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    IC: Caru

    Caru sprayed blasterfire at the Peace Brigaders. He saw their leader, downed by a blaster-shot to the shoulder.

    He sprinted across the floor, dodged laser-fire.

    Once he reached the leader, Inaz burst into the warehouse in a speeder, pulling up next to Caru.

    Rende, Scaw and Grut piled in. Caru straight afterwards, carrying the leader.

    Caru shouted into the helmet mic.

    "Inaz! Go!"

    The speeder lurched forward, towards the warehouse the ship was being kept.

    "Pyte! Prep the ship!"

    The sound of blasterfire echoed over the frequency.


    "Yessir, just some local trouble."

    Caru smiled. This was almost over.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.