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Before - Legends "It Suits You, the Darkness that is." (AU Revan Rated M)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by dralksakrak, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. dralksakrak

    dralksakrak Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 29, 2006
    Title: It Suits You, the Darkness that is
    Authors: dralksakrak
    Timeframe: the middle of the Jedi Civil War
    Characters: Revan, Malak, Various Jedi, Zhar, Bastila, Vander, etc
    Genre: Drama, Action, Angst
    Summary: A new story about Jedi Revan and Sith Revan. I was reading the novel written after KOTOR and in some ways KOTOR 2. Which sparked some ideas in my head, lovely ideas that continued to disturb me as I sit here and think.

    What if, to be Dark is to be twisted. Pragmatism is only another lie. Truthfully the geas made him indulge in his darker aspects, made him agree that this was perfectly fine. Anyone can be changed, given enough torture.

    And then the brightest spark of yourself comes back, to remind you and all others in your rank what theyhave lost. Wouldn't it just be the most fun to corrupt that spark?

    This is a very much an AU of the game, and also a crack idea. I find it entertaining and I hope you do as well. It has some touchy subjects in it, mainly adult themes. I like exercising the darker sides of the human pysch, of power over others. In all the possible ways.

    This is Pre-Kotor. Rated M.


    (Two years into Revan's return and subsequent attack on the Republic)

    It was safe to say, waking up to being dragged by your arms through the dirt was the definition of a bad day. All of his senses were blinded, he could barely feel the force, and even that was a soft pulsating light in the back of his head. He could feel the heavy and cold metal collar around his throat. Not to mention the blood leaking sluggishly from the blaster burn across his right shin.

    He knew he was being dragged past a fairly wooded area, that the trees were very tall and the sky was a faint blue color. And the smoldering wreck of a ship was burning merrily in the background. If he squinted he bet he could see an arm poking out of the wreckage.

    Vaguely, past the drugs and neuro suppression collar, he began to recall what happened.

    They were on a ship heading towards a commerce planet. Master Zhar and himself were sent on a diplomatic mission to help alleviate grievousness between two merchants families. It was finished quite quickly as it turned out that a third merchant group wanted to cause a blood feud was using the other two families against each other.

    While Master Zhar was negotiating, he had gone off to find out if anything was different from what the reports were given. After a bit of snooping, he found the data files that there were planted and traced them to their original source.

    From there it was quite easy to compile all the data and to present it during a massive meeting with all the merchant heads were gathering. He had to trick Master Zhar though, so the shock on his face was quite pure. Sometimes it was easier to do a mission by yourself, too many variable could spoil a plot after all.

    He was lightly reprimanded of course, Zhar knew him too well to not be too entirely surprised. "(Your stubbornness and willfulness will get the better of you my young padawan)." He spoke in his native tongue, finding it easier than galactic standard.

    "(But it worked didn't it?)" He was quite versed in Twi'leki as well as basic.

    "(This time and perhaps the next, but one day you will be unable to solve problems simply by yourself. That is why I am here, why the masters are here. We are a team.)"

    "(Yes master.)"

    His light scowl only further amused his Twi'lek master as his short cropped hair got ruffled in a rare sign of affection. "(Have you been looking for something to remember me by?)" A soft tug on his padawan braid.

    "(Yes master. I got one for Vrook and Vander.)" The small trinket braided into his hair barely gleamed in the light. "(I haven't found one yet for my first Master.)"

    "(You found an interesting way to get around attachments young one.)"

    "(I learned from the best.)" Arrogance was the best look that could describe his face at the moment, youthful arrogance. "(Besides we all keep mementos from our masters, I just happen to have many m
  2. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    very good work[face_peace] , PM for your next update.
    Natasha sounds older
    Revan is captured, his arrogant nature will be tested. He will have to work with a team.