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[JCC] Once again... (Mod coverage in the JCC)

Discussion in 'Communications' started by DVader316, Aug 19, 2004.

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  1. jedi_master_ousley

    jedi_master_ousley Manager Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 14, 2002
    malie - Well, I figure if there's so many complaints about lack of coverage, there may be a problem. I've noticed lacks of coverage myself, and while I fully understand that mods can't be around all the time, there are times when it'd be nice if they could be around often enough so that problem threads don't get tons of pages before anything is done.

    These other duties seem as if they're being thrown around as excuses more than anything else.

    Don't mind me. I'm tired and rambling. :p
  2. UK Sullustian

    UK Sullustian Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 18, 1998

    Don't forget that all Moderators have to give there personal details to Philip Wise so that he can pass the buck onto them in case he is sued.


  3. saerah

    saerah Jedi Grand Master star 7

    May 13, 1999
    What jedi_master_ousley said.

    For me, it all comes back to inconsistencies as to what is considered flaming or trolling--and posting redundant threads.
  4. Jedi Greg Maddux

    Jedi Greg Maddux Jedi Knight star 6

    Aug 3, 1999
    If those other duties prevent them from doing their job to the best of their abilities, are they really the best ones for the job?

    I don't see where you are going with that. Do you think things would work better with a dedicated icon's Mod, or have Kate just mod the Comms forum ?

    I highly doubt any of the extra duties is anywhere as demanding as YJCC or any other high-traffic forum at the JC, so it certainly can't be the sole culprit as to why they're as inactive or inaccessible as they're accused of being.

    Hypothetical question:

    Would you rather have a mod who has plenty of free time on their hands, but easily gets addled and lost since they don't have a fair knowledge of their forum, or a mod who doesn't show up as often as a particular forum's populace would like, but knows the forum as well as anyone in the entire message board?

    In all honesty, in a perfect world, YJCC could be all set with three very carefully selected mods to ensure that coverage gaps happen as infrequently as possible. But since imperfection is a given, we have to lower our expectations somewhat in order to maintain a similar level of equilibrium in the forum. So what do we do to offset that? Pick another moderator to help reduce those coverage gaps.

    But picking an extra moderator in YJCC is like choosing a basketball player in the 2000 NBA draft - plenty of folks out there, but the talent is diluted to the point where it can be a daunting task to find someone that comes anywhere near the traditional moderator paradigm.
  5. saerah

    saerah Jedi Grand Master star 7

    May 13, 1999
    Does it really take talent though? I think it takes a discerning eye--an intelligent individual who is not easily swayed by being popular. A neutral individual, in other words.

    Where is BoB when you need him?
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