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Story [Jack the Giant Slayer] Between Heaven and Earth *Updated!!

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by serendipityaey, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    This was just beautiful again. Soft and simmering and a delight to read. [face_love] The conversation was great here - honest and open, and I can't wait to see what you have next for them. =D=
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  2. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    This is great. I love Elmont thinking over the last few days and Isabelle's reaction to this new relationship. I liked the older brother vibe I got in the movie and you just reinforced it handedly. It was very interesting to see how struck Elleree was by his declaration. I was a little worried by her hesitance, or maybe that's just how I saw it, but it seems she really willing to make it work. Happy dance.
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  3. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Aww, yay! I really love good movies, and being able to supplement them with romance for the sexy men that don't get any on screen! Lol. And you've hit the nail on the head, Elmont wants this to work, they both do, so he is aware of both of their feelings, and she's terrified but determined to love - it's taken them a long time to get here, a long time to get to know each other but she's not going to run from it anymore and he's not going to let her.

    Lots to come of their history!! Thanks!!! [:D]

    Not a bad thing to dream about! Oh to catch those blue eyes :D I agree. I hope you continue to enjoy and thank you so much for the comment!!!!

    Thank you so much! More lovely romance coming up, because...sighh... :D And right after that we'll delve right into their very complicated past! Hope you like, it took a bit for them to get to being honest with each other, especially Elle ;) Thanks for the review, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

    I think Elmont is the type to think things over carefully, and when he decides, he's full in. I loved the older brother vibe as well, I think it's cute and it works, very sweet and I look forward to writing some of that :) In the same way Elmont decides, I think Elleree is the same - she's in, but it doesn't erase the fear of everything that's happened to her in the past. Love isn't easy, but Elle is well suited to challenges ;) So happy you liked it! Hope you continue to, thank you so much for the comments! It means so much! I really hope you get to post more soon as well [face_love]

    So another chapter of gooey romance, because well I can't resist, and then a brand new chapter for them, the first one in fact! Please let me know what you think! ~Ash


    Supper was finished, a fire was blazing in the hearth and it was beginning to storm again, the light outside the window turning hazy with rain.

    Elleree revelled in the fact that there was nothing left to do but enjoy the rest of the day and night with this wonderful, incredible man. She'd never felt so lucky - she'd never felt lucky at all until this moment - and she meant to savor every second, as they were well on their way to doing.

    Somehow, as he'd kissed the sense right out of her, they'd managed to maneuver themselves on the couch so Elleree was laying back against the cushions and Elmont was hovering over her, his hand pressed to the couch next to her head, holding his body aloft as his mouth pressed searchingly to hers.

    The other hand was skimming across her skin, down the slope of her neck. Elleree sighed as his mouth left hers to follow the same path, the contrast between his warm lips and his goatee making her skin tingle.

    As his hand brushed her side, skimmed over her waist, his fingertips hit a sensitive spot on the curve of her hip making her shiver, but it tickled a bit too much after a moment and her body instinctively jerked away from his touch as she laughed.

    Elmont lifted his head to smile at her, but the sudden movement of her body caught him off guard and as her shoulder bumped the arm he was braced on his hand slipped off the couch and his body landed on hers with a muffled oomph from Elleree.

    While the press of his body to hers felt quite nice, the truth was that the Captain was heavy. Really heavy, and Elleree suddenly found her breath hitching, not out of anticipation.

    "You're really -" she gasped, laughing as Elmont fumbled to get his arms beneath him so he was no longer crushing her " - heavy," she breathed when he finally lifted away from her, though she was glad he was not wearing any of his armor.

    Leaning forward, the knight kissed the tip of her nose, his eyes shining. "Sorry, love," he murmured.

    Elleree hummed her forgiveness with a slow smile, which he returned before he gracefully turned his body, sitting up and pulling her onto his lap.

    "You keep calling me that," Elleree said softly as she settled on top of him, a much safer place, she thought, and looped her arms around his neck.

    "Love?" he asked. His eyes, a dark storm-blue, studied her intently.


    "Do I offend?" He asked carefully.

    Elleree shook her head. "No. I like it. I -"

    She wasn't sure what else she was going to say but the sparkle in his eyes at her words caught her a little off guard, and she grinned. He was happy. She made him happy; this made him happy and she felt a stiring of...well, love she guessed.

    The thought sent a rushing thrill through her blood. It was both exciting and terrifying, but she wasn't about to let something as silly as love get in the way of making this relationship work.

    He deserved someone that made him happy, he deserved her at her best and she swore an oath to herself she would never give up.

    None of that mattered right now though, not when she was wrapped so tightly in his arms, when she could feel his entire body, hard and masculine beneath her own.

    Just like she'd survived everything else in her life, she'd take this one moment at a time, and in this moment all she cared about was that they were together.

    She thought he felt the same and he proved it as he pulled her closer for another kiss, pressing into her, letting her feel how much he wanted her.

    Elleree sighed as he coaxed her mouth open to deepen their kiss and she let her body sink further into his. The shyness she had felt the night before felt like a distant, distant memory and she wanted nothing more than to have nothing between them.

    So her hands set to work...


    The rain was beginning to fall again outside. Autumn was here, cold weather and grey skies taking precedence out there, but in here....

    John Elmont repressed a groan as he felt Elleree's nimble fingers go to work on tracing the muscles of his torso underneath the fabric of his tunic.

    It was definetly warming up just fine in here.

    Control, he told himself, control...

    In the next moment though she pulled back to lift the shirt over his head and the movement pressed her to him - so exquisite he had to break the kiss to gasp for breath.

    "God, Elleree." His voice sounded hoarse even to his own ears but he didn't care. "I need you..." Elmont felt his carefully structured restraint slipping away, shredding apart as it never had before. He had always been so careful with Elleree Rowan - as if she was a fine piece of crystal ready to shatter at any wrong touch, any wrong word, but his heart and his mind were telling him with no doubt that he needn't do that anymore.

    She was here, she was sure and solid and she was not leaving.

    Elmont wanted nothing more than to lose himself in her completely.

    "Yes." Elleree melted into him and for a moment he thought she had answered his thought but then he remembered he had spoken a moment ago.

    "I need you, too." Her voice was whisper-soft, her lips moving against his skin as she pressed her face to his neck. He shuddered and his hands dropped to her hips. Upstairs... We should go upstairs... But then she moaned and the sound undid him and he found himself pulling her closer instead of pushing her away and he felt another strip of his control shred away.

    "Shall we -- bedroom... ?" He finally managed to ask her between heated, needy kisses.

    Elleree only moaned again and pulled away from him. Finally, he thought, he could take one second and regain a measure of his control.

    But no. She'd only pulled away to remove his other tunic. The one she was wearing.

    The look in her eyes, and the way she was clinging to him caused something to snap within him. Something he thought he would never recover and he never wanted to. This woman drove him mad in the most wonderful way possible.

    "Elleree..." His voice was as he'd never heard it before.

    "Please..." she answered.

    He moved so fast Elleree was left in a bewildered heap on the cushions of the couch, her eyes wide and her chest heaving with each breath.

    Elmont's hands went quickly to work, Elleree watched rapt. While the night before she had been hesitant and unsure - now she was completely different. Though the storm had gathered strength, it was still afternoon and the light that filled the room was grey but ever present and Elmont revelled in the sight of her before him.

    Once again, he thought he should really take her upstairs to the bed, be a gentleman... It was bad enough they were acting so impetuously but she reached for him and sighed his given name and every other thought but obliging her fled his mind.

    In the wake of their moment, he was overcome with such a sated happiness, the feeling that they had finally come home. Instead of worrying about what the future might bring, Elmont felt sure that whatever it held she would be by his side, and that was enough.

    As soon as he could breath again, he lifted his head from her shoulder. She mirrored his action, and looked down at him, a smile curving her mouth and he cupped the back of her head so he could kiss her properly.

    Exhausted, he wrapped his arm around her waist and tipped them down to lay snuggled on the couch. It was only just wide enough to fit them laying on their sides next to each other and it was a little awkward, but her head was tucked neatly against his shoulder and they held tight, pressed together, legs and arms in a lovely tangle.

    Too soon the air started to chill as the room grew a bit dimmer and she tilted her chin up to look at him. He kissed her again, unable to resist her soft lips and she cast him a warm smile when he pulled away but shifted - perhaps trying to keep blood flowing to all of her limbs.

    She laughed softly as he only pulled her closer.

    "Maybe we should try to get upstairs now," she teased.

    Elmont grinned, she was right, of course, he just wasn't entirely sure he could make it up the stairs just now. "Yes, good idea," he said trying to muster all the gusto and authority he could.

    She made to pull out of his arms but he tightened his hold.

    "Just as soon as I can feel my legs again," he added.

    Elleree laughed and gave in, sinking happily back into his embrace and he thought, once again, it really didn't matter where they were as long as they were there together.

    Next time... how they first met!
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  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    I look forward to delving into their history, but let me say straight up, reading this is a super melty way to start the day, as decadent as rich ooey gooey chocolate, but with fewer calories. [face_laugh] You do romantic scenes absolutely exquisitely, painting lovely pictures with words. Soaking it up like a squeeing sponge [face_love] !!!!
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  5. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    I pretty much second everything Deb said here. :p This was just lovely to read - soft and romantic and delicious. I can't wait to read more about their backstory next. [face_thinking][face_love]
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  6. Gkilkenny

    Gkilkenny Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 27, 2004
    Oh I do agree what sensuous way to begin or end the day wrapped in Elmonts arms.=P~
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  7. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Nyota's Heart Awwwww, thanks! So happy you liked it so much! I love writing romance, love love scenes, love putting more and more love out into the world [face_love] Thank you so much for the comment!

    Mira_Jade Thank you! Lots of backstory coming, with some more romance as well. Thanks for the review! [:D]

    Gkilkenny Mmmm very lovely, right?! Now Elleree knows what shes been missing when she's ran out on him before and she won't be likely to make the same mistake again ;) Thank you!!!! I hope you continue to enjoy :D

    AN: This chapter marks the beginning of Part 2 of Elmont's and Elleree's story - Beginnings
    Did you ever wonder how Elmont and Elleree met? Well, I did as well. Thank goodness they finally told me! Can't blame them for wanting to start at the good parts first.
    Firstly, thanks to Jedi Kay-Kenobi for looking this over for me, and the help with the English-isms (much needed for this American girl.) Thanks also to cantate for the continuous support, and to Roque Amadi for letting me borrow Elmont's horse, the brown gelding, first seen in her story Know You Better. Thank you, and hugs to everyone who reviewed the last chapters! It means more than I can say to get to hear from you all.
    This part will have at least 4 or 5 chapters, and I have more ideas as well. I'd also to love to hear what you all want to see! It always gives me great ideas :)
    Disclaimer: Lyrics from Half of Me, by Rihanna. I don't own and I make no money.​
    Part 2: Beginnings
    ~This is the life I live, and that's just the half of it.~
    The market square in the heart of Albion was more crowded than usual; the early summer sun was high and bright in a jewel blue sky above Cloister and Captain John Elmont sat upon his brown gelding, his gaze intent and unwavering.​
    The young princess happily made her way from stall to stall in the market, upon her own insistence, admiring colorful handmade clothes and wares. It had proven a bit of a struggle for Princess Isabelle to convince her father the King to let her attend the day's festivities, but Elmont had come to her aid in the end. Since her mother had died, Isabelle was rarely allowed to leave the castle, nor had she been up for much of anything and Elmont was quietly overjoyed when she had asked to attend the Summer Festival.​
    But of course it could not be without protection. So the recently promoted Captain sat guard at the edges of the market, a keen eye out not only for the princess but any other bit of misbehavior as well, while his best man, Crawe took position at her highness's side, and his other men were stationed throughout the square.​
    With everyone in the town out enjoying the weather, good bargains to be found, and the wine and ale flowing freely there was bound to be a bit of rowdiness here and there, or even a tussle and with the princess in the thick of it, Elmont was on high alert.​
    Scanning the crowd, Elmont caught sight of Isabelle talking to an older woman who was selling what looked to be summer shawls of all different colors. Isabelle was grinning and laughing, and Elmont saw even Crawe had cracked a smile.​
    The sight brought a swell of joy. All was well, for now, but Elmont was prepared for anything.​
    After another hour of nothing but good cheer, a little bored, Elmont found himself shifting his position once again, and searching for something, anything that called his attention, but nothing was amiss in the crowd of townsfolk.​
    At that moment, a flash of movement caught his eye and he found his gaze drawn to a young woman in the center of the square. Someone had bumped into her, it appeared, and the hood of her dark cloak had fallen, a mass of honey-red hair, shining bright in the sun, tumbling free as she turned her head. At first she looked startled, her brow furrowed at the man that had run into her, and Elmont prepared to head in her direction in case she was in need of assistance.​
    In the next second though, the corners of her mouth turned up and she nodded at the man, her eyes crinkling and Elmont found himself transfixed by her...​
    It had been quite some time since a young woman had caught his eye, and Elmont thought perhaps she was one of the most interesting he had ever seen. There was something about her… Though her clothes were quite plain, and he couldn't place what had interested him, he found he did not want to look away.​
    After a minute he shook his head. He had been working very hard, for quite a long time...that was all, nothing that was worth a distraction from his duty. For the past seven years he had been training single-mindedly as a guardian, intent to move up through the ranks and be the best, and now he was captain. Nothing was more important to him. Of course there was no preclusion from having a relationship, or even a family eventually, but it was not something he was interested in pursuing, and he had no time for it anyway.​
    Still...he couldn't help urging his horse a little closer so he could study her features, trying to place her face from afar. Did he know her?​
    It was true, he had met many people in the small kingdom but he had to admit he did not know everyone. He thought if he had seen her before, he would certainly remember though. The nobleman that had bumped into her walked away, and Elmont relaxed, having no excuse to approach, but still he watched her. Her eyes - green perhaps - sparkled, catching the light as she turned, but then she pulled the hood of her cloak back up and over her face and he could no longer make out her features in shadow.

    Something niggled briefly in the back of his mind as she disappeared in the throng of people - why would she bother with a heavy cloak and a hood on such a nice day? But he dismissed it... Perhaps she only liked to keep to herself, and that would explain why he did not know her, although he thought it a shame. And then he dismissed that thought as well. Such things should not concern him. He had a duty, most important, and little need for anything else.

    As the sun slid across the summer sky, the cheerful day continued and Elmont, ever vigilant, watched. Halfway through the afternoon, he broke up an argument between two drunk merchants and sent them home. He kept one eye on the princess at all times, but Crawe had it well underhand. Other than the one brawl, nothing else happened.​
    Thoughts of the young woman had almost completely left his mind when suddenly he caught sight of her once more.​
    His breath hitched for a moment as he watched her, unable to keep himself from noticing everything about the way she moved and the way her smile lit up her face. Since very little else had required his attention this day, he thought perhaps he had more time than he'd presumed. He'd almost made up his mind to find some excuse to talk to her when he realized she had bumped into the same nobleman she had earlier and his trained eye caught her deft sleight of hand.​
    That was most certainly the nobleman's purse she was trying to slip back into his loose pockets, after she had emptied it, he was sure. He should have known.​
    Straightening his spine, Elmont frowned and then spurred his horse into action.​
    Not on my watch.
    An: Please, please let me know what you think! Cheers!
  8. Gkilkenny

    Gkilkenny Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 27, 2004
    He's out after a thief, maybe so or maybe not. something has attracted her to him. I'm sure he'll figure it out who she is.o_O
  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Oh wonderful!!! Something unspoken and intrigued is drawing John to 'Ree already. [face_dancing] Your details of the scene are excellent. =D= I felt I was right there watching as events unfolded. :)
  10. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Oooh, yes! We are glimpsing the beginning here. :D

    I have to agree with Deb here - you did an amazing job at setting up the tone and feel of this scene. I really felt as if I was there! You did a wonderful job explaining the attraction already blooming between them - on his side, at least, and I loved how he did a double take and kept on searching for her in the crowd. Unfortunately for her, it seems, when she did not at all want the eyes of the law on her. [face_laugh]:oops:

    I can't wait to see what happens when he catches her. [face_mischief]
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  11. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Yipee! And so it begins. I'm so excited to see the next part. And now Elmont is catching her in the act.
  12. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    So sorry this took so long!! I'll be updating more regularly now for awhile! I've got a cache of chapters so don't worry :) Please, please review and let me know what you think!

    Gkilkenny He will not rest until he knows her! :) Thanks! I hope you enjoy this next part.

    Nyota's Heart Thank you! He is very much drawn to her and will continue to be :D

    Mira_Jade And catch her he will! They will be a match for each other and the attraction is mutual, even when both of them 'thinks' they don't want it ;) Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the rest!

    ZaraValinor Thank you!! This is only the beginning for them. Hope you continue to enjoy! :D


    ~Half of it~
    Yeah I guess you saw me stealing, but you've no idea what I've been needin'
    Talk about when we were children, not the kind of kid that you believe in
    But that's just the half of it, yeah you saw the half of it
    This is the life I live, and that's just the half of it

    "We have to stop running into each other like this," Elleree Rowan laughed, her voice light and teasing as Lord Whats-his-name chuckled nervously, his round cheeks blushing scarlet.

    "I'm so sorry, my dear," he rumbled. With awkward movements, the portly nobleman tried to sidestep around her, but Elleree moved with him feigning clumsiness. He moved again, and she followed, then laughed, letting her eyes light up in that way she knew made men go all fuzzy-brained.

    Eyes turning a little glassy, he attempted to smile, and chuckled again when she reached out to touch his arm, pretending as though the contact was needed to keep her from bumping into him as they passed each other in the crowd of people gathered in the market.

    Though his thick arm was covered by a fine silk shirt and expensive overcoat, she felt him tense at the feel of her hand, and she knew it was enough to distract him as she slipped the purse back into his deep pockets. Indeed, he didn't seem to notice at all and she cast him a coy smile as she finally stepped around him.

    "Perhaps we'll meet again, milord," she said softly as she gave a small curtsey, and bowed her head. He nodded back with a gleam shining in his eye that Elleree knew well, though his cheeks were still a little red with fluster at their awkward encounter.

    The lord turned and walked away without another word and Elleree was unable to suppress an internal cheer of relief at her success. One hand instinctively dropped to where she knew the hidden pocket was in her cloak, and the corner of her mouth lifted. It had been a very good day.

    Before she could take a single step, Elleree suddenly sensed an overwhelming presence looming above her and her body froze.

    Only because she had just been thinking of what she had done, her head whipped around in a guilty fashion before she could stop herself and she searched for the source of the staggering unease she now felt.

    At first she saw nothing but blinding sunlight and she had to squint. Then she heard the click of hooves on the stone ground as a horse fidgeted uneasily, and the figure atop the horse shifted. Then a man's broad shoulders were blocking the bright sunlight and all she saw was him.

    Time stood still.

    Perfectly trimmed goatee, auburn hair standing up wildly, intense blue eyes...the black leather and silver armor of the king's elite guardians glinting in the bright sun... Elleree swallowed thickly.

    And the Captain of the King's Guard scowled.

    Elleree turned toward him, quickly pushing away her wayward thoughts about how handsome he was from this close, even with that stern expression that told her she was good and caught. Of course she'd seen the captain before, but she had managed to never garner his attention before now.

    What might it be like to have his full attention on me and only me… The inappropriate and unexpected thought startled her and she shook her head to clear it before she spoke.

    Atop his horse, the Captain waited expectantly, and she cleared her throat to try and find her voice, but she could not.

    "Do you have a name, girl?" he finally asked impatiently. The scowl deepened and his eyes narrowed as he took her in head to toe as if she was something to be scraped off the bottom of his boot or an unruly scamp that needed a scolding.

    The words and his accompanying perusal finally shook her of her temporary stupor, and she frowned. Of all the… Could he be any more condescending? Elleree stood up straighter, tossing her long hair behind her shoulder before she answered.

    "I'm not a child," she answered evenly.

    "No? You're a thief, by the look of it. And if you refuse to cooperate I'll have no choice but to arrest you here and now in the middle of the square. Shame to ruin such a cheerful day."

    Bugger. Elleree swallowed, taking a breath and shifting as if she could somehow make herself taller. So arrogant. His voice was smarmy and annoying, his expression and manner just plain rude. Insufferable...

    She tried to clear her face of all emotion before she answered, but he was looking at her so intently it was as if he could see straight through her and she hated it. Around them the festivities continued on, people bustling through the square, brushing past her and turning to take in the captain upon his horse, but it all seemed to fade away as she continued to look at him, locked in his stare. How could his eyes be so blue?

    "Rowan." She finally answered, staring right back, her answer as short as she could make it.

    When she replied, he looked away for a moment, surveying their surroundings before shifting his gaze back to her with the lift of one brow. "And do you have a first name, Miss Rowan?"

    How did he know it was her surname? Knave. Of all the vile, insufferable...

    She'd already called him that so she made a mental note to think of new insults, just for him and she glared at him.

    Voice quiet, she murmured her given name but his frown deepened. After a moment he dismounted, coming to stand in front of her, his hand resting intimidatingly on the hilt of his sword. "Speak up, Miss Rowan."

    The fact that he was only a bit taller than her at least gave her a measure of satisfaction. "Elleree."

    He gave a curt nod. "If you'll come with me then Elleree Rowan, let's have a little chat, shall we."

    Elleree's heart skipped a beat - though because she was caught or because of the sound of her name on his lips she wasn't sure - but she hardened her resolve. Too late to flash a flirty smile or try a soft touch of the arm on this one, she sighed inwardly. Not that it would ever work anyway. He seemed like he was made of stone, and he probably had no heart, but she would not let him bully her. She knew what she was doing, she knew it was right, and this would not be the first time, nor the last, she would have to talk her way out of a tight spot.

    No arrogant, stuck up Nobleman Captain with an inflated ego was going to scare her away from her purpose.
  13. Gkilkenny

    Gkilkenny Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 27, 2004
    Arrogant, stuck up! come on Elleree be nice.
  14. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Aw, I'm sorry, she doesn't mean it. Just scared of falling in love. Thanks for the comment Gkilkenny :)
  15. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    LOL! No, she doesn't mean it or at this stage, she thinks she does. It's just a step up from scruffy looking nerf-herding scoundrel to love of my life [face_laugh] after all. So, Ree is full of fire and insults at this point, but woot! Things can change. ;) =D= Enjoyed this glimpse from her POV. :D Naturally, Ree's focus is on her 'job' and the reason(s) fueling her need to pilfer. [face_thinking]
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  16. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Nyota's Heart It is just a step up, lol! Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you liked Elleree's fire - it's certainly not how she really feels. The inappropriate thoughts are how she REALLY feels and that scares her to death! She is much like Mara in a way I think. You said that before :) She's used to only relying on herself and the thought of being vulnerable to someone is terrifying - really her strong facade of dislike is just more evidence of how hard and fast she IS falling for him ;D And most certainly a sign and signal of the wonderful natural connection they have and the lovely deep and passionate relationship that will certainly come from it in time :)

    Also - one of the important things about Elmont's character to me is his own facade when he's playing the 'Captain' - at the beginning of the movie, to me, he comes off VERY arrogant and affected, quite haughty, and that's to *Jack* someone who just saved the princess!! I can only imagine how he would act toward someone who had actually committed a crime - especially if he was a little embarrassed he couldn't prove it and a little embarrassed he was distracted by his own attraction. Of course *we* know that Elmont really does have a good good heart - but I do believe he would act arrogant and haughty toward Elleree at first - and she calls them like she sees them :) I am sorry Gkilkenny if it's frustrating to read them both being so stubborn!! That kiss is coming fast, I promise!!

  17. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh, it was wonderful to see her POV of that first meeting! Of course she is going to be on the defensive and annoyed - he caught her red handed, and his response to any sort of attraction to a thief would be to act with more haughtiness than usual when on duty. She, of course, would handle that same attraction with snappy annoyance. It's a wonderful recipe for the story to come, I can't help but feel, and I really enjoyed this update. Now, I am curious as to the story in between this meeting and where we know the story progresses. [face_thinking][face_love]

    It was wonderful to see this story updated again! It is one of my favourites. [face_love][:D]
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  18. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Thank you Nyota's Heart Gkilkenny and Mira_Jade for the comments! [:D]

    Thank you so much! Yes - both their reactions are more indicative of a true attraction underneath which will rapidly bring them closer and closer together :D

    Through the summer festival crowd, Elleree watched, wary, as the Captain tugged gently on the leather reins attached to the bridle of his horse and glanced once over his shoulder at her before he moved on. The expression on his face was clear - she was to follow him directly, or the consequences would be most unpleasant. She thought about turning and stomping away...but that would probably serve only to make her look guilty, so she swallowed her pride and followed him.

    Anyway, it wasn't such a horrible position to be in…

    Unthinkingly, her gaze lowered along the lines of his fitted black and silver armor and down. She watched as he sauntered in front of her, his hips moving with a natural swagger that she couldn't help but notice.

    In the next moment though, he turned to look at her again, that same eyebrow raised. "Don't fall...behind, girl."

    Elleree felt her face heat promptly. Caught again. Why was she looking in any case? She sighed softly to herself, she hadn't noticed a man... well not in a very long time. Not since the 'men' had been boys. Perhaps she'd never noticed a man.

    But he kept calling her girl as if she were a naughty child, who needed disciplining, instead of a woman who deserved at least a modicum of respect, so she scowled at him again.

    Bloody hell, what was he, anyway? A year or two older than her maybe? Elleree gritted her teeth, suddenly wishing she could just close her eyes and disappear, huddle in a corner and hide like she did when she was little.

    If only he was fat and ugly. Then she could deal with him without blushing or getting distracted. But he wasn't, and she didn't have the power to disappear, so she took a breath and drew on some strength from within, the only thing she'd ever had to rely on.

    Finally they reached the back of the market square and he led her round the corner to a quiet alleyway that was empty.

    "What's this about?" She asked immediately, clutching the folds of her skirt to keep from wanting to smack that expression off his face. "If you wanted to get me alone, you could've just asked for an outing." Her fingers curled around the soft worn material she wore, and the familiar feeling brought her a measure of comfort, and confidence, in turn.

    Ignoring her jest, his expression hardened as he stared her down, one hand on the hilt of his scabbard once more. "I saw your foolery, Rowan, you stole from Lord Benson, you bumped into him twice and you picked his pocket. I expect you to confess immediately, and perhaps I will be lenient, though I can't say as much for the King."

    "I did not," she argued, the corners of her mouth turning down. "I took nothing that was his..."

    Elmont took a step towards her but she stood her ground, not about to let him intimidate her so easily though she felt his presence with every fiber of her being. Her heart sped up, fluttering beneath her ribcage but she ignored it.

    "I saw you quite clearly," he continued. "You slipped something into his pocket while you distracted him with a pretty smile."


    The thought rose unbidden to her mind but she shut it down as quickly as it had sprung up. "Well, that's absurd," she scoffed. "That's giving, not stealing, Captain whoever-you-are."

    "Then what were you putting in his pocket, may I ask?"

    Elleree swallowed, and decided to use a different approach. Looking down at her old brown boots, she answered quietly. "I knew this would happen. I knew you would judge me."

    "I don't know you. I'm upholding the law and doing my duty, that's all. What were you doing?"

    Elleree risked a glimpse of him, a flare of relief rushing through her as she noticed his expression had softened, then continued with her story, lowering her gaze and attempting to appear contrite.

    "The first time I bumped into him, he dropped his purse, but I didn't notice at first. I didn't see it on the ground until he walked away."

    She peeked up again through her lashes to find him listening intently, so she continued. "And I - I knew I would be accused of stealing if I turned it in... and I was scared, so I - I just ran into him again, so I could return it without him knowing."

    Elmont frowned - a disapproving sort of look - and she could tell he didn't quite believe her but he didn't seem as if he wanted to argue.

    "And I suppose if I were to ask," he said, "you'd claim you have absolutely nothing that doesn't belong to you on your person."

    Elleree shook her head. "No, I don't. I'll strip off every stitch of clothing if you want to search me," she added for good measure.

    The disapproving expression became much more pronounced, and she had to bite back a grin as he flushed. "Most certainly not," he said sternly. "I would never ask something so coarse of a woman."

    Elleree shrugged, the corner of her lips twitching. "Suit yourself, Captain."

    He studied her for another moment, trying to decide what to do with her she assumed, and she stood stock still. At this point she hoped that he would have little choice but to let her go and she hoped he would decide this soon. The afternoon was fast disappearing and she had little time left.

    "You're free to go then, Miss Rowan, though I have my reservations."

    Elleree contained her relief, not wanting to give him the satisfaction, but nodded. "Fine then," she answered. "I'm sorry my clumsiness seems to have ruined your day, Sir -" She looked to him to find him watching her closely, though she couldn't quite read the look in his eyes. Still it felt as if he was trying to see through her, and it made her wish she could disappear again. No one else had ever caused her to feel uncomfortable the way he did.

    "Elmont," he said. The tone of his voice was softer somehow, and nice without the undercurrent of arrogance.

    "Elmont," she repeated, and they stood, hazel eyes locked on blue, for how long she had no idea.

    But it was soon broken. "I plan to keep my eye on you, Miss Rowan," he said. "Thievery will not be tolerated, not here."

    Elleree had no idea what to say to that, nothing that wouldn't sound like a challenge, so she kept quiet, but she couldn't help thinking this could not be a good thing...

    Flipping her hood up to cover her head and hide her face in shadow, she gave him one last look before she turned and hurried away. She had an awful feeling that everything was about to change.
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    Elleree charmed Elmont even though he still has his suspicions. I think he'll be keeping his eye on her in more ways than one. ;) I had a good chuckle at her thought: If he were fat and ugly, I wouldn't be so distracted. [face_laugh]
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    She had better be careful he's watching her intently.
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    I loved their banter here. There was such an edge of fascination - and frustration for feeling so - on both of their parts that just made the confrontation so much fun to read. Elleree's inner musings were a treat to - especially with how distracted she was by his looks. Really, who can blame the girl, though? [face_laugh][face_love]

    I am glad that they were able to get this sorted out with no harm done. But I do look forward to their next meeting, now that the field has been set. [face_thinking]

    This was another wonderful update, again. =D=[:D]
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    Perfect, perfect, perfect. Elmont is perfectly arrogant and Elleree so very distracting and so willing to use it. I love it.
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    Nyota's Heart She is quite taken with him and she has no idea what to do with that feeling, lol! And he tells himself it's for duty but I think we all know it's way more... they are drawn to each other completely. Thank you so much for the comments! [face_love]

    Gkilkenny Indeed! She'll have to be on her best behavior. Or maybe she'll want him to catch her again ;) Thank you for reading!! [:D]

    Mira_Jade Thank you so much! Much more to come and some of his thoughts as well. They are both totally caught off guard by each other. I'm so glad you are enjoying reading this! Thanks for the review! :D [:D]

    ZaraValinor Thank you so much! That is exactly how I want them to seem at this point. So glad to hear from you! Glad you like it [face_love]

    Time for more! Hope you enjoy :)

    Captain John Elmont knew she was lying, of that there was no question, but his instincts told him there was something... a larger picture here and he wanted to know what he was missing about the lovely young pickpocket that stood in front of him.

    At a closer look, Elmont could guess that Elleree Rowan was not that much younger than himself, and he could not deny that she was beautiful. The unruly waves of hair that had shimmered like fire in the sunlight when he'd first seen her were now a muted golden-brown color in the shade of the building they stood behind. Her eyes, hazel - seemed to change color with each expression that crossed her face. She held herself with an air of confidence that intrigued him, but her clothes were worn, though they had no discoloration or tears. What he could see, a soft dark-blue skirt and her wool tunic and cloak were old but well taken care of. And she was slim enough for him to guess she didn't eat much, but she didn't look unwell. Despite the situation, he felt a flare of sympathy for the young woman. If she was stealing, perhaps she was only doing so to survive…

    Still - he had a duty to uphold the law, and stealing was stealing no matter the reason.

    When she trailed off, waiting for him to supply his name, he couldn't help but give it, wanting her to know. Then he cursed himself in his head for such a sentimental notion and for the soft way that he told her. He was the Captain and that was all that should matter to her, the duty-bound voice in the back of his mind told him, but it was a moment too late.

    She disarmed him. And that was something he could not afford.

    Elmont meant to make that clear so he followed with a clear warning. "I plan to keep my eye on you, Miss Rowan. Thievery will not be tolerated, not here."

    The look she gave him at this statement was all fire and challenge, but she said nothing. She didn't argue.

    With a flick of her wrist she pulled her hood up and over her head, covering her shining hair and shading her features, then she turned and she was gone.

    It only took Elmont the length of about one second to decide that he was surely going to follow her.

    From the shadows of the alley Elmont watched quietly to see what direction Elleree was headed in, gave her a fair head start and then mounted his steed, intent on finding out what she was up to.

    Now that he had had time to take in the color and shape of her cloak, memorize her stature and form, it was not hard for his trained eye to pick her out in the summer festival crowd. So he easily kept his distance without losing sight of her. The pace of her walk was quick and purposeful, and she never turned around or took a moment to survey her surroundings.

    Perhaps she had no idea he was following her at all... Or more likely, Elmont thought, she simply didn't care.

    A part of Elmont expected he would most certainly catch her stealing again, and then he would have no choice but to take her into custody, but another part of him - something deeper - knew that there was something more to Elleree Rowan. He told himself the only reason he wanted to know what it was was to fulfill his duty to the kingdom and its people.

    That's what he told himself. And he told himself, again, that was the only reason, for good measure.

    Elmont shook off the thought as he turned down a narrow street, her steps expedient and he decided to leave his horse for the time being so he could follow her in the now empty street silently.

    And he did just that, maintaining his distance but managing not to lose sight of her. Half way down the street she stopped and Elmont ducked into a doorway across the avenue. He narrowed his eyes, reading the sign over the shop... Apothecary... Was she sick? Or poisoning someone...

    When she exited the building five minutes later, he thought about going in to find out what she had bought but instead decided to continue following her. What could she possibly need there that was worth stealing for?

    Of course the truth seemed obvious...but Elmont was not one to postulate. And it gave him an uneasy feeling.

    Pure determination was set in her features and he backed further into shadows as she passed on the opposite side of the street.

    It was clear she was headed towards the back of the village where many of the lower class families lived. With the square full of activities there were less people in this part of the town and it was easy for Elmont to stay far behind but keep a careful watch on her. He mounted his horse again and followed her to a spot where the stone road faded to dirt and rows of small, scanty houses sat.

    At one point he was sure she had turned around and seen him but she gave no indication that she had noticed anything at all and he was partially hidden in the archway through which he followed her. Here they were at the very edges of the town. There were trees and patches of grass and there was space for gardens or small animals to be kept, but plenty of mud and dreariness as well.

    A part of him was surprised - she seemed much more likely a person to live alone, he thought. He wondered if she had a family, children and that feeling of unease crept up on him again.

    Watching intently, he made note of which house she entered and then sat for a moment atop his steady steed thinking of what to do. He caught sight of her through the musty window and gave a quiet sigh.

    Finally he decided that he would return later after the festivities were over to keep a watch on her, check in on her and... And figure something out.

    There was more to Elleree Rowan than what was visible on the surface, much more. A tingling feeling pricked at his skin and set his senses on high alert. He spurred his horse back to town, but his mind seemed to stay behind and Elmont felt determined to find out what about this girl could have possibly snared his interest so completely.
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    Awesome update with more clues/tantalizing details. :)
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    Oooh, the mystery deepens. [face_thinking] Once again, I loved seeing Elmont's attraction spark, and his observations were very interesting - realizing she was not eating enough, the pang he felt over whether or not she had children. Now I too am curious as to her trip in the apocathry, and who it was for.

    Excellent update, once again. =D=[:D]
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