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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Eleventh_Guard, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Eleventh_Guard

    Eleventh_Guard Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 17, 2005
    After years of war, it appears that the galaxy has been given a period of rest to recuperate from the endless battles. First there were the Imperials... then the Yuuzhan Vong... then the Dark Nest. But for the past two decades, there have been no threats to the galaxy-at-large, and the Jedi Order has been able to grow and thrive while it works alongside the Galactic Alliance to repair what has been damaged.

    Your character can be a student at the Jedi Academy on Ossus, or a Knight or Master with a trainee. Alternatively, you can play an instructor without one chosen learner. This RP will, at least initially, be primarily about character interaction and actual role-playing than combat. Yes, your character can go to the Dark Side. S/he can be a Sith in disguise, or a pawn of the Sith, if you so choose, so "light side Jedi" isn't your only option. Anything which fits the concept - someone who would be at the Academy - will be allowed.

    This RP will be somewhat AU; it loosely follows canon up to the Dark Nest trilogy, but only loosely, and you don't actually have to have read the post-RotJ canon to play. Canon characters and original characters are both welcome, and you can have up to two characters.

    Character sheets must be approved by the GM first. Please PM the completed sheet to me for approval. Superpowered characters and characters that scream for attention (having a mysterious past, unnatural beauty, and eyes that are windows to a fragile soul, and being Emperor Palpatine's sweet but mistreated granddaughter, for instance) will probably not be approved. One of those things on its own would be fine, but choose one or two special characteristics, not twenty. :D Be realistic! It's more fun when characters are balanced and seem to fit naturally into the world.

    Describe his/her personality in about a paragraph:
    Hair color:
    Eye color:
    Anything else that someone looking at your character would readily see
    (unusual skin color, any strange and obvious markings, manner of dress, etc.):
    Lightsaber color and description, if applicable (will not apply to some students):
    Natural Force abilities:
    Force skills that s/he is weak with:
    (1 paragraph, 4-5 sentences, minimum)

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    Just saw this game. I will try to see if I can work it into my already full plate. I'll work up a CS.
  3. Pheonix_Rising

    Pheonix_Rising Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2005
    [hl=yellow]OOC:[/hl] IT's been a while Eleventh_Guard. I'm thinking about putting this on my list of games, I'll get a CS to you ASAP. Question, if I play two character could I play a Master and Apprentice?
  4. Eleventh_Guard

    Eleventh_Guard Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 17, 2005
    Yes, of course!
  5. Pheonix_Rising

    Pheonix_Rising Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 17, 2005
    [hl=skyblue]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Name: Eidlance Vereene
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Species: Miraluka
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Rank: Jedi WeaponMaster
    Describe his/her personality in about a paragraph: Eidlance is a very gregarious man, he loves his sense of humor, and dislikes anyone that has a problem with it. He has a problem with the padawan that try and be the best, he thinks it's not about being the best. He does not think that you should strive for perfection, but you should only be what you want to be.
    Height: 5'11"
    Build: Muscular
    Hair color: Blazing Red
    Eye color: No Eyes
    Anything else that someone looking at your character would readily see: None
    Lightsaber color and description, if applicable: Eidlance uses a Great Lightsaber. These weapons have a longer hilt and an extremely longer blade. These blades could be used to cut the legs off of an AT-AT
    Natural Force abilities: Electric Judgement, Force Persuasion.(The blade is Dark Blue.)
    Force skills that s/he is weak with: Force Deflection
    Eidlance was an orphan raised on Coruscant, at a young age he found and trianed as a Jedi. Though he was overzealous for his first few years, he came to calm down and become one of the respected members of the order.
    When Eidlance came across another Orphan, on Coruscant, it reminded him of his own predicament, and he took the child to the council. He was allowed to train the young one, and has been doing so for the past 10 years.

    Name: Zeik
    Gender: MAle
    Age: 18
    Species: Nagai
    Homeworld: None
    Rank: Padawan Learner(Sentinal)
    Describe his/her personality in about a paragraph: Zeik has a wonderful personality. He loves life in general and does all he can to prevent anything from happening to it. He is still a little harsh when it comes to important decisions, he has not learned the kind of control that his master has been trying to show him.
    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Slightly muscular
    Hair color: Jet Black
    Eye color: White
    Anything else that someone looking at your character would readily see: Pale Skin.
    Lightsaber color and description, if applicable: Zeik uses two short lightsabers, both dark orange in color. The color of the blades shows his alignment and job, he uses this variant of yellow to show that he is a Snetinal, but he does have a slight emotional problem to get rid of before he can use a full yellow blade.
    Natural Force abilities: Force Persuasion, Force Speed
    Force skills that s/he is weak with: Force Push
    Zeik is an orphaned Nagai, the son of an assassin. When his father was brutally murdered by the Hutt crime syndicate, he was thrown off of Tattooine. He stowed away on a ship, unkowingly headed for coruscant. When he got off he was beaten repeatedly for days by the other slum dwellers.
    Zeik finally stood up for himself one day, and beat another kid up, one of the 'bullies.' Days later, a Jedi Master came through the slumbs. Zeik tried to rob the man, but ended up becoming his padawan.

    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    Name:Zed Qwaylen
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    personality:Silent, reserved, but calculating. Also has a dry sense of humor. Full of humility, and honor. He obeys the order of the Jedi but truly belives that the council sometimes makes decisions on what's right politically and not Ethically. Also can turn into a loose cannon when pushed too far.
    Build:short and muscular
    Hair color:Light Brown, Shoulder length
    Eye color:Hazel
    Special Features:Zed has a huge scar on his back(Not visible). And he has a lone tatoo on his wrist, that of a lone eye with a falcon over it, and chasm of lightning under it.(He has no memory of getting this mark)
    Lightsaber color and description:Single Green saber, and a back-up Orange saber he keeps under his cloak and only uses when outnumbered.
    Natural Force abilities: Force Jump, Heal, and Battle Meditation are the abilities he is most proficent with.(Although the latter takes a great deal of concentration, and is limited to allies in his immediate surroundings. Range is 10-20 feet)
    Force skills that he is weak with:Energy Resistance

    Biography: As a boy Zed grew up on Onderan, his father was a Genral for the Onderan Military and his mother was a Frigate Spice runner. His Dad caught her on a spice run, and that's how they met. As a boy his parents new there was somthing special about him. He was recruited early by the jedi when he used the force to heal his father's vibroblade cut. All the boy did was concentrate on his father getting better and the cut healed. His parents took him to the coucil and was admitted that day. Since childhood Zed has studied extensively on becoming the best Jedi he can be. However, he has butted heads with the coucil many of times over issues he felt the coucil judged on poorly. Zed is a powerful jedi but needs to learn a Master's disipline of the force. He is currently petitioning the council to train and apprentice, but he fears that past conflicts will cloud the issue. In hopes he will soon get an apprentice he waits, meditating, and further advacing his knowledge of the force.

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