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    Barely Business

    Summary: Pepper and Tony's 'not a couple' routine hits a bump. Pepper's mortified. Tony fails to see the problem. Inevitable bickering ensues.

    Notes: I had too post something in this forum, I'm just to excited not to. So, this is my latest vig over at FFN, so I thought that I'd move it here. :)

    Disclaimer: Nothing's mine.

    Barely Business
    by MiraJade

    It's seven o' clock sharp when Virginia Potts walks into the office. Her arms are masterfully juggling a daunting stack of eleven manila file folders, two purses ? one doubling as a cute excuse for an effeminate briefcase, and two Starbucks coffees ? one tall and black, no cream, no sugar; and one mocha latte with an extra shot of expresso. Not even God himself could begrudge her caffeine when working a twenty-four seven work week for Tony Stark.

    It's one after seven when she passes Sue from accounting, and passes her the majority of the file folders ? all the while managing not to spill even a single drop of coffee - and inquires after Sue's daughter. Samantha's five now after all, starting kindergarten, very traumatic, Pepper agrees before heading over to Jamie at the main desk. Here the rest of her folders are deposited, with another inquiry after family and such. By now it's five after seven, and Pepper has exactly five minutes to meet and prep Mr. Stark for his meeting with Ian Bracken from Quest Aerospace.

    By this time two pagers and one cell phone are ringing incessantly, and she's mediating five meetings in four different time zones while jogging in six inch heels to where Stan from billing was holding the elevator for her.

    ?Thank-you,? she thanked him quickly, successfully navigating her palm pilot with the hand that was not clutching the coffee ? still not a drop spilled, thank you very much.

    ?Busy morning, eh?? Stan inquired with an amused smile.

    ?You have no idea,? she responded with an answering smile of her own.

    He nodded sympathetically before turning his gaze to where the floors were flashing by in brightly lit numbers. Behind them another woman, Jill from PR - Pepper recognized from where she had ordered a cab for the one night stand after Tony's last Halloween party ? snickered softly. Pepper turned to look at the girl over her shoulder, an eyebrow raised.

    ?Perhaps too many nights spent working late?? Jill suggested in a simpering voice, her bleach blonde hair fluttered around her as she shook her head mockingly.

    ?I beg your pardon??

    There was no mistaking the smirk in Jill's eyes as she held up a small stack of magazines. With a roll of her own eyes, Pepper rearranged everything she was holding, and took the magazines from the other woman. Not sure what to expect, she held up the latest copy of 'People' only to almost drop it when her eyes happened across the bold printed title. ?Stark Finally Taken?? exclaimed the magazine, right under a high gloss photo of her and Tony from the last week's New Year's Ball.

    And oh, her life was over . . .

    Her eyes widened with horror as she looked over the other four magazines ? everything from 'US' to some third rate celebrity tabloid she didn't even want to remember the name of. All supported the same smug inquiry as to her boss's availability, and all were covered ? quite cheerfully too ? with some lucky photographer's shot of what had been an accident! An accident! A slip, a mistake she'll never, never, ever, EVER repeat again!

    At this point even Stan from billing was looking intrigued, not even turning as the triumphant Jill from PR sauntered off of the elevator and onto her floor.

    Her mind suddenly engulfed in a foggy haze, and she reached out her other hand to clutch the magazine tighter, hoping that somehow that would make the picture morph, change, disappear even! But no, there was and there still was the same picture. You know, she had told Tony she hadn't wanted to dance ? she hadn't wanted to be there at all, actually. Yet, it was her job to make sure that Mr. Stark didn't have too many drinks, />
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    Awesome job! I must say, you got the character's down right. Cool vig! =D=
  3. Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus

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    I know Pepper marries Happy in the comics, but god this movie made me want them to hook up so badly.

    Wonderful job!

    ?I program nuclear missiles for a living, and taking food on and off the stove before it burns is a task you deem me to be incapable of??


    You really nailed them both. The banter was perfect!
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    Still haven't seen the movie, but this makes me want to even more than before. :D I loved the beginning, when she was so punctual about everything. And the banter. And the coffee! I felt bad for her when she dropped it. :p
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    I think this is a great look at Pepper's character and the repurcussions of their dance at the party. Pepper's exasperation and embarrasment were well played.

    I think you also did well in showing everything that Pepper does for Tony. The sandwich incident was hilarious.

    Tony was in character for the film. Good job, mira!
  6. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    I could picture the scene playing out. Your characterizations were wonderful. :)

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