Intruder Eviction

Discussion in 'Big Brother House' started by epic, Aug 8, 2002.

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    We'll get right down to business -- one of the Intruders must go, and it'll be your decision on who it is.

    Just like the normal Nominations proceedure, you must give 2 points to whoever you want to leave the most, and 1 point to next Intruder you'd rather have leave the house.

    You have 24 hours to submit your PM.

    Intruders -- feel free to post why you should be one of the ones remaining in the house.

    The 2 Intruders who remain will become Housemates once this eviction is over, and thus be able to nominate, and be nominated. So, choose the Intruders you would most rather hang out with as regular housemates.

    B'omarr, Jedi-Jade or Jobo -- one must go.

    Get your PMs in!

  2. Jobo Jedi Master

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    :eek: This hurts, epic :( I'll miss you guys if I go... um, don't vote Jobo... please? :D
  3. Jedi-Jade Jedi Master

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    Hey now......I didn't know this was part of the game! ;)
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