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O.C, CA Invite to Doo Daah Parade

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Darth-Bubba, Nov 18, 2003.

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  1. Darth-Bubba

    Darth-Bubba Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 11, 2002
    Dear OC FF and RL friends,

    You are cordially invited to join DS 101, a division of ISFF (International Science Fiction Federation ) to participate in the 2003 Doo Dah Parade in Pasadena.

    The Doo Dah parade is a fun and festive event that is a spoof of other formal parades in Southern California. Most people who march are dressed up in silly/ outlandish costumes, or various themes.

    The theme of DS 101 (Deep Space 101) float is the Spawn of Captain Kirk. Some of the marchers will wear masks. We are highly encouraged to wear our Rebel or Imperial Costume. Weapons are encouraged. I will be dawning red, as will our (LAFF) official mascot Bubba. This invitation is also going out to the 501st. I am also a member of DS 101, they are very nice people, interested in all levels of science fiction. Internationally, over 3,000 members, in numerous countries. Headquarters in Scotland.

    After the event, there will be a casual pizza party at my home in Sherman Oaks. This event will be sponsored by DS101.


    Our club's DS101 parade group is called "The Spawn of Capt James T. Kirk". We dress in ANY of the wildest futuristic or sci-fi costumes, we all will be wearing Capt. Kirk masks and marching around our TOS shuttle (shopping cart) craft with a life size posture of Kirk on it's front. The shuttlecraft is equipped to play Star Trek music, sound fx and Bill Shatner songs! (I bet we could throw in a Star Wars CD too)

    Doo Daah Parade Day, Nov 23 SUNDAY 9am.
    Starting point: Memorial Park (city park), Pasadena, California

    YOUR COSTS; $10 per person [cash or check-made out to "LIGHT BRINGERS", the Pasadena charity producing the event.
    Light Bringer Project

    The parade travels is about 7 blocks. [South on N. Raymond Ave, turns right (West) on Colorado Blvd to the 210 FWY then turns right (North) and ends.]

    Doo Daah Parade Day at Memorial Park (city park), 235 E Holly St. Pasadena, 91101-1763 is the starting point for the Doo Daah Parade.

    PARADE DATE: November 23, 2003 (The Sunday before Thanksgiving.)

    PARTICIPANT ASSEMBLY TIME: No Later Than 10:30am

    PARADE START TIME: 11:30am sharp.

    WHERE TO GO: The assembly area is in Memorial Park in Old Pasadena. The Park is located on Raymond Avenue between Walnut and Holly Streets (2 blocks north of Colorado Blvd). Except for vehicles, we will be lining up in the park itself, not in the street.

    TELEVISION: We will have a wide representation of television and print media covering this years event. The parade is usually covered on all evening news and morning Network news programs, CNN and various other national (even international) outlets and television spots. Of course, your cameras are welcome.

    One last note: anyone who attends should be very open minded, as their are a large variety of different types of people and organizations present. Come for a good time.
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