Speculation it seems natural that the YV will play A MAJOR role in the ST.

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    I may be misspelling it but I mean the yuzon vong, in the EU they invade the unsuspecting Republic & wreck havok nearly bringing the entire Galaxy to its needs, JJ Abrams has many reasons to consider them as the primary threat

    1.) The extist outside the Force allowing them to take Luke & the Republic by surpise & prehaps this will open the door to explain the true nature of the Force, Q-Gons example in the TPM was unacceptable.

    2.) They would be a threat that would threaten everyone forcing the Republic, & remaints of the Empire to band together to stop them, also others may get involued too like the manalorian warriors, Dark Jedi, etc, in the end it could be revealed that the Sith has returned and they are the reason behind the invasion pitting a Classic Jedi vs Sith Confrontation by Episode 9.

    3.) This would open the door to explore many places neither the PT or the OT touched on inculding the outer rims, corellia, Mandalore, & many others......

    It could also be a neat way to being in Thrawn
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    We have a thread for discussing EU-derived material.
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