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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by JediCouncilMaster, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    OOC: WHOA, you guys need to slow down abit... I've got a crap load to catch up on now....

    IC: Agent Thompson
    Mega City -- Crime Scene -- [TAC: Rouge Agent]

    The arch agent, who seemed to magicaly know where this guy was, requested back up. He was glad to comply.

    He quickly shifted into gear, zooming away towards the current shoot out...if only he'd been there a moment sooner.

    He did manage to witness the tail end of an agents 'case being pulled down and alleyway.

    Before he knew it, he was out of the car, gun drawn, and running down the alley on their tail. Firing everytime he had a shot.

    He touched his ear peice.
    "In Pursuit. Someone head them off in the park."

    Tag: All
  2. TypoCelchu

    TypoCelchu Jedi Master star 6

    Feb 1, 2005
    IC: Seraph:
    Location: Club Hel, Coat and Weapon Check Room

    Seraph silently leaned on one of the columns leading up to the weapons check counter at the front of the club. One of the underlings had scrambled off at his arrival, clumsily colliding with a pair of rather distinguishable persons heading towards the exit. The underling pushed both gentlemen back through the door, but not before Seraph got a good look at who they were. The Twins... A pair of Programs Seraph particularly despised. None the less, he was glad that he was able to spot them before they were drawn away from the doorway. It gave him a chance to prepare for anything the Merivingian had to use against him.

    It took only seconds for the underling to return, whispering to his counterparts who were undoubtedly questioning him on what to do. Rather reservedly, the three turned in his direction.

    "We'll need to search you for weapons, of course...", one of them stated.

    Seraph saw no reason to reply. He simply dropped his two pistols down his sleeve, quitely removed the ammo and tossed them to the underlings. He took the pistols and placed them back into his sleeves, and stared through his sunglasses at them.

    "Is that all that you've got?", the guard stammered rather confusedly. He only nodded in response.

    Only seconds later the entrance doors to the club swung open, allowing the Twins to enter the room. He hated the way they completed eachothers statements, but it was the message that mattered more to Seraph.

    "The Merovingian... He will be seeing you... You are welcome to enter the VIP section..."

    A slight grin appeared on Seraph's face. The Merovingian was a spiteful man, but never failed to ensure that there was no other way to benefit before he had someone killed. He would undoubtedly hear him out, but where it would go from there was entirely unsure.

    He simply nodded and entered the club, flanked on either side by the Twins, who were obviously sizing up their competition. He milled through the crowd composed of a rather odd sort of riff-raff until he reached the stairs leading up to the VIP room. He swiftly climbed the stairs, pausing at the top to scan the room for threats. There were far fewer than he expected, and while that made him suspicious, he strode into the room confidently.

    His eyes met those of the Merovingian. The face of the devil...

    TAG: Imp.
  3. JediCouncilMaster

    JediCouncilMaster Jedi Youngling star 6

    Jun 23, 2005
    OOC: Wow. This has been going fast. I need to catch up. Sorry about that. Thank you for doing that roster while I was gone. I appreciate it.

    IC: Agent Stephens
    Mega City - Suburbs - S&D: Rogue Agent O'Connor

    The Matrix Mainframe held back Stephens from maintaining his duty. He returned possessing an adult bystander near the Agents' position. After morphing into an Agent, Stephens stood still and slowly looked to the left then to the right. He listened to his earpeice and tried to communicate.

    Agent Riley, Agent Thompson. Are you there? I need your current position. I've....I've been held back. Stephens said in a low nervous toned voice.

    TAG: Agents/Rebels
  4. Schoolgirl_Bounty

    Schoolgirl_Bounty Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 25, 2005

    Name: Persephone
    Age: Very Old
    Personality: Dreamy and softly vindictive, usually quiet while around her husband. When it gets down to the wire, Persephone can be very cold and calculating.
    Clothing: PVC and Vinyl dresses, whatever her husband picks out for her
    Inventory/Weapons: Small Handgun, and Code manipulation
    Vehicle: Limousine
    Race/Program: Rogue
    Purpose: To discover the workings of the human mind, and understand human emotions. She works as a counter-program to the Merovingian
    Affiliation: Herself
    Skills: Persephone can manipulate codes within the Matrix, and has very keen senses.
    Biography: Persephone comes from an older version of the Matrix. Her "Husband" the Merovingian is a very powerful program, and is also very unfaithful. Persephone tires of her husband's infidelities, and is plotting of a way to get her revenge. She usually sits by his side, staying quiet, and observing the workings of Humans, trying to figure out what triggers certain emotions, especially "love" which seems unattainable and mysterious.
  5. JediCouncilMaster

    JediCouncilMaster Jedi Youngling star 6

    Jun 23, 2005
    OOC: Updated!!

    Character Roster


    Arch Agent Riley - NightHunter319
    Agent Stephens - JediCouncilMaster (GM)
    Agent Thompson - Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Rogue Agent(s)

    Agent O?Connor - dontlookatmethatway


    The Merovingian - Imperial_Hammer
    Persephone - Schoolgirl _Bounty
    Seraph ? TypoCelchu
    Katie (KT-9) - Jedi_padawan_leigh
    Maya Yubari - Darth_Joesha


    Shamus McAirem - DARTH-bojangles
    Colton ?Hondo? Lang - DARTH-bojangles
    Kyle Rogers - SephyCloneNo15
    Trevor Jacobs - Master_Valar
    Revolver - Penguinator-176
    Ghost - MASTER-OF-EVIL

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    IC: Ghost
    MegaCity - Downtown.

    Ghost parked the car in an alley and closed the doors and looked about his surroundings and walked to the main streets of MegaCity. While walking he looked about and was heading towards the City's Libary but before he could cross the street, to his left saw a tiny object fall from above from one of the skyscraper's and he looked at the direction the object fell and saw someone looking at it and then looked up....Interesting indeed...Ghost thought. With that Ghost went the opposite direction of his original destination and headed towards the skyscraper and walked into a what apparently is a bank and stepped through the winding doors and looked about and saw a hallway full of elevator's and headed towards them and walked in with a group of people and waited for his floor. Then floor 66 arrived and this was Ghost's stop and it was an office and looked about and his phone began to ring.

    "Ghost here."
    "If you must know, head into the room of the executive manager and for the double windows and i will tell you more once you get there." Sparks said through the phone and hanged up.

    Ghost saw where he needed to go and walked by various offices until he found the Manager's office and walked in and apparently it was a meeting Ghost walked into.

    "Excuse me gentlemen." Ghost answered to a confused group of men.
    He opened the Window's and walked up onto the ledge and side-stepped along the ledge and until he came into a corner and saw a figure on a small building just below and across him and he looked about for something to use to get across and there was a scaffold and there was rope he could use and a bucket. With that Ghost grabbed the two items and tied the rope around the bucket and walked back to position and started to wind the rope and focused on the tv aerials that are scattered on the roof and use them as an anchor for the bucket to hook onto.
    The bucket was sailing towards its target and landed with a thud and Ghost tugged it along so it can hold onto something it stopped suddenly and the handle of the bucket caught onto the tv aerial and with a final tug, Ghost focused and leapt and swung across between the buldings and used his feet to soften his impact on the oncoming wall and after the first contact, Ghost started to climb up and was on the roof and saw the figure and it was a just a kid but he looked familiar somehow, must be one of the younger rebels thought Ghost.

    "Who might you be?" Ghost said to the young man standing before him.

    Tag: Trevor Jacobs and Revolver(And any other Rebels in the vicinity)
  7. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: The Merovingian
    Location: Club Hel, VIP Level

    The Merovingian looked up as Seraph entered. The enigmatic program simply stared at him for a moment, and the Merovingian returned his gaze, seeming rather amused at it all. Something was missing here, nothing important, but something nonetheless. Where had Persephone run off to? He would have to remind himself to have the Twins look for her. Idle hands such as hers could definitely get into trouble.

    "Ah Seraph, L'Ange Sans les Ailes (Fr: The Angel Without Wings), so good of you to pay your dear friend, the Merovingian a visit. Do sit down, my little Judas. It has been a while since our last....... encounter."

    He motioned to a luxuriously plush and open chair facing him. It was more like a personal couch than a chair really, with marvelous leather upholstery. The Merovingian watched the man, amused.

    "Do you like my club Seraph?" he asked, making chit chat. It was proper of course, to set a little pretext before business. "I was board one day, so I figured what would make my life more exciting that to be a club owner?"

    The Merovingian laughed a calm but seemingly sincere chuckle.

    "La vie d'un homme riche, il semble. Donc plein de festivités" (Fr: The life of a rich man, it seems. So full of festivities)."

    He lifted the Martini to his mouth again and took a sip. He couldn't taste it, as of course, it didn't really exist. But when he was in Rome, with people in the Matrix, he did as the Romans did.

    TAG: Typo and Schoolgirl
  8. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    [synthesized female voice] GM approved. [/synthesized female voice]

    Character Sheet
    Name: Alex Stern, preferred nick-name: "Forty-Seven". Based on the Assassin character of the Hitman computer games he played before breaking out of the Matrix.
    Age: 37
    Appearance: Shaved head, brown. Six foot tall.
    Personality: Cool. Practical. Tries to remain calm under fire, but this sometimes translates as being slow to react to ambush.
    Likes to use Spanish words and phrases in conversation, and uses the word 'frag' a lot.

    Clothing: Dresses like an Agent. White shirt, black suit.
    Inventory/Weapons: Weapons. P90 automatic weapon, two Bolter heavy-calibre handguns in shoulder holsters. Numerous spare ammo clips on person. Rocket launcher.
    Vehicle: Usually requests a fully-equipped James Bond car, eg. Lotus Esprit; or a police chase car. A fondness for those lights and sirens.
    Race/Program: British, Rebel

    Purpose: Frag do I know. Racing fast. Running interference while others do the hard stuff.
    Affiliation: Rebels
    Skills: Martial arts. Judo. Accurate with any gun. Professional racing driver, and can fly helicopters.
    Biography: Top-rated Videogame player in the Matrix. Was naively thinking along the lines of The Last Starfighter when sought out 'because of his special skills'.
    Turned out to be the old red pill/blue pill choice, and not the fighting an alien space war he half expected. Not far off though.
    Commonly considered to have the life expectancy of a soap anchor, but has thus far refused to die.


    OOC: This post should be considered extremely fluidic, as I may be working with players who have not had their character sheets approved yet.

    IC: Forty-Seven, hovership Last Bolt.

    Forty-Seven lay on one of the vessel?s jack-in couches contemplating the ceiling.

    He was waiting for confirmation from the vessel?s captain or Operator that he would be sent into the Matrix to provide backup for an ongoing operation.

    At this stage, he had no details. Only the vague knowledge that Zion?s Council of Elders had authorized his ship to support the crew of the Logos.

    In his minds eye, he was remembering one of his favourite levels on the videogame Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and his most successful.
    He had slipped by several FSB (Russian Security Service) men to assassinate two Generals in some park.
    He had scored a professional rating with a minimum of collateral damage.

    A smile touched his face at the remembrance of good times.

    Tag: no-one
  9. NightHunter319

    NightHunter319 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 14, 2005
    IC: Agent Riley

    Downtown MegaCity, Park

    Now running down the alley right next to Agent Thompson, spoke into his earpiece to Agent Stevens, '' The target is heading for the park, rendevos with us their''. Riley saw the Rougue with a suitcase and started popping of shots at him.

    Riley looked at Thompson, '' Time to finish this''

    Tag: Anyone
  10. dontlookatmethatway

    dontlookatmethatway Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 5, 2005
    IC: Rogue Agent O?Connor
    Alleyway, Mega City

    O?Connor looked back in dismay. Another Agent had arrived. And both of them, Riley and the new Agent, were hot on his tail. He was rather irritated, but he knew that his clones would be right behind them. O?Connor ran down the alley as fast as he could, dodging bullets or attempting to block them with his suitcase. The suitcase was pretty durable, and he was sure that it could stand up to some gunfire. He finally emerged from the mouth of the alley into the park. It was very wide-open (?exposed? is the word O?Connor would have used) and it was dotted with bushes. There were several park benches positioned along the various paths. A swing set and jungle-gym were off on the left side. He could see all the way to the other side of the park where the park ended and the cityscape began again. O?Connor ran to the left of the mouth of the alley, threw his briefcase against the wall, and used the corner as cover to attack the Agents.

    Tag: Agents, Program

    IC: Rogue Agent Clones One and Two
    Old Apartment Complex, Mega City

    The two clones saw another Agent arrive on the scene. They could not stop him and Riley from fleeing down the alley after O?Connor, but they could give chase. They drew their guns as one and followed after the Agents, shooting all the way.

    Tag: Agents, Program
  11. DARTH-bojangles

    DARTH-bojangles Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 1, 2005
    OCC:Wow, this moves fast...

    IC as Hondo/Shamus

    Shamus had given Hondo a tip on some potential allies with in the Matrix operating as Rebels, but the thing about Zion was that not everyone decided to work well together, so he had his reservations about seeking help in the first place. If they were to ever get a descisive victory, then the Resistance had to work together.

    Colton brought his thoughts back to the Grail. Supposedly, it was left behind by one of the original creators as a type of leverage against some unknown foe, and now after a disastorous archealogical excavation in the real world, Hondo had a tiny scrap of a lead about where to find this Holy Grail Virus.

    In truth, virus wasnt a correct term for what it did. The Grail would never bring down the Matrix, but it would allow someone to alter it in more advantageous and dramatic ways like the programs and Agents do because up until now the Resistance had little success in combating anything inside the Matrix.

    Just another chapter in this long war, Colton mused.

    He had made his way covertly to a nearby skyscraper to find a group of three individuals apparently meeting for the first time. Colton recognized one of them as the same Ghost Morpheus had talked about. Surely Niobe must be close by then.

    Colton was behind the group and made his prescence clear as he stalked forward to hear Ghost ask someone who they were. He was content to wait his turn in this discussion.

  12. Master_Valar

    Master_Valar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2005
    Trevor Jacobs
    MegaCity Rooftops

    As he was addressed, the young man turned to face the approaching Rebels. He had sensed their coming through the coding, and had heard them through it as well.

    "Ghost, correct? Representing Niobe and the Logos?" Trevor said, turning his attention to the other rebel near him. "And you I don't recognize."

    "My human name is Trevor, but I'm known here as Shinobi. I wouldn't expect you to know me. I'm jacked in from the Ragnarok, running Recon here. Anything I can help with."

    Trevor smirked, tucking both hands into the pockets of his canvas coat. Beneath it he wore only faded denim and a black shirt. Not the usual rebel attire, but fitting his own style. He had decided not to stress that he was from the Legendary Lost Ragnarok. He was sure Ghost would know all about it.

    Tag- Ghost, other Rebels on Rooftop
  13. JediCouncilMaster

    JediCouncilMaster Jedi Youngling star 6

    Jun 23, 2005
    IC: Agent Stephens
    Mega City - Park/Alley - S&D: Rogue Agent O'Connor

    When Agent Stephens finished possessing a bystander he immediately knew that O'Connor was trying to run away via earpeice. He heard Riley calling for backup. He wondered about his fellow partner Thompson, but that didn't matter now. He looked to his right and saw the other bystanders talking loudly and pointing at a certain area. Stephens quickly ran towards them and saw a shortcut to the park, just as Riley said he wanted to meet. With one hand reaching for his Desert Eagle .50 AE in his shoulder holster and the other gripping on the side of his suit, he ran towards the park. When he reached his destination he saw Rogue Agent O'Connor on the other side. He gasped.

    I've made contact. Made contact. Thompson, Riley, I need you here now. Stephens said whispering, trying desperately not to blow off his position.

    Stephens didn't know what this Rogue Agent could do. He never even had the knowledge that the Rogue Agent could clone himself. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to be the victim. He cocked his neck sideways and sighed. The Desert Eagle in one hand and the other making a fist, he slowly walked towards O'Connor.

    O'Connor. The Rogue Agent. I've finally found you. You don't belong here in the Matrix. You don't serve your purpose. And beings who don't serve their purpose well....deserve to be deleted. Deleted from existance. You're coming with us....don't try to resist. Stephens said in a monotone voice.

    TAG: O'Connor/Agents/Rebels/Programs
  14. Sith_Lords

    Sith_Lords Jedi Master star 4

    May 17, 2004

    Character Sheet
    Name: Ar'Jar Vena
    Age: 21
    Appearance: 6'6, with short, grade 5, black hair. Powerful green eyes, which look like they've seen to much, muscular.
    Personality: Friendly, sarcastic and confident, but has a temper.
    In the Real World: A white vest, with black trousers.
    In the Matrix: Sunglasses, trenchcoat, kevlar vest, black jeans.
    Inventory/Weapons: Colt .45 pistol, samurai sword, Uzi machine pistol, sometimes Lee Enfield Sniper Rifle.
    In the Real World: Serves aboard the Mark XIV ship, the Chimera
    In the Matrix: Triumph 1055i Sprint ST, RAF F-35 JSF,
    Race/Program: White British
    Purpose: Human Rebel
    Affiliation: To defend the city of humans from the machines
    Skills: Incredibly good pilot, knows most forms of martial arts, expert with Samuri swords, and is capable of handling just about any weapon given to him.
    Before he was revealed the truth, Ar'Jar was one of the RAF's top fighter pilots. He served with distinction during the Gulf Wars, but his downfall came when in a bar, a few years after the second gulf war. A man there was talking about the war, and was saying how it was mistake, all the soldiers did was kill innocents, and we're all aload of pansies.

    Ar'Jar, drunk, got in a fight with the man, and killed him, hitting the mans nose, so it went upwards into his brain. Ar'Jar was sentanced to prison for 15 years after this attack, and, 2 months after his sentance, was shown the real world by another inmate.

    Ar'Jar is now a pilot on the ship, the Chimera, which is currently docked in Zion. He is a powerful rebel, and is often plugged into the Matrix, trying to free more humans.
  15. dontlookatmethatway

    dontlookatmethatway Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 5, 2005
    IC: Rogue Agent O'Connor
    The Mouth of the Alleyway, Mega City

    ?O'Connor. The Rogue Agent. I've finally found you. You don't belong here in the Matrix. You don't serve your purpose. And beings who don't serve their purpose well...deserve to be deleted. Deleted from existence. You're coming with us...don't try to resist.?

    O'Connor almost swore. So that was where the missing third Agent was. He had finally caught up to the rest of the group. O'Connor had no doubt that they would end up fighting it out. He wanted to end the struggle by copying over the Agent?s current body, but the Agent was too far away. The Agent had probably called for backup from the other two Agents, but they were facing their own problems from clones One and Two. There were no humans nearby that he could copy over to create clones to fight the Agent. He measured his words and turned towards his adversary.

    ?Conflict is inevitable at this point.?

    They had said everything that needed to be said. Now all that remained was for them to fight it out. O'Connor calmly brought his Desert Eagle handgun up and started firing at the Agent.

    Tag: All
  16. JediCouncilMaster

    JediCouncilMaster Jedi Youngling star 6

    Jun 23, 2005
    IC: Agent Stephens
    Mega City - Alleyway - Terminate at all Costs: Rogue Agent O'Connor

    Stephens gave a grim smile and made a fist with his left hand thus cracking his knuckles. His right hand gripped tightly on the Desert Eagle. He stood straight and looked ,through his tinted sunglasses, directly at O'Connor. He didn't dare move closer to the Rogue. He was a dangerous Anomaly to the Agents and the Matrix itself.

    After O'Connor finished what he needed to say he immediately fired his own Desert Eagle right at Stephens. On the other hand, Stephens saw the bullets coming and went into "bullet-time." Stephen's upper body moved around so fast it looked like there were illusions of him in one place. Moments later, Stephens' illusion returned back to normal and came back to focus. The bullets haven't done him any harm. He gave a quiet chuckle and raised his weapon at O'Connor and started firing at him until all 7 bullets left the chamber.

    TAG: Agents/O'Connor/Rebels/Programs
  17. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005

    It was Ghost.

    "Revolver's what they call me." he said amiably.

    He looked to the other, a very talented man if he was able to get this close without alerting him.

    "Shinobi, good to meet you." he said, nodding curtly.

    He brought up his Colt and twirled it quickly before holstering it in the belt across his abdomen.

    "I've been following a program for some time now. He began showing certain... strange traits."

    He looked back to Ghost.

    "Wanna take a look see?"

    Tag: Ghost, Shinobi
  18. dontlookatmethatway

    dontlookatmethatway Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 5, 2005
    IC: Rogue Agent O?Connor
    Alleyway/Park, Mega City

    O?Connor looked on as the Agent skillfully evaded his shots. Then the Agent raised his handgun and fired back an answering volley. Two could play at that game. He copied the Agent?s maneuver, avoiding the bullets. Then he considered his next move. They could not end this by using guns. Both of them were immune to them through their special technique. Another form of attack must be used. Agent O?Connor smiled coldly at his opponent, holstered his handgun, and leaped forwards intending to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

    Tag: All
  19. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Agent Thompson
    Mega City -- Alley to Park -- [TAC: Rouge Agent]

    And, in another instant, His back up was gone.

    Chatter rang in his ear as the two agents spoke about what they were doing. Idiots. Didn't they see they were supposed to work TOGETHER?

    His line of thought was cut a bullet went wizzing by his ear. Oh dear...

    He dropped into a quick lateral shoulder roll, leaping to his feet near the right wall of the alley, and then jumping into the air and kicking off of the wall. He performed a spectacular sideways flip, as he turned a 180, landing on his feet, facing the attackers.

    "Ah, Mr. O'Connor..." He greeted on of the men in his gruff voice "...And Mr. O'Connor?" He was briefly puzzled...prehapps O'Connor had found a way to copy himself over existing data. That could be bad. He wasn't about to be phased by a washed-up virulent agent. "Good...I always enjoy a challenge."

    Tag: Rouge Clones
  20. JediCouncilMaster

    JediCouncilMaster Jedi Youngling star 6

    Jun 23, 2005
    IC: Agent Stephens
    Mega City - Alleyway - TAC: O'Connor

    Stephens looked at his weapon and saw that all the bullets have been used. He didn't want to reload it since it would never kill this Rogue Agent. It wouldn't matter. He looked at his weapon and simply threw it away. A loud clank echoed in the alley. He then looked back at O'Connor bitterly. He knew what the Rogue Agent was going to do. Fight mano y mano - hand and hand. Stephen whirled his arms around in a fancy fashion and made a threatning pose.

    I'm afraid this will only end in one way....death. Stephens said melencholy.

    He tried to kick O'Connor in the stomach followed by a spinning kick to his face. He deliberately wanted to see if he was able to break his sun-glasses.

    TAG: All
  21. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    Character Sheet

    Name: White (AKA Nathan Lotts)

    Age: 23

    Appearance: Shaggy black hair, pale skin, boyish facial features, piercing blue eyes

    Personality: Kind and always willing to lend a helping hand

    May wear White trench coat instead of suit coat. White boots.

    Twin White Kimber Pistols [shoulder holstered]-


    Vehicle: ?Is it white? Yeah, I?ll drive it.?

    Race/Program: Human

    Purpose: Have a kick ass time?oh, and something about the enslaved human race?he kinda slept through that mission briefing.

    Affiliation: Rebels

    Skills: Marksmanship, acrobatics, ?Kung Fu?, con tricks (Quick hands, pick pocket, sleight of hand etc.), security, Dumb Luck

    Biography: Before the Red Pill, White was little more than a thief. A damn good one, but a thief none the less.

    He worked the street like a traveling magician?except street magicians give your watch back in the end?and tend to shy away from ?Now put the $50 under a Dixie cup? and ?I can guess your age by you PIN number? style tricks. Cons. Nathan Lotts was a Con man.

    Of course?you?re always bound to con the wrong person once in a while.

    His person happened to be an Agent.

    Beaten to near death, Nathan was helped by a Rebel on looker, and, to make a long story short, Red Pill, Nursed back to health, Trained as a rebel warrior, and you can fill in the blanks yourself.

    He chose his new name (Well, second new name?because Forty-Two was too close to Forty-Seven) because of his Anti-Agent dress. Sure, he stands out among the other rebels, who wear black leather and things?but, when you?re teamed with a guy who thinks he looks like the character from Hitman, people think the suit is just part of an attempt to coordinate dress.


    IC: White
    Last Bolt -- Awaiting Transmittion -- [None At Time]

    Now, as he sat reclined and plugged in, awaiting the transmittion into the Matrix, he remebered before. When he was oblivious...well, atleast more so than what was really going on. When he was picking pockets and hustling people for dinner money...

    Then he thought to the future....where he would be in just a few moments, his shaped white suit. His square white framed glasses. His shining white boots. His beautiful white Kimber Pistols...blowing holes in the black suits of Agents and Programs alike. In just a few moments, he would get his second chance...he would be White. Nathan Lotts is dead.

    Tag: Sithy if you wanna chat :p
  22. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005

    (Well, second new name?because Forty-Two was too close to Forty-Seven)

    Ess-double-you-ie-ay-tee SWEET!

    Wait.... That's not right....
  23. SephyCloneNo15

    SephyCloneNo15 Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 9, 2005
    (ooc: Sithspit! No time to post or even read all of page 3, but Darth_Bojangles, if you don't mind, I'd like to be a member of your ship's crew)
  24. Schoolgirl_Bounty

    Schoolgirl_Bounty Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 25, 2005
    IC- Persephone

    The program made her way though the rabble of Club Hel. This was the third time this week... the THIRD TIME... Her husband's games were starting to annoy her... She walked easily passed the checkpoint, with hardly a nod, and walked through the crowd, sporting a black Vinyl dress, with mesh neck and sleeves. Her hair was down, and jewels rested upon her neck and danced on her thin fingers. Her eyes almost showed her anger, as she pushed aside the "security" and made her way towards the VIP section.

    The door opened suddenly as she opened the door, letting it hang in it's hinges.. or hinge, as she had kicked the door open with her heeled knee-high boot. She stood in the doorway, the lights from the dancefloor illuminating her silliouette.

    "Est-ce que quelque chose de est erroné mon amour?" She spat at him in French. She walked across the floor, passing Seraph, and stand ing directly in front of the Merovingian. "C'est le temps de thrid que vous m'avez dit de vous rencontrer au resturant... et chaque fois que je vous trouve ici, avec un harem sur votre bras..." The heel of her boot, was now resting on his thigh, and her eyes glowed like fire.

    ((Translation- "Is something wrong my love? That is the thrid time you have told me to meet you at the resturant... and every time I find you here, with a harem on your arm..."

    Don't blame me if the translation is incorrect, I used Babelfish. ))

  25. LightWarden

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    Oct 11, 2001
    My advice, if you don't speak the language well, don't make an attempt without serious back up, it tends to look shoddy, unless you meet people who don't speak the language, in which case you can probably bluff away. Better to either put the speech in some kind of brackets that aren't HTML code for the forums, or italicize, or do some other method of indicating that it isn't normal, example: "<Hello, how are you?>", "Hello, how are you?" etc.

    Alternatively, if you've got some kind of dictionary, you can interject random foreign words into the speech, most often nouns to add emphasis to the word, or to curse and get away with it. Or do it the Monty Python way...

    "Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja!...
    Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!"

    Aside from that, no further comments.

    Except: Monica Bellucci...[face_love] beautiful...

    Back to working on my character sheet.
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