"Is Darth Vader my father?"

Discussion in 'Classic Trilogy' started by geordiejedi1982, Jul 8, 2004.

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    Sadly, I never had these experiences. Why? Because I grew up watching and loving Star Wars for as long as I can remember. I do not remember being surprised at ANYTHING that happens in the saga. IT's just always happened that way.
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    I wasn't around during the OT's theatrical releases (I was only a few months old when ROTJ came out), but I've always wondered about this:

    In ESB, Vader says, "*I* am your father", with James Earl Jones placing emphasis on "I". Shouldn't he be emphasising "am"? The way he says it, it sounds like he's implying that the man Luke thought was his father(Anakin, as yet unnamed at this point in the trilogy) was not his father, and Vader was instead (as though Anakin and Vader were two separate people). Hmm.
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    This is a very cool thread.

    I was 11 when ESB came out. I remember being shocked over the Vader=Luke's dad thing, and yes, I was questionable about it.
    I think I needed to hear it from Yoda to really believe it. Once Luke asked, the reality finally set in.
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    See i think you don't have to be an older member or person... im 16... when i first saw the trilogy at like 3,4, or 5, i thought it was just a fake out to get luke to turn to the dark side. i didn't beleive it either...
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