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" It's been a while" : a Ami/Ani Romance.10 years since TPM

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Jedi_Camy, Sep 4, 2002.

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  1. Jedi_Camy

    Jedi_Camy Jedi Youngling

    Aug 2, 2002
    Ok Hi everyone, this is my first attempt to write a fan a big Ami/Ani fan and i just came up with this idea so i hope you all like it.

    disclaimer: Everthing and everyone belongs to the all-mighty George Lucas... so please dont sue me :)

    ok a few pointers:

    <<>> thi means its a dream
    <> that means its some one thinking to themselves
    **and this means they are talking through the force. okay here it goes:

    She was dreaming, she knew that for sure?.

    <<<<? Ani!!!!!! Ani!!!!!? she screamed. She was standing in the middle of a wide-open field, screaming out Anakin?s name. She looked around and there was no one. She continued screaming for the little boy. ?Ani, where are you Ani?? she screamed out questioning the air. Then a little boy popped out from thin air. Ani.

    ?I?m right here Padme.? Said Ani, moving his small hand and placing it right on top of her heart. ?I?m right here Pad, right in your heart.? Then the dream grew all blurry and she quite couldn?t see her or his face, But Anakin?s Body converted in to a man?s. Anakin grabbed her hand and led her running down the hill. >>>>

    Padme woke up to the sound of Sabe rushing in to her room and opening the window allowing the morning sunlight hit her bed.

    ?SAAABEEEE!!!!!? growled Padme not wanting to face the new day ahead of her.

    ?My, woke up on the wrong side of the bed haven?t we Milady?? replied Sabe in a sarcastic tone.

    ?I haven?t even woken up yet? she replied putting a puppy dogface ?Just give me a couple more minutes. Please?

    ?No can do Padme, we have a long day ahead? replied Sabe running to the fresher and turning on the shower for Padme.

    Padme slowly got out of the bed stopping a minute to think about her dream. <Why would I be dreaming of Anakin> she thought to her self <He was grown, I know that for sure. But I couldn?t quite see his face.> She walked into the ?fresher letting the hot droplets of water soak through her, while Sabe was giving her the day?s schedule.

    ? Okay, let?s see here?You?ve got an early meeting at 11:00 with queen Jamilla, at 13:00 you have an appearance to make in the Naboo Holo-news.?

    Padme wasn?t paying much attention she was mostly thinking about her weird dream and what was the meaning of it. But for some other reason lately she had been feeling depressed. She loved politics, but she was missing something, like her whole life was a schedule, everything was arranged for her.

    ?Oh Padme remember, Bail will be arriving here in about a week, He?s going to be proposing to you, but remember you aren?t supposed to know. So try and act surprised.

    When Padme heard the words Bail and marriage she let a quick tear, a lonesome tear, travel down her cheek. A tear quickly mixed with all the other droplets of hot water. <I'm not supposed to be sad. I'm not supposed to Care. I?m a senator, senators do not cry, because I am strong.> With that she quickly wrapped a towel around her hair, left the ?fresher and walked out to the window by her room. She stared out to the gardens of the Theed palace. <Even my marriage is being arranged.>

    Sabe walked over to Padme studying her sad features.? You don?t want to marry Bail Organa, do you?? She asked trying to get a conversation out of her best friend. Lately it had been extremely hard to get a single word out of her.

    Padme shook her head ?No, but my people want me to? She sadly answered."Since queen Jamilla considers herself too young to marry, she has requested of ME to marry Bail, that way he will always be at our service"

    ?Oh but Padme, you can?t compromise your self to a life full of sorrow?

    ?I don?t have much of a choice?

    ?Well, how bad can it possibly be? He?s handsome, and I?m sure he?s good in bed.


    ? What? I'm just making a strong point, put it this way?your life wont be COMPLETELY dull.? laughed Sabe trying to cheer up the queen.

    ? I guess so, he?s helped out our planet every time we need help?

    ?So did Anakin.? Said sabe, knowing exactly how Padme would react.

    ?What??!?!!??! Why would you mention Ana
  2. anakin-player

    anakin-player Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 22, 2002
    Please continue with this story.

  3. JediCami

    JediCami Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2002
    Hi! even thoguh i only have one reader i'm still gonna post.... I changed my user name from Jedi_Camy t JediCami, so dont worry its stil me. well here itgoes:
    In another planet Anakin Skywalker was waking up to his master?s calling.

    ?Anakin wake up. We are late!? said Obi-Wan as he entered his padawan?s room. ?We have 15 minutes to get to the ship!!!?

    ?What on the name of the force are you talking about master?? asked a confused Anakin

    ?Oh that?s right it was supposed to be a surprise, but too late now. Another assassination attempt was made on senator Amidala. You remember her don?t you?

    ?How can I not, I dream of here every night. But what?s so great about her getting attacked??

    Obi-Wan gave Ani a disapproving look and kept talking while the other one was quickly packing. ?The Jedi Council has assigned us both to protect her for a period of time.?

    Anakin couldn?t help but grin. ?Well, what are we waiting for master? Let?s go,? He said. He grabbed his small suitcase and ran out the door racing obi-wan to the ship.


    ?Master, do you think she will remember me?? asked Anakin, he was sitting by the window staring out into space.

    ?I'm sure she will Ani, you helped save her planet, people as important as you aren?t easily forgotten. Get ready we will be landing in about 15 minutes so hurry up.? Obi-Wan gave Ani a reassuring smile and headed into the Cockpit to keep the pilot company.

    Anakin couldn?t help but feel the butterflies in his stomach. He couldn?t wait to see her but he was also afraid of rejection. He looked out the window staring at all the beautiful stars all around. He remembered wanting to visit all of them, he couldn?t believe it but he nearly had. Then there it was, the green beautiful planet of Naboo. It held so much beauty, just perfect for Padme. <Will she remember me? Will she recognize me? Will she treat me as a simple bodyguard or will she take me as her old friend? Or maybe more?maybe like a man.> 101 thoughts filled Ani?s head.

    He felt the ship come to a stop. They had arrived, it was time to come face to face with senator Padme Amidala Naberrie, the love of his life, the woman who had haunted his dreams ever since that hot day at Watto?s junk shop.



    feedback=me happy :) = more posts
  4. Knight-Ander

    Knight-Ander Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 19, 2002
    Hmmm... Interesting story you've got going here. :)
  5. JediCami

    JediCami Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2002

    thanx to knightAnder and anakin-player...

    ill be posting sometime tomorrow..ive got some good ideas in my head rite now...

    :)thanx :)
  6. Floorfiller1618

    Floorfiller1618 Jedi Youngling

    Aug 16, 2002
    Cool story!! Keep going with the posts.
  7. anakin-player

    anakin-player Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 22, 2002

    Thank you for continuing the story. Up!
  8. Sketkh

    Sketkh Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2002
    Me Like, Post more soon...
  9. JediCami

    JediCami Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2002
    Okay guys I'v got a new post...remmeber

    **this** means they r speaking through the force.

    ok here is is:

    Padme, Captain Typho and Sabe were walking towards the entrance of the palace to meet the Jedi. For some unknown reason Padme felt her hands get all sweaty, she wiped them off against her dress to make it all better. Sabe studies her face for a second. ?Are you all right milady? You seem tense and nervous.?
    Still walking Padme turned her face towards her handmaiden ?Nonsense, I don?t know what your talking abou-"


    She walked right into him.
    ?Pardon me senator, are you all right?? Anakin asked
    ?I'm perfectly fine, excuse me? she replied not bothering to look at him twice. She moved towards Obi-wan.

    < She didn?t recognize me. Ha Ha. But wait is that a good thing or a bad thing? I will meditate on that. > Anakin thought.

    ?Its been too long dear senator? Obi-Wan said as he moved forward and hugged her. She returned the hug. ? Indeed its been too long old friend, and please call Padme? She mentioned with a smile ? I understand you and Anakin will be protection me with all these crazy attempts on my life, there for I thank you. But mind me asking, where exactly is Anakin?? Obi-wan pointed to the man behind her, the one she crashed in to. She turned around and the sight struck her at once. She felt embarrassed for not recognizing him before.

    ?Ani? Is that you??

    ?Its so good to see you Padme, even under these circumstances?you know with you getting killed, I mean the attempts-" she simply smiled and shut him right up when she moved to him and gently hugged him.
    For such a simple hug from such a simple FRIEND she felt shock waves travel down from her head to her feet, but these were good shock waves. For some reason she had never felt so safe in some ones arms. She felt everyone stare at her and stepped away. She faced both of her Jedi friends. ?Its good to see the both of you again. Its amazing how much people can change in just ten years?

    Anakin cleared his throat. "you too Padme, the years only seem to add to your beauty.?
    She slightly blushed but changed the subject before any one noticed. ?Anakin, Obi-Wan; tonight will be queen Jamilla?s birthday, and all of us at the palace will be honoring her with dinner and a ball. Nothing would make me happier than have the two of you there.?

    ?I don?t think we have a choice senator, we are your bodyguards we have to be with you at all times? he said joking around.

    Padme laughed ?Well you know what my intentions were Obi-Wan. I?ll send Sabe for you at 21:00 and then you will pick me up at my room so we can make our way to the ball room together.?

    ?Say no More, we will be at your door at the time requested milady?
    ?Thank you Obi-Wan now if you will excuse me I must retire, sabe will show you to the rooms you will be staying at. And Captain Typho my head of security, will go over the security arrangements with the both of you when you are settled.?

    Both of the Jedi slowly bowed as Padme walked away.

    ?Now if you will follow me please? The Jedi and Captain Typho followed Sabe up to the rooms.

    Anakin couldn?t help himself but smile the whole time. He was near his angel, he would be attending a party with her and he would get to be near her most of the time?but little did he know about her plans with Bail.

    ***Anakin the moment we get settled you will meditate. Your feelings for the senator are written all over your face**

    Anakin blushed at what Obi-Wan said through their bond. <Oh well?>


    Hope you all liked next post today will have some Obi/Sabe angst. Then the A/A mush [face_love]


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  10. JediCami

    JediCami Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2002
    there havent been any replies. this makes me sad, but i'll post anyways.. for me!:

    Sabe led them down the many halls and up the many stairs until finally arriving to the guest rooms. It was one huge room. It had 2 King sized beds fit for royalty, a living room area with many couches and a table. The room was beautifully decorated with many landscape pictures of all over Naboo, and portraits of important Historic Nubians. Anakin recognized a 14-year-old Amidala as queen. Next to her were other former queens and kings. Anakin approached the picture and slowly ran his fingers down the painting. < I?m going to marry you, one way or another. It?s my destiny to be with you, I can feel it. > Anakin began to feel tired and retired himself to rest, to be fully energized for the Ball, which left Obi-Wan and Sabe alone.

    ?Oh Sabe how I?ve missed you so? He said as he attempted hugging her.
    ?What makes you think you can touch me?? she interfered. "You are nothing to me please do us both a favor and don?t touch me unless you want it reported to the council and they?ll send some one else to take your place.?

    His features became dark and sad. "Sabe, have you forgotten 10 years ago?? he asked trying to hide his embarrassment from rejection. "We liked each other very much, now we can be together, please love.?

    She was irritated now, she didn?t want to hear it anymore ?You listen to me Jedi, and you listen to me good. I LOVED you, but that was ten years ago. It all changed because you left me all alone. Broken hearted and alone. You didn?t even bother with me, like I was just a stupid Jedi adventure, and I refuse to fall into your games again. So just do your job here and don?t talk to me unless is completely necessary.?

    He walked over to her and grabbed her by the arms. She struggled to get out of his embrace. ?Please just listen to me, everything has a rational explanation? She finally calmed down a bit and allowed him to continue. ?I was a Padawan back then It was strictly forbidden and I had already broken a Jedi rule by having feelings for you. I wanted to get knighted before I did anything to jeopardize me. Once I was knighted my first thoughts were with you, that I would finally be able to be with you, But Training Anakin was no easy task. He has so many feelings it took all of my attention and time." His hands went up to cup her cheeks but she quickly slapped them away. ?Now that our paths have crossed once again, don?t push me away love, please don?t turn your back on love.?

    If looks could kill Obi-Wan would have gone through hell and back. ?Love doesn?t work like this Obi-Wan, love doesn?t make people suffer the way you hurt me. It will take you more than a stupid little excuse to get back what you lost.? She got loose and walked towards the door. She stopped for a second and turned to say a few last words. ?I told you Obi-wan, the day you left me, that you would regret that day for the rest of your life. It?s your turn to suffer a bit.? She quickly turned and stormed out of the room.

    He just stood there, shocked at what she said. She was right there was no real excuse for him leaving her the way he did. He turned and noticed Anakin standing by the door to the ?fresher.

    ?How long have you been standing there??

    ?Long enough to hear your conversation.? He gave Obi-wan a sharp look. ?How dare you preach to me about having feelings for a loved one when u did the same. Only difference is you broke her heart, I don?t even have Padme?s.?

    ?Anakin I do it for your best interest?

    ?Go to hell? Anakin yelled, storming out of the room just like Sabe.

    <This is not good, definitely not good. Anakin could say something to the Council, which could change the way they look at me. > Obi-wan thought to himself as he settled to take a nap before the ball.


    feedback= me happy :) = more posts

  11. anakin-player

    anakin-player Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 22, 2002
    I want more posts. ;)

    Good job JediCami!

  12. Knight-Ander

    Knight-Ander Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 19, 2002
    Yikes! I didn't realize I had fallen behind by two posts. Some interesting posts as well, I especially liked the Ami/Ani post. Keep going, though your posts could use alittle clean-up editing though (punctuation, capitalization, etc.). That's the only real problem I've noticed.
  13. JediCami

    JediCami Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2002
    Anakin stormed through the palace. He was so angry. How could Obi-Wan always reprehend him for loving Padme and having such strong feelings, when he did the same thing and still does. He was walking fast down the hallways when a hooded figure came out of a door and they crashed.

    He got down and started picking up all the papers in the floor he had caused to be dropped. The figure got down as well; when he looked up he realized it was Padme, force she was beautiful. He just stood there for a few minutes admirng her beauty.

    "Ani. What is it?"

    He woke up and shook his head. "I?m so sorry Padme, I didn?t realize it was you, I didn?t see where I was going."

    "It?s ok, we just seem to keep walking into each other." She said with a smile

    They both stood back up and Anakin handed her the papers.

    "Ani, would you like to go for a walk in the gardens? They?re quite beautiful I can assure you." She stated trying to make him feel better about bumping into her.

    "That would be great Milady"

    "Padme. Call me Padme."

    They walked together through the gardens for an hour, talking about everything and everyone, laughing, and having a good time catching up. They reached a bench and sat down.
    "So how do you get along with Obi-wan?"
    Anakin?s smile faded and was replaced with a frown. "What?s wrong Ani? What happened?"

    "Sometimes I just feel like sticking my lightsabre up his-"

    "Ani!" she said, laughing at his words. He couldn?t help but laugh too. "He?s so unfair sometimes, and he?s such the hypocrite."
    Padme frowned ?"Why do you say such tings?"

    "Because they?re true! All this time he?s always preached to me about having out of control feelings and loving some one," His voice was staring to rise. "when I just happened to find out he did the same thing with Sabe!"
    She turned "Oh that, yes its true, she was never quite the same when he left her. But maybe he?s just looking out for your best interests."

    "There are things more important that following a stupid Jedi rule. Having these types of feelings for some one is only human." Anakin was trying to state a point.

    "But being a Jedi you should be able to control them." He turned to look at her.

    "I try I really do, but when I?m around this person I my mind is no longer my own." He got closer and closer to her "It is you I love Padme. Every second of every day of these past 10 years I?ve never forgotten you."

    Her heart started to race. < Why am I feeling this way? This is just Anakin an old friend. What are these feelings I feel? > She couldn?t help but wonder why she didn?t mind him being so close to her.

    "Pad, say something please, don?t leave me out in the cold" His eyes, cerulean blue, were pleading for an answer. How she could get lost in those eyes forever. But she couldn?t, she wouldn?t allow her self to do it.

    "Anakin, I cant, WE cant. Her voice was shaky, she felt like crying

    "When will you look at me like a man?" He took her hands in his "I have so much to offer you, all my love, protection, happiness."

    "Oh, but Ani, there?s so much you don?t know" She pulled her hands away and walked back. "Sometimes love just isn?t enough." She turned on her heel and walked back in to the palace.

    Anakin stood there all-alone. <What could possible be greater than love. What did she mean? > He felt tears swell up in his eyes. He wiped them off and walked back to his room.


    Obi- Wan had already awakened from his nap when Anakin came in the room. He stood up and tried approaching his padawan.

    "Anakin please just listen to me."

    "It?s okay Obi-wan, just forget it" He was much calmer now as if nothing earlier had happened. "Love works in mysterious ways, whatever reason you had doing what you did, I wont judge you."

    "Thank you, do you say all this because of Padme?"

    "Yes, she explained it to me, but lets just say as long as you don?t tell the council anything about the way I feel for her, I wont say anything about your ?relationship? with Sabe."

    "I'm glad you understand yo
  14. Jazz_Skywalker

    Jazz_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 3, 2002
    Very good!
  15. anakin-player

    anakin-player Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 22, 2002
  16. Anakins_Goddess_01

    Anakins_Goddess_01 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2002
    Wow!! This is great!!
  17. JediCami

    JediCami Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2002
    Thanx to everybody for your wonderfull feedback. i relly appreciate it!! well this is the ext post. get ready for some Ami Ani mush:

    Padme had Sabe help her get dresses up. They went through at least 20 dresses, and the beautiful tidy room looked like a tornado had gone through it. Once they got the dress on they moved on to hair and make up. After a few yells and painful screams, Padme was ready. Padme looked at her self in the mirror and she actually felt good about the reflection staring back at her. She was wearing a black skintight dress that laced up around her neck and came tied down all around her arms. Her hair came down in thick locks, each one tied around with tiny little metal clips.

    ?Wow pad, we?ve done a miracle, you actually look pretty!? Sabe Joked.

    ?Thank you, I guess? She joined in laughing. ?Well, what are you waiting for? Go get ready, remember queen Jamilla wants you there too.?

    ?I?ll go if I must, but I?ll try all I can to avoid Obi-Wan? Her smile turned into a frown.

    ?Oh sabe, please, pride doesn?t matter when it comes to love, you have the freedom to marry who ever you want, so take advantage. At least he recognized his mistake.?

    ?I don?t care, now if you?ll excuse me I?ll go get dressed? She walked out of the room.

    Padme smiled to herself. She was happy today. < I want to look pretty today, but its not like I?m going to impress anybody. There?s only, Anakin. But I don?t like him. Or do I? Force I?m so confused. He?s so grown up to be a man, and I can?t help but feel attracted to him. I'm going to have to tell him about Bail before he thinks this is going anywhere. >
    She felt like crying but she couldn?t, it would mess up her make up. She turned around when Sabe came back in to the room.

    ?Milady the Jedi are waiting outside to escort you to the ball.?
    They walked to the living room to meet the Jedi. Anakin couldn?t take his eyes off of her. She seemed to keep getting prettier everyday.

    ?Senator," Obi-Wan spoke first ?I hope you know that we will be keeping a very close watch on you, and we will be following you around.?
    ?I don?t mind, as long as you don?t let me get killed? They all shared a laugh and headed toward the ballroom down the many halls.

    < Its either now or never> Padme thought. ?Obi-wan would you and Sabe walk a bit ahead please? I need a word with Anakin.?

    Sabe started down the hall with Obi-Wan walking trying to catch up with her.

    ? Anakin I need to tell you something.?
    He smiled ?Is it that you finally decided to say your true feelings for me?? He took her hands in his.

    ?I wish but-"

    ?What is it?? He was starting to get worried.

    ?Anakin, Bail Organa, the prince of Aalderan, is going to propose to me and I?m going to marry him-"
    ?Your what!?!?
    ?Just listen, I HAVE to marry him, Queen Jamilla has arranged for me to marry him so our planets will have permanent alliance.?
    ?Padme, she doesn?t own you! You?re not her little pet. If she wants that kind of alliance, then she should marry him herself. You don?t want to marry him I can see it in your eyes.? Padme turned her face away from him, scared to let him see her tears. ?Please don?t do this Padme, you?ll be breaking my heart and ruining your life.? His voice was pleading.

    She stepped away ?I?m sorry? the words came out barely above a whisper. She turned around and kept walking down the hall.

    The Ballroom was beautifully filled with tables and decorations. Everyone chattering and having a good time, and tables filled with gifts for the queen. The whole time Obi-Wan kept asking sabe to dance but she kept ignoring him. Padme and Anakin didn?t talk to each other through out the whole time. They kept stealing quick glances, too afraid to let the other one see. < I don?t want him being mad at me. >

    She walked over to where he was. He was talking to another woman. She got kind of jealous. She tapped him on the shoulder; he turned around, gave her a weak smile and continued talking to the girl.

    ?Anakin!? She raised her voice. He turned back around ?what do you want now,
  18. Anakins_Goddess_01

    Anakins_Goddess_01 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2002
    Aww That was great!!!!! I loved it!
  19. JediCami

    JediCami Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2002
    Hey guys.

    I'm working on my next post. My computer as a virus ill pos some time tomorrow once its fixed.

    Would you guys be ok with a rated 'R' scene? mostly sexual? please i need your approval.

    feedback= me happy :) = more posts
  20. JediCami

    JediCami Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2002
    OK guys here is my next post:

    It had been two weeks since their first kiss. Obi-Wan decided it would be best for the senator if they left the palace, where everyone knew she was, and they decided to leave for the lake retreat. Sabe was helping Padme pack.

    ?You seem happy lately. Always smiling, what?s happening? Tell me already.? Sabe couldn?t take it anymore. Something was going on with her friend and she had no idea what.

    Padme was leaning out the window staring below to the gardens. She had a wide smile. She turned around to face her friend. She hesitated to tell her about Anakin but finally did.
    ?Were leaving the palace?

    ?I know that, why do you think we are packing?? Sabe replied sarcastically.
    ?Which means I will be able to see my love freely with out anyone glancing over and making stupid comments.?

    Sabe stood up, with a questioning look on her face. ?Are you actually looking forward to seeing Bail there??
    Padme?s smile suddenly faded at hearing the name Bail. She had totally forgotten about him. ?No, Anakin.?
    ?What?!?!?!?!?!? Sabe shouted

    Padme spent the next half hour explaining Sabe what had happened between them.
    ?I mean, I know we?re not allowed to be together, I know he?s a Jedi, and that I?m supposed to marry Bail, but I cant stop myself from loving him. He?s just so?. so out there. He?s opened up this whole new world for me, a world other than politics. He makes me laugh, smile, I'm happy around him. It?s a wonderful feeling you know? Love. It truly is nice, I never believed it in but now it?s all I have to hold on to.? She turned to face Sabe and grabbed her hand. ?You could have the same thing if you just gave Obi-Wan a chance. He truly is sorry, Anakin tells me. Just give it a try.?

    Sabe pulled away and walked towards the door. ?Hurry up Milady we are leaving in 5 minutes.?

    ?Where do you think your going??

    ?I'm going to go see Obi-Wan? she said with a smile. She turned and walked out of the room.


    Obi-Wan and Anakin were packing as well. Ani and Padme had decided not to tell obi-wan about them. Obi-Wan would tell the council no matter what, he would ignore their ?deal? and tell them anyways, so instead Anakin told Obi-Wan that him and Padme had decided to put their feelings on hold until he was knighted.

    They were talking about things back at the temple when they heard a knock on the door.

    Obi-Wan went to open the door. It was Sabe.
    ?Can I talk to you for a minute please? Privately?? She had a flat tone. Anakin excused him self, leaving them two alone.

    Obi-Wan was shocked at her sudden visit but lead her towards a table were they sat at opposite sides. Sabe couldn?t stop fidgeting with her hands; she didn?t know what to say, she hadn?t even thought about an excuse for coming to visit him.
    ?Why did you come here? Not that I don?t want you to, but this is kind of surprising since you hate me and all.?

    ?I don?t hate you, I just hold a lot of anger for what you did.? Sabe was trying to think up a reason for being there.

    ?Well how can I help you??

    ?I um?I uh- I came here to tell you that we will be leaving in 5 minutes? She blurted out the first thing that came to her mind.
    He got up form the table and walked over to her kneeling by her side. ?Is that all? Is that what you so privately needed to tell me?? She nodded.
    ?Please Sabe I know why you?re here, I know you haven?t completely forgotten me.?
    She gave him a sharp look. ?So now your invading my mind and using one of your Jedi mind tricks??

    ?No, I can just tell by looking at you. We had no ordinary crush, we were in love Sabe.? He moved to hold her hands. For the first time she didn?t pull away. She let a tear slip down her cheeks. ?But you hurt me so much? She said barely above a whisper.
    ?I know, I know? he moved closer to wipe away her tears. ?And I told you over a million times how sorry I am and how much I regret it.? Their faces were barely inches away.
    She was in sobs now. "Things won?t be the same, it will take time.? Her tears stopped.

  21. anakin-player

    anakin-player Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 22, 2002
    I'm still reading this because it just gets more interesting. R rated? does get more interesting!
  22. JediCami

    JediCami Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 2, 2002
    Hi guys.

    Anakin-player: thanx for reading, i think your the only one. :(

    today is my fathers birthday, so ill post arround midnight. :confused:

  23. Anakins_Goddess_01

    Anakins_Goddess_01 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2002
    I'm reading!!!!!

    Sorry I couldnt replie sooner... I got the computer taken away!

    I want R rated!!!!! Please do it!!!!!!!
  24. JediCami

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    Thanx for your feed-back. I hope this makes up for not posting yesterday.


    Padme arrived at her lake retreat by mid-afternoon accompanied by her two Jedi protectors and her handmaiden. The whole thing was beautiful, with trees and flowers everywhere, with the house perched up on a hill next to a beautiful lake. Everything seemed almost magical.
    When they arrived, they entered through the back. They didn?t want anyone to know that the senator was on a short vacation at the retreat house, they wanted everyone to think she was still back at the palace. When they came in they were greeted by her two other Handmaidens, Rabe and Dorme.

    ?Milady? said Rabe, ?Is it good to see you safe after such a long time.?
    ?Like wise? she smiled.

    Once she introduced everyone she pulled Rabe aside. ?Make sure Anakin gets Sabe?s room, make her stay anywhere else.?
    ?Are you sure?? she questioned. Padme nodded. Sabe?s room was secretly connected to her?s in case of anything, but his time she planned for Anakin to stay there, so they could be together with out anyone noticing.

    She made her way towards the Jedi. ?Rabe will lead you each to your rooms.? With a smile and a wink for Anakin (which obi-wan didn?t notice.), she exited the room and made her way to her quarters with Dorme and Sabe following behind.

    One she passed the guards by the door she went in and jumped exhausted on the bed. ?Sabe I hope you don?t mind but I gave your room to Anakin.?

    ?No problem? Sabe looked over at Dorme who was eyeing Padme suspiciously. ?Because Anakin will be close in case of another attack.? <That was close. >

    The two handmaidens left the room so Padme could be alone. She walked over to her dresser and changed into a white peasant-like dress, and let her hair down. She wanted to feel comfortable. She walked over to her desk when she noticed there was a voice message...from Bail.

    ?Hello Padme, I am contacting you to inform you that I will be arriving at your house tomorrow first thing in the morning. I hope you have taken into consideration my proposal. I truly do love you, be my wife.?

    The message ended just like that. She sat down. <How am I supposed to marry some one as unromantic as him? >

    She walked over to her closet where there was a secret door. She opened it and walked into Anakin?s closet. She quietly walked out of it and into the room. She noticed him standing outside in the balcony. She tepee-toed her way there. < I'm so sneaky. I?m going to scare the force out of him! >

    ? I know you are there Padme, don?t try hiding from a Jedi.? His back was to her, he didn?t have to see her, he could feel her presence.
    ?That?s not fair.? she whined as she walked up behind him and slipped her arms around his waist.

    The sun was already down and darkness was starting to take over, with cold winds picking up. He turned to her and kissed her forehead.
    ?Lets go inside, it?s too cold out here.? She nodded.

    ?How did you get in here anyways??
    ?You?re a Jedi you should know.? She bragged.

    They both laughed. She explained to him about the secret door as they both laid on the bed. ?That?s great love, I can see you when ever I please.?
    He went to kiss her and she happily returned his kiss.

    He pulled away and stroked her cheek. ?Never in my whole life did I think you would love me back the way I do. Your like, you?re like a drug to me, I can?t ever get enough of you."
    She was blushing, but then she remembered Bail?s message. ?Sometimes thing are too good to be true? She looked away form his stare.

    ?What do you mean??
    ?Bail is getting here in the morning, and sooner or later I?m going to marry him.?
    Anakin got up from the bed and walked towards the window trying to hide the tears swelling up in his eyes.
    She regretted telling him ?Lets just be happy while we can Ani.?

    He looked back to her; his eyes were no longer serene, now they seemed almost disturbing. ?It doesn?t work like that Padme, you can?t tell me to be happy when tomorrow your going to be in some o
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    Ok I agree with Anakin in that post. How dare Padme try to use Anakin for her own pleasure than marry Bail later on. I'm glad that Anakin yelled at her! BTW, I can't wait for the next post.
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