styles, usually black
    Other Details: Muscular but not bulky. Is considered good looking and knows it.

    Weapons: Two D18 blaster pistols. Has a natural talent earning top marksmanship marks at the acadamy. He also carries a small knife hidden inside his boot in case of emergencies.

    Name: Vigilant
    Class: Modified ARC-170
    Hyperdrive Class: 1.5
    Weapons: 2 forward mounted laser cannons, 2 rear mounted laser cannons, 1 proton torpedo launcher (6 missles)
    Shields: 5 x 10^16 W
    Speed: 100 MGLT
    Crew: 1 pilot and 1 Astromech (R2-RX "rex")
    Passengers: None, room for 2 in gunner and copilot seats
    Max Cargo: 110 Kg
    Interior Description: The Vigilant has been modified to be flown by one person with the help of his R2 droid. "Rex" has advanced targeting programs installed to take control of the rear turrets. While not at accurate as a human pilot, it has saved Jensen many times.
    Other Details: Painted black, with dark grey piping on the edges of the s-foils.

    Force Sensitivity: None

    Biography: Jensen was born on Tattoine to the owner of a shipping company. Ever since he was a young child he was taught the buisness and how to fly shuttles by his father in the hopes he would take over the family buisness. But unfortunately for his father he grew enamoured with flight. Loving the way he soared through sky in his fathers ARC-170 Vigilant he decided to apply for the Imperial Acadamy to be a pilot at age 18. Jensen got high marks in his basic training, excelling in marksmanship with a pistol before he moved on to his starfighter training. While he was at the Acadamy he was called to the comunications center for a priority call. When he arrived it was his mother telling him that his father had died and and that he was now the head of the company. Excused to go home for the funeral, Jensen fell into a great depression. He grew dissatisfied with his life as an Imperial, he decided to go AWOL. Leaving the company in the hands of advisers and his mother, he left with nothing but his fathers old ARC-170 and his astromech. After traveling the galaxy for a few years, he decided to join up with a crew of mercenaries, not for money, he still had access to hidden company funds, but to gain excitement in his life
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    User: @tyratoku

    Name: Kilo "Papa Zulu" Typhon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Home World: Atzerri
    Affiliation: Mercs

    ---Traits: Honorable, Trustworthy, and follows all orders given. A ground-fighting tactical specialist and a learning pilot.
    ---Likes: Weapons, fighting, learning new things, and being a sarcastic jerk.
    ---Dislikes: Laziness and anything slow.
    ---Habits: Getting into trouble

    ---Skin Color: White/Tan
    ---Hair Color: Light brown/dirty blonde
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Other Attributes: Tall, well built, but not spectacularly strong.
    ---Other Details: The orange plates that make up his armor can be taken off, but since growing more and more comfortable in the armor he rarely takes significant portions of armor off at any time.
    Weapons: DC-17M Interchangeable Weapons System, WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistol, knuckle plate vibro blade, green-bladed lightsaber obtained through the black market.

    ---Primary Skill: Battle tactician
    ---Secondary Skill: Blaster rifle marksman
    ---Life Experience: Flying an X-Wing, medical knowledge, and sword/lightsaber combat

    ---General Education: Atzerri public education
    ---Specialized Education: Atzerri Imperial Academy ages 17 to 18, Corellia Imperial Academy ages 18 to 21. Graduated near the top of his class in every field outside of starfighter combat.

    Flaws / Limitations
    ----Physical: While not extremely weak, he is not particularly strong. He can heft most weapons with ease, but occasionally meets his match when it comes to heavier weaponry.
    ----Mental: Kilo witnessed many traumatic experiences in his past and has virtually blocked them all from his memory. He is somewhat mentally unstable as a result. Seeing certain objects or sights can trigger a memory that he did not know he had.
    ---Emotional: Because of his traumatic fallout with the Empire, Typhon has a surprisingly passionate hatred of the entire Imperial military. Mentioned above, the traumatic memories that occasionally come back can really upset him.
    ---General: Kilo has struggled with starfighter combat his entire life. Even in virtual reality simulators when he was a child, he was well behind standards set for his age group. Kilo failed to improve much while enrolled with the Imperial Academy, but has since been slowly building up his skill while working with his droid, Sev, and the rest of the Mercs.
    ---Character Critical Failure: Even though Kilo is steadily improving himself as a fighter pilot, his skill at the art of flying and fighting anywhere off the ground is extremely lackluster.

    ---Name: R4-P77 "Sev"
    ---Series: R4-P Series
    ---Appearance: Orange body with white accessing plates. (Imagine R2's body with orange instead of blue)

    ---Name: T-65 X-Wing Starfighter
    ---Class: Starfighter
    ---Speed: 1050km/h in atmosphere
    ---Hull Rating: Titanium Alloy
    ---Shields: Defender Deflector Shield Generator (50 SBD)
    ---Ejection System: No
    ---Life Support: Yes
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
    ---Weapon(s): Laser cannons x2, Ion cannons x2
    ---Crew: 1
    ---Passenger(s): Pilot + Droid
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 110
    ---Interior Description: Black interior with modified aftermarket upgrades installed by Kilo and his droid, Sev.
    ---Other Details: The entire craft is painted orange and black with markings consistent with the pattern on his armor.

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Base
    -----Blade(s): Single
    -----Color(s): Green
    -----Handle Description(s): Black with silver highlights, Kilo's lightsaber has few cosmetic improvements.
    ---Force Abilities: Jump, push, speed (all very weak)
    ---Force Weakness: All
    ---Other Force Object(s): None

    ---Personal History: Born on the small planet of Atzerri, Kilo grew up to a family of middle-class independent small-time crop farmers. When crop prices began to fall, his mother left the family business and joined the local Imperial Stormtrooper garrison as a clerical helping-hand. Shortly afterward, she was killed when Kilo was only six years old. Kilo's father immediately believed that the Empire was behind it and began to speak out against the Empire. Only a few short weeks later, Kilo was out on the farm working with his father and uncle when a canister of fertilizer exploded and killed Kilo's father. Kilo was forced to move in with his uncle and found himself in an abusive and altogether less-than-ideal home. Given only the bare minimum in every way, Kilo was forced to realize the maximum potential of every tool and utensil given to him.

    After his stint with the Empire(detailed below), Kilo went on the run from Imperial forces. He fled the small unnamed planet and made his way to Atzerri. There, he stayed in his deceased Grandfather's home for a few days waiting to see if he lost the Imperial agents on his tail. He found his Grandfather's old armor and fled the planet shortly afterward when search parties found him. He and Sev made a random hyperspace jump and fled the system. Together, they dropped out of hyperspace in the middle of the Battle of the Whendyll System. Kilo had a duty to help protect a captured Merc Star Destroyer, the Delicate Delinquent, and was subsequently made part of the Mercs organization.

    Since the Battle of Port Haven, Kilo has strengthened his ties with the Mercs, obtained a lightsaber, and has attempted to contact some of his old Imperial friends that he can still trust and try to lure them to his new-found group of allies - The Mercs.

    ---Military History: Shortly after his 17th birthday, Kilo was enrolled in the Imperial Academy of Atzerri. Run by a handful of aged and wizened veterans of the Clone Wars, Kilo found his stride when it came to fighting on the ground. One of his superiors, a former Republic Commando, realized that Kilo had the potential of being a high ranking Imperial Officer and pulled strings to transfer Typhon to the Corellian Imperial Academy. While at school, Kilo met a handful of Imperial students that he trusted with his life.

    Kilo graduated near the top of his class at the Corellian Imperial Academy in every field but starfighter combat. Kilo's first known assignment was the clean-up detail of one of the largest Imperial/Rebel star-battles up to that point. One of his superiors suspected that a Rebel pilot was able to flee to a small forest moon, and Kilo was sent with a platoon of Stormtroopers to find him. They tracked the fleeing rebel down to a small village inhabited by basic but indigenous people. After hours of meticulous searching, the soldiers were ordered to burn the village to the ground and kill everyone there. Kilo realized the horrors the Empire was capable of and slipped away from the troops. He found the Rebel's hidden X-Wing starfighter not far away, jumped in, and convinced the astromech droid already aboard to leave. They barely made their escape with their lives.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: Witnessed the death of his father first-hand, a traumatic mission while being an Imperial officer forced him to quit the Empire and become independent.
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    Status: Active
    User: @Heavy Isotope

    Name: Masha Tinovorsh
    Callsign: Edge
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Home World: Danoor
    Affiliation: The Mercs

    ---Traits: Deadpan speaking voice, mostly honest and straightforward, sarcastic sense of humor, outwardly unemotional, anxiety, and pessimism. Equally social and anti-social.
    ---Likes: Tabac, music, art, wine, reading, flying, competent leadership, calm settings, and computers.
    ---Dislikes: Thugs, cruelty, nightmares, seeing death, incompetent leaders, bureaucracy, slavery, and politicians.
    ---Habits: Repression of emotions, anxiety, and memories. Masking her pessimism with sarcastic humor. Smoking and drinking. Singing to herself when she (thinks or is) alone.

    ---Skin Color: slightly tanned caucasian
    ---Hair Color: Maroon/auburn
    ---Eye Color: Green
    Her flight suit is a dark red set of flight coveralls (similar to the pictured set in the link.) Sporting a patch of the Mercs on the left shoulder, and a patch of the Blade Dancer's insignia on her right shoulder, everything aside from the patches, visor, and flight suit is dark grey (helmet with dark blue visor, gloves, boots, webbing.)
    (Note it's the white circle, sword, and wings only.)
    ---Other Attributes: 5'10", average athletic build, short and layered bob haircut.
    ---Other Details: Looks a few years younger than her age.

    DH-17 Carbine
    Combat knife
    (Sans the UNSC symbol)

    ---Primary Skill: Starfighter Pilot
    ---Secondary Skill: Novice slicer/programmer
    ---Life Experience:
    1. Artist (who says a Merc can't be a painter, poet, or songwriter? More in Bio)
    2. Military flight strategy, formations, and maneuvers. (Mastered basics, generally knowledgable with intermediate, and novice in advanced and unconventional maneuvers and strategy.)
    3. Slicing and electronics, while not able to slice into more than public terminals, locked doors, or certain types of computer mainframes; Masha does understand the basics of slicing into a simple or poorly protected system. Partially lucky, partially skilled when dealing with programming and wiring of machines/equipment.

    ---General Education: The education system wasn't great on Danoor, thus she isn't 'book smart.' From age 16-20 was a pilot's apprentice while secretly pursuing her real interests of art and technology.

    ---Specialized Education: Military Pilot's Apprenticeship, which is a very long and well integrated program to shape the future of the Danoor planetary defense force. Only the well connected children of military pilots could get into the programs, thus giving her what some might mistake as a natural ability to fly. Danoor Planetary Defense Flight Academy, this teaches the basics of flight, as well as 0 gravity maneuvering, maneuvers in atmosphere, basic/intermediate strategy, formations, and maneuver. Only touching on the intermediate levels as those will be learned within the new pilot's home squadron; the advanced courses are for veterans, ace pilots, and flight leaders.

    Flaws / Limitations
    ----Physical: While in good shape and health, she doesn't train for sustained ground combat, and therefore isn't as physically strong as a soldier would be. Her workout regimen is to maintain her ability to be a pilot, giving her good physical appearance, condition, and endurance; despite her penchant for drinking and smoking. Her anxiety issues usually manifest physically, causing her to tremble, become weak from an adrenaline rush, or feel short of breath/nauseous.

    ----Mental: Going AWOL from Danoor's Military, she never truly learned what life in a fleet is like, leadership qualities, or to identify ships properly. She also is in need of practice with intermediate maneuvers and to learn advanced techniques/strategy. Unconventional maneuvers are a mystery to Masha.

    ---Emotional: The devastation of Danoor has left her emotionally scarred, while not able to explicitly recall the events, as she was only a baby, she has become an emotionally inward person, struggling to mask her anxiety and pessimism from her new colleagues. Generally these are triggered by a feeling of hopelessness (i.e. being in a one on one battle against an advanced opponent, or outnumbered/outgunned), the sight of dead bodies, or seeing someone in pain or suffering. The battle of Port Haven has caused repressed memories to surface, she began to have nightmares of the destruction of Danoor, her mother, battles she has yet to face, and the lives she's taken.

    ---General: In response to her problems she developed an addictive personality. She has always been one to hide her emotions, being an introvert, however she isn't antisocial. On average she is good in a ground firefight, as long as it isn't a sustained battle. She is used to "soldier talk," of women, money, alcohol, etc. but hates when the more illicit talk is directed towards her, not outwardly responding unless she has become really irritated by it.

    ---Character Critical Failure: Being in a fist fight, although her knife might help her get away or get a lucky shot in. She's not weak but won't be able to last long without help and would be bested eventually. In a gun fight Masha would last, as long as it's not prolonged and overly physically demanding. In very extreme circumstances she could become catatonic if there is an excess of death and destruction.

    ---Name: Blade Dancer
    ---Class: Variant Z-95 Headhunter
    ---Speed: 120 MGLT (slightly faster than an X-wing) 1,150 km/hr in atmosphere
    ---Hull Rating: Titanium Alloy
    ---Shields: Chempat "Defender" deflector shield generator
    ---Ejection System: None, crash webbing installed
    ---Life Support: Equipped
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
    ---Weapon(s): 4 Triple Blasters and a concussion missle launcher
    ---Crew: 1
    ---Passenger(s): None
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 85 kg
    ---Interior Description: Single pilot, small storage behind the seat backing, and blaster holster next to the seat back for easy access in any mishap. Communication, radar, and IFF/targeting systems equipped.
    ---Other Details: Dark red hull color with Blade Dancer written in black letters near the cockpit's canopy in letters not large enough to see clearly in space. S-foils as pictured.

    ---Personal History: Born 25 BBY on Danoor to a mother whom lived in one of the larger colonies selling goods from farms surrounding in the the areas, her father a transportation pilot between the colonies. The devastation caused by the rogue asteroid claimed the life of her mother, as well as half a million others in the wake of destruction from the floods, quakes, and ash clouds which followed. Her mother sacrificed her own life to allow her father to save their only child. The new central government had her father to be conscripted into the planetary defense force to train with other pilots. Leaving her to be raised primarily by her surviving relatives until she was old enough to be taken care of by her father, whom spent most of his time away from home.

    Though her father had never flown a small fighter before he adapted quickly. He fought off small pirate raids during the rebuilding process, eventually settling in to becoming an instructor to train the next generations of pilots. Having been a founding member of the Space Corps and eventually the commander of the flight school, he was able to easily get Masha into the apprentice program, and then into the flight school.

    As an apprentice pilot, Masha never truly focused on flight, the basics came easily enough to her but her interests lay elsewhere. While most of the young apprentices were studying furiously and logging extra hours in the simulators, she didn't want life to pass her by and she frequently spent time she should be studying doing research, reading, and learning about computers and technical systems. In contrast to her introverted nature, when she could, she'd sneak out to what few low key clubs she could to learn music and song writing. She always held a secret interest in art, even more so than computers.

    She neared the end of her apprenticeship at age 20. After 4 long years of classes, exams, simulators, and flight crew hours she was inducted into flight school. She wasn't an upstart about being well connected, more so she felt guilty that she just didn't care enough about becoming an amazing fighter pilot like her father. Feeling as if she owed him nothing, having never truly been there for her.

    She never met the high expectations of her instructors, demanding only the best as her father's instructors had demanded of them. Graduating as one of the more average students at age 23 she was inducted into the 4th Space Wing, which is to say, not that impressive. Rather it's just where they figured she belonged, with the average pilots and reservists. Her father pulled his weight and gave her his old Z-95 Headhunter upon entering her squadron.

    A few months after her induction into the squadron her father died of health complications brought on by the stress of his life, Masha attended the funeral and as he was lowered into the ground she promised herself that she would become a better pilot than she had set herself up to be. Taking her father's famous craft, which she named Blade Dancer after his call sign, she went AWOL and left to find her own path to greatness.

    Upon finding The Mercs she was thrown into an intense conflict she feels she was miraculously able to survive, Masha is still haunted by her first taste of real battle. The chaos, death, and destruction had awakened emotions she couldn't comprehend and continues to struggle with. Although becoming more comfortable with the Mercs she works with and growing respect for their leadership, she still keeps herself on guard, not letting herself be too open around them.

    ---Military History: Pilot's apprentice from age 16-20, flight academy age 20-23, and searching for mercenary work from 23-24. Mostly finding uneventful escort missions for low value targets, until happening upon the Mercs.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: The earliest traumatic events were the death of her mother and the destruction of Danoor caused by the asteroid, though she can't recall it she has implicit memories of the event causing her to be emotionally shut in, while not traumatic she feels lifelong abandonment from her father. The battle over Port Haven strikes at her mind having been her first real battle, carrying the guilt of lives she's taken, and continues to do so with whatever new battles she faces. Masha continues to push herself, hiding her emotions and trying not to be a burden on the rest of the crew.
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    User: @Skywalker_T-65

    Name: Sunri Lasca​
    Gender: Male​
    Age: 22​
    Species: Human​
    Home World: Alsakan
    Affiliation: The Mercs​
    ---Traits: Kind, hard worker, somewhat quiet​
    ---Likes: His homeworld, fencing, building things, Corellian food, and modifying his fighter​
    ---Dislikes: Empire, Coruscant (Sunri is from Alsakan), thieves​
    ---Habits: Fidgeting with his lightsaber, flying for relaxation, reading in quiet times​
    ---Skin Color: Light​
    ---Hair Color: Black​
    ---Eye Color: Hazel​
    Standard: Sunri's standard outfit typically is composed of a grey jacket, overlaying a blue shirt, with brown military fatigues and boots completing the main outfit. A strap across his chest holds a DC-15A blaster on his back when it is needed. More typically though, he merely carries a DH-17 blaster pistol in a hip holster, with his lightsaber on the other hip.​
    Pilot: A blue-white pilot suit. Sleeker than Rebel or Imperial pilot suits, it is made of a more resistant material to make up for the lack of padding. Helmet has orange streaks on the top and sides, while the suit itself is blue with white stripes. The one modification is a holster for Sunri's lightsaber or blaster.​
    ---Other Attributes: Slim, but well-built. Relies on agility, either in ground or space combat.​
    ---Other Details: N/A​
    1x Lightsaber​

    ---Primary Skill: Mechanic​
    ---Secondary Skill: Piloting​
    ---Life Experience: Fencing, hand-to-hand fighting

    ---General Education: Alsakan School System at various levels.
    ---Specialized Education: Pilot training, and mechanical training​

    Flaws / Limitations
    ----Physical: While able to carry a large amount of weight (i.e. the DC-15) Sunri can't translate that into a fight as he lacks the training.
    ----Mental: Doesn't know much about the galaxy outside the Core. Somewhat naive as a result.​
    ---Emotional: Sunri's girlfriend was killed by an Imperial raid on a Rebel cell. By extension, he is very distrusting of both the Alliance and Empire, and is known to react violently to Imperial attacks.​
    ---General: While Sunri knows how to fight hand-to-hand, his lack of formal training leaves him at a loss against experienced fighters.​
    ---Character Critical Failure: Can't hold his breath for long periods. If he runs out of oxygen in his flight suit, or while swimming, (or any other situation) he panics. Result of nearly drowning at a younger age.​
    ---Name: Long Strider
    ---Speed: 160 MGLT
    ---Hull Rating: Reinforced from standard​
    ---Shields: Modified Standard (roughly equivalent to a late-model Z-95)​
    ---Ejection System: Equipped​
    ---Life Support: Equipped​
    ---Hyperdrive Class: Class 2​
    2x Heavy Laser Cannon​
    2x Proton Torpedo Launcher (6 Torpedoes)​
    ---Crew: 1 Pilot​
    ---Passenger(s): None​
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 20​
    ---Interior Description: Stock​
    ---Other Details: The red stripes on a stock Aurek have been changed to a light blue, with a​
    single orange stripe running across the center from one side to the other.​
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Force Sensitive​
    ---Religion: None (as of yet)​
    -----Crystal(s): Orange Adgean focusing crystal, Rubat augmentation crystal​
    -----Blade(s): One​
    -----Color(s): Orange​
    -----Handle Description(s): Curved hilt​
    ---Force Abilities: Base​
    ---Force Weakness: Unable to use his abilities due to lack of training.​
    ---Other Force Object(s): N/A​
    ---Personal History: Born on Alsakan in the waning days of the Clone Wars, Sunri was raised in a normal home on the city-world. He would spend his days going to school, while nursing a love for flying. It wasn't unusual for the young Sunri to 'borrow' his mother's speeder and take it on joy rides through the skylanes of Alsakan.​
    Because of this, he had plans to apply to the (drastically cut-down) Alsakani defense forces, and even bought a surplus DC-15A blaster to practice with. However, these plans were soon cut short. On one of his joyrides, Sunri saw a flight of Imperial TIE Bombers go above him, and heard an explosion as they dropped their payload. Their target had been a cell of confirmed Rebels...but collateral damage included Sunri's young girlfriend, who had happened to be nearby at the time.​
    As a result of this, he began to nurse a strong hatred towards the Empire, and distrust towards the Rebels. Instead of joining his homeworld's defense forces, he found an antique starship seller, and bought an ancient Aurek-class fighter. Using his gift for mechanics, Sunri repaired the old fighter, and heavily modified it. If he couldn't get back at the Empire legally, and refused to join the Alliance...he was going to use this fighter to do what he could. And when he eventually finished doing modernizing his Aurek, Sunri left Alsakan. Eventually, (and after stealing an R3 unit called R3-S6 (Sleek)) he would stumble on someone who was willing to help him in his goals...the Mercs.​
    ---Military History: N/A​
    ---Traumatic Experiences: The death of his girlfriend, that would propel him into joining the Mercs.​
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    User: @Vehn

    Name: Sydney Ayres
    Gender: Male​
    Age: 58​
    Species: Human​
    Home World: Druckenwell​
    Affiliation: Independent​
    1. ---Traits: Meticulous, honorable, good-natured
    2. ---Likes: Machines, Solving Problems
    3. ---Dislikes: People, Large Bureaucracies
    4. ---Habits: Often refers to machines as “children"
    5. Appearance
    6. ---Skin Color: Pale
    7. ---Hair Color: Shaggy and disheveled hair
    8. ---Eye Color: Green
    9. ---Clothing: Dark green work coveralls, often stained with grease, black work boots with durasteel toe, black bandanna wrapped around head to keep sweat out of his eyes and safety goggles.
    10. ---Other Attributes: 6’1’’ tall.
    11. ---Other Details:
    12. Weapons: Blastech Mark V Carbine
    13. Skills (NEW!!!)
    14. ---Primary Skill: Mechanic
    15. ---Secondary Skill: Spaceship Systems
    16. ---Life Experience: Electronics Repair, Basic First Aid, Scrap Metal Salvage
    17. Education (NEW!!!)
    18. ---General Education: II Avali High School, Druckenwell
    19. ---Specialized Education: Rothana Machinists Union
    20. Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)
    21. ----Physical: Walks with a slight limp from a training accident in his youth. Has a mechanical leg below the right knee.
    22. ----Mental: Enjoys machines for their straightforwardness. Has a hard time trusting people due to him being laid off by Rothana Heavy Engineering years earlier.
    23. ---Emotional: Suffered a traumatic zero-g training accident while working at the shipyards above Rothana.
    24. ---General: Not the best marksmen in the galaxy.
    25. ---Character Critical Failure: Inability to run
    ---Personal History:
    Sydney Ayres rebelled against his family’s expectations and headed off world where he entered into a trade school on Rothana. Always loving to work with his hands, Ayres excelled in school where he learned the trade of a machinist and upon completion of the program found employment with Rothana Heavy Engineering.​
    Decades passed and Sydney Ayres rose up the ranks of the blue collar ladder at Rothana Heavy Engineering, occasionally butting heads with senior management over his methodical, precise, and unorthodox work ethic. This work ethic was often at odds with the upper echelon employees at Rothana Heavy Engineering and the only thing preventing Ayres from being fired from his job was his dedication in meeting deadlines set forth by the company and his creative vision for the future, a future that looked incredibly grim as the Clone Wars loomed.
    Sydney Ayres lost his job when the Clone Wars concluded. In the ensuing years, Ayres wandered from mechanic shop to mechanic shop, angry and bitter at the corporate world for terminating him just when he was on the cusp of securing benefits. Never quite at home in the world of small business, Ayres grew increasingly isolated in his later years, often times wasting his time in dive bars throughout the galaxy, reminiscing about his glory days with the company.
    The rise of the Galactic Empire and their subsequent use of several vessels of Rothana Heavy Engineering origin, vessels that Ayres had once proudly called his own, sent the older machinist into a frenzy. Putting aside his alcoholic tendencies, Ayres resolved that if the Empire was going to use his ideas, his blood, sweat, and tears without providing compensation for his services, then they were going to pay.
    Pay with their lives.
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    User: @Master Selkath

    Name: Boras Felroah

    Call Sign: Golden



    Home World:Manaan

    Affiliation: Mercs


    ---Traits: smart, kind, logical, strong, very calm at all times and brave.

    ---Likes: brandy, salt water, sea weed, helping people, humanitarians, medicine, droids and history.

    ---Dislikes: The Empire, politics, killers, warlords, slavers and smoking.

    ---Habits: Talks to himself, strokes his cephalic lobes [tenticals on his face]


    ---Skin Color:Green and dark green

    ---Hair Color:None

    ---Eye Color dark black

    ---Clothing:Basic light armor with a fabricated enviroment underlay (resistance to cold and heat)

    ---Other Attributes:tall, and has a hunched back.

    Weapons:Two twin DL-44 heavy blaster pistols, a small dagger and a selkath cerimonial vibroblade
    *bottle of brandy (at all times)
    *4 med-packs
    *portable medical drone (named GT-27)


    ---Primary Skill: Medic
    ---Secondary Skill: Weapons
    ---Life Experience:
    *language speaking

    ---General Education: basic high school and colledge
    ---Specialized Education: Manaan medical academy

    ----Physical: getting older, less reaction time and slower reflexes
    ----Mental: older and focused on the old ways as well as a small brain injury from getting hit in the head.
    ---Emotional: loss of family and enslavement put toll on him.
    ---General: rusty at life experiences.
    ---Character Critical Failure: can't run very fast no matter what.


    ---Name: Golden Glory
    ---Class: Modified S-250 Chela-class starfighter

    ---Speed:1200 km/h

    ---Hull Rating:standerd

    ---Shields:standerd and added deflector shields

    ---Ejection System: no

    ---Life Support: yes

    ---Hyperdrive Class:Class 2

    ---Weapon(s): Twin Heavy Laser Cannons and Twin concussion missle launchers (six missiles each)

    ---Crew: pilot

    ---Passenger(s): none

    ---Max Cargo (kg): 30 kg

    ---Interior Description: standerd

    ---Other Details: gold stripes on the sides and a chrome engine.

    The Force: None


    ---Personal History: Boras was born in 54 BBY and lived through the clone wars. He became a decorated medic and scholar on Manaan. He had two kids and a wife. In 14 BBY the empire took Manaan, killed his family and enslaved him. He served as a slave until 4 BBY when he was freed by a group of freedom fighters. He stole his modified ship and traveled around the galaxy as a combat medic ever since.

    ---Military History: Served from 42 BBY to 34 BBY in the Manaan Medical Corps

    ---Traumatic Experiences: The loss of his family, friends and colleges during the imperial occupation as well as the deaths of his old mercenary group.
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    User: @Jedi General Gelderd

    Name: Connor Harrison
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Species: Human
    Home World: Naboo
    Affiliation: Any that work against Emperor Palpatine and the Empire.

    ---Traits: Very determined and focused on his tasks, a little out-spoken but quite introverted and wary of everyone
    ---Likes: Reading and researching Galactic History
    ---Dislikes: Corruption, sulky women and protocol droids
    ---Habits: Tapping his fingers quickly on any surface when waiting or anxious


    Clothing: Wears a long dark hooded overcoat over a fabricated dark navy tunic which looks like a former Imperial design to keep the wearer cool on all planets.

    Weapons: Carries a Clone War era DC-15 Blaster Rifle and access to two small hand held blasters. Also hides a small knife on his belt.

    ---Primary Skill:Connor was an exceptional combat soldier, a fine marksman and tactical leader. Knowledge of the Empire and how they work has helped him hide from those he wants to seek out and destroy.

    ---Secondary Skill:Navigating and piloting spacecraft, small to medium size, is something Connor has done with a co-pilot. He is not a fighter pilot, but can navigate controls better than some.

    ---Life Experience:Connor has picked up three life experiences he uses :
    1. Map reading and navigation
    2. Sabacc playing
    3. Disguise and camouflage to blend and adapt to his surroundings (environment and people)
    ---General Education: Connor was a young boy during the Invasion Of Naboo and kept safe at home by his parents and taught basic knowledge. However once the planet was liberated, he was sent to private school for 10 years until he was 18 and learnt all basic subjects and had a deep love of history. When the Clone Wars began, he focused more on developing skills and his history knowledge to help the Republic and the effort against the Seperatists and Jedi Order once they were branded traitors.

    ---Specialized Education: In his 22nd year he signed up to the Imperial Academy to work for those who seeked out injustice and corruption, which left his view on the galaxy blurred as he thought those who fought for good, actually would turn out to be evil.

    Flaws / Limitations:
    ----Physical: Connor is in good physical shape, bar a few war wounds. He has a burn scar up his right arm.

    ----Mental: Connor likes to keep his mind active and full of knowledge of Galactic events. But his following of the Empire has left him emotionally scarred, and what he once believed to be honest turned out to be something that left him feeling guilty and angry at what he had started to become.

    ---Emotional: Having worked in the Imperial Navy for a while, Connor witnessed battles but also saw first-hand the brutality of the Empire and how his own values were not fitting in with what Emperor Palpatine wanted. His hatred for the Empire is deep, as he blames them for destroying a good part of his life and taking away his soul.

    ---General: Since Connor does not have his own starship, he has hijacked smaller ships to get him where he needs to be. He also rides public transport but this slows him down as he needs to find a faction to work with to help him in his goal. At the moment, his ideals and determination are there but he lacks resources to fight alone.

    ---Character Critical Failure: Connor was injured on Tatooine in his early days of the Imperial Navy and was subjected to experimental nerve enhancement implants to repair his damaged nervous system and allow him to maintain consciousness. Because of this, if Connor is exposed to great heat or warmth, the implant in his brain shuts down and he will lose consciousness. He maintains a cool body temperature with a course of injections into his neck if he gets too hot, and his cloak helps keep the heat off his body and his tunic allows his body to breath easier.

    None. He used to have a YT-2000 Corellian Transport but it was destroyed in a collision.

    The Force:
    ---Sensitivity: None

    ---Personal History: Born on Naboo to a loving family before the invasion of the Trade Federation's blockade, Connor was eager for adventure growing up young enough to learn of the Jedi Order and the fragile peace they tried to keep. He was a teenager during the Clone Wars, and followed the Grand Army of the Republic wide admiration for what they were doing for the galaxy and set his sights to follow in their footsteps.

    ---Military History: Connor’s world was rocked once the Galactic Empire was born and the Jedi he once admired were branded traitors and hunted down. In his 22nd year he signed up to the Imperial Academy to work for those who seeked out injustice and corruption, which left his view on the galaxy blurred as he thought those who fought for good, actually would turn out to be evil.

    Connor was one of many who worked hard, trained well and gained a warm following amongst friends and superiors. He was quick to join the legion of Stormtroopers acting as soldiers for Sith Lord Darth Vader, whom he feared but respected. During many battles and conflicts across the galaxy, Connor soon proved his worth as a commander and leader of others and was escalated to General after saving a small garrison from an ambush on Kamino during the uprising.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: Connor witnessed moments that started to question his sanity even more. The birth of the Rebellion. The battles raging on. The murder of seemingly peaceful people.

    This came to a head during the Empire's assault on Falleen. Connor just watched, and listened, and spent time evaluating his path in life and saw that if you didn't follow the will of Lord Vader and the Emperor, you really wouldn't make it very long. He had more to give the galaxy, and had the training and mind to do it.
    After volunteering to travel down to the bombarded Falleen city with a squadron to clean up the remains, Connor took a troop transport before it was cleared and fled one of the Star Destroyers he was stationed on, never to be seen again alongside the Empire.

    With the formation of criminal organisations and new faces appearing in the Galactic Empire, it was only a matter of time before Connor could carry out what he felt was best for the future of the galaxy with the resources he had...
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    User: @Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Name: Kannari Oshi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 30
    Species: Cathar
    Home World: Cathar
    Affiliation: Independent (At least for now)
    ---Traits: Rather Blunt, Sometimes sarcastic, can sometimes come across as stand-offish and suspicious of people, Focused when it comes to work but can sometimes appear to obsess over details. Tries to maintain a hardened exterior but sometimes the mask can slip…
    ---Likes: Exercise, (especially hand to hand combat and climbing) Being outdoors when she can, social drinking, and Playing cards.
    ---Dislikes: Paperwork, smokers, Liars, Anti-Alien Propaganda, Bullies, Time-Wasters
    ---Habits: Chewing her lower lip when she’s thinking. Sometimes slips into Catharese when speaking.



    ---Skin (Fur) Color: Medium brown, grey and white
    ---Hair Color: Grey
    ---Eye Color: Pale Gold
    ---Clothing: On the job: On duty outfit (Minus the Bandolier and upper arm tech) The vest is designed to act similar to armor and can protect the wearer from damage, provided its charge pack does not run low. She also wears sturdy black fingerless gloves, the left on which has a wrist communicator attached. She may also be seen in other outfits while on jobs, which help her to blend in and remain undercover. Off Duty she wears a simple long sleeved shirt and Black trousers.
    ---Other Attributes: 5ft 6in Tall, Athletic Build
    ---Other Details: Dark brown facial markings, has her grey hair in three thin braids reaching from the crown to the nape of her neck.
    Weapons: DL-44 Blaster Pistol, Stun Baton, traditional Cathar dagger, her fists and claws.
    Skills (NEW!!!)
    ---Primary Skill: Bodyguard for hire – Licenced and trained in the use of side-arms, extensive skill in self-defence and hand to hand combat.
    ---Secondary Skill: Investigation
    ---Life Experience: Tracking / Hunting, basic first aid, multi-lingual (Basic, Catharese, some Huttese)
    Education (NEW!!!)
    ---General Education: Trained as a clan warrior on Cathar, undertook the Cathar ritual (The Blood Hunt) at 15 years of age – Trained in traditional Cathar arts, including Hunting, Tracking and Combat.
    ---Specialized Education: Officer Training at the Coruscant Security Forces Training Academy (Did not complete)
    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)
    ----Physical: Suffered a serious injury to her lung after being shot in the chest with a blaster while on a job. Though saved through emergency medical intervention, she now sometimes suffers from chest pain and becoming short of breath, which can progress to breathing problems. To lessen the effects she carries around a small inhaler type device which helps provide some relief.
    ----Mental: She doesn’t really understand the complexities of politics, after all, she’s paid to stand around and guard people, not debate in the senate.
    ---Emotional: Kannari lost a partner six years ago, and still feels strong guilt and blames herself for the tradgedy.
    ---General: She does not fully trust Mandalorians, as they are vilified in Cathar history (The Battle of Cathar – The second Battle of the Mandalorian wars which almost saw the Cathar race extinct) Despises the empire due to their treatment of non-humans.
    ---Character Critical Failure: Going too long without her medication if her condition is aggravated and begins to worsen / further injury to her respiratory system.

    Starship: None

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Sensitive, but currently unaware and untrained

    ---Personal History:

    Shoija Oshi (Father)
    Kadanna Oshi (Mother)
    Ikano Oshi (Eldest Brother)
    Kairali Oshi (Younger Sister)

    Kannari was once a trainee in the Coruscant Security force. In the early days she showed great promise, throwing herself into her studies and excelling in classes involving self-defence and hand to hand combat, skills she had acquired during her time as a clan warrior on her home planet of Cathar. Her instructors had her earmarked to join the diplomatic protection team, but before she was able to graduate to a full officer, she was ousted from the training college once the empire started tightening its grip on the galaxy for being a non-human.

    She eventually found employment at a small independent security company in the lower levels of the city planet. It was here that she met a human male named Lance Garrick, a drop out from the imperial navy. They were partnered up together, and worked many jobs protecting clients ranging from struggling merchants to second hand speeder dealers. Kannari and Lance’s professional relationship blossomed, but rumour around the office was that maybe there was something more between them.

    Kannari and Lance were contracted to protect a merchant in the lower levels as he visited markets and shops. As they returned to the speeder lot, they were ambushed by a criminal gang whom the merchant owed a lot of credits, a detail that the merchant had not told them about. A firefight broke out and the merchant was hurt by blaster fire. She watched helplessly as Lance was killed instantly while protecting the injured merchant. Kannari killed the assailant but suffered a serious blaster wound to the chest. She managed to signal for help over her communicator before passing out.

    Waking up in a hospital a week later, she discovered that she had been “Dismissed” from the company due to the incident. Her injury also left her with a long term health problem for which she would now have to rely on medication. Disillusioned and depressed, she dropped off the radar for almost a year before settling up as a free-lance bodyguard, undertaking contracts for anyone who has the credits.

    ---Military History: N/A
    ---Traumatic Experiences:
    Kicked out of Courscant Security Force’s training academy due to the empires anti-alien regime
    Seriously wounded in a fire-fight, where her partner was gunned down and killed.
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    Status: Active
    User: @Wildwookiee

    Name: Ander "Priest" Sharp
    Age: 33
    Species: Human
    Home World: Alderaan
    Affiliation: Affiliated
    ---Traits: Quiet, intense, serious
    ---Likes: smooth whiskey, philosophy, literature, history, art, anthropology,
    ---Dislikes: brash garish flash, hipsteresque neo-conformity, fools
    ---Habits:Smokes spiced cigarillos
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Hair Color: Brown turning gray
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Clothing: spacer's pants and tunic, long coat, high pirates boots, wide brimmed hat
    ---Other Attributes: Trained at the Alderaanian Academy in Medical Science, drafted into Imperial service and earned marks for unarmed combat. Defected after the destruction of Alderaan
    ---Other Details: His right eye and ear are cybernetic implants that have been modified to detect greater frequencies than normal human ranges as well as display and play data fed via encrypted com to a receiver implanted behind the ear
    Skills (NEW!!!)
    ---Primary Skill: Doctor
    ---Secondary Skill: Pilot
    ---Life Experience: Mechanic, Investigative skill, distillation
    Education (NEW!!!)
    ---General Education: Full High level Education
    ---Specialized Education: Doctor of Medicine from the Alderaan Academy, focus on internal medicine and trauma surgery. Priest's father owned a transport business and so Priest has piloted ships since he was a child. The success of the business also allowed Priest to attend the best schools in Alderaan.
    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)
    ----Physical: As mentioned, Priest has Cybernetic implants in his eye and ear. He received these as a child when he and his mother were involved in a landspeeder accident. He also has a severely retarded immune system, which means he tends to get sick quite often.
    ----Mental: PTSD
    ---Emotional: The Destruction of Alderaan affected Priest deeply. He jumped ship soon after. He carries a tremendous amount of guilt that his entire family died, and a tremendous amount of hatred toward the Empire
    ---General: He is not a dead eye or a quick draw.
    ---Character Critical Failure: Certain triggers that center around Alderaan, his family, or his wife cause him to have flashbacks and panic attacks. Too much stimuli also has an effect on him. Crowds of people, loud noises, bright lights.
    ---Name: Paragon
    ---Class: Delta Class J-7 Escort Shuttle (modified)
    ---Speed:120 MGLT (modified)
    ---Hull Rating: 140 (modified)
    ---Shields: 120 (modified)
    ---Ejection System: escape pod
    ---Life Support: Yes
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 5
    ---Weapon(s): 3 Heavy Lasers, 1 Turbo Laser battery, 1 drop down anti-personel cannon, two concussion missile launchers
    ---Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 tactical, 1 communications, 1 rear gunner (modified with slave circuits for flight operation of one if needed)
    ---Passenger(s): 14
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 25 MT
    ---Interior Description: modified for captain/copilot cabins and crew berth. transport space can be opened up for cargo space depending on need
    ---Other Details: While many civilian load outs of the escort shuttle are sold, Priest was able to secure high grad military hardware and systems for his through his Father's transport and manufacturing contacts. For the past several years he has contracted out as an escort or high value transport.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: minor if any
    ---Personal History: Ander grew up on Alderaan, the son of a high born family. His father owned a transport company, and from an early age Ander traveled. His Father fostered a love of learning and Ander took in culture, history, philosophy, so much so that his classmates took to calling him Priest because of his desire to understand the meaning behind it all. He graduated from traditional studies early and enrolled in the Alderaan Royal Medical academy where he studied to be a surgeon. He became friends with the Royal Family, and was friends with the Organas. He joined the Imperial Medical Force in hopes of being able to make a difference.
    ---Military History: Because of his advanced degree he mustered in as a Major, and became Chief Surgeon on the Imperial Cruiser Implacable. He knew of the horrors of the Empire, but had hope that it would all blow over once the Senate regained powers that the Emperor had promised to relinquish once the Rebellion was over. Once Alderaan was destroyed, that fell apart and Priest left at the next port of call.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: the Destruction of Alderaan.
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    User: @Tim Battershell

    Name: Aidan Dodd.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: 30.

    Species: Human.

    Home World: Agamar.

    Affiliation: None (as at present; recently 'Run' - i.e. Deserted - from Imperial Navy).

    ---Traits: Extreme patience when waiting to service subjects. Sometimes plays up to Agamarian stereotype to obtain advantage over non-Agamarians. Marked 'Lone Vulpine' operator. Holds grudges.

    ---Likes: Slotting subjects' heads cleanly at range. Keeping company with close friends. Mugruebe Stew. Binka Fruit products.

    ---Dislikes: The Empire, pirates, officious loud-mouths, unreliable Intel.

    ---Habits: Taking trophy weapons from memorable kills, target practice, weapons' maintenance.

    ---Skin Color: Fair.

    ---Hair Color: Brown.

    ---Eye Color: Blue.

    ---Clothing: Pilot's Jumpsuit, Armoured Vac-Suit, Imperial Naval Uniform (Insignia removed), Spec-Ops Trooper Armour, various camouflage and mimetic coveralls/sheets.

    ---Other Attributes: Height 5' 10"

    ---Other Details: N/A

    Weapons: DC-17m ICWS (all attachments), DC-17 Blaster Pistol, Ascension Gun, Vibroblade, Laser Scalpel (disguised as functional stylus), Verpine Shattergun (Pistol Version - from first solo mission), Verpine Sniper Rifle (all ammunition options - found aboard 'Blood Moon' - latest subject's personal ship).

    Skills (NEW!!!)
    ---Primary Skill: [This is something (one skill) you specialize (master) in very well and is a unique skill set to your character. I.e. starfighter pilot, soldier, doctor, mechanic, etc.] Sniper.

    ---Secondary Skill: [This is something (one skill) you are good at; its not your specialty and not something you have mastered, but it something you are good at. I.e. see above]. Pilot.

    ---Life Experience: [This is a few things (up to three) you have knowledge of or general working knowledge of, usually gained through either education or life experience. You are not "good" at these skills, but are okay or at the very least workable with them when the need arises.] Medic, Communications, Demolitions.

    Education (NEW!!!)
    ---General Education: [Your general education; high school, college, etc.] Agamar School System, plus 1 year at University of Agamar studying Astrogation.

    ---Specialized Education: [Did you get special training from the military or a technicial school at a particular craft or skill? Military Officer's School, Academies, Top Secret Agent training, etc.] Sector Naval Academy; Prefsbelt IV Fleet Camp; Carida Imperial Naval Academy.

    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)
    ----Physical: [Describe a physical limitation or weakness your character has. Is your species generally weaker then most other species and do they have to rely on technology to survive in a increasingly physical world? Do they have a leg, arm, or hand missing that hasn't been replaced by a clone body part or a robotic replacement?] None.

    ----Mental: [Did your character sustain a brain injury and have memory loss or a loss of certain brain function? Is your character unable to read and or write? Is your character a drop-out from high school and may lack certain knowledge of the greater galaxy and the workings therein? ] No.

    ---Emotional: [Is your character haunted by the loss of a family member? A romantic relationship? A traumatic event? What could "trigger" a emotionally unstable character in a situation?] Death of parents in destruction of Tondatha.

    ---General: [Is your character not the best hand-to-hand fighter? Not good at shooting? Does our character have a weakness when in close contact to certain objects and or people?] Seeks to avoid close combat or melee situations if at all possible (see below for reason).

    ---Character Critical Failure: [What is one thing that can hurt your character? The inability to see in the dark or in the light? The inability to breathe oxygen? Is it the inability to swim? The inability to run? What is one thing that would cause your character to "fail" in ANY situation? What is your character's kryptonite?] Totally allergic to Bacta.

    ---Name: Blood Moon (ex-Pirate or Smuggler Ship, formerly property of alleged ARC Deserter - just obtained from latest subject).

    ---Class: Modified Skipray GAT-12g Blastboat.

    ---Speed: GAT-12h Standard.

    ---Hull Rating: [Strength of hull] GAT-12h Standard.

    ---Shields: GAT-12h Standard.

    ---Ejection System: None

    ---Life Support: GAT-12h Standard.

    ---Hyperdrive Class: 2.0

    ---Weapon(s): 2x Laser Cannon in standard turret.
    2x Ion Cannon on wingtips.
    1x Tractor Beam Projector.
    1x Concussion Missile Launcher (replaced Proton Torpedo Launcher)
    1x Turbolaser (replaced nose Ion Cannon).

    ---Crew: 1x (Organic), 2x B1 Battle Droids (Gunners).

    ---Passenger(s): Personal Slicer Droid.

    ---Max Cargo (kg): 20,000.

    ---Interior Description: Standard.

    ---Other Details: Found to be carrying large quantity of Credits and Gems.

    The Force

    ---Sensitivity: N/A.

    ---Religion: N/A


    -----Crystal(s): N/A

    -----Blade(s): N/A

    -----Color(s): N/A

    -----Handle Description(s): N/A

    ---Force Abilities: N/A.

    ---Force Weakness: N/A.

    ---Other Force Object(s): N/A


    ---Personal History: What is there to say about growing up on Agamar? Not all that much! Rumours of enemy intentions during the Clone Wars occasionally made it seem prudent to take ourselves into a hastily-built but sturdy shelter, however nothing fought each other over our land or the neighbouring farms. Not where we were. Not in the interior, 'The Camp' as we call it. We moved into Tondatha, a mixed-species area, not long after I started school; leaving the farm to be run by a share-of-the-profits Manager. Father and Mother got clerical jobs with the Agamarian Council, but all I noticed at first was not having to face the boring speeder or hoverbus rides every day. Later on, I did get to hear some interesting gossip and scandal, though - when the parents thought I was safely out of earshot!

    The Agamarian stereotype, so beloved of comedians, is only true of the most outlying and isolated areas; if at all. I've never seen a stereotypical Agamarian 'fresher (a small hut perched over a convenient stream); everyone I knew there had, and was perfectly capable of operating, indoor facilities; thank you very much! Likewise, the 'Oyah' and head-bob trick is something we only put on for the dumber tourists.

    ---Military History: I had to wait a year for admission to the Sector Naval Academy, got clipped by a speeder 'running the forest' and sustained a badly broken leg, which is the reason for my one year of study at the U of A. Agamar being a resource-poor world, I had to wait and heal the natural way. The Docs were good, though, they got everything back together perfectly; 100 percent recovery. Turned out that Agamar's resource-poverty saved my life, since the induction-battery of medical tests showed I was entirely intolerant of any form of Bacta Therapy - it would kill me!

    I had wanted the big ship track, but after a few tests and assignments, they shuffled me into Spec-Ops. I was transferred to Prefsbelt IV Fleet Camp. Why the heck they wanted a back-water farmer like me going to a prestigious military academy I never found out. I was simply told what classes to take for 3 years. I took this, I took that. What I graduated with was a Fleet assignment with good knowledge of every capital ship in the Navy. Why the heck was I denied my big ship track then? I found out later when I was transferred to the Academy of Carida. Thank the Great Maker it wasn't for a three year stint like Prefsbelt IV! Oh no, it was only the worst two years of my, make that two and a half years. The first two years were easy compared to the last 6 months.

    As a young man you don't complain when the government pays for free college and food. And gives you your weekends to party with friends (what a joke - weekends were for recovering from the exhaustion and studying hard - if you really wanted to make the cut!). Prefsbelt IV was like college, just with professors that demanded perfection, standard PT tests, and your grades upheld your free education. Well, either I was the Emperor's new unknown (to me) best friend or I was being suckered into a long term contract for the Empire. Unfortunately, as time went on, it seemed like the latter. Two and a half years of hell at Carida. All of that Fleet training and they send me to Carida to get training as a Stormtrooper. Talk about a wake-up call, I was going up against Imperial Army cadets who liked Fleet personnel about as much as Bunkurd Sewer Disorder - given the choice, most would have preferred the BSD! I had to prove myself through two years of hell in Stormtrooper training, both to my instructors (which was the easy part) and to my fellow cadets, which was much harder. But after two years and sweat and blood, I got the official nod of a Stormtrooper. Still not a big ship command I originally wanted at 18, but hey, who doesn't want to be a Stormtrooper, right? The thought still lingered, why Prefsbelt IV first? Did someone make a mistake for the Fleet. Dratted assignment tests back at the Sector Academy...dratted Empire keeps track of those things. Just when I think I'm going to get shipped off to my new Stormtrooper unit, I'm pulled off after graduation and given my first orders. Report back to training. For what?

    I should of known. As a twenty-four year-old with two and a half years of Carida Academy, and six years experience of Imperial methods under my belt, I really should have known! Carida had several other "training programs" for various branches, including the Imperial Navy. Well one of those training programs was considered "top secret". Guess what, I get the transfer to the top secret program. Never, ever, accept that... I thought Stormtrooper training was hard? For six months, I was debating between whether the Empire was training me to be a soldier or trying to torture me. At the end I found my answer: I was one of a few select cadets from a program started when I was 18 to pick the best of the best cadets. Train us, educate us, feed us (aka brain wash us). Only 3 survived out of the original 9 selected. I guess I should count myself lucky since I never met the other eight cadets. 6 months of training is done and I am transferred to the Fleet's Imperial Marine force for "field testing". They gave me a blaster rifle and told me to look really good. So I did. Nothing exciting for 6 months. What a waste of time! Oh dear, how wrong I was!

    I get transferred to the Fleet's Navy Special Forces just after I turn twenty-five. Finally saw some proper action! And got to see six years of that training start to be pulled together. Had some good outings with my unit, got to do some real 'old-school' Spec-ops missions. I became the unit's sniper almost by default, although I was the best long-range shot, Not many can handle remaining motionless for hours on end, let alone having to lie in your own waste products because 'fresher breaks are out of the question! Then there's the psych aspect, many feel that whacking some mutt that doesn't even know you're there is out-and-out murder; never bothered me any, though. Finally felt useful!

    Two years later I get transferred again, this time to the Navy's elite...and I thought I was the elite! Oh no, the Special Navy Force doesn't even exist and neither did I anymore. One year of the most covert missions you could think of. Well, I guess "training" was officially over now!

    Another year and I get transferred out the Fleet's non existent Navy SpecForce to the even darker and more non-existent Adjustments. I guess, now, I was the best and had passed training. Well, me and two other guys that I never met from a program with no name that was started 10 years prior.

    That new outfit allowed me a little more individuality in equipment. I settled on the old Clone Wars Commandos' DC-17m ICWS for two reasons, versatility and concealment. A run-of-the-mill Imperial Sniper Rifle is a clumsy brute of a thing - no way to carry it anywhere covertly unless you pretend to be delivering a bundle of pipes - whereas the Deece can be stowed in a backpack or large sensor-shielded suitcase. Its other attachments occasionally come in handy when on-the-job, too. The vibroblade (and its last-ditch Laser-scalpel backup) were inspired by one of my Instructors 'list of rules'. Most don't apply any more, but the main one was 'never be without a blade'. Wise advice! My DC-17 sidearm doesn't ever excite any comment, thousands of them about and just as likely to be in the hands of a Fringer or a Rebel as an Imperial Operative. My Verp pistol is distinctive (and acquired contra-regs, at that) but it's absolutely silent if I have to knock-off anyone at close range. Besides, I took it off the subject I'd been assigned to 'Slot' on my first solo Op; it's got memory value to me, as well as being a fine weapon. 'Passepartout', my slicer-droid, was a private purchase. He's better than the official-issue lock slicers I originally had to use to get into perches 'where I had no right to be' and can also override security systems. That's helpful if my quarry has gone-to-ground somewhere or is travelling on a commercial spacecraft; also for variety - an Environmental System going on the fritz and spewing out toxic fumes or a tragic Turbolift failure that sends the assignment 200 full-speed floors straight down without safety systems or artificial gravity are both good for breaking any modus operandi pattern. Operating on Imperial Ships or Ground Facilities (occasionally necessary if the Senior Officer needs to be 'Adjusted') is much simpler... It seems our Emperor had a lot of back-door codes inserted into the Mainframes and I was issued a set - a few minutes access and I become a fully authorised crewer, Officer or Visitor.

    Life was going well for me, then Alderaan happened - not that I knew the planet at all, although it made me think. Next I hear that Tondatha had been destroyed (and my parents and several friends killed - news from insignificant little Agamar takes a while to spread - it never makes the holo-news). I knew that there was no significant anti-Imperial agitation in my hometown, the University Campus might be another matter, and anti-Imperial activity is a non-starter. All Agamar has ever had as a 'Navy' is a handful of worn-out Z-95 Headhunters; and those spend most of their time in the repair shop.

    I must have been living in a dream world, but my parents being killed shocked me out of it. I first started to wonder how many of my assignments had been equally blameless; then decided to 'Run' first real chance I got.

    I waited a while in case I was being watched but I hadn't talked much about us moving to Tondatha, especially about having non-human friends - it wasn't wise in the prevailing climate - so those who knew me to be an Agamarian thought me to be from a good ways away from the Calna Muun area.

    Anyway, another 'special job' came up, allegedly an ARC Deserter from back during the Clone Wars. I almost let the mutt live, I really did! However, pretending to still be a loyal assassin and slotting him to buy me time to clear the area was one reason for carrying on, the other was that I'd already seen his ship and liked the look of it! The only thing I did differently from normal was to send the completion holo and POI (a finger) via normal mail, instead of by Express Courier. I hope it stank my (now ex) handler's office out when it eventually reached him! Couldn't see any evidence of Clone-type features when I got a good look at him up close but the careful Deserters go in for extensive facial surgery ASAP, if not sooner.

    Faking one's death isn't too hard - 'accidental' detonation of my 'issue' ship's power-core should work well, just add some blood for the DNA match-up plus some old clothes and equipment for realism. I doubt that anyone too expert will be assigned to the investigation - as Adjustments doesn't exist, they can't make too many waves about the death of a man that doesn't exist either!

    My Slicer Droid, 'Passepartout', made short work of opening up my assignment's ship and resetting the security systems for my use. After he'd done so, I noticed a couple of panels had popped open in the cockpit. One held a Verpine Shatter Gun, the rifle type with the any-ammunition-including-rocks option and rigged as a sniper's weapon. The other held two and a half million untraceable Credits in currency and a pouch of gemstones as large as a Binka fruit. No idea what they are, or if they have real value.

    'Passepartout' is now occupied with the very much more difficult task of getting those confounded Battle Droids to respond with 'Aye Aye, Captain' instead of their incessant 'Roger Roger'!

    My plan now is to hit a few bars in a few Shadow Ports and see who's hiring for what. Hopefully someone, someplace, where I can keep a low profile. I also need to find an honest 'fence' (if that's not a term similar to Military Intelligence)! My Spec-Ops 'creedos' (ID) will be good for another couple of months, if I risk using them, and every Official barve - even duracrete-headed Stormtroopers - respects them, and also the 'forget-you-ever-saw-me' order that goes with them.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: See 'Emotional Flaw' above
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    User: @galactic-vagabond422

    Name: Owen Byrne

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Species: Human

    Home World: Carida

    Affiliation: Mercs


    ---Traits: Quiet, loyal, brave and, determined

    ---Likes: Order, reading, video games and, music

    ---Dislikes: Interruptions, abuse of power, cowardice and, lying

    ---Habits: Cleaning his weapons, reading humor books, listening to music while exercising and, maintaining a strict schedule
    during downtime


    ---Skin Color: Light

    ---Hair Color: Brown

    ---Eye Color: Brown


    Downtime: black shirt, grey cargo pants, combat boots

    Work out: Grey shirt, black shorts, athletic shoes

    Flight: Modified Imperial Flight suit with open face helmet.

    Combat: Mark III Katarn-class commando armor

    ---Other Attributes: 1.9 meters tall (6’3”) strongly built

    ---Other Details: Scar on right shoulder


    Primary: Z-6 rotary blaster cannon

    Secondary: DC-17

    Close Quarters: Knuckle Plate Vibroblade


    ---Primary Skill: Soldier, with a focus on heavy weapons.

    ---Secondary Skill: Hand-to-hand combat

    ---Life Experience: Field medicine, blaster repair, cooking


    ---General Education: Homeschooled

    ---Specialized Education: Imperial heavy weapons training.

    Flaws / Limitations

    ----Physical: Damaged ligaments in left knee, causing constant dull ache and decreased strength in left leg.

    ----Mental: Unwilling to question direct orders, sticks to a very regimented lifestyle only breaking from his schedule in emergencies.

    ---Emotional: Constantly hears his father’s voice in his head criticizing his choices, driving him to do more and insulting him, gets rather annoyed when his routine is
    interrupted for a non-emergency.

    ---General: Very uncomfortable around civilians and other non-combat personnel, lacks math skills above basic algebra.

    ---Character Critical Failure: Inner ear damage causing severe motion sickness in starfighters and poor balance.


    ---Name: Anvil

    ---Class: BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighter

    ---Speed: 70 MGLT

    ---Hull Rating: Reinforced

    ---Shields: Modified

    ---Ejection System: Yes

    ---Life Support: Yes

    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.0 class


    Taim & Bak IX4 (2)

    ArMek turreted SW-4 ion cannons (2) (Locked forward)

    Arakyd Flex Tube proton torpedo launchers (2)
    8 torpedoes or 20 proton bombs

    ---Crew: 1 pilot and 1 R2 series astromech (“R” primary color white, secondary yellow. Handles piloting duties)

    ---Passenger(s): None

    ---Max Cargo (kg): 110 Kg

    ---Interior Description: Stock

    The Force

    ---Sensitivity: None

    ---Religion: N/A


    -----Crystal(s): N/A

    -----Blade(s): N/A

    -----Color(s): N/A

    -----Handle Description(s): N/A

    ---Force Abilities: N/A

    ---Force Weakness: N/A

    ---Other Force Object(s): N/A


    ---Personal History: Born on Carida to Max Byrne, a former mercenary and drill instructor at the Carida Military Academy. Owen’s mother died when he was five years old leaving his father to raise him the only way he knew how, as a soldier. Max demanded strict obedience and perfection from his son, only showing affection when Owen completed a task to satisfaction. In the small moments when Owen’s father wasn’t training him in combat tactics or teaching him military history, Max gave lessons from his own mercenary past. Owen liked the thought of making your own rules and traveling around the galaxy but, freedom like that was something foreign to him. After turning 18 he enlisted in the imperial army and was selected for Stromtrooper training. He graduated with flying colors but, lacked the absolute loyalty to the emperor that most of his fellow graduates had. He always found the concept of the Emperor confusing. His father taught him to follow orders from commanding officers and to be loyal to the men serving with you, not some entity far away from the battlefield. He spent most of his time in the Stormtrooper Corp. on Star Destroyers, occasionally planet side to root out Rebel cells. He walked away after his squad, under orders from a lieutenant, slaughtered women and children in a small village sheltering a rebel cell. He was trained to be a soldier not a butcher, and saw no point in killing unarmed civilians. He couldn’t turn to the Rebellion, too much of their blood on his hands. He decided to work freelance in the outer rim as a mercenary like his father. During a job he came across a cache of weapons and armor from the clone wars. It took some time and money but, he managed to salvage his current armament from this stash.

    ---Military History: Served as a Stormtrooper, received heavy weapons training and hand-to-hand combat training.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: Raised by a stern sometimes abusive father still hears his voice in his head. Also is haunted by the screams of the women and children killed on his last mission as a Stormtrooper.
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    User: @Laine_Snowtrekker

    Name: Evalynne Smith
    Callsign: Swifts
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16, nearly 17
    Species: Human
    Home World: Hythrope IV
    Affiliation: She's figuring that out.

    ---Traits: Has a head for numbers and codes, is very punctual and neat, thinks quickly, is dryly sarcastic.
    ---Likes: Swoop racing (though she's never raced off her homeworld), well-written code, her boyfriend, making ceramics, reading books, good manners, thunderstorms
    ---Dislikes: The Empire, classists, her parents (she loves them but it's…complicated), tight spaces, being overly cold, overly strict curfews
    ---Habits: Writing her own security systems for her datapad, carries a holo of her boyfriend, has a small toolkit she carries everywhere (her favorite tool is the screwdriver)
    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Hair Color: Black, to her shoulders
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Height: 5'3''
    ---Clothing: Typical smuggler garb, which she got secondhand from her boyfriend's mother. She also has her well-worn nerfhide jacket that she wore while racing, as well as her helmet.
    ---Other Attributes: She's about average weight for her size.
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons: A Model 57 blast pistol, which her boyfriend's father taught her to use
    ---Primary Skill: Agility. She knows how to quietly and quickly get from place to place, even if the routes are somewhat…unconventional.
    ---Secondary Skill: Piloting, but mainly swoops. Tricky things, swoops.
    ---Life Experience:
    • Mechanics, due to the speeder bike her parents know about and the swoop they don't
    • Slicing, though nothing big and nothing illegal. All her knowledge here as been purely interest-driven.
    • Reading a situation and the people in it--she learned how to navigate the treacherous waters of society as part of her schooling and as a result of having widely different thoughts than her parents
    ---General Education: She has the equivalent of a high school education, with extra etiquette and arts lessons.
    ---Specialized Education: She formally trained in dance and informally in martial arts.
    Flaws / Limitations
    ----Physical: Her left wrist is weaker after having sprained it several times sparring.
    ----Mental: She's a bit naive, having had a mostly sheltered life, but not completely. Time with her boyfriend on the other side of Hythrope IV and in swoop-racing has made her able to take care of herself for the most part.
    ---Emotional: She has a tendency to hide how she really feels and thinks. Either people were telling her that she thought/felt too much or that what she thought/felt was wrong, so she stopped telling them. She's more compassionate and understanding than she lets on, but she has to be your friend before you learn that.
    ---General: She really wants to prove herself to anyone she thinks is paying attention.
    ---Character Critical Failure: She is very prone to heat illness and has to be careful not to get too hot. This is due to a mild case of heat exhaustion one summer when she was ten. If it gets too hot, she could overheat and get sick, or get overheated and end up dying unless someone or something intervenes

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Latent. To others and to herself, she appears to not be Force-sensitive.
    ---Religion: Not necessary, seeing as she nor anyone else doesn't see her as a Force-user
    ---Force Abilities: She has the ability to sense what's going to happen. It's what made her good at racing. She just thinks she has great reflexes due to her dance and martial arts training.
    ---Force Weakness: She doesn't know it's the Force, but being untrained would be an issue.

    ---Personal History: She was born on Hythrope IV three years after the Emperor came to power. Her parents are very pro-Imperial and planned to raise their status in society (and maybe move from their homeworld) by marrying her off to some rich Imperial. She wasn't too keen on that idea, but her parents didn't ever ask what she wanted. They sent her off to a ladies' finishing school when she was fourteen so she could learn how to be a good Imperial wife. She also met her boyfriend at fourteen. They met at a swoop race. She beat him, and the rest was history. Her parents found out about him being from the shadier side of the planet, forbade her to see him, and shipped her off to school. She kept seeing him, however, and in talks with him and his family, learned how the Empire really treated most people. After a year at the school, she ran away and stayed with her boyfriend's family. When her parents found out where she'd gone, they sent their people to collect her. Her boyfriend helped her escape, and now even he doesn't know where she is.
    ---Military History: None. She attempted to apply to one of the Empire's military academies, possibly to get into intelligence work (and maybe end up defecting). But the officer who processed her application clearly thought that the Empire didn't need a woman at their institutions. That's not why she dislikes the Empire, but it doesn't help, either.
    ---Traumatic Experiences: She's seen swoop racers--careless and careful alike--killed, though she's avoided major injuries. One of her best friends died suddenly of an illness when she was ten years old.
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    User: @Uriel Manteroni

    Name: Uriel Manteroni
    Gender: Male
    Age: 52
    Species: Human
    Home World: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Independent

    ---Traits: sarcastic sense of humor, honorable, good-natured, fighting tactical specialist and a Ace of piloting.
    ---Likes: Capital Ships; starfighters, engineering, history, legends and relics.
    ---Dislikes: injustice
    ---Habits: flying for relaxation, relic hunter.

    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Hair Color: grey
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Clothing: Dark work coveralls, black work boots with durasteel toe.
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details:
    ---Weapons: Chiss dagger hidden in the back and two DY-225 undercover on belt.

    Skills (NEW!!!)
    ---Primary Skill: Starfighter Piloting
    ---Secondary Skill: Capital Ship commander
    ---Life Experience:
    Capital Ship Command
    Martial Arts
    Mechanic and engineering.

    Education (NEW!!!)
    ---General Education:
    Military academy of the Galactic Republic.
    ---Specialized Education:
    Galactic Republic College of Command.

    Flaws / Limitations (NEW!!!)
    ----Physical: Uriel is very sensitive to any dust. Starting sneezing nonstop.
    ----Mental: obsession with ancient relics.
    ---Emotional: Uriel ever have same dream: …
    It is an immense plain … white … without boundaries … the horizon was formed for huge clouds … no mountains …
    no stars … it was not day nor night …
    It was not cold nor hot … the impression is that there was a state of … uncertainty.
    Uriel walked did not know where he was going … then behind him:
    Uriel! A ghostly voice screams!
    Uriel turns and sees a huge reptilian being, with eyes of fire … had swords in hands …
    Uriel remembers the legends … the stories he heard in childhood, youth, old age … was a Rakata! Bloodthirsty, murderous, evil …
    Uriel runs!! The reptile runs after …
    Then Uriel falls … is captured and the Rakata says:
    You know too much Uriel! You Must die!
    The moment one of the sword reaches the head of Uriel, then a flash
    Uriel then Wake up...sweating.

    ---General: Because of the humiliation of having fallen from glory to illegality, Uriel has great facility to lose his rationality if your honor is reached.
    ---Character Critical Failure: Uriel is very much allergic to dust of Tatooine. This Tatooine's dust causes a strong allergic reaction that closes airways and it can kill him.

    ---Name: Vampire
    ---Class: Nssis-class Clawcraft with modified SFS ion engines (Rakata relic quantum accelerometers).
    ---Speed: 90MGLT
    ---Hull Rating: Upgraded
    ---Shields: Upgraded
    ---Ejection System: Escape pod equipped
    ---Life Support: yes
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.5
    ---Weapon(s): Four Sienar L-s7.2 laser cannon and various prohibited weapons and other concealed weapons.
    ---Crew: 1 Pilot.
    ---Passenger(s): 0
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 100 kg.
    ---Interior Description: Stock model.
    ---Other Details: Uriel had changed quite your Vampire, the main change was the replacement of the central computer system by Computer Quantum Processor (CQP). The latest technology in terms of artificial intelligence, the system was actually a quantum network nanoprocessors interconnected by graphs. These graphs had a configuration such that the processing capacity was exponentially higher than the best information systems in the galaxy. This enable transfinite deductions and calculations within the unknowable affective logic that in a way, it approached the "machine" to the biological brain of intelligent beings. In other words, almost a creative intelligence … very different reactions in comparison with common systems.

    ---Personal History:
    v Uriel is a white man. With 1.8 meters tall and 85 kg weight. Brown hair. Athletic build and pleasing
    appearance. Good face. Uriel was born in year 52 BBY.
    v Had a happy childhood, with his father, a fighter pilot and his mother a weapons engineer.
    v At 15 years ( 37 BBY) joined the military academy of the Galactic Republic and graduated fighter pilot at age 18.
    v 20 years old ( 32 BBY) was sent to fight the enigmatic and covert battles of the Unknown Regions.
    v He fought for 10 years in hell. Never before seen enemies, unknown breeds, ethereal and surreal beings, Uriel did secrets raids in Wild Space, where he had immense spiritual defeats! In these regions the real matter is not the only enemy.
    v After excellent services was called back in 22 BBY for to fight in Clone War against Separatist. After end of Clone War in 19 BBY was accused of treason against the Galactic Empire because their republican ideology.
    v Since then it has become an outlaw, an opportunistic mercenary ...

    19 BBY:
    First Officer: --Captain we are approaching the axis 321i for approach to Coruscant. What are your orders?

    Uriel was in front of the bridge on the main window, watching the stars.

    Uriel: - Send a message informing the main base our position and intention to continue the approach procedure for the Space Station of Maintenance. Ask permission to disarm the protection systems and ask them to send the tractor beam to dock us in the 321i axis . And give permission for the expert in berthing to take command of the Star Destroyer.

    First officer:. Yes sir - First officer turns around and goes toward the control bridge.

    Uriel was tired ... 13 years fighting ... yes ... it was long time. His exemplary performance outside. In full campaign rose from fighter pilot for wing commander! (many Star Destroyers!).This success led to jealousy, a very common feeling in Galactic Empire. That was the cause of the downfall of Uriel.

    Uriel realizes his destroyer suffered a slight bump ... was the tractor beam of space station. Now the expert in berthing took command and begins to approach the warship for the Capital of the Galactic Empire, the gigantic space station, with its dock maintenance. Yes .. the mission of Uriel had ended.Uriel seriously thought to ask retirement, if he continued in Fleet, would certainly be promoted to General and they would send it as a prize to some peaceful region of Empire. Yes, this is certainly the fate of those who stand on the Unknown Regions. Only the best were sent to hell. But seldom they returned ... because ... they get crazy.

    Uriel however not only returned, as the glory reached without going mad, now wanted to rest ... he thought about finding love, have children, maybe get instructor of pilots ... or suddenly to be a Military Academy Professor ... anyway ... dreams that would never come...

    The intercom turns on the bridge and the Communications Officer talks:

    - Captain Uriel! General Ishtaram want to talk to you.

    Uriel: - You can open the channel Renan.

    A few seconds pass and the official communication channel of the Fleet is active and one Pantorano appears. Strangely Uriel realizes it was an unofficial channel, was actually an encrypted message about another that was in the background. General Ishtaram was serious expression:

    --- Greetings Uriel!. How was the trip?

    Uriel instinctively realized that something very wrong was going to happen and responds: Very quiet General. Thanks for the question.

    Ishtaram: Uriel! We have no time! Thanking you have saved my son! My duty to warn you. You should know!

    Uriel froze! and said: Yes General! Thank you in advance for consideration! Say please!

    Ishtaram: Uriel was a slander made against you! Since junior officers to generals. The head is Solun your partner! I suppose for envy, the fact is that when you land on Coruscant, they will arrest you and accuse of treason!!!

    Uriel: WHAT!!!! BUT HOW??

    Ishtaran : Mate! No time to explain! Just knowing that they intend to submit you at a life sentence! So warrior! Before reaching Coruscant , flee ! I read all the charges and they have irrefutable evidence! There is no defense for you. Escape! FAREWELL.

    The message disappeared .

    Uriel scared connects the internal communicator and calls the first officer. Uriel gives the order to prepare one Nssis-class Clawcraft fully loaded and armed. Uriel takes off and leaves the Star Destroyer as soon as out of the sphere of influence of the tractor beam, makes a turn of 150 degrees and passes skimming "their Destroyer", passes slowly wanted to see him right then accelerate to get away, configures the computer navigation for a target constellation, and connects hyperdrive, then the space-time tunnel it happen and Clawcraft jumps to infinity ... leaving behind a history of success and glory to enter the deeper world of out-of-law.

    ---Military History:

    Uriel fought for 10 years in hell. Unknown Regions Wars (Yuuzhan Vong) before seen enemies, unknown breeds, ethereal and surreal beings, Uriel did secrets raids in Wild Space, where he had immense spiritual defeats! In these regions the real matter is not the only enemy, since Uriel have ever a symbolic weird dream:

    Then Uriel sees the terrible black holes of Kessel sector (THE MAW) one of the forerunners these technologies
    were actually que … including The Maw is a portal … but to where? No one knows … not even the Rakata Knew …
    Imperfections of hyperspace from Unknown Regions are … nothing more than acts Them … they dark matter
    dominated. ..

    Rakatas … but … Also forerunners collars collars … the artifacts are not collars … but keys … keys are not
    keys … but siphons … siphons are not collars but siphons and so the endless cycle never end … the fact is
    unknown que Rakatas developed Their technology with rudimentary knowledge que They had from precursors
    technologies, an infinitely powerful weapon … the whole galaxy succumb could …

    Sill there is this weapon infinity … and is Deposited in the Rakata Relic … much coveted … everyone thought
    it was only one there … but in fact were twin forces of darkness … that sucked … forged stars … stars … the
    stars … but wanted the light forces to destroy it before evil win … but … there is another secret hidden … so
    … that neither hidden Rakatas They Knew … unknown … myths written in forgotten worlds … in … Unknown Regions

    Uriel did not know … siphons exhaust energy …
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