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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by StarWarsFanatic12, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. StarWarsFanatic12

    StarWarsFanatic12 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 13, 2007
    The year is 2034. The world has succumbed to endless conflict and bloodshed. Life is in ruins, and previous goverments have fallen to the wrecking ball of anarchy, and chaos. A self-induced armageddeon awaits the human race if nothing is changed. However, recently, a new group has begun to emerge, and gain power. They are simply known as the "Didacts". They have dominated Europe, and have tried to extend their regime to the US and Asia.
    Although the Didacts are seemingly restoring order to the cataclysmic abomination of society, wherever they go mysterious disipearances and death follow. Shadowed by the overwhelming amount of death in the world, the Didacts certainly contain a shady secret.
    There are 2 other factions in the stuggle for survival on the Earth, and they are the newly reformed USSR and the once omnipowerful US goverment. However, the USSR and US have been plauged with corruption and tainted by evil. Millions are killed under their rule, and the world won't take it.
    There is also the Rebelious Anarchists. They are the people who are unhappy with the way the world is being run, and the ones who will do anything to stop it. Including suicide. Everyday, hundreds are killed by these Anarchists, who stage suicide bombings and murderous coups to try and put a ripple in the ocean of power.
    War is an aspect of life now. Billions are dying, millions dead. Now it is your turn to change the fate of the world. Decide who wins, loses, and dies. This is intended to be an RP that takes a large amount of thought and knowledge of politics. However, if your not a leader, or an anarchist, feel free to try and screw up their politics as much as you can.
    1. No godmodding, obviously
    2. What I say goes, and dont kill anyone before consulting me, and them.
    My Character Sheet:
    Name: Stephon Rictak
    Ethnicity: American, White
    Faction(Anarchists, USSR, US, Didacts, Civilians): Didact
    Unique Physical Features: Tall, Leader-Like
    Attitude towards the worldy conflicts(Pro, Anti, Apathetic): Seemingly anit-war
    Political Stance [Given by me(Influential, Well Known, Unknown, Infamous)]: Influential (Didact Leader)
    Starting Location: Britian

    There are several key positions that must be filled. When you PM your Chraracter Sheet, and they're not taken, you may ask for these:
    USSR Leader
    Didact Leader(Taken by me)
    US Leader
    Anarchist Spokesman
    US, USSR, Didact, Generals

    Alright, lets see if we can get this going. PM your character sheets.
  2. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Well, this is refreshingly different. I must say, I like it, even though I have absolutely no spare time to join. Best of Luck, and BRAVO! for the game idea.=D=

    One question. In which location ( country, city, etc ), will your players be starting?
  3. StarWarsFanatic12

    StarWarsFanatic12 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 13, 2007
    Whoops, I completely forgot. I'll add it to the character sheet.
  4. Kaiser1990

    Kaiser1990 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 9, 2007
    Character Sheet sent
  5. StarWarsFanatic12

    StarWarsFanatic12 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 13, 2007
    Soviet Leader.

    Name: Daunte Akton
    Ethnicity: Russian, Caucasian
    Faction: USSR
    Physical Features:

    Attitude towards the worldy conflicts: Apathetic.
    Political Stance: Influential.
    Starting Location: Moscow, Soviet Union.

    Soviet Leader Taken!
  6. StarWarsFanatic12

    StarWarsFanatic12 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 13, 2007
    Posted By Jolokia
    Name: Barette Livingstone
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Barette models a very shoddily put together but trademark outfit, comprised of a dusty, worn-down black and white tuxedo with a scraggy black tie and tattered black shoes to complement. He has a baby face, but eyes that look like they have witnessed many sadistic and cruel events unfold.
    Ethnicity: English, White
    Faction: Anarchists (Spokesman)
    Unique Physical Features: Very pale, dark bags under his eyes from sleep deprivation, messy black shoulder-length hair.
    Attitude towards the worldly conflicts: Pro, his step to global domination is near now the world is in chaos.
    Political Stance [Given by me]: Influential (Spokesman)?
    Starting Location: Britain
    Anarchist Spokesman taken!

    Alright, I am going to begin this rp with something unique, an introduction if you will. It will consist of many different documents, speechs, news bulletins, just to show how much peril the world is in.

    News Broadcast 2012: Ladies and gentleman, today the world seemingly stops turning. An event so rocking, it shakes the very foundation of society, and we, the inhabitants of which, have been striving to perfect for thousands of years. Today, Washiington DC, has been bombed by the newly reformed USSR. Proclaiming their resurgence only weeks ago, this act of terrorism shall be dealt with swiftly.

    News Broadcast 2018: Several arrests have been made in the case regarding members of the the government giving money to the USSR. Many of the arrested were very influential state senators, govereners, and in a shocking find, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Robert Fallas. My God, the very person who's job it is to protect America, is destroying it from the inside out.

    News Broadcast 2022: You are advised to stay in your homes. The recent release of airbourn diseases is catching onto several global winds and are spreading throughout the entire world. This is not an isolated event, as though before. The viruses have spread farther than the original contamination zone, Los Angeles.

    News Broadcast 2025: This new group, the Didacts, are fighting to quell all the anarchy and corruption. They are a good thing. Here in America, we can only sit and wait for the Didact leadership to spread, because God knows we need it.

    News Broadcast 2028: We are reporting live from the rural area of New York, where an entire city hangs in the balance. Anarchists have threatened to release a string of viruses to the people of the city. They have struck a very sensitive nerve in the world. After the 2022 Contamination Incident, which killed 7 million people, the world, no matter what faction, is ready to stop another outbreak.

    News Broadcast 2030: The USSR is on the offensive. Recently, they herded a group of Islamic students in a schoolhouse into a classroom, then set it ablaze, killing all 30 children. The hatred and racism of the USSR is all too much for the world to ignore now.

    News Broadcast Present Day 2033: The Didacts are taking the fight to the Russians. Now, with their newly formed army, composed of die-hard followers, they march upon the new USSR capital, Stalingrad. Pray for the Didacts, for they alone can save our race, and destroy the USSR.
  7. StarWarsFanatic12

    StarWarsFanatic12 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 13, 2007
    Posted by Apademek:
    Name: Edwin Dunbar
    Ethnicity: American, Caucasian
    Faction(Anarchists, USSR, US, Didacts, Civilians): US
    Unique Physical Features: Edwin is a tall and lanky man almost like a spider with long legs and arms but a small torso. His long sinewy hands are usually clasped together, an instinct from hours and hours in board rooms. His most unique featurs are his bright Hazel eyes while most looking at him would think someone who is weak his piercing eyes show at a glance otherwise. He speaks with a soft elequent voice which sounds sarcasticly polite.
    Attitude towards the worldy conflicts(Pro, Anti, Apathetic): Pro for small wars, anti for large ones.
    Political Stance [Given by me(Influential, Well Known, Unknown, Infamous)]: US Leader
    Starting Location: United States
    GM Approved!
    US Leader Taken!
  8. Jolokia

    Jolokia Jedi Youngling

    Oct 27, 2007
    IC: Barette Livingstone, Anarchist Spokesman
    England, London Theatre

    And there it was. Thousands upon thousands of Anarchists, all once cheering and screaming, were finally silenced by the appearance of their new dictator, their new cheiftain - Barette Livingstone. The young man donning a tuxedo only a madman could pull off, did not 'walk' across the stage of the theatre they had all managed to occupy, but limped. A heavy gash in his right leg was made abundantly clear as he staggered over to the microphone for support.

    "Good evening," he said, breathing over the apparatus. His agonized respirations, however, were lost in the tumultous excitement of his fellow comrades.

    "Yes, I'm glad to see you're all fairly ecstatic about our first congregation. I am too, but let me begin by asking that you do not forget what is at stake here. If you are willing to go ahead and make a shift for the better good, then brilliant, my hat goes off to you. If you're not, then sling your hook. Simple," he started, so far so good. Below, a group of indignant juveniles were wreaking havoc by throwing punches at anyone within arms reach.

    "What a pity," Barette quickly clicked with his fingers towards the irreverent mobs, and just seconds later, they were all shot dead by crowd control.

    "As you may understand; one hand washes the other. Cooperation is undoubtedly a factor here. You don't like that?" his eyes casually shifted from the corpses on the floor and back to his audience, "then you're as good as dead," he said, reaching down to his leg injury.

    "An assassination attempt has brought me great encumberment, so I'll keep this simple. We are a coalition of fighters who want to attain the same dream; a world that has only one commissioner! No other organizations, no other federations - just plainly us. As a fraternity, we all aspire to endeavor the same goal... global domination! We will retort any threat with our military force, and our empire shall be known by all who walk the earth. You will be rewarded with a world lead by the same government. In order to do this though, we must wipe out any adversarial forces we encounter that stand in our way of realizing our dreams! I will go and spread influence, I ask that you do the same. May we prosper for a better future, a future for one!"

    The crowd began chanting, raising their fists in motivation. Their chants were perfectly synchronized, it was just like the tuneful music-making that such a theater was used to hearing. The wild-haired honcho hobbled off stage from the noise, his declamation was widely accepted. Now, they were as one.

    TAG: Any Anarchists?

    POLARIUS Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 26, 2004

    Name:Erik "the Red" Vander
    Ethnicity:White, American
    Faction(Anarchists, USSR, US, Didacts, Civilians):US General
    Unique Physical Features:Tall, muscular
    Attitude towards the worldy conflicts(Pro, Anti, Apathetic): Pro-war
    Political Stance [Given by me(Influential, Well Known, Unknown, Infamous)]:
    Starting Location: Fort Bragg, GA

    The Vanders had been serving in the US Military for over 2 generations hard nosed and tough. Erik got his start when he enlisted in the 82nd Airborne Division as a PFC worked his way through the enlisted ranks went through OCS, Officer Candidate school then joined the Special Forces where he excelled in putting down some small scale guerilla wars in south america and abroad. When the oppurtinity came to take command of his old division he jumped at the chance to be with the troopers of the 82nd again.

    Look forward to playing with you all
  10. witchdoctor187

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Alright CS sent, can't wait to get started
  11. StarWarsFanatic12

    StarWarsFanatic12 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 13, 2007
    IC: Stephon Rictak

    Stephon looked over the masses and nodded approvingly, whispered something to a trench-coated man beisde him, who immediately rushed away. Stephon raised his arms and crossed them in the air, this was tradition for the Didact salute. The crowd, composed of hundreds of thousands, instantly fell silent to listen.

    It was a beuatiful morning, an interesting contrast to the ruined Earth the crowd stood upon. The road cracked and broken by many bombs, the buildings, shredded by bullets and grenades, and the people, worn and tattered by war. Suddenly a voice boomed out over the crowd,
    "Ladies and gentleman! Today is a most glorious of days! Today, our army marches on the USSR! Today, our army will stand and crush the opposition! Today the heracy will be quelled, and we can march on! Today we can find a solution for the sick and ill Earth." Suddenly the clouds darkened, and a loud crack of thunder rolled out. When Stephon's voice returned it was soft, yet harsh.

    "However, this cannot be done alone. Your army, needs your support! They need to feel backed by an iron wall!" His voice grew steadily louder as he spoke, "They need to know that they will not be abandoned, deserted or left out to die in the cold! We support our army to our own dying breath!" And with those few words, he left the stage, turning his back to hundreds of thousands of screaming followers.
    Stephon stepped down the stage steps and climbed into a limousine. He and the rest of his convoy departed from the ruined Parliament, back towards the goverments new capital building, The Rictakian Tower. It had begun raining by the time Stephon and his security convoy reached the tower. The trenchcoated man stepped in front of Stephon's door with an umbrella. Stephon stepped from the limousine and followed the man with the umbrella up to the door to the tower. He stepped inside, and took a moment to observe what his empire had brought him. It was a grand entry hall, with a massive chandelier, and a fountain sprinkling in the middle of the room. A winding staircase led to Stephon's personal quarters, and behind that was a door that led to the dining room. Stephon however, took a left and entered a room with a round table in the center, surrounded by men in uniforms leaning back in their chairs. Upon his entry, all the men stood, and raised their crossed arms. Stephon nodded and they sat back down. A tall robust looking man spoke, "Sir, our troops have begun crossing the Volga. They are exepeted to reach Kirov by dawn, where we intiate Operation Barrage, and completely wipe Kirov from the map." he sat.

    "You understand the importance of the secrecy of this operation commander?" Stephon asked menacingly. The man nodded. "You understand that every single man woman and child must be executed and that not a single person in Western Europe may know? We are making an example of these wretches." Stephon finished. The Commander nodded. "Then so it shall be." Stephon said concludingly and left the briefing room, as though nothing he had said had been out of the ordinary at all.

    Stephon left the briefing room and was immediately accompanied by the trench coated man. He saluted then spoke,
    "Sir, they need you downstairs." he said simply. Stephon nodded and re-entered the great hall. He walked behind the staircase, but instead of walking into the dining room, he took a left, and went through a door blocked from view by the staircase. There was a steel-grated old fashioned elevator that Stephon and his assistant climbed into. The assistant pushed a button on the wall and suddenly the elevator lurched, and began to go down. It went for thirty seconds until it finally stopped. Twenty stories below the ground. This part of the tower had a completely different atmosphere. It's walls were bedrock, and there was no sheek or golden plating here, as there was in the great hall. A man spotted them and approached.

    "Sir, this way." the man told them. Stephon and his assistant followed the man down a winding corridor and past several doors. The man pressed hi
  12. Apadamek

    Apadamek Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 26, 2007
    IC Edwin Dunbar:

    The oval office was a darker place then it had been twelve years ago. The plague that had hit new york had turned the once bright office into a dark command center. The large wooden desk was replaced with a high tech metal one. A laptop and keyboard built in along with several phones and various other technological devices. While most presidents had surrounded themselves with secret service agents to protect them from an angry and poor public, Edwin had put them at key points within the white house preferring to keep the oval office clear with only himself and a few aids when he called them in.

    Sitting in a large black leather chair Edwin's fingers pressed together as he contemplated what would happen. The next few month's would be critical, with the United States in its weakened state it would need to make some quick comebacks and avoid major wars. Until it was ready. He knew he needed to plan such a war and who to attack, but he needed to know the facts from his top general. A file on his desk was carefully picked up and opened a picture of General Erik Vander was on the front. Turning the page quickly and precisely Edwin read the generals file. He'd of course met General Vander many times throughout his political and white house career.

    He closed the file and placed it back where it was. A large map of the world stood at the far wall, he looked at it. His thin spidery face looking at what would soon be america's. He however had a few things to do before the General. He quickly began work on some minor political agenda's, tax's, repairing and rededicating the new york memorial. He had been sure to do it every year, it kept his approval ratings high.

    Thirty minutes later he pressed a button on his desk, leaning back in the chair and once more putting the tips of his fingers together he said to the phone "Shirley can you call General Erik Vander to my office, I need to speak with him immediately." "Yes sir Mr President" "thank you" He tapped the button shut and stared at the door. Silently thinking.

  13. witchdoctor187

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Name: Nathan west
    Ethnicity: American, White
    Faction: Loner
    Unique Physical Features: Tall, standing 6?2 and weighs 185 pounds, which goes along with a fit and toned body. Has a loner mentality, which he tries to justify. His skin is tanned, he has very short dark brown hair and hazel eyes.
    Attitude towards the worldly conflicts (Pro, Anti, Apathetic): Against the war and just wants to live his life without being dragged into any side of this war.
    Political Stance [Given by me (Influential, Well Known, Unknown, Infamous)]:Unknown
    Starting Location: Paris France
    Short Bio: Born in the U.S. but left after the coup that took place against the government. He moved to Europe, where he hoped would be safe from the political uprisings, but his hopes soon died. He finally moved to Paris France where he tried to avoid this war as long as possible, but the conflict soon spread to France with the outbreak of Anarchists sacrificign themselves in the name of theri beliefs. Nathan then went into hiding, not wanting to fight in this useless war. So he set out on the roads, wandering by himself, working for anyone who would take him and pay him enough.

  14. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    IC: Nathan West

    A man dressed in blue jeans, a grey woolen turtleneck, black boots and a canvas jacket walked along what seemed to be a long and desolate highway. The man carried and old M4 carbine, which was slung across his chest and a pistol in a hip holster at his side. The man?s eyes were empty, almost like those of a soldier who has seen one to many battles. Fields of crops surrounded him on both sides, they consisted of corn, strawberries, tomatoes, and the only problems with the food were that it could kill you. During the anarchist attacks in France, they had released a chemical bomb, which contaminated most of this countryside, a clever move on the anarchist?s part. To hit their enemy where they were most vulnerable, their food supply. Even though the war had not spread this far west in Europe, there was still a growing group of individuals who followed Barrett Livingston and his ideals of self sacrifice.

    Nathan had been wandering down this same damn highway for five days now and had not seen a single person or animal. And the worst thing was that he was getting hungry. Naturally Nathan had a chemical test kit on him, but what was the use of using it, these fields were already dead. But after turning this over in his mind for a few seconds, he finally gave into his curiosity, to see if this crop had gotten infected. He walled off the black asphalt of the highway and into a crop of corn that was still perfectly good, at least it looked that way. He squatted down and reached into his bag and drew out a small piece of paper. He licked it and then stuck it onto an ear of corn. He took off the strip but immediately threw it down on the ground. The strip of chemical test paper had turned purple which indicates that the object it is put onto is infected.

    Nathan let out a loud yell, turning his head upwards and yelling towards the heavens.
    ?Why damn it, why god? Hasn?t this world gone to hell enough?? Yelled Nathan as he rose to his feet ripped the black beanie off his head and threw it to the ground. He picked up the hat and slipped it back over his cleanly shaven head. He was just about to keep on walking down the highway when he heard in the distance a faint noise, a noise he had not heard in a while. It was a car motor, and it was getting closer. Nathan looked up only to see an old pickup driving right down the road towards him. Nathan quickly picked up his bag, slung it over his shoulder and dove into the large stocks of corn behind him. He had fallen on his back as he dove in, and now he lied there not moving, only watching the road from where he lay. The pickup drove past at a fast speed, they apparently didn?t see him. Nathan slowly got back up on his feet and walked back out onto the highway.

    No one was to be trusted, these words rung true in Nathan?s mind. No one could be trusted, not in these dark days. For all he knew those could have been anarchists or worse, it that was even possible. Nathan quickly shook of the scare and continued on down the highway.
  15. Kaiser1990

    Kaiser1990 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 9, 2007
    IC: [hl=red]Daunte Akton[/hl]
    [hl=red]Moscow, Soviet Union/ Moscow Kremlin[/hl]

    Daunte was sat down besides a window watching out into Moscow, he watched the military police guide traffic through. Today everything will change, he yawned and turned back to the files of Soviet generals. General Vasili Trikoviski and the Eighth Army was redeployed to Kirov to counter the advancing Didact invaders.

    There was a knock at the large wooden door across the room from Daunte. "Enter."

    Four Generals walked in, Daunte had requested them to come to Moscow to discuss the recent events. "Comrade Akton, we have to give you this" One of the generals handed him a small piece of paper, it was a report from scouts among the Volga. "0435 hours. Forces crossing of the volga. To the Kirov Oblast." Daunte folded the paper and placed it on the table, "I trust General Trikoviski had gotten the message."

    "Of course comrade Akton"

    Daunte stood up and turned to look at towards the city of Moscow once more. "These Didact are no diffrent from the invaders that stepped foot on Russian soil in 1941"

  16. Darth_Joesha

    Darth_Joesha Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2004

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Maya Yubari
    Ethnicity: Japanese
    Faction): Anarchists
    Unique Physical Features: Surprisingly tall, slender. Has two long scars running down the left side of her face.
    Attitude towards the worldy conflicts: Anti
    Political Stance: Highly influential within Anarchists
    Starting Location: Britian
    Role within anarchists: Maya is an opposing force to Barette within the Anarchist people. She has a surprising amount of support within the group and has been working uneasily with Barette to reach the same goal of a equal world state. However their means to an end is very different, while Barette advocates terror and death, Maya aims for a peaceful transition. Usually a person with her intentions would have been killed by Barette long ago but her support from fellow members works as armour for her. She is probably the only person within the Anarchists who can say her mind without getting her brains blown out.

    ic: Maya Yubari
    Theatre, London

    Through the chants in support of Barette a steady opposing chant of "Yubari" started to sound. Maya, who had been standing on the side of the stage watching the proceedings took this as her cue. She walked slowly onto the stage and up to the microphone. Her supporters fell silent as she raised her arms.

    "I disagree." She said this politely, pausing for a moment before carrying on. "I believe that our esteemed leader has forgotten the core principles behind our doctrine. How can someone who claims to be Anarchist call himself our leader? How can someone who fights for freedom and equality assume he is greater than another? This is not the way, this is not what I signed up for and it will not help the world. Where did it all go so wrong? When did we decide that this madman's preachings of hate and violence had a place in this world? If we believe what he says, and go along with his senseless murders than we are no more Anarchist that little college boys who walk around with an A on their t-shirts! It is time to lay down arms and work towards a peaceful solution. I am not better than you, not bigger, not worthier and certainly not superior! I ask you Mr Barette, what do you say to that? Or will you just shoot me like those poor boys?"

    tag: Anarchists.
  17. StarWarsFanatic12

    StarWarsFanatic12 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 13, 2007
    IC: Stephon

    Stephon leaned back in his ergonomic chair, observing the TACMAP of the battle. His soldiers had begun their assault, and operation BARRAGE was about to begin. He jumped to a first person view of one of the soldiers with a touch of his finger. AST-445. He watched the soldier creep up to a house, then creak opon the door. A father sat inside with three children. 445 raised his firearm, and without warning, opened fire, tearing up the furniture with bullets, leaving nothing alive.
    Stephon felt sweat roll down his face, and trickle onto his linen suit. All his life he had been one to sit back and watch, and learn. And now, through desicive action and... other assorted things, Stephon had climbed to power. All his life he had been climbing a ladder, and now at the top, he realized the ladder didn't lead to anything. He was stuck in the air.

    "Sir, permission to begin Operation BARRAGE?" Stephon's radio bleeped.
    "Permission granted Admiral." he replied, and then returned his look on the TACMAP. Minutes passed, his forces were pushing even further into the city, and it was almost in their hands. Then for a second, Stephon second-guessed himself. Was it worth it, was hatred and animosity of all USSR people worth these soldiers lives? He would have to find out. Seconds later, his radio came to life,
    "Sir, this is Gunnery Sargeant Fenderson, Goddamn Commander, they're bombing their own city! Fall ba-" and Stephon shut off his radio. He didn't want to hear the screams.

    About an hour later all the blips had gone from the TACMAP. Friendlies and hostiles. They were all dead.

    People were huddled around TV's, trying to get a glimpse at the new TV broadcast that had just been put out by the Didactian government. A scared announcer nervously read the bulletin, "Hundreds of thousands dead. On the Didact's first push against the USSR in Kirov, a USSR missle barrage destroyed all of the city. Approaching peacefully, the Didactian forces came upon soldiers of the USSR, who apparently, despite warnings to lower their firearms and no would be hurt, opened fire. The Didact army apparently pushed through the city, and were about to reach the Eastern gate of the city, when the USSR, feeling all was lost, started their barrage, killing everyone in the city. Men, women, children. All dead."

    People stared in horror, parents held their children close, who smiled and played having no idea what a horrible day it was. However, they didn't know the half of it. If society had known the whole truth, things would've been so much worse.

  18. Jolokia

    Jolokia Jedi Youngling

    Oct 27, 2007
    IC: Barette Livingstone, Anarchist Spokesman
    London, Theatre

    "Maya...Maya Yubari?" Barette itched his head in a state of confusion. "I give you peace of mind, yet you still continue to grouse?" he purred youthfully. When does it end? He thought to himself.

    Apparently, she was still in attempt to idealize herself as their savior, to be the superior still. Her logic was undeniably flawed, but she had guts. She was the only kind of woman he could ever imagine representing anything close to a threat, a threat to their shared ambition. They both had the same dreams, but approached them differently, he liked to note.

    Mr Barette had a few things to say. He stood fully, not gimped by his earlier injury a newfound devoutness dragged him to the center stage. His supporters gave him a worthy welcome as expected.

    "Maya. What a pleasure!" he said, tongue-in-cheek whilst waggling the mic around his mouth area, "I've missed your grandiose conceptions, all too much."

    He didn't take his eyes off her, for what he was about to say was a reply generally towards her claims in which he felt the need to justify.

    "You misunderstood me," he corrected her, with regard, "I never asserted myself to be greater. I would also like to rectify that my 'preachings of hate and violence' as you so ruthlessly labeled them, were a clear indication that if we want to succeed and take a step forward, we would have to adopt a no-fooling-around attitude to make our intentions all the more eloquent!"

    He turned to face her completely now. "So, did you enlist purely for the sake of insurgency, and to protest against our impassioned beliefs? Or, are you going to join us?" If she wanted to pick a fight, there would be another time. As the Anarchist spokesman, he had a greater total of loyalists and she would immediately be outnumbered if she tried anything mutinous against him or any of his followers. Though, she didn't appear to be that desperate to prove him wrong.

    He wasn't intent on kissing up to the recruits because if they did share the same goals as he did, then they would already know that he wasn't going to treat them with anything other then admiration. Great minds think alike, he always thought. And if they were thinking in the same direction as he, then they were to be commended.

    TAG: D_J!
  19. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    IC: Nathan West

    Nathan walked further down the highway. Soon the crops on both sides of him disappeared revealing large fields of grass. This was a bad spot to be and he knew it, there was no place to hide now, if he was confronted he would just have to face it. He had been walking for hours and his legs were tired, what he would have given for some mode of transportation. Then suddenly behind him he heard the same noise as he had heard early that morning, it was a car engine.

    ?Well this is it? Nathan said to himself as the car drew up closer behind him. Nathan didn?t let his hands off his weapon, but instead he discretely flipped off the safety on his assault rifle. The car still drew closer, but Nathan never turned around to see who it was, they were all enemies anyways no matter what side they were on. He saw out of the corner of his eyes the car pull up to the side of him and drive along at a slow speed, keeping pace with his walk. Suddenly without warning Nathan drew up his rifle and pointed it at the driver.

    ?Get out of the damn car!? He yelled before he even got a good look at the driver. His yes then transfixed on the driver, it was an old man, just an old man. Nathan lowered his rifle and let out a sigh of relief, because there was no one in the anarchists?, Didact, or USSR that could be of any use if they were as old as this man.

    ?Whoa, hold on sonny, I mean you no harm, just wanted to offer you a ride? Said the elderly man. The man spoke in an American accent.

    ?Your American?? asked Nathan

    ?Of course I?m American. Now will you just put that rifle down before you kill somebody? Nathan let out another sigh. He opened the door and climbed inside.

    ?So where are you heading?? asked the man

    ?Well I was on my way to Paris, but I?m not sure how far up the road it is?

    The man let out a laugh and looked at Nathan ?Well your lucky I picked you up then, because your about 17 miles away from Paris? Said the man. The car then started moving again. They had been driving for about half an hour when the lights and buildings of Paris came into sight. It was still intact, still undisturbed by this war. The war had not spread this far into Western Europe, but Nathan had a feeling that it would shortly. They finally came to the city and drove through the large gates that had been erected prior to the beginning of the war. The old man dropped Nathan off on the sidewalk. He was now on his own again, alone in a foreign city, and looking like some kind of mercenary. He would be fine though, many mercs and bounty hunters used Paris as their staging areas, so he should blend right in.

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