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  1. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    A Brief History of Isaiah Rivers
    by Weston Coltraine
    Mr. Gengas' 12th Grade City History Class 1st block

    By all rights, Isiah Rivers, MA should have been an unassuming little town, not the metropolis it is today. The massive growth of the city can be traced back to the 1920's and 1930's.

    Prior to 1927, Isaiah Rivers was a small town, built around a coal mine. In 1927, a runaway teenager with wings growing from his back arrived in Isaiah Rivers. Before anyone could find out more about the youth, he was patrolling the skies in search of bank robbers. For two decades the Archangel, as he was called, kept the town safe, and people came from all over. The Archangel was one of those mythic creatures tourists would camp out all night and hope to catch a glimpse of like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.

    Nonetheless, the Archangel could only keep the city safe for a couple decades. As more and more people came to Isaiah Rivers, there was more and more crime, and by the start of the Second Great War, a twobit bank robber got a few shells from his Tommy gun to embed themselves in the Archangel's wing. He limped away from that bank, never to be seen again, and Isaiah Rivers developed the fine coatings of grime and crime that all the real big cities like New York and Pittsburg had, but it was worse for Isaiah Rivers.

    The town's history of having a Guardian Angel had kept the real nasties away from town. Once word spread that the legendary Archangel had retired, it faced real supervillains for the first time and, by the end of the '50s, was at the mercy of the 'Starlight Seven', a vicious septet of supervillains, led by the unquestionably evil Queen Starlight. The regular criminals had gotten tougher too. The Salvatore family mafia, bluffing that they had the Starlight Seven's support, had the law's hands tied.

    Salvation came in the mid-1960's. A trio of mutants appeared, claiming to have been trained in heroism by the Archangel himself. There was Geist, the nuclear physicist who'd been "killed" in an experiment gone wrong but soon found himself alive and passing through the walls of his casket as though they were thin air, Dash, a rock climber who'd developed impossibly quick reflexes, and Hydra, a teen who dropped out of high school after he grew fangs, claws, and a forked tongue. Together, they helped level the playing field, but it wasn't until '68 that they really made a dent in Isaiah Rivers' problems. In the summer of '68, an aristocrat named Frederich Graham disappeared off the face of the earth after clearing his obviously guilty friend of murder. By the end of August, a character named Libra donned a golden Graham-Corp exoskeleton and joined the ranks of Hydra, Geist, and Dash. He gave the group a name, the Crusaders, and a clear purpose: Justice!

    Throughout the '70s and early '80s, the Crusaders and the Starlight Seven battled incessantly, each side finding more and more superpowered henchmen to throw at each other. By '83, the Starlight Seven numbered only four, and Queen Starlight was not among them. Licking their wounds, the remaining four -Reaper, Harpy, Inferno, and Baetle- formed an alliance with the Salvatore family mafia by marrying Harpy's daughter to the son of Don Michaelangelo Salvatore, forming what became known as the Starlight Mafia.

    In '87, the dynamic of superpowers in Isaiah Rivers was changed irrevocably by the premier of STV. The channel promised nonstop coverage of Super-activities within the city. It reached out to interview the lesser heroes and villains of the time; the four Crusaders refused interview on the grounds that they were defenders of peace, not TV stars, and the four remaining members of the Starlight Seven were nowhere to be found.

    Before long, STV was just one of many institutions focused on commercializing superbeings. There had always been toys of the Archangel, then the Crusaders and the Starlight Seven, but it was at an alltime high. Dress-up Superheroines replaced Barbies among the girls of Isaiah Rivers, and the boys all over the world played
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    Nov 23, 2006
    GM Approved
    Name: Matthew Morsa
    Alter-ego: Wind Weapon
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Shoulder-length dyed-raven black hair, 5feet 10 inches, Caucasian.
    Day Job: He'd a villain 24/7
    Street Clothes: Wears trechcoat, spike-bracelet, T-shirt and jeans
    Powers: Has powers over wind and gravity:

    Slice: An extremely thin mass of wind that can cut enemies or block blade-like attacks, he intentionally more powerful in this than his other techniques as he sees it most useful.
    Gust: A large or small gust of wind thrown at an enemy.
    Wind blow: A group of dusts he swirls around himself then releases in all directions, he rarely uses this power as he isn't very good at it and is usually more destructive than he needs.
    Gravitational powers: Wind Weapon can use his powers to stop bullets in midair or stop himself from hitting the ground.

    Weaknesses: His weaknesses are that he gets exhausted after using his powers too long, he avoids fighting where media is about(can prove a strength too) , his single-minded goal to kill the generation, and the fact he can't fight in areas without at least one source of natural air.

    Personality: He's the strong and silent type. He rarely talks to anyone is internally driven. He always thinks before he acts, sometimes thinking too long and missing opportunities, but the plans that do go into action usually at least partially succeed.

    He believes that the world is all about a fight between good and evil, although he doesn't associate either side with good or bad intentions. To him, a good person is one who fights by the rules or by cultural values and never disobeys them. Evil is willing to bend the rules or break them entirely, although they may have values they are neither a social norm nor innocent. He believes himself on the evil side, but respects the good-siders he fights.

    He does not respect the generation or media junkies like them, even before he set out to kill the generation. To him, they don't care about values or fight for power, all they care about is fame and image. He has no friends except Snipe(second C-sheet)

    Bio: Matthew Morsa was born to a dysfunctional family in Isaiah Rivers. He was a naturally born superbeing, and his father tried to kill him believing him to be the anti-christ. After killing his father in self-defense, he ran away disgusted with what he had done. For a period of time he refused to use his power and lived alone on the streets. He only used his powers again to kill a homicidal drunk man.

    He eventually accepted his powers and started working for small time gangs in the city. After awhile he joined the "Evilz ", a gang composed of natural superbeings like himself. He eventually gained ranks for his loyalty to the leader, Bloody. They eventually developed a relationship. Eventually Bloody shared his philosophies about good and evil which Wind Weapon himself adopted.

    Unfortunately, the gang was eventually broken up by the generation after they began robbing banks instead of gas station stores. Bloody and the gang tried to fight back but were easily defeated, and Bloody was fatally injured. Before he died, Bloody asked Wind Weapon to kill all members of the generation and being forever loyal to his leader Wind Weapon accepted.

    So since then Wind Weapon has tried to kill as many generation members as possible while still making a criminal living. He joined the Starlight Mafia in order to find a job. Here he met Snipe, who shared his hate of the generation.
  3. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005

    Name: Erik Freygard

    Alter-ego: the Gray Guard

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Appears to be in his fifties (a by-product of his empowerment), long dark hair (graying), and a thick beard. Very tall, powerfully built (think broad shoulders)

    Day Job: None - he's always a hero.

    Street Clothes: None - read on for further info.

    Costume: A large, gray cloak/poncho, over a pale green tunic and faded black pants. Looks more like a monk or a viking than a superhero.

    Powers: Flight, super strength, faster-than-human reflexes, and some degree of invulnerability. Also possess the ability to absorb and redirect energy at will.
    Weaknesses: A stubborn honour code prevents him from backing down from a challenge. He realizes this, and the problems it entails, but will not change it.

    Personality: Silent, introspective, slow to anger and slow to calm down.

    Bio: Erik Freygard was a normal man with a normal past before that particular Wednesday. On that Wednesday, as Erik was the sole victim in a violent and turbulent storm. A bolt struck him , coursing through his body, and he went limp, passing out. Onlookers were shocked at the fact that where once lay a young man, now lay an aged titan.

    No pulse was detected, and the aged man was rushed to the hospital, where, just as the bodybag was being zipped up, he sat bolt upright.

    DNA tests revealed him to be Erik Freygard, though he insisted that his name was Wulfgar Ragnarson, Einherjar warrior of Odin.

    Since then, he has become known as the Grey Gard, protecting Isaiah Rivers' from those who would do it harm.
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    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Chandler Billings

    Alter-ego: The Artist

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Hair: White with blue tips
    Eyes: Silver
    Height/Weight: 5'7"

    Day Job: Writer/Illustrator

    Street Clothes: Usually light loose fitting clothes.

    Costume: Subject to change when needed.

    Powers: Capable of bringing his drawings into the third dimension. He can make his drawings literally come to life.

    Weaknesses: His connection to his family.

    Personality: Chandler is very protective of his family, intellegent and good at strategy. He doesn't like it when his ideas are cast aside, he tends to anger fast. He also like to give his input to ideas.

    Bio: Born in a small town in northern New York, a few hours north of Syracuse. Growing up he always knew something was different about himself. He soon found out what, one day as he walked home from school he was ambushed by several older students, the thugs of the school. Reacting on instinct he held out his sole possesion, his sketchbook. Following that a bright light erupted from it and a dragon that he had drawn earlier that day materialized and chased of the other students. After he was safe from harm the dragon returned to the sketchbook. After that encounter he decided, and I know this is cheesy, to protect those in need of protection. Working solo he hides in the shadows, and moves as fast as the wind, easily dispatching anyone who threatens the peace. He is easily capable of bringing forth ways with which to defeat his enemies.
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    Dec 16, 2000
    The Cloned One ... has approved me!

    Name: Samuel Shadlowe
    Alter-ego: Nocturne
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black hair; Green eyes; thin, wiry; about 6'0" tall.
    Day Job: Prosecutions Lawyer, District Attorney's office (Isaiah Rivers subdivision)
    Street Clothes: An inexpensive suit and deep blue ties.
    Costume: A dark grey cape with a deep hood. Usually the clothes he wears underneath are unable to be seen (see below) but when they are, it's generally a ninja-style black jumpsuit. A byproduct of the process he underwent means his eyes also glow as terrifying green sparks in the hood -- the only part of his face that can be seen.
    Powers: Shadlowe is one with darkness and twilight. He is a teleporter (over limited distances), able to hide himself invisibly in any shadow, and at night can generate shadow so as to leave opponents in an inky darkness which seems to have no end (for limited periods of time.) He also has a fearsome intellect and has a punch that can knock a heavyweight boxer out. When you combine that with martial arts training it makes him formidable to say the least.
    Weaknesses: Bright sudden light when using his powers stuns, if not makes him unconscious altogether. Sustained light when in his Nocturne persona causes intense pain.
    Personality: Shadlowe/Nocturne is the embodiment of day and night in himself. By day, he is kind, understanding, empathic and genial. In the Nocturne persona he is chilling, uncompromising, and cruel to evildoers. By day he is all about justice; by night, all about vengeance.
    Bio: Shadlowe was born to rich parents and lived a life of privilege. Having said that, his father was often away and Shadlowe thanks to his gawky height as a boy had few friends and was often lonely. He was bright, picking up a couple of different languages.

    However, when he was 12 years old, and on a visit to Japan (a business trip with his father, one of the longest times he'd ever had with his Dad) he visited a nuclear medicine facility under professor Shinzo Maruki that was experimenting with photoreactive substances -- that is, items responsive to light. Nobody was quite sure how Samuel managed to get into the restricted lab, but when the lightning bolt hit the facility and sent every chemical reaction in the place to overload, Shadlowe was caught in the middle of it. Wanting to keep the incident quiet, his father left him in the care of Dr. Maruki to convalesce. The process took a good six months.

    When the first of Shadlowe's powers began to manifest, Dr. Maruki realised he had only one choice. Overpaid, blackmailed by Shadlowe's father, he realised there was only one way he could try and atone for the predicament he'd placed Shadlowe in. He sent him for what was called physiotherapy on the papers but was in fact admittance to the Tenshin Shoden Hatori ryu in Japan...the last known ninja school in Japan. There Samuel Shadlowe, taking the name of Saigo, learned many of the arts of subterfuge and deception he would use later in life.

    He returned to the United States at the age of 19, his strong intellect permitting him to catch up at school and qualify for Law School after a degree in criminology. He did not speak to his father and put himself through university. He's come to hate his father for the crime of his own creation -- but he vents that hatred against the criminal element, prosecuting by day, crimefighting by night under the name of Nocturne. He is a de facto part of the Crusaders, but he has little use for working with a team unless the situation demands it.
  6. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    GM's OOC: I am posting the first set of NPCs' CSes: Those of the Generation. Sometime tomorrow I'll get up the Crusaders, and either with them or in a seperate post later this week, I'll post the major NPC villains. I'll also give a brief description of the important locales and overall geography of Isaiah Rivers.

    Name: Randy Grihm
    Alter-ego: The Doodler
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Reasonably well-muscled as befits a superhero in spandex.
    Costume: A papery substance that conforms to his body like traditional superhero spandex, white with light blue lines like a sheet of notebook paper. On his right side are fringes like a sheet of paper torn from a notebook. He is covered with doodles in what looks like pencil. On his chest is a big stylized D.
    Powers: The Doodler can draw on his costume with his fingertips, creating temporary new body parts for himself such as fists of stone, rockets for feet, chainsaw hands, guns and any other weapon he can imagine.
    Weaknesses: The Doodler was plucked from his normal life mere hours before moving on to the next big step in life: college. He is basically a superhero because of fate, and it shows in his personality. Sometimes his sense of right and wrong is overwhelmed by the sense that Fate gypped him.
    Personality: Bright and artistic, the Doodler loves to fight crime in creative ways, however, as I said above, his sense that he was gypped by Fate into being a permanent superhero often causes bouts of immense apathy.
    Bio: An art student on his way to a full ride in the art school of his choice, Randy's life was forever changed during one of his last chemistry classes of senior year. The teacher had brought out the big guns, all the most dangerous and exciting chemicals the school would allow him to have. Ever the preoccupied artist, the little scribbles in the margins of Randy's notebook were far more important to him than the safety tips his teacher was giving out, and the explosion was certainly his fault. When the dust settled, Randy was, for lack of a better scientific term, bound to his notebook page, able to use his artistic gifts for the good of humanity in a way most artsists could never expect to. That same day, Randy Grihm vanished, and the Doodler was born, bringing with him the other two members of the Generation.

    Name: Mike Pink
    Alter-ego: Floyd
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Brown dreadlocked hair, a scruffy beard, blue eyes, caucasian.
    Street Clothes: Hemp necklaces, comfortable pants and shoes (if he wears shoes at all), and rock band T-shirts. In other words, a hippie whom you would never expect to be a superpowered crime-fighter.
    Costume: Black Spandex with the prism from Dark Side of the Moon in the spot most heroes would have an original logo, a mask that covers just the area around his eyes, gloves, a cape, and boots all in dark red, and crystal armor on his shoulders and thighs to store light energy
    Powers: Floyd can manipulate light. He bends it and can intensify it to an almost cohesive assault. His specialized armor allows him to absorb and store light for times when he needs it. As a byproduct, he can see extremely well in the dark.
    Weaknesses: Floyd's physical strength is only slightly above the average human strength, meaning he's not much use in close combat, and if he has no light stored and there is no nearby light source, he's pretty impotent.
    Personality: Despite claiming to quit drugs after becoming a hero, Floyd continues to philosophise, often being struck by near-enlightenment at the most inconvenient of times.
    Bio: Mike Pink was an underachiever all his life. When he discovered Psychedelic music and hemp he only became more of one. He preferred to contemplate nature rather than do actual work. When he was a young teen, his powers began to manifest, and under the influence, control of light was impressive and trippy, but not terribly us
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    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: Seph: Only in the Nocturne persona -- not all the time. :)
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    GM Approved

    Name: The Psycho

    Alter-ego: Frank Ogden

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: The Psycho has manually tattooed images of black teardrops on his face, starting from the bottom of his eyes and ending at each corner of his lips. He only has one eye (the other socket is empty) and his skin is pale white. Half of his head is bald, and the other half is covered by a messy cluster of black hair, and his fingernails are permanently black.

    Day Job: N/A (24 hour villain)

    Street Clothes: The Psycho is normally seen wearing a tie die shirt with ripped blue jean pants, and never wears shoes

    Costume: N/A (only wears his street clothes)

    Powers: The Psycho is impervious to pain, meaning that only severe wounds can affect him. If he is shot in the arm, the bullet might as well not be there. But if he is shot with a rocket, well, he's done for.

    Weaknesses: If his victims do not show fear, then the Psycho does not bother with them (he loves screams, cries for help, etc.)

    Personality: Utterly insane and psychotic. Savors causing pain, and is very childish when it comes to his job (he pouts if someone gets away, laughs when he wins, etc.)

    Bio: Born with the inability to feel pain and a severe mental disorder, Frank Ogden was frequently abused by his single mother as a child, although he could not feel her attacks. Being raised this way, Frank was instilled with the thought that it was right to cause other people harm, so on his first day of school at the age of five, he attacked three of his classmates. After being contained by his teacher, the school attempted to contact his mother, only to discover that she had been dead for a week, beaten to death. It was concluded that her murderer was Frank Ogden himself, and he was then sent to a children's mental institution.

    When Frank was fifteen, he escaped from the institution and made a living in burglary with a gang he had put together. At the age of eighteen, frustrated with being unable to feel pain, he gouged his left eye out and tattooed teardrops on his face, so he would be crying eternally for the pain that he could not feel.

    Now one of the most feared killers in all the world, Frank, now called the Psycho, resides in Isaiah Rivers. He has worked with the Starlight Mafia multiple times, but will not join them permanently.
  9. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    GM's OOC: Now for the Crusaders.

    Name: Frederich Graham
    Alter-ego: Libra
    Age: 68
    Gender: Male
    Costume: Always wears his armor. Gold, with silver-colored metal ribs at the joints and crimson shoulder-, elbow-, and knee-plates. On the chest the astrological symbol for Libra is emblazoned, also in crimson, along with a long crimson cape. The helmet is very plain with just two horizontal eye slits with glowing red mechanical "eyes"
    Powers: The GrahamCorp cyber-armor allows Libra to lift excesses of 1,200 lbs, punch through concrete, heightens reaction times, can (theoretically) withstand an atomic bomb, and allows for limited flight.
    Weaknesses: Lives by his code, if a villain has not yet done anything wrong, Libra will not harm them.
    Personality: Has an overwhelming sense of justice. Believes very strongly in 'An eye for an eye...'
    Bio: Frederic Graham was born into the good life in the Gabrielle Court suburb of Isaiah Rivers. His father was a millionaire CEO in the ever-growing field of technology. Fred had all the best schooling, recieved all the attention due to an only child, and got anything his heart desired. But one day, Fred's life took a turn for the superheroic. Fred saw his best friend commit a cold-blooded murder "...because I could, Fred. No one's gonna care. And if they do, I'll win in court." In court, Fred was set to testify against Oswald, but when he looked into his friend's eyes, he couldn't do it. He couldn't send his friend to the chair, and Oswald got off scot-free.

    Realizing his sin, Frederic decided his sight had betrayed Justice, like the old saying that "Justice is blind." Ashamed, Fred vowed to right his wrongs, gouging out his own eyes so, like justice, he too would be blind. He surrendered the positions and wealth he'd inherited to a trusted associate, and took the prototype GrahamCorp Cybertronic Personal Defense/Offense System. Fred wired the armor's optical sensors to his own optic nerves, and he made a few modifications to fit his new status: The gold, silver, and red coloration, the cape, the Libra symbol. He adopted the name Libra and set out to bring justice to the streets of Isaiah Rivers.

    As a side note, "Frederic Graham" is as good as dead. He does not remove the armor due to a risk that it may not be able to re-interface with his optic nerves. Hence, now there is only Libra.

    Name: Andrew Schmidt
    Alter-ego: Geist
    Age: 65
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Graying brown hair, glowing yellow eyes
    Day Job: Deceased nuclear physicist, 24-hour superhero
    Street Clothes: Occasionally dresses in normal clothes, but only his costume will stay on when he uses his powers.
    Costume: Black spandex, off-white gloves and boots, full-face mask that reveals only his glowing eyes, a tattered off-white cape. Armed with a pair of fancy silver daggers.
    Powers: Can transform from a solid state to a mist-like state, allowing him to pass through walls and dodge attacks. Has limited telekinesis when in this state. In solid state, he has above-average strength and reflexes. When he is tired, he must rest in his mist-state.
    Weaknesses: If Geist overexerts himself or if he fails to evade an attack and is injured, he will be forced back to his mist state and be relatively impotent until he has recovered enough to return to a useful solid state.
    Personality: Geist is one of the more selfless of the Crusaders because he believes he was given a new lease on life and plucked from the very grave to fight crime.
    Bio: Following the drop of the bomb in Hiroshima, Andrew was intent to get in on the budding nuclear industry. He earned himself a degree in nuclear physics and a job at a nuclear weapons test facility. He worked here and earned a comfortable living without a thought towards the people who would simply cease to exist should one of his devices be used.

    That all changed when one of those devices killed him. He
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    Nov 23, 2006
    OOC: Just as a personal thing, I'm upadating Wind Weapoon's age to 23 if you don't mind Sephy.

    Name: James J. Helgra
    Alter-ego: Snipe
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Spiked bleach-blonde hair, 5'8,Caucasian
    Day Job: Yet another 24/7 villain
    Street Clothes: Izod jacket,Offspring T-shirt, jeans,tenis shoes
    Costume: None
    Powers: Cyborg: has robotic left eye that can search the internet, aim, and download scientific knowledge on people and surroundings. Right arm robotic witch can be removed from below the elbow and replaced with one of three attachments: Hand, Sniper, or machine-gun.
    Weaknesses: Gun attachments need ammo, he's pretty over confident.
    Personality: Cocky and over confident. Very conserned with looking cool. he is very selfish and cowardly, often running away if he sees a situation as hopless.

    He enjoys listening to music, his favorite band being the offspring.
    Bio: James was always the little rebel. Even in elementary school he managed to find the "wrong" crowd to hang out with. His parents were never home and didn't seem to care what he did.

    Because of this, James' sense of morality was always a He was selfish, show-offy, and over-confident, much as he still is. He got tired of waiting to be 16, so he decided to drop out of school illegally at thirteen.Then, a year later he stole his dads credit card headed for the human machine and got his eye and arm replaced.

    After that he started working for small-time gangs. He was once humiliated by a generation member who caught him and teased him on STV, which led to his supreme hate of them.He eventually joined the starlight mafia for it's reputation. Afterwards he started hanging out with Wind Weapon, who he thought was cool.
  11. Apadamek

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    Jul 26, 2007

    Name: Michael Le-Mar
    Alter-ego: Controller
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Michael is a small man with short brown hair and milky blue eyes with large glasses. His Caucasian skin is pale from spending hours and hours inside. He stands at about 5'4 and weighs about 120 pounds
    Day Job: Business Consultant
    Street Clothes: Suits.
    Costume: Michael does not dress in a costume per-say, he is not fit to prowl the streets as he is neither strong nor fast, not wants to risk his life.
    Powers: Michael has something called a hyperactive brain, he is incredibly smart. Able to multi-task easily, do incredible calculations, and quick decisions in stressful situations in mere seconds and even at the same time if need be.
    Weaknesses: Michael is a coward, he would never try to fight only run. If a hero caught him he'll talk, quickly. Another problem with him is every forty eight hours or so he has splitting headaches from over-use of the brain. At these times he'll be in such profuse pain he'll be literally unable to move, sadly he has no warning for these Head Ache attacks and will sometimes just collapse and begin moaning in pain.
    Personality: Michael is a scheming, spoiled, highly intelligent but lazy person. Michael is arrogant and sarcastic thinking his intelligence will be able to make him a powerful man in the Mafia.
    Michael was born into a rich stockbroker family and was spoiled thanks to his good memory and intelligence. Michael quickly realized that he was able to do things others needed hours to process when he needed just one. This excited him, he could be a powerful man one day. In his mind Michael had it all, Ambition, Smarts, Money, he lacked an important thing though, conviction, he was just too lazy and too assured at his own intelligence to gain any real power. He left new york and came to Isaih Rivers after hearing from some friends that he could be useful there. After a bit he was contacted by the Starlight Mafia they needed a controller someone to plan jobs. After all you might have super strength, they were a dime a dozen, Michael had a super brain. He quickly began working becoming very useful with his perfectly planned jobs. He was able to calculate and formulate escape routes and improvise weapons against heroes attempting to stop them in seconds. Best of all he got large amounts of money and he did it all from his own home. He simply walked to his bookshelf, took out a book and entered a secret computer lab. Read up on the job for fifteen minutes, formulated, emailed the boss back, and then a week later act it out and give orders. Michael is planning to soon use others brute strength and, in his eyes, stupidity to form his own crew and take over. And as usual doing this from the safety of his own home.
  12. Randy1012

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    Jan 26, 2007

    Name: Aidan Conley
    Alter-ego: Blaze
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Aidan looks like your average teenager, pretty much. He's still growing, only standing at around 5'9" right now, and has a somewhat lanky body with a decent musculature for his age. He has fiery red hair and bright blue eyes, and is generally considered cute by most girls at school. When using his powers, Aidan's eyes morph into pure fire, with trails of flame emanating out of the corners, while his skin takes on a golden tinge and becomes hot to the touch.
    Day Job: High school student, part-time clerk at a local convenience store.
    Street Clothes: Heck, he's a teenager. His wardrobe changes along with the latest trends, though he generally sticks to jeans, cargo pants, T-shirts, and sports jerseys.
    Costume: A red jumpsuit he lifted from his dad's garage, with a few additions and enhancements to give it more of a fiery look (meaning he got an artist friend from school to airbrush flames on the arms and legs). And yes, he actually has his own nametag, which reads "Blaze" in cheesy cursive embroidering. He also wears a red bandana with flame detailing over his upper face, with eyeholes cut into it so he can see. Hey, he's trying to save money for college, so he can't afford anything fancy.
    Powers: Aidan has the ability to generate and manipulate both fire and heat. He can create a spark with the snap of his fingers and turn it into a fireball with a twitch of his wrist, and he can radiate intense amounts of heat at will. As such, he is immune to fire and heat, and does not suffer any burns, nor does anything or anyone he touches (unless he wants them to). He could probably take a bath in a pit of molten lava, though he hasn't actually tried...yet.
    Weaknesses: Water (he can still drink it, duh, but if his body is too wet he can't generate any fire), cold (he can't be any less than five degrees below average body temperature if he wants to use his powers), and the typical drama associated with being a teenager.
    Personality: Aidan is much like your stereotypical Irishman--fiery and hot-tempered. He's impatient, lets things get to him way too easily, and doesn't seem to have a mode between "calm" and "holy crap I am so ticked off right now!" Like most kids his age, he's more interested in goofing off and having a good time, and loves to crack jokes, even in the middle of a tense situation.

    Bio: Millennia ago, Ireland was dominated by superpowered beings whom people now believe to be gods and heroes of myth. One such person was Belenus, whose control over the element of fire allowed him to become one of the strongest and most dangerous beings of the ancient Celtic world.

    Belenus' power remained unchecked until one fateful day when he was attacked by a host of fairies from the Unseelie Court. Overmatched, Belenus was ripped apart by the Unseelie, leaving only his fiery essence behind. The essence found its way into the heart of a man in County Kerry, and remained dormant within him and his descendants for countless years until Aidan Conley was born.

    On Aidan's sixteenth birthday, the essence of Belenus manifested itself in the young man for the first time. When Aidan went to blow out the candles on his birthday cake, the tiny flames suddenly exploded into a giant fireball, which threatened to consume his house and kill himself and his family. Fearing for their safety, Aidan suddenly focused on the fire, his skin becoming tinged with gold as his hand reached out to it. He closed his fist, more out of instinct than in having any idea what he was doing, and the fire was suddenly snuffed out, leaving behind a melted birthday cake and a charred tablecloth.

    Since then, Aidan has been trying to understand his powers and learning to control them better while dealing with the pressures of being a teenager, clashing with his parents (who are still a little freaked out by their superpowered son), dealing with girl issues, and attending high schoo
  13. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    GM's OOC: Today, the main villains. The four remaining members of the Starlight Seven and a few rogue villains. Enjoy

    Name: Bart Sanders
    Alter-ego: Inferno
    Age: 73
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Bald, pale skin, flames constantly burn inside his body, illuminating his empty eye sockets, his nostrils, mouth, ears, and any open wounds that show up on his skin
    Day Job: Self proclaimed "Regent of Starlight", de facto leader of the Starlight Mafia's superhuman elements
    Street Clothes: Slick black suits that give him a sharp-dressed demon look
    Costume: The same
    Powers: Inferno's internal organs were long ago consumed by what he called the "Internal Fire". He can manipulate this fire and any fires it started. He's always been fond of spitting fireballs.
    Weaknesses: Ingestion of water, and water based substances will subdue the Internal Fire, and enough could concievably kill him. The Fire, despite the power it gives him, is a constant source of pain, and suicide is usually on his mind.
    Personality: Despite the still lingering contemplations of "shoving a fire exinguisher down my thoat, squeezing the trigger, and saying goodnight", Inferno has been hardened by his constant pain into an unfeeling and unsympathetic killer. However, he has a bit of an inferiority complex as Queen Starlight's ex second-in-command. He feels niether himself, nor anyone else, will ever be as powerful as her.
    Bio: Bart Sanders, like most of Isaiah Rivers' famous villains, was a nobody for a long time. Little has been revealed about his pre-Starlight days, although he was confirmed to have been born in Isaiah Rivers and arrested there several times.

    Once Queen Starlight recruited her Starlight Seven, Bart quickly climbed to her favorite. His firey temper and all-around ruthlessness impressed her. Rumors even abounded within certain circles that Inferno loved Queen Starlight, although this is unlikely since one of his first arrests was for manslaughter when he accidentally killed a girl he had taken home from the bars for the night. As one cop remarked at the scene, "A one-night stand turned into a barbecue."

    It is generally agreed that Inferno highly respected Queen Starlight. Mafia members, those 'in the know' at least, know that he often sequesters himself these days, claiming to speak with Starlight's ghost. Those same Mafia members also know never to talk about it to anyone, lest they burn on Earth before burning in Hell.

    Name: Harpy
    Alter-ego: Eleanor 'El' Randall
    Age: 64
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Eleanor was beautiful when the Starlight Seven was first formed, and that much is still obvious now. She has the bony form and posture of an aged ex-model, and her graying black hair is still kept in the long, luscious style it was during the '60's.
    Street Clothes: Fancy dresses, cigarettes in cigarette holders
    Costume: Revealing, gold, Graham-Corp "Mk II Flight Armor" with razor sharp opposable talons on the boots and gauntlets.
    Powers: Harpy's armor grants her super strength and jets for flight. Her talons can easily cut through most normal metals, and the parts of her body that are covered by the armor are bulletproof and resistant to most other attacks. With the advent of The Human Machine's services, she gave herself heightened reflexes, and control of her adrenal glands to overwhelm most foes with further heightened strength and speed in a pinch.
    Weaknesses: Excluding her reflexes and adrenal control, all Harpy's powers come from her suit. Without it, she's powerfless, and even with it...well, let's just say she never sacrificed sex-appeal for protection.
    Personality: El's personality can be summarized in three words: Full of herself. She still thinks she's the sexiest thing on two legs despite her age. She still smokes, despite what it does to her once-lovely voice. In fact, self-destructive habits like tobacco and crime are extremely attr
  14. Saintheart

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    OOC: Holy crap, I hope I don't wind up taking on two or more of those buggers at once...
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    GM's OOC: Don't worry, these are the big guns. They're for special occasions.
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    Bart Sanders...[face_laugh]

    Hmm...This game looks good, but Sephy, I'm going to need to talk to you.:-B

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    Approved! [face_laugh] Haha!

    Name: Jared Sing
    Alter-ego: Heretic
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Heretic?s hair color is unknown. His eyes are black. He is 6?3? and weighs 196lbs.
    Day Job: None
    Street Clothes: Always in costume
    Costume: Wears a flowing black cloak and a silver mask that covers his entire head. Under the cloak is black body armor that protects him from most weapons. The face of the mask is like the sad dramatic mask. The eyes are crescents facing downwards and there is a black tear falling from the left eye. The mouth is also a crescent angled down. Over the mouth is a black material. Somewhere in the mask is a voice changer that makes his voice deep and raspy.
    Powers: Heretic has the advantage of no bodily functions, besides a brain. He has increased stamina and endurance. He has extreme strength and is much faster than normal. His reflexes are far better as well. His mind is like a computer in the fact that he can memorize things immediately and he can calculate odds quickly. He however doesn?t input all of the data when he is planning something. He doesn?t need to breathe or sleep. He feels no pain. Yearly outburst of energy; he yearly gains the ability to destroy anything by seeing it in his head destroyed.
    Weaknesses: His youth causes him to make mistakes and occasionally lose focus. He thinks things over to much. He can still be injured.
    Personality: Quiet and perceptive. He is reposed and introverted. Heretic analyzes situations more than is needed.
    Bio: Heretic was created in a lab for an experiment about a disease that is developed after death. Something in the formula to make a dead human went wrong however. Heretic was created, but he was alive. He had no organs or cells, but somehow lived. After further testing his strange strength and heightened reflexes and stamina were discovered. Within a year all of his ?powers? were discovered. He was named after the lead scientist on the job. A year later, Heretic?s powers were still developing, but he was becoming unstable. He lost control and destroyed the whole lab. After his outburst, his powers returned to normal. Every year on the anniversary of his creation he has similar breakouts of raw power. The explosions increase in magnitude and danger with every passing year. He calls himself Heretic because he is an anomaly of the human.
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    GM's OOC: Beast, my PM box is always open if you seriously have to talk to me, although if it's just about how I choose to name my NPCs, I'd feel I wasted my time. Try packing in a CS for approval when you 'talk to me' :p.
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    The Character Sheet

    Name: Jaycen Spade
    Alter-ego: Slinger
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black hair, Blue eyes, 6', slender.
    Street Clothes: [link=]Street[/link]
    Costume: [link=]Costumed [/link]
    Powers: Slow time around him for short periods (Up to 2 minutes, with in visual range), Ability to move in and out of shadows
    Weaknesses: Lack of shadows can trap him, Once time-slowing runs out, time catches up with itself.
    Personality: Cold and distant, shy.


    POLARIUS Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 26, 2004
    GM Approved look forward to plying with you guys

    Name:Stephanie Rose
    Alter-ego: The Huntress
    Appearance: hair Black in a ponytail, eyes Blue-Gray, height 6'1", weight 185 long and lean
    Day Job: superheroine/rogue 24/7
    Street Clothes:none
    Costume: black leather pants and boots, Black and green corset with a black cotton blouse under it, and a long black trench coat
    Powers: ability to commincate with animals and heightened senses. also carries a rapier and a crossbow
    and has a cougar she rides named luna
    Weaknesses: seeing nature destroyed needlessly and people who torture animals for money or fun
    Personality:distant and aloof with a hint off stand-offishness
    Bio:At the tender age of 8 She was abandoned after a camping trip in the olympic mountains in Washington where she was raised by a female cougar and learned the ways of the wild. When she was 16 two woodland spirits bestowed upon her the gifts of being able to communicate with beasts and the senses of a cougar and made her a Guardian of the Wild, that is where she recieved the rapier and crossbow. Luna was one of the cubs she was raised with which she became attached to and the Woodland spirits granted the puma with incredible strength, size and intelligence. she now uses Luna as her main form of transportation. She came to Isiah Rivers to help protect the innocent and enviroment.

  21. blubeast1237

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    OOC: Wow, everyone has super strength, this will be interesting.:rolleyes:


    Name: Ethan Eclaim
    Alter-ego: Phoenix
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6'1, 214 pounds, long light brown hair, dark brown eyes, generally doesn't smile alot besides the occasional nervous one, 5 o'clock shadow.
    Day Job: Works for the Falls University Newspaper and an intern at the local newstation.
    Street Clothes: Clear glasses for seeing, brown jacket, dark blue shirt, jeans, his hair tied in ponytail(varies), and white shoes. (This varies, doesn't wear the same thing everyday.)
    Costume: Red and navy blue outfit with "P" on the chest. Navy Blue shoes while the rest of the suit is red besides his gloves. His glasses are replaced by white eyeholes that keep his sight regular.

    Powers: He can shape and/or separate his spirit from his body. His body is taken by one personality(regular)while his spirit is taken by the other side of him. The more aggressive, exciting, and wild side of him that is pretty much dormant. He can make a spirit hand appear out of his stomach or a foot out of his back. The spirit side, known as the "Phoenix", can fly and has super strength while his normal side uses his human abilities. This is a good combination for the spirit side will be more of a ditraction, his normal side can solve the actual problem.
    Weaknesses: Prolonged time away from each other will cause the personalities to start to take command and fill up the space that the other side left open. The Phoenix might become entirely aggressive and too wild, and Ethan might become solemn and calm completely and they wouldn't be able to fuse back together. They need each other to survive because Ethan would stop having a spirit altogether and eventually die while the Phoenix, with its actual body dead, would lose his powers and deteriorate.


    Normal Ethan: Calm, nice, somewhat shy. Can sometimes be aggressive and demanding to get what he wants. He likes good jokes and people that he can feel comfortable around. Takes a while to trust others. Despite how he acts in public, at home he is a laid-back type of guy who enjoys many different types of music and hobbies. He likes hiphop, rock, pop, R&B, etc. Loves to get on his laptop at starbucks, but at the same time will dance wildly at a club.

    Separated Ethan: Solemn, quiet, somewhat of a pushover, but is learning to stand up for himself despite his lack of the Phoenix. He is protective over the Phoenix side of him and will do anything to save the other. Not really into jokes and playfulness, but can tolerate and maybe even smile at some. Formal, doesn't relax alot and stays on the Phoenix for them to train.

    The Phoenix: Loud, obnoxious, overconfident, and quite excessive in laughing at the villains he beats, often taunting them all the way to prison. Protective over Ethan, but at the same time picks on him and uses the regular Ethan's body quite recklessly. One of those "I can do it to him, but nobody else can." types. Slacks off sometimes while he's separated, often flirting with girls during battles. Likes hiphop and really loud music and overreacts to insults.

    Bio: Ethan developed his ability at the age of six. His father worked as a scientist in the Falls and often took young Ethan with him to work, since his Mother was working also and they didn't have a sitter all of the time. Ethan became his dad's helper at the Lab, but only in small things like bringing the trashcan near his father and drawing pictures on papers, thinking he was working on a formula like his Chemist Father, though all he was really doing was drawing weird shapes and such. The actual event of him getting his powers wasn't that extravegant. He was playing around in the "Daycare Center" of the lab, actually a room that the Lab had cleared out for its employees and had placed a few toys and a tv in, he got out and mess
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