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Lg.Is, NY JC Election Game

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by dp4m, Dec 2, 2002.

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  1. dp4m

    dp4m Chosen One star 10

    Nov 8, 2001

    There's a game on the Jedi Council called "The JC Election Game."

    I have created a [link=]political party[/link] for the game.

    It's in support of Anakin Solo and a return for the family values and morals of the Star Wars we came to know and love before the New Jedi Order series dropped it sqarely into R and NC-17 settings.

    Come on in and join up! :)
  2. xie

    xie Jedi Knight star 5

    May 25, 2002
    I already advertised my party, to no avail. :(
  3. dp4m

    dp4m Chosen One star 10

    Nov 8, 2001
    It has been brought to my attention that many people may not know what the JC Election game is about, so here is The Gatherer's Introduction post... :)

    The game will be a mock election, with the outcome being the winner named the "Jedi Council Forums President", for a term of 6 months, with them being granted VIP status.

    Four forums will be created:

    1) Introduction
    2) Politcal Pary Creation
    3) Party Nomination Forum
    4) Election Forum

    The Introduction Forum, is where you are currently located. This forum contains the rules (and rules discussion) for the game, as well as a thread that lists the members of the Supreme Court.

    The Political Party Creation forum, is a forum where users can create political parties. A member can only create ONE political party each. It is the responsibilty of the creator of the party, to continually edit their first thread, and list the members of their party, and a figure of total membership (see reason down below). The month of December will be the time given to create political parties.

    Each political party is to pick three colors and an animal to represent them. Then, whichever party wins, that's the VIP
    color scheme used. There will be a special icon for the President with the animal and colors of their party, and the title "JC President". This would be the same for the Vice President. Each party should create their own icon to distinguish their members from members of other parties.

    The Party Nomination Forum will be created by myself in January. The political parties with the TEN biggest memberships will only continue at this point going forward. (That is why the creator of the political party needs to list their membership in the opening post). I will create a poll for each of the top ten parties, and list the names of the people that will be contesting their parties nomination process. Please remember to post in the Presidential / Vice Presidential Format.

    For example, a poll for the Blue party nomination would look like this:

    1 Max / George
    2 John / Nancy
    3 Michael / Kim
    4 Julie / Stephanie

    You can have a maximum of ten nominations, with a minimum of two. One months will be given to complete the voting for each party.

    Finally, there will be created the Election Forum in March. This will feature the final election for Jedi Council Forums

    President. This will feature a NUMBER of polls, until one candidate reaches 50%+ of the vote. For example, 1st poll would contain all TEN nominations. If there is no clear winner, then the person with the least amount of votes drops off, then I would create a 2nd poll with NINE nominations. If there is still no person with 50%+ of the vote, then again, I would create a new poll with the EIGHT nominations, etc... continuing on if I have to where we could get to a final poll of two people.

    The game will be played similar to the American system of government.


    * This game is only open for regular members, not Admins, Managers, Moderators or City Reps.

    * There can be as many politcal parties created, however, only the parties with the TOP 10 biggest membership will take part in the election.

    * A JC poster can only be a member of ONE party only.

    * Each party is to have their own internal convention and primary system. A Presidential AND Vice Presidential candidate is to be decided upon.

    * Once the top 10 biggest parties have their nominated canidates, there will be a Presidential debate period.

    * To conclude the process, there will be the final Presidential election, of 10 candidates and their running mates.

    * There will be a SUPREME COURT consisting of 12 moderators. If the elected President breaks any rule of the JC Forums, this will go to the Supreme Court for impeachment review, and if found guilty, you will be impeached (IE: BANNED!) and the Vice President shall then become President for the fullfillment of that term.

    To conclude:

    December: Creation of parties, and people join them.

    January: Each party shall
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