Discussion Is it more about the money than the story now?

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    Valid point - in hindsight, "love" was too strong a word. And you hit the nail on the head regarding these "fans" you speak of. It's very easy to criticize but many of them don't take into consideration the risks Lucas took early on to have Star Wars produced. It's very ignorant to say it's all about money. The man deserves everything he gets. He put himself on the line to create his story and it is arrogant of anyone to assume they know better.

    Guess this struck a nerve...
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    Great call! There's enough people already hating the Disney era of Star Wars and we haven't even had one new movie yet. LOL
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    Even if it is more about the money now, I don't care as long as we get good movies out of it.
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    I heard Disney was a charitable, non-profit benevolence organization. Why would they want to make money off of something they spent billions to give us for free...?
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    They wouldn't have hired Michael Arndt to write the script if that weren't the case. Watch Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3. You've highlighted his strong points. Remember, JJ Abrams might be the Director but he will be directing off of Michael's script. Sure, Directors can have alot of latitude but I think the powers that be will ensure no one involved goes off the reservation. It is critically important for Disney that they get the first post-Lucas Star Wars movie right. Star Wars VIII and IX do not exist. There is only Episode VII. They HAVE to get this right.