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    So Luke is a big Jedi Knight in ROTJ...he mind-controls the Gamorreans and basically comes across as a powerful Force user. So when he confronted Jabba, and Jabba refused, why didn't Luke threaten to use his lightsaber on everyone there?

    Why didn't the Alliance threaten to bomb the place if Han wasn't released?

    Why did a Princess, of obvious high status, have to dress up like a Bousche (sp?) when really a much more trained operative could have pulled the whole thing off?

    Why didn't Luke collapse the ceiling with the Force on the Rancor? Or immediately drop the door on it using the Force? (I've forgotten...what happened to his lightsaber then? Did he lose it? How did R2 get it?)

    How did everyone (Luke, Leia, R2, Lando) all come up with a plan for the Sarlaac pit when everyone but Lando is locked up or chained to Jabba in a bikini? And where did that bikini come from? Does Jabba just have this closet full of scanty clothes?

    How come no-one payed any attention to Jabba when he was being choked by Leia?

    Boba Fett was pretty oblivious in this movie. The "What the...?" gets me every time XD
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    First, I should note that I agree with the general criticism implied here. Luke's plan didn't make much sense at all. But what's the point of fandom if not to try and explain things like this?

    Jabba didn't really seem to be buying it so far. And it's not like he actually had the lightsaber, so a threat is all it could be.

    My assumption is that Han's friends preferred to rescue him on their own rather than commit a lot of Alliance resources to rescuing one man.

    See above.

    The lightsaber was hidden in R2 all along (which is probably the strangest part of the whole plan, but just go with it). And I'm not sure if Luke at this point could throw around that much Force use.

    I don't think the eventual escape was planned in advance, so much as it was improvisation based on the current situation.

    The sail barge was in chaos before she knocked out the lights. And I'm not sure how many of those on board were really in that much of a hurry to save Jabba anyway.

    Based solely on what we see in the movies, I don't think Boba Fett is really that good a bounty hunter.
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    "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense...never for attack." I assumed that this extended to non-Force use of a lightsaber or any other weapon.

    With Death Star II and all, I think they had better ways to spend their limited resources.

    Based on what we see in the films, she seems to lose much of her "power" after her home planet is destroyed. Also, for the purposes of the plot, you have to have Han's love interest rescue him (or at least try to). :)

    ...or use the Force to hit the button instead of throwing that rock? Alternately, you think Luke could have freed Leia/Han using the Force and then used mind control tricks on Jabba's minions in order to escape (even if Jabba is immune to Jedi mind tricks, it doesn't matter so long as Luke can control the palace guards).

    Poor screenwriting, imo...it's the ol' tactic of "get everyone into a hopeless situation, and then the hero rescues all of them."

    And as with Vthuil, I don't think the plan makes any sense whatsoever (you can explain it all away by saying that Luke "felt" that everything would work out if he hid his saber in R2D2, etc., but that's a stretch even for the Force).

    Personally, my biggest problem with the sequence may well be the part where Luke offers Jabba "a gift...these two droids." What if Jabba had accepted? Would Luke have then launched a rescue mission to save them? If not, then why didn't Luke just offer Jabba the financial equivalent of 3PO and R2D2? They can't be that expensive; not only are they over 30 years old, an impoverished Tatooine farmer was able to purchase both of them on a moment's notice.

    The fact that Luke hid his lightsaber in R2D2 implies that he knew all along that Jabba wouldn't free Han (and that Jabba wouldn't dismantle R2D2, and that the droids would end up on the sail barge, etc.)...and that brings us back to the sheer ludicrousness of the plan...but hey, that's Hollywood, baby!
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    The first 32 seconds is how it should have went..
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    He was vastly outnumbered, and had it come to a fight there was a very high chance he would have fallen.

    They had more important things to worry about, and regardless, getting into a way with the Hutts (which would have happened) would have been the last thing they want do when already outnumbered by the Empire lol

    Why not? She was pretty trained. Do you think someone else would have done a better job?

    It was obviously too much for him.
    And R2 had his lightsaber perhaps Luke would have been not allowed in with a weapon.
    And if he did have a weapon it would counter with his original plan (to peacefully bargain), his Lightsaber was a last resort.

    It was the logical plan.
    Jabba bought the bikini online.
    He has a collection.

    they didn't notice

    getting eaten by a giant vagina with tentacles must suck
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    LMAO [face_laugh]
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    Seriously?! That's not how Thermal Detinators work, although I'll admit bombing would have done it better. But would you really like it better that way? I don't think so. :)